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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  April 11, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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everybody. >> gary: welcome, everybody. this is orioles extra. i am jim hunter here with rick dempsey. what just happened there. >> mike: millwood was 1 out in the 8th. inopportune first error of the season, not only for miguel tejada but the entire orioles team. >> it did. it opened the door for toronto to come back and put a couple of runs on the board, but, boy, i was feeling pretty good about kevin millwood. the way he was throwing on the ball game. all of a sudden, the way he came to get ready for the post game show, notice the pitcher
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start today hang. city up there. the next thing you know, back- to-back home runs. it looks at that point milwaukee had a tough time getting the ball down and it really cost today. >> let's take a look at the game summary. the only run game in the bottom to have 1st. tejada with a couple doubled down the left field line. instead of the inning over t inning continues. next play, bautista got into it. 2 home run down the line, gave the jays a 3-2 lead. and comes up again against millwood. fastball that was tied. he hits it out again. home run, that made it 4-2. and encarnacion homered in the
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9th inning. so, a 5-2 final as the blue jays 7 hits, but 4 of those hits home runs, and every run the jays had on the board. the orioles do manage 9 base hits, but 7 men left on base and a frustrating afternoon. rick, you talk about add on runs. they are so very important over the cows of the games. orioles had a 2-0 lead. 3rd inning , adam jones leads often with a triple and orioles can't get it in. >> you have to focus at a time like that. you have to run around 3rd base. the group coming up behind them, markakis and tejada. the toronto blue jays actually pitched their way out of trouble that. take it is heart out of the offense on the day. i would have to think, jim, if we get a couple more hit in
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the inning, they push toronto to the point you will get one right there. psychological, it is a big edge. that is exactly what the ball club needs and they are not getting it today. >> the crooked number inning, who knew the orioles crooked number would be 2. >> yes. back to the masn broadcast booth. mike flanagan joins us. mike, the orioles just as easily can be 5-1, expect every time the inopportune home run, inopportune base it, or on the orioles side they don't get the base hit, as a result the blue jays get out of here this week. >> mike: everything gets mag fied when the games are as close as they have been. you say millwood has been? such control, but the score board is still 2-1 and things
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can change in is a hurry. sit a shame. you go back and do the oregon recap. >> mike: the orioles continue to have their trouble. it seems like when they have the big pitch or big play, they were able to do it and the orioles weren't. >> mike: you know, mike, you look at the 8th inning and millwood is out there giving us an outstanding ball game and you notice everything is rising above it. you know what is like. when you start to lose it a little bit, what is your focus at that point? >> mike: his pitch count was nothing short of astounding through most of the afternoon. but the mere fact of having to
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get up and down 8 times takes its tole. tough push a little harder. you can't have pitched much better than kevin pitched. you can't really critiquesize anything along the way. just -- criticize anything along the way. out of the whole line up, sit just just a difficult loss for millwood. making it look awfully easy for the get gray young starters -- for the great young starter in the bullpen. >> mike: and i realize, 3 more runs after 2 men out, now 12 runs out of 27 on the year allowed by the orioles. that is nearly half the runs the opposition has scored. that is just demoralizing for a
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team, because you are that close to getting out to have inning, but instead, that is the other team rallying. >> mike: yes. these trend wills even out. i continue believe they can stay this change in one direction. some of the numbers are pretty astounding after 6th inning. one was changed and those would have been unearned. you are not hitting really well. you are not hitting in a clutch position. you have problem with the closers and starters. when they gave was good inning, you are not able to put it away, add on runs. you talk about pitching, timely hitting and defense, in which dave trembley talked about in the beginning of the ball game today, when you are not getting any of the 3, you really are in trouble. >> yes, everybody expecting somebody to step forward with the bat and everybody looking at that time other guy.
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obviously not doing it literally, but it seems to be that way. that is what you are seeing, the other team is shutting them down, and as a result, nobody is hitting. >> mike: yes. the line up, instead of being fluid and rolling over to the next hitter, the one says i will do it, the next says i will do it. it breaks down the pressure. instead of the pressure being on pitcher, now it is on the hit every. now i have to come through. pressure on me. once they start coming through on those situations, to me it only takes one game and that will all change and that is, i am sure, what dave trembley is hoping for tomorrow. >> mike: all right. mike, thank you for joining us. that is mike flanagan joining us from the broadcast group. this is as big a number for the orioles as anything else. if you are getting men on k they are -- maybe not as much
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as they would like but still getting them on -- look at that 3-22 in this series, sweptly be blue jays. >> mike: yes. we start the season off with a lot of power and now we haven't scene much at home right now. it wasn't hurt to see somebody hit one up in the seats and try to get that one back. here is dave trembley. >> we make the play. he finishes it. we are on our way and it doesn't happen. so, we will regroup and be ready to play tomorrow. he pitched a tremendous game. go ahead. >> being convert today shortstop. that was a difficult play. just one of those things that could have handcuffed any 3rd baseman. >> mike: when things aren't going right for you that is
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what happens. certainly that is what happened today. we gave them a 4 out inning with a guy that pitched a tremendous game. >> are your hutters stressing -- hitters stressing, at all? >> i would say, mark, that everybody want to do well. you come home after being in spring training as long as we were, this isn't the start anybody wanted. we see them, you want to win games. you kick butt and you lose, i think it is only natural you start trying to do maybe a little more than you should be doing because you want to do well. and, that is not how it goes. >> you have to relax, be confident. like i say, the game is a
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tough game. you take inning for granted. you -- you take nothing for granted. you take this bad shake out of the bay nearly the season and let's go to a winning streak tomorrow. but i totally understand what you are referring to. >> dave, has a decision been reached on brian roberts? >> i think the answer to that, kevin l be given to all of you tomorrow. >> all right. >> thank you. >> so, manager, dave trembley, very brief after the game, you he said they hope to come back tomorrow. they thought today was the day, they had the lead in the 8th. that is all it takes. looing at the one win, everybody can relax, calm down and you hope you can go from there. at & t player of the game as voted on by the vans. kevin millwood voted on 90%. millwood the player of the
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>> gary: so, kevin millwood goes the longer start on a game in the the. the jays go on to win it by a final of 5-2. when you look at this game, kevin millwood was in command. if not for the error, it would have been 9 up, 3 down. you have to say, overall, very satisfying outing by millwood, specially getting as deep in the game as he did. >> it was so much fun watching him pitch. he spotted the fastball very well. you look at a lot of pitches he
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threw today, it really made a lot of hitters wonder. later on you have to say to yourself, it is a one-run game. don't make any mistakes. he hand it is ball there. right there another home onely gonzalez, bautista, and four home runs. very disappointing to see kevin lose this ball game today, because that is the kind of effort we really needed from a starter. >> only one of the runs against milwaukee is earned. online allowed 5 base hits, but 3 were home runs. strikeout at 6, only 95 pitches. when you have a veteran like kevin millwood on the mound, 95 is inning. as dave trembley pointed out, it is a very subtle thing to
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try so ewhen or if a guy might be losing. a little up in the strike zone. that it was difference with the long ball. >> mike: you look at it. a little bit of bad luck in the season so far. it is not that the players have played bad. they haven't pitched bad. made good contact. not getting the big hit at the right time. but as far as the pitching is concerned, one pitch ends up being the whole game. bautista changed the whole complexion. such a great game and so much fun to watch. got that out of kevin. in the blink of an eye, one error is everything is gone. maybe we will get the bad luck out early, because you know the old saying in the game, you are never as bad as you are when you are going bad. you are never as good as will you are going g. i know the orioles are much better than what we are seeing.
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>> yes, and alex gonzalez is having a huge week. when they get out here tomorrow night, he will not be a short stop because he helped the blue jays take the sweep. >> he is. this guy is getting the hit on friday night. watch where the pitches are. just perfect for him. middle end. got enough power to hit it off anyone. this guy has hit 23 home run in the season. today, watch these pitches, too. hang in, breaking ball right above the belt. goes into the seats for his 3 home run on the season, then later on, way above the belt 2nd home run on the game, 4th on the year and boy is he really picking up the ball club with swinging the bat. >> you are the blue jays, you have to be thrilled. any production you get out of the short stop in this position, it is a huge bonus
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and he is paying divide dens early on. >> he is taking it through every team he has faced so far. he is hitting the ball out of the ballpark. you have to take area hat off to him. >> mike: the blue jays completing the three game streak. let's get back to the weapon question. which orioles hitter do you think will have a brought season. voters say nolan reimold, 41%. pie 38% and jones only 22%. you can vote for your favorite question of the day. fans hanging out with us in the bullpen picnic area. there is a cool shot. adam jones with a trim. the blue jays win it, 5-2. as long as we're winding up our doing dials,
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>> we invite you to playstation stationfanity easy baseball. log on, join the league or your own. you get a chance to have dinner with orioles manager, dave trembley. log on to and register to play, today. >> gary: and norfolk has just dropped a 3-2 game, however scott moore 3 out of 4 in a home run. 2 earned run and 5k's so patton comes off short. brandon wearing 1 out of 3 with a home run, 5 hits and 4k's. elsewhere in the american league today t blue jays win it by final of 5-2. the yankees lead the race, 7-2. the red sox with an 8' 3 lead on the orioles.
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tigers are trailing the indians 8-6. and seattle 1. in the 2nd inning t anxious lead the athletics, 2-1. and here t blue jays win it 5-2. the orioles come up short. [ man ] ladies and gentlemen,
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the 57th president of the united states. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastest 3g network. millwood goes 7-2/3, ends up the losing pitcher. the blue jays pull it off today. >> you know early in the game i was kind of struggle with the location, getting away with a few things, then i kind of found it a little bit, starred throwing the ball where i wanted to. like i said, there in the 8th inning. got a couple balls up.
4:24 pm
>> you have been in the game a long time, kevin. do you remember any other games were you were cruising along and everything changed so quickly. >> i am sure there have been, but those are days you try to forget. all in all, i feel okay about it. i feel like it was better than the first one. if i can keep improving, i think i will be okay. >> mike: and the perspective on the overall for the team, 6 games in, a lot of introducing the start to have season. what does it mean to be where you are right now. >> i think we are playing pretty good baseball. we just haven't won enough games. we are not getting blown out. we played solid defense. we pitched pretty well. >> so, kevin millwood, tough luck loss. the one guy in that staff that you don't have to worry about
4:25 pm
is kevin millwood. he is a veteran, been around, anything you can imagine in your career and he has survived. he will bounce back from this. >> before it is all over, kevin millwood will give us a very good season. i don't see him pitching under 500 by any stretch of the images. the guy knows what he is doing. you have to go with a guy in your starting rotation that is strong. he is a horse. you know he will get through that one error -- and nobody can anticipate it -- one error and the dam breaks and the floods come. but we have to take a big breath, stay positive and keep pulling for him. >> this was the one outing the manager was waiting for. a starter, low pitch couldn't, everything going his way, then the error in the home runs and the blue jays come away with
4:26 pm
the win. >> yes. well, here a look at the pitching match up for tomorrow. a rematch. >> both guys really had two very good outings. matt garza always pitched well. and jeremy guthrie, looks like he is back on track like he was two year ago. another very good game t. orioles couldn't pull that one out, either. but i can't the orioles to do better at home. if the orioles could come through and get a 1-run win and get a little momentum, who knows, they could turn the tides on tampa bay. >> and in the clubhouse, amber is with matt wieters. >> we are trying to tack on the league lead. that is what we have been doing right now. >> reporter: kevin has been such an example for the young staff, pushing so hard to go deep in the game.
4:27 pm
this is an opportunity to show that. he did that, but having that walk away with the win that, is tough for him and everybody. people seem to be behind him on the scene. >> yes. it is tough for the club how the for kevin. he did so well. hopefully next start we will be able to pick them up and get the win. >> reporter: thanks a lot. >> mike: okay. so that was matt wieters. and luke scott came through with an rbi and base hit. markakis walking every game. a close one. i smell o'riley coming on, 4 in a row. dead even. that will do it for us today. we will see you back out here tomorrow night. the rays are in town. so, for tejada and millwood, the blue jays win it by a final of 5-2. thanks for sticking with us. enjoy this beautiful sunday,
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everybody. we will see you back here tomorrow night.
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>> coming up on >> coming up on "espnews," tiger woods in the final round of the masters in contention, just four shots back. we'll have the latest on his spot on the leaderboard. >> his rival, phil mickelson, had the crowd in awe. how close lefty is to a third green jacket. the n.h.l. playoffs have not begun yet, but don't tell the rangers and flyers, the winner post-season bound and the loser going home. >> two of the best pitchers going head-to-head. a showdown between two guys named roy. >> all right. let's update you. it is the cleveland indians going up against minnesota. bottom of the ninth, twins down and runner on first. jim thome, left field job off
4:32 pm
the wall. hardy tries to score from first and he is thrown out by good -- not fning, i think it is safe to say. we are keeping you current on "espnews." mike yam. we have plenty of action on the diamond and pivoital hockey games. it is all about the masters. >> lee westwood ge began the day with a one-shot lead over phil mickelson. both were looking over their shoulder for a lurking tiger woods. >> take a look at the leaderboard. phil mickelson has moved into a tie for the lead with lee westwood. phil mickelson birdied the eighth hole. lee westwood is 12 under par. k.j. choi through eight, one stroke off the pace. tiger woods up and down day, began at eight under parand that is where he stands now. four back of the leader and how
4:33 pm
about freddie couples, led after round one, pulled back in round two. final round, right now, he is three under for the afternoon at 10 under par, just two strokes behind your leaders phil mickelson and lee westwood of england. >> take a look at tiger woods' scorecard. began the day with a bogey on number one. also had a bogey on four, a bogey on five. then came back with an eagle on number seven. an interesting note there, that was his first career eagle on the seventh hole at augusta, third eagle of the week. birdie on eight and tiger woods right now on hole number nine. >> reminder, once a masters champion is crowned, make sure you are here, we will bring complete coverage, including an interview with the winner and losers, along with unmatched analysis, here on "espnews."
4:34 pm
>> friday it could have been over, it would be it for the rangers and the flyers would be skating in the playoffs. two games came back to beat philly and both get to play in the playoffs, sort of. rangers and phillies 86 points a piece and play for the final spot in the east. it'sace close to a post-season field one team is going to have this season. >> eighth spot and tension building. jody shelley, right place at the right time. the deflection. second goal of the season. it comes against the flyers. latest in the first, breaking
4:35 pm
free and henrik lundqvist is basically a wall in front and the flyers cannot convert. another opportunity missed for philadelphia. scoring chances are there, but lundqvist absolutely fantastic so far. still in the second period, 1-0 new york lead and rangers have momentum if they go and win. right now 7-1-1 in the last nine and philadelphia a tailspin, 3-7-1 over their last 10. >> cavs and magic, top in the eastern conference. lebron james set out the last two games. and moon doing his best lebron impersonation. and reddick and one. orlando up by four. five-point magic lead. dwight howard double teamed. out to nelson. and magic up by eight and 17 points. 230 to go. nelson returning the favor.
4:36 pm
alleyoop to howard. dwight howard leads orlando with 22 points. the magic take this game 98-92. lebron says perhaps we will see you guys in the playoffs. this is howard's 33rd 20-point 10 rebound game of the season. the two teams split the season series. >> magic win for the 13th time. orlando 21-5 for the all-star break, the best mark in the nba during that span. >> rubber match between the nationals and the mets at citi field. johan santana, 5-0 in his career. this is not going to be good. josh willingham with the bases loaded. off the wall, should be a home run, the ball remains in play. two runs come in. and runs over barajas. he's safe and willingham inside the park grand slam, thrown out,
4:37 pm
but it is okay for willingham. umpires reviewed it and clearly a grand slam the conventional way. top nine, francisco rodriguez hits willie harris on the elbow. and harris starts jogging to first base, rodriguez walks over and just touched him. no ejections, those are compet tifr juices. 5-1 against the team. hernandez seven shut-out innings against his team. last time he threw he was actually a met and doing it against the nationals. >> the future of the national pitching staff, the top pick, stephen strasburg, made his rg senators and boy, oh, boy, was he strong. five innings worth of work for him. only one earned. he did walk two.
4:38 pm
he struck out eight batters. miles per hour. three pitches at 99. >> and for more on strasburg's performance, we bring in "espnews" baseball insider keith law who joins us from pennsylvani. keith, what did you see today? >> you mention the velocity. 97-99 for three innings. and very, very sharp curve ball today. pitch, even though 99 jumps out at you, the sharpness of the breaking ball and the fact he strikes, very impressive. the changeup needs work and i'd like to see him be aggressive. easy things, relatively easy things for pitchers to work on through another month in double a. >> keith, you have been around strasburg, you know what he's mound. why is this guy starting in the
4:39 pm
minors? >> there are minor adjustments he needs to work on. the elephant in the room here, the service time question. by holding him down for two or three weeks, they'll push off strasburg free agency and they hold him down into june, they would potentially save some money by reducing the number of if he'd be eligible for arbitration. those are relevant factors for a gm to look at, however, i think the ultimate reason it has to be looking best for the player.
4:40 pm
>> they will not put a firm deadline on it because they say there are specific things they want him to work on, highlights how he pitches out of the stretch versus how he pitches in the lineup. actually what the staff are see >> aroldis chapman making his pro debut, starting for the reds with louisville against toledo. five hits, giving up one run. it was unearned. one walk and get this, nine strikeouts. nine strikeouts for aroldis
4:41 pm
chapman making his pro debut in the minors. >> cubs and reds, another top pitching prospect, mike leak. fourth inning, look at brandon phillips. nice play in the field. fifth inning now, there is lee faces leaks. up the middle and a run comes in. strong start for leaks. one earned run and five strikeouts. he had seven walks. and johnny gomes, to soriano and dropped it. the reds later tie the game in the inning. tied at one in the eighth inning. six and two thirds and one unearned runs. five strikeouts and seven walks.
4:42 pm
jay bruce, worn 1-18 slump. more on mike leak. the 22-year-old native is from fallbrook, california. 190 pound athletic variety. he excelled in four sports. he was a seventh round pick of the a's in 2006 and chose to attend arizona state. he went 16-1 with 1.71 era for the sun devils last year and became the 21st player to play in the majors without appearing in a minor league game. >> cc sabathia, nearly no hit the rays yesterday, see what a.j. burnett does for an enchore. the opinions on tim tebow run the gam on the from a lock to a bust. bust. find out which sided to [ crow]
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>> the countdown is on for the start of the n.f.l. draft. >> "espnews" is your home for complete coverage of the first
4:46 pm
ever prime-time draft. coverage begins at 6 eastern as former players eric allen and qadry ismail join mike hill and dari nowkah for analysis and we'll include you in our poll and twitter feeds. we want to see how you feel about your team's pick. don't miss draft coverage on "espnews" from april 22nd through the 24th. >> certainly an exciting time for n.f.l. fans, the prospect of getting a franchise quarterback and a few differences in the rankings according to our exper experts. clausen is rated above sam bradford. todd mcshay has those two reversed. mccoy is number three and tebow is -- >> we all know about tim tebow and his toughness and leadership skills. all great qualities. why is college football's
4:47 pm
greatest quarterback of all time perhaps is going to struggle to be a starter in the n.f.l.? i think it comes down to three big aspects of the game, the first of which is a wind-up delivery. live action, run the ball back and letting it out. db's feast on that delivery. we've worked on it, leading up to pro day. going to take longer than a couple months to solve that riddle for tim tebow. look at the footwork. he's pointing in the wrong direction, throwing off balance. what should be an easy throw in the n.f.l., he makes very difficult. he has to learn how to read coverage. they don't do much at florida. one read and run. if he stayed in the pocket, which he should have, and reverted back to second and third read, he valid seen the backside receiver come open. he doesn't. shows a bigger problem in understanding the game. i think tim tebow has great intangibles and certainly is expected to come off the board in the first two rounds, should
4:48 pm
not be drafted there because it will take three years to develop him as a starter and even then i'm not convinced he will be a good starter in the n.f.l. >> top action, 2010 n.f.l. draft. tebow, mccoy, clausshen and bradford sitting down with gruden. >> let's update you on the final round of the masters at augusta national. phil mickelson all alone at 12 under par. lee westwood has given up a stroke and he's at 11 under par. k.j. choi na tie for second with westwood. look at freddie couples at 10 under par through very in which this. woods started off slowly and starting to make a bit of a comeback. listen to tiger woods' last three holes on the front side.
4:49 pm
on number seven, an eagle, on number eight, a birdie, on number nine a birdie. tiger at the turn shooting 35, one under par. he's at nine under. three behind the leader phil mickelson. phil mickelson searching for third career green jacket. >> let's update you. day after cc sabathia almost no-hit the rays. new york and tampa back at it again. bottom nine, yankees on top seven to three. alex rodriguez made it 6-2 with back-to-back multi-hit games for him. jeter 1-5, he came in 12-30, 400 average against james shields, the starter for the rays. yankees looking to take the series. >> going final, blue jays and orioles 5-2 the final score there. blue jays have won five straight games. alex rodriguez two home runs, three and four on the season.
4:50 pm
seventh career multi home run game. >> white sox trying to avoid fifth straight loss. taking on the twins. jones, remember him, he used to have a big bat, that ought to count for something. one run score. white sox up 5-4. jones third career go ahead pinch hit and first since 2003. twins down by 1 and thome off the left-field wall and on the hill, that guy can hit a mile. quick throw and hardy out and it wasn't even close. the twins lose 5-4 the final. the white sox snap the four-game losing streak. three of six hits have been home runs. minnesota five-game winning streak, it's over.
4:51 pm
>> what is in a name? plenty if your name is roy. roy halladay and roy oswalt share more than just that, over the past decade, they have been two of the more dominating starters in all of baseball. if you can believe it, today's phillies and astros game is the first-ever meeting between the two roys. houston, major league baseball's only winless team 0-5, first batter of the game. and jimmie rawlins, first of the year, 1-0 phillies. fielder's choice. plenty for roy halladay. and carlos lee, gets lee against in the fourth swinging. in the fifth, halladay nasty breaking ball. bottom of the ninth inning, roy halladay in there. and feliz tops out the second to end the game. a complete game win for halladay. seven hits, one run, eight strikeouts. wow!
4:52 pm
phillies sweep the series with 2-1 win. halladay had nine k's in his debut against the nationals about a week ago. >> giving you a little bit more on roy halladay and roy oswalt. this was first matchup ever between the two aces. since 2001 they are tied for the most wins in a major with cc sabathia and they are atop the win list for roy. roy played for pittsburgh back in the day and he had 104 perfect. >> breaking it out. hanley aboard. cantu gets 2-1. knuckle ball he darn if he fast ball. didn't ball into the corner. maybin will score. look at hanley flying arouhe sc jorge cantu has >> marlins up 6-5. bottom of the nine.
4:53 pm
and james roney cannot extend the game >> tonight nl central leading cardinals against a struggling brewers team. chris carpenter on the round for st. louis and randy wolf for milwaukee. later in the show, we'll break it down. >> big throws, tough catches, record-breaking performances. nothing like sweet memories in a building that is nothing but falling ash on the ground. : wot geico can help people save in even more ways -
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>> texas stadium is no more. the cowboys played 38 seasons there. according to local lore, the reason there was a hole in the roof was so god could watch his favorite team in the game. >> tiger woods chasing lee westwood. we have changes on the leaderboard. [ male announcer ] is winning a habit you can't seem to quit? is failure the one game you refuse to win? is handsomeness a burden your face has to live with... every day?
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