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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  April 16, 2010 2:00am-6:00am EDT

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piloting the remaining days to capability at the conclusion of the four week pilot the results will be evaluated and many corrective actions will be made and then enterprise deployment of face to looker. we will be presenting an outline for the completion of phases three and for all along with any cost and time line adjustments. in the meantime things to this phased approach sentinel is being used by thousands of agents and supervisors each day and will become even more functional and effective once phase two is complete. i would be happy to discuss this in more detail as the questions are asked. chairman mikulski and ranking member shall be i would like to conclude by thanking you and this committee for your support of the fbi and i do look forward to answering questions you might have with regard to the 2011 budget or otherwise. this afternoon
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to follow up on the number one youtube hit. thank you for being here that t. purdy express comes and we
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started in nevada 27th. 25,000 people joined us to wish him every read a happy retirement. [cheering] moments ago the national press club we announced our endorsement and commitment of resources to elect nevada state legislators geren ingalls to replace harry reid. yesterday even though i live in boston, i live in california but my home state is boston. we were there with sarah palin. [cheering] and tend thousand plus of my case staters joining us to take and reclaim the socialist people's republic of massachusetts for america. jericho you are doing all the hard work though. the only way this country gets
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fixed is if you do the work in the trenches. we can get you revved up and connected with people but at the end of the day it is organizing committee. it is keeping the hammer down with e-mails and letters and phone calls to restore a constitutional republic to the united states of america. [cheering] don't you dare let anyone tell you you are a racist, angry or are a mob. [cheering] we are a human rights movement. what we are doing is based on the united states constitution. [cheering] the i united states constitution sets up america as the only society in the history of mankind press on the idea that the only legitimate reason for government was to protect the individual civil liberties and rights of citizens. [cheering] it is impossible to be a racist, human rights advocate who
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anybody thinks the city its food and on the fringes what missiles lines have anything to do i have news for you, america is our country and we are taking it back to triet [cheering] all right. god, country, family. diana, please come up here and let's sing together the star spangled banner to officially kick off this rally. t party express let's put our hearts into it. [cheering] >> hello, d.c.. all join me in the song to honor our country.
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♪ ♪ o, say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twiglights last gleaming ♪ ♪ we brought stars and stripes through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ or the landpart we want ♪ was so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare
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♪ the boms bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ for the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪
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[cheering] >> [inaudible] before we do that the national media including c-span said we can't see the speakers because of your songs. i love this lines but if you are right in front of the media stand would you mind letting them a little? we want america to hear this message. thank you. there's nobody special i want to
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thank right off the debt. he couldn't be here because he's on hannity in cincinnati but ten days ago we started reaching out to every tax reform group in washington and around the country to the tea party express everybody was coming in a little bit different direction. samuel joe the plumber. [cheering] this simple question a couple of years ago on the street got a lot of people thinking and a lot of people to stand up and speak. thank you, joe. the online tax revolt as of this morning has more than 270,000 people marching from across the country. many of you have avatars and your heroes so physically. something wonderful was happening here today and over the last month. for the last five or ten years
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the fair tax supply taxers, the ronald reagan tax cuts and people who just know something has gone terribly wrong in the country have been talking in different directions but something today is happening. we've put aside our differences and best solution and said what we need is a solution. let us come together. [cheering] what is that important epic driving us to come together with each of us feeling so passionately that we know exactly what the right solution is. i am a passionate affair taxer but i will tell you i respect dick amrey and the wall of regan taxers and that he party for an angry and wanted a solution and maybe they don't know exactly what it is but what we know is
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this income tax is badly broken, badly corrupted and at our expense. is there any question it could not be more obvious. 237 years ago our forefathers in boston harbor don't cease to tell the king of england we will not be treated this way. we rally around no taxation without representation and yet look what is happening unborn generations of americans are being taxed today to secure trillions of dollars of loans today. we are taxing them without them being represented. that is taxation without representation all over again. 237 years ago we said we have a
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new idea, brand new idea for the world. no government shall have power with the power granted by the people. .
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7,500 pages of regulations in the tax code no one is going to understand it, no one. i say to do any mall that has cost three federal billion dollars last year to obey just to fill out the paperwork any law that is coming in trouble tax where unmarried people pay more than to live together. pastors are told what they can and cannot say from the pulpit. any law that costs so much and is so hard to understand is on its [inaudible] our forefathers said no we will not take this and we formed a new union. the envy of the world.
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do we want to be like europe? no, we do not we rebuild europe after the second world war. we've rebuilt asia, the personal computer was not invented in the capitol office it was invented inigo ghosh in san jose. the genius of this nation does not live here. the genius of the nation is in our home town and until the people speak this government will not be put back on the track and that is what today is all about. [cheering] i thank you all for your civic responsibility. thank you for not giving up on the promise of the founding fathers that we the people can control our government. so many today have given up on that and have forgotten and today to say you cannot beat
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city hall. you cannot beat capitol hill. we know that tax code is very good for people in washington and very bad in destructive for the country but there is nothing we can do about it? i would say no. i want to thank each and every one of you for going back to your home town till then your neighbors, tell the person you've been arguing with passionately for 20 years here is something we can come together on. the income tax code does not just hurt the right it hurts the right, the left, the union members. it is good for people in washington and bad for the nation. [cheering] today we have got a great program. we've got speakers from every remove meant. we all -- also have someone else
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today. the media reports the last couple of days have said there are some who do not agree with the tax reform bill would be crashing tea parties across the country. they will be hurtling racial epitaphs, they will try to bring discredit on to the great people's movement and if they come here today, i would say humor them. i will quote ronald reagan right now. if you love america you love all americans. [cheering] i don't agree with them but i know they have a right to the first amendment to the freedom of speech as well. the american people have always been very good at figuring out the right course. hey you want to get it out of
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your system, do it right now. if you see them, don't be angry. say okay we are both americans. we will hear that. but our message will not be deluded. it will not be discredited and our messages we, the people, are taking our government back and taking our country back. [cheering] if you are stealing our money i want you to take a look at the big screen what is coming up next. watch this and then i am getting out of the way and moving aside for the great speakers today. thank you. [applause] [cheering] ♪
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♪ [inaudible] i was wondering with america just struggling to pay their bills, losing their jobs [inaudible] and fail to pay taxes on rental properties? [inaudible] nseries why are you such a disgrace? i have my tax returns.
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can i be free from other penalties? ♪ ♪ i want to introduce the next speaker a warrior here in washington, d.c. today in and day out is battling the injustice of the tax code. he formed the taxpayer protection pledge. he asked every candidate, every incumbent to sign it, reduce taxes this. he lives here in washington, d.c. but he is in part from
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washington, d.c. because he is a warrior who understands the tax code as well as anyone. i want you to give a big war round of applause for a fellow patriots, grover norquist from the americans for tax reform. [cheering] >> we have thousands of americans getting together today and over a thousand rallies in washington, d.c. and across america and it's not possible to thank all the people who took the time and effort to organize that but i would like to say special thank you to the three who did the most to make this possible for all of us to get together and of course i'm thinking of harry reid, nancy pelosi and barack obama.
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as you watch demonstrations across america, those three hour community organizers. the organized american against what they are trying to do. these politicians said to us back in 2008 they wanted change and a lot of people said yes we want change that corrupt washington but we were not reading the small print of what they meant. what obama and harry reid and pelosi are trying to do is use the power of washington, d.c. to change america into something else. but we want to do is take the strengths and traditions of america and change corrupt washington, d.c.. [cheering]
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the first thing they did they were going to create jobs. remember that? here was the plan they were going to take a dollar from somebody you earned it and give it to one of their friends from chicago and that was way to create jobs. imagine if you would harry reid, pelosi and obama standing at one side of a leak and they all stick into a bucket, they take three buckets of one side of the lake and what route to the other side and in the front of the tv cameras that were the buckets into the lake and they announce they are stimulating the lake to great depths. they're going to do that 800 billion times. and we will have a big deep lake. that is why the stimulus spending didn't create jobs because every dollar that they
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stole and spent in from somewhere and a john died in -- jogging died for every one of their friends that got in chicago. [cheering] our friends on the left would like to divide us to argue that we are not united. they are not paying attention. we are all united because we are active today here in the chris country because we all want one simple thing from our government. we want to be left alone. [cheering] on taxes, that is what i work on, leave our earnings alone. [cheering]
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some people focus on their families. the home school, they will their children left alone. [cheering] the board of directors and the national rifle association. [cheering] we ask one thing of the government to leave the second amendment rights alone. [cheering] we don't know, where neighbors stores and told them they have to be hunters. we don't insist every fourth grade child in school [inaudible] we simply wish to be left alone. the other team is a takings coalition. setting the ground hillary clinton and barack obama and
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nancy pelosi and harry reid's table are the trial lawyers, labor unions, the big city political machines, the wings of the dependency movement, the people who are lost in the welfare dependency and the people who make $90,000 a year making sure none of us people get jobs and become a republican. [cheering] you also have all of the course of utopia. these are the people, the radical environmentalists who invented cars too small to put your family into. the people who invented the toilet that is too small to flush completely. the have a lot of what the rest of us to follow and they say they have this town to push the rest of and they have a list of things we have to or can't do is significantly longer than slightly more tedious than
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leviticus. it keeps going on and on and on. you have to do this and you can't do that. ladies and gentlemen, we want to be left alone. we don't have our hands and our neighbors pockets. we don't ask the government to put their hands to put in our pockets. it is true that we are promised by mr. obama and his team from chicago that they would not raise taxes on average americans there's a series of tax increases in the health care bill that tax all americans. the $60 billion in taxes on the health insurance if you have health insurance will pay more for it to pay taxes and they think if they haven't raised your taxes.
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they are hoping we will be foolish enough to think the insurance company in the hospital has raised fees rather than the government has raised taxes@@@ rbrb)rbrb@ @ rbrb
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that. see you all at the election. [cheering] we have a representative democracy, a republic. we count on the leaders to represent our best interest, not their best interest. not everybody is forgotten and that is why the one to introduce right now the representative tyler texas. [applause] >> thank you. thank you for coming.
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when you go back to the beginning of the stimulus craziness i was picked up on camera asking my plans of this. president bush, how do you get a rebate to people that didn't put any bait? [cheering] now we find out we are about to have 47% of americans not helping on tax day. that doesn't work. when one more than 50% are in the wagon instead of pulling the wagon, the wagon is going to stop. and to follow up on something grover norquist said, and he has been a real warrior, but still we don't want somebody in washington telling us how we have to that our lives, right?
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[cheering] justice scalia told me many years ago somebody explained to him the difference between democrats and republicans. he said a democrat is someone who wants to control everybody and everything, and eight republican is somebody who doesn't want them to. we have to go beyond that, beyond democrat, beyond republican. we've got to go to the american people seeing that bill laws are in place that keep the government from controlling people's lives. that is where we've got to go. [cheering] this was not a government of the people, it was a government of the liberal people. and that's where we ran into trouble. that is why i think god you are
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out here. it's got to be a government of all the people so that we don't get run off track by those who have and proper motivation spigot they want to control everything. and let me tell you i never try to use my position to push my religious beliefs on some models by an a christian and here's some people say we are supposed to render under seizure, but the thing is in this incredible experiment in democracy we are given the blessing of having a country where the government was the people. under romans 13 if you are a citizen of this country you have an obligation to help govern the vote to get your input in place to run for office to affect the
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government and the country. that is your obligation and for too long that hasn't been addressed properly. let me leave you with this thought. a block or two over is the washington monument. over a hundred years ago the capstone was put in place writing of all four sides put on the side facing the capitol they put the last please be to god because -- [cheering] because they wanted to make sure as the tallest point in the nation's capital that when the first rays of god's son hit the first thing in the capitol it was first the words of praise be to god. god bless you, god bless america and let's take the country back.
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[cheering] all across the united states every single day there is a voice that brings out with the american principle that has been so forgotten by so many in this town. he is a radio hall of famer and loved by people across the country. has written a book. [cheering] i told you what, i cannot think of any group of people live but rather be with on april 15th. anywhere in the world than right here in washington, d.c. looking
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at the people who know we need to do something about the tax system, don't we? [cheering] how did you like the news stories what was it this week, last week. two stories nobody seemed to tie them together. 47% of the people of this country don't pay any federal income taxes. how curious is this? 47% of the people in this country seem to think they paid just the right amount of income tax every year. [applause] now, you are here to explain this to the members of congress and the democrats to occupy the buildings because they don't get the correlation. bullion the world would 47% of the people who don't pay income taxes think walleye paid just about the right amount of income taxes. it to think it's fair now. wait until they pop the value
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added tax on you. president obama has a deficit reduction committee working on ways to reduce the deficit. they are going to report -- they are going to report in december on how to do with insurer as we are surrounded by democrats, they are going to say the way of is a value added tax. but me tell you what else there are going to say. they are going to say come on, it is only going to be 1%. you know what we heard that last time? when they were passing the 16th amendment to the constitution. it's like going to be about 1.5% and besides only the rich people will have to pay it. you're going to get a free ride. yeah, listen, in europe to be a
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member of the year and you have to have a value added tax. not only do you have to have a value-added tax but there is a minimum. it has to be 15% and we see with this system for greece. it's working out really well for them. now they tossed obama care of this idea of we are the only big economic power in the world that doesn't have government-run health care so we've got to do it. in december, january of next year we will say we are the only nation out there that doesn't have its own tax, we are behind the times. we have to do that, too. >> we've been hearing stories about the economy and searching for growth. the jobs creation machine in
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this country is private business. [cheering] and i've already talked to some of you in the crowd. the private businessmen and women in this country and how we define a small business? the people in these buildings actually have a definition. a small business employees and less than 500 people, 499 or less that we pose as incomes on the returns. the media has been a really pathetic job of explaining to you that when the democrats, when the community organizer, when they talk about raising taxes on people who were over $250,000 a year, they are talking about raising taxes on the very people we need to bring jobs back to the american economy.
3:26 am
now these businessmen are out there. they want economic growth. they bought to expand businesses and make more money. they want to hire people, they want the good times to come back but they are back their thinking at the end of the year the bush tax cuts expire. that is another 5%. did they want to raise taxes on dividends and get cap and trade and they want card check, to that which would make it easy for employees to unionize and then god knows what sort of penalties they want to put on me and my business if i don't provide exactly the type of health care to my workers that they want. so you know what? i'm going to sit back and wait and see how this all fleshes out before, before i started spending my business. you know what these business people are waiting for? they are waiting for you.
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[applause] they are waiting for you to make another march on washington that will be awhile. this next march on washington will be so much easier than this one. for some of you will be half a mile, a quarter of a mile maybe three or 4 miles, it will be a march from your home business on november 2nd to durham voting precincts. [cheering] now argue going to tell me to get off the stage? [laughter] about 200 years ago the man from this city was named lead patriots on a march. the revolutionary war. they didn't even come the day wrapped in burlap part of their feet and marched over the ground and they were easy to follow
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because they left bloody footprints in the ground and there were people waiting to suit them when they got where they were going. guess what you can do your march on november 2nd and shoes, no ice, bill blood, nobody is waiting to shoot you. there is no excuse for you not to show up on november 2nd. [cheering] we know what has changed. we tell what type of change this country needs. we need change that brings leaders toashington that appreciate words like liberty at like freedom. and i want to hear a little bit less about redistribution. [cheering] america is great because of people like you who understand the dynamic of people working in
3:29 am
the free economy under the rule of law. we have people down the street here who think america is great because of government. we have a chance to change things november 2nd. please don't lose your fervor or enthusiasm. we have to make the real change in november. thank you very much. [applause] [cheering] radio hall of famer. the most important title in america today i believe
3:30 am
grassroots colish and because we the people are rising up to save this great nation. we've lost the way and starting today we are makg@@@@ the morning on a bus tour going across the
3:31 am
country on the tea party express. [cheering] you may have heard we kicked off the past or in searchlight nevada harry reid's home town where we had a retirement party for harry reid. [cheering] regardless the media reports there were 700 people there we had approximately 35,000 people. [cheering] we believe on the 48 stops in 23 states across the great country we finish yesterday because boston massachusetts with sarah palin. [cheering] and we celebrated with the people of boston about a victory for scott brown to happen in
3:32 am
january. [cheering] last february there were 22 of us who can together through twitter and planned for tea parties. we define our success with the tea parties 5200 people at each tea party. we all got busy and one week later we had 53 tea parties with approximately 30,000 people in attendance. you guys made that happen. next monday march 2nd i believe it was the website with life and for six weeks we planned for tea parties across this country and one year ago today we had over 850t parties with approximately 1.2 million people in attendance.
3:33 am
the [cheering] and then in september we had the biggest tea party of all at our house, the u.s. capitol with approximately 1.7 million people in attendance. [cheering] and you guys all made that happen. this is a movement that is continuing to grow. weeks ago a coalition group called for people to come to the capitol to have a rally because our congressmen were voting on the health care legislation. we surrounded that capital saturday and sunday. at one time they entered the committee because they said we were being so disruptive and then -- [laughter] and then on sunday night, late sunday night under the cover one
3:34 am
everybody returned home to their families to go back to work and school the past the monstrosity of the health care legislation they've been shutting down our throats. and you know what we have a message for them. they might not listen to us now but i guarantee you don't listen to us in november when we vote. [cheering] as i said this movement continued to grow and continues to grow on a daily basis. i was somewhere yesterday but it's time to put on the protest signs and pick up campaign signs. it is great we all come together and have these rallies but the real work is done outside of the rally and if we want that changed we are going to have to get involved in the election
3:35 am
process in the campaigns and the true conative center office. [cheering] one way we are going to do that is through education. we need to educate to in power so that when people go to the ballot box in a vendor the vote on principle and evaluated not according to the letter next to someone's name. this is not about being a democrat or republican. it is about being american. i don't know how many of you are like me but i've never been burleigh active in my life until february and now i like to think along with all of you and this is a movement, this is a grassroots movement where we need to stand shoulder to shoulder and when you leave here today when you leave washington and go back to your home state i want you to do two things.
3:36 am
you need to get involved in the campaign's going on. you need to do your research. find out with a conservative candidate is and get behind them not only with your time but with your money. it costs money to run the campaigns and whether we like it or not, $5 a month will go a long way. and you can't sit back now because if you wait until november, you are going to be voting for the lesser of two evils. i just left a press conference with the tea party express. you can go to our website and get more information at harry reid is number one on the list. [cheering] last week we targeted bart stupak three of laughter [cheering] and last friday we went to
3:37 am
michigan and chairman of the rally mr. stupak announced he is retiring. [cheering] we are having a great impact. if we were not having an impact those peoplenot be here [cheering] we would not have international media on the bus from china, austria, australia. but let me tell you something. we fed international media. we've had this international media attention but guess who has been on the bus the past five or six days? dateline nbc. they are intrigued by this movement and realizing the power of the people. and come november we are going
3:38 am
to take back our country. [cheering] you guys keep up the good work. we are having a great impact and i am so proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of you. god bless you all and god bless america. [cheering] >> amy kremer ka multi-party express. that is the big red bus going to towns across the country because that is where the mosul, the heart and the genius of the nation lives. now i told you we love him, we love his voice we love his heart market's going to take this next part of the program.
3:39 am
he goes the tea party people better than i do. he's been on the bus with them through 45 cities. [cheering] sprick as a brave man giving a radio talk-show host. this is our third national tour, and to number 150 on the tours of the last year. we traveled and we've made the hard core of left in the country and now it's because we have a great time. we have a great time. we celebrate america. we celebrate our liberty. we celebrate our freedom, and we do it with speeches, picnics, comedians and a couple of good ones for you. conservative hollywood fuchs and music acts to review what we are like church. everybody believes you've got to get jazzed up again and that is what we do. traveling with us on the third tea party expressed or ladies
3:40 am
and gentlemen, from kentucky. [cheering] >> hello, patriots. >> you guys are all some. it's great to be here. i want to tell you some of you may know us from our music video on youtube called press one for english. anyone ever see that? i just have got to get something out quick in all fairness to president obama model of his policies have been a blast. i know we live in a great commonwealth of kentucky and in kentucky the cash for clunkers program was a great success. seriously we've gotten rid of above 70% of the obama bumper stickers. [cheering] >> i know you are shocked beyond
3:41 am
believe white people are part of this movement. i've been called racist in just about any other name the the white girl. and folks i have had death threats i wish you would die, all of these standing up for the country but don't let them call you a racist. i do not care if my president is purple. it's the policies i disagree with. [cheering] we've had people ask where were you during the bush administration? i will tell you where i was, i was writing this song we are getting ready to perform. i wrote this song when the t.a.r.p. program was initiated. when i was growing up slash torch lagat paid an allowance. if i didn't do the chores i didn't get the allowance.
3:42 am
i wasn't entitled to it. it was based on my work ethic. [cheering] don't spread my wealth, spread my work ethic. [cheering] if you had that allowance like things the way to the movie on the weekends. one weekend i wanted to go to board and one of the so i invested my allowance into a lead stand. but i mismanaged that, let it stand because i let my friend, my broke bomb friends have their kool-aid on the promise they would pay me by the weekend. and when the weekend came the and they didn't pay me, guess what my mother didn't bail me out. [applause] [cheering] i'm tired of bailing out
3:43 am
companies that best manage their money. the government doesn't have any money. that is our money and i am taxed enough already. this is a bailout song. hit it, rye and. ♪ ♪ i need a bailout ♪ want to help me ♪ i need a bailout ♪ disability rescue me ♪ i need someone to save me from the choices i've made ♪ ♪ i need a handout and a bailout ♪ will you help me out today ♪ i spend too much money because i told me i could ♪ ♪ and i refuse to live within the means i know why should ♪ ♪ [inaudible] i get instant gratification and say just
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charge it ♪ ♪ i need a bailout ♪ bald you help me, won't you please ♪ ♪ i need a bailout ♪ somebody rescue me ♪ i need someone to save me from the choice is i have made ♪ ♪ i need a handout and a bailout ♪ would you help me out today ♪ [inaudible] ♪ i knew i couldn't pay it when they gave me that there load ♪ ♪ but they sit here in america you deserve to lonnae helm ♪ ♪ not ♪ i need a bailout ♪ won't you help me please ♪ i need a bailout ♪ somebody rescue me ♪ i need someone to save me from bad choices i have made ♪ ♪ how i need a handout and a
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bailout ♪ ♪ won't you help me out today ..@@@ @ @
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thanks for your support. [cheering] from saturday night live, miss victoria jackson. if [cheering] >> thank you for being here! free demo! i am a beginner political activist. i never was involved for one second and politics, i think is really boring about what happened in 2008 was i heard
3:47 am
someone was running for the president to was more than hillary. less than him uribe? a communist? so i wrote a song about a eighth. it is better than sitting at home in kind. we have to fight for freedom because freedom is not for a. of [cheering] and we are in a spiritual battle, susan six: 12. and my right? chronicle seven: 14, of my people are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and tned from their wicked ways and then they will heal their land. amen. [cheering] so i'm watching the news and as hard to get the truth because the mainstream media tells lies. [cheering] so we have to find it like little of gold dust in a big
3:48 am
mountain of 13 and we're trying to find the truth, you know, and i notice there is a fight between tyranny and liberty. and the people on the tyrrany side are fighting with flying, how about this one? my health care plan will not at one time to the deficit. [cheering] okay, they lie, they cheat, tax cheats, brandel, why aren't they in [cheering] the use profanity, did you hear the vice president seen the f word on tv? did you hear about from using the f word naked in the shower? i don't think george washington bridge use the f word. they use the bride's and i just read the constitution made available and is as you can impeach a precedent for bribery.
3:49 am
[cheering] and i know a little something about communism because i grew up in miami. [cheering] and during my childhood i saw my town turn into cuba. people from cuba were risking their lives coming to america for freedom autographs. and my boyfriend when i was 15, i dated him -- i don't have time to go into the romantic tinge live with my past -- i am new at this. his name -- in english is angel and i said, angel, whereas your dad and he said he said in jail in cuba and i said why and he said because he resisted communism. and then i said to my neighbor, what's it like to grow up in a communist country? she said,, well i will tell you, in kindergarten they tell the kids to bother heads and pray come close their eyes and ask
3:50 am
god who can be and when the kids open their eyes there is no can be there. then they tell them to buy out their heads and close their eyes and pray to castro and s kemper can be and when the little kids open their eyes and there is canadair. that is communism and have starting to smell it in my country. [cheering] and obama is offering free stuff to people so they will vote for him. [cheering] ny to your education on politics i just learned that with the% of americans are paying taxes and 50 percent of americans are not paying taxes and they're the ones who voted were him and they don't care if he raises taxes because they aren't paying them anyway. [cheering] ♪ it seems these days i'm in a hazing get canaccord or sleep, still incomplete and scared and
3:51 am
creepy. ♪ i look over my shoulder and shutter speed to i buy my nails and cuticles and watch my words carefully ♪ ♪ white house did cab, you heard of that ♪ ♪ were supposed to report our friends and neighbors to flags and they didn't agree with obama care. that slipped another radar but i reported myself twice. [laughter] this is america, we don't turn in our friends for what they are thinking. [cheering] i have to wash my words carefully. ♪ i bite my lip and fidget with the buttons on my glaus ♪ ♪ y? because there is a cavernous living in the white house. ♪ why aren't people shocked and up in arms? ♪ does anyone read history or hear alarms ♪ ♪ the streets are filled with
3:52 am
tom and i squeak like a mouse need to there is a communist in the white house ♪ ♪ of my parents, has been mrs. meese need to my parents think i've gone crazy ♪ ♪ of lakeland understands me ♪ [cheering] glen beck end! ♪ end of a chorus sean ninth hannity sawtooths sean hick, -- rush limbaugh! archuleta an! and coulter! she's all lantastic but that is okay. besides those three and a sweet people who drink the tea, there is no one else who can see the
3:53 am
communists in the white house ♪ ♪ yuma asked me if i have evidence to support my suppositions need to his mother was a communist ♪ ♪ his father was a communist ♪ when his parents abandoned him his grandparents introduce them to david ♪ ♪ is touted a mentor who was a thomas ♪ ♪ he had marxist professors ♪ of he was friends with william errors ♪ ♪ he went to a church for 20 years ♪ ♪ where jeremiah wright did not teach christianity ♪ ♪ he teach black liberation theology which as marxism ♪ ♪ when he was on the campaign trail and he didn't have the -- what you call those banks -- when he didn't have the teleprompter he accidentally sent to john of the palmer a direct quote from the communist manifesto spread the wealth by a
3:54 am
that other guy ♪ ♪ and then he appointed a man jones a communist as a green jobs are ♪ ♪ and would never appointed communist as an adviser ♪ ♪ then he got into office ♪ the banks end of a car's ♪ the student loans and the alth care which is a peach -- piece of garbage ♪ ♪ did you know that the healthcare bill says that if you have cancer the government decides whether you get chemotherapy are not? ♪ he wants to takeover energy with a cap and tax and then he wants to take away our freedom of speech. he wants to take away conservative talk radio and the internet and christian radio with the fairness doctrine which keeps changing names, they keep changing the names.
3:55 am
so i think i have enough evidence. [cheering] ♪ maybe i have lost my mind ♪ there's a communist living in the white house ♪ ♪ there a communist in the white house ♪ ♪ there is a communist living in the white house ♪ ♪ there is a cavernous living in the white house ♪ ♪ what are we going to do about it? [cheering] i have one more time nissan. i just got to do it because it is okay. there are also angry. we are angry but we are smiling. [cheering] al qaeda, this was inspired by obama keira and it is called i hope i don't get sick. obama is a liar and we all know that while ♪
3:56 am
♪ psr communist dictator and taking us to -- ♪ ♪ but on this march towards tyrrany ♪ ♪ any magic tricks i hope i don't get sick ♪ ♪ i hope i don't get sick ♪ i hope i don't get sick ♪ i don't want uncle sam coming for me with a stick, tongue depressor. ♪ they what are social security so keep your hands off me ♪ ♪ keep your hands off me ♪ keep your hands off me see to ♪ 22 of a conservative victory ♪ keep your hands off me ♪ of 2012 conservative victory. [cheering] obama told the people who for every child, man and wife ♪ ♪ even internalization ♪ that's a good line.
3:57 am
♪ somehow they all believed but i know one thing is true ♪ ♪ someone has to pay for that and i think it's me and use need to keep your hands off me ♪ ♪ 2012 conservative victory ♪ keep your hands off me ♪ and keep your hands off me ♪ 2001 of conservative victory! ♪ [cheering] and [cheering] >> last year in georgia a series that ads were taken out by cleverer -- clever political operatives in washington d.c.
3:58 am
and they were trying to sell snake oil to the voters of georgia and say, that senator chambliss running for reelection and wants to raise your taxes with a fair tax. the people of georgia are so smart to, they're so educated that it backfired on them like nobody's business. [cheering] it is going to keep backfiring and we are going to keep sending to congress people who will stand up for a fundamental tax reform, senator chambliss. [cheering] >> thank you. they do all very much, thank you for your great support last. with your help we brought in
3:59 am
home in a big fashion. listen, i want to say thank-you to each and every one of you. thanks for coming to the devil city to help us to the lord's work. [cheering] you know, i want to make sure that a protein is no longer considered it tax day. -- april 15th. i want to make sure that april the 15th is just another average stay in your life. i want to make sure that we don't add 16,500 and internal revenue agents in the internal revenue service. [cheering] i want to see if we can eliminate the internal revenue service. [cheering] and i want to make sure that the
4:00 am
federal government can no longer dictate to you that irrespective of how hard you work, that federal government tells you how much in taxes you pay, but then you determine how much you paiãb taxes, but thank goodness. i represent the smart as constituents in the world,
4:01 am
right? [cheering] combined with all of you, and at the end of the day we didn't prevail in a big way and as a result of the educating of georgians about the affair tax we now have a ethanol of the largest one of the largest their tax support groups in america and i'm very pleased that are my friends. [applause] elections have consequences to, quote. we are suffering through some difficult times right now. but what we have got to make sure of is that we continue the momentum that you are showing today. all the way until november and then in november we turn out in record numbers to show this administration that we are serious about spending, that we are serious about tax reform,
4:02 am
and that we are serious about bringing common sense back to the united states of america. [cheering] [applause] i want to close with a quota from a guy that i have the utmost respect for. and one of my top two in favor of presidents of the united states, a guy you probably remember named ronald reagan. [cheering] here is what ronald reagan had to say: i believe we really can however say that god did give men a kind of virtually unlimited give us to invent, produce and create and that reason alone it would be wrong were government to devise a tax structure or economic system that suppresses and and i as
4:03 am
those camps. the current tax structure we have in this country suppresses innovation and the ability to live the american dream. we need to quit adding to the taxes that americans pay an actor real meaningful tax reform and with your help we are going to continue to do it. go to every senate office and tell them to support s296, the fair tax bill we have introduced -- once again and we're going to continue to introduce a every session until we ultimately get it passed. thank you for what you do. god bless you and god bless our great country! [cheering] >> fair tax! fair tax! fair tax! >> thank you.
4:04 am
i love the fair tax also. i love the flat tax to, but you know what, i realized something. we can't get their attention unless we all come together. and we have got to put aside the smaller differences and come together on the bigger causes. this will not be a tax system or a government of the, by and for the political class. [cheering] aristocrats, think about going to england. we don't want aristocrats' here. we threw them out 233 years ago. we're not going to allow them here anymore and. [cheering] that's what we have got today and it has got to change. i want to say to every union
4:05 am
member who hears this. if you want jobs to stay in the united states, if you want more jobs to come to the united states, get this broken tax code out of the way! [cheering] i want to say to the left, welcome to our movement. [cheering] i want to say to the new independent voters who now make up the majority of voters in this country, very healthy thing, welcome and thank you. [cheering] i want to say to the republicans and those on the right, we will take back ba'ath party also. [cheering] the american people are speaking and one of those who is speaking in the new media at fair tax
4:06 am
nation, the first social networks site for the fair tax, one of the great participants here to -- is going to introduce you to summon a very important from iowa, but i want you to meet right now jim deossie. come on up, jim. [applause] >> there's a lot of people out here. [cheering] did any fair tax shemtov? [cheering] hal yes, i can't hear you! what are you saying? what you want? we want fair tax, right? [cheering] that is right. i have not just with fair tax nation, and also with a couple tea party groups that help me get this thing and put on it in the early stages before
4:07 am
copenhagen stepped-up, he turned in on pressing got people the flat tax and no tax and the other tax cutters in their taxes and everybody here, i appreciate his help. this is an amazing proud. the last time i did this was a few months back and had about 300 people show up, this is a heck of a turnaround. >> we love this country. >> yes, that is why we're here, we want our country back! and we want it back now! [applause] we the people have lost our voice and we have got to regain it and one way to do that is to get this tax code scrapped. we need to pull without by the roots, we have got to take the country back by taking back the way they take our money across.
4:08 am
[cheering] there was a guy, i do lot of this tea party stuff lately, we spent the night a few nights back outside the capitol building because we are protesting a certain bill been voted on over the weekend and they said was going to be voted on saturday morning, but they kept putting us off to paris out. we stayed there, slept in our cars and some people slept under trees, but we had our voice heard inside because of this man here. he is a tea party -- tea partiers on the inside, his name is congressman steve king from iowa. he is be one candidate and tea party approved. [applause] >> thank you, thank you. wow, you can see all i can but i got to walk away the other side of this crowd clear over where that high-rise is, all the way
4:09 am
back through -- you are the awesome american people to take our country back! [cheering] [applause] and we believe in a lot of things together and most of them are in the constitution of the united states. and the rest is in the culture and the character of our people. and we do not believe in a government that is a precedent. nor do we believe in a government that confiscates our earnings. and rewards people that don't earn. and eats out our substance and drains american vitality -- that's what's going on in america today. and i will say off the bat that obama care adds to that, it doesn't diminish its and obama care has to go. [cheering] nine [cheering] when i say obama care has to go
4:10 am
i mean 100 percent root and branch, not a vestige of it left behind, all of it has to go! [cheering] the $569.2 billion in new taxes that's part of it, that's got to go. [cheering] the nationalization of your body, the federal government taking over your liberty to manage your own health care, that's got to go. [cheering] and, in fact, i agree with saxby chambliss, the entire internal revenue code has got to go. [cheering] i was ordered one to many times back in the '70s, 1979, when i got done with that i came to this conclusion: i want rid of the irs and the federal income-tax code. i want them gone and it's not personal and they are good people to a job they are hired to do, the boys had tax
4:11 am
collector's coin to the old testament, they are good people but there are so good people they can make money -- make money in the private sector making something that's value. [cheering] and now what we have seen happen is this administration, i will take you back to this approved by the president, some say it actually started before president obama was elected, but as a senator and a candidate he approved of all of this and this is what happened. $700 billion in tarp spending with a blank check no condition, that needed to be a big no-no quote and i voted no. [cheering] with and then they said about the government takeover of eight huge national entities, three large investment banks, and aig to the tune of $180 billion. fannie mae and freddie mac to the tune -- $5.5 trillion in
4:12 am
contingent liabilities with danny and freddie and still some people in this country thought the post and the white house knew there during until they came to mess with our car companies. we know cars, we love them and build them and drive them, we will fix them, they are american cars and should be made by not just americans but the private sector. not the white house. [cheering] and then we understood what was going on. what was going on with the government takeover of business after business, so i went to the socialist website to see where their playbook was and found it there. says the socialist website we want to take over the fortune 500 companies. what has happened is one-third of the private sector activity had already been nationalized before obama care and now it's 51 percent and our liberty is
4:13 am
being reached out and i see the red sign down here, president obama i don't know i want to put that particular label but i tell you bernie sanders is the only socialist u.s. senator and he is of the best and nobody argues he is in a socialist but i tell you the facts show president obama voted to the left of bernie sanders when he was in the united states senate. in so the question isn't is the president a socialist, we're talking to what is the left of your assigned and you can figure that out. i'm not going to add to that dialogue anymore but i want to tell you we can get our liberty back, we can get our freedom back and shrink the size of government, we can and must put people in place that understand my cue that hard work must play and savings and investment has to have a reward, the policies that dreyfus' office equipment to socialism is have the vitality of american people and insults the character of the american dream and we can and we
4:14 am
must rebuild the pillars of american exceptionalism and we must take this country from the shining city on a hill about ronald reagan constructed for and with us to the next level of our destiny -- that's what we will do as the awesome american people. bless you, i'm so glad to be part of you! thank you so much. [cheering] with. >> those in the back, i have just been told not to speak with so much enthusiasm. sorry for your eardrums. and i am just talking to a member of congress over here from savannah, georgia. [cheering] you know what he said to me by this he said i've got people all the time sanguinary going to do about mr. obama's policy on this for some of these policy on that and his answer is, you know what you want to do about it, you
4:15 am
want to take your country back. don't ask someone else to do it. that seems like the ride in answer to me. from savannah,@@@@ @ @ @ @
4:16 am
tomorrow and what usually happens the day after the rally cleaves it is broken property. the property has disappeared. but that is never the case. [cheering]
4:17 am
i can promise you we willever see that story on network tv. i just talked to a friend of mine who is a liberal and he said don't these people realize 95% of you got a tax cut under the federal plan that president obama? and i am saying if you believe that then you believe the health care bill was going to give you better health care. and if you believe that you believe that the stimulus bill created more jobs. and if you believe that, then you believe that other countries can sign the nuclear treaty are going to abide by it. and if president obama himself believes that, why doesn't he just walk outside and go down the street and tell you how good his stimulus bill was? [cheering]
4:18 am
i have a feeling he will not show up with demand tax simplification. and you know, it doesn't matter what group you are and whether it is fair tax, flat tax or something else, we are united by the tax simplification. we've got to have it. cow many of you pay to have someone fill out your tax forms? now how many of you do it yourselves? i've got to tell you for those of you who did yourselves, god bless you but i'm sure it took hours upon a worse worth of your time that could have been spent building a better america. we need that simplification. we need tax reductions and we need tax fairness. you know, there is a consensus right now people don't realize.
4:19 am
131 million people today will file tax returns. 48 million brough have zero tax like a buddy. 38% of america right now does not pay taxes. i believe and tax fairness. i believe we will have a better country where everyone has at least a little skin in the game. [cheering] that doesn't mean that we want to fill up and push you on down. we are a compassionate country that wants to help people but we also want you to help yourselves. [cheering] we need tax fairness and we also need to be concerned that this administration just a few blocks
4:20 am
from us have signed off on the largest deficit in the history of america. $1.4 trillion. i've got to tell you we spent too much money. we did a lousy job. but 12 years of republican deficits are still smaller than one year of the obama deficit. that's why you are here today. we cannot continue with their it is democrats or republicans in power. we've got to reduce spending and have tax fairness. we've got to have tax simplification and have grassroots involvement all over the united states of america. i don't join the national media be fearful of the movement.
4:21 am
i embrace it and say america wants to be involved with the government. we want to be accountable for the government. and i want to say this. i've been in the united states congress for a while and we've got a lot of great people who have come that perhaps there's not one members captured the heart or than the next speaker and she has been criticized for its and why has the media criticized so much? because they are afraid of her. ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome her.
4:22 am
[cheering] >> hello, everyone. [cheering] thank you for coming isn't it interesting how the freedom is so attractive? [cheering] you look happy to me. you don't look pingree. that's because you get it and you are smart enough to get off your couch and do something about that so this november what do you say let's take back our country. [cheering] how many of you think we are going to do it? i know we are going to it is all about this coming november. we have to take the house and
4:23 am
the senate and two years from now barack obama is a one-term president. and we are not just sending anybody to washington this november, we are sending constitutional conservatives this november. [cheering] and we are going to allow the most courageous, the strongest constitutional conservatives that have set in the presidency since abraham lincoln and george washington. it is so unbelievable to all of us as we have watched what happened over the last 18 months. to the history of the country, our private economy has been private. that seems normal, doesn't it? but what have we seen the last
4:24 am
18 months? it began unfortunately under the republican president with a 700 billion-dollar bill out -- bailout of voted against. that began the process of the federal government of private industry. if you want a michelle of american history the last 18 months it is the federal government people of one private industry after another. they started by taking over the bank's, citibank, bank of america. then they bought aig, the port about $180 billion. they are still not done. then they bought thready and fannie. you know the federal government now owns over 50% of the home mortgages in the country today? if you go to buy a home mortgage
4:25 am
today, nine times out of taking your mortgage is coming from uncle sam. also chrysler, gm, that also came out of the bailout money. and then there was the taking over of the student loan industry and health care. [booing] and 14 different tax increases in the health care bill. you add all of that together now the federal government owns and controls 51% of the private economy. [booing] and for some reason, which is beyond me, these people that are run in washington, d.c. seem to be perfectly content with presiding over a decline in our economy. it doesn't seem to bother them.
4:26 am
in fact, they want more of it. it's not enough for president obama. he wants another 8% of the economy because he wants to control enemy. he wants to tap and tax bills. [booing] she's got another thing coming, and he's not going to stop there. he wants to own and control the financial services sector. they think they are going to pull one over on us because everybody is upset with wall street. they think they are going to make the republicans try on this. i am here to tell you this financial service overhaul that president obama has is a permanent bailout authority for the government for wall street and the big bank. that's what president obama, speaker pelosi, harry reid want to serve to you. i think they don't realize that you are iq scores are well above
4:27 am
average. we are on to them. we are on to this government and we are not going to let them have their way. they don't get to take over any more of our economy. we are done with that game. and if they want to believe they are the be all and end all the know better how to run our lives that we do then of course the need to have money to pay for it. but guess what lesson we just learned, government doesn't have money. they don't make money it is all of us, the private economy. we are the ones that make the money. we are the ones that are the producers, they are the consumers. they consumed what we produce and i see it is time for these little piggies to go home.
4:28 am
[cheering] this nov that is where they are hit. so we are going to take all of our energy, all of our happiness, all of our enthusiasm and we are going to work positively to defeat their agenda this] i just found out this morning that i am the number one target for yet one more extremist group to defeat this november. and so we need to have your help for candidates like me who stand up for you and we need you to take on some of these bad guys and replace them with people who listen to do and who love the freedom that we cherished that we are never going to give up
4:29 am
because we are the tea party movement. [cheering] what was it about in boston? it was about the people who pay the tax saving this far and no more. that's what they said and that is what we are seeing here in d.c.. this far and no more. thank you for being here. remember it is all about november. it is all about november. god bless. god bless united states of america. thank you. [cheering] [chanting "usa"] >> usa, the three most beautiful
4:30 am
letters in the alphabet. i would like to introduce to you a mild dennis from minnesota who's become one of the leaders from the united states on a fair tax movement. help me welcome from the state of georgia@@ yesterday morning on the floor of the house democratic leaders said in a very serious statement this administration cut taxes more than any administration in the last years.
4:31 am
[booing] and you heard the president say as recently as a few weeks ago the trillion dollars stimulus bill was 50% tax cuts. we are grateful in america who we represent here knows the truth and the truth will set us free. [cheering] and some of you know i am the author of the fair tax bill. and you will soon hear from dick
4:32 am
armey. both of us agree on one thing. the system we have today is broken and must be fixed. we also know from the 18 years and house we also know this town which has so much influence over this process is invested in the tax code. i was giving a talk down town to a large lobbying group of two years ago explaining that the fear tax would get rid of the irs and one of them who i knew well said just give us a few more years. they make their living off the tax code and all of us are here today on either side to say the code must go.
4:33 am
i did an interview yesterday. i am retiring this year. [booing] and i was asked what would happen to the movement and i said tax reform is way bigger than me. and the people who show up by the thousands and thousands across this country are an example of that. we knew from day one your not cui to change the tax code from washington. you're going to have to move it through the grassroots first. and you are doing that. [applause] please, we know that we hear from the towns lobbyist everyday. but we really listen to the people in the district. and if you folks will go back to your district and talk to
4:34 am
everyone running about fundamental tax reform and sorting out this code and getting something that is simpler and thorough and honest and free we will succeed. i knew a very long time ago i've been on the ballot every other year at the state of the federal level since 1974 and sometimes it is time to move on but i knew a long time ago that no one who speaks from the stage today is going to change the world. no one who speaks from the stage today is going to drive change. that comes from you and it comes from you over and over and over again. and i know for a fact that you will change the world. [cheering] does anybody here remember
4:35 am
ronald reagan? [cheering] when he ran and was elected president he turned to you and said we have great challenges ahead but with your help and god we shall see. the next eight years you and your neighbors, not me or anyone you know what here, you and your neighbors created a formula of new businesses. you read your neighbors increase the contribution to the federal government from $519 billion in 19801988. you increased contributions to strangers, people you've never met through charities from 43 billion to 88 billion in 1988. and we learned from that this is
4:36 am
a great nation not because of great political leadership but because in a free america ordinary people doing extraordinary things. and if he will continue this charge and continue this battle to the end you will do it again. you will get tax code simpler and fairer and three, you will get the regulation of business is back and when you do that my grandson's thomas and john at bat hewey and philippe will say thank you as willhite. thank you. [cheering] at the heart of the corruption of the tax system is the house ways and means committee. i want you to imagine the kind
4:37 am
of courage and character it takes for the man you just heard to stand up everyday for fundamental tax reform when he is on the house ways and means committee. thank you, john p. triet [cheering] now i've told you in past years we've been divided within our movement on the best way to fix this broken tax system. something wonderful was happening today. we are all coming together. we have different ideas on what is best. we are all passionate about it but we are more passionate about saving our country. five years ago you would not have seen dick armey and i on the same stage because our passions for solution run strong but before our house majority leader who hails from texas in
4:38 am
the great state of texas, dick armey, is here today to talk about our unified cost. dick armey, a great american. [cheering] >> you know, i'm looking on the comments of our sense of unity. don't you think having a chance to choose between to get ideas is better than being a slave to a bad idea? [cheering] the first thing we have to do is get rid of the bad idea. let me just give you a few observations. one, there is only one of legitimate reason to levy the task and that is to raise money. when you do that you should raise no more money than is absolutely necessary to pay for it as you go only the minimal
4:39 am
necessary duty of the government. [cheering] and if this crowd in washington but understand that principle we would cut the size ofhe government to one-third of what it is today. [cheering] and they could concentrate their attention on doing what they must do well with some degree of effectiveness and more importantly, effectiveness instead of squandering the the liberty of a bunch of their silly whimsical spending programs that are more about themselves and that this great nation. now going back to my point about the only legitimate test of the tax code is to raise money. this tax code that you are living under today is an abomination of cubans. principally because of two principal corruptions. the first is the audacity they
4:40 am
have and believing they should use the money to control your behavior. they call the social and engineering. and the problem with social engineers is they never have the ability to recognize their failure. so the difference being an engineer, a real engineer knows when he fails because the rage boils down. these words involved in social engineering know that you ought to act as if they think you might should act and you have to say who in the heck he win charge. reminds me of mr. big shot who do you feel you are. now the second audacity that corrupt the tax code is the notion they ought to redistribute income what did.
4:41 am
i live by the notion that we can never legitimately use the power to do for ourselves what we cannot do legally on our own. and i can't steal your money and give it to this guy. therefore i shouldn't be able to use the power of the state to steal your money and give this guy the money so i can get the granite. that is called income redistribution. [cheering] i was on a tv show one night with a leedy that felt that because she thought it was a good idea for her to be part of the crowd in charge of stealing your money to give it to that person. she had a sense of social justice. i said i have a sense of social justice, to back. my sense is if you earn the money you have a right to keep the money.
4:42 am
[cheering] now how crazy is that? my final point, i have been warning us for years when the democrats get the majority of the house and the majority of the senate and the white house, they are not going to give you the flat tax or the fair tax instead of this current abomination called the income tax. they are quick to give you the sales tax or flat taaddixon to . [booing] and they have said it for one strategic reason alone. they can hide that tax from the people who pay the tax. that is the only basis by which is you could get away with putting taxes on people and then blaming the butcher.
4:43 am
so this is where we must first rule the line. we cannot allow them to double tax by adding this tax to this abomination. once we stop that and let's fix this tax code and make it a servant of america rather than you being servants to it. thank you. [applause] >> dick armey. [applause] he is an army of one and more than an army of many. and speaking of many, all of us here today don't let this feeling donner. in addition to all of us here today people in the media say how many. more than a quarter of a million. [cheering]
4:44 am
all of us here today, 270,000 tax revolts. [applause] this doesn't end today. this begins today. [applause] we will march across this country to every. we will form an army of sentiment, a people's army that they will have no choice but to listen. mark williams, come on not of. stat ladies and gentlemen from hollywood one that is worth something, somebody that is worth something and there's a, david of the late network. >> hello, everybody. before i go on i want to say one thing. i first generation, such a proud
4:45 am
american jew and traveling up across the country with the tea party express i've noticed signs of support of israel. i want to thank you so much it's so important. thank you. [cheering] it means the world. you have no idea. from even the crazy leftist once. thank you. listen up, are you sick and tired of hollywood""
4:46 am
it's about time. how come i don't think of these things? i don't get it. all right we are doing a promo shot of each party. i need you to help me out. it's very simple. i need you all to say right network of that's right with a world in unison as long as you can. ugly, young, look, everybody. together. here we go. listen up guys, one, two, three. [chanting "right network right now"] if you want to find out more go to take a look of the programs we have in production right now.
4:47 am
we want your opinions. this is a tv network that is going to be about us. it's not printed in a great american values or people of religious faith. it's not going to denigrate the military. it's not going to denigrate bothers and husbands. thank you, god bless you. [applause] one quick moment here we have the gold star mother debbie lee going back to iraq to visit the camp came after her son in ramadi. god bless the veterans and those who've made the sacrifices. they've laid down their lives for what we are fighting for. we will not let them down. i brought along a couple of folks from hollywood with me.
4:48 am
from home improvement he played denney in the hardware store. [applause] >> come on, give me a nice round of applause. god bless him. i'm italian, i get nervous. we always get killed when we are eating in a restaurant. i hate that. it's good to be here in washington. i've got family. oliver these buildings. i get to visit them today. that's nice. any home improvement fans? [cheering] im tim allen, how are you giving? i played denney in the hardware store for five years and i know as soon as i open my mouth it is obvious i'm from alabama. [laughter] i grew up in the witness protection program. actually i grew up in a neighborhood of new york city where we had a lot of crime but no one ever stole or hurt
4:49 am
anything and a matter how you got killed it was always a heart attack. you could throw a guy off of a 30 story building and i don't know, it looked like a heart attack. a by leaving here with an ice pick sticking out the back and the cops is what happened. i don't know, officer, looks like a heart attack. he brought his chest and fell on it 17 times. i didn't see nothing. you ever notice i talions we weblog galt? because if somebody gets killed we are ready. two weeks ago i looked at the coffin and was nobody in it, just the hand. the widow is crying. i said what happened? she said hart attack. i said what was wrong with him? i come from a genuine italian family. you know the type of father.
4:50 am
books like this, burping and fording. how are you doing? shot up. that means i loved you in an italian. shut up. good hard-working man my father, never did good in school. one year we were in the same class. every guy in this college went to [inaudible] one time the teacher asked months father who shot lincoln. i said don't look at me. [laughter] i don't know nothing. it was a heart attack. i in cracking the up. one time my father wants to take me at my brother's hunting i'm like 546-year-old. this little der comes near me at my brother's life author pushes it all of the way and pushing
4:51 am
and taking it and that really scared me because then they pushed us out of the zoo. you want to have a good time? next time you go to sea world bring a fishing pole where's my catholic friends? where are you? [cheering] [inaudible] >> my church was so tough the nuns were men. always put the dead guy is right in the front. is she laughing, does she have a knife? [laughter] you didn't kneel down and pray to god in my church unless somebody was covering you. joey, watch my back. i'm going to talk to god.
4:52 am
yeah, god forgive me. priest walks and what happened? he had a heart attack. somebody get him a pillow, please. where are the veterans in the crowd? all the veterans raise your hands. [cheering] let's hear it for the veterans, the real heroes. [cheering] i was in the craziest -- i was in the service eight years, postal. nobody was not your famous. lagat the privilege to go to iraq to perform for the troops for eight days. it was my honor to be there and it was hard. it was 120, 130 degrees. i lost 10 pounds in eight days.
4:53 am
my wife wants to go now. [laughter] but you know what, what became gambling kind of guy. i was on american airlines flight 5050. i call the airlines to you have anything with better odds? what about flight 9010. when is that coming in? but i think the we've been looking for this guy eight or nine years. what better letters they miss, ten put full with a target with oliver technology we can't find this guy? let me tell you something. if this guy owns my uncle dominique a few dollars. [laughter] they would have found him in three days. he would have went to the president, give me a buick, some duct tape and i will take my own guys. [laughter] in the paper bin laden, heart attack. laughter koza we are going to
4:54 am
vote these people out? [cheering] what happened to congress? i don't know, looked like a heart attack. [laughter] i'm proud to be an american and you guys make me proud to be american. god bless america. god bless america. thank you. [applause] my web site is all the money goes to charity. 100%. my wife's name is charity by the way. god bless. >> folks we are on the offensive radio talk shows, using a social networking, the world wide web, and one of the most effective world wide web sites helping the cause is an outfit called resistance, part of grass fire
4:55 am
and adjoining from resistance crossfire is dewal. >> [inaudible] [cheering] my voice is kind of going through this is like day 21 on the expressed or. we are honored to be a part of this. it's been an awesome experience to see so many lovely patriots across the country. we are all united by the important thing we are americans it doesn't matter if you are a democrat, republican, independent, libertarian. it matters that you are an american. a grass fire was started in 2001 by steve elliott and it was an opportunity for him to start an
4:56 am
organization called the internet based e-mail based where he could send a message to you when you signed up you could then sign a petition or back your representative and we would deliver those to congress. the last nine years millions upon millions of petitions have been delivered by our organization on behalf of the american people through the senate and house. just before the health care bill was passed people from all over the great nation signed petitions and we delivered over 1 million petitions telling them we don't want. but they didn't listen. and today as a matter of fact that the capitol, your message
4:57 am
again opposing, giving your outrage, expressing your of rage 6,000 letters of your messages were delivered today. [cheering] we are not going away. [cheering] we are here to stay. this is our country. this is our country, folks. , chris, can you hearis is our ? [cheering] so last year the day before the march on d.c. i happened to have the pleasure of being one of the national coordinators on march. we've let this house and you see some being flown on out here. they say flat this house 2010. [cheering]
4:58 am
because we have got to flip of the radicals and the rhinos in the party. it is time for them to go. they are not listening to us, they don't represent us. we want them out. simple as that. i want to give you our acronym for the flip this house program. the first letter is f. [laughter] okay. we won't go there. the first letter is f. fix this government. the second letter is pig book. limit taxes. we have got to abolish the income tax and get rid of the irs. they need to go. the more money they have, the more they feel they are entitled to use it however they want and they've got to stop that.
4:59 am
i impose term limits. spending 40 some years waiting for one of them do have a heart attack. before they get out of there to replace them has got to change we need to impose term limits and finally p, purge national industry. we are a free-market capitalist nation. we are not a socialist nation. we are not the socialist state of the united states of america. we need to take the country back, folks. i want you to do me a favor and i want you to tell me today will you make a commitment, number one, will you go to and i know some of
5:00 am
you in the black can't see this but it's a blue and it has a capital that says flip this house. if you click on that you can sign a petition that says you will stand for the principles. can you do that? [cheering] second, will you both in your primary election this year. third, will you take every measure to educate everyone you can between now and the general election on what it means to foot this house. i knew you would. finally, will you take someone with you that may not be able to get there otherwise and will you show up and vote in the general election in november [cheering] you guys are awesome. [cheering] i am proud that i would be like you standing in my living room
5:01 am
yelling at my television throwing things at it and now i'm up here sharing this experience with all of you it goes to show we are regular americans sick and tired of the bureaucracy and the people not listening to us and we are going to flip this house. let me hear from you. flout this house. [chanting "flip this house"] god bless you and god bless this effort. [applause] >> tea party express resistant. another great american voice. you learned when you're a kid is a quilt. it's not one color, it's not one thread it is 1 million threaded together for one idea. we the people.
5:02 am
we are going to have to speak up and make it happen. the funding fathers all governments take power into themselves. is it ideological? know it is human nature. that's why they built in all of the checks and balances. how many of those checks and balances have been he raced? are the state's the equal of the federal government? no. are the people and the majority being listened to? no. we have to make it happen. the founding fathers never said by the people would be done by someone else. it is done by us. it is a citizenship and one of the guys, a very bright young man, and nice fellow who is working on that put it together
5:03 am
on his own the contract from america rye iain, contract for america. [applause] it is a grassroots bottom-up contract from the people to the politicians. people were able to submit ideas, hundreds of thousands of people submitted thousands of ideas. they debated them. they are a series of surveys that narrow them down to 21 and there was an online vote over the past month and a half over which 450,000 votes were cast. what i can tell you is a fundamental tax reform is in the contract from america and it's in the contract for america because everyone knows their
5:04 am
tax, flat tax, simplified tax code supporters this system does not work. the people are sick of it. we are sick of it and over and over again in the commons on the site on contract from american bald, in the bald postings and in the boat it is very clear with the people want and what they are not listening to. they are not listening because of the special-interest and the like so the demand for fundamental tax reform. so i want to thank everyone and i hope everyone goes to the site and supports the contract for america we are on feeling the full list to might as the leader rally and we strongly i want to thank bet party patriots' leading this effort as well as fair tax which is a coalition partner and americans for tax reform in a series of other groups and hundreds of tea parties around the country which are unavailing the contract today at the local rally.
5:05 am
this is a grassroots up from the bottom-up i hope he will choose to be volunteers in this effort to meet the congressman and candidates signed this document and to say you are listening to us now. it's not the other way around. thank you. [cheering] have you noticed some times when the speeches from a long it is music that can touch your heart? well we've got one more up here on this stage and then afterwards i don't want to forget for a cloak of the west lawn of the capitol there's going to be a microphone fair taxation is putting on an instant tea party. you've listened to us. if you want to have your own voice at 4 o'clock go to the west lawn of the capitol. tonight is the washington monument. it's going to be another get
5:06 am
together starting at 6:00 and that's going to be able closer to the party also you're going to hear some of the same things there. but in the idea that music can move the seóul and inspire people i want to introduce the next and the last on the stage before we sing together to wrap up this afternoon. i want to say thank you to each and everyone of you, to each of you on line, to all of the americans in the home towns across this nation who make this country is so great. thank you. now please give a few minutes of attention to politics tell us how our constitution has changed. [cheering] >> hello, america. i want to thank each and every one of you for showing up today because it is people just like
5:07 am
que that showed up last summer in downtown waco to protest the cap-and-trade. i and the minister in texas. when i walked up to the tea party watchdog they didn't turn me away because i of the of mexican descent. they didn't turn me away because they live in one of the globalist communities in waco. they didn't turn me away because i had my [inaudible] with a welcome to me in and encouraged me and since that time i've read the declaration of independence, the constitution of the united states of america, founding error documents back-and-forth from the founders and i have learned and learned and relearned and i see today how big governments, socialist programs are destroying my community. [cheering] so we have some mainstream
5:08 am
mainstream and others who want to marginalize the tea party movement. they want to marginalize this patriotic movement so my simple message to them, marginalize this. [cheering] that was the cue. music. the collis extreme. >> i'm not angry with the rapper with his pants pulled up. ♪
5:09 am
♪ limited the government the only solution ♪ ♪ the only foundation should be the constitution ♪ ♪ the tea party movement we are not involved in ♪ ♪ not a race thing speeding you hear that often ♪ ♪ don't believe the liberal spin ♪ here's where it begins ♪ 1776 the declaration written by the founders that formed a new nation ♪ ♪ but wait some didn't like it through the years they've been working through ♪ ♪ ever since 2009 the days have returned ♪ ♪ so the people can run and what does have a tea party ♪ ♪ what happened [inaudible] the walls of the congress and senate are seeking ♪ ♪ this is the revolt when you wake up a free nation ♪ ♪ that's the tea party ♪ that's the key party. promote free-market ♪ ♪ that's the tea party. limited government the only solution hour only foundation should be our constitution ♪
5:10 am
♪ so they chose to hit the streets. let the waco team pretty active eight me ♪ ♪ grassroots means from the bottom to the top ♪ ♪ communities to the top we point out the way don't let us see you lost we are turning out the votes that the money can't buy ♪ ♪ we've turned it into a campaign revolution ♪ ♪ tea party here tea party there ♪ the tea party movement to run it their ♪ ♪ they cannot penetrate the truth ♪ ♪ 2010 the truth ♪ we don't care of you are a d or r ♪ ♪ let liberty prevail i dedicate my life is standing up for freedom for my babies and my wife ♪ ♪ that's the tea party ♪ limited government the only solution hour only foundation should be our constitution ♪ ♪ promote free-market ♪ that's the tea party ♪ limited government the only solution ♪ ♪ our only foundation should be our constitution ♪
5:11 am
♪ politicians in washington blemished career politicians will be finished ♪ ♪ vote before the freedom 2010 ♪ trust me [inaudible] tea party muscle we are coming together like cards when you shuffle ♪ ♪ at jolie fisa lane 123 ♪ every state in the union is breaking up t. ♪ ♪ they thought they already won now we are bringing out the young workers ♪ ♪ but as the tea party? that is a great question ♪ ♪ they all can quit dancing sweet and we are the people american blood ♪ ♪ we bought them and trudged through the mud ♪ ♪ we won't grow we really and we won't be shy ♪ ♪ this is a responsible to party ♪ promotes free market ♪ that's the key parties beaten limited government the only solution ♪ ♪ oral the foundation should be our constitution ♪ ♪ this is the responsibility ♪ promotes free market speeding that's the key parties the ten limited government the only solution ♪ ♪ and were only foundation should be our constitution. [cheering]
5:12 am
i want to thank each and everyone of you for making a difference in my life. the tea party movement transforms the way i do ministries, transform the way i operate and by standing up for my babies. this is my wife, michele and my daughter. [cheering] we will be passing out stickers. you can watch these light on if you want to see a video shot from the tour, the tea party expressed, quote to god bless the tea party of that. [cheering]
5:13 am
>> all right, ladies and gentlemen. we have come to the wrap up of this great rally. 10,000 people here at least. 270,000 online, and if i can take one moment for something personal i'm driven to get a be country my children than the one i inherited. [cheering] jack 14-years-old, henry, my beautiful sons with a little help from our friends, you're going to get a better country than i inherited from my parents. now let's sing together. jack and henry i love you. let's sing together god bless the usa. everyone together now. thank you. [cheering]
5:14 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [inaudible] florence welke, everybody. who thought they would be singing rap songs today? all right. did the sound by have a heart attack? >> i have black on. i'm not ready. [laughter] >> let's just sing god bless
5:15 am
america. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i loved ♪ stand beside her ♪ and guy her ♪ through the night with a light from above ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the prairie ♪ ♪ to the oceans white with foam ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home
5:16 am
[cheering] ..
5:17 am
5:18 am
5:19 am
>> meeting will come to order. it's the time of year when the days grow longer. the time when the daffodils are in bloom. in fact, i don't know if any of you heard the poem on daffodils. it's time for this committee to call in the irs. it's time to ask the irs for an update on the statement. and time to discuss other matters on the tax administration. on behalf of the irs and also on the behalf of the american people, taxpayers have the right
5:20 am
to expect the government applies their tax laws fairly and correctly. they have a right to expect the irs to operate efficiently. they have a right to think the irs is protecting their personal information. with all of the matters today, i am pleased that we have with us today for steve miller, irs deputy commissioner for services also nin aolson, tax advocate. thank you both. we are going to talk about the new tax incentives to jump start the economy and create jobs. the irs has reported average funds this year following the incentives. for individuals, these incentives include the making work paid tax credit, the
5:21 am
american opportunity of education tax credit, the new home buyers tax credit, the military home owner assistance program, and the adoption tax credit just to name a few. and for businesses, these incentives include the extension to bonus appreciation, extension of small business increase, the five-year carry back of the operating losses. build american bonds, payroll tax exemption, and advanced energy credit to name just a few. these incentives are effective only if taxpayers use them. the irs plays an important role, especially during filing season in helps taxpayers understand the availability of these tax breaks and how to claim them. if the irs can help to make these incentives work effectively, the country can grow more rapidly and create more jobs. and more generally, i look forward to learns how the 2010
5:22 am
filing season has unfolded. i look forward to updates on electronic filing rates and reduce efforts in errors and generate faster refunds. i want to know how the irs is working to include the taxpayers services including the level of service on the telephones, to ensure the people that contact are able to get through and have the questions answers timely and accurately. i am interested to hear more about the irs new strategy to improve paid preparer competency, accountability, and tran -- transparency. the quality has a district and significant effect on the compliance and tax gap. the committee also will take this opportunity to catch up on other matters. one is this, i'm interested to
5:23 am
receive an update on the tax gap. how are we doing? i want like to know the $345 billion annual figure will be updated. also, what actions is the irs taking to close the tax gap. the treasury developed at my request and it was updated last summer. how particular as it is to me as irs progress on the planning and implementation that recently have been enacted. these include reporting, officer loophole closers and corporate information reporting. these provisions are estimated to raise over $40 billion in revenue over the next 10 years. without raising one single dime on taxes on anyone, making timely and efficiency critical to the effectiveness. i also want to address the
5:24 am
rumors about the irs's role in administrating health care reform. we all heard the rumors they will hired up to 17,000 armed agents to protect health care. and rumors for specific prescriptions against criminal activities buying prescriptions. i want to hear from the irs to what percent it has determined the need for increased staffing and resources, as well as what functions any increase staffing will perform. and finally, i'd like to extend my sincere condolences irs victims of the airplane crash of february 18. our thoughts are with the family of mr. hunter, the irs employee who was killed in that accident. threats and violence against the irs and employees are unacceptable and intolerable. so we have a lot to cover
5:25 am
today. i wanted to thank mr. miller for appearing before us for your testimony. senator grassley. >> thank you. as it maybe appreciate for tax day we are hearing a lot about numbers during the hearing. there's billions of dollars of refunds, millions of processes and millions of phone calls received by the irs. there are millions of individuals who filed for home buyer and making work pay credits and millions of dollars in errors with those credits. then there is the $12 billion irs budget and the almost half billion request increase for fiscal year 2011. but as the chairman has just related, we're not hearing anything about the billions of dollars and thousands of employees irs will need to implement a health care reform. first issue this -- or first
5:26 am
raised the issue, i should say, in letter six months ago to secretary geithner in commission er shawlman. the response was irs wouldn't have the estimates until legislation was enacted. the house passed the bill last fall and senate passed the bill on christmas eve three months ago. the provisions did not change much when the law was signed last month. we still need dollars and people needed by the irs to help implement the health care reform. meanwhile, cdo has estimateed irs will need $10 billion in the next year to take care of health care reform alone. that doesn't take any account any other legislation that congress may pass. what's troubling about the growth of irs is it is not all related to the irs's mission.
5:27 am
that is the collection of revenue to fund the operations of the federal government. what's more we and this body in the landmark irs restructuring legislation, 1998 directed the irs to revise iting mission statement to quote, provide greater emphasis on serving the public and meeting the needs of the taxpayers, end of quote. health care reform require the irs to make sure that every individual has health insurance. irs employees will have to become experts on the complex subsidy for those who are eligible to receive financial assistance for purchasing that health insurance. irs employees will also have to verify subsidy eligibility by sharing increase information with federal, state, and other entities including the new exchanges. and it is likely that irs won't have the necessary information since subsidy eligibility is based upon household income
5:28 am
which is not taxable income. these are just some of the provisions impacting an individual's interaction with the irs. there are many more that impact a business' interaction which are not known at this time. the earned income tax credit is the largest social spending program and administered by the irs. this program, also unfortunately, has one of the highest fraud and abuse rates of any tax provisions. while irs has steady reduced the fraud in this program, knowledge of and outreach too the eligible populations have been huge challenges for the irs. a former irs assistant commissioner said it best and i'd like to quote, these kinds of programs require social welfare expertise. irs agents are not recruited or trained to do that well.
5:29 am
the iis record is mixed and sometimes abysmal with regard to effectively administering these kinds of programs. end of quote. ms. olson also indicated in her testimony today that the irs not keeping up with the needs of low-income taxpayers. experience with the eitc teaches us that a social worker with a calculator and green eye shades should be a job description at the department of health and human services, not at the agency before us today. the irs already struggles to stay on top of its core mission. irs should be training its employees to combat complex tax evasion schemes and to improve customer service instead of administering social programs at which the irs has historically failed. taxpayers trying to do the right thing regarding the tax responsibility shouldn't have to be put on hold or have to call
5:30 am
back because the irs is now answering questions about the health insurance. i thank you mr. chairman for holding the hearing so we can discuss in greater length these particular issues. >> thank you, senator. our first witness is mr. miller. mr. miller is a deputy commissioner for services enforcement and revenue@@rrrr)$r
5:31 am
proceeded smoothly with some noteworthy gains. telephone level of system has improved over the last year. our accuracy remains high. with respect to the returns,er-file is up to almost 80%, continuing a very positive trend. and in the challenging economy, it's good news that the average refund is over $2900 at this point. up by 9.4% as compared to last year. the irs has taken several other additional steps this tax season to help. one the most recent and most significant is new flexibility for offers in compromise. for those taxpayers facing economic troubles, including unemployment, irs employees can consider current income and future income when negotiating an offer. and we're holding special
5:32 am
saturday open houses to give struggling taxpayers more opportunity to resolve issues. at our most recent event earlier in march, 8,000 were helped. of those that had problems, 80% got this resolved that day. these events can continue. on one saturday, we'll focus on small business issues. in addition, the irs has become its implementation of the hire act. we're working on revised forms, instructions, and programming, so eligible employers will be able to claim. we've acted quickly to get the word out. we put out a revised form for use of the incentive and aft for use by newly hired employees. we're also spreading the word to small employees about the new health care tax credit, including sending out information about the credit on postcards to potential eligible employers. we also have under way a major initiative to regulate paid tax return preparers including
5:33 am
registration, minimum competency, and continuing education. the goal of the strategy is to leverage the returned preparer to improve compliance. mr. chairman, recognition of the critical role that the irs plays, the president 2011 budget includes an investment in the irs core service and enforcement programs. it provides the resources for the irs to implement a strategic and balanced agenda. this investment concludes services to taxpayers and free telephone service and e-destructs and -- e-products, and tools. and improving tax come compliance with corporate and high-income taxpayers. for example, additional resources are given to further centralize and focus compliance expertise on high wealth individuals and their complex
5:34 am
web of entities. the 2011 budget will also help with the new taxpayers account database for the 2012 filing. it will help 140 million taxpayers to a database that will support faster processing and result in faster refunds for individual taxpayers. in the wake of recent events, i'd like to wednesday a word about our employees and their commitment to public service. this february, as you mentioned mr. chairman, an individual flew a plane into an irs building in austin killing one of our employees. we have no reason to believe this attack could have been prevented or it was part of a more organizized effort. however, we continue to be concerned that the our people not be demonized. the irs is filled with dedicated servants. the vast majority of americans experience an irs that is trying to help them by answers questions, processing returns,
5:35 am
and issues refunds. mr. chairman, that concludes my testimony. i'd be happy to include any questions. >> thank you. mr. olson. >> thank you, mr. chairman, ranking member grassley, and members of the committee. thank you for inviting me today to discuss the 2010 tax filing season. i'd like to begin by commending the irs's response to one problem i identified in 2002 and again this year. the need to improve oversight of the return preparation industry. since 2002, there's been consider congressional support for preparing regulation. including legislation passed by this committee and the full senate. and in january 2010, the irs issued a report setting out a blueprint to do the job itself. while the devil is in the details, when fully implemented, i believe this initiative will improve tax administration significantly by helping taxpayers locate qualified preparers, establishing clear
5:36 am
requirements of penitence and ethics for preparerrers and disciplining and shutting down unethical preparers. effective for the 2010 filing season, this year i designated the inability of the irs to answer taxpayer phone calls as the number one most serious problem for taxpayers. the irs target for the current fiscal year is to answer only 71% of the calls from taxpayers seeking to reach a telephone assister. among the call that is do get answers, the average wait time will be nearly 12 minutes, up from 4 minutes in 2007. i encourage the committee support sufficient additional funds for the toll free line so they can achieve 85% level of service and wait time of 5 minutes. the program delivery over the last few years is directly
5:37 am
attributable to the passage of the economic stimulus, first time home buyer and making work pay credit. because of the document take requirements for the first time home buyers, taxpayers are unable to e-file. processing can take anywhere from 8 to 11 weeks and about five months if audited. the irs received more than $8 million claiming the home buyer and selected over $250,000 for examination. over the 650,000 correspondents closed, over 139,000 involved the home buyer credit. home buyer credit audits account for 21% of the irs correspondent exams. this means it's had to scale back the audits to concentrate on preventing improper home
5:38 am
buyer credit claims. my point here is not to say the irs shouldn't be administering social programs, rather as i discuss in this year's report, i believe social programs should be designed in such a way and irs should be funded sufficiently so the irs can administer them effectively in addition to performing its core functions instead of displacing those functions. if any written testimony, i make several recommendation for improvement. for example, if congress extends the making work pay, it requires the payor agencies like social security to report on the end of year the account of credit taxpayers received. had this procedure been in place, the irs would not have rejected over 1.8 million e-files which generated calls and rework and confusion and delay for taxpayers sorely
5:39 am
needing their refunds. i recommend that congress and the irs recognize that the irs has a dual mission of collecting federal revenue and delivering benefits to both individuals and businesses. a trend that is common in tax administrations around the world. this recognition will enable us to better identify the resource needs for both irs core functions and to better design and administer these programs. one initiative that would vastly improve tax administration would be for the irs to process information returns, such as forms w-2 and 1099 before it processes tax returns. such an approach would enable the irs to reduce fraudulent and other erroneous refunds, largely eliminate post filing season document matching and i cyst by making the information available through prefilled return or down loading into existing software programs. this is also vitally important
5:40 am
for the administration of the tax gap closer recently enacted by congress. however, this is much easier said than done. thus, i recommend that congress require treasury to study and report back within one year on the steps necessary to make this happen. finally, i note that my report designated the lean filing policy as the second most serious problem for taxpayers. although perhaps counterintuitive, the more liens do not necessary translate into more revenue. as discussed in my written testimony, when long-term damage to the financial liability and lien filings are taken into account an automated or shotgun approach may actually result in less revenue collection in many types of cases. thank you. >> thanks, ms. olson. i'd like to begin, mr. miller, by asking you a question about the way in which the irs is
5:41 am
informing taxpayers of recent provisions we passed during the congress that helped reduce individual income taxes and also helped as you indicated to create refunds. those include make it work pay tax credit, home buyers tax credit, and carry backs and build america bonds. if you could just tell us the degree to which the services making taxpayers aware of these incentives and how -- the degree to which the services make it easier for taxpayers to take advantage. >> i'll be happy to do that, mr. chairman. we are and continue to be aggressive in terms of our outreach events. going out to the various both partners and out into the taxpayer domain and talking about these things. we have a very good relationship with the batch of partner that
5:42 am
is also has people are working on their returns will be informed of this. we have obviously web-based information out there. as i mention, on the highest act we'll be issues postcards that indicate the small business health act credit. we'll be sending out postcards to those that maybe eligible so they can plan accordingly. because that's live right now as we speak. >> could you address that small business tax credit? this is i mention the opening statement there's some allocations that they are going to 17,000 agents for the small business compliance. as you know, better than most.
5:43 am
small businesses are 50 or fewer are under no obligation for the employees. i just hope my state in montana, 97% are businesses are small business. virtually every business, 77% will not have any obligation. but same time as y'all know that their credit is available for small business to provide insurance to their employees, should they choose to do so, i think that's one 25% and later on 50%. i explain the armed agents enforcing small business legislation. >> i'll do that. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> no, please. >> go ahead. >> the -- so the way we would approach the small -- >> do you have any armed agents going out there? >> we have no armed agents.
5:44 am
we have some criminal investigators about 2,000 of those that do criminal investigation. >> generally? >> generally. in total. >> that's right. you have no civic new agents targeted to the small business tax credit provision? >> not at this point. it's very early. i recognize mr. grassley views it's been a few months. in fact, it was signed recently. until the bill is signed, we were not prepared to big in and decide and determine exactly how we will be proceeding in terms of the entire health bill which will include, and this is the perfect example is the small employer health credit. it starts with making people aware of what they maybe entitled to and what their responsibilities are. such as the postcard. such as the web. and moving from there to making sure that people have the ability to reach into us and get
5:45 am
the information they need whether it's call considers or the web and filing systems. >> taking affirmative action on some of the ones i@@@@@@ @ @ @ r
5:46 am
to make available. my time has expired. mr. wyden. >> thank you, chairman. and thank you for holding the committee. many of the restaurants are letting people eat for free today. you can get free coffee and free tax bites at cinnabon -- >> what are we doing here? >> i was going to ask. it's because chairman baucus is trying to get everybody those goodies. my favorite, mr. chairman, was apparently mor tins is giving some kind of discount on some of their restaurants to the cpas. it downed on me maybe the cpas are the one group that gets so much income out of the tax code that they can afford mor tins.
5:47 am
>> that maybe. but the service has delayed the date on which the brokage firms need to file their 1099. i've talked to preparers that said that's put a huge burden on them to get their tax returned processed by april 15th. that might be something we should look into. i'm sorry. >> no, no. fair point. let me ask you about one idea that i've been interested in, ms. olson, the irs already gets a substantial amount of information say on an individual's wages and their interest and their investment income. the value of the mortgage deduction they are getting. one idea that has become popular that i've been interested in is the idea of letting the taxpayer on a voluntary basis, in other words, this is the taxpayers chose, if the taxpayer chose to do so, the taxpayer could ask
5:48 am
the internal revenue service to in effect take the information they already have and in effect send them what amounts to their judgment about what is owed. and the taxpayers could then get it and modify it and file it and do these various things that ensure that it actually reflects what they believe is owed. but it seems to me like an attractive kind of option. and something that could substantially short circuit the more than 6 billion hour that is people go into preparing these returns, $180 billion that's spent preparing these returns. my question to start with is if the irs had enough time for a transition because you obviously can't do this over night. i think chairman baucus is right about some of the hassle, you know, already.
5:49 am
if you had enough time to make a transition, what do you think about the idea of letting the taxpayer voluntarily request something like this? >> well, this is something that we covered in this year's annual report where we looked at how could you get that information available. because we think it would minimize error, certainly be a burden reduction for the taxpayer and it's also key to the -- that the irs had this information before returns are filed as we have more and more programs that are relying on information reporting such as the credit card reporting, some of the health care provisions, the basis reporting. the problem is that the irs right now doesn't start getting the data until sometime in the mid february and we don't really start pulling it together until may. and that's partly a problem in that we've pushed the filing
5:50 am
dates back for the payors to the end of march on some of these things. so what we recommended was that congress require treasury to study what would it take to get the information as quickly in a usable form to run against returns but also make available to taxpayers as they wanted and report back in a year and some of our suggestions has been you push forward the date in which payors have to get us the information, you figure out whether we could get the w-2 information directly, does it need to go to social security first or can we scrub it and clean it up as easily as social security does, and then you might even want to think about right now taxpayers get their w-2s on january 31. you might want to say in this day of electronic filing,
5:51 am
january 15 and get us the information early on. very early on, it could be available to taxpayers. >> it looks to me like there are a fair number of re abuses with the refund anticipation loans. these are the ones where the person gets the short-term cash advance from the preparer end is backed by the refund. how serious of a problem do you think this is? if you think it's a serious problem, what are you doing about it? >> well, i think it's a very serious problem. i know the irs is in discussions with various treasury and banking regulator officials about what they can do. our recommendation has been that you do not give the debt indicator on the refund anticipation loan until you have run the return through all of our fraud checks and eligibility rules. that in itself will slow up the process and increase the risk
5:52 am
for the lenders so much that they will look elsewhere to make their money. that's my approach. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, senator. >> thank you very much, mr. baucus, for having this hearing. this is obviously the right day to be talking about the filing of tax returns and problems that need to be addressed there. today we're also going to introduce the taxpayer build of rights that contains provisions to improve services and put in law some of the protections that we think are important. it supports representation clinics and tax preparation programs such as the one we have in new mexico that's been
5:53 am
extremely successful called tax help new mexico. it advances oversight of paid tax returned preparer which is what ms. olson just responded to senator wyden's question about. enhanced law income taxpayer access to financial institutions and thus a variety of other things. at any rate, i hope we can consider that legislation this year. i know it's difficult to get anything considered this year. but this ought to be some good government legislation that could be acted upon much of the bill many of the provisions in the bill were passed out of this committee in the 108th congress. but were not acted upon by the full senate. i hope very much we can do -- act on them this year. let me ask ms. olson one the issues that you and i spoke about when you were kind enough to come by my office a few weeks
5:54 am
ago was this whole issue of liens and the concern that you've expressed about the irs lien filing policies causing harm to taxpayers without necessarily increasing irs revenue collections in the process. i guess i'd just ask if you could describe the concern you got and the solution you think we should consider. >> well, what we identified was that irs over the last few years has been instituted policies where liens are essentially filed automatically. if the taxpayer meets certain requirements of without really looking at the taxpayer specific facts and circumstances. and we look further into what the effect of that lien filing on the taxpayer? we learned that it caused the taxpayer credit score to plummet 100 points immediately and even when the taxpayer paid off of
5:55 am
the lean or it expired after time it sat on the credit report for years and years and years. even though it might not be enforcible. and that has a huge effect on the taxpayers availability and their ability to pay the future taxes. we did a study that showed the payment that we could track very few payments and dollars came from liens. the vast majority of payments came from collection activity that we needed no lien involved in. so we felt that we were really doing harm to taxpayers rather than having the lien be helpful. >> i think that's a good suggestion. i think if there's a way we can act on that, it would be good. let me ask also on this issue of
5:56 am
return preparer standards. i know that the irs is beginning to move on that issue. and trying to put in place initiatives to require certain competence by preparers and certain seventyifications. mr. miller, could you explain that? perhaps you did in your comments before when i was not here. if you could explain the status of that, it would be helpful. >> certainly. we did a six month study on the issue. we came out with some proposed recommends basically that would require preparers to actually get a preparer identifier so we would know and be able to track through the system what a particular preparer was doing in terms of returns. we're going to require testing
5:57 am
for those other than attorneys and cpas and agents who have other testing. we're going to require that continuing education occur for folks who don't otherwise have a requirement. we hope to get the registration in place for the 2010 filing season. and that's our effort at this point. over the next three years probably we will be testing people in and then we will be fully up and running. >> all right. you're going to exempt attorneys from the testing requirement? what's the -- what's the underlying assumption that justifies doing that? >> the assumption around cpas and attorneys is that there are otherwise bound by some other standards in testing procedures. there are also some limited legal impact that limit us in that regard. >> well, as one attorney who went to law school a long time
5:58 am
ago, i don't know that exempting lawyers who the testing requirements is a vise. i'll defer. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you, senator. senator grassley. >> ms. olson, in your 2009 annual report, you report that you issued 16 taxpayers assistance orders. the examples listed in your report seem to indicate that they are good examples of the use of liens and levies. i understand that you may have issued three for just one taxpayer including one to the commissioner to request that a lien be withdrawn. further the taxpayer lawsuit job because the lien impacted his credit rating which was not tolerated. could you describe the details surrounding this case to the extent possible and whether you think it resulted in the best outcome for the government?
5:59 am
>> yes, the taxpayer has given me permission to discuss the facts of his case so the normal confidentiality provisions don't apply. this taxpayer had lost his job -- he had actually had his first employment reduced because he was in a particular industry that did due diligence and found a lien on the books. this taxpayer was working with the irs to pay in full the debt without the lien having been filed. while he was talking over a period of three months or had seven or eight phone calls, his partner was boring the money from the partner's account. it was money the irs couldn't get his hands on. because the dollarment was over, they were going to file a lean on him anyway. which made the taxpayer angry as the record


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