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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  April 19, 2010 11:00pm-2:00am EDT

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dave trembley's team finding themselves down as we go to the
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4th inning against doug fister. >> gary: markakis, reimold and wieters. markakis flied out the left field his first time up. and the pitch is on the inside corner for a strike. bergesen out. >> berken in, it's up to the bullpen to hold the mariner's team and give the o's offense a chance to get going. >> that's about the only thing you can do. you hope to get fist, he does not walk a lot of guys. last year walked 11 guys in 106 1/3 inning. as the manager said after throwing 96 pitches in 4 inning he said that's not you. no walks in his last start. >> gary: he walked throw against oak land in the first start. the second start was against
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oakland. he had a loss from the opener and a win in the second start his last one, no runs 3 hits over 8 innings throwing over 100 pitches. >> jim: that's the game he pitched against anderson who the orioles beat yesterday. >> gary: 1-2 delivery in the air. going back, bradley, reaches out and he's got it. he had a good jump on that one, markakis retired. >> jim: made that look easy. he been battling knee and calf problems. missed yesterday. when healthy, he can get on base, he can hit. good defensive player. he's had trouble staying healthy over the last couple years. >> gary: one away, reimold, we told you how vital the error is in the last inning. only 3 earned runs ginsburg
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sense of the -- against bear sense of the -- bergesen. they have. >> jim: as a starting pitcher or a reliever when they make an error you try to pick them up. when you're scuffling bergesen was not able to do it. the pitch that really annoys him is the hanging slider. >> gary: that to short. ground ball reimold is retired. i guess they have changed the earned runs to 4 is the official scorer went back. >> jim: you can't anticipate the double play. us who watch the game all the time that will be a double play. >> gary: then there's only one run scored. >> gary: 2 down, nobody on and
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their's matt wieters. wieters robbed of a base hit by ichiro. >> jim: there you go. that could have been a run. the gold glover. most people say he's a magician with the bat, but he's a magician with the glove. >> gary: qualified for the hall of fame. >> jim: he'll be the first ballot. nobody better the last 9 years. >> gary: he's gotten his 10 years in here. that doesn't seem possible gianter son who will be with us in -- brady anderson said if you took your best american layer on -- player and took them in japan wouldn't lead the league in hitting for 7 straight years. you come over here. he has 5 years of more than 220 hits. >> gary: 1-2 to wall street series inside and -- wieters is
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inside. ichiro has had no better chance than against the orioles. there's the numbers. 1400 games plus in seattle. 951 in japan and the big publishes came in both places. he was an all-star over there. a great hero. that's unbelievable. >> gary: a chopper, it will go to short. wilson with time. and a 1, 2, 3 inning. retired the side in order now, 3 in a row and 10 in a row set down. mariners lead it 7-0.
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>> in 3 starts for bergesen they had only hit 211 off him as a team. not only the, kotchman with a big home run. bergesen leaves and there's the line. >> jim: you know a struggle. when you're not at the top of your game, that's what he's going through this year, there's reasons for it. the reality is that this is your second year, the league adjusts. maybe the double play would have made a dig difference. >> kept him in the ball game. wilson pops it up foul territory and that will end up in the seats after the big bounce. jack wilson started the big
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3rd inning off delivering a double and comes around to score. this ballclub has doubled their average run per game out put in this ball game with the 7 they have put to board. >> gave him an extra or maybe 2 out and they took advantage of it. >> you're seeing, berken the interesting thing. you go 6-12. give up 623456 runs pour game -- 6 1/2 runs per game. he's a quick study. he did a good job in spring training of unking the difference between why he elevates the ball and the defense when he's able to pitch down. when he pitches down he has 4 pitches for strikes and he finishes them and hitters don't get to him. >> fouls that off down the 3rd base side. a 1-2. >> he understands that it's all
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right to pitch up. one you've -- ounce you've accepted you can get away with it. he has been better at staying out of situations. >> gary: down to third again, that will go foul. breamly getting out of the way. 1-2 as berken came on and got the final out in the last inning. here's the 1-2 on the way. the breaking ball will miss outside and wilson works the count to 2-2. the red sox lost today. tampa bay beat them, tampa bay swept a 4-game series in boston. >> gary: 2-2 delivery hit deep. jones going back and he's got it. and wilson is retired.
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one away in the 4th inning. >> jim: how about the lays -- rays. 7-0 on the road. today was the patriots day. >> the rays are the first team to 10 wins as the yankees have 9, the rays move into first place. they are 10-3, the yankees are 9-3. >> jim: didn't you get the feeling that joe maddon after seeing what can happen after a good start, he's like a jockey with the whip on it. they won 20 games in spring training. >> gary: they have a problem now in tampa bay. serious problem. they may not win another game. ichiro fouls it back. major league baseball issued to joe maddon a ruling. he cannot wear the hoody any more. >> that could change. >> the fashion gods spoken. that hoody is gone. >> well. terry francona said it was so
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cold i have not worn to hoody because the fashion police will get me. >> he didn't wear the jersey under the cover. he had to put the jersey on underneath. >> you know what, i'm surprise that normally that managers don't have to wear the uniform. >> ted williams started it. that girth later on. when it was a hoody or jacket on over your uniform. >> here's the 0-2, and it's in left field. montanez has this. ichiro retired. he walked and doubled in his first two times to the plate. there are 2 down. >> gary: it's a beautiful night in seattle. not for the orioles so far though. as the hope of putting a couple wins back to back in jeopardy. a long way to go.
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down 7-0. and if you look on the board there's no number under h for the orioles. here's figgins he's walked and out the centerfield. strike one. >> jim: i told terry crowley and the orioles hitting instructor. wait until you see fister. i watched all 8 the other night. he does not light tip radar guns. he's deexecptive. he pitched a shutout. 1-2 on figgins. this ball club here at home are 4-2 this year after going 48 and 33 last season at home. swung on missed. berken gets the strike out. if first mariner to go
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downswing in the ball game. retires the side in order. 7-0. >> [upbeat whistling continues] discover the unexpected beauty and man-made relaxation in northwest florida. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding)
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he gets the start. dave trembley asked why scott, his answer was why not. >> jim: you have to get him in somewhere. montanez had 3 good at bats yesterday. s that to second and caught. figgins, there's kochman another defensive stalwart at first. figgins moved from third to second and of course when he was with the angles he played everywhere.
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he played the out field. strike aphasic. >> he's now retired 15 out of 17 after 17 lead off batters on the season. >> jim: if the orioles make the play and it's 1-1, with luke scott, i have to be better than down the middle. he hits it to nose, figgins is there to take a base hit away. >> gary: everything changes when the game is close. the pitches, even though when
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you count them they may come up as the 50th or 60th, it seems more. >> jim: foul tipped into the mitt. he didn't go-around. home plate umpire making the call. >> jim: another example. 87 miles an hour. a good fastball hitter. the ball must have, he didn't swing at it. the ball must have tipped the bat. 87 doesn't look 87. >> it gets on you. >> it's the angle or the ball out of your hand. >> fister getting his third strike out. 2 away. here's lugo who'll take a strike on the outside corner. he popped out his first time up. >> 12 in a row have been retired since a walk in the 1st inning surrendered to reimold. right now he's dominating the orioles lineup. the 0-1 delivery to him.
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big time yacker. >> doesn't throw it often but it's a good one. >> of course probably the first of the night. and can't throw it better. again at 6-8. you get on top it going down 12-6 on the clock. off the table. all kind of ways to describe it. >> gary: 2-strike pitch to him. that will be teen outside. johnson scooping that up. >> no catcher in baseball had a lower e.r.a. behind the plate than rob johnson. part of it was that he caught felix hernandez, second in the mvp. >> 1-2 on the way. just missed. came back inside and a 2-2 out. that was close. trying to get mike riley to call that strike. you can see borderline on the edge of the inside corner. >> close enough. here's the 2-2 on the way.
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breaking ball fouled off. we'll get to see in game 3, hernandez who's 1-0 going against kevin millwood who's 0- 2. that will be in the wednesday night game. hernandez 0-2 against vargas 1- 1. in the game tomorrow night. >> 2-2 count. it is the pitching of the seattle team, which has been outstanding. they are 7th in e.r.a. the starters are 6thand the bullpen are 4th in earned average this year. lugo trying to slow fister down a little bit. 2-2 count. and a chopper to 3rd base. lopez getting it. so the orioles have not had a runner on since the 1st inning. they are retired in order here in the fifth.
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7-0 mariners.
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>> clearly last year there were times he was trying to get comfortable with the position. he said it's not a matter of taking ground balls out there, they only come down the line at half the speed they do during the game. the most thing he struggled with was the pick. scooping that ball out of dirt is the toughest thing to do. the thing that helped him is working behind a pitcher that keeps up the tempo. it keeps me on my toes. the best thing berken can do is keep the tempo up. keep their heads in the game. >> gary: and get the orioles back to the play where they will try to get something off fister. we go to the bottom of the
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fifth. here's gutierrez. he's singled, walked and scored a run in the ball game. he can came in with a 4-8 off bergesen and he's continued that with a hit and one official at-bat. 5 for 9. 0-1 down the line in right field. that will end up in the seats foul ball and a 2 strike count. bourque enhas re-- berken has retired the 4 he's faced includes 2 strike out. he will continue to do that here, hopefully for a couple more innings. >> he's capable of doing. that had enough innings in spring training. 5 in his last start. that's what you should do. pitch in and off the plate. 2 strikes. you have one of the hottest hitters on. over .4 up with runners in scoring position. >> gutierrez .444 on the road. 12 for 27 on the road.
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1-2 delivery. good first pitch. wieters won't of a play. >> jim: they traded, did not have a good year in 2008, so jack the general manager said, where can i go. they went to cleveland to get a guy to play centerfield. had better range and more put out. hit more home runs, 18. even they this was a big ballpark. he's starting to look like albert pujols. >> the seem stance. >> 1-2 on the way up high. this is not a hitters ballpark. it's a pitchers yard. third lowest average. third lowest runs per game, third lowest e.r.a. and 11th lowest error game. it's a ballpark where pitchers love to pitch. >> that's in the gap. jones will negotiate over and
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misses it -- will be over and misses it. there won't be an error. he would have a double in any event. nope. they will call it a single and error. >> jim: because he, if adam is able to understand the spin to ball, it will hit the grass and gets damper and he over runs the ball. the ballparks -- backs up. gutierrez watching him from up here. he was not going to second. he goes after the ball gets by jones. >> a runner in scoring position to 7th hit for the mariners. and that will bring up lopez who's reached on an error and hit into a double play. .272 last year with 25 home runs and 96 rbis for lopez. they may have been the quietest offensive numbers in major league baseball last year, as
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far as not getting recognized. lopez tipped that one and a 1-1 count. >> jim: he's the type of hitter, a good highball hitter. does not hit the low and away breaking ball, if you hang it. guthrie hit a couple home runs off jeremy in a game because he elevated some sliders. >> gary: he struck out 10 times leading the ballclub in that department coming into the ball game. but fills that clean up role with the rbis that he's produced and the home runs. one ball, 2 strike come from berken with the runner at 2nd base and nobody out in the fifth. >> jim: wondering if moving from second to third may change his focus at the plate. it's a new position. >> gary: long look and a 1-2 delivery. reaching on it and fouls it back. it will be inning to see how the team, the mariner dos this year. the mariners last season had one of the greet turn around
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seasons of the last decade. they improved their win margin by 24, the most in the majors. and one of the best win margin improvements in the last 15 years. 1-2 delivery. but, beware, the last decade there's been 16 teams who have improved their record in one season by 20 or more wins. the previous 1614 of the 15 team, fell the other way. a minute 7, a minus 13, only one team, the cubs in '03 had an improvement of 20 or more games and the next year an improvement of plus one. that's the only team that's done that over the last 15 years. so, for the manager it's finding a way to get better.
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got them the 85 wins but you need more if you're going probably more if you're going to be a playoff team. they did that scoring the least am of runs in the american league. they signed cliff lee. they hope him getting back. he won a cy young two years ago. they will have hernandez and lee. two number one pitchers. >> did he go. check at 1st base. he did. cooper making the call on that swing, there goes lopez. >> good curveball and he had the bat way out in front of home plate. he doesn't get them over. even if you're 7 run as head you like to advance the runner. >> i think another thing i look at.
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>> gary: the sports bureau did a 100 year research on that, griffey up, if you win 1-run ball games one year and have one of the better records you will not have that record the next year. you will lose those 1-run games. a 100 year study and it was consistent throughout baseball. >> jim: how often do you win more than you lose when you score 50 runs less than you give up. that's what they did last year. >> that does not happen often. >> gary: 2-0 down. the runner on 2nd base. griffey with the sing tell last time -- single the last time up. that was the interesting thing about tampa bay. they went from 67 to 97 wins in '08. and they scored 8 fewer runs than the year before, because what they did, they went to
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defense and that's one of the new statistic that's being kept. how many runs you prevent from scoring and how much of a difference that makes and the seattle team, there was discussion in the off-season is seattle going to be good enough defensively to do what tampa bay did? >> swung on and missed a good fastball. 3-2. >> jim: what they did, they went from being last in the american league to being down 4th from 2007 to 2008. they have kotchman at first. but with lee and the fact they have bradley. everybody builds a team hoping that twice are going to play up their potential and you play out the season and see if that's the case. >> that's what the mariners did last year. scoring 31 fewer runs and improved by 24 wins.
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popped up. 3rd base. wigginton backing up and he has it. and there's 2 down here in the 5th inning. time for our mobility trivia question. who was the last orioles to play 6 different positions in a season? wigginton, mora, garcia or sirhan? >> jim: it was not garcia, way think it might have been sirhan. >> gary: i'll take mora. >> jim: it's one of those 2. that was the guess. a complete guess. i never want anyone to think i know this. i don't. i prove it day after day. >> gary: and that is going to be taken inside. the 1-0 down, 2 down. >> jim: it is raining? >> they scheduled rain for tomorrow. maybe coming in tonight. i know it will get cooler. >> gary: bradley had a double and rbi, has grounded out. bradly with a runner at second
11:31 pm
base. a lead-off single and error. they have not moved him around. >> jim: we should ask ken griffey, jr., his dad told him your knees let you know when rain is 4 hours away. now our weatherman, junior. >> gary: 1-1 on the way. that is high and had zip on it. bradley turns away from that pitch. berken with the 2-1 down and 2 down. most of these hitters have not seen berken only a couple to ballclub have ever faced berken. 2-1 delivery. off speed. high and the count will go to 2- 1 on bradley. bradley try to get the offense going. help the ballclub out. making a start in left field. he's been tough to orioles.
11:32 pm
.315 against the o's with one career home run against baltimore. 3-1 and that one to left. montanez has it. good job to work out of a problem. one left on base. it romaines 7-0 seattle. [ man ] ladies and gentlemen, the 57th president of the united states. ♪ ♪
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♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastest 3g network. this mother's day, get 50% off all messaging phones after mail-in rebate, like the pantech reveal, only from at&t. o'beenaving people moneyte, and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> welcome back to safeco feel. last inning jim and gary were
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talking about the rays of 2008. their focus was shoring up the defense. for the mariners that's a big focus. they believe they have one of the best in the game in gutierrez and if you look at statistics that does complain put out, jone rating an cysts he's credited with saving 29 runs. getting figgins was good. they wanted him to play 2nd base. before the game don said at 3rd base he feels lopez is getting more comfortable and the switch is paying off. as far as wilson, confident in him as a shortstop. mariners say at catcher they prepare moore there. but tonight johnson is getting the start behind the plate. >> gary: they hope they are right to calls. if they are they will win ball
11:35 pm
games. here's us tourez. calmed out on --is toures. called out on strikes. here you have a guy with 2 hunch games without an error at first. he goes back to the base and the pitcher covers. how heads up of a play. >> kotchman could not get back, if fister does not break immediately he doesn't get there. but he did. >> there's your pitchers fielding practice. you do it every day in spring training and some react quicker. everyone is yelling get over there. that's what rob johnson's
11:36 pm
position behind the plate. >> there's one away. and a shattered bat pop-up to 1st base. >> shattered bat. >> jones is retired. 2 down in the 6thinning. the o's return to camden yard. good seat res main. paint the park afternoon. tickets scientist april 27 start as low -- start as low as 28 bucks. no hits, against fister so far in the ball game. 2 down here in the 6thinning. and wigginton hit by a pitch and struck out. the only base runners in the 1st inning. wigginton and the walk to reimold. >> gary: 100 punishes in -- pitches in his last game. 21 balls. 71 strikes in a 0-0 game. >> wilson has it and fister and
11:37 pm
the fans take an added interest as he's not given up a hit in 6 inning. a 7-0 seattle lead.
11:38 pm
>> gary: let's look at the ford drive of the game. kotchman off bergesen the starter. no question when it left to bat it would be his third of the
11:39 pm
year. and bourque own's -- berken's pitch is a strike. the orioles have been out homered 14-12 to season. only the 6thhome run hit by sat old and kotchman has half of them. kotchman has lined out. he has a 5 game hit streak with a homer. bottom third of the order coming up in the bottom of 6thinning. that's teen away, 2 -- taken away. 22--- 2-1. kochman has hit in 8 of the last 9 games he's a piered in -- he's appeared in.
11:40 pm
2-1 inside and berken falls behind, 3-1. the roof is closing, it looks like there may be rain out there if mother nature will dish a little. they will close the roof. hit hard to first. backhanded by scott. berken to cover. one down. orioles host the red sox first time this year. 3 game weekend series. good seats remain for each game. won't last long. get your tickets. visit >> gary: the red sox have not hit better with runners in scoring position than the orioles. >> jim: they had done an 0 for 25. today may be one for 6. one for 31 in the tampa bay series. gives you an idea. we saw matt garza talking about cy young stuff, and of course
11:41 pm
today with neiman beating lackey, 5 run 3rd inning. >> gary: laster we thought was their best pitcher. 0-2 with e.r.a. near 9. >> jim: he never pitches well in april. he described himself as a thrower. not a good idea to do against tampa bay. >> gary: that one is bounced as berken burried that out in front. 1-2 on rob johnson, he's struck out and flied out. he's the only one in the lineup who's not reached base in the ball game. with the 0-2. >> jim: he's done what he did last year, which is call a heck of a game behind the plate. the orioles with no hits through 6. >> gary: fastball inside, 2-2. >> jim: johnson had both hips operated on. had his left wrist operation. three major operations in the
11:42 pm
off-season. i said what else did you do. he said i thought 3 was enough. >> gary: recooperated. >> jim: he's only six months out from the hips doing work on them. i guess he's ahead of curve in that sense. >> 3-2 down from berken. berken has done an excellent job in relief. ground ball to short. izturis. berken has surrendered one hit that was in the 5th inning a lead-off single left the runner stranded. there's 2 down in the 6th. >> i'm hernandez and pitching tomorrow night. i may be nervous when they get 7 runs even though there was a botched double play. now i'm seeing if you make your pitches, you can get these guys out. for a young pitcher as david is, jason right there with him, he's done a nice job.
11:43 pm
his stuff has been crisp. using all his pitches. >> gary: strike on the outside cornerrer. as a pittsburgh manager said, follow me son to the batting cage. watch this, how many hits there are off bp pitchers in the course of batting practice. the point was, even there most of time balls are outs. >> they knows what coming and it's down the middle. >> jim: if you make quality pitches and keep it around the knees it's more difficult terry crowley knows that. >> gary: that is sliced down into the corner. that's a fair ball. ricochets and markakis gets it. a stand up double for wilson, theys two or three with 2 doubles. >> the manager says that for wilson he was swinging a lot of breaking balls. he started it today with a double by wigginton and this
11:44 pm
time, he pulled that one down the 3rd base line, good pitch by burk own. he lice -- berken. he slices. >> gary: so that gives ichiro an opportunity for an rbi with 2 down and a runner on 2nd base. that's 8 hits in the ball game. ichiro hasek tended his -- has extended his lifetime. he's got 32 rbis against the orioles. 1-0 delivery fouls that. that hurt wieters. that was right back off his mask, i believe.
11:45 pm
>> jim: a breaking ball fouled back. left shoulder. get an idea how small that chest protecter is for a catcher. >> gary: no matter how much is covered some part will get hit. 1-1. ichiro trying to slap down the left side. mikko leo in the ball pen. this is the third full inning berken has worked. he had the most hits in the american league with .225. >> gary: that will be inside from berken. >> jim: watch him in batting practice. the last round we have home run derby and he beat junior today. he can hit home runs. >> jim: he takes the ball where it's delivered. he will take the ball to any
11:46 pm
feel if he decides to pull he can rocket shots. >> gary: runner going will be held at third. no chance to score. ichiro has a 2 hit ball game for 3. >> jim: it's like fenway park. it's almost impossible to score on a hit to left. bat control. does it stay through the hitting zone. how long does it do it. pujols does it for power. ichiro does it for line drive after line drive and the routine ground ball to third or short is not routine because of his speed. >> he's a .3 34 lifetime hitter in the ballpark. ichiro in his home yard with the .334 mark coming into this game. it's figgins with runners at first and third and 2 down. and he will take the pitch and
11:47 pm
it's on the inside corner. bergesen the orioles starter 2 2/3 inning. 7 runs, 4 earned. 6 hits, throw walks and no strikeout. 0-1. and that's a fastball that's right there. and a 2 strike count. >> jim: mike really has an amble strike zone. very consistent. he appears to be a pitchers strike zone. he will give you the borderline pitches. he was umpires when i was pitching. that's in another century. >> figgins pops that up to left field. montanez has it. no runs, 2 hits no errors and 2 left on base. doug fester -- fister is pitching a no-hitter against
11:48 pm
the orioles. he going back out.
11:49 pm
8 shut-out innings the other
11:50 pm
night. shut out the orioles through the first 6. >> in the press guide for fister under lo hit ball game. there is none. says none. >> gary: markakis will take the strike on the inside corner as we go to the 7th inning. markakis flied out the left field twice. a shift on the infield as they move wilson deep and lopez over. that pitch just misses and a 2- 1 down. >> jim: really has not thrown many change-up. there was one. struck out wigginton on one a couple innings ago. a couple good curveball. that's a base hit and that takes care of the no-hitter. markakis gets a single leading off the inning. >> jim: he's done what you want any pitcher especially a guy in
11:51 pm
his first hopefully his fistful year. give your team a chance to win. you want a strike afternoon head 7-0. like the pitch a no- hitter it's whether you need to hit a strike and he does. nolan reimold will take it away. chris fazio had the last no hit for the mariners. fazio and johnson the only in mariner history. that's by fister. that's one. what a play by wilson. how about that! >> jim: that's why the general manager got him. had gutierrez, needed a shortstop that will turn a
11:52 pm
double play. bettencourt was good but inconsistent. you want to get the lead runner. he makes sure he does that. talk about fast speed by infielders allows you have to agility to get to the ball. right there a perfect example. >> gary: 1-6-3. that eleminates the lead-off single. 2 down, nobody on. wieters was robbed of a hit in the 1st inning by ichiro and grounded out to short. here in safeco, washburn had a one hitter against baltimore, july 6 last year in a 5-0 win seattle had against the o's. fastball will be inside. and a 2-1 count. fister looking for another win at home, where he's 4-2 with a
11:53 pm
3.11 earned run average. that's career. a brief one. so far. pitches this way it will be a long one. 3-1 strike count. 3-1 delivery. he goes the other way. bradley won't have a play. wall street series. on he getting -- wieters is on. >> jim: a couple quality at bats for matt. the ball to ir churro -- ichiro robbed him. right there, he hit it where it was pitched. >> gary: so with 2 down a runner at 1st base. luke scott, scott lined out. and he has grounded out. the breaking ball will be teen up high. >> jim: i don't think you find out about a young pitcher until
11:54 pm
you get a close game. it's been a breeze because of 7 run inning in the third for the mar mores. >> 7 rains, 4 earned off bergesen in the third when they sent 10 men to the plate. since then it has been quiet on both sites. 1-1 on luke scott. runner at first, that is in there for a strike. the down will go to 1-2. >> jim: it's not, i didn't say it was easy, i said it was easier. you have to throw your pitches and execute them. that's the new term. talked about had to make good pitches, now you have to execute the pitches. they tell you how are you supposed to get the guys out. >> gary: that will miss up high. fister evens the count at 2-2. first of 3, we'll be back with
11:55 pm
you tomorrow night. hernandez and vargas, 9:30 or o's extra. 10:00 for the ball game. 2-2 pitch. fouled it away. the count will stay at 2-2. >> jim: get ready to hit the change-up when you face vargas. hernandez pitched one of this better games last year right here at safeco. >> gary: dave trembley had hoped to get the offense going early in this ball game as they did yesterday. that's not happened. >> gary: 2-2, that's to right field. ichiro over not going to get it. it will go to the wall. wieters will make the turn at third and score. stopping at 2nd base with the rbi double is luke scott and the orioles not only get a hit they get a run. 7-1. >> jim: luke, you have to get a hit with runners in scoring position, as far as he's
11:56 pm
concerned if you are on first and hit a double, hits it hard, lined out the last time. a high change-up. talked about how they tried to get luke out. breaking balls. change-up. luke makes them pay. hits it up the gap. >> gary: 5 rbi for scott. waters with that ball rolling to wall came around to the plenty of time to get it done. now there will be a discussion with rick adair going out, the pitching coach. there's water who's puts the first across -- there's water who's puts the first across. >> if you hit up the gap, you don't have to be the fleet of foot the score from first, because it's so deep. >> brandon league gets up. >> montanez up with a runner at 2nd base and 2 down. montanez has popped up and
11:57 pm
struck out. >> figgins busy at second and gets the out. the orioles break up the no- hitter. a run, throw hits, one left. cko: uh, you wanted to see me sir? boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise
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11:59 pm
a big tall right-hander. the power arm sweeping slider. very much big fister who's pitching for the mariners. he's 6'9" out of montana. now lives in bozeman. >> gary: good job by berken. he worked 3 1/3 inning with 3 hits no runs. he didn't walk anybody and struck out 3. mickolio will come on as we go to the bottom of the 7th inning. mickolio has had only one game lifetime against saltel working -- seattle. gutierrez will lead it off. gutierrez with a 5-game hitting streak. and the second best average in the american league starting
12:00 am
today's play. he hasn't hurt that by his performance tonight. scott podsednik led in hitting at .457 with kansas city beginning today. he and gutierrez the only 2 over the 400 mark. the pitch is taken outside. all right the discussion about a triple crown for pujols in the national league is underway. he's been up on the leaders in the big 3 departments. >> gary: 2-0 down. safeco field seattle first have throw for the orioles against the m's. jim palmer i'm gary thorn. late night in the east coast. bergesen the starter, pitcher of record, 2 2/3 inning. the delivery is in there for a
12:01 am
strike. talking about the patience hitters on this team, gutierrez is 32nd in the league with 4.11 pitchers per plate appearance. he draws the walk. mickolio starts with a free pass. >> jim: not close except the one pitch, 3-0. laid it in there. overpowering stuff. he made changes. used to be to 3rd base side. moved to the 1st base side. and that seemed to help his control. but again, it doesn't matter the stuff you have, you have to command it. >> gary: here's lopez. he will take it outside for a ball. lopez coming into the ball game with an 0-7 has added to it with an 0-3. he did reach on an error. wieters out to take to mickolio. >> it could have been a double play, that's where the error
12:02 am
came in. a routine play, couldn't make the play. the roof fell in 7 runs later. >> gary: lee to 1st base for gutierrez. ground ball to hole for a base hit. lopez is on. hit number 10 for the mariners in the 7th they have 2 on and nobody out. >> jim: you get a guy struggling and make them a better hitter when you can't get the breaking ball over. he sits on the fastball. lopez slaps it into left. >> gary: ken griffey, jr. came up with the bases loaded in the 3rd inning and delivers a 2 rbi single. designated hitter is 1-3 in the ball game. >> gary: here in this ballpark where he started and come back to conclude his career, griffey hitting lifetime .273 in this yard. he's got a lot of extra base
12:03 am
hits here, gappers that he's put up. that is a strike. played in the old ballpark here to start his career. 0-1. runner at 2nd base with nobody out. first and second, nobody out. and a towering pop-up. that's way up there. markakis with plenty of time to get under it does. runners will stay put. griffey is retireed. >> the amazing thing about ken griffey, jr. all the home runs. he did it during the steroid era but nobody has mentioned his name with that era. played the game with such joy. >> you mentioned at the end of
12:04 am
his career, 21st year. bradley takes the strike. that's why it's so sad, we were talking about the numbers and all-time leading all-time leading run creators in major league baseball with barry bonds second only to babe ruth. there's been no proof that i know of that he used steroids knowingly, it's a shame that he was a caught up in that. he had a tough personality many times but there was no need for him to need help. now to be stuck with a cloud over the numbers he's put up and a career that i guess has ended but nobody knows. he drifted away from the game. >> jim: i think he will be linked to steroids. he's one of those guys that he was going to the hall of fame as far as credentials without the home runs. >> gary: inside 2-2. the numbers we were talking about put up, ruth number one, then
12:05 am
bonds, williams, cobb and gehrig. that as sin. barry bond has probables over the time. it really is sad to see that and think he may no make it to the hall of fame than cloud may not go away. >> jim: that will be a tough vote. he may not get in because of certain people or bias, even if you played in that era. >> gary: swung on and got him. >> jim: that's what you like. the ability to a guy that's a controlled swing, high on base personal, year in and year out. gets a fastball the hit and can't get to it. perfect pitch up and in. 94 miles an hour. >> gary: that will bring up kotchman. >> jim: i thought, look back at the greatest players, they could beat you in so many ways.
12:06 am
willy mays could steal bases, could beat you with the glove and the home runs. bonds was one of those guys. steal a base, high average, great on-base percentage. >> gary: one of the toughest outs. >> kotchman with a homer. he has 2 on with 2 down. kotchman with a 1-3, now a 5- game hitting streak. a .269 career hitter. last season with atlanta, boston at the major league level. that was a home run there. talk about an uppercut. a 1-2 count on mickolio. he was headed for sound on that one if he could have connected. 1-2. 2nd base, gutierrez, lopez on at first. here's the 1-2. mickolio misses
12:07 am
inside and low. no. we've seen what happens when you speed up his bat. bergesen with the hanging breaking ball. that was the 6th and 7th run for the mariners. he hit a beebee into the seats in right field. you think this would be a fastball. it is. doesn't mean he can't hit. the problem is he's a big guy. we mentioned this will be his 200th game without an error. he reminds me of tony muser. i loved tony the play when i pitched i knew he would catch everything on the right side. >> gary: that will be fouled off and there will be no play. 1st base under related position in baseball as far as the difficulty of play and the importance it adds. for the yankees with teixeira made clear how much it matter. there's no count on that, there
12:08 am
will be at some point. every pitch of every game is now recorded in mlb. 2-2. the count is full, 3-2. 2 down, 2 on. >> jim: it's of great interest we came from oakland. their number one home run hitter jack cust in sacramento. brandon is gone. >> 3-2 delivery fouled back. that's why many believe the game has turned back to a game of pitching and defense first, the mariners hope that's true, because that's how they are trying to win games. >> jim: we look at one of the great 1st basemen for the orioles. murray was a terrific 1st baseman. >> gary: he ripped that on the 9th pitch he has a base hit. lopez will be held up. a double and rbi for kotchman.
12:09 am
he has a 3 rbi game going and it's an 8-1 mariner's lead. >> jim: when you get to see 9 pitches and 3 the same speed and the other is in the happy zone. right down the middle. thigh high. don't know many don't like it in that zone. >> breaking ball home run. thigh high fastball double. >> gary: kotchman with the big night at the plate. he has 4 doubles to season. now there's two more in scoring position. and here's rob johnson. johnson has had an 0-3 so far. that's 8 runs and leave hits for seattle. >> jim: it's a painful lesson for mickolio. if you're not going to get the breaking ball over and throw the fastball in the middle of the plate they will hit it. >> gary: the good news you have to make adjustment. if you do, you can move forward
12:10 am
and be a service able major league hitter. otherwise you will be like anyone else. the guy that pitching for the mariners proved that tonight. >> 0-2 count with 2 away. johnson waiting on it. and that just misses outside. a 1-2 count. the mariners finding their offense here in this ball game, having their biggest inning of the season with the 7 runs in the third. he's gone. johnson is out of there, run in, a couple hits, 2 left in scoring position. 8-1 mariners.
12:11 am
12:12 am
>> they get him from toronto, eric byrnes will assume centerfield. he played last night it was an adventure. actually yesterday afternoon. he will come in, he played for orioles for a short time. brandon league last year his first full year in the big
12:13 am
league. >> so lee gone to work the 8th inning with an 8-one lead for seattle. lugo will lead it off and lugo takes it down low. he's 0-2. we know why they were the dodgers. the street cars in brook behind the fans -- brooklyn, the fans had to run between the street cars. bridge grooms. don't know about that. had to do with the brooklyn bridge.
12:14 am
>> was the ballpark by the bridge? >> fairly. you go back and think about the history of dodgers the last good year was 46 when o'malley wanted to build a dome stadium and robert morris wouldn't give them the property and they got a better deal in los angeles the coliseum, and dodgers town. i was reading an article in vero beach because that's what they want to call chavez ravine and have its own zip code. >> gary: one of greats in a dodgers uniform. jack a robinson. 42 retired in all the yards. 3-2 on lugo. izturis and jones to follow. 3-2 delivery by lee. another ground ball. deep at short, wilson. one way in the 8th inning. now your kids can learn the
12:15 am
play from the pros. sign up today the official summer baseball camp. youngsters, 5 days, professional training, they will be current and former o oz hand and a -- o oz hand. for dates, location. here's izturis. he looped that to left field. bradley will move over. there's 2 away. joe mauer celebrating his 27th birthday today as well as the twins great star will be around for a long time. 8 year deal. that's a career and that's good for baseball and great for minnesota. >> jim: i think that was a great move that somehow they were able to orchestrate, they have to you in ballpark. maybe not as small market as
12:16 am
they used to be. >> gary: could have ended that franchise if they didn't get him signed. there's fister watching as he's looking for his second win. a run on 3 hits over 7. continues his great start to the year. inside with 2 down. >> jim: it's great when you pitch well and they support you. defensively of the offensively. a 7-run inning gives them a cushion. 0-3 for jones. chopped down to 3rd base. lopez in the backhand. gets him. a one, 2, throw inning. we go to the bottom of the 8th, mariners up by 7.
12:17 am
12:18 am
12:19 am
he talk about the fact, we want to be aggressive but we want to do it on our terms. done a great job. they have eliminated pitches. part is because other than burk own, bergesen couldn't get the ball over. mickolio has not gotten a breaking ball over. they are waiting. >> gary: wilson did not have a multihit game prior to this one. ichiro had a double, single, walk, scored a run, made a fine
12:20 am
play in the outfield. missed a ichiro night. the extra hit department hoyas morning the leaders. he's had 5 2-hit ball games. away from that one. >> if the mariners win they will have won 5 out of 6. go back the yesterday, the coach was talking about a hanging curveball the cabrera third pitch from snell and it was a 3- run home run. otherwise had a chance for 6 in a row. to centerfield. near the warning track will hall it in. ichiro to the biggest part of the ballpark. one away in the 8th. wilson goes back to the bag. got all of that one. figgins coming up looking for his first hit. figgins walked and scored in the third. he's officially 0-3 at the plate. switch hitter against mickolio
12:21 am
with a runner at 1st base. and will take the pitch away for a ball. >> jim: that was his 11th walk of the year. 101 base-on balls last year. 42 stolen bases. pretty much ignited the angel lineup. >> gary: you wonder how much they miss him this year in that lineup. john kelly in the bullpen. angels had a tough start, trying to win some ball games in a good division race this year. they are 6-7, nobody is winning except for the a's the only team above .500, 9-5 in the american league west. >> jim: you would like to think there's more parity in this division. the angels have 5 good starter but not the number one guy. >> gary: 2-1 will miss up high.
12:22 am
and a 3 ball, one strike count. one would believe this division would be wide open. >> jim: that's good for baseball. it interests the fans. >> gary: 3 ball, one strike delivery on the way. figgins takes that on the outside corner. of course, the angels last year the minute they gotta preyou everyone on the team was -- bobby abreu. figgins will take that. >> that will be fouled away. so far i'm just looking. my preseason picks in the national league were philadelphia, the cardinals. >> jim: that's a stretch. >> gary: and the giants. they are all in first place. so far so good. >> jim: that is like in the vault we know you made that.
12:23 am
>> gary: it's in my news column. left field and got him for the out and that will retire figgins and there's 2 down. >> gary: i did this months ago. visit the official online shop of the orioles at browse the latest appar ale. it's the official source the >> gary: turning to the american league. probably maybe thought the yankees might get off to a good start. >> i picked texas they are last. and minnesota they are first. that's good, so far. >> we're only 12 games in. eric byrnes up. first at-bat for him. gutierrez had 2 singles 2 walks and 2 runs scored.
12:24 am
that's a good night. 1-1 with 2 down. told you one thing, i didn't have the red sox starts this way. >> jim: 4-9 now. >> gary: 4-9. >> 6 games behind. they've lost 5 in a row, 1-6 at home. after winning 56 last year at home. >> it's early. they get swept 4 times at home. >> jim: early gets late quickly in boston. >> gary: orally gets late. >> when you're playing in the same division as the yankees. the rays great spring. >> i mean, everybody says early, i go back and say look at the standings. when you get into may 1 and get to june, you look at where the teams are then and at the end of the year. there's not many changes. teams get set early and they
12:25 am
are what they are. 2-2 on the benches. breaking balentien outside. 3 ball, 2 strike count. runner on the at first base. >> gary: these are the ball games when you're in the situation you have a chance to make a statement and do it against a ballclub, seattle wants to get out of here. they have to lead, they want 3 more out. nobody is giving up at-bats, you have to throw strikes. >> it's a great opportunity, and rick is coming out. sometimes it is difficult to find your release point, on the other hand, if you want the pitch here and you want to do out the regular basis and pitch
12:26 am
in a responsible, we look at cla meredith getting up. in a responsible position you have to show them you can do it. >> you know dave trembley is not happy. to get cla meredith up with 2 down. you don't, at this point mickolio is finish this out and take one for the team. but, he's so far off the mark here, gives up another hit or another run or walk someone he will come out there. meredith had to throw in the bullpen. that will be popped up behind 2nd base to shortstop. izturis has it. lopez is retired. no runs, one hit, no error, 2 left on base. we go do 9th inning.
12:27 am
12:28 am
>> gary: started with the roof open, now closed and the mariners have the lead, and kelly will try to wrap it up. >> 41 games last year for the mariners. he comes in and to seealtyel times today, can you pitch, can
12:29 am
you make your pitches. that's what he is. he's getting his work in. getting the 3 outs and get into the locker room. and make sure he win this one. >> ty wigging son 0-2. hit by a pitch. i want to thank ryan hart who sent us a note. it was the brooklyn bride grooms is what the team was called in 1890. in the air to right. good-bye, home run. so ty wigginton continues to supply the offense for the orioles. 5 home runs, and 11 rbis, he makes it an 8-2 ball game. >> gary: they thought they were going to get a guy that hits 20- 25 home runs. couldn't do that. again, awfully good swing like
12:30 am
yesterday. 2-run shot late in yesterday's game to give the orioles an 8-3 lead. and if you ask him he would have said i would have loved to turn the double play in the third. would have got bergesen out of inning. >> markakis a single and flied out the left field twice. >> on the other side of the coin you want a quality at-bat. he did. >> you like that. you notice that in a ball game like this. >> you don't want to give up. >> stay in and work at it. >> you will see that from nick markakis. they have to get 25 outs and the game does not end until they do that. you will force their bullpen to make quality pitches and maybe it's too late, eventually that may be the case. you never know. >> markakis a good heater.
12:31 am
2-2 count from kelly. the orioles an rbi from luke scott on a double and rbi from wigginton on a home run. 2 runs on 4 hits with a couple errors for the orioles. and 8-12-0 on the other side. one away. updating you on the voting for player of the game. so far, fister and berken close. you can text in your vote to a, b, c. and the results coming up on the o's xtra postgame show. reimold, hart told us the reason the team was called the bridegrooms is the number of the players in 1890 had been recently married. then they jump offend the
12:32 am
brooklyn bridge. >> that's probably in your column too. right. >> it will be. >> towers pop-up. we've seen pop-ups near the roof here, and the left field with the best angle was bradley and he got it there. 2 down. >> he ran everybody off. not as much foul territory as in oakland. great angle for wilson. he's been all over the diamond with 3 hits. bradley didn't play yesterday because of knee and calf problems. he's there to make the out. >> matt wieters a single and run scored. one for 3 in the ball game. the m's try to put away the victory. that's a base hit. right centerfield. wieters will make a turn. ichiro will get it back in. a 2-4 ball game for wieters.
12:33 am
doug fister had a no hitter through 6 inns in the -- inning. mar cakees broke it up with a single in the 7th. his best outing against the white sox he worked 6 inning and gave up one hit in the ball game last jeer. that was his major league debut against the white sox. matt wieters could have had 3 hits today. a young player that does not giveaway an at-bat. >> scott could have had a couple. a hard line drive kochman made a good play on. >> luke made a nice play at 1st base today. >> gary: kelly looking to wrap it up. bergesen will take the loss and with 0-2. fouled away. fister will be 2-1 barring a
12:34 am
major miracle come back here. >> jim: ty wigginton is tied with pedroia. >> how about pedroia. >> 1 1/2. wieters on 1st base, and the 0- 2 delivery coming. scott takes it and this is in the books. the mariners come away with the victory here in the opener. the orioles pick up a run on 2 hits with one left in the 9th. wigginton getting the homer his fifth. their final line, 8-12-0 for the mariners. 2-5-2 for the orioles. we'll be right back. [ man ] ladies and gentlemen,
12:35 am
the 57th president of the united states. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastest 3g network. this mother's day, get 50% off all messaging phones after mail-in rebate, like the pantech reveal, only from at&t. >> getting set for o's xtra paste game. we'll -- postgame. it's very difficult to win if you're can't score and again, one run tonight. >> they only had hits in the 7th inning and 9th inning.
12:36 am
the defense did not play well. >> so the orioles won yesterday, trying to meek it back to back wins. we're coming back the break it down. now back the seattle. had hernandez against vargas tomorrow. our coverage begins at 9:30. followed by game coverage at 10:00. for jim palmer i'm gary thorn. this has been a masn presentation. 14606 the attendance tonight. jim and rick, weed by you adieu, they say hello. o's extra.
12:37 am
>> o's xtra presented by verizon, the orioles drop it 8- 2. the birds trying to make it back-to-back wins for the first time this year and the second opportunity and came up short. the lack of offense against fist tear seattle pitcher in the game. the big inns against bergesen got it done for their side. if you don't score you don't win. >> the lineup. it seems crazy right now, jones leading off and wigginton hitting second. he's doing well and has his fifth home run. if there's consistency we have to find it in the lineup and it's all messed up. >> let's go to game recap as it keep upon bergesen in the third. 1-0 seattle. lopez the bouncer to third and wigginton can't handle it. that may have been an inning owning double play. leteer 5-0. kotchman a 2-run
12:38 am
home run. that was it for bergesen. here's an orioles run. a 2 out double by luke scott to gap. wieters kims around the score. that made it 7-1 but not enough as the mariners win it 8-2. fister gets the win. 2-1 on the year. bergesen is 0-2 and bergesen knocked out 2 2/3 inning the shortest outing in his career. wigginton with another home run. wigginton talks about how he needs to hit to stay in the lineup. of the orioles last 7 home runs wigginton hit 5 of them. >> he deserves to be in there. >> he hit 23 home runs as a part time player. you know power is there, it's a matter of getting enough playing time. he started off swinging the bat good. in the past it took a couple at
12:39 am
bats to get to keep from trying to pull the ball foul. off the bat he was inside the ball, driving the ball inside the middle. saw him hit a couple runs yesterday, he's using the whole field. now he's getting good pitches to drive out of park. this is what if orioles needed. he's the only guy hitting with any power. no doubt about it. this game was dictated by the starting pitcher seattle side. let's head back to the booth and rejoin gary and jim. >> absolutely right. he had the crowd on the edge of their seats and up of going 6 without a hit to the orioles. markakis finally got to him. fister got it done. >> he did what he did in his last start against oakland. he has a great downward plane toward home plate. not overpowering. a perfect pitch. one of the few change-up.
12:40 am
strikes out wigginton. good fastball hitter. when they hit the ball, we saw it right there, keeping the no hitter intact. he threw a lot of strikes. he only gave up one earned run and that was in the 7th inning and he made it very easy for them play behind them and again to his credit. he pitched well, they hit well. while i know it was not easy it appeared to be easy, again, he doesn't light up the radar gun, the balls you think they will hit they don't get to. a lot of guys are deceptive. >> one of things davey johnson like to do with the rotation, he loved to have pitchers opposite following one another in a series. a guy that changes change up, maybe only 90. you follow with a pitcher 95, 96 and everything is hard. you get that going it could
12:41 am
make it tough opposing teams from day-to-day, they can't get anything lined up. seattle has that rotation. >> what's interesting. vargas will pitch tomorrow. he will throw 88 with a change- up. he will throw at any count. the orioles who don't hit left's well did a number on anderson. and then again, hernandez is his back up. it will be a difficult. i think now 10 out of 14 games the orioles have scored 3 runs or less. tonight if they could have stayed in the game. they couldn't, as we mentioned i think the one thing he will lamen is not turning the double play in the 3rd inning. the mar mores got 7 runs and the game is over. they made it ears for fister. if wigginton gets that it could have been a one-run inning. the little things that end up
12:42 am
costing ball games. that's what happened tonight. game 2 will be coming up tomorrow from seattle. back to you. >> thanks very much. gary thornton and jim palmer. the mar mores win it to get the -- mariners win it. at&t player of the game, jason berken. he was outstanding in relief. 3 hits. struck out 3 and did not walk a batter. he edged out doug fister. berken is your at&t player of the game. brad bergesen another tough outing. his third in a row. we'll break it down, o's xtra continues on masn. for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. fios delivers the best channel lineup and the peace of mind that comes with paying the same low price every month. call 1.888.get.fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2-year agreement.
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12:44 am
>> welcome back, jim hunter and rick dempsey as seattle gets the opener and another poor
12:45 am
start by brad bergesen. he was knocked out in the 3rd inning. what did you see of bergesen. what were you hoping to see of bergesen going in. >> it started out okay. ichiro will hit anybody and he started the game off with a big hit. later he needed the ground ball. he getting it. this is what we look for. the consistency was not there tonight. this was an error by wigginton. should have gone for another double play. all of a sudden the quality of pitches takes off. when you get to the 20 pitch- mark later in the inning like he did, you don't see the sharpness in the break, this is where they started to pick him apart. this is a sinker and stayed up in the zone. kotchman hit it so far back up in there. he's very frustrated. he's so angry with himself the
12:46 am
way things are going. this young man will put it back together again. he is not right. >> here he is start by start. 4 2/3 in the home opener knocked out 5 runs in that game against the rays in his last start prior to tonight. 3 innings 8 runs 5 earned tonight 2 2/3. what as larging about this game by game, his outings are shorter. his longest 4 2/3, then 3, tonight is his shortest outing. >> i'm not sure there's not still a weakness in the shoulder. feels a pain or stiffness or soreness. that layoff may have thrown him out of whack. he's not a power pitcher. when the ball does not sink he's in trouble. they get a good opportunity to see a mediocre fastball coming through hitting zone and everyone is teeing off on him. he doesn't have that a little bit of extra arm strength to get on top and throw the ball
12:47 am
down and make it run down. when he did like in the 1st inning. he got the ground balls he needed. didn't make the one play for him. >> it's been clear early on this season the orioles margin for error has been slim. and i want to show you two plays in the 3rd inning. obviously bergesen has to pitch better. there's one out nobody on. here's jack wilson. gets a base hit to left field. look at the hustle. he comes up throwing. the throw goes the wrong side of bag. then here's the wiggining tonight play. if he turns the double play the inning ends. saw it all the way. just went off the heal of his glove. that's a baltimore times than not he will make. you have a pitcher to mound who came in struggling and on the ropes with the bases loaded, those are playing you have to
12:48 am
make. maybe in the orioles took out field, i don't know, i'm not blaming the loss on those 2 plays but they contributed to a struggling pitcher not able to put the fire out. >> the infield will help. it disciplines a ballclub and makes them focus. it's reassuring for every infielder that once they catch that ground ball, they feel good about the tempo, rhythm and timing of the play. yes it's necessary and all of baseball has gotten away from. that the defense, when you don't have tejada playing 3rd base for most of time. and brian roberts at shortstop. the defense is weakened and it's tough. you can't look at wigginton and say it's an easy ground ball. this guy plays avery where. you go from 2nd base up to middle to third and it's reaction time. whenever wigginton played he
12:49 am
gives you a good job. >> and the bigger issue in the inning the back to back walks following that wilson double. if you have a struggling pitcher on the mound who has that confidence waiverring you want to make the plays behind him. the orioles had two opportunity and didn't get it done. seattle took advantage of mistakes or to plays not made. now on contrast of how bergesen's night went. shberken was good. he's a tacking the zone. his stuff looks good. >> he's staying behind the ball. if you notice, every time he releases the ball he's positioned perfectly. that tells me about his balance. last year he didn't have that kind of balance. he's learned a little bit of something about pitching now. got the big pop-up off ken griffey he needed. so he's rebuilding his
12:50 am
reputation to the bullpen. did an outstanding job. what the orioles needed. >> berken has been out stancing the few times he's been called tonight. 1-50 out of bullpen. let's get a look at the web poll results. 31% think it will be matt wieters. 31% think nolan reimold, and ty wigginton. 16% jones. wigginton has hit 5 of the orioles last 7 home runs and we appreciate you voting. every day get online and look for question of the day. tonight it was a 7 run third inning that got it done. bourque enfantastic in relief. the mar anyones win 8-2.
12:51 am
12:52 am
>> before the game dave
12:53 am
trembley revealed that pie on the disabled list could miss extensive time. a strained back could keep him out up to 3 months. and a mcphail said it looks like a rehab type of situation. pie was off to a good start will miss extended time. upcoming schedule, two more night games in seattle. tomorrow and wednesday, then a cross counter flight to boston. the team will have the first day off on thursday and a 3 game weekend against the red sox. the sox have lost 5 in a row. night game on friday and saturday. >> the orioles drop it 8-2 in seattle. let's head back the safeco field and the comments of skipper. >> back here in seattle the skipper joining us. the hope was bergesen would make the correction to get the
12:54 am
sinker working. didn't work. what was he trying to get done tonight? >> get the ball down shall get movement. looks like he was pushing and got away from throwing the sinker. he left pitches up. you have to make pitches and he didn't do it. >> dave, i had a chance to talk to him yesterday. he said he was trying to be more aggressive. the mariners did a good job of looking for a certain pitch, when they got him, the breaking ball was the hanging slider. mike gonzalez was never honest with the club the way his shoulder felt. do you get a tendency why a young player maybe he's not telling you how he really feels. >> that could be a possibility. to be honest i doubt that. he's really trying to find it. i watch him warm up, i watched
12:55 am
his bullpen sessions. you know he told me he felt he was getting back the where he was. at times you see ball out of his hand. i think he gets under need his pitches and he's pushing the ball and he doesn't have the movement out of fastball he's had. he's given up on that. that's what it looks like to me. he's more of a slider breaking ball guy. the mariners spit to pitches and didn't chase them and forced them come into the middle of the plate with a fastball. >> the seattle ballclub is like the red sox and yankees. sim here you talk about that. does it change how i work. >> you want to be aggressive strike one. and once you get ahead, don't nibble. that's what fister did tonight. we had trouble because he nibbles and locates on both side of the plate and up and down. i think when you face a team
12:56 am
that is aggressive, you want to go at them and get strike one. a team that's patient you don't want to draw the counts out. we face chone figgins a lot. he's notorious forgetting it to 3-2, foul it off. bergesen didn't make good pitches. >> i'll let gow after this. the club -- let you go after this. are they aware that you have to play the game the right way and everything, not turning the double play. wigginton is caught with the bat. you go back, he will say way have liked to tush the double play. are this aware it's the difference? >> no question bit. i said it the day before we went on the field. don't give the other team any kind of opportunity at all. take advantage have every gap you get. if you open up the window they will jump on you. >> we pressure. dave trembley joining us
12:57 am
hereafter the mariners come away with a win in game 1. elsewhere in the american league, the rays completed a 4 game sweep at fenway park. they win the game this morning 8-2. bartlett 3 out of 5. tampa bay swept the orioles and went the boston and swept 4. a 7-0 road trip. they are in first place in the division. the blue jays at home beat kansas city 8-1. bautista who killed the orioles last weekend, 2 home runs and 5 rbi for him as toronto wins at home against kansas city. in seattle tonight it was the mariners 8-2, seattle grabs the opener of the 3 game series. let the celebration begin.
12:58 am
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like and prices feature gift cards and even a chance have to dinner with dave trembley. log on to -- log on to masn sports got com. back the seattle as the orioles drop it 8-2. >> matt, yesterday coming off a game where you break open, get 8 runs, hoping to come in and do the same, did you feel there was a 10 back today. >> wouldn't say a step back. you have the games where things don't work out. their pitcher on was able to keep us quiet most of the game and they were able to find holes and hit balls hard that gave them the lead early. >> to take a no hitter that deep into the game, fister, what did you see from him. >> he had good stuff. a good sinker and a different look than most pitchers. it took a while to pick it up.
1:01 am
>> you have been struggling out there. what did you see today in the third inning. >> today, i thought his sinker was better and come along. we have to keep working. we'll get the pitches working. he has a lot, that one inning had a couple balls that could have been double blue jays balls that weren't at guys. he will get back there. >> since the day you came here, trembley came here talking about defense and how important that is, and we saw costly errors. >> tomorrow here's the pitching matchup. the middle game of a 3 game series. hernandez looking for his first win against vargas. >> vargas pitches well against
1:02 am
the orioles. a soft tossing left-hander. the orioles beat the last one they faced hopefully they will get on top him tomorrow night. there you see it. again, the orioles will have to load that lineup again with the right-hander, hopefully they will be able to put 6, 7 runs to board, they will go to david hernandez and he'll be back on the mound for the orioles. a couple decent outings with him. we've not seen the best of hernandez. hopefully he will get to have a good start. >> it was a tough start for bergesen. back the seattle with bergesen sense. >> -- bergesen. >> your sinker was better coming out of the gate. what happened in the third. >> it's been the story of my season so far. trying to look for that break and i haven't found it. right now it seems when it goes it goes for me.
1:03 am
you know, every start i'm mentally and physically preparing and continue to do that. i'm going to turn around soon. >> brad bergesen on his outing tonight. when you look at your scorecard a couple balls found holes. they all count, you're going to get a base hit, gutierrez, rbi single to left field a ground ball that found the hole, ken griffey, jr. to right field. a ground ball that found the hole. they count, if you are sinker ball pitcher you can't dreck where they hit the ball. that's what kind of an inning it was. i still have so much confidence in this young man and how good the sinker is. the fact they are making good contact was a big time surprise to me. i know he's on top of his game. he has sink, he can tell the hitter that the sinker is coming and they can't hit it. it's not sinking like it
1:04 am
usually does. he will have to fix his mechanics. >> o's xtra challenge. how it worked out tonight. nick markakis gives me a win. nolan reimold with a walk and markakis got the first orioles hit. for a while dempsey was leading with a walk biry mold. i pull -- reimold. that will do it for us. o's extra, thanks for staying up with us. we'll see you tuesday night 9- 30 as the orioles and mariners play the middle game of the 3- game series. for rick dempsey and the crew, jim hunter saying so long. we'll see you back here tuesday night. ith things
1:05 am
1:06 am
that can be perceived and distractions and so forth. that's the nature of our business particularly at this level so it is a business as usual approach in that football can be, i think, our sanctuary at times, particularly during the four hours that we're in this building.
1:07 am
we're working at our craft. whatever may be going on in our lives, you know, noteworthy or otherwise, we live in the parking lot. >> one thing we've done as a team is we've always kept really close and we always supported one another no matter what somebody goes through. i think that's been the key to our success as well. i don't imagine this being any different type of situation than in any previous. >> the steelers offense will have a diffefefefe 2010 season kicks off. gone, super bowl 43 mvp santonio holmes. added to the mix, antwaan randle and arnaz battle. >> still to come, carmelo anthony erupted for a playoff career high 42 in game one. find out what he did in game two against the shorthanded jazz. >> manic monday in texas. we saw a winner with a bum knee and big crash ruining a fine day
1:08 am
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announcer: for answers, not links, text your questions to 542542. >> day two between the jazz and nuggets. a playoff career high 42 in game one. fourth quarter, nuggets, they were down 12 at halftime. transition. it's a two-point game. next possession, denver, missed a big shot. chauncey billups, stops, pops, denver takes a one-point lead. right now, they are all tied at 95. the nuggets and the jazz, 7:30 left to play in the game.
1:11 am
carmelo has 27. deron williams, 29 for utah. jazz team shorthanded. okur, he's out for the playoffs with a torn achilles tendon. andrei kirilenko is out with a strained calf and carlos boozer, a double-double, he's playing through a rib injury. >> braves and red sox on patriots day in boston to celebrate the battle of lexington and concord. third, the battle of upton and lackey. b.j., bill hall going back, can't get there. fourth jack of the year. 6-0 rays. top of the fourth, rays continue their boston tea party. jason bartlett ripping a shot. red sox go up 7-0. lackey would leave charged with eight runs. rays win 8-2, sweeping a four game series at fenway for the first time. a rough april for the bo sox to say the least. the 4-9 start the worst for boston since 1996. even worse, 1-6 at home.
1:12 am
haven't seen that since the days when herb hoover was in the white house. the reason why? red sox haven't been getting it done with runners in scoring position. hitting under .200 for the year including zero for their last 32. >> let's see if the bruins can get the spirit going in boston. tied 1-1 with buffalo. first period, no score. mike grier, the veteran, big time goal. 13th career for the playoffs. 1-0 sabres. but it would be downhill from there. tied 1-1. second period, same score, watch out, big hit on matt ellis. ellis would go down hard. check it out again with your head down, always got to keep your head up. boston, they would keep their heads up. third period, richarsonian brui. under 40 seconds to go, sabres
1:13 am
pull the goalie. the goalie in charge, 32 saves. all big ones for the bruins. they go on to win 2-1, take a 2-1 series lead. game four on wednesday in boston. >> rain washed sound's sprint cup race at texas so they made it up on monday. jeff gordon won here last april. he's the defending champ. drama between gordon and teammate jimmie johnson. gordon appears to bump him. johnson bumps the side of gordon's car. johnson with a tire rub. gordon not too happy. >> a little upset. >> i guess they thought you got into it, i guess. >> he's treated different than everybody else. >> feisty between teammates. gordon led six times in this race. 124 laps. 18 laps to go, watch tony stewart. big troubles. stewart and gordon get tangled up. and that triggers what we call
1:14 am
the big one. a nine-car crash among those involved. jeff gordon, tony stewart, joey logan -- mcmurray, here's another look at the carnage. yikes. now, gordon and stewart, they talk to each other afterwards. they both seemed sort of understanding of the situation. gordon's car wrecked. he had to go to the garage. after a lengthy red flag, they cleaned it up. restarted with 12 laps to go. denny hamlin led just once in this race. he passed kyle busch and led the final 12 laps. hamlin, the same guy who had surgery on a torn acl less than three weeks ago. he takes the checkered flag. and hamlin said i'm still not 100%. i feel like i'm 60 at best. 60 was good enough on monday. hamlin with his 10th career sprint cup win. second of 2010.
1:15 am
he won at martinsville last movement jimmie johnson finishing in second. kyle busch in third. busch's best finish of the season. >> for me, it's gratifying that i kind of put a strategy together in my head and executed it because usually i don't do that very well. >> it was my fault. i feel bad about it. about doing something stupid like that. and i didn't plan on getting loose but it's 100% my fault. >> he knew it wasn't his fault. i was pretty sure it was my fault to begin with. i just wanted to make sure he knew that so he knew where i stood. >> that's what i'm most upset about right now. is that we had just a killer, killer race car and now all of these fans that came out to see a race, you know, they are certainly getting their money's worth, we appreciate that a lot. i would like to have stunk up the show a little bit and got the win and not seen the caution but i know those restarts like do so? >> they are not. we elect to do that and i
1:16 am
think it is the right thing 22 i think denerve the icbm under the were have limitations to better utilize the warheads then with the limitations of the same time a single warhead 450 what the number turns out to be still complicates the adversaries decision in the attic where it decision in my view is the mike isn't this another example of where we take options off the table for ourselves that not needlessly? >> it is not. because we still will retain the capability should that be required that is important to maintain to protect against a technological failure or a geopolitical change that would require us to add more weapons to our delivery vehicles. it is important and retained
1:17 am
if we should decide we need to do that. >> thank you for that. four anyone else the npr suggested increase missile defense in conventional forces will strengthen deterrence as nuclear forces decrease. however the russians believe if nuclear force is decrease nuclear defense is more of a concern. if i could finish the question mr. chairman? does this seem to be contradictory and and how we resolve that? >> i don't think it is contradictory the russians have made clear they are a very concerned about their strategic balance and their ability to rely on their nuclear weapons force and they have a different orientation from their conventional forces than we do.
1:18 am
some may say a dependence on them. so what we make clear in the starts agreement one of the relationships between the forces there are no constraints against the missile defense forces and we may have also cleared the they are not targeting the russians. we have made that clear and will consistently do so. but i am happy to have a conversation as a sidebar as to why we're not relying our own good example only to persuade people. we're not trying to persuade people that cannot be persuaded like iran and north korea but all those other countries that for decades have not had nuclear weapons that you don't have to have nuclear weapons to be safe. that is why it is not legal hairsplitting to rely on the non-proliferation treaty but to have a strong treaty of
1:19 am
nuclear weapons states for decades. >> thank you mr. chairman i want to think the witnesses for the historic work you are engaged in and listening to some of the questions about how the document somehow weekends our defense systems or takes options away, when i read the questions, the fact is that the commitments being that created will create huge budget challenges for the future congress and coming from connecticut where submarines are a big deal the commitment to the future is a perfect example of that. the language could not be more adamant that to maintain the presence over the long term united states must continue development of
1:20 am
the zero negative class submarine that is strong language. would you like to elaborate why the document is so forceful in making that recommendation? >> i think throughout the process the requirements for sustaining an adequate deterrence for today and the foreseeable future reluctant and as a result a validation of the need of the triad of force is we have today the submarines are a key element of that and the ohio class we know will time out that time certain in the 2020 is also a commitment to maintain through 2030 and follow-up options as well as a commitment to the long-range bomber. they are very strong and there because they are needed and i would defer to dr. miller from a policy perspective for any other rationale. >> i second that and that the strategic submarines are
1:21 am
the most survivable element of the nuclear force posture we will take the investment to make sure that is true for the future. >> given the fact as mr. taylor indicated, they are a big price tags carried with the construction of these vessels which at this point* said guesstimates was $6 billion per copy and the fact that it is a survivable turned of unsurpassed really buy any other parts of the triad for the questions have been raised about you need to move that investment to its own budget place with the missile defense programs in the past. the pressure to put another shipbuilding programs which chairman taylor will have to juggle will be pretty daunting in the future and i am throwing that out i am not expecting a response bride don't know if the undersecretary i know she
1:22 am
had experience of the system how it worked but there is an interest level in this committee of not allowing a necessary investment in the ohio class to end up damaging the overall fleet side but the other question i was the npr stacy arsenals smaller but the lack of transparency raises questions about china's future intentions and secretary tauscher. >> guest: to comment in terms of the conversation has not been in caged with the same intensity with china as russia and how do you see that given the npr editorial comment? >> we engage with our chinese counterparts on many issues on a day-to-day basis. i was impressed the president who came to the security summit yesterday
1:23 am
had a private meeting. i think what is important and nuclear weapons states the united states and russia still have 90% of the weapons and the success of the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty is an important one but we cannot stop here. but we do have to work with the allies because each has a different strategic be fish and and declaratory policy and the separate issues them to work very strongly including our counterparts such jazz admiral chilton and in the case of npr where we made the statements about china is where we are making clear we want more transparency and of their viability and the engagement with those
1:24 am
confidence-building measures that will reassure not only nuclear powers but also the region and other people. >> thank you. specifically to mr. miller and general jolted never breaded talks about the broader picture. specifically of those whose sustain the concept and hedged 43 says the deity will continue in the life extension program with the intention of keeping by mandated by congress although the studies to deform the decision and now needed recommend it men and three program was concluded last year and also the air force recognizes their needs to be a line that sustainment for the solid rocket motors and other parts of that part of that is why i have concerns within the budget there is
1:25 am
money set aside 43 booster sets per year when the industrial base says six is the minimum needed to maintain and a 413 there is eurodollars for any kind of sustainment for that program if we go through 2013. secretary's sister -- systems with the nuclear posture review i want to ask for questions but three specific i will give all 31st. i would like a their view to elaborate where you exactly mean by the phrase life extension program because that is a confusing terminology does that indeed mean the replacement propulsion replacement program will exist or a warm line is maintained you'll be concerned about the industrial base to do that? especially in view of the 36 and o numbers the mentioned earlier profit of #2 specifically talking about the booster concept is there any kind of recommendation
1:26 am
of any bacall sustainment program gives a specific number for those booster cents to make sure it is viable? the third relates to it as well the president and a nasa have suggested the areas rocket be discontinued and day and have dire impacts on the space and defense side of that were to go through the augustine commission on space recommended that was a serious issue and needed to be addressed ahead of time. obviously nasa failed to do that. so the question i have is how we plan for the future. both secretary carter said there is a problem not of aires 38 an article published today said the not comfortable the direction we're going and secretary paging ask for a steady but pays 23 said he will not have the capability of considering future options that involved with the
1:27 am
rocket propulsion systems of this capability is caught on like to know where you are moving in conjunction with what nasa will do? then maybe what 15 o one which simply means as the broader picture if you get to the weeds our nuclear umbrella there are at least 30 countries depending on our assistance to provide a deterrent fordham as we ramp down what does that give for their credibility and if they try to move forward? mr. miller? if you go through the weeds first i would appreciate it. >> let me take a lack of your concerns first of all, the language for the extension program is a commitment to the congressional direction to make sure the minutemen program is sustainable through 2030 the other programs address the missile was self but there were other things that needed to be a dressed support equipment and test equipment to make sure that weapon
1:28 am
system was viable that is my understanding of what that speaks to. there are two different philosophies on producing solid rocket missiles between the navy and the air force the concept was to build them all that you need and the navy was to continue a warmer production line which they do today. that has an issue but not really brought up as far as sustaining technology until the realization that aires would go way now questions are starting to ask and i ask the questions to rehab enough investment in the industrial base to sustain that critical ability to make those missiles and it is a unique capability and won the united states knows how to do today make sure we preserve for the future because it is critical for our defense you're asking excellent questions what is
1:29 am
the right amount to invest in? secretary carter looks at that and i would expect them to bring forward the answers to that in the fy 12. >> i appreciate your annunciation i hope it is answered in this particular document we do have to go forward one nassau ultimately institutes and for their question. >> rhode island? >> thank you, mr. chairman and i want to thank our panel for the work that you have all done on the npr and i want to thank you for the periodic updates you have given me along the way for the confidence we are on track and this has been done confidently. in mind opinion the npr offers say clear planned two
1:30 am
hours a dirty the risk of nuclear weapons may spread to other countries along with the new start agreement the end europa increase leverage with the strength of nonproliferation measures in may and beyond and at the same time the npr and vs. the plan at the safety and security and reliability and the effectiveness clearly seeks to establish the policy and in vs. revitalizing the enterprise and die quote vice president biden over the last decade dangerous decline than new s.t.a.r.t. treaty has and legally binding state of the hour process that allows us to track nuclear activities and verify they are complying with their
1:31 am
obligations and support u.s. intelligence and the capability and establishes legally binding verifiable limits levels not seen since the-- of the eisenhower administration for nuclear weapons decreases stability and transparency and predictability of 12 say they give farha outstanding statements in your commitment to safeguard national security and of this is a lifelong commitment. >> specifically with npr i know we have talked about some of the issues today but the first question is for secretary d'agostino as you know, as we have heard today there is much confusion what constitutes a
1:32 am
new nuclear weapon so for further clarification could you provide the the use with this issue and the follow-up general tilting did you discuss it from the perspective of military capabilities specifically how we can be sure the stockpile loan to results in military capabilities and do need military capabilities? >> thank you sir per car would be glad to. in my view a new nuclear weapon is a warhead not based on previously tested designs. it is a warhead that does not have a test pedigree that takes us into space area technical machine that can drive us into unknown areas we may have a good theoretical reasons but not
1:33 am
based on previously tested designs or it is a warhead that addresses a new military capability. right now the management plan provides guidance of not adding new military capabilities to be consistent with that what congress had asked for and an example might be an enhanced cmp device new capability not what is currently in the stockpile that adding to it. the discussion of new nuclear weapons versus nine nuclear-weapons we are very consistent i believe with the 2003 national defense authorization act that specifically excludes when discussing the concept wife extension does not fall into this category so we try to extend the life and maintain that capabilities that we have with the full test space so extending the life
1:34 am
of the existing warhead does not fall into that category. >> i would paygo secretary teeeleven point* the new capability is like a new cmp focused like a neutron bomb are some large increase in yield nine of which we need to meet our deterrent capability is today. i agree the word new has been debated a lot and to some extremes some would call a new bomb one and that we painted a different color but that is not what we're talking about the new military capabilities and i am encouraged by language in the npr thous refurbishment and reuse and replacement to be studied by our best and brightest to be plugged as options on the table for consideration to do one really important thing and ensure the safety security reliability a stockpile for future generations and that is what is important i think
1:35 am
it is a mistake to say you cannot think about these solutions new-line to have all the solutions on the table to be examined and decided upon and those decisions how we go forward will be voted on by the president and this body who controls the finding so i pray there will be adequate oversight but one final point* on previously designed components are pretty important three have a great story judge test data and those that we look at as a look at replacement options because we don't want to have to go into areas where we might argue for a test that is an important point* as we go forward that we make sure the nuclear components are
1:36 am
based on previously tested designs. thank you. >> mr. frank? >> thank you all for being here. general tilton, always good to see you and secretary tauscher. good to see you again. all i extend my appreciation to the other gentlemen. secretary miller earlier testimony you spoke of the ambiguity and it occurs to me that the time honored purpose was cautionary to suggest that we might do something more than they realize if we proceed to test or attack us. and it appears to me the new policy that you are advocating is really one of four closing certain options
1:37 am
and going in the exact opposite direction the concern is if there is some type of encouragement are the enemy being emboldened might be a little more aggressive than usual that includes the possibility of that escalating an increasingly larger conflict so could you speak to that? >> yes with respect to calculated or delivered ambiguity there is a reduction in fact, with the nuclear posture review specifically with respect to non-nuclear weapon states. the united states has said since 1978 that we would not use a threat against any of the weapons states and what this nuclear posture review does is remove the ambiguity and also said day padilla reduces ambiguity about the nature of our response and that is that it would be
1:38 am
devastating conventional military response to chemical or biological weapons and the leadership would be held accountable. with respect to nuclear weapons states the same degree of ambiguity is present today and finally with respect to the states and iran and north korea in particular that noncompliance with the non-proliferation obligations believe the ambiguity has been reduced as secretary gates said all options are on the table. >> related to iran it occurs to me that we're missing probably the major -- major rogue elephant in the room the fact is a firebrand gains nuclear capability all efforts to contain nuclear proliferation are dead the iranian president himself ahmadinejad, estates if they
1:39 am
gave this capability they would supply it too other islamic nations according to their needs and it occurs to me that some much of the focus needs to be there i have to muddle children not want them to face nuclear terrorism but i am convinced nuclear iran means exactly that that it is least upon the world and it astonishes me that this administration does not seem to be focusing on that to the degree that they should be mentioned earlier deterrence was a combination of capability and credibility but a furor the iranian president right now and you see as reducing capability you cannot cut the equation any other way regardless if we still have sufficient capability by reducing capability if you're the iranian president and looks at posture toward north korea and the president has made some strong statements that have not resulted in any
1:40 am
demonstrable action on our part it occurs the credibility has been diminished as well. let me ask you whether redoing now demonstratively and specifically to prevent iran from gaining nuclear capability? >> let me answer in three parts. first the nuclear posture review did but nuclear non-proliferation at the top of the agenda that is the principal reason you see some of the policy changes. >> but it ignores the most dangerous terrorist state. >> with this the assurance iran is not subject to the insurance because they are not in compliance with the npr obligations as secretary gates said that means all options are on the table with respect to iran and if they wish to position themselves so they are subject to that assurance
1:41 am
they need to make significant steps to terminate the nuclear activities and verifiable station verifiable way and subject themselves to the negotiations. the third element which we could spend some time on is the united states currently working hard to get sanctions emplace but also including working with the russians and chinese to encourage them as clearly as possible on iran at an order to push it warship the policy for the non-proliferation organization. >> my time is up. >> if i could just make clear this administration uses every one of its arrows in the quiver to deter iran from acquiring nuclear
1:42 am
weapons. it is as frustrated as the previous administration really have had tremendous success recently persuading members and of other countries to work with us to detour iran and persuade them that have a nuclear weapons is not something we will sustain and the president has worked very hard on this it is a difficult situation because of the isolation of the iran and its leadership but i think this administration has worked very hard to make sure that nuclear ambitions are not in line with our plan for them may i suggest mr. chairman as difficult as it is to deal with iran now but more difficult if we do not prevent them from gaining nuclear weapons. >> as i understand it, there are two more members that wish to ask questions but i
1:43 am
will pass the same question and ask said general and secretary tauscher. is the nuclear posture review make us any safer? >> i believe it does mr. chairman because the nuclear posture review clarifies the negative net security assurance and makes it clear with the obligations to other countries they're not threatened by our nuclear forces and it makes clear to countries not in compliance with obligations like north korea and i really reduce nuclear weapons against them and it generally plants in balance what is a very strong nuclear and conventional threat the united states has had for many years. keep in mind we have not use nuclear weapons and over 65 years and a very high bar every commander in chief 1/2 to consider to use nuclear
1:44 am
weapons but we have conventional weapons and a military force second 29 it that keeps us in relative peace and secure a other than the asymmetrical threats we face after september 11th but against other state actors it has kept us in relative peace and security for many decades. the administration has met forward with that npr that is much more clarifying and significant and its commitments to non-nuclear weapon states to strengthen the npt and does have paid strong piece which in the and the president believes will make us safer. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. chairman and welcome to all of you i will s.t.a.r.t. by commending the administration and by moving us beyond the cold war mentality that has gripped our deterrence for a long time we are two decades
1:45 am
beyond that in terms of the reality on the ground if this begins to create a situation that is much more in line with the threats reface today. also on it joaquin though walk this is a live service we have received in the past when it comes to investing in infrastructure or more of importantly our personnel i really appreciate the shift. i want to get fairly specific first off secretary d'agostino. what are the implications for our security not having to be that program completed by 2017 and how confident are you the life extension program will be ready to deliver to synchronize the weapon with the arrival of the new at 35 as a delivery vehicle? >> but b-61 bond as general
1:46 am
said previously in testimony is one of the oldest warheads and is in need of attention. it has electronic systems that need specific attention associated with vacuum tubes and aids specific am referring not to get into the technical details come of it is very important to get started to work on the warhead itself on that ball. with all aspects of it need a significant amount of attention and desire with the military acquirements the year 2017 is the date that you heard of it is important because of our infrastructure we want to time the studies do typically have and
1:47 am
laboratories as opposed to the actual production work that has to happen been to the end of 2017 fits in nicely from our ability to layer and the work that we're currently doing right now on the w76 warhead that is in the production stage and that tapers off entering the production stage on the bees 61 bomb it coincides nicely with the requirements of the defense department as well. >> if i could add to that of a lot of folks are linking 2017 through ff 35 we need the b-61 and first production in 2017 regardless of the of 35 because the b-61 is also used by the be to buy our strategic deterrent and so it is an important weapon to be part of the of 35 as the dual aircraft strategy goes for but any slip of that
1:48 am
program should not say we can take risks and the b-61 program we need to get production going b-61 both nuclear and non-nuclear parts of that so we can move on to our next element of the stockpile the w78 and would close by saying i am so encouraged by this npr and strategy and latitude given to address this particular weapon because it will be the model, the first model for adding increased security and safety and reliability to the stockpile. w. 76 was purely a refurbishment no added safety or security or reliability. b-61 is the opportunity for the model to put in place and carry on throughout the rest of the stockpiles to mike thank you general. i could not agree more with those of those plants i appreciate your clarifying
1:49 am
the aircraft issue and a kind of improvements to be made as we go forward to increase safety and wrist liability secretary tauscher we heard about moral leadership as if that is the only outcome of the leadership we have seen from the administration with respect to the npr of one to ask you about the pragmatic outcomes and i wonder if you could talk about the direct impact that the new starts to already be having on how russia and china few issues like sanctions with some of those that are not complying with the international obligations? >> i think when president obama came into office he had a different point* of view on engagement that the same time reach out your hand but if you come back with a fist we will not
1:50 am
respond and isolate and then both the case of russia specifically we had the inconvenience of the s.t.a.r.t. treaty that would have been no matter what and little less than 10 months after the president came into office the effort by the president and secretary clinton to reset their relationship with the russians was fundamentally important to get the atmosphere right to begin to get the s.t.a.r.t. treaty negotiated the president made clear even though we had this inconvenient state of the treaty expiring he did not want any treaty to make sure we took the time to have a treaty that would not only create more stability and the relationship but serves the american people and those of the russian federation and also help to make our case in our narrative for the
1:51 am
dangers of nuclear weapons. while nuclear weapons have a very strong place in our deterrent posture and force posture the president wants us to in several parts of the review to lessen the dependence of the united states on nuclear weapons because we still have the strongest conventional forces and weaponry in the road than the best military and the world and we have not used nuclear weapons in 65 years and a barge use them is extremely high remain not have a circumstance for that test to use one is satisfied by the time we say we have to make a decision. it is partly to have the leadership to have a strong non-proliferation treaty which the president is committed to make sure countries in the past of the last decade have not had nuclear weapons because we extended the deterrence or
1:52 am
they had decided decided not to rely on. >> think zero. >> mr. chairman i listened with great interest year earlier remarks about a perceived connection between missile defense and the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty and i understand there is no such intention on our part can i read your comments in the press very carefully secretary tauscher and i believe that is our intention so i have no question about that i am reassured about that in general chilton i am reassured about the language of the treaty there is no platform for missile defense weapons to be connected but my question and concern is what is going on in the minds of the russians? let me read to a quote from an official kremlin statement regarding new
1:53 am
s.t.a.r.t.. "and operate a revival only thing i states of america refrains from developing its missile defense capabilities quantitatively or qualitatively sell in their mind there does seem to be a connection and that is my concern. i and a stand our position and there should not be because it is defensive and secondly so critical to our defense it should not be negotiable but if two parties to achieve the seem to have differing views on the essential matter like this doesn't that potentially set up a possible failure of understanding and therefore implementation? address that plays. >> i appreciate your comments but let me say for the record there is nothing in the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty that constrains any planned
1:54 am
missile defense systems will stop providing no in the statement was made weeks for months ago or in the last 20 minutes but the russians not only understand what our approach is because it is on the internet to anybody can understand it but every country has inside and it's very complicated infrastructure and bureaucracy will sue for their own reasons don't like what the allies and friends and trading partners are doing everybody has a domestic audience politics is a part of everything but obama has made clear this treaty was never going to constrain us in any way when it comes to protecting the american people and allies specifically. when i was in geneva part of my job in the negotiating was to make sure that was what the president got in the end of the deal.
1:55 am
of the russians say that is not attributed to anyone. it is what it is but we have every incentive of a reason to believe the russians are serious about maintaining the life of the s.t.a.r.t. treaty and is certainly in progress was proud to watch president medvedev and president obama sign the treaty last thursday and it is clear our relationship well we don't agree with the russians on everything but a much improved relationship to the things that we want to do including things like iran and other issues, this relationship is working for us and we're working diligently to make sure the stability created by a positive american and russian relationship is accruing to the friends and allies at the same time. i am glad you are reassured by it once again i don't know who this russian was that was quoted but it is
1:56 am
not an attributed i do not know when it was made. but they know what our systems are and what they are constituted to down and they know it is not targeted against them and we are satisfied we will have a good relationship going forward with a new start agreement. >> if i could add quickly the russians also now know what is in the unilateral statement put out a few days ago that says denies states to employ the missile defense systems in order to defend itself against limited attack as part of a collaborative approach so both for homeland defense made absolutely clear that this we intend to improve our capabilities. >> i think the gentleman i wish the members to know that tomorrow and are hearing we will begin having the junior members of the
1:57 am
committee and work backward in our procedural order and i hope fed junior members will arrive on time before the gavel starts. >> thank you, mr. chairman when of the challenges of serving on the committee it's hard to get on your questions in all five minutes which is next to impossible. but one question i want to get to is first of all, is great to have you back before the committee and thank you for your years of working in your leadership on the subcommittee that you chaired i was privileged to succeed when you assume your new role. yesterday i had the privilege of attending the security summit in many positive things have come out of that sum it already. in particular noticed the use of the chinese have
1:58 am
pledged to work more closely on the issue and also first expressing my appreciation for his willingness to do that but also in particular resaw 47 countries come together to begin threats of nuclear terrorism and proliferation and from my work both on this committee and the intelligence committee i certainly share the president's concerned about the dangers of loose nuclear material and i am happy to see this issue take prominence in this administration and i give president obama high marks which is long overdue and such an important topic. secretary tauscher can you elaborate on the comments that came from this conference and what progress needs to be for south korea
1:59 am
in been 2012? >> my pleasure to see you again and congratulations on all of your work on the subcommittee money and tuesday the president convened 47 heads of state to talk about an issue that particularly animates him which is nuclear terrorism and he made very clear that not while just change the of the end of the cold war that it is less likely than guidance takes are our allies would be subject to a nuclear attack from a big power but unfortunately countries that are looking to acquire nuclear weapons and terrorist organizations looking to find material or know how or technology have increased which has increased significantly our danger in the united states about the 47 heads of state together and there was not on a communique that was


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