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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  April 25, 2010 1:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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go on to win 3-1. manchester united goes back to the top of the premier league table with the win but their stay friday night adam went deep. last night, kept nationals in the game within striking distance. today the rubber game between the nationals and dodgers, here on masn 2 and dc 50. welcome to nationals park,
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washington dc. hello young man great to have you here. got himself an autographed baseball. nationals and dodgers go at it. rubber game. each team won one. john my holiday and ray knight. yesterday's game had a little bit of everything. >> it did. great pitchling, bullpen, great defense. a lot of good things happening this ball club just getting better and better. for my money the best game played all yearlong. so enjoyable to watch. as someone said earlier it seemed like 2 and a half hour game even though it went into the 4th hour. >> dodgers come in after winning 8 and 9. let's go back to that 13th inning nationals park yesterday and let you see what happened. >> rodriguez continues hot hitting as he singles hard. then a ball rips down to right
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field line. three big hits yesterday. missed that up at third base. runners now at second and third. ground ball hit the third contact play. a lot of things had to go right. ball almost came out of his club. high fastball away. pops up stay in the game. a lot of things happened between that first and 14th inning. >> this game yesterday went 4 hours 20 minutes. look at the batters that went to the batters box. total of 403 pitches were thrown in that 13 inning game yesterday. here they are playing again in a couple minutes coming up. >> yeah, we had a lot of base runners, 19 base runners on the base, 4 walks, 14 hits, hits bats man and did not drive in runs with crucial situations. that may have a lot to do with who is out there on the mound too. kerr shaw may be the best left hander in the league.
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they brought in strong relievers dodgers played solid defense. one of those that may have gotten away, made a couple base running mistakes, not necessarily but by getting an out at third bus when he should have taken out for a run by stopping and allowing to run the score or staying at second base. just short of scoring when they tagged him out on third base. >> what a terrific outing he had not only on the mound but batters box had a couple hits. >> yeah, coming back, throwing the fastball inside, slider really tight and crisp, mistakes that he made were huge. ground ball off the end of the bat. double play there. working it to a t. i don't know what kind of swing was that. he wasn't looking for the cheese any ways. fly ball on the center field.
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moves it in, out, up and down. kept it in the strike zone. only guy that got him was blake. first two games as opposed to last two speaks for itself. >> see a major improvement from craig's outing as he continues to get better and better. last night down at the nationals club house he was happy with his performance but it was a tough team he faced. >> they are a pretty good club. they went to nlcs. through one of their best pitchers at us we battled him for 13 innings. few plays here and there. didn't quite get the breaks or make the plays the way we should have. just the way baseball is. you are not going the win them all but we are just as good as they are and we are going to keep battling and go after them again to norrow. >> dodgers are -- tomorrow. >> dodgers are averaging 6 runs a game on the road. >> they can hit even with manny out of the line up.
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they throw a mixture of hitters. kemp leading the world and loney. you say, you don't have any weak line ups in the league. everyone has a good line up. boils down to pitching and defense. >> as we mentioned earlier the club is 9 and 9 here at nationals park. 6 and 6. you can just tell the difference in this year where we are compared to last year with this club. >> johnny, last year i came to the ballpark and i admit it i started dreading coming to the park. you can tell they expect it. they have to win today, do everything they can today. they are used guys in all kinds of position. pinch hitting. we haven't said enough about
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that. rig came over here after being bench coach. a lot of managers would not have made that move with guzman. it is looking like a major league ball club. >> it is time for keep your edge the spotlight. scott olsen's career pinching. april, 8 wins, era 4.67 olsen starts against the the dodgers today. just as olsen gives nationals the edge you can keep your edge with just for men mustache and beard. we will continue right here on masn and dc 50
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if your schedule is free, may 24th, join us for the
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annual johnny holiday golf tournament. bretton woods golf club german town. celebrities such as raymond knight and jim my and tony freeback and bobby mitchell to mention a few. thank you johnny. mar la, i know the national children's medical center is very close to your heart. tell us why the dream foundation is give give $2 million to the new pediatrics care complex. >> diabetes is acknowledged as one of the leading epidemics in our city in terms of chronic disease. we are an athletic organization, promote wellness and that is an attribute i
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guess of the cure or the management of diabetes is very important. we are just acknowledging it is very important in our region and hoping to help the care of children in the community. >> doctor, i have to tell you i spoke with nationals pitcher matt caps capps. what do you get out of this? >> we knew they were coming, they have a feeling they can't get well they under estimate the power of sports teams and their stars to give children with illnesses the hope to carry on and it just motivates them. i believe it is part of healing so that is why along with what
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mar la said the opportunity to have a sports team work with an illness such as diabetes and house the world class program, you have the ability to link these figures of health and motivation with our patients who need the same motivation to get well. >> fantastic thank you both very much. johnny, back to you. >> debbi thank you. more information go to to see what is going on in nats town. and coming up may 8th, gaylord resort go to to get more on that. >> let's look at the starts line ups for the dodgers, casey blake the hero of this yesterday keeping the dodgers in it. he had two home runs average up to 273, career batting average
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of 333 and blake 3 for 5 of the dodgers in fact the first six dodger batters as you lock at the rest to have starting line up all these guys are hitting 300. shortstop, martin in the number 2 hold the catcher and then kemp in center field. anderson left field. johnson in right and billingsly on the mount for dodgers. and for the nationals. morgan over the last 12 games nationals center fielder, 15 for 46, three doubles, three triples, three steals, eight walks his average climbing up the ladder. 3 for 7 yesterday and then 2 for 4 on friday night. morgan will lead off, center field as you look at the rest of the starting line up.
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adam kennedy third, guzman second baseman. adam will visit with ray later on in the show. decemberdesmond the shortstop. so a pretty good solid line up top to bottom. you talk about the nationals offence let's not forget about defense there were gems pulled off in this ballpark yesterday by this club. >> yesterday and all yearlong. defense diving double play here, slow hit ball they got rid of that ball, diving play by gonzalez, coming up, done a terrific job over there. absence of zimmerman another great play. making a long play to first base. dunn. any time that shortstop gets over there, he is covering the hole. desmond improved that position
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because of that but watch this play, hammers against the wall, one of the best plays, seems to make a good one every day. can he go back? yes, he can. can he come in? a little enthusiasm. line shot, low sinker. getting away from him makes the catch again. without those plays we would have lost the game sooner but this ball club just played well. the graphic showed you so much and it all begins up the middle. kennedy, guzman, morgan and center so much better than last year. >> when harris got to the ball club yesterday he admitted this ball club will never give up an 80 game. >> just trying to make plays for the pitchers. that game today, i think it explains us. shows who we are. you can ask for a chance and
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had an opportunity just couldn't come through. >> i think that is all jim is asking for just have the opportunities hang in there give it your best shot you will lose some tough games. it will happen. >> last year how many times last year i said give them 27 out. >> too many times. >> too many times. >> this year we have done that. five streak without error. two in the game. solid game yesterday and when you go out and play that kind of defense, number one you limit or shorten the amount of pitches that your pitcher pitches, everybody stays sharp you feel like you are going to some times take hits away. we never took hits away from people in the past. i know willie did, nigel did later in the season. we have taken at least 14 hits away making diving plays. zimmerman has almost become a legend. he is out and gonzalez we
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haven't lost that much over there with him playing third base. dunn has made a great transition to third base. target to throw to. we have not allowed extra outs. >> i don't want you to go away quite yet fox but maybe you can talk to him. >> will do it. >> wondering about the starting pitchers. how good is he, how good is scott olsen, gnat's xtra pregraham here on masn and d -- pregame here on masn and dc 50 boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways -
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that nats xtra pregame, if you ride share to work sign up for the guaranteed ride home program. >> there are challenges for everybody. not that it is scott.
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there are tremendous challenges for everybody. they have hit. they have done a great job over there, in their scouting player development bringing guys along. made a great trade a few years ago to get kemp, martin a few home grown guys. they have a nice core of young players that are going to have to be dealt with in national league west and we are dealing with them now, national league west they deal with that line up, with philadelphia, when you play philadelphia, you have your hands full. i think that is the way the dodgers are perceived in the west. >> scott olsen knows he will have to improve what he did last start. only two winnings against colorado. >> well, he has to keep the ball down. he has averaged 125 innings. he elevates some times but you
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only elevate when you are ahead in the count you have the hitters thinking soft. outstanding change up with the curve ball. major leagues, it is time for him to hit the maturation process and i believe he is ready to do it. he is throwing around 90. spring training his biggest concern was his 83/84. he should do a good job against left handed bats. >> from the manager joe torey he will give the ball to billingsly. >> chad was one of the top 50 players in the game by sporting news last year shows you how he has done, won 47 games, 40 over the last three years. fourth in strike outs over that period of time. his earn run average has always been low 3s and just a true professional. i don't know if him or kerr
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shaw is true number one guy but in my mind they are just as good as two starters in the national league. >> billingsly has had some success. 3 and 0 against the nationals here in four starts. >> he has not given up anything here. 3 earned run average, 24 guys, 26 inks, he let the dodgers do wins last year. his road record is 18 and 10, under 3 earned on average, doesn't effect him to pitch off these mounds he is not familiar with. he can pitch across the top of any rotation and hold people down to 4 runs or less. >> last year, their 10th win of the season did not come until the 28th game of the year, may 8th. this will be way ahead of schedule they get this one today and win the series. >> yeah, we are playing well and you know, some times we say
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we, we get to be a part of this thing and i know that might not even be proper but the nationals are playing well and we being a big part of that we pull and live and die for them. i am just proud of the way they are playing. >> you can't be any prouder of anyone than adam dunn. i will throw it to you you talk to adam about his hitting and so forth. there he is now. >> he is a big boy. >> speedy isn't he. adam with ray when nats xtra pregame rolls on here
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welcome back. nats xtra pregame. adam dunn averaged up to 317, 13 hits, 3 home runs. he had two of those friday night again the dodgers. let's go to him standing down stairs with ray knight right
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now. >> reporter: thank you johnny. adam, the transition first base you look great over there, we talked about how you got the cannon arm and how much you have enjoyed it. >> that has been a lot of fun. i feel like i am in the game every pitch. you know, it is very fun and i am enjoying it. >> reporter: you have done a tremendous job over there in such a short time. swinging the bat, what are you working on now. >> now, i feel great now, it is just letting it go. you know, i am starting to feel really good in the box and seeing the ball but i am hesitant some times at swinging the bat but that is something that i am going to start working on being more aggressive. >> reporter: did you develop your batting eye at a young age or something that just got better? i know when you came up 2002,
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bob boone said you were the best hitting eye he had seen. >> i remember walking a lot in high school and really getting frustrated in high school because you only play two games a week and i wanted to hit. my dad always told me you can't score runs if you don't have runners on base. i have taken that to heart and just tried to get on base as much as i can. >> reporter: great acquisition for this ball club last year you coming here. you said you enjoy it. what is the difference of what this club is now compared to when you got here? >> attitude. when i got here no one really knew what we had and everyone went out and played this year coming into spring training the attitude was to win. baseball is a lot about attitude and we got some guys winning and kind of a different attitude. >> reporter: kind of a double headed question here, the ball
1:27 pm
you hit, upper deck, was the sort of ball i think you hit hundreds of them, how close was that to being your best ball? >> it was one of the best because i have been scuffling for so long and to finally square one was a really good feeling. as far as you know, probably timing and everything, you know, just clicking, it was up there. >> reporter: how does this ballpark compare to other ballparks? >> this is not -- i wouldn't call it a hitter. it is a big part but a fair park. if you hit it, it will go and you know, but it is definitely not a home run hitters park. >> reporter: adam thank you so much buddy. i love you man. >> thank you very much. congratulations adam for a nice start to the season.
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average continues to climb up. great match up on the mound. chad billingsly for the dodger, right hander, 1 and 0 and scott olsen looking for his first one of the year. bob and robert coming up next on masn
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>> a rocky starter took add van -- a rookie starter took advantage collecting his first big win. yesterday went back and forth, four hours before they pulled ahead to stay in the 13th. see if they can finish the home stand in style and hang on to win another series.
1:31 pm
it is time to get a grip on this weekend and win a series from the dodgers. it is dodgers and nats in the rubber game and the sun is trying to fight its way through here at nationals park. bob car penter, rob dibble. rob you were a player is it about taking the series one game one series at a time. >> rob dibble: yes, two out of four, play great at home, 500 on the road. we have been able to do this and taking 2 out of 6 from the reigning national league champs. now it is about winning the home stand and going to chicago where they are not playing well and down to florida where we haven't played well in the past. it would be a big kick in the behind going on the road to win
1:32 pm
six games. >> bob carpenter: this match up today is interesting because scott olsen has never beat on the dodgers. >> rob dibble: billingsly hasn't been right since post all-stars last year. >> bob carpenter: olsen knows there is some real good defense up the middle. jim raved about desmond yesterday. he is looking better and better on the shortstop side every day. [ male announcer ] looking for a price that starts low
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>> nationals baseball on masn brought to you by honda. the really big things sales event only at your honda dealer. >> bob carpenter: on a day that was grey and now sunny at the
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ballpark. they have one of their big guns, andre has the day off for now. blake their hero yesterday with a couple homers and 3 rbis. batting .316 they have a clean up man today who has not hit a home run. here is scott olsen, 0 and 3 against the dodgers. good day to turn that around and help us forget about scott's last start. rob i am sure he would love to. >> rob dibble: yes, as you said he has never beaten the dodgers. his last outing he lasted 2 inning, 51 pitches. should have good strong pitches. >> bob carpenter: turn around and bat right handed. dodgers 8 and 9, nats 9 and 9 on the year.
1:36 pm
right on time, 1:35 p.m., first pitch a little bit outside. lookout from the right side. only 2 for 12. as they continue to move the umpires around. phil has the plate, 12 year veteran. the crew chief crawford, total contrast to guzman, great from the left side, guzman great from the right side. this will be an easy out for willingham to start the day. 66 degrees there is some weather in the area. so far so good. daytime temperature brought by trane. to locate an independent dealer
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near you. >> rob dibble: good pitching by olsen. >> 1 for 6 in the pitch yesterday. on the corner. good heat today. we were concerned when olsen was throwing his fastball mid- 80s. got that turned around quickly. triple-a start in syracuse on a snowy day and been throwing much better since coming here. 2 and 4 in just 11 starts before injuries shut him down last year. another change up, 2 and 1. dodgers heading to new york after this, the nats on to chicago, and a date with alton so and the cubs starting
1:38 pm
tomorrow night. jim riddleman's ball club an overall record of 6 and 6. and a 2-2. >> rob dibble: up and in. he is right up on the dish. trying to wipe off that insideline too in the batters box. nice try. >> he tried to come in with martin tried to tie up his hands likes to go to right center field.
1:39 pm
>> bob carpenter: 3-2, drilled right up the middle. russell martin now, base hits, 2 consecutive at bats in this series. worked for kemper who gets bumped up to number 3 spot. moved up the clean up man, number 3 and loney in the clean up spot with blake to follow. going right right left right. max well in right field. harris a little shaken up after that collision with the wall yesterday. guzman up the middle, kennedy gets the start at third base. it is always good to see that name rodriguez receiving behind the plate. kemp in this series has been
1:40 pm
limited to two singles. they took place between 7th and 11th yesterday. still tied for if lead in rbis with brawn and cantu. he is the league leader in home runs at 7. this one is going to drop out in center field. martin makes the turn. morgan plays it well. second one out. >> rob dibble: last pitch is a good curve ball on outer half. gets the single. just have to get it a little lower, if he hits it he will pop it up or ground it out. he is getting the grounder up. >> bob carpenter: loney, four game hitting streak. as rob mentioned yesterday, a big guy, who goes 6'3", 220,
1:41 pm
but doesn't hit many home runs. very good line drive hitter and rbi man. >> rob dibble: he still does have home run potential. >> bob carpenter: a lot of good hitters hit into double plays. loney three of them already, most on the dodgers. >> rob dibble: very nice. be convicted. throw every pitch like it is the last one you are ever going to throw. loney like the first three hitters looking a little longer at these breaking balls. you see him pull off of it.
1:42 pm
ups store on the pitch track. not going to hit that if you are stepping towards first base. >> bob carpenter: reaching, base hit to center. dodgers have the bases loaded. 2 little players in a row up the middle. >> rob dibble: a pitch way too hittable considering the account at that time. 0-2. now yesterday's hero blake. this is just not a good 0-2 pitch. yes, it is far outside but when you are thinking a breaking ball when you missed on the one before. see him, i talked about this before bob, the quickest way to stop on a baseball field is slide and martin and he taught that, keep coming and keep coming until larry stops you that is what he had to do.
1:43 pm
now you got a slow runner now you got to think ground ball double play to get out of the inning. >> bob carpenter: first pitch change up and a strike. more like an ap basketball really, about 85. half way between his change and fastball. nationals defense under pressure here. they turned 17 double plays. >> rob dibble: everyone of the dodger hitters is standing on the end line and trying to dig it out so umpire can't make them get back in the box. that gives them an extra millisecond. if it gets deep on a righty he can pull it. that is why you have to pitch
1:44 pm
inside scott doesn't have the 95 fastball he is around 88 to 90, breaking ball 82. unless you get in on them they are not intimidated. >> another 0-2 count. a change up high and tight here or go outside. he does come inside. looked like a hard breaking ball and strikes out blake for a very important second out. >> rob dibble: you needed that with a one out. ground ball double play he gets it on the great breaking ball. be convicted, throw it with everything you got that is exactly what he did. a perfect pitch down in the dirt. if you are going to miss, bob, miss low. >> bob carpenter: now beliard who had a couple hits here on friday night. he loves to jump on first pitch
1:45 pm
fastballs. be careful here. he goes 84. a little off speed gets a strike. typical not a lot of at bats, 27 but 11 hits already. >> rob dibble: likes the ball inner half. >> bob carpenter: third hitter in a row, 0 and 2. >> rob dibble: check that out. that is a great job starting rotation done last 9 games. first nine. >> that is good considering the game against milwaukee and colorado. >> that just shows you we are keeping the offence in the game long enough to give them a chance to win. >> innings up, walks down. [ applause ] >> bob carpenter: you don't
1:46 pm
have to throw ronne a strike to get him out. in the air to center, nighle morgan is tracking it in the sun [ man ] ladies and gentlemen, the 57th president of the united states. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastest 3g network. this mother's day, get 50% off all messaging phones after mail-in rebate, like the pantech reveal, only from at&t. anncr vo: with the new ate, anncr vo: can get help gwith a flat tire.... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station...
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anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncr vo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... caveman: where's my coat? it was suede with the fringe. vo: download the glovebox app free at well, nats dodge one, morgan is
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coming alive. 5 of 11 in this series, a couple rbis. scored a run, stolen bases. atop the triples chart. kennedy is in there today. rodriguez is back in. nats face 25-year-old right- hander billingsly. 16 wins two years ago, 12 and 11 last year. he manages to keep that er rate down consistently. >> rob dibble: 9 and 4 with era, young but experienced like olsen. 25, this is his 104th start and his last outing was atrocious. 56 pitches, p runs, 4 earned. >> bob carpenter: batting .326 now, elevating his average to
1:49 pm
273. on base percentage, 377. counts even 1-1. the hottest team in baseball under way today, cincinnati and padres who won 8 in a row, scoreless third inning. base hit left field. nigh gel starting to stay on the ball better now rob. >> rob dibble: he does his best work when he is trying to make contact. doesn't need to punish as much as he thinks he does. good contact hitter slaps the ball and run. don't slap the first call. pitch up gets it in the middle to have bat, strokes it into left field. >> bob carpenter: here is kennedy. he is good to have in this
1:50 pm
spot. very experienced hitter, he can take a couple pitches, maybe give the running game a chance to get going. nats stole 20 bases, most in the national league. kennedy doesn't mind hitting with two strike counts, morgan holding ball two. tampa bay with 21 stolen bases leads major leagues. rangers also have 20. like the nats. >> rob dibble: phillys last year though, even the big guys, willingham had four stolen bases. they will send certain guys in certain situations. you are a good baser you should be able to steal second.
1:51 pm
not about speed, about getting that good jump. >> bob carpenter: unbelievable jump. he was half way to second base before billingsly even let go of the ball. 2-1. no body out. >> rob dibble: i think he noticed with billingsly he barely peeks over with peripheral vision. he does what he does best and ends up walking kennedy. >> bob carpenter: guzman as i mentioned earlier needs to gear things up for left side of the plate. only 7 for 34 batting left handed. he has to make sure he does not hit a ball right at some body here. guzman is not always the kind
1:52 pm
of guy who changes his hitting approach much because of the situation. back easily is kennedy. guzman all seven of his rbis in a situation like this. the home plate umpire, not sure why. >> they are getting on him about the strike zone right now. >> bob carpenter: great speed out there. morgan and kennedy. great count to guzman with dunn
1:53 pm
on deck. guzman bunts it. something he doesn't do very often but very well done. probably bunting for a hit. they will give him a sacrifice. >> rob dibble: by the way bob, it is very effective. if it has gotten by billingsly he does well for a big man trying to get this ball. almost got by billingsly, beliard would never have got that in time.
1:54 pm
at least they move it into scoring position for big bad dunnnn >> bob carpenter: adam dunn, 200 career. they have seen each other 10 times. that will drive in a run well played to keep it out of right field. dunn collects rbi number 8, nationals take the lead kennedy over to third on the play. >> rob dibble: looks like he just got out in front of a breaking ball right here. a hanging breaking ball he gets
1:55 pm
in front of. beliard is able to get him out bob here is willing ham josh has been on base six times in this series, he is second in the league in walks, most walked batter in the league continues to be david rake as mets try to give him some protection in that line up. big off speed breaking ball.
1:56 pm
>> rob dibble: where was that? 2 and 1. looked like a good pitch right here, 1-1, good breaking ball maybe a little up, but those are tough to call balls when they are right in the heart of the plate and right mid-section of the hitter. >> bob carpenter: under his hands a running fastball. 2 and 2. >> rob dibble: toughest part of yesterday's game, bob, we stranded a runner, second position, 2nd inning to the 9th. we weren't able to put kerrshaw away. >> bob carpenter: 15 runners stranded yesterday in 4-3 loss. >> rob dibble: i look at it as a positive you had those guys in scoring position all day. once zimmerman gets out there, we didn't have him most of the
1:57 pm
game. we will cash in on more of those runs. >> bob carpenter: willingham. strikes him out. a walk a bunt and a ground ball. [ male announcer ] looking for a price that starts low
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and stays low? look no further than fios. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. fios delivers the best channel lineup and the peace of mind that comes with paying the same low price every month. call 1.888.get.fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2-year agreement. a price guaranteed for 2 years. we'll even include a free dvr for 6 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> first four dodgers. >> rob dibble: we have had
1:59 pm
trouble all season you want to set the tone shutting them down without a big goose egg. he got beliard on an 0-2 pitch. if you are going to miss with the breaking stuff, make sure it is down. nice to get out of that first inning without giving up a run. >> bob carpenter: anderson in the line up today again. 5 for 31. 2 for 10 as a pinch-hitter for torey. long time angel in the line up. 36 years of age. over 2500 hits just when the 09 season ended. 91 players in the history of baseball have reached 2500
2:00 pm
hits. and olsen makes quick work of him with his second strike out. >> rob dibble: i would like to see much more of that from scott. once you get a guy in a situation, put him away. throw your great breaking ball right at his hip. he can't layoff of that. >> bob carpenter: 33-year-old outfielder johnson is next. you know how john madden had his all madden team and tough guys. >> rob dibble: going to have the all carp penter team? >> bob carpenter: i have a feeling if there was an all dibble team he would be on your team. >> rob dibble: he will run into a wall for you that is what you want from players. harris is on my team. >> bob carpenter: i was
2:01 pm
figuring hot rod. >> rob dibble: he hammers into walls, dives. we have a lot of guys. this is one of the better teams i have seen. >> bob carpenter: 1-1 to reed johnson. near the left field line. willingham is there. four in a row for olsen. dead lumber on that. billingsly. >> rob dibble: kindling wood. >> bob carpenter: debbi taylor is with us today. where is debbi? i see her down there. she is waving at us from her pitt down by the dug out. >> rob dibble: it was cold yesterday. >> bob carpenter: debbi taylor and others celebrating screeches birthday. >> reporter: how old is he?
2:02 pm
>> five. >> bob carpenter: he was born april 25th, rfk stadium, 05. >> rob dibble: a little chunky first few years. mama was feeding him too many worms. he didn't have to jump he fell out of the nest. >> bob carpenter: broke the branch. 11 rbis. happy birthday to our mascot. two balls and a strike. that's right in there. this is the time of the game when you can love being in the national league if you are a pitcher. go after the opposing hurler. threw him a breaking ball, billingsly managed to get a
2:03 pm
piece of. >> rob dibble: i think if he can elevate his fastball, he will have trouble laying off of it. >> bob carpenter: he will look at his trademark. >> rob dibble: tardy but still made some contact. i am thinking with that lower half that billingsly own, he probably has a little bit of pop in that bat. >> bob carpenter: big kid, 6'1", 240. if i am on the nats and this team gets into a scrap with donors i am staying away from -- dodgers, i am staying away from three. >> rob dibble: if kemp catches you, you are in trouble. >> bob carpenter: 3-2. he will layoff me because of the
2:04 pm
oklahoma connection. i have a little in there. i didn't know when they cleared the benches the broadcast booths. >> rob dibble: absolutely. i am going after lions. >> bob carpenter: i can take charlie steiner i'm pretty sure. 3-2 billingsly. there is a called strike. coming up. desmond and max well to follow
2:05 pm
2:06 pm
>> bob carpenter: six, seven and eight, time for our sideline report with debbi taylor. >> reporter: well, they have been dealing with a banged up bench. harris is still working with a sore knee. he had an mri he told me today he has fluid in the knee. that is all the mri showed. he was slated to be in the line up today but that was switched and so we probably won't see him at all today. meanwhile, zimmerman took batting practice today he told me he feels good. jim also said he should be in the line up wednesday in chicago, a day game and supposed to be a little nasty weather wise monday and tuesday chicago. >> bob carpenter: a lot of weather passed through the midwest and southeastern part
2:07 pm
of the country last few days. it will be nippy in chicago, night games, monday tuesday, day game wednesday. can't wait to see ryan back in there. good to see fudge in there. came off the bench, delivered a pinch hit almost set the nats up for a win. >> rob dibble: talking about bad weather our thoughts and prayers go out to the people down in mississippi. >> bob carpenter: they have had a lot to deal with over the last few years. >> rob dibble: some nasty tornadoes hurt a lot of people. >> bob carpenter: down in young's neighbourhood. our friend jeff brantly from cincinnati reds has family in mississippi. two balls and strike to pudge with max well to follow in the second. san diego padres are up 2-0 at cincinnati. gonzalez in the fourth, hitting
2:08 pm
a sixth home run of the year. trying to win their 9th in a row. home run swing. he has done that 305 times. batting average leading the league and all of baseball. no one in the american league hitting 400 any more. scott of the royals hitting 397. and no one will hit 400 this year again. might be along with diimaginemaggi -- dimaggios hitting streak. the marks almost impossible. broken bat. got by the pitcher. beliard scoops it. that is four in a row for
2:09 pm
billingsly. thursday, friday, saturday when nats are home, miller lite party night. get a score board pavilion seat and drink voucher for a low price. come early featuring five dollar beers. >> rob dibble: five dollar bills. >> bob carpenter: beers. the next one will be thursday may 6th braves are here then marlins here that weekend. desmond, 2 for 7. popped up short center. going to drift with the breeze. have a breeze moving away from home plate today for a change. why the weather is a little warmer and milder today. not coming from the north. that is the second out here
2:10 pm
with max welcoming out. john lannan and silva from wrigley, lewis goes against demister the cubs best starter. >> not bad. other child made some adjustments. >> bob carpenter: he rejoined the nats last time they were at wrigley field. if i was young luis i would be hanging out behind him too. 0-2 pitch to max well trying to get a board to get olsen to the plate in second. >> rob dibble: stays up here a few months, he will get new
2:11 pm
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2:13 pm
>> bob carpenter: we are every mascot in the area here in the booth celebrating screeches birthday. my gosh. the caps, wizards, ravens, wow. let's have a look at our two times two, friday and saturday, washington freedom here, adam dunn two home runs. happy birthday to screech has all of his buddies here with him. >> rob dibble: screech brought us some cupcakes too. call today for the luna double and get your flooring free bob.
2:14 pm
>> bob carpenter: wow. >> rob dibble: some extra feathers here. >> bob carpenter: buntling the ball and having adam dunn wait for him. first out top of the third. so an easy out for olsen to start his beginning. martin and kemp each have base hits. that might be the most interesting visit in the booth we have had by a mascot since billy the marlin visited us in florida a couple years ago. >> rob dibble: does it top the president, bob? >> bob carpenter: no, you kidding. >> rob dibble: isn't the president's call sign eagle one? >> bob carpenter: i think it is. >> rob dibble: he is the head
2:15 pm
eagle. >> bob carpenter: symbol of our country. way out ahead of that one. looks like kennedy was going to cut it off. must have been desmond calling him off because adam pulled up at the end and ian showed off that beautiful arm of his. >> rob dibble: adam kennedy gives way to the guy with the rocket over there, shortstop. remember the shortstop, special position. captain of the infield, center field if he wants the ball he can take it. >> bob carpenter: we talked about this one, ryan zimmerman. he doesn't have to catch every ball on the infield. gonyses to have a young arm over there. >> bob carpenter: with range two spaces empty matt kemp. >> rob dibble: the pitcher when you know defense is solid behind you you take more chances on the hill. you will say i know if this is not where i want it someone
2:16 pm
will catch it. >> bob carpenter: 36 pitches, including 21 in the first . broken bat. desmond again. how about a 7 pitch, third inning for olsen. he has retired 8 dodgers in a row
2:17 pm
2:18 pm
>> bob carpenter: welcome back to nationals park. a great place to watch a game. beautiful seats looking down the line. standing and honouring our injured veterans. we do that in the third inning every single day.
2:19 pm
it makes us never forget our men and women out there making sacrifices for us. we thank our troops for all the wonderful things they do here and abroad, dine corp. international troop recognition. scott olsen is a good hitter. 157 career hacker, 15 rbis. nasty breaking ball from billingsly. and a very quick strike out to strike out bottom of the third. >> rob dibble: we want to apply some more pressure to billingsly. keep applying pressure make
2:20 pm
this guy work. hopefully nigel can get his way on base. >> bob carpenter: 297 batting average. kansas city leads .296. when the donors came to town they were batting 311. limiting them to 5 runs, 16 hits when you consider tory's office us up there yesterday. that hits morgan in the foot. quickly strike 2. >> rob dibble: i just love the fact that he is so thought of by jeter he still calls him mr. tory. >> bob carpenter: they sent manny ramirez home to rehab his calf plus the weather in
2:21 pm
southern california will be more conducive to rehab. manny ramirez has left the dodgers and gone back home. knowing manny he probably wanted to go to new york whether he is playing or not. >> rob dibble: well, he is from washington heights any way. >> bob carpenter: he never shied away from the lime light. >> rob dibble: yeah, but he's in hollywood. >> bob carpenter: in new york they follow you everywhere in l.a. you are yesterday's news if you are not playing. can you image if they place imwith the red sox. >> rob dibble: craziness. >> bob carpenter: june 18th, 19th, 20th, dodgers will be in
2:22 pm
boston to play three games interleague baseball. >> rob dibble: that will be a tough ticket to get. >> bob carpenter: so speed demon is aboard he didn't try to run last time until the count went to 3 and 0 on the pitch when morgan had second base stolen. kennedy walked. completes this at bat. front foot to the cut of the grass nationals 20 stolen bases and 25 attempts. struck out 6 times. runner holds. strike. even dunn the biggest strike out guy on the club only struck out two times more than he
2:23 pm
walked. willingham, eight strike outs, 17 walks, so nats are really a ball club that makes the other teams staff work the count. he's running. breaking ball up. on target and morgan is out. he knows it. martin only guns out his second runner of the year and morgan now in 5 steals,. >> rob dibble: martin does a great job. all about the footwork and quick throw. very accurate right there. are fa yell coming in because the left hander is hitting to make that tag. >> bob carpenter: 0-2 to kennedy now. pop it up the center. on to the
2:24 pm
middle innings.
2:25 pm
>> bob carpenter: game summary, nyjer morgan, 2 for 2. billingsly after giving up a run early, olsen wiggling out
2:26 pm
of a bases loaded jam in the first. >> rob dibble: bases loaded, 1 out, now rolling along striking out ander son, going after kemp, getting a ground ball at 7 pitch third inning. here we are top of the 4th. 1-0. great job by olsen. a little rusty coming out of first inning. >> bob carpenter: on family fun day at the ballpark. a lot of momdads and little ones here today having a great time. breaking ball to loney. by the way, they just presented screech with a birthday cake with all the mascots down on the dug out. he promptly went up the stairs and found a guy with a dodger hat and t-shirt on and that young man is now wearing that birthday cake. and a 1-1 to loney.
2:27 pm
olsen hasn't given up the base hit since loney flaired one to center. a lot of 0-2. 1-2 counts here. loney walks away as olsen strike out victim. >> rob dibble: 47 pitches, 36 for strikes. when you are around the plate, maybe just off the plate if you are hitting your spot you are going to get these calls. i think he might throw a cutter. >> bob carpenter: late movement to it but not the sweep of his curve ball. here is casey blake.
2:28 pm
he is really varying his speeds, up to 91. that was 87. seen 85, 84, 82. hitting timing that ball tapped to left field it will stay in the park and short off the wall as olsen left an off speed pitch upstairs. blake is an experienced hitter and a great mistake hitter. >> rob dibble: i told you this last year about raoul i believed when he was crushing our guys he was looking off speed. blake, yesterday, off speed pitch. this is a bad breaking ball in the breaking zone. you hang it they will bang it. got to get those off speed pitches down. make a mistake. make it low. >> bob carpenter: next up belliard already saved a run for the dodgers today. on that good pick of dunns
2:29 pm
drive back in the first. kennedy would have scored from second. hacks one to left, willingham is there. ronnie hitting that ball extremely hard. two outs. your child can be part of the coolest club in nats town. junior nationals kit club full of benefits for kids ages 12 and younger. go to nats to register. kids got ball caps today. really nice looking red curly w caps from our friends at smith field. they make many of the great food products you will see at harris feeter and many other markets around the dc area. ander son, struck out swinging first time up.
2:30 pm
front door breaking ball had him leaning back. four hits in this series. three of them have gone for extra bases. 2 home runs. he has a huge lead at second. >> rob dibble: you can step off your pitcher you don't need your shortstop to get behind him. >> bob carpenter: poll >> bob carpenter: olsen stared him down and then got extra time for the home plate umpire. >> rob dibble: you can walk you walk right towards him. blake is not going to make him stop. >> bob carpenter: well stopped by rodriguez on a ball that bounced before it got to the front of the batters box. >> rob dibble: this is the guy
2:31 pm
you don't want to get out of here. you don't want a johnson coming up. >> bob carpenter: anderson waving at that breaking ball, strike 2. >> rob dibble: very nice differential. changing speed. keeping the dodgers off balance. great 80-mile an hour breaking ball. i don't even think that was the good one. he can either come over the top or decide on one that can sweep. >> bob carpenter: reaching again. olsen going to throw a lot of pitches today because of the strike outs. five of them already.
2:32 pm
great do ups with guzman, dunn and here comes josh
2:33 pm
>> bob carpenter: george literally running away with it. but it was mayhem as he was met by all the mascots. even though george is top heavy they couldn't knock him off his feet. >> rob dibble: couldn't chop
2:34 pm
him down. they tried. >> bob carpenter: man that is the toughest sequence george had since valley forge but he got out of it. guzman followed out of play. >> rob dibble: you know vegas has odds on teddy winning this. 1,000 to 1. >> bob carpenter: that might be worth a c note. guzman hacks one base hit. his second hit of the series. nats third hit of this afternoon. lead off man aboard in the fourth. let's check with debbi taylor. >> reporter: we all know rick works meticulously with the nats players. here is adam dunn on his
2:35 pm
hitting coach. >> he knows my swing better than i know it. he works harder than anyone i have seen in my life. he is a guy you can trust. >> reporter: a guy so well respected around baseball and definitely earned it. bob,. >> bob carpenter: that eckstein name doesn't hurt. he had a walk-off homer the other night for the padres. i remember a conversation i had with rick at spring training. we were down there for the first time. wanted to find out who was swinging and who wasn't. he said i don't want any of my guys to think they are not swinging the bat really well and getting their work done. much too emily in spring training to tell what -- early in spring training to tell what kind of season they are going to have. i think that statement by dunn is remarkable. a guy who has been in the league, 10, 12 years and says
2:36 pm
his batting coach knows his swing better than he does. >> rob dibble: his batting coach was in his room until 3:00 a.m. they were working one night so long so hard. he is going to do what it takes to get these guys right. that is with a you want of all your coaches. >> bob carpenter: scorched one to the right side. nearly a 2 run single. big shift on, with a man on. belliard through him out. adam will strike out for the 18th time this year. 4 ks for billingsly, olsen five. here is our next five coming up all on the road. 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night, lannen and silva. tuesday first pitch 2:20 p.m. then after a day off on to see
2:37 pm
marlins for the first time this year. >> rob dibble: who is pitching for florida today. chris volstad. we will see him friday or saturday at dolphin stadium or whatever they call it this year. >> bob carpenter: willingham just got under that one. 2 outs. talks about that mill meter or fraction of an inch on the bat. >> rob dibble: that ball was hit hard some times dropping your shoulder, dropping your back knee, that is what rick eckstein is trying to get these guys to have level swings. see the head down, comes through. good pitch by billingsly.
2:38 pm
getting inside the sweet spot. >> bob carpenter: rodriguez grounded out to 2nd, his first time up today. 299 career hitter coming in. 305 home runs, 1,272 rbis. all time leader in doubles by a catcher. with 554. >> rob dibble: like alamar he will have trouble getting in on the first ballot. i'm kidding. it was atrocious alamar didn't go in on the first ballot. rodriguez, because a few guys refused to vote because they don't want everyone to go in
2:39 pm
unanimously. he won't get every vote and should. how did ted williams not get a unanimous vote into the hall of fame. >> bob carpenter: some knuckle head didn't like him probably a guy from new york. unreachable for belliard. loney and johnson the other two. >> rob dibble: belliard giving chase then hits the wall hard like he jammed his knee a little bit. there is a long run for reed
2:40 pm
johnson and loney. best angle is your second baseman. >> bob carpenter: they have to respect rosary guess as a gap shooter. -- rodriguez as a gap shooter. hard to play him to pole. fight off the 2-2 pitch. desmond waiting, rodriguez can continue this fourth inning. nats lead 1-0 on an adam dunn sharp single, kennedy walk, guzman sacrifice. >> rob dibble: we have had billingsly a couple times looked like we were going to get to him and either a caught feeling or strike him out something ends the inning
2:41 pm
abruptly, string together 3, 4 hits off this guy. >> bob carpenter: your chances increase the longer the at bat goes. pitch number 7 is coming. up and in with a fastball. five plays for billingsly who kept pounding the inside against the league's best hitter
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
>> bob carpenter: smile you are on masn. family fun day here at the ballpark. here is our at&t trivia. prior to luis who were the last two national starters to win their major league debut. >> rob dibble: i know one. zimmerman. >> bob carpenter: at city field last year. i know it wasn't john lenan who got thrown out of his. >> rob dibble: was it patterson? did he play here? >> bob carpenter: oh, yeah. came from montreal. >> rob dibble: so if he got in with the expos it doesn't count? >> bob carpenter: said
2:44 pm
nationals. i think i've got it. i think it was collin baluster at florida two years ago. let's go with ball with ball luster and zimmerman. pitcher up next then for call fifth inning. reds have tied the game in cincinnati against the padres. reds got 2 in the fourth.
2:45 pm
pittsburgh got a run in the second at houston astros came right back with a homer. lance his first of the year, they lead 2-1. cubs all over the brewers at milwaukee. 5-0. swing and miss on a heart breaking ball. down and in. he has hit his third for the cubs in that game. the other national league games going on. >> rob dibble: throw with conviction, hard, down and in. righty thinks it is fat he can hit it. your ankles -- great grip, pulls down hard, left elbow to your right knee, follow through. >> bob carpenter: you will get nothing and like it. you pitchers are tough guys. >> rob dibble: that is from caddy shack again. >> bob carpenter: your guy ted
2:46 pm
baxter, knight, his nephew and the kid's whining, i want -- >> rob dibble: you will get nothing, spalding is his name. you will get nothing and like it. >> bob carpenter: we get quotes with complete context. very impressive. that is the strike to billingsly. one and two. top of the order next. raphael for a call. baltimore trying to break a 5 game losing streak. 1-0 lead in the fourth at boston. minnesota winning again. they are 13 and 5. 2-1 at kansas city. ball three. toronto under way at tampa bay.
2:47 pm
no score down there. tampa bay and minnesota, best balls in baseball. and olsen walks the pitcher. had him 1 and 2. missed 3 times in a row just about the same location. first walk of the day. >> rob dibble: wow you don't want to walk the pitcher. a little extra special. giddy up right there. >> bob carpenter: raquel tough to double up. you will face martin. >> rob dibble: i take my chances make billingsly run the bases a little bit. >> bob carpenter: adam dunn will hold him. tapping the grove to let him know he is here. >> rob dibble: there is other ways to get pitchers out of games. running the bases is one of them. >> bob carpenter: we saw yesterday pitchers running the bases. you never know what is going to
2:48 pm
happen. i guarantee you 99% of major league ball players, pitcher position players coming home on a play like stammen yesterday would have done just about the exact same thing never dreaming the guy behind them would be thrown out at third. not making excuses but it was anen usual play for the pitcher to be involved in. that was a strike. >> rob dibble: i agree, nyjer morgan shouldn't have gotten called out at third. i bet it won't happen again. i bet craig stammen will never slow upcoming across the plate and nyjer will never make the
2:49 pm
third out at third. it was a lesson learned. a little bit of school yesterday. but as jim said defense in that game and the way guys were playing their hearts out, tough that someone has got to lose especially if it is us. >> bob carpenter: that was a tough one to lose. it was. >> bob carpenter: up and away. gone. 7 strike outs for olsen. you know rob, it does make it a little easier when you lose a game like that yesterday, putting you back to 500 when you can't buy a win. here is a breaking ball up in the zone. >> rob dibble: it jams and he does an emergency hack at the end. he is not happy about it. you will take them some times
2:50 pm
as a pitcher. >> bob carpenter: 2 outs now. martin. shipped the ball up the middle twice. baser and a grounder to short. way in on his hands. effectively pitching to dodger right handers today. jammed in severely, pop up left field, willingham is there. another 0 on the board for olsen. desmond, max well and the
2:51 pm
pitcher coming right up [ man ] ladies and gentlemen, the 57th president of the united states. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastest 3g network. this mother's day, get 50% off all messaging phones after mail-in rebate, like the pantech reveal, only from at&t.
2:52 pm
>> reporter: a beautiful sunday afternoon at the ballpark. earlier today i asked jim about the impressive defense of desmond at shortstop he told me both i an and the dodgers shortstop have been outstanding. >> balls were hit by good base runners, guys who can really get down the line. for them, kemp, cal, and us, guzman, desmond. both shortstops made tough place able to get enough on their throws to get the guy to first. both guys involved in double plays. a real clinic for shortstops in the series. >> reporter: ian looks comfortable at short and acts like he belongs here guys.
2:53 pm
>> bob carpenter: he is one of those old fashioned baseball guys who agree with the adage if you have a ball club and have to get offence from your catcheryou don't have a good ball club. did a young desmond and rodriguez he has all he could want from those two key spots on the field. >> rob dibble: you can wait for offence but not defense. terrific in the field. a lot of pop at the plate. at times takes too big of a swing but some really clutch it fast up here and also really patient getting in a jam to get something he could defend. just give rick a little bit more time. i think he will be fine. >> bob carpenter: to center first time, 2 for 8 in the series. and batting .235 here in the early going. >> rob dibble: you are looking
2:54 pm
at a club with dodgers, it took loney, and kemp to get it a few years and once they did there was no stopping them. >> bob carpenter: they have been in the files last two years. maxwell and olsen the next two. let's see if we got it at&t trivia. rob said zimmerman i said ball ball steer. >> rob dibble: very nice. >> balluster two years ago. maybe someone down there at double a or triple-a that will do it again.
2:55 pm
lewis has earned himself another start or two or three or four. that spot in rotation will be open for awhile as jason could be out for up to 6 weeks. maxwell struck outlooking on a nasty breaking ball and billingsly has him 02. he laces this one stabs it for second out. >> rob dibble: wrong place to hit it. left side of that dodger infield. >> bob carpenter: see him moving his hand. it was hit so hard it didn't have spin it was knuckling on him. you talk about the 70-mile an hour knuckle ball how about 120- mile an hour knuckle ball coming off a bat. >> rob dibble: it stung. you hit it at the wrong guy. one of the better glove men in the business some of his throws over the years with that arm, it's going to happen.
2:56 pm
>> bob carpenter: billingsly is cruising 1 and 1. >> rob dibble: he settled into a groove nicely. now his fastballs are getting stronger. >> bob carpenter: he retired last of the 6 of the 7 and olsen retired 14 of the last 16 dodgers. and on get away day, this one into the sixth inning. one, two, three for billingsly,
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
>> bob carpenter: put some of those in the tank you will go a long long way. top of the sixth inning on a hot wings sunday afternoon. good ball game. nats lead, dunn, rbi grounder back in the first. morgan manufactured a run. star of the day, pitching of
2:59 pm
olsen. >> rob dibble: we needed him to come up big he has done so so far. 71 pitches, 7 k through 5 innings kept dodgers off the board so far. hope to continue a couple more innings get them a couple more runs and get on with playing,. >> bob carpenter: 52 strikes, 19 balls. >> rob dibble: let's not tell him. let's not wake him up. >> reporter: blake, dodgers in the sixth. another first pitch strike. >> rob dibble: by the way, mr. billingsly's kid not doing too bad either on the dodgers side. >> bob carpenter: kennedy has it, third base for the the first time in his big league career with oakland last year. looks very comfortable today.
3:00 pm
>> rob dibble: well, pretty much every infielder on our staff can play third base and has done so thus far and adam kennedy doing a great job moving around the infield. hasn't played a lot of short but second, third and first. >> bob carpenter: started 78 games for the first. reliable veteran adam kennedy. all those guys are saying yeah, we can play zimmerman's position. >> rob dibble: cool club, we can play over there. we do want them back. we need that offence. >> bob carpenter: loney, base and strike out. olsen working quickly getting ahead.
3:01 pm
breaking ball, a little bit low, 2 and 1. can't >> rob dibble: can't really get hurt out there. only thing he can do is smack it into left field. >> bob carpenter: 2 and 1. morgan cruising, two outs. just beyond the 3:00 p.m. hour here at nationals park in our nations capital. a 1-0. nats lead here with scott olsen pitching brilliantly, bob car penter, rob dibble, debbi taylor and our masn hd crew.
3:02 pm
counts with movement by scott olsen. way out ahead of it. >> rob dibble: i would like to see him come up and in. two of his best hits have been bad off speed pitches. speeding up his bat . nice try
3:03 pm
throwing a lot of strikes, 2-2 pitch. hard to believe a guy wouldn't get that call in the sixth inning of a very good start. >> bob carpenter: he is hearing about it from the dug out. >> rob dibble: it was a little low. >> bob carpenter: pitch track had the upper half of if ball on that line. -- of the ball on that line. now in the first inning, but sixth inning? 3-2 coming. bases empty, 3 outs. left unupstairs, blake makes him pay for it. they have having quite a series, 5 hits, 8 at bats. >> four of them have been off speed up in his face.
3:04 pm
>> bob carpenter: so he hasn't proven he can hit the fastball. >> rob dibble: no, he hit one home run on a fastball that was up but ever thing else is a breaking ball up. you over throw the breaking ball and leave it up. right now casey is looking like he is looking breaking ball. not hitting with a lot of authority. now he is loving life. all these meat balls up in his face this guy is not going to get cheated up there. >> bob carpenter: belliard, first pitch swinging last time. 0 for 2. 2 for 6 with a walk in the series. make the same mistake he just made to blake. >> rob dibble: he will be out of here. he is looking center of the plate. in on himself.
3:05 pm
wide open stance. >> bob carpenter: high change up. might want to check to make sure his spikes are still tied. >> rob dibble: i would take ronnie in a home running contest. look at that swing. >> bob carpenter: his 100th career home run a couple years ago with the nats. >> rob dibble: used to play with a kid named fred dee garcia. little man with power. center fielder 5'4". >> bob carpenter: ronnie hit 113 career homers. >> rob dibble: heads up. you see that pitcher with the pirates get hit in the back of the head? >> bob carpenter: no. >> rob dibble: he was on his 12th pitch of the game. it was a rock i think it was burg man and hit him in the
3:06 pm
back of the head. we hope he is all right. he was bleeding from the nose and ears. did walk-off by his own power but man. tough day for you if you are a starting pitcher. >> bob carpenter: one and two to belliard, target is in. better get it way in there. check of blake. senates on top, 1-0. dodgers have out hit the nationals 5-3. blake has attempted one this
3:07 pm
year and been caught. olsen 33 and 42 career. start number 115. never beat on the dodgers. batting ra of 7.30, tumbling by the inning in his career against this ball club. 2-2 to belliard. ronnie waiting for an off speed pitch, popping it up to left
3:08 pm
center. jeff willingham makes that catch. nyjer today, 2 for 2. run scored. caught stealing but with his 2 for 2 his batting average now .294 ok no further than fios. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. fios delivers the best channel lineup and the peace of mind that comes with paying the same low price every month. call 1.888.get.fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2-year agreement. a price guaranteed for 2 years. we'll even include a free dvr for 6 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
3:09 pm
>> bob carpenter: we were wondering which scott olsen would show up today. the best scott olsen of the
3:10 pm
year showed up. >> rob dibble: he has a great breaking ball. broke it out against the phillys. for him to be effective he has to get it over early in the count. he has been doing a beautiful job getting guys, 0-2, 1-2 all day. he is putting people away with that over hand curve ball and side hand curve ball. having anotherrier out,. >> bob carpenter: and billingsly, just got nyjer morgan out. next kennedy followed by guzman . >> rob dibble: chad also had great stuff all day.
3:11 pm
that makes that 91 fastball. great move you just saw it on that one, makes it that much harder. when you throw an 80-mile an hour change up, makes that 92 look like 95. gives it an extra yard as they used to call it. extra yard on the fastball. >> bob carpenter: kennedy pulls one foul. clifford has been very good lately. at times untouchable. kennedy rips one right at belliard. 2 quick outs here in the bottom of the sixth. manufacturing a runner, right around that first time out.
3:12 pm
>> rob dibble: nigher started it -- nyjer started it off, then kennedy and then dunn with the smash. belliard acting like he is 22 again, playing some great d. save the ball. >> bob carpenter: guzman, 1 for 2, rather 1 for 1. sacrifice back in the first. moved nyjer morgan over to third base from where he was able to score on that smash by dunn. right off the end of the bat in left center. if they converge. the ball is on the ground.
3:13 pm
guzman at 2nd base with two outs on a betweener. that saw kemp and anderson nearly collide dangerously. guzman will get a gift double there. >> rob dibble: well, anderson gets into no man's land coming towards center field. right-of-way. especially when he is 6'4", 240 but kemp had to kind of tail off at the end. see him go away from the outfielder, they felt each other just enough to get in there but the leftfielder has to give way to center fielder especially you don't want to get hit by kemp. and walk out on dunn now. >> bob carpenter: this will be the second walk of the day by billingsly. ander son doesn't have nearly
3:14 pm
the range kemp does. that hurts the dodgers, willingham will have the chance to put the nats further ahead here when they decide to pitch to him. dunn will walk for the 16th time this year. the hammer is 0 for 2. strike out and fly to left. up with 2 on. 2 out. you can sign up to become a nats insider latest news, promotions, ticket deals go straight to the inbox on your computer visit start saving today. every pitch now, every swing, huge at this stage of a 1-0 game. >> rob dibble: would you not
3:15 pm
say though the last couple of weeks we watched some very well pitched ball games other than the 10 run first. >> bob carpenter: this is baseball here. a 1 nothing game, a 2 nothing game. these are things of beauty. managers love this. whywhitey who loves the manoeuvring of the national league. to layoff a nasty breaking pitch 1-1. >> rob dibble: if you have watched the padres on their winning streak, their pitching has been fantastic. a lot of young guys, a lot of guys who are not supposed to be pitching as well this early then getting enough runs to win. you get defense in there, like really well played defensive games. not many with errors in them, you will win a lot of ball games. >> bob carpenter: another good
3:16 pm
take by josh. 2 and 1. going to get a fastball somewhere along here. >> rob dibble: i don't know. he may never give in to josh. he loves fastballs in, with that almost below three quarter delivery, the fastball billingsly likes to tail back in on right handers,. >> bob carpenter: 2-1 pitch. falls at the knees. >> rob dibble: went away. see what the pitch track has to say here. see that whip action. a little low. good pitch. didn't give it to olsen but billingsly. josh is saying just be consistent. both ways. >> bob carpenter: on a pitch up. 2 and 2. willingham, still team
3:17 pm
leader in rbis with 11, zimmerman has 10 despite only playing in 12 of the nats first 18 games. >> rob dibble: job probably and he is upset with himself, he got back to back there and missed the second one. est caped billingsly, i don't think he is crazy enough to throw a first one. >> bob carpenter: got jammed. belliard scoops it. playing well on the second base side today. nats stranded four runners, 7th inning coming up. 1-0 washington
3:18 pm
3:19 pm
>> bob carpenter: family fun day at nationals park. they have been treated to a very good pitchers duo. will it be the same tomorrow night from wrigleys field. you never know what will happen. lannen 2 and 1 with a 5 era rating in his career against the cub byes. silva 2 and 0 with a .95 run average. get you going at 7:30.
3:20 pm
nats xtra presented by your ford dealers. starts him off with that front breaking ball again. >> rob dibble: pitches per inning. 21, 57 beautiful, 11th beautiful, 17 kind of a lot but striking a lot of people out. >> bob carpenter: with a strike 3 call he could have saved 7 or 8 pitches in that. blake got a hill and belliard. 88, 62 strikes through 6. >> rob dibble: well, and he is due up fourth in the next inning. might be his last. go out there in style. shut them down for 3 more outs. >> bob carpenter: anderson hadn't had a chance all day against olsen. strike outs, anderson three times. when scott olsen made his first
3:21 pm
start of the year at philadelphia, he went 5 and 2/3rds. threw 91 pitches. >> rob dibble: beautiful detail pulling that ball down. see the spin action as it is going down. 8 strike outs, 4 grounds, 7 fly. have a day. >> bob carpenter: dodgers showing no signs of hitting for billingsly on deck. >> rob dibble: he is having a day too bob thrown 32 balls of his -- >> bob carpenter: thrown 32 balls. >> why would you take him out and bring your third or fourth bullpen guy in. >> bob carpenter: ball hacks in. hopper to maxwell. >> rob dibble: they will pull him down now. >> bob carpenter: now they have a runner, billingsly is out of the game. it will be ' they are, he is
3:22 pm
the lead. >> rob dibble: you don't want olsen to lose this do you want to stay in and face this guy or make sure you can't lose it. i am sure olsen is saying yeah, i will stay in the game. >> bob carpenter: dunn seems satisfied. he just walked away. >> rob dibble: seems satisfied.
3:23 pm
he said he's staying i'm out of here. >> rob dibble: let's go bug johnson. what's the matter with your hamstring? yeah, zimmerman's got one of those. >> bob carpenter: lefty lefty match up here. ethier having a fantastic season. 1 for 5 with a walk yesterday, 1 for 4 friday. 2 singles in the series an indication how well the nats have pitched against the team with the highest team batting average in baseball. >> rob dibble: pitch out of the inning with a double play.
3:24 pm
>> bob carpenter: a little uncomfortable with that breaking ball all the way up. >> rob dibble: enough of it, a 79-mile per hour get me over curve ball but location was down the middle. >> bob carpenter: i only squirmed a little. strike 2. a beauty. 89 from olsen. >> rob dibble: nothing but conviction on this last pitch. gets over with the curve ball, wham, 89 on the black. >> bob carpenter: if he can get ethier you face furcal. olsen throws a strike, ethier throws it away. >> rob dibble: you are never as good as the starting pitcher. a guy throwing a game like this, you don't get the pitcher
3:25 pm
and leave him out there. scott wants to be out there on first, possible home run, leave him out there. you change momentum, dodgers would be tickled if you could take him out of the game. >> bob carpenter: storey could have pitched it. he goes with ethier. double play ball. guzman. yes. 6-4-3. this ball game is into the 7th inning stretch. nationals turn a dan dee, desmond gave that ball to guzman plenty early. he had a long way to go rob. >> rob dibble: you don't take him out of the game. he gets a great pitch right there. made the pitch. got the ground ball double play deserves to come out and still have a chance to win this ball game. >> bob carpenter: nationals turn their 18th double play of the year. another beauty from desmond and guzman. here is rachel schneider.
3:26 pm
♪ [ music ] ♪ god bless america, land that i love, stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with the light from above ♪ from the mountains, to the prairie, to the elsewhere, god bless america, my home sweet home. god bless america, my home
3:27 pm
sweet home ♪ [ applause ]
3:28 pm
>> bob carpenter: a lot to be excited about great outing by the nationals. if he finishes 7th. >> rob dibble: he pitched a whale of a ball game up to this point. reed johnson, get me over curve ball, throws a nice fastball. another curve ball and gets a 90-mile an hour fastball away where he wanted it and ground ball out double play as a pitcher you got to think especially with a guy who first went out, i am one pitch of getting out from it. you need your team to turn it. a guy who doesn't play second that often, quick spin to get ethier and great call at first
3:29 pm
base. but bob that is what we are talking about going deep in the ball games. you want to talk quality start, that is a quality start today. >> rob dibble: olsen, 99 pitches, trancoso. >> rob dibble: give him a couple more runs. go. >> bob carpenter: rodriguez, 6 of his last 7 games have been multihit games, 9 on the year to lead the league over 2 today. fastball jams it. took awhile to get out of the box after that one. casey blake throws him out. may 4th our next t-shirt tuesday for 10,000 fans at the 7:05 p.m. game against the braves receive
3:30 pm
a free grey nats town t-shirt they had red this week. grey coming up. get your tickets at braves and the marlins on the next home stand. desmond 0 for 2. marlins at colorado later and braves and mets are sunday night game tonight. he is really pitching inside effectively hansen, full stadt for florida. 5:05 p.m. for colorado. in the thick of it behind the marlins. best of 1, 3 in a row desmond a
3:31 pm
hard sinking fastball. missing it. atlanta braves in last place have more wins than any other last place team in any division. >> rob dibble: pretty even. braves still have great pitching. new yorks pitching better than expected we are playing better than i thought we would be. florida, philly's starting pitching not as good as everyone thought it would be. >> bob carpenter: u.s. wins in baseball, baltimore and their 1- 0 lead turned into a 3-1 deficit at boston in the 6th. up on milwaukee, -0. houston 5, san diego 4-3 cincinnati in the 8th. maxwell 0 for 2. 2 and 0. >> rob dibble: zimmerman
3:32 pm
sighting. like where's wall doe about a decade ago. where's zim? oh, there he is. on deck. >> bob carpenter: 2 and 1 to maxwell. nats need a runner here. they haven't had one today below the 4th spot in the batting order. there is the sighting. go up there, hit a single or double. maxwell has to keep the inning alive. 3 and 1. he has some good sink
3:33 pm
on that heater. 91 rob. >> rob dibble: the kid throws in like you said very well. if you are a young pitcher and you can show your manager you can come in on anybody you will get a lot of opportunities to pitch. >> bob carpenter: 3-2 to maxwell. zimmerman will pitch. we will let you hear the reaction when he is announced. [ cheering from crowd ] >> bob carpenter: interesting zimmerman who missed 6 games, one rbi off the team lead with 10. batting 341. as a pinch-hitter he won 3 for 2. we know what that was. opposite field homer in
3:34 pm
philadelphia. takes the breaking ball. a shot right at belliard. how does he sit around for 3 or 4 days and hit that hard. nats stranded 5. this 1-0 game into the 8th
3:35 pm
3:36 pm
>> bob carpenter: game summary through 7. billingsly outstanding for the dodgers. olsen just an inning better for the nats. >> rob dibble: both pitchers terrible in their last outing. today, brilliant. both of them had great off speed stuff set up by working ahead. once you get ahead they go on defensive you get bad swings. get reaction. blow guys away with high heat. great job, 1-0 ball game. old school baseball. now it is up to the bullpens. >> bob carpenter: clifford has been outstanding lately numbers impressive. era .66. 1 run on 6 hits, 18 over 5.
3:37 pm
strike out to walk numbers. raphael, turns around, bats left handed. that is a good thing for the dodgers. from that side of the plate he is sitting .361. but in this series he is 2 for 12. blake is the only hitter on the dodgers who has more than 3 hits in this series. >> rob dibble: all those numbers on blake are great but nothing matters except this hitter in front of him right now. >> bob carpenter: out of play, left side. blake two more hits today, 5 out of 8. loney had 3 hits, cam three singles, martin two
3:38 pm
singles, beautifully pitched, nats have to dodgers this weekend. and clifford, very close. rodriguez already laning to third to throw it down to kennedy. >> rob dibble: we saw this yesterday. a loose strike zone for 7 innings then it straightened up top of the 8th. might have been up and out but you don't want to tighten up that strike zone late in the ball game. >> bob carpenter: willingham again. josh willingham at least his second brilliant play coming in on a line drive this year. good pitching makes good defense happen. >> rob dibble: bob said throwing strikes everybody stays alert. the hammer comes in. times it perfectly. if that gets by him, at least
3:39 pm
3 or four per call. >> bob carpenter: couldn't have done it better myself says harris. here is martin. breaking ball in there. >> rob dibble: and hot rod the game ending catch in new york. our defense is just plain over their skis right now. it is a beautiful thing. >> bob carpenter: breaking ball well out there.
3:40 pm
time given. nats will have to go through the meet your dodger order again today. that is a strike. 1 and 2. >> rob dibble: change up followed by an outstanding slider. blow him away, up and in. >> bob carpenter: he does. he put down one finger and elevated the mitt. >> rob dibble: stay with the heater tyler. when he elevates this fastball, no one has a chance. great off speed working lately up in the zone looks great to swing at but you can't catch up. beautiful. >> bob carpenter: here is kemp
3:41 pm
with two out spaces empty. league's leading home run hitter. three bases total this series. >> rob dibble: nice slider. >> bob carpenter: dodgers saw all they wanted. two scoreless inning, four strike outs. >> rob dibble: you can hear the pop up in the press box where we are. that is an 88 slider striking the mitt. wanted it low. threw it a little bit. loney is not a home run hitter than this guy you make a mistake he is going to burn you.
3:42 pm
>> bob carpenter: dangerous count now. >> rob dibble: there is james loney. >> bob carpenter: took a little bit off 88. >> rob dibble: well, looks like a slider that stayed off. they got away with it. some times they are your best friend. change up, 3-2. nothing but confidence in his secondary pitchers bob which is beautiful but make sure you don't over throw it and leave it in zone.
3:43 pm
you always tell everybody you throw it 2-2 you will throw it 3-2. another change up. >> bob carpenter: willingham is there. this ball game is to the bottom of the 8th inning, thanks to willingham's drive. top of the order coming up for the nats in a script lating 1-0 game [ male announcer ] looking for a price that starts low
3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
>> bob carpenter: some great moments in washington senators history. bottom of the 8th coming up follow the nats on your iphone. touch, blackberry, droid. play by play and live audio follow them all. nyjer morgan. 2 for 3. >> rob dibble: wouldn't make me unhappy if they went out and scored a couple here. >> bob carpenter: caps. >> rob dibble: i don't see caps
3:46 pm
warming up. i think he will warm up with clifford but doesn't look like he is dealing with any sense of urgency. >> bob carpenter: capps 2 yesterday. maybe because of that it will only take him 10 or 12 pitches to get ready. how many pitches did you throw to get ready for a save? >> rob dibble: depended on the day. if it was warm, 5, 10. >> reporter: what if you pitched the day before? >> rob dibble: sitting this just like capps not wanting to waste many. >> reporter: you get 8 when you come out. >> rob dibble: you do and sounds like he is pumping it right now. >> bob carpenter: 1 and 2 to morgan. >> rob dibble: i used the love when my catcher had a glove that popped like that. it sounds like you are throwing
3:47 pm
100. you could throw 85 but it is a nice sound. >> bob carpenter: morgan, another line drive. a great pitch. we have seen some shortstop plays. morgan 2 for 4. a threat to get 4 hits today. >> rob dibble: this is why everyone wants one of those. a beautiful thing when you have a great shortstop he makes it look easy. that is not an easy play at home. >> bob carpenter: plenty of time to set up that gun. here is kennedy. >> rob dibble: i would love to know how they made so many errors before they came in here. >> bob carpenter: that could be sweet but just foul. well, the dodgers made an error here on friday, 2 more
3:48 pm
yesterday, and they've made 20 more than anybody else in baseball. now he has three. >> rob dibble: they might be throwing errors with that rocket launcher but kemp is a good outfielder. >> bob carpenter: they only have winner or of their starting outfield today. martin made 4 behind the plate. >> i would say dewit is second. he is young, a third baseman you are putting over at second. >> bob carpenter: 1-1 kennedy. >> rob dibble: they still are pretty tight. >> bob carpenter: yeah, dewit made two errors. nationals despite making three yesterday, still just 12 on the year and they are in the top 6 in the league in that department. adam trying to hang tough and get on for guzman. maybe get this inning to dunn. right field, pretty well hit. right there looking into the sun is johnson for the second
3:49 pm
out. guzman 2 for 2 coming up. this copy tell righted -- copyrighted telecast may not be disseminated without express written consent of washington nationals. guzman a sacrifice, a single and a double that fell in between two nearly colliding out fielders. see that's not fair. >> rob dibble: low 90s. >> bob carpenter: 78. >> rob dibble: we have seen some great changes lately. that is an equalizer. a lot of people want the trick pitches. the slider curve ball but that change up because you throw it
3:50 pm
off a fastball arm speed, very deceptive. >> bob carpenter: when gravity takes over that is all the movement you need. fastball up. 1 and 2. >> rob dibble: you saw how much faster it made that 93. that fastball, dips in there after you throw a change up. really trevor hawken made the changes. because of his shoulder. he figured he needed something different because of the change up he is going to hall of fame. like rivera, you know the cutter is coming but can't hit it. >> bob carpenter: this ball game is into the 9th inning.
3:51 pm
1-0. nats, 4, 5, 6 for dodgers
3:52 pm
>> bob carpenter: masn hd, games like this have twists and turns and a defining moment took place with one of the best hitters in the league, pinch hitting back in the 7th. >> rob dibble: well, either
3:53 pm
came off the bench, kept the shut out intact, that is where we are bob, going to the 9th inning 1-0 because of scott olsen getting that double play ball to ethier. >> bob carpenter: in qwest of his 8th save of the year. james loney for 3, belliard. a little bit low. loney, base hit back in the 1st. 3 for 12 in this series.
3:54 pm
on the corner. 0 .8 7, 10 innings, 1 earned run, 10 hits. strike outs, 2-1, 12 over 6. 2- 2. >> rob dibble: very good fastball right there. loney laid on it. that should tell you something.
3:55 pm
there is a pinch. >> rob dibble: that hit the ball straight back. he is on you. the other way, very late means he is behind you. now you got to change it up. loney was right on it. >> bob carpenter: kennedy can't get it. willingham cutting it off. loney into 2nd base. kennedy timed his leap and just couldn't get it. run 2nd base, no body out. they are going to run for him with caroll.
3:56 pm
fouled off the fastball, straight back. came off the slider. loney is just too good of a contact hitter to throw a pitch there. >> rob dibble: lee just chops it down the left field line. some times power hitters you don't want to see them as a good contact man. loney does the job. >> bob carpenter: experienced casey blake now. if he can move the runner over, then it is capps against belliard. kennedy in front of the bag at third. blake has been the dodger hitting star of this series. front door breaking ball for a strike. >> rob dibble: the one thing he has murdered this series, breaking balls up. if you missed a breaking ball, please keep it down.
3:57 pm
>> bob carpenter: rodriguez sets up away. buy in. strike 2. >> rob dibble: olsen got him on a great hard slider down and then this is a nice fastball up and in. 93. not going to catch up to it
3:58 pm
right there. [ applause ] >> bob carpenter: right side. runner has to stay. that is a big out. >> rob dibble: great play. >> bob carpenter: that was a good play with the glove and coming in behind the runner guzman -- >> rob dibble: he bobbled it, knocked it down at second. normally a shortstop gets the shot. looks over desmond as bob said. they keep the runner at second base. >> bob carpenter: but here is the thing, rob, on a ground ball to right side ground runner should advance but caroll didn't know if that ball would carry to guzman. he got stuck there and could not advance. >> rob dibble: too sharply. >> bob carpenter: you cannot
3:59 pm
get doubled up. ronnie is 0 for 3. >> rob dibble: nice pitch. [ applause ] >> bob carpenter: long look at the runners. a little pop up. maxwell. 2 outs. >> rob dibble: what a catch. he is tall, he is fast and he
4:00 pm
needed everyone of those long strides to get to that ball. it will be capps against anderson for the win. this is as good as it gets. some of the defense from the nationals, maxwell gaining and he times it perfectly. that was outstanding. >> bob carpenter: battling the sun, here at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and now it is capps against ander son who struck out 3 times today, against olsen. >> rob dibble: i said this before i don't like my opposite field outfielders being deep especially with a guy like ander son. he is a lap hitter. well, if it is in the outfield he is going to score but want to win the game on a fly ball.
4:01 pm
>> bob carpenter: this is popped up who's got it. nyjer game over. nationals win at 1-0. 2 out of three at the dodgers. >> rob dibble: yah. >> bob carpenter: 1 nothing shut out in a year and is a half they had a shut out 8-0 last week but this is really something. and how about matt capps 8 for 8. >> rob dibble: he is doing a tremendous job. olsen but you can't win without scoring nyjer starts out billingsly, bottom out first inning. just a knock to left field goes on to second on the walk to kennedy and then comes in to score on dunn's shot. >> bob carpenter: nats do it
4:02 pm
again. another series win. n fios. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. fios delivers the best channel lineup and the peace of mind that comes with paying the same low price every month. call 1.888.get.fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2-year agreement. a price guaranteed for 2 years. we'll even include a free dvr for 6 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
4:03 pm
>> bob carpenter: well, the nationals are now on their third series of the year. they shut out the dodgers 1-0. debbi taylor is standing by with matt capps is. >> reporter: now you are 8 for 8 and you got to love your defense. >> it has been awesome for me. come out today not feeling too good. just throw the ball at them and max made a great play and guzman to hold the runner at 2nd base. 1 out he scores on that fly ball. defense has been phenomenal all year for us. hopefully we can keep it going and keep the trend of winning going. >> reporter: of course olsen set the town and clifford, 0.61. >> tiler has been a great start by olsen. he had his ups and downs, first
4:04 pm
two starts with today he came out threw the ball great. can't say enough about what clifford has done. just happy for him and started for us as a unit. >> reporter: final will you you win your 10th game of this young season, now you hit the road can you take that momentum with you to chicago >> certainly hope so. you know, going to the windy city, a good ball club over there, and hopefully win 2 out of 3 or carry the momentum from here, see what happens and try to carry that to florida. >> reporter: another great job by matt caps. back to you. >> nats win it 1-0 on screeches birthday. join us from wrigley tomorrow we will get you going at 7:30 p.m. this has been a presentation of masn. stay tune for nats xtra here at the park with johnny and ray.
4:05 pm
nats win another series 1 and 9 on the year -- 10 and 9 on the year. so long from the booth for just awhile well, as roger morgan said time and time autobahn no one gets a base hit in norbegan -- and time again, no one gets a base hit in morgan town. everyone can celebrate another nationals win. wraps up a 4 game home stand, 9- 7-6 at nationals park. fans are piling out feeling mighty good about today. take two out of three l.a.
4:06 pm
western division champions, nats xtra post game here along with silver foxes blowing in the wind who cares brought to you by our friends at verizon. what a terrific performance from scott olsen today, he was almost unhittable in this ball game. >> he had a great slider. his change up was good when he made a mistake and got the ball up. they kept the ball down. wore out anderson with a slider change up, pinch-hitter, crucial times but what a great job defense did, people diving all over the park. this is old fashioned hard ball ladies and gentlemen. these kids are coming out and playing the game the way it is supposed to be played.
4:07 pm
>> scott olsen gets his first win since july 5th. terrific performance for the young guy. >> well said, 7 great innings strike out touch. got the pitch count up a little bit this is the best we have seen him in a long long time. >> healthy, brilliant, great off speed. breaking on the day one of the best i've seen from a left hander as long as he keeps working ahead. scott olsen brilliant all day, so many 0-2 counts. we stopped counting. a lot of swings and misses not a lot of contact off scott that is when you know you have great stuff. the pitch count was up because he had so many strike outs but great stuff even when he got away from breaking stuff up. then when he needed that big double play ball he got it and that was the defining moment. 1-0 ball game, man on first. most managers might pull a young starter out. basically scott olsen was the
4:08 pm
man today. nyjer morgan early in the game but defense is why this team is winning. as long as it is solid at the end of the game, willing ham a tremendous play. desmond has been amazing at shortstop now guzman. everyone is contributing. you know you have a good team when you depend on everyone on your roster. >> nats are not bothered by the big guys. let's go to chicago. >> it will be a nice flight won't it? i guarantee you. >> very nice. >> tomorrow night we start orboro cast masn 7:30 from the windy city. not only the fact that starting a new series with perhaps taking another one. keep in mind dodgers lead the national league in runs scored 103. in this series they get 1-4-0. >> they got to shut it down.
4:09 pm
you talking about a staff that is building and growing, everybody talking about june and the staff being the best scoring to beat then these guys are starting to respond, proud to see olsen pitch well, our bullpen continues to be lights out. i am not seeing anything better in a bullpen in a long long time. >> after a scary top of the first. bottom of the first frame, nyjer morgan leads off with a base hit gets things rolling. >> he goes to the ball johnny. you and i talked batting average up, 100s to .280s. you don't usually sacrifice with that 3 hole hitter but great job early getting that away from him. deep infield bat. playing for that one run able to make contact, great play there. drove in the run. breaking ball, just wearing people out. double play, easier pinch
4:10 pm
hitting. using his feet there, using that strong arm getting the ball turned over. nice inning, what a tremendous play. we are saying people diving all over the ballpark. willingham, gonzalez, harris yesterday. with the sun right up, in his eyes, doing a great job, holding runner at second base. you don't win ball games 1-0 if you make mistakes. well played ball game all the way around. >> couldn't have said it better. dodgers 0-7-0. morgan goes 2 for 4. scores run of the first winning. speaking of the aformentioned nyjer morgan the pride and joy of san francisco california. >> what up. >> how you doing my man? >> i'm good. >> got to be feeling good. two hits, half of the total you
4:11 pm
and guzman got them all and sealed the deal in the 9th inning. >> most definitely. a heck of a job from scotty. like you guys said a perfect game all around . just a great game of baseball. >> you just bring something to this ball club that was lacking when you came here last year, tremendous enthusiasm now we have guys around you with all that energy too. a week ago you were hitting 105 now i look up there you have .285 to start the game. >> yeah, everything wasn't clicking but something started clicking a couple days ago and now i am just working with them and the cages and everything is just coming in. coming together really nice. >> everybody knows a winning ball club always has good pitching. this young staff is getting better and better. a terrific job today from scott olsen. can you talk about the
4:12 pm
confidence factor not only from the pitchers but everybody. >> everybody believes in each other. that is with a we stress towards spring training. the guys have given us a chance. as long as you guys keep us in the team the swat team will be there for them and pick some boys up. but we got to give credit to mike, start getting these guys who have been here and it is a beautiful ball club. >> you know what i like about you nyjer. >> talk to me. >> everything. >> you big play. >> you can do it buddy. when that game is on the line. >> yeah. >> you hit the ball hard every time. last night you have an ability to rise to the occasion. you get an extra little concentration or boost when you are up there in those situations. >> one of those things you know, i just try to float a game down. that is one of the key things that is what they taught me as i came up in the minors is try to slow the game down. one of those times you got to
4:13 pm
hone it in when things get a little sticky out there. so that is definitely a lot feeding off the pressure. >> congratulations to you. hey, rating went out of the roof. right out of that baby. >> coming to you guys next. >> wait a while. >> congratulations enjoy that flight to chicago. talk to you soon. >> okay here i come windy. >> windy city look on. philadelphia jumped on us those first two games they thought we had a good ball club. we will be tough to contend with. that line up that we put out there is comparable to just about anybody else and the pitching has just kind of come along you know, they have really stepped it up s pitched a little better, several guys not just olsen or stammen but
4:14 pm
several guys have gotten better each time out and had great success. >> to win a 1-0 game does that tell you anything more? >> after yesterday's ball game, losing a tough one, today was really big. we would be every bit as proud of the way our guys are going about it. they played hard and won that game. it would have been a tough one to lose in 13 by one run and then 1-0. it would have been tough. >> personality that would allow it to bounce back today. >> i think we got a lot of pros. adam kennedy, adam dunn. just pudge. a lot of guys. a lot of guys, willingham. i hate to start naming too many names. there are a lot of a
4:15 pm
professional group of ball players understand it is a long season, long grind don't get too hard, too low, stay motivated and fired up to win this game at hand. >> is it nice that you had this home stand with a couple big guns nursing nagging injuries. >> it just tells our guys you got to go out and win the ball game any way. you still got to win the game if you are missing a couple guys but i think it does also remind us how good we can be when we get out, ryan back in there and you know we really get adam dunn taken off and harris was just barely available today. we were without some weapons just like they were. they played the series without manny ramirez but our pictures did a great job. we came in hitting as a team i believe and our pitchers did a
4:16 pm
great job. >> any indications from clifford. >> well, i talked to him before the game just wanted to see how he felt. he went two winnings the other day and up yesterday but we decided not to use him but he was up a fair amount. so we were checking on him real close today and he said i feel fine so -- but you know him and capps. we got to turn it over to other people too many can't just ride those horses all the time. some body else will have to pick up those innings when those guys have been up a lot and in a lot. >> 8th and then the one in the 9th, how big were those and did they under score where you guys are at? >> huge plays. willingham does a good job. some times we take him out because we have such an exceptional guy who can fly and great arm but willingham is a
4:17 pm
great player. maxwell's play was great and dove made a great play there. but there was a lot of good plays in the game and guzman's play at 2nd when blake hit the ball to the right side trying to advance the runner. he took that off the chest and kept it in the infield. not only was it not a hit but they were not able to advance the runner. >> the play yesterday in the hole. how much better is your defense? >> it is real good. you like to see them get on the board. there were three on the board and they were fluky errors. we didn't touch the base at first base but when nyjer didn't see the ball, threw it back in, over our second baseman's head they were not fundamental errors, more just almost trivial things that happened, they go in that error
4:18 pm
column. i want this ball club to recognize how good they are defensively. you hate to see any errors mount up but other than that game, i don't know when we made any errors lately. >> playing so many days in a row. >> we are ready for one with a couple guys banged up. nursing injuries, it has been 15, 16 game stretch or something and there will be some playing 20 in a row. so it is just a way the schedule is and we handled it pretty good. >> joe tory talked before the game just how good it was before you guys were back up through the middle. that has changed since nyjer came. >> nyjer and pudge and guzman and kennedy, you hate to forget gonzalez's contributions him being able to play third so well, the days out there really
4:19 pm
allowed us to play those other guys up the middle. it all works together. they are all very good players and just real professionals. >> wondering how much of an influence you thought pudge had today >> he has caught him a couple three times now and did a good job with him. he is caught now and you know, he is -- he did a great job. he went out to the mound a couple times to talk to him. give him a good break. face how much, it was a real professional job. >> scott olsen shuts out the dodgers through seven. ically ford comes in through the -- clifford comes in through the 9th america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection,
4:20 pm
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4:22 pm
if you ride share to work, sign up at commuter for the guaranteed ride home program. glad to have you folks at dc 50 for this 1-0 masterful performance from scott olsen. today he went 7 ray and only gave up 6 hits in a wonderful performance. >> center then another base hit by lonnie to single, that was a good pitch. what a tremendous job, blake, 2 runs yesterday. flies out center. pitches himself out of big trouble. in the past we have given up 2 or 3 or 4 runs. blake doubles on a high pitch, one of four. up and a little bit out.
4:23 pm
the play there, willingham doing a great job on the flyer. see you later buddy. johnson strike out, look at this right here. down and in slider, flaming fastball, 91. slider, no chance. here is a sequence right here. a little change up, fastball called, 89 change um. again, filed off and blows him away with a fastball. what i mean by that, situation hit it is ball the other way. >> also striking out ander son 3 times today, wracked up 3 strike outs. 7 innings, 6 hits allowed, tops for national pitcher. he admitted he had everything going for him against a tough dodger line up. >> we were down in the zone. pretty much all day except for
4:24 pm
a couple pitches. we were able to get ahead most of the time and then when we did that, my slider was working best for me. so just kept throwing it, you know, and it worked out well for us. >> when you gave up the single to reed johnson
4:25 pm
4:26 pm
4:27 pm
>> back with nats xtra post game. after the nationals shutting out the los angeles dodgers 1-0 they are heading out to the
4:28 pm
windy city tonight, cubs for 3. tomorrow night masn will be with you early, and wednesday and then in florida with the marlins. winning 6, losing 4. very successful series in the bullpen with clifford and capps getting it done again. >> reporter: great play by willingham. cliff hasn't let a whole lot of people make contact this year. look at this man. fastball right up there. high as he strikes out martin. swinging just some serious cheese and gets a fly ball to center field. high fly ball. get it there nyjer. but again, just a tremendous job. >> yep, caps came in the ball
4:29 pm
game. clifford came in 0.66. both will go down today. when you talk about maxwell's defensive play in right field he says you always always got to expect the ball will come your way. >> well, you know you always got to be ready. that is one thing i learned i got caught off guard last year a couple times. i came to the ballpark ready to play today. >> reporter: you made such a great play and one of the key plays of the game. is it contagious for you guys? >> definitely. great play max i was just like yeah, just like you always do. you play great defense you will win volumes. >> reporter: the big thing you win another series, hit the 10 win mark and now you are on the road to chicago and florida. can you carry momentum there too? >> that is the plan. deaf netly. i know it is supposed to be a lit -- definitely. i know it is supposed to be cold but we will give them what we have. >> reporter: thanks. >> dodgers are blank for only
4:30 pm
the second time this year. ray and i will be back continuing in just a moment st: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
4:31 pm
did the caveman invent fire? ♪ sweet times knocking at my front door, what else could i ask for, tonight. ♪ ♪ better times knocking... host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall?
4:32 pm
off to chicago for a couple guys. >> john pitched well his last two outings with no decision, gotten better every time he has gone out there. actually $44 million traded for milton bradly they gave him $9 million back. a good fastball johnny, left hander hasn't got a hit off him yet and those 19 innings he started, right handers only hitting 227. >> when you talk about a team playing as well as anybody in baseball. the pitching, hitting, defense in this ball club right now. >> you wonder how you will beat chicago cubs. you will beat anybody in the world i expect our hitting will
4:33 pm
get better and better. >> let's do it again tomorrow night. 7:30. that is our post game. 1-0. shut out to dodgers enjoy your sunday night
4:34 pm
4:35 pm
now we have to go to boston as a team and dig it out. >> what were you saying though hand. >> i said, man, you hot. just having a little discussion. he was hot. >> how much of an impact have are you mom in the stand. you always show off for her. >> i spent the day with my mom. it was great. i love that woman so thought i would give her something to go back to chicago with. >> thanks for your time. congratulations, dwyane. >> as for doc rivers he falls to 5-11 in potential sears winning games. only former laker coach fred schaus has a lower win percentage. >> red wings a chance to close
4:36 pm
out the coyotes in game six. on the home ice in hockey town u.s.a., no less. scoreless game. the steal from brad stewart, and then beats jimmy howard. coyotes take a 1-0 lead. second period, wings down 2-0 off a deflection. wings down 2-1 now. later in the period, coyotes on the power play. lang. the coyotes lead 5-1. and for a phoenix team who struggled so mightily on the power play in games two through five, they're 3-5 today. big reason they're out to a lead with under 6:00 to play. >> an update from fenway. still 4-4 in the bottom over the ninth. the red sox have won ten straight against the orioles dating back to last season. orioles looking for their fourth win of the season.
4:37 pm
red sox looking to complete a sweep on this sunday. tim wakefield had a good performance going but he was chased in large part, due to tea -- tejada's two-one shot. >> jason reyes, tampa bay, eyeing its fifth series win in six tries. david price has limited the jays two two runs over 12-2/3 at home. nine strikeouts there. bottom five. past aaron hill. peña, b.j. upton score. bottom eight, longoria. rays manager joe madden says we have one gear right now, and i love it, full out. the rays pull out and win this one by a final of 6-0. david price, first career complete game. nine strikeouts, second most in.
4:38 pm
tampa bay has won 11 of their last 13 games. >> dwyane wade has a playoff career high, and the heat still have a pulse. much more from the press much more from the press conference now. [ male announcer ] crunch, wheat thins. that's what's gonna happen here. ♪ because you're tasty with toasty whole grain. [ crunch ] wheat thins. toasted. whole grain. crunch. the crunch is calling. toasted. whole grain. crunch. boon motorcycle insurance, rv,at geiccamper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard. gecko: ah, gecko, actually -
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4:41 pm
>> if you like your races chalk full of crashes, you'll enjoy what happened at talladega superspeedway. seven different caution flags. jamie mcmurray is in the lead with a few laps to go. dale earnhardt is -- brad keselowski, nowhere to be found on the leaderboard. greg biffle and montoya right behind mcmurray who leads with a few laps to go. we will bring you full highlights when it goes final. >> still time for a couple more cautions by the time we see the checkered flag. >> dwyane wade gets 46 points. a playoff career high. he is at the podium with the
4:42 pm
heat as they still have a pulse. here's what he had to say. >> dwyane, was that another chapter of, i ain't going out like this, or was it by design the fourth quarter would be you and nobody else offensively? >> it's another chapter. coming into at the fourth, we were down six. i just said, it's time to be aggressive. very aggressive. so i was shooting all them shots no matter what was going happen. i started to make a couple. so i got hot at the right time. and just wanted to will my team to this victory. we lost a tough game in game three. i felt we could have won it. but the basketball gods wasn't on our side. but we continue to fight, and fought tonight, and i finally had a good shooting night in the fourth quarter. so been looking for that for a
4:43 pm
while. >> chris sheridan from espn. after you hit this first two or three shots in the fourth quarter, you were yelling at your hand. what what were your saying? >> we were just having a little conversation. i can't -- i don't know we can have enough time. is this live? we can't bleep out what i was saying to it. but i was just pretty much -- i was saying that -- i was telling him he was hot. just having -- oh, you hot, conversation. keepinged kid friendly. >> dwyane, talk about your defiance when your back is against the wall. are you better, take it to another level when you're angry? what is the word that gets you motivated to play like that? >> angry. some people say we don't get too angry all the time, or it's not easy to get angry all the time. just whenever you feel like your
4:44 pm
back is against the wall, something happens, and someone -- i know a lot of people expected us to roll over tonight and just give them the series because they up 3-0. so, that weighinged heavily on my mind. i just ain't ready for the summer. we got a fight ahead of us, and they got a fight ahead of them as well. game two, they beat us bad. that's they're game. but five out of the six we played this year could have went either way. so not like this team has been beating us bad. if the ball bounce different you got a different series. so we understand that. we just going to keep fighting. >> dwyane, early in the game, a game of -- of ebb and flows. i can't remember the last time you double-pumped the first dunk in a game. can you talk about if that was
4:45 pm
to the script you wanted to establish? >> we wanted to establish an aggressive game. everyone else was attacking the basket. that reverse dunk, i have no idea where that came from. i haven't done that since like high school, with one step. just at the moment. just the energy with, what the playoffs bring out of you. so i knew the crowd was going to get in it and it's energy for our team. we used that early to get to big lead. knowing the team is going come back, going to put pressure on you. but we didn't break. we never broke. and that's the biggest thing. that was the turning point from any other game. we stayed with it. we stayed with it even when it looked bad. okay, here's comes another one. we made the plays we needed to make. [inaudible question]
4:46 pm
>> when did my leg start feeling better? it wasn't great, i'm going to be better today, but i did a lot of -- got a lot of fluids in me after the last game cold-tanking, massaging. so the last 24 hours, been doing a lot of treatment, and yesterday just rested a lot. s' spent a lot of time with my mom yesterday in the pool a lot, just chilling. so just resting and got my mind away from the game of basketball and rested my body in general. so felt totally -- felt a lot better today. >> mike wallace, miami herald. i was going to ask about your mom. seemedded like she did as much jumping as you did. what does it mean to have that coined of performance in front of her and your family? >> have to wait and find out. dodger in d.c.
4:47 pm
>> that's adam dunn, the rbi fielder's choice. morgan comes home to score. olsen gets reed johnson, then furring a. seven shutout innings. matt capps looking to put a cap on it. look at maxwell. nats win it by a final of 1-0. >> it's the first time the dodgers have been shut out this season. they have lost 8-12 road games. the about 1-0 win for washington against the dodgers, first since april 30th, 1991, when they were the montreal exposes. the two teams have alternated wins and losses in nine straight games. >> the padres, hottest team in the majors, looking to sweep the reds in cinci. gonzalez homered the three three
4:48 pm
straight. make it four. adrian gonzalez, keeps winning, stay in a padres shirt. kyle blanks. deep right center. off the wall. chase headley. will venable, the padres are up 4-2. don't give up on the cincinnati reds. dusty baker has something up his sleeve. hernandez singles to right. the reds take it 5-4. jerry hairston junior flies out to center, top ninth. the reds win 5-4. and they snap an eight-game winning streak. third one in last ten games against the padres. adrian gonzalez, home runs in four straight. six overall. >> the kentucky derby is coming up on saturday, but the favorite
4:49 pm
to win it out of the race. we let you know what that means coming up.%x
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
>> catching you up to speed with some afternoon baseball. white sox lead the mariners 3-2. the start of this game delayed 42 minutes due to rain. john danks 1-4 against the mariners. and that one now in the top of the ninth. astros starting to come to life after the 1-8 start. they're pounding the pirates.
4:52 pm
it is 10-2. lance berkman's first home run of the season. in the third inning, pence on a fielder's choice. houston has won 7-9. the royals lead the twins 4-2. morneau has his fourth home run of the season. and the cubs, all over the brewers. 12-2. fukudome, a two-run home run in the second. colvin, two-run double. sixth and seventh rbi of his career. >> "what 2 watch 4" tonight when your watching braves and mets. 8:05 eastern on espn. how about a mets team looking to move over .500. could the matchup between tommy hansen and mike pelphrey. here's your "baseball tonight minute."
4:53 pm
♪ >> the new york mets have won three straight. the braves have lost now a row. they immediate on espn sunday night. can the mets keep it going? >> they way they have been pitching, they can. we looked at the mets and say they don't have a number two starter to go behind santana, and therefore they have no chance to contend in this division itch still think -- i don't think they're going to content, but mike pelfrey has been really good so far, and i they need him because they're not swinging well. >> the question here is atlanta. hey they have been hot and cold. the big turn around for them, get the bats going. >> that's where pad dough and hayward are going to have to portrait of what these policies were really creating. i thought the city was violet
4:54 pm
then. -- violent then. this book is the actual report. it's created a culture of death in the city. >> host: what's this picture on the front? >> guest: that's a dead guy with a bunch of cops around him at night. >> host: legitimate picture? >> guest: that's a real picture. julio who spent his whole life in juarez. some days there's 15, 20 people executed in juarez. these people are the full spectrum. january 31st just an example, 15 high school kids in a working class mom, you know, were at a private party because their parents were afraid to let them celebrate a soccer victory in a public place. armed guys came and killed all of them, boys and girls. just slaughtered them. there were photographs in the street with just big puddles of just blood. now, if you want to say these 15 wind were going to high school -- were going to high school, some of them entered
4:55 pm
high school, if you want to say they're narcos, go ahead, but i don't think the president knows what he's talking about. the mother of two of the dead kids showed up unbeknownst to the president of mexico when he came into town a couple weeks later to say he was going to fix the city, and she stood up, very poor woman. she said, mr. president, you're not welcome here. i don't want you here. if your son were killed, you'd turn over every rock in this country. then she turned her back to him and stood there which is like turning your back to god in mexico. it rivetted the whole country. she said out loud what everyone was thinking. they know better than to think it's just bad people getting killed because they know the dead. >> host: our next call comes from el paso right on the border. go ahead, el paso. >> guest: hi, dr. bowden. i was wondering what your overall opinion would be in the effect of, of these -- i'm from
4:56 pm
el el paso -- of these immigration new policies that you see in arizona. do you see those transcending into the effect of texas? that was my first question. and my second question is, also, how do you feel about the elite that's moving over here into texas, how do you feel that's going to overall affect the economy here in texas for the lower class and middle class? >> guest: okay. two questions, see if i can remember them. the immigration law in arizona is a normal reaction to a migration. we call it zen phobia. there'll be more such walls. they will enflame the latin community in the united states most of which is legal. they will not control illegal immigration. they are playing to the grandstand. what they are is what you use to grow tomatoeses. now we'll move on to the migration of the mexican rich. 30-60,000 affluent mexicans have
4:57 pm
fled juarez for el paso across the river. they bought nice houses, kept the housing prices up. they're investing. i don't see where in the long run it hurts the people in the el paso. what it does do is hurt the people in juarez. this is a drain of their elite, their educated, their affluent. the people that have stayed in juarez have stayed there because they can't fake the documents, and they don't have the money to be allowed into the u.s. so they're essentially left behind to be cannon fodder. >> host: you've looked at juarez, but what about knew way slow laredo? >> guest: the whole border is -- >> host: a war zone? >> guest: it's violent now. tijuana, juarez is more violent. but the whole country is increasingly becoming violent. i mean, you know, chihuahua, durango, sonora, nuevo leon
4:58 pm
where monterey is, i could go on and on. >> host: and it's all about drugs? >> guest: no, it's not all about drugs. drugs were the -- i hate to use tipping point, but they're what ripped the lid off. a lot of it is just violence and poverty. that guy who was killed in juarez, for example, a month or so ago because he was stealing a door off an abandoned house in a poor neighborhood. and somebody shot him so he couldn't steal the door. now, that isn't a drug crime. two tamale vendors were executed at 9:30 in the morning a block from the u.s. consulate because they were supposed to meet a $10 payment a week of extortion to have their cart there, and they couldn't meet it. you know? these crimes have far exceeded anything you could explain by
4:59 pm
drugs. i mean, drugs are a business. murder is expensionive. >> host: our guest has been charles bowden. his most recent book, "murder city." very quickly, what's your next book? >> guest: okay, i'll tell you what i'm going to do next. i'm going to the mississippi delta, i gng to write about soil and people, and i'm going to write about the richest land, why does the richest land on earth remain after two centuries the poorest region in the united states? and i'm going to drink the water, have cold beer and eat a lot of catfish. [laughter] >> host: charles bowden, thank you for being on booktv with us. >> guest: thank you for having me. >> host: about an hour and a half left in our live coverage at the l.a. times book fair here at ucla. coming up next is an author panel on the middle east, facing the realities. reza aslan, ilan berman and
5:00 pm
roxana saberi who after this panel will be on to take your calls. here's the next panel from haines hall. >> okay, welcome. this panel, yeah, exactly. what city are we in tonight? this panel's unhelpfully called the middle east, facing the realities which is more than a little bit broad. i think we're going to try to discuss iran as much as possible, but we will entertain questions from elsewhere. before we start, there are a couple of announcements that i'm supposed to make, cell phones off, please. there will be signings following the session, the signing for this panel is located in the north signing area that'll be marked haines 39. ..
5:01 pm
followed by violence in the streets. the roots of the agreement reformist movement turned into something larger and political. all of this is superimposed upon the ongoing debate about iran's nuclear program and whether
5:02 pm
there are a temps to weapon negative the program, and if so, what the rest of the world can and should do about it. the los angeles times we are proud of our coverage there. our correspondent has spent an awful lot of time in tehran. he did a tremendous work last year and was recommended by the pulitzer prize committee is a fine reporting. one of the secrets of the success is he was able to kind of get beyond the black and white narrative that often defines, can often define it on cable tv or in the rhetoric of politicians and sort of explore the various shades of gray, just brought richness to the coverage and that is the panelists today are going to be able to do because they are authors, and so they are all going to able to give i think the different perspective but deeper perspective on what is going on roxanne is not a very enviable she was able to get a taste of
5:03 pm
the i rhenium hardliners from inside prison. i think 100 days he spent in jail. kind of living in iran since 2003 working as a freelance journalist, writing a book and maybe we will ask about the original books and how the experience is now have changed where you want to go with that. iian berman is the president of the foreign council. [inaudible] >> we have a problem with our live coverage. we are working on it and plan to return to the event shortly.
5:04 pm
borneman to iran. part of the exile community and iranian american writer. the faculty and reverse side contributing editor for the daily beast and the author to books, i would say religious scholarship one called no god good god and how to win a cosmic war introducing the debate in the discussion broader goals asian in the war of terror and so i will start with you and just the error of the states is filled with the inevitability about a confrontation between iran and the united states and in your opinion is that -- are to be on the road that leads -- is there any prospect of accommodation, way out? >> i think it depends with the goal is. if you were asking are we ineffably moving toward some kind of military confrontation with iran, the answer to that is
5:05 pm
a definitive note because there is no military option when it comes to iran. there is no military option for the united states or for israel. there is a lot of reasons for this we can get into in the answer in question period but i think that we should bear in mind that robert gates has unequivocally taken the military option off the table and with regard to this issue whether israel is going to act unilaterally there is no such thing as a unilateral action on the part of israel when it comes to iran for a couple of reasons the most of important which is israel has to go across the iraqi air space in order to attack iran and guess who controls the iraqi airspace. and, you know, the issue i think is one of if you're talking about sort of inevitability is coming you know, is it inevitable that iran is going to what the negative its nuclear program. nobody knows. let's be clear on this right
5:06 pm
now. the intelligence estimates change on a yearly basis and 05, 06. the intelligence community in the united states was almost unanimous in its decision that they had abandoned their weapons programs and 08 and 09 and the opinion has changed. and as far as israeli intelligence goes, israeli intelligence has been saying iran is 12 to 18 months of a nuclear weapon for ten years now. so we don't know. that is just the facts. but we do know, however, and what is becoming increasingly clear is that if iran actually wants to build a nuclear weapon, we don't know if they do but if they want to build a nuclear weapon in seems like there is little anyone can do to put a stop to it. and so that means to deal with iran's nuclear ambitions we have to answer to questions. one of them is why what iran want a nuclear weapon and the answer to that i think is pretty
5:07 pm
obvious. it is meant to be as a security guarantee. it is a deterrent like every country in the world who wants a nuclear weapon there is nothing extraordinary, nothing unusual about iran whatsoever or about the way that it would use a nuclear weapon. if it were to have one. it is after all a country that is surrounded by american troops. i mean it literally surrounded by american troops. and it is a country that despite the security threat that israel faces it is a country that as we sit here today it has an untold number of israeli nuclear weapons pointed at it right now. so it doesn't take a genius to figure out why iran would want a nuclear weapon has i sometimes flippantly say iran have learned a pretty valuable lesson from its axis of eisel members.
5:08 pm
one of them didn't have nuclear weapons it was destroyed and occupied. the other one does have nuclear weapons we are still pouring tens of billions of dollars into north korea just to get them to talk to us about their weapons so the first issue is how we get them to not want one and the second issue is i think if we are going to continue to think of iran's nuclear program as a iranian problem then we will never solve it because it is not an on iranian problem it is a regional problem but more importantly an antiproliferation problem and until we can figure out a way to construct a more solid basis for an antiproliferation regime, something much more solid and the nuclear non-proliferation treaty which is the primary documents we have right now we are going to have countries like iran popping up every few years. i think barack obama is right we are fast approaching a world in which either everyone will have nuclear weapons or no one will
5:09 pm
of nuclear weapons and until we figure out which of the two things we are willing to live with, the problem of iran will be a problem that we are going to face over and over again throughout the region. >> let me amplify a little bit because he hit upon some very important points with regard to proliferation and the regional perspective. let me say this, i am a talking head in washington. in lieu of a real job i sit around and dwell id is a walled as i wouldn't necessarily say that what you're going to hear from me is representative of the country as a whole but i do spend a lot of time talking to policy makers in congress so i can at least tell you with a little bit of sincerity with your thinking, and with your thinking is that there are essentially three choices when it comes to iran. there is accommodation. the idea that iran is building a nuclear program and there isn't much we can do about it therefore we don't do anything at all. there is the central point which
5:10 pm
is containment, which is a fancy way of saying doing nothing and this is essentially takes the paradigm of the fight against the soviet union and says the soviets had nukes and we had the knicks and we didn't blow each other and so everything is fine. biden, that is a job the congress likes to that because when they think we did the iranians just get nukes then we will have a stable deterrence and everything will be fine and we don't have to come in on weekends or login great hours and they really like this idea. the problem of course with the containment paradigm is iran is not the soviet union. iran possesses most immediately and ideological component and religious component that the u.s.s.r. never did. and so, and also this pesky details like the fact we don't have steady communications with the iranians. we don't have a good idea of their intentions are red lines. these are prerequisites to a stable deterrent relationship with the soviets. with the soviets, we theoretically have the idea that we can figure out more or less
5:11 pm
what they could do under any circumstance in any given time and that is what made mad work. we don't have all of those components, all of those ingredients necessary for stable continent and deterrence. so that option i think is fairly problematic. and then on the right side of the spectrum is this idea of confrontation. the idea that a nuclear iran whether it is a nation of nuclear programs, and you hear a lot about the japanese model, the model of nuclear development, stopping just shy of having an authentic capabilities they can spread across the threshold of the feel threatened. this is a little bit academic i think because what you are talking of is a country building an infrastructure that supports a nuclear weapons program and the fundamental choice that we have to make and let's be clear i think he was right we haven't made it yet. i think the policy community in washington is very divided. it is whether or not we can live with this regime acquiring this capability in this way at this
5:12 pm
time. the obama administration spent the last 15 months testing the position and the proposition has to be is it possible for us to reach some kind of negotiation accommodation with the iranian is an accommodation that respects the right to nuclear energy but at the same time constrains the development and makes it more transparent. and what we've discovered over the last 15 months or so is that it media but the ingredients are not there for us to build that type of paradigm, at least not right now. in fact, what you have been noticing as we read the press is the regime has desperately used the last year and a little bit more than a quarter of the strategic balls that we get inserted and i like to use that word because you understand when diplomacy comes up, threats go down, the possibility of military action was down, the possibility of sanctions was down, to be cut. the regime has used that as an of opportunity to go ahead with the program including the disclosure of sites like the pilot plant which is not very
5:13 pm
useful for energy generation of really useful fuel to build a nuclear weapon including disclosure of plans to build the trigger for the nuclear weapon which you don't need in the civilian nuclear program. a lot of circumstantial but evidence that makes the international community and policy makers in washington that i talk to very nervous. that this isn't just a peaceful program that they have to do something about it. as reza said, there's a great deal of power of the end of problematic elements relating to a military option as well as relating to economic warfare and sanctions. and i think these are all -- we are right in the middle of a very heated policy discussion in washington about what to do about it. for those of you that haven't paid attention there is a great deal of congressional action coming down the pipes in the next several weeks on precisely this, whether or not energy sanctions should be levied against iran and what are the next steps now that the diplomacy has broken down. for my money i think it is all
5:14 pm
going to boil down to one simple question. it is whether or not we think it is possible using all of these different inducements to modify the behavior of the current rulers in iran enough to be little or if you need something more fundamental. if the problem is not the nuclear program that the regime that will yields it then we have a real problem. secure the only one here that has lived in iran for extended periods of time. when you hear that kind of talk of washington does it strike you as realistic? >> i think the problem is that people in the international community just don't know what to do with iran, and it seems like the majority view in the west right now is focused on sanctions on at least revolutionary guard entities as blood best of the last few
5:15 pm
remaining alternatives according to the supporters in the times of sanctions. and the supporters say maybe this could impact revolutionary cards to a certain extent without hurting the ordinary people as much as other steps what. i think it is difficult to predict what sanctions would do in iran and how the regime would react and people would react if they would rally around the flag or if they would become so dissatisfied and blaming their own regime and rise up and put pressure on them it is very difficult to predict. i think so no matter what is pursued, the door to dialogue should always be open. we've been talking about confrontation but i think it is possible to apply pressure but at the same time always keep open and sincerely try to have engagement with iran as well and when the door to the dialogue if it is closed this actually plays
5:16 pm
into the hard-liners hansel like to blame america for any lack of compromise on the nuclear issue and also sometimes hard liners in iran like to have this externals threat as to further fuel the arguments that iran is under national security threat in the name of protecting national security can try to silence their critics in opposition in the country which is what i have seen and i think what a lot of people have seen over the previous few years. and at the same time to close the door to dialogue it just really shocked -- it reduces the possibility of peaceful solutions to detention. >> one of the things that is struck starting and correct me if i'm wrong but there is a much broader than just much for a confrontation and one that uses the military option. you argue for broad economic tools essential the arguments of
5:17 pm
power has to be involved in as well. when you read roxana's book is what is striking is this sufficient level of part of the iranian hard-liners and comes to the soft power is very, very high. you're a phillies with the aspen institute seems to have set alarm bells so soft power could be used as a tool and would still encounter the kind of -- the had the same defensive attitude toward community organizers that some community organizers have. [laughter] >> and, you know, hard-liners like to talk about soft revolution or velvet revolution as something being masterminded on particularly the u.s. government and they say the argument they have is the u.s. government is trying to inject ideas through using a iranian eletes like academics and others in society who would then use civil society and the media to spread these ideas about i suppose dr. c. and human rights
5:18 pm
to the masses to send a non-violent revolution. if you define a velvet revolution like this i don't know if there is actually such a thing. if there is a possibility of ideas spreading that are countered with interest of the regime, ideals about democracy and human rights if they do spread more in the population lives in them spreading more in the population of iran they can be perhaps threatening to the people in government because they don't want more democracy because the would mean they would have to share power but this is not exactly something that they masterminded in the u.s. government. i think the ordinary iranian people want it to a large extent. in my case, is the argument about soft power on my first day of interrogation when i was taken to an unmarked building somewhere in a ron one of the questions i was asked was about a solution i just received from
5:19 pm
the aspen institute, middle east leadership fellowship and i hadn't even gone on it yet. it was supposed to start the next month and was aimed at community service and is it you know what community service is code for and the netflix software evolution and i said actually we are supposed to set up programs that are in communities for kids and they said no the aspen institute is getting money from the government and it's one of the arms of the weapons and soft war and my main interrogator who i call john and the intelligence interrogators would never give me their real names, he said he was reading the newspaper behind me one day because i always had to sit facing the wall in this little desk in the interrogation room and he was reading about president obama just inaugurated 11 days before my capture and
5:20 pm
arrest and he said the democrats talk about engagement with iran but actually the democrats are more dangerous than the republicans because the open the call for the regime change in iran, the democrats pretend they want better relations but they are actually aiming for the same thing. mainly soft revolution. so i don't know to what extent they actually believe the u.s. government is masterminding this but i think they are afraid of ideas spreading that could threaten their own power. >> for more optimistic about ideas in iran, aren't you? >> i think these ideas are not just spreading. they are pervasive. we keep talking about how to bring democracy to iran. iran has already got its democracy. it is just being completely free press by a shadow government. so everything that iran needs absolutely everything that iran
5:21 pm
needs for rapid political and social transformation already exists in iran except for this one thing which is the economy is on the verge of total collapse. 40% of the population living under the poverty line, 30% official unemployment rate when it and most iranians will agree with this said that number is much, much higher. 26% annual inflation rate talking about a country that sits on the second largest supply of oil and natural gas on the planet and yet it has to import 40% of its gasoline. and a ridiculous loss of profit and then subsidize the gasoline for pennies per liter. there is no functioning middle class left in here on any longer by which we mean the sort of leisure class that brought down
5:22 pm
meshaal mehdi in 1999 and the class that launched the naturalist revolution of 93 and the class that forced the mall markey to write a constitution and allow for a parliament in 1905. it is always been the middle class in iran that has pushed for if these revolutions, the brandt transformations. the middle class in iran is barely functioning and just for those of you this is los angeles, so we all know this but for those of you that don't we are not talking about burma, this isn't a hermit kingdom this is a country and in which the literacy rate for would women alone, just women is 90%. that matches the literacy rate for the women in the united states. it is incredibly sophisticated culture. very technologically savvy, socially conscious, politically the verdict and globalized.
5:23 pm
and i don't want to speak for iian your but when we talk about soft power we are not saying -- we are not talking about these sort of little things an institution building. we are talking about a grand dramatic gestures of softcover that fundamentally change the socioeconomic status in iran one of which and i would like to hear your thoughts on this is the duty of allowing iran to finally join as it is desperate to do which forces upon iran instead of economic and actually socially liberalizing principles that would provide precisely that little crack in the door the 70% of the population needs in order to kick the door down completely. >> let me start by offering what the u.s. policy communities view and then we will talk about the
5:24 pm
wto. i think the question of soft power is one of the least understood with regard to what the united states can do and what the united states has done. the regime talks about western forces in trying to promote rights and democracy which shouldn't sound all that weird to you guys because we happen to like human rights and democracy that they don't and i see it as a challenge of their power because of the chart to the couple were isn't built on connection with an organic connection between the people and the regime. it is a clerical regime by archaeological fiat and the talk about the components of democracy. it does, it has the form of democracy but it doesn't have the substance so when we talk about soft power the tuck of promoting the principles we are talking of something more fundamental. filling in this form with a substance that will median of remove but certainly alter the regime as it currently stands it is very unrepresentative so the
5:25 pm
question becomes what can we do and what have we done and the answer is not much. when i was writing my book i had a normal access to a lot of the budgetary archives and by the way for all of you that our students of the u.s. foreign policy, the true direct way to figure out what the u.s. is doing in the foreign policy what it plans to do is look at the federal budget and that is to look at the federal budget as look there's a thousand pages to have to wait for. it is to look specific programmatic priorities, so we think through the middle east for in budget you will find the bush administration for all its talk of democracy in the iran spent $215 million total in its second term. iran is a country of 70 million people so i am not a mathematician that that is not a lot of money at all and if you get actual funds that were not allocated but were dispersed you're looking at much smaller, a little bit over 38.5 million
5:26 pm
which means roughly a quarter per iranians over the bush second term which is nothing to be the point is you can have an intellectual argument and what we should support in iran but you can certainly make an ironclad if you're going to do it you need more funds so the question is how much do we really care of? the second question is what are we going to do after we found this mandate and the answer here is and roxana and i were talking about this over lunch there has been a lot of talk about how the bush administration democracy outreach to iran was counterproductive because it was just enough money to cause the groups were desperate that the would accept american funds to crawl out from under the rocks they were living under and then they would sort of routinely get snatched up by the regime say you'd have a lot of low back to the u.s. democracy promotion efforts. i would make the argument that the most efficient, the most
5:27 pm
first tile and the most effective u.s. soft power is one that leverage is what is happening within iran already and just amplify. to give you an example back in 2003 iran is by the way remarkable state. iran is much more dynamic internally with regard to now in the soviet union or the block was at the end of the cold war. uzi protests every month you just don't hear of it here but you see it in the arabic-language press. in 2003 it was one of those periodic compulsions. it happened to be far more intense than it had previously occurred. protests start of the university of tiran and they spread to other places and people watching including myself, people i worked with what this is really something or it could turn into something and what in the up happening was the opposite over the period of three or four days of protests peered out and died so when i was riding my last
5:28 pm
book i did a little bit of investigative journalism to find out what happened and it seemed very abrupt. the answer was the opposition elements were using come at that time it was open in beverly hills, expatriate by iranian broadcaster used to coordinate activities within iraq. and the regime understood this. they knew this. they received it into a wrong because it is a satellite based -- broadcasting based on satellite and the regime couldn't stop it so they turned to the castro regime in cuba and there is a satellite station in cuba that promptly blocked the satellites so the satellite would see recently decapitated the move. so this left me with this idea that perhaps the most effective things we could do would be to provide enough oxygen for the iranians to do what they want to do themselves to communicate with each other, to leverage technology they currently don't have. this is by the way the regime of
5:29 pm
course think it is invasive but this is just a natural evolution of the protest that you see now in iran. we have to think about how to make that more effective. >> i agree with what you are seeing rather than democracy is ideas about democracy are already pervasive in society and they are spreading even more in my opinion as we know many of the iranian people are young under the age of 30 daisy about two-thirds are under the age of 30 so they were not alive the time of the revolution or they don't remember it. more and the year more and more connected through the world of technology, travel, they have relatives overseas, they've been exposed to the ideas about the universal human rights. and more and more women have been been to school about 65% of the iranian universities are now women to read a lot of them have come from the small town to the bigger cities like to iran and they get exposed to new ideas as well and have greater demand through equality, human rights and dr. c. and it is true the
5:30 pm
struggle for democracy has been taking place for more than 100 years. it is one of the main political struggles in the country between democracy and autocracy weather in the form of the monarchy or a religious government. and also when you talk about steps about promoting democracy or human rights in iran and i don't know if this is also part of the soft power, perhaps it is, i agree there are certain things people on the outside, governments and ordinary individuals can do to support the push for democracy and human rights in the country such as helping it keep a line of communication open with a technology. a lot of people have been talking about satellite based internet technology and there should be more work done on that. i know that haystack, which iran knows has probably similar
5:31 pm
information about this because we were talking about it, too, which is an encryption software just given a license by the u.s. government to be offered in iran, which would technically allow iranians to surf the internet without being monitored. i think there are also other things the u.s. government and others could do. they could -- the don't have to take political science at all but they can stand up for a universal human rights and principles and they should do this on a consistent basis and not just in iran but other countries. this is a political issue. also there is no u.n. special envoy of human rights to iran right now and this is something a lot of activists are pushing for, but i think america and other countries have not pushed for it quite hard enough because they are focused on the nuclear issue right now and maybe they are worried that if they push for support on the nuclear issue
5:32 pm
from some countries that those -- sorry, if they push for support on human rights issues that those countries will support america on the nuclear issue as well. .. america has abu creep and guantánamo. and on another occasion i found
5:33 pm
out ater after he came to iran to rescue me, he was called into the revolutionary court monday by one of the intelligence agents and they said, why the intelligence agents at wife you've been wife you've been telling the media all the time that your daughters innocent. do you know she's made a confession? because i was pressured to make a false confession. my father said we have to seem to what conditions did she make this confession. he was implying us under a lot of pressure, under a lot of duress. in the agent said, well, we talked to her in a very friendly environment. [laughter] of course, for those who don't know i was taken from my apartment and captain solitary confinement without an attorney. i was threatened that i could say a further 20 years or get the death penalty. but i guess that's a friendly environment. we talked to in a friendly
5:34 pm
environment. this isn't america. we don't want to report here. i made this example that people know that when america doesn't reflect those principles, that it has come to be known for it in different parts of the world, then certain government and people in those governments can take advantage of that. and instead of addressing the shortcomings, they can make an excuse for that. and finally, i think there's a lot of ordinary people can do to promote human rights and democracy in iran. there are so many people horchow and iran. prisoners of conscience were simply there because they have peacefully exercised asic human rights such as freedom of exception, freedom of religion is no dispute over my cellmates at least two of them are still there right now. it makes a big difference for the prisoners who were there when they know ordinary people on the outside are showing support was a period in the
5:35 pm
making of foremost demonstration there's going to be quite coming eccentricities on june 12, which is the one-year anniversary of the election and i'm sure there will be one in los angeles starting positions on facebook and writing letters to the iranian officials at the u.n. or asking your media to report more on the issue. and it makes a lot harder for the hardliners in iran to say that these are organized by government, when they say ordinary people in different countries taking these kinds of steps. >> washington foreign-policy mist 79 revolution, recently seems like they been getting china right now for the last decade or so. what are the odds of getting this one right? [laughter] >> as i was like to say, you know, i'm not really card-carrying color of the
5:36 pm
foreign policy establishment. but let me say this. very slant and very slim because they're searching conventional wisdom is that we assume that simply don't apply. so you know, there is the conventional and i'm going to stomach and harsh on the obama administration. i don't intend to be because i think it was a worthy pursuit. i would maybe not if drafted up for 15 months. but engaging with iran i think the rationale behind testing the proposition . but that proposition is born out of this particular hubris that we have. america is so big, so important that we have to do is say that we're going to set the table and by the time we get there this going to be steak, coffee and the iranians on the other side. and what we've discovered over the last 15 months as i'm doing just fine, thank you very much. regime is thriving under these conditions because the machine uses the external threat that it faces from the coalition. the internal threat that faces
5:37 pm
from soft revolution, which tries desperately to pay a thing for an orchestrated to consolidate power, to be more repressive, even more represented here it so one of our failures has been that we present them that the negotiations with iran will go the way they did with the soviets or the way they did with the chinese. iran is, you know, i don't know how many times i say this a lot. iran is not the soviet union. it's a fundamentally different creature. and this sort of gets to the second question. it's not a subtle question, but it's on the paralyzed the washington -- what i'm not a spokesperson for about 15 years. and the question is, whether or not, with sufficient modification this regime would be okay. former cia your would use the phrase close enough for government work. so, he would know, right?
5:38 pm
what he is talking about is it's not perfect but it's close enough for government work. as with this machine gave up its nuclear ambitions and support for terrorism, which by the way, the u.s. hasn't flipped on since 1985 when the state department issued patterns of global terrorism, iran is ranked every year is the most active state sponsor terrorism companies in organs like revolutionary document supporting groups like hezbollah and hamas, more likely otiose in iraq, et cetera. thank you. because that debate has been so ingrained in washington, the question of whether or not it this regime just gives up all these different things, would it be okay? get rid of it that or do we need to seek a more fundamental transition? this is behavior modification versus regime change. can we live this regime or do we need a different one? at what's happening in washington is what usually happens in washington we have to
5:39 pm
really heady ideas to come full force at each other. the answer is that they not in that incident happening for a decade and a half. and that debate is still going on. the obama administration when it came and addressed this very obliquely by saying, we're going to a fundamentally different approach to what the bush administration was doing through the presumption was the bush administration really wanted to promote the latter, to promote regime change and therefore behavior modification. we're going to talk with these guys and try to change their behavior. but what's happened is that camino, and current events, history sometimes interferes. so what you have a summer is now almost 11 months old was a fundamental groundswell of discontent in iraq and to really put the obama administration -- [inaudible] as it puts the obama administration on the wrong side of that revolutionary divide. and how washington reconciled itself to that remains to be seen. it's quite clear that that
5:40 pm
decision hasn't been made yet. and so, fair -- what we decide, whether we decide that we're going to come in a comic or the green movement, continue to regard the green movement and talk with the powers or whether we're going to talk to the person tehran and the green movement and therefore appear in authentic to both appeared over going to check the green movement to the exclusion of the regime in tehran. that's going to change everything for us is going to teleport in the world, including the iranians, what america would like iran to the quake. it doesn't mean it's going to look that way, but it means we still have to make a decision. >> do you think the green movement is still strong and you think the exile community really understands what's going on inside their now given policy of information that's going on >> i don't think the community has a clue what's going on in iran. i think the exile community and i speak as one of them is more concerned about what they want for iran than what's best for
5:41 pm
iran. and it's a real shame upon the iranian americans that they can't get past for the most part their ideological divisions into sort of think about okay, well i've got aunts and uncles and cousins and, you know, family who were actually living in iran, who need, you know, health, who need assistance right now. so no, i'm not very optimistic about the role that the exile community can play. the flipside of this -- no, i think the green movement is absolutely strong. if a federally conference here, literally conference here, so let me just paraphrase the great mark twain and say that reports of the demise of the green movement have been greatly exaggerated. you know, first of all which remind everybody that we keep talking about the revolution of 1979. the revolution started in 1977 years it took a long time to get
5:42 pm
rid of the shock and is going to take a long time to promote fundamental political change in this regime. but the truth is that the green movement has been more successful than i think anyone could have possibly imagined and doing what they were fundamentally united in doing, which was to delegitimize the regime here it the islamic republic's bases its legitimacy to fundamental fact years. the first team that sees itself as the locus of islamic morality. it's sort of the center of religious morality in the state. that has been completely and utterly shattered, not just by the rapid takeover of the revolutionary guard. iran is becoming a military dictatorship. it is slowly transforming from the theocratic country to a military country. and i think that's something we need to be more cognizant of.
5:43 pm
and secondly also in the way they've responded not just to these unarmed civilians on the streets, but to some of the most respect good religious authorities in iran, brutally going after them come beating them on the streets, resting their children. the widespread reports that every iranian had access to about the torture and the of prisoners in iran's prisons. all that has come even amongst the so-called pious classes come assorted majority of iranians who are fairly apolitical and not very socially conscious, but who nevertheless see the state as the bearer of islamic values, it's completely shattered that sense of legitimacy. the second thing the government uses to legitimize its regime is popular sovereignty. made the mistake, despite the autocratic tendencies of this regime, it is geared shiftless of its own people. and that is absolutely right because we just sort of paid
5:44 pm
attention this last time, but, you know, every 18 months or so there's a massive uprising somewhere in iran and despite the brutality of the response, which you see immediately afterwards is the subtle changes in the way that the regime deals with whatever the situation was that caused the uprising to begin with. so this is a government that really relies on this at the popular vote, popular sovereignty for its legitimacy. i don't need to sell you how fundamentally that has been completely shattered here it so if the goal of the green movement and i believe it was, was to teach legitimize the regime in the eyes of the majority of iranians who didn't even join the green movement, then they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. >> we have two minutes button would like to open it to questions if you're willing. no speeches, please. i have an hourglass after my phone and will cut them off.
5:45 pm
last night why don't we start from air. go ahead. >> it has been reported that admiral mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff traveled to israel and worn down, if you attack iran, do not try to mousetrap us, the united states into this war. is this true and are you concerned that israel will try to mousetrap and what did he mean by mousetrap? [laughter] i think he is the example of the uss liberty -- >> yes, it was brought up a couple times. >> and you can help too -- and do you fear that israel, who i understand has been trying to get us to attack iran will attack iran and then have problems as a hopeless, lpless, helpless. what will the consequences of a war with iraq be?
5:46 pm
>> yeah, everybody has an opinion on this issue. the beach assertively that as simply as i can. not only can israel cannot afford to attack iran without the simplest of america's support, which may come. it may come. but it has to do so for two reasons. one is american ships in order to refuel on the way back and also it has to go over iraqi airspace, which is controlled by the united states and augusto had and quote the new big recipe that friend or foe, you do not violate american airspace. we will shoot you down, you know, were not going to sit down as you described as little babies and watch our airspace be violated. the second thing, too, is as thomas ricks, you know, the great military reporter for the "washington post" says and i think he's absolutely right, when israel wants you dead, you just die.
5:47 pm
[laughter] they don't talk about it, they don't mention it. one day you're asleep in the next week you know, you're dead. and the fact the we have seen this ratcheting up of rhetoric about an impending attack against iran is probably the best proof that there is that there is a military attack coming. as far as the consequences, everybody knows the consequences. iran cannot israel in any conventional sense. iran is a third world country. and finally as a joke. it's weapon system belongs in the 20th century. but it has to proxy armies in the region, hezbollah and hamas, both of whom who have proven that they can do significant damage to israel and both of which would be let loose should there be an israeli attack. >> where to start. i think there's a lot here that
5:48 pm
requires commenting. i'm going to try to also keep it as simple as possible. first off, in order to understand what the israelis are driving up, you have to understand that iran represents to the israeli body policy. if you go to israel come you find a very divided electorate that disagrees on everything from health care to food subsidies to social services. iran, whether your labor or could he not is a continuity. iran is seen as an existential threat. you can argue about whether or not it should be. but you have to understand the israelis view islam as an existential threat and it's fueled by the rhetoric from some of the more i would use crazy, but the more drinks than like among iran's leaders to talk about wiping israel from the map and whether or not that's a question of interpretation or is translation, the israelis read it as the arena president wants to wipe israel off the mat. if you're an israeli politician, you are driven by what tip o'neill is to say, all politics
5:49 pm
is local. and the israelis see a country that whether empirically or not, you can reach out and harm israel intellectually. they understand that a state, a jewish state builds upon the extermination of 6 million by the third right simply as a problem with sitting by idly and not addressing this. i would remind you guys hear that israel is the only country in modern history to nuclear is not one, but two countries. i wouldn't be so quick to think it doesn't have a military option. this is a logistical issue if you look at what the israeli procurement patterns of the israeli military. they've been spending a lot of time by an additional long-range field cases for airplanes, bombs that can penetrate conventional organizations that can penetrate hard and untrue territories. the question of whether or not
5:50 pm
it's actually going to have been really hinges upon one ring and one thing alone, whether or not they think washington is serious. it is the reason the israelis have been talking for a decade about the fact that iran is so close to nuclear weapon and i agree this is really serve them poorly in terms of framing the iranian threat. what they've been trained to do for a long time is to try to recast iran, not as just a local or regional threat, but as a threat to global security. and i think there's a lot of very good reasons to agree with that definition. the question is whether or not were going to do something about it. for a long time, the united states government under president clinton or president bush, we talked about the fact that the israelis you guys need to hang back, we got it, it's taken care of. for going to build a coalition to contain and sanction. what's happened over the last 15 has cast serious doubt in the israeli mind as to whether or not we're serious. quite frankly they don't think we are. and as a result, what they do
5:51 pm
next is more of an open question than it would have been before because if they see as an existential thought in november would you take care of it for them or help manage it, then this is a wild card in the deck i think a lot of people have trouble putting odds on. >> thank you for taking a question. first of all, i'd like to ask about the attack on iran for israel. let's look at what the public committee has recently done with our congress, dr. stephen stokowski talked about the neocons invade iraq for israel. his article titled israeli lobby unworn iran. aipac is pushing for this work. i don't know if you've seen ron paul is seen on the florida house. he said it's basically the building blocks of war with iran. >> sir, question. >> what are your views about aipac? if they're pushing us into another war with iran.
5:52 pm
>> i guess that's to me. i often got the correct characterization. in fact, if you look at what apex doing and they are a great very influential and concerned about the issue. their major lobbying effort with a mac and turned last two and half years is arab son. the idea here is to sanction the 40% of refined petroleum. iran can't refined enough for the gasoline internally so it does from abroad from a very small number of the players reliance in india et cetera et cetera. the idea is to draft legislation in congress that would allow the u.s. government to sanction these entities to make it harder for iran to buy gasoline from abroad as a way of putting pressure on the regime to bring them to the table to avoid military conflict. the goal here isn't to create a military conflict. if there was a good time last roundabout ways of doing it.
5:53 pm
what they're looking for is trying to find the magic bullet that will really capture the attention of the rulers in iran. and focus their attention and really by the way this is not an aipac question. this is a u.s. or to form policy of a question. what is that mix of carrots and sticks that can convince the iranian regime that in order for them to stay in business they have to get out of the nuclear business. that is a question that aipac is asking. they're certainly not the only one. there's a lot of institutes and lobby groups both left and right in front of it are asking the same question. aipac to folks who like to talk about a conspiracy is certainly the most low-hanging fruit because ever influential and they've been a lot of work in congress. but she's got to understand that making a rant issue a neocon issue greatly distort what iran is seen as in washington at 12. stack i just want to say, i also
5:54 pm
met a conspiracy theorist when it comes to aipac. yes of course they're enormously successful and yes they do threaten congressmen and senators with towing their party line or they'll be destroyed and they've done that many times. but that's how it works. that's how washington works and good for aipac for a figure not have to get on top of this. so it's not coming in no come a conspiracy here. and it certainly absolutely 100% not the case that aipac forced america into the wherewith they rack because the truth is that aipac over the last decade has also said they are not the problem, iran is the problem in a war in iraq would only power iran. guess what, they were. but let's get something absolutely straight here. international law states unequivocally that if you cut off the country's supply to natural resources, it is an act of war. aipac necessary relief.
5:55 pm
so they have been pushing to get the united states to essentially dry up iran's access to this 40% that i was telling you about. but iran has said unequivocally that any attempt to do so will be seen as an act of war. they will immediately close the moves, which by the way we will consider an active work as it cuts off our oil supply. so this is indirectly a push towards a military response. nobody ever spoken to us in a real association with aipac actually believes you can touch iran but a long talk them out of their nuclear program. subtle little bit more cynical about their role here with regard to iran. >> to practice a very short question, roxana, overturn a 50 days ago three young americans are in the middle east accidentally crossed over the kurdish border. they been halted a prison ever
5:56 pm
since. very little contact, via the media exposure, very provide it eager. what is your view? >> it's awful that the hikers have been held there for so long. they haven't been able to see a lawyer once. they've been able to call home only once. they went solitary confinement for a long time. now the two boys, shane and josh are together and there is in solitary confinement, but apparently she gets to see the boys for a few minutes a day. but the news last week cut the families have reported because the assistant ambassador finally got to see the three again. at least two of them, that physical conditions are not good and then sarah is suffering from depression. i think they're being used as political pawns, which is unfortunate. it's not a legal case, but a political case and a human rights case. president ahmadinejad if they
5:57 pm
really thought these guys were sized power they be suggesting this. but as ron likes to call everybody, almost everybody. and another thing, if i try to explain what might be going through these hikers find is probably they're feeling a lot of uncertainty. i'm sure they wished they could see their families. i was lucky because my father had an iranian passport included my mother, so they could come to iran and see me after they found out where it was. for a long time they didn't know. i could see them once a week. and so, they were my outlet to the outside. but when you're in there, cut off from the world, you can't see a lawyer, can't type your family, you feel helpless. in their captors know this i'm sure. [inaudible] >> yeah, and perhaps i sit imprisoned drug for today's
5:58 pm
meister would not have been covered so much because how often can you have a headline. everyday is kind of tough. but their families they think are doing as much as they can to bring attention to their case and if you can help anyway, their website is free of the hikers.board and the phillies is sometimes the hikers can get letters that are sent in this really helps the bless them. i also think the families have occurred a lot of cost because they have to take care of the expenses and travel to new york to do interviews about their kids. sometimes they hold vigils, so if you join for the hikers face the page as well, you can be up to date with that. >> by question is given you said the $38 million we recently spent on iran was not very affect the and given the idea that a spending money they are coming in outcome would give iran a reason to say we need nuclear weapons because america is intervening. why should we be spending any money at all over in iran? >> it's an interesting question
5:59 pm
and i have to refer back to my -- i'm recovering lawyers like to refer back to my legal training. the questions that conditions be necessary or sufficient, just because we spent a lot of, a little poorly allocated funds toward iran and was ineffective and counterproductive doesn't mean that all funds spent in a more robust fashion any more targeted fashion but -- as early piso. it's clear that the track record for democracy within iran so far has been abysmal. it's been abysmal i think because it tried to do a couple things. it tried to focus on groups that were very publicly known and also as a result subject to dismemberment. [inaudible] >> why do we just leave them alone? >> okay, it's a very legitimate
6:00 pm
question. i think and i don't know if i'm an outlier here. i've no idea. i'm an east coast i don't know anything. but it seems to me what i am is i'm a product of soviet repression. my parents were refused during the cold war and they came out. and i couldn't let go by their experience. their experience was when the west that human rights and democracy, universal values, the dissidents within the soviet union received an enormous shot in the arm. their status was internationalized. the soviet union set up and take notice and we begin to leverage things like for example most favored nation access to in the early 70's and said to the soviets you can be a country and trade with other second our country because you don't feature people normal. ..
6:01 pm
>> i think some of the iranians do want there to be an outcry about human-rights violations in iran. for them some of the demonstrators they were yelling [inaudible] obama either of you are with them were with us because they felt he was quiet on the issue
6:02 pm
of human rights violation but supporting democracy in iran doesn't mean that like you should support specific groups or main groups that you will support or especially groups inside iran because that allows them to claim that ordinary activist from a journalist, human-rights campaigners are mercenaries of the u.s.. >> i imagine this passionate discussion about the middle east. unfortunately our time is up so for those of you who've waited to ask questions. i want to thank the panelists very much. [applause] [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] amol o conversations
6:03 pm
[inaudible conversations] stabilize the iranian government. the israeli government tried to do with it terrorism against the united states back in the 50's and blame it. so the issue of terrorism goes much deeper in terms of the united states and israel rather than iran. [inaudible conversations]
6:04 pm
>> and you have been watching the last live panel of the day from the "los angeles times" festival of books. aslan, roxana saberi were in the panel. as we continue of next a life call-in program from los angeles on the campus of ucla you can see the crowd still there. roxana saberi will be here talking about her captivity in iran is the name of her book "between two worlds" my life in captivity in iran. she will be taking your calls as we get her seated here on the set right outside of the hall where that event was held. if you want to talk with roxana saberi 202-saberi for the east and central time zones. 202-585-3886 if you live in the mountain and pacific time zones and dickenson date wheat,
6:05 pm but we got everything you've seen today will the air at 1 a.m. eastern time on booktv. the entire five and half hours of programming that we have covered today. we will free air as one entire package and that is of course at 10 p.m. here on the west coast so we will be right back with roxana saberi. >> we're the state university speaking with robert moore iii his book marion a white girl coming to grips with race in america. who said he would always marry a white girl and why did they say that? >> if it was an internal feeling on my part. i grew up in i think a fascinating time period in the 1960's. we are one of the few laughs african-american families to ride the wave of the millions of
6:06 pm
those who left urban america in that time period. at the same time many african-americans were coming off the land in rural america and going to the city so i felt very unique and caught in between and i think the two groups almost like two sides and there is a time period this cultural so i felt internally that i was destined to marry someone who was white rather than african-american. islamic what is the first part of your book is in sections. the first is called straddling the fence. how did you come to grips with your identity as an african-american male growing up in a predominantly white area in the philadelphia? >> it was tough. i don't think i did. i think i still wrestle with the
6:07 pm
impact of that time period. i grew up with people who were very good friends of mine and i still of great friends from that time period but have numerous stereotypes about african-americans and i internalize this stereotype i was fortunate both my parents worked which was unusual for that time period. i came from a dual income family and so i opted on the public school system and private school and i had my first contact with african-americans actually and my first a girlfriend was tenth grade, she was african-american. i had to leave the situation and go someplace else and work on my identity. >> what do you think it means to be -- what is an african-american identity? >> today or -- >> i guess either today or what he felt a growing up. >> well, you know, that is an
6:08 pm
interesting question, good question. i think we have stereotypes of each other and i subscribe to something called a group decision theory and i kind of look at groups of people in society and the overall place in society and i think we all the stereotypes about groups and we internalize the stereotypes. i would socialize as a person growing up in the suburbs of philadelphia. i'm not sure there is anyone identity that african-americans have and whites have. we do feel a sense of cultural difference whether it is real cultural difference or not is up for debate but we feel a sense of ann curry of group and one day we get over that in this country and have a sense of when
6:09 pm
-- oneness petraeus too what made you write the book in the first place? >> i had a lot to get off my chest. i have three kids at the moment. i did marry a white female and we now have for the first time in history eckert race movement, by racial movement and a lot of my thoughts today are centered on racial identity. i'm fascinated by people who call themselves [inaudible] the past 30 years, 25 years if you ask any wonder background you were considered african-american. so racial identity crisis are still fascinating and so i really wanted to drive into and write a book about how race changes in the 35 to 40 years.
6:10 pm
>> how has it changed? what is the biggest thing you have seen today or growing up in the 60's? >> well it is questionable because many people think that race relations has moved forward in a very positive way and i question that tremendously. we still have a massively segregated society. 86% of whites who live in the suburbs are in neighborhoods with 1% african-american and we think that judge things have changed massively and see the rim mixed race movement like my kids, how my kids identify themselves growing up in every right now and rural america so i'm not sure mixed race identity i think it feeds off the current polarization of african-americans and whites why there is still the great polarization between african-americans and whites in the society also think it is great potential for the groups,
6:11 pm
whites and african-americans to come together in a form in the future with. >> thank you. we've been talking with robert moore iii, author of "they always supply would marry a white girl coming to grips with race in america." >> thank you. we are back live in los angeles with our final segment of our live coverage today from the "los angeles times" festival love books on the campus of ucla. now joining us is roxana saberi. you just saw her on a panel on the middle east, and she's here to talk about her book, "between two worlds my life and captivity in iran." roxana saberi, how long did you live in iran before you were arrested? >> i lived there about six years and i was just getting ready to leave the country when i was arrested. >> you were raised in fargo, north dakota. why did you move to tehran?
6:12 pm
>> my father is a iranian and i wanted to learn more about the culture and society. i didn't grow up speaking the farsi language because my mother was japanese and the mutual language is english so i felt the best way to learn the language would be to enlist myself and the country and i wanted to be for an news correspondent and i thought what country would be more than iran for the years to come. >> you were arrested in january, 2009 but you had been there six years and lost your passed in 2006. what kept you there? and why did you lose your pass? >> they never gave me clear reason for taking away my pass. but at the time i wanted -- i believed there was a greater need than ever for independent news from here on and i felt the risk of the responsibility to help provide an unlimited basis that was allowed by law and i also found i had a lot more time and new opportunities to write a book about the country.
6:13 pm
and i wanted to tell stories have different iranian said the different sectors of the society for people of the country that went beyond the headlines and you could tell in a short news reports. >> tell us about that morning, january, 2009. >> i was asleep at nine in the morning when the doorbell rang. and i got up, across the living room and there was a man standing outside and a set ms. roxana saberi? i said yes. it said you have a letter. i thought it was the mailman and he came up and i opened the door and when he arrived he handed a paper to me and if this is terri strange because it wasn't even in an envelope. usually the male men don't do that so i was reading the paper and it was and farsi but there
6:14 pm
were two words that jumped out at mechem adams present, the most notorious prison in iran. behind him came street man and i could tell they were intelligence agents and they started rummaging through my belongings, confiscating books, my laptop, my cellphone. they said i couldn't call for help obviously. these men also were armed so i couldn't scream. they said we are going to take you elsewhere for questioning and if you cooperate we will bring you back home tonight if not we are going to take you to evans prison. >> and what did the man by cooperate? >> well, i learned of the next several hours. they took me to an unmarked city in the capitol and questioned me about various things that the focus of the questions were on the book that i was writing and they said for example why did you interview so many people? i interviewed a wide range of
6:15 pm
iranian and i said i need a good cross-section of society to show balance in this book. why can't interview just five people and say they represent a whole society. and they said who paid you to write this book? i sit nobody is paying me. i don't even have a publisher. i am paying for this out of my own pocket. they said it does anybody else have a copy? i said my mother does. e-mail her copies of my chapters and they knew i was going to leave the country soon and publish the book overseas. if you want to work on a book you don't need permission but if you want to publish it you do and oftentimes it gets center and the process. the main goal they had through these questions i learned over the hours is that i was supposed to say my book was a cover to espionage for the united states and was and of course and i knew
6:16 pm
that the authorities were falsely accusing critics of being biased but i kept telling them it isn't a cover for anything it is just a book. you have my computer, read it. they said we don't believe you. it's too bad you didn't cooperate now we have to take you to evans prison. >> a total of 100 days. >> what was the worst day of your life there? >> i think there were a few really bad days and was mostly when i was in solitary confinement in the beginning of my imprisonment. nobody saw me taken from my apartment by these four men and i wasn't allowed to tell my family where i was. i was about to take one more phone call but i was supposed to lie about where i was and why i had been arrested.
6:17 pm
>> who did you call? >> when i was allowed to call my family they sit till your father you have been arrested for alcohol which wasn't true and that you don't know where you are and he should remain quiet and shouldn't tell anyone because you will be free and a day or two and so i was relating this message to my father and english with intelligence agents standing over me making sure i followed on his orders and i was trying to convince my father and longing this is not true but he didn't quite get so the soldier confinement was most difficult because i realized the history, many political prisons, the canadian journalist had been held there in a 2003 and died a few days later and no one was ever held accountable and also they pressured me to the false confession about using it for espinel and they threatened me
6:18 pm
in many ways and eventually i succumbed to the pressure and that is a horrible feeling when you abandon your principles that you think you will always hold true even under pressure. >> you told them you work for the cia. >> i told them what they wanted to hear because they said they would free me if i said it and i knew in the past other political prisoners had been forced to make confessions as well. i've seen them televised on the iranian tv and afterwards many of them had been released in some recaptured their lives so i thought this is how things work the what a false conception going is it for propaganda purposes or to per for their political. i'm not a hero i just have to do with other political prisoners have done before me and then i will get out and i felt ashamed of myself from the moment i made that false confession. estimate your father is a iranian, your mother is japanese
6:19 pm
to the jury is in north dakota. how did that happen? [laughter] you know the iranian japanese-americans lived in fargo north dakota. [laughter] my mother got a job at the medical center in fargo so we followed her there from new jersey. >> roxana saberi is the guest. phone number soar on the screen that he would like to pursue paid in the conversation. first comes from south lake tahoe. please go ahead. >> yes, hi. thank you for showing the topic and i don't know if you're old enough to remember the iran iraq war. do you remember that in the late 80's? >> i was living in america at the time but i read and heard about it. spec i just wanted the reason the local police for paranoid about everyone being spies because during that war, the united states secretly backing
6:20 pm
both iran and iraq. did you know that? >> i know about the iran contra -- >> get to the question. >> this question is have you ever considered that right now in iran the united states government is docking the government in power and overthrowing, just consider that if you haven't considered that. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> who represents american interests in the year on? >> the embassy. >> what was their role in your release? >> the investor made several contacts in iran and pushed for my release and also in a meeting with president mahmoud ahmadinejad, the president in geneva pushed for my release.
6:21 pm
>> what about the u.s. state department? >> the u.s. state department i know hillary clinton made calls to my release and various members tried to help my parents as well. actually found out about hillary clinton calling for my release one day when i told you about the false confession. i recounted it while in prison because i felt so guilty about it and i told myself i don't want to be free online is. i would rather be in prison and tell the truth and i told my captors that, too and when i said that my interrogator said we knew from the beginning the confession was false and it made me think why did they arrest me then, they didn't want me to write the book or they wanted to intimidate and reach out when president obama had just taken office and was trying to engage and hard liners don't want that in iran backs like that thinking these things. i ended up staying in prison two
6:22 pm
days after the authorities announced and was granted be free. i didn't know that. instead of freeing me they kept me and send me to trial and somehow after my trial my interrogator brought me into a room, the interrogation room with a blindfold and i looked down and saw on the desk facing a wall there was a pile of news articles in front of me and he said reed these but i didn't want to engage of my interrogator because by that time i believe disalle engaged with him that is what he wanted. he's a don't you want to read these? i said no. he's okay i will read them for you and he started reading these news articles which included for example bbc, cnn, seceded press, such and such calling for your release and this other group gathers positions for your release and hillary clinton is calling for your release and i was surprised to hear this. my captors were fairly
6:23 pm
aggravated i believe by the call for my release on the part of the various officials of putting people at the state department as well as other officials and other governments and human rights groups and ordinary individuals and i felt so fortunate i got that attention. i really hope many of those prisoners were left behind can get similar attention. >> how did the word get out after your initial call to your dad? >> my father had remained silent because i said to him in the telephone call because my captors told me to tell him he's not supposed to talk to anybody about this. remain silent for a think it was 20 or so days but then he began -- he was worried. spinet he hadn't heard from you. >> and he expected i would be calling him soon so he went to the media and announced our daughter disappeared and we don't know where she is. she told us she had been are arrested for alcohol because
6:24 pm
that is what i was told to tell him. and after he announced that shortly after that the iranian authorities acknowledged yes, roxana saberi is in our custody and later they said she is an evin prison. >> next call from austin texas. go ahead. >> caller: yes, first of all thank you for c-span, the only channel worth watching for news and current affairs. roxana saberi it's good to see you back home. number one, with all the talk about pressurizing iran and even attacking at, don't you think about coalesce the nation and in turn strengthen the regime? and number two how vulnerable is the regime really? mahmoud ahmadinejad doesn't seem like he has weakened in any way
6:25 pm
so again, it's good to see you that, and i will take my answer of the year. thank you. >> thank you. the first question is about the military attack on iran and about the regime. there is this argument that if there is a military attack on iran it would have the hard liners because the hard liners in iran like an external enemy should try to unite their followers at home and also argue that there is an external threat so in the name of protecting the national security they will crack down on a society and critics and independent-minded people in the iranian society and also it is an excuse for example of the mom proliferation treaty and also perhaps they might retaliate in ways like hezbollah in lebanon territories. i've heard the arguments and i think that there are hard-liners
6:26 pm
in iran who wouldn't mind some kind of military attack, not an attack that would remove them from power of course because number one thing for the mystery man in power but the attack that might mean that the nuclear sites but not dream of the regime because that would give them an excuse to crack down further on society and tighten the nuclear power and the second question was about -- >> mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> i think they feel they've been vulnerable and that's why they've been forced violence against their own people. i think they are scared of their own people and what they are scared of is the spread of 80 is about democracy and human rights because if these ideas strengthen and the already have been strengthened, then they think it will threaten them because they don't want to share their power so they have been
6:27 pm
using imprisonment, intimidation and harassment and so on to silence people and in the short run they can silence people but in the long run they are creating resentment fire under the dirt and i think that many armenians feel that this we know they've had demand and tried peacefully to accept the demands and have been countered with violence so many of them have been scared and are staying home. it's like a fire under the dirt and when the wind blows a lot about the drug might move and the fire could rise again. >> you write you think there are factions within the government of our working towards change in iraq hook. >> yes. since the events of last summer in the presidential election on june 12th and what happened afterwards in the aftermath what was the most significant civil
6:28 pm
unrest think some of the factions have lost a lot of their influence and power and pushed aside. but there still remains some places in the eye iranian government wld like better relations with the al-sayyid world. but there is competition and competing factions and people in power who don't want better relations with the hillside world than draw on confrontation and i think if iran has better relations with america for it said what could jeopardize their own personal political or economic conditions. >> why did you call the book between two worlds? >> that is a good question. i think it is up to the reader to interpret but for me there are different worlds. there is iran and america, east and west, freedom and imprisonment, the physical and the spiritual because in prison
6:29 pm
i had to tell myself my body is in prison but it doesn't mean that my soul has to be in prison, too and there are decisions you can make even in prison that can help you feel free even if physical you are trapped. ultimately though, i think we all live in one world. >> the next call for roxana saberi comes from reseda california. >> caller: yes, hello. i can understand. i also come from a multi-cultural background. i am also of middle eastern descent. i agree with first call you have to understand why the heat us. if i were them, if i was mahmoud ramesh what i wouldn't let any american in their either so you have to understand where they're coming from and also our government is totally occupied by zionism.


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