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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  May 11, 2010 8:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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road and .244 at home. year ronaldino was left off brazil's roster. 1-2. wigginton goes down ron nawld dean yo hadn't been swinging. lee wins that battle. first strike out. >> jim: i guess a guy that called up for the international team since 2009. knows he needs a strike out, but still could be considered as how's he go. there's the slider strike one, an injury replace many. cutter ball one, there's a >> other world cup news and pitch to hit, swings through notes. england coach, fabio has it. now he battling for his life. persuaded defender jame me still 1-2, couple pitches are carragher to come out of retirement for the world cup. hit and then the slider. the pitch he started him with giuseppe rossi made italy's strikes him out. preliminary roster. back door slider you can't give up on. >> leave it up to matt wieters. he's from cliffton, actually. with 2 down, 2 in scoring r university of utah d van position. this is where matt has struggled. niselrooy. netherlands says we don't need he will fowling it straight you. >> don't forget on espnews, it's back. hitting only .214 with runners a reminder, on espn on abc, it's in scoring position. the fifa world cup. he has a dramatic differential with runners on and when the it all starts with south africa
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and mexico 9:30 eastern on june bases are empty. the orioles need the big hit 11. from their catcher right here. >> shocking development in cleveland. 9 minutes to go, and boston up big. waters to third. lopez and the orioles pass by a scoring chance.
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ryan langerhans a former brave, eric byrnes got released when he took his bicycle and almost ran over the manager trying to get out of ballpark. byrnes was not hitting and now he's not playing. langerhans was called up to take his place. >> jim: he was up last year. he was traded to oakland and >> top plays is brought to you then washington, with the by:
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nationals in 2008 and last year >> anish, kevin here with you on espnews. kevin, ready for top plays? 101 at-bats for the mariners. let's go. >> he can play the out field. >> number 3, roger federer takes that serve, defensive return, it's a winner. >> he's a big guy. he's that good. never a lot of power numbers. >> some call it a block. you play for bobby cox and federer wins 6-2, 7-6. learn how to play the right way. >> couldn't put the offensive celtics, cavaliers, this one will get you on out of your seat. numbers together the stick mo williams, lebron james, anywhere. there's a fly ball deep. touchdown. markakis looking back and good buy home run! ryan langerhans delivers the they need a lot more touchdowns. >> yeah. long ball and a 1-0 lead his >> and drew rosenhaus, that's a pile of flaming bricks. first homer in this his 7th was that cgi? game with the club. >> feels like it, doesn't it? >> jim: he picks a great pitch >> this score is cgi, but anyway to hit. we talk about hitters count, you slice it, not looking good this is a hitters count. for cleveland. 2-1. fast ball down the middle. the minute it comes off the 92-68. boston on the verge of taking a bat, even on this wet, damp 3-2 series lead. this could night it's going. he launches it to make it 1-0. well be lebron james last home game as a member of the
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>> gary: langerhans gets the cleveland cavaliers. they go to to boston, they lose, 5th home run off hernandez, the they're not coming back. 4th by a left-hander. 1-0 lead on the second hit of ball game by this ballclub >> rajon rondo, 14 points in the that's dead last in homers. second half. their 13th team home run. from that we go to the jets. josh wilson flied out the they added santonio holmes, center his first time up and the breaking ball missed up cromartie, and tomlinson in the off season, and tom brady has taken notice. high. we mentioned byrnes being the patriots quarterback praised his archrival. released. they've had a get-go in he told "sports illustrated" to win this division we'll really seattle, they picked up bradly, thought he would be a regular have to earn it this year. out fielder. jets head coach rex ryan agrees that to reimold and not going with that. to get it. >> he's a smart guy. reimold started in, stopped and realized he would have to come we're not afraid of that. and doesn't get it. it's a single. we're making sure that everybody >> jim: a lot of times with a knows it. ball and out fielders will tell that we plan on being that team that wins the division this you, hit off the end of bat, year. we know it will be a great and then doesn't get a good challenge. i think this is going to be a read and hesitation and then tremendous season for us. you know, we only have one goal, just can't get it to. and that is to win the super slippery out field. bowl. and that's what we plan on doing
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there you go. you want an out or a base hit. this year. >> cornerback pac man jones david hernandez wanted the out. resumed his career with the the ball was not hilt well. bengals today. he took part in a voluntary team >> gary: the first 2 on in the workout. jones had been out of football for a year. signed a two-year deal with 5th inning. the d.h. flied out the left feel his cinci last week. first time up. see the batting average he's >> they already took mcnabb away from the eagles, the redskins are now looking at brian sporting right now. westbrook. he's had no home runs, 5 rbi -- washington has invited westbrook extra base hits a couple for a visit on wednesday. he comes highly recommended by doubles. 14 strikeouts and 6 walks on mcnabb who has apparently made a the season for ken griffey, jr. case for the running back. >> the mother of the university of virginia lacrosse player .262 hitter here at camden charged with murder broke her silence today. yards lifetime. mar ta murphy's son, george pops that up. tejada coming. hughley is accused of killing and he's got it. those are the outs griffey is yeardly love. making. >> jim: everyone i've talked to hughley's mother described love the last couple years the bat as a sweet young woman with a has slowed down.
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limitless future. she released this statement. that happens in the game. it happens to yaz. you start cheating. can't get to the breaking ball. expand the strike zone, you don't want the get the 2 strikes. junior is not the first guy that has been afflicted by slow bat disease. it happens. part of the game. >> gary: that will bring up rob johnson. johnson grounded out his first time up. not only one hit in his last 20 >> coming up, lebron james and the cavaliers in serious trouble on their home floor. at bats. batting .137. on their home floor. the latest in game 5 against hut! i think as a kid growing up, if somebody come to plate with a .137 batting average, you could go what. nowadays, you have a half dozen guys come into ball games [ grunting, shouting ] [ grunts ] [ man ] mike, come on!
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mike, you're playing like betty white out there. that's not what your girlfriend says. hitting .150. .170. 210. whoa! whoa! baby, come here! >> jim: to get the opportunity eat a snickers. better? to do that. 31 games, the is the 32nd game [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry. better. [ male announcer ] snickers satisfies. of the year. rob johnson is in there because he's a good defensive catcher. >> gary: and a great stop by tejada but nowhere to go with it. he wanted to go to 2nd base. it will be a base hit for johnson. >> jim: what's going to happen. he sees. you have to give josh wilson it's where your armpits smell like you've been. who's at 1st base, great play old spice matterhorn. by tejada getting to the ball. one of four triumphantly fresh new scents from old spice. he slips to wet infield and he's not going to get the lead [ wind whistling ] [ old spice whistle ] runner anyway. trying to throw it to second. wilson with a great jump. so, unfortunately that's going to be replayed a number of times. miggy it's not your fault. >> jim: he made a great play just to get the ball. >> gary: runners at first and second and one away.
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michael saunders a double his first time up. 1-0 lead to home run by langerhans that led the inning off. and a couple singles of awkward variety. one falling in front of reimold and that one off the glove of tejada. >> the mariner hitters have eleminated the breaking ball from hernandez. you have to say we're going to make him get it over. ♪ u2 streets have no name that doesn't mean you can't get guys out. you better make good pitches. a defining moment in south africa's history >> stay out of middle of the wasn't an uprising or a coup. plate. stay down. if you come up and, in get ahead and it's a effective it was the formation of a soccer league pitch. >> gary: 0-2 with one away. by political prisoners during aparthied. wilson and johnson the base prisoners who'd lost their freedom. runners. fouled back over the screen and a 2 strike count on saunders. but found hope in a game they loved. >> jim: not a good pitch. you could see matt wieters on, the same men who would go on to govern the new south africa.
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the one thing, we saw it from jason berg enand david and they repay the game... hernandez last year. by inviting the world it's hard to pitch inside when to play it with them. you don't do it that much. ♪u2 streets have no name they tried to do it. >> gary: a look back and the 0- 2. saunders will take the pitch away. up high. a big rbi opportunity for the orioles. they are looking for ground ball the get a double play. >> ♪ >> ♪ hernandez is a fly-ball >> ahead, rajon rondo has caught the attention of lebron james. pitcher. 1-2 count. pivotal game 5 tonight between the cavs and celtics. blackhawks have been on a run on the originallers are fog. the road in the playoffs. no throw. it was -- the runners are chicago looking to close out the going. >> josh wilson the home run on canucks. tiger woods dumped by his swing sunday, again, great coach. we'll get his reaction next. baserunning, tejada even if he came up wouldn't have had a play at second, here heads up. going to first move. wieters didn't want the throw it in left field. >> that's the 4th wild pitch of the season for hernandez and that could be a big one.
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there's 2 in scoring position. it brings the infield in. >> welcome to the latest edition of espnews. one down, 2-2 delivery and our final half hour. kevin negandhi along with anish again, punch that back off the shroff. could this be the final home game for lebron james in a cavalier uniform? fists. saunders out of british >> if that's the case, then everyone watching him at the q columbia in canada. right now, they're all witness major league experience last year. he played 46 games with witnesses. they don't like what they're seeing though. cavaliers and celtics, game 5, seattle. series tied at 2. and the hit home runs. rajon rondo had 29 points. he had 50 home runs. that one off the first. lebron got an opportunity to guard him tonight. there's a big out. izturis puts it away and third quarter, rondo to ray-ray, hernandez gets the second out that's the three. celtics up 21. of the inning. yes, this game is in cleveland, >> jim: terrific pitch, gets the ball where you want it and by the way. later in the third. that is rondo. he's playing wingman. breaks the bat. c's up by 18. the difficulty now is, who do rondo scoreless in the first half. you pitch here. had a terrific third quarter, dave trembley thinks he knows scored 12 in the third. the number. hits the floater here. chone figgins hitting . 113 boston up bigot cavaliers.
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against left-handers you have a guy that's as good a hitter as 97-74. has come up. game 6 is in boston. if the celtics win this game and they will walk him. puts hernandez in a tough spot. win game 6, this could well be he has to throw strikes to lebron james final home game as chone figgins. >> i can't imagine pitching to a member of the cleveland ichiro. >> ichiro will draw the intentional pass. this will load the bases. this will be the third cavaliers. lebron, 3 of 12, 15 points. intentional pass and the 10th walk that he's received on the 0 for 4 from the field on the first half. season. and the bases will be loaded for chone figgins. and there's the pitch outside. cavaliers down by 23. so chone figgins who we said rondo did nothing in the first has been struggling. he's not hit in last 14 times half. he's been a different player in the second half. to the plate including a strike rondo has scored 16 after the out and ground ball out in this game, comes up with the bases break. also has seven assists for the loaded. wilson a single at third, game. following the game, complete johnson a single at second and postgame coverage here on espnews. ichiro on at first with a walk. we'll hear from the players, lebron james and the coaches, live news conferences on espnews seattle gets the 2 out
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opportunity. out of the stretch, and the following game 5 in cleveland. breaking ball will miss down >> baseball and baltimore, ken griffey jr., the 41-year-old low, ball one. i think the only breaking ball designated hitter, bizarre story surroundings him. that hernandez has been throw we'll get to that in a second as over was what figgins hit. a slurve to lugo. >> shows bunt and it was a he has in his previous two starts, lee had two strikeouts, safety squeeze. wow! and he picks up his first career i don't know what he was doing. it was a 2 out. win in a seattle mariner it's a squeeze play. he's looking for a ball away uniform. so far in his three starts, cliff lee, 2.01 era. the mariners on top 5-1. and the ball is in. they lost 8 straight. 1-1 delivery on the way. now they've won back-to-back games. that's taken up high. the offense which has really struggled in the last previous 2 ball and one strike count. nine games to make that, scores figgins first chance with the five runs at camden yards. bases loaded this season. >> meanwhile our mlb insider tim >> he loves hitting here. comes in as a .3 13 hitter. kurkjian is reporting that before the game tonight the
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mariners held a players only >> 2-1 and no place the hilt meeting surrounding ken griffey jr. the tacoma tribune news reported that junior was not available to him. 3-1. figgins has drawn 21 pinch hit during a late inning at bat on saturday because he walks, he's a leader in the was sound asleep in the prepass department. clubhouse. second in the american league mariners manager denied the story which quoted two unnamed in walks. 3-1, bases loaded 2 away. mariner players as the sources. and that one in the strike in tonight's meeting, it's being reported that griffey jr. was hurt by the story and he cried. zone. 3-2. >> gary: if you're david hernandez you do the same during the meeting mike sweeney thing. you take your chances. make a good pitch. throw it to the middle of the got refilled. plate, let it run away and hope the mention that chairman that figgins makes an out. schapiro was talking about, supo trying tuesday that across the securities market, i support that initiative. >> one last brief question. 3-2. 2 down. 1-0 lead foreseealtyel. figgins with the sacks full. so if we do determine what happens what are the odds will be something of a proprietaryake walked in a run. wilson will score and a 2-0 nature? >> we plan to make our findingss public both to congress and thid
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committee. next week will just be annext wl mariner's lead and the pitching initial finding. coach is on the way to the if there was a need to talko mound. that's the risk you take in about individual trading information we would work with giving up the intentional pass would rk witee to do that in the appropriate setting. >> i look forward to letting th and loading them up. they may. where certainly with ichiro up really not much of a decision. >> jim: you have to do it. ips fa >> thank you. >> i yield back, mr. chairman.,m >> and now we willr. hear from don't think that dave trembley from georgia. didn't know that. even the pitching coach is >> thank you very much,gia, mr.. saying do you want to put that mr. chairman. first let me commend you. much pressure on a 24-year-old right hander. david's birthday is in a couple your presentations certainly give us all confidence that yous day, may 13th. have got your hands around theau that's a tough situation. how do you get to 3-2. breaking problem while you are looking for the causes. balls. has not been able to get it you have certainly shown thatort over. tried to throw him 2 of them. you have put certain measures io both for balls. give confidence to measu >> gary: now gutierrez will investors to keep on investing take the ball to center field. investor jones is back and he's got it. with confidence. it seems to me, though, that what we really have here is a gutierrez is retired. langerhans delivers the home way we are trying to find tos a run. the bases-loaded walk and now the orioles need to get the stop a free-fall in a
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minutes if it goes down by%? would it be two or three hours visiting orioles park we'll if it goes down ten or 20%? visit new menu options including the deli on utah street or the all tar cafe. and will it apply across each exchange? we have seven of those fans will discover new inpark operative.exch ld it applyply just toange? location of the popular watering individual stocks? justo howe, simply, would that circuiw breaker work and allow, still, for the freedom of trading jacko holes. klute enfree have been added and there's other options at >> congressman, that is a great question. t is important to note that wet very much believe in the market and the market mechanism.n the i don't think anyone would argum that when the market went down n the park as well. 900 points in a very shortent amount of time, 500 points in a 0 pointof minutes. 2-4-1 for the meriners. fe real force of supply andes r the lee has walked one, struck demand or operating. emand muc we clearly have a problem at wasd to the fact in my view out one. that we have markets operating hernandez and now the orioles offense will try to get going my v under different sets of rules. e
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also other rules of liquidity in the marketplace. the use of something called steh against. orioles coming off a "that allowed it transactions a road trip. scored 17 runs in the ball nsactions be executed. games. but clearly something did notnt getting back home here trying work unrelated to market forces to get the offense going. that we normally applaud and think make our market better. reimold with the 0-1. dave the circuit breakers that we are trembley saying reimold is talking about with the sewing -- showing that the health issue is behind him. exchange's would be designed desed on a longtime experienced in other markets around theased world which already have circuit now it's about production. breakers on a stock by stockouni 1-1 delivery. and cliff lee will miss, 2-1. basis as well as the experience of the new york stock exchangeas which already has the equivalent >> he hasn't walked anyone in of a circuit breaker which i'mi 19 innings this year. gives you an idea of what kind ll talk about in of command he has. they the 3-0 mark against the testimony in the next panel. orioles. a long time since he pitched with the ultimate approval of the sec for any rules that would against the o's. a different pitcher if you will institute circuit breakers gives us some confidence that we will le to get it right. gives if we don't we will have to be a different orioles lineup. revisit it and make adjustmentst
8:19 pm
he's been walking to the back on a marketwide circuit breaker we have in our markets today of the mound to keep the completes clean -- cleats d the es, options, and futures clean. and that will be fouled back. markets. both the sec and cftc would holding the count at 2-2. >> gary: again he's 6'3", 190 decide whether changes to this existing measures are >> par pounds. appears bigger. appropriate. >> part of the problem is the lack of uniformity across the markets. hides the ball well. so who in in your estimation abl throws downhill. a veteran guy. would be that entity that would >> gary: 2-2 delivery on the make that determination that wld way. up high, reimold couldn't go that particular time that deteri after it. lee thought he swung at it. circuit record goes into effect? >> there are two ways to do it. ninth tear catcher johnson nor brker go the way i figure, quites to do the home plate umpire asked the qnestly, is the one that hasfa, people milling every day whene s 1st base umpire joe west so he they walk in that the price of, if a stock moves. if took the ball back. he's one of the most relaxed i give you an example. t guys out there. mi in 5 minutes, the market for reimold punches that toward right. that will fall in. that stock will be shed andry so nolan reimold gets a lead off single in the 5th inning. replaced for three or five a the first lead off man. minutes or rivers appropriate. the certainty of knowing ahead
8:20 pm
on time for our at&t mobility of time, i think, is an enormou benefit to markets. i they thrive on that kind of trivia question. certainty about what the rules 3x orioles have pitched perfect will be. another way to do it wouldnd beo allow the listed markets. the new york stock exchange, thi itw york stock exchange stock to games. who are they? be able to say's t hethat we are david wells. doany martinez, and did dallas shutting down. newstock ex braden play for us. we are going into a slow mode. he beat us for his first major down or we are turning off thelow electronic systems for one minute in this stock, and all other markets would have to andl follow. that does not provide all of th. certainty we get from circuitupt league win. ex-orioles. before game. breakers. we >> my time is up.uit all right. but with this circuit breaker, s the answer is. would it also work for a >> don larson. the perfect game. dramatic rise in price of stockf >> you mean that shutout in the as well as lowering? world series. >> this seems to be lessring >> where yogi berra almost appetite, i will say, for circuit breakers on the upside. killed him. >> gary: 1-0 count garrett >> and if you, if you, if you atkins. atkins flied out his first time had your druthers would we have up. izturis waiting on deck. lee up high. johnson wants the break this
8:21 pm
rhythm as he falls behind 2-0. a centralized one entity for determining when the circuitentf >> that's what veteran catchers breaker dose or would you, would do. the first time he had a full count and reimold, i think the you recommend that each of the t orioles are trying to do what major exchanges have their own they did saturday, hit the big inning and didn't hit a lot of balls hard but got a couple individual reactions? >> there has to be a minimum on returns. >> gary: rob johnson out there to say you don't not want the pitch from behind. garrett atkins had a fastball circuit breaker. and hit it into center field. >> thank you. >> the gentleman t from texas., >> came back at him and fouled >> thank you, mr. chairman. by atkins. >> jim: that's the one thing i i have been here since the have not seen from atkins all hearing was scheduled into sin year long. home run guy out of national order.earing noticing the our hearing, what league into hitter's counts and heppened in what is next. not swinging the bat with i don't think iar have heard whw has happened, but i have heard k authority. that's confounding not only for lot of debate about what is next, which i some what question the manager but andy mcphail. >> 2-1 on the way. the wisdom of debating what is, that is popped up. next and we don't know whatf shallow right, this is a long happened. perhaps i missed something. erhi run for everybody. figgins puts it away. i think, chairman, i believe i heard you b say that you are
8:22 pm
the 2nd baseman. atkins is retired. kirking around the clock to finr 0-2 in the ball game. the cause, but you don't have ad one away in the 5th. answer today. reimold back the 1st base. is that a fair paraphrased? thp that will bring up izturis who >> that's fair. >> you will share the trigger as also popped out. identified with the public when the grounds crew is coming out. you identify the trigger?trigge? that's a warning sign. there may be something heavier in the way of showers close to ggerrigger or triggers. tri >> we will absolutely share those with the public.causes >> a think i heard you say>> chs the ballpark. one down. something similar. izturis with reimold at 1st your people are diligently facta base. cliff lee with a good move. finding r,at this not a big lead and not good you're noty prepared to announc. traction out there with the wet a cause. >> well, i would say i thinkould dirt. there's the biggest lob toss that's the four factors. tha thk the fing to continue to you will see. research to see iouf there is ar that's a rainbow. fifth and the sixth. he lobbed that over there. the eturbulent environment. cliff lee like most good the markets.onment pitchers if he gets ahead use the airplane analogy. airplane signaling and vice. what happens to marketvi participants is the start toart sell. ri stuck to, you know, whlaeny f
8:23 pm
you're in trouble. risk. thirdly, there were these liquidity providers, active the chances diminish. traders stepping back from the ahead in the count, .167. market. i think there were also others, not just the one. behind in the count. we have identified.othe much better. the trouble suh don't get a lot there will be others. o we are saying in a down market of those chances. >> he's a aggressive this stuff we need to hedge. the need to put them in bonafid, hedges. n >> is it fair teeod say that you certaiy you hd individual -- he hastons of experience. factors for their research, but he's thrown a couple over 96. he still have yet to draw ayet a he pitches under control. he's not afraid to throw strike conclusion as to a trigger for this incredible violent market one. doesn't need to be perfect. volatility? it's tough to hit. >> at think we are going to >> there's the percentages in reports preliminary findings next week that will have more. this ball game. their is a factor that i think 61%. that's what lee wants. and hernandez would like the we definitely identified. get that up, that average. across the securities market 1-1 count. reimold the lead off sing is individual securities trading down to a penny a share really old is running. figgins trying to get him. is not acceptable in the capitae a double play!
8:24 pm
close play at 2nd base and markets when there were moments figgins made it work and wilson before $40.ital ma that is something, that across with a tremendous pivot. watch how close this was, markets. >> certainly agree. to market csome extent been heat reimold was running. is concentrated less on, heang one, 2,. [upbeat whistling] perhaps, what is the underlyingr cause and this kind of turning to a debate over high-frequency trading. the relative benefits or [upbeat whistling continues] relative costs. i have it in my hand an editorial that was written by m one of your predecessors. discover the unexpected beauty and man-made relaxation in northwest florida. eight or nine months ago. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport in the editorial due to the rist to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) of high-frequency trading lvestors enjoy a deeper pool os potential buyers and sellers anl a wider variety of ways to execute trades.iety of it went on to right choice this abounds and investors enjoy
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faster and and more reliablefast execution technology and lower li execution fees than ever before. all of that contribute fee t significantly to market liquidity, the critical measure of market health in something all investors value. >> iou have a comment on your predecessors thoughts? >> i do think investors have a lot of choices. that is generally a good thing. i lot of choesdo think the benem narrow spreads and lower costs as a result of competition.cost i also don't think they benefit from the kind omaf conduct thatk happened on thursday where because, in part of disparatees rules investor orders were treated very differently. inves we have the phenomenon of the te stock of $40 traded at a penny. while we don't know all the causes of the volatility we do know what some of the symptoms
8:26 pm
were. we can go ahead and tackles those, i think. understanding that we want to be cautious. e don't want to harm what isnde >> gary: it's warmer down there good about our markets. to be i also think we run the risk of tonight, 82. rm losing investor confidence if wk here we started at 45. don't move forward to fix some it is a 2-0 lead for the of the things that we believed and the exchanges believes our w problems. >> if i could have youve comment on another part of his mariners. 2-4-1 for the mariners. editorial. dealing with the suggested 25 david hernandez working to basis points per trade tax on lopez. langerhans the home run. rbi chone figgins baseth loaded all all trades, but such a tax has been tried before from walk. 1-1 lopez to 2nd base. 1914-1966. has lugo, one away in the 6th a transfer tax said at. a 2%. that expense was simply passedt. on to investors, a tax on such transactions would probably 6thinning. a little baseball history. was and as good as jim palmer drive high-frequency traders and the liquidity they bring to tras foreign markets. and you did not want to get but almost. on this date in 1904 he ended a dragged into tax policy. strike of 23 no hit inning. do you have an empirical polbut observation on whether or notal pitched a perfect game, then 2
8:27 pm
historically such taxes haveobsw innings in relief the next day hien hepassed on? >> i really don't know the on to and 6 inning in relief the day answer to that.>> i rlly i assume most costs are passed swer toway or another. >> i agree. thank you for your time. most ce after that. 23 hitless inning pitched. you saw sand a kofax on this he the gentleman's time has orat expired. tha iu will hear from the gentle day in 1963 he pitched the lady from illinois. second of what would be four no >> thank you, mr. chairman. hits in his career beating the thank you for your testimonyapio giants 8-0. >> jim: one of great rivalries today. in the wall streetan rde dfoirrt we have already passed in the in the in baseball in that era. house and that are pending in'vs the senate an amendment that i the giants and the dodgers. >> gary: breaking ball that offered and that was included will be bounced. langerhans the home run in the auth will require evaluation by the y 5th inning his first. he's 1-2 in the ball game. oversight system it risk counsee >> jim: i wonder how willy mays to evaluate, identify and evaluate potential threats to u, hit off kofax. the stability of the financial >> gary: we could find out. system. it would alsote r poteqenuire te or mccovey. establish plans an fd conduct. >> that's in there for a strike exercises in the same way that e the department of on land security and other agencies totn from hernandez, 1-2. david hernandez trying to get the to potentially avoid it or first win. his lifetime record 0-2 against respond to or contain the emergencies that what happened. the mariners. this is his third start, the
8:28 pm
they will provide a report backi to congress on the results of others came in seattle. what they had anticipated ands discovered. both of the losses. my question to both the questio 1-2 delivery. got that by him. the strikeout number 4. chairman. the regulators such as yourself already have the authority to dl >> jim: totally different at- bat than the home run at-bat. the steps of exercises and plany ahead for eventuality is,of got behind langerhans hit a 2-1 however slight you think the fastball. now all of a sudden 1-2, the probability. can you share with me in terms ball you can see it run back. of those types of exercises what it's not where the glove of has been done prior to may 6th in each of your organizations th waters is. there's question in langerhan's mind, what's he going to throw. he's behind in the count. mac. >> sure. yourmay ask. makes a big difference. >> gary: 2 downer here's josh wilson, fouls it back. i may by the way, we went back and something called an automationn review policy examination of alg looked at the double play. of our regulated markets to test the quality of their systems, let's give the umpire credit. the security of their systems, that call on reimold he got it the robustness and resiliency. right. it was that close but they got him. that was a good call by that is a routine program we engage in every single day. hernandez at 2nd base. we are also gathering data. data reimold was running. that's a good play to get him.
8:29 pm
good off speed foul tipped into market structure concept releass middle and 2 on wilson. on issues that will relate in >> jim: josh wilson wants some parts to systems and another home run with that particularly the impact of swing. breaking ball that stays up. strategies that are utilized by he helicopters on it. he's had a nice game, high rhythmic traders and stra high-frequency traders on uti defensively and offensively for quality and integrity of our them. >> gary: 0-2 down, wilson, that's in the dirt. here's that double play. markets. >> well, i just found the watch how close it was. >> jim: as the 2nd baseman you surveillance of markets, we are have a 2-0 lead. . fortunate to be able to get the if you are figgins there it is, trading data every day. get the tt last week was not gets the glove and wilson able unusual. ery under our statute we are able ta to clear reimold and make the gets the whole set every day. throw. figgins figures even if we every friday the five fmmissioners said and remandedy don't get reimold we'll get out a surveillance brief on theri activities of dae fcommissionern the. the out at first. >> they get the bonus package. we also looked over the next week as to how the futures that. market is coming together. >> gary: willy mays hit .278 so we do it on a real-time basir with 5 home runs off sandy week to week in terms ofgether. kofax. >> that's why he has 660 home surveillance of the market. runs. in terms of last thursday, i >> gary: do we have a good might say, secretary geithner us
8:30 pm
crew. unbelievable. how did you hit sandy. had us in a whole president's >> gary: .330 off drysdale for working group 4:15 call. i can't remember the evening ca. call. i ere was the second one friday. recall. mays. you had 200 off don. >> jim: and back then they il maybe the trade into this cnc would tell you. i'm going the hit you. you're going down. maybe wunsch maybe twice, maybe council. there was a very active cross more than that, be ready. and they get up they didn't governmental collaboration thursday evening, friday, and over wear their helmets. the weekend. the >> gary: the walk to josh >> thank you.weekend. did you want to add anything wo, wilson the third of the ball game. visit to win the further? moving forward do you anticipate further rigorous planning out o, the back youthinking about bobble hit night vip experience potential b scenarios? sweep takes -- stakes. one lucky person will win 4 >> absolutely. one of the reasons we proposed a couple weeks ago in large trader >> absolutelywhich exists, passes. a great chance. enter at ken griffey, jr. will stand in with 2 down and a runner at on the equity side so that we
8:31 pm
can identify much more quickly first. griffey, has flied out and the activity of high-frequency traders on a much more routine popped out. basis and the commission willts he had three hits against the vote in about two weeks on a orioles in the series in proposal to create aks on consolidated audit trail so that crte a track from the inception seattle. he went 3-7. junior stands in of an order through execution and settlement, every track here, all kinds of press people erdification, every change,n ord on hand from various media ryery hand that touches thatnt,e groups to take to griffey about order and we can then do theseet kinds of market research is far more efficiently than we were the story today, and where he ight nowan this one r having to is in his career. >> i guess my question is on thg >> jim: i really hope if it's time he's the one that goes to trails are after the fact.very the club and says you know preemptively will you be doing something, give me a couple scenarios' anticipating if weeks if it doesn't work we'll someone seeks to do harm and the fact.t or manipulate the market in some way for their own gain? work this out. the shift is on. fouls that back straight back. wne you anticipating does? theo >> we are doing that now. 1-1. >> jim: if you are going to put thursday-our ay heightened our . the uniform on, we although think we can still do it.
8:32 pm
when you put the uniform on you get the opportunity. having an audit trail and kind o it's pretty black and white, understanding will enable us to either you do it or you don't. think more creatively about what kind of some areas we ought to be thinking about. enarios we >> i want to say we do similar things. >> the difference is, when on don't think that is enough. one ofe of t the reasons we camo you're 40 years old are you together is to have outsidem t experts looking out over the having a bad start or is your horizon. what is the next emerging rest that hat we ought to be looking career over. if you're 25 it's a bad start. >> i see my time has expired. >> thank you. we will hear from the second >> gary: 1-1 hernandez gets 'll gentle lady from illinois.cond that high. 2-1 count. >> last but not a 2-0 lead as the mariners got thank you, mr. chairman. the home run by langerhans and following upon that, i think that some of us might recall that we do have chicago firstfoh a bases-loaded walk by figgins which is really a public-privatm to get the 2 runs in. partnership thatig htwas createn two managers managing a low scoring ball game as expected. the 2003 legislation. and hernandez way up high again and falls behind on ken this was following 9/11 that was griffey, jr. 3-1. a model for the rest of the >> mike: another great hitting a mtry. there quite a few of these down and david falling off foups.odel kave you worked with them ator r all? left. when he falls off left the arm >> i have not. tthes ked >> okay. w well, maybe we can discuss that
8:33 pm
time later.t my next question was for ioairman gensler.uest does not get up . 4 walks one >> actually, the answer on some continuity initiatives, we have marked them. we have >> as you know, cme uses a >> eumber of risk-managementcm controls. can you explain how cmb was able toco contain the contagion that originated in the equities intentional. the 2 here come after there were 2 outs in the inning and markets, specifically can you the bullpen will be activated. explain how the set price logicu >> jim: you touched on it how much better he is with runner. works? >> there are a number of riske o on i asked why. >> .338 with nobody on out of management controls in the wind up. futures market. the stock price logic, which isk when he goes to the stretch one of four, works within theirt th stop,ized ctrading platform. with runners on .216. as the market goes down or up if >> he said it feels like i'm more under control. there were orders in the book is spreading so much that they will be a cascading of stop-loss
8:34 pm
ds calleders. if there is a cascading that i believe goes more than six and a that is probably a swinging strike on a ball that goes to half points then it willhat actually pause, give five the backstop. seconds for more orders to comel they will ask at first. in, and then it will, you know, no, joe west said he did not go- around. do an algorithm to traded off. >> jim: how do you have a that is what happened right at the bottom of the market's. do quicker game if you don't call there was a 52nd pause. the swinging strikes strikes. the market traded up that's a swing. >> wieters doesn't block it. three-quarters of a point. now you're one base hit away as it did we moved up. from trailing 4-0. >> should a similar rule be >> gary: this is the second applied to other market equities? time hernandez has done this. >> well, i think that chairman the second wild pitch that's schapiro is talking with different, because there are different characteristics, across the platforms. i would say broadly similar, though not identical.ere's di moved runners over. >> broadly similar, but not ateg 1-0 count, johnson a single the tentacle. individual stocks seven circuit breakers that would operate toog last time up. 1-2 hitting at .154 and the stopped trading for a time sostg pitch is outside for a ball. that out rhythms can be refreshed and additional time and hernandez all of a sudden liquidity can be attracted to the market.e here with 2 down just all over
8:35 pm
the place. >> well, next, has the trading way out of the strike zone. technology that now head of the 2-0 down on johnson, gets it in regulators? if the regulators are ahead ofls there for a strike. >> jim: another game where i the technology but we haves are think he probably felt he had problems like last thursday?have to be perfect. a lot that is lack of offense. >> i am very proud of the group? i inherited most of them. it is a terrific group.oup athe the orioles had oneton against lee and he's a special pitcher. i do think we have been underfunded on technology. we have a significant investment in front of us to d io do what e how often you can shut out the call automated surveillance. uso opposition if you're 24 and we try to build the flags and aa inexperienced. >> raining harder as you saw. large to look at the hundreds of they continue to play through thousands of transactions a day but basically what is called it here. simply exception reports and fighting them for ofgood peoplt 3 ball 1 strike count. bergesen, ryan rowland-smith >> okay. >> chairman. and tomorrow night. game 2 of the 3-game series. e we are significantly>> w that's a 12:30 start on underfunded. our discretionary technology budget intsly still 50% below wc it was in 2005. thursday. that's there, umpire pointed to our markets are vast and05. the hitters and said he went around and the count is 3-2. complex.d >> i know i've asked this vast d
8:36 pm
question before. ow old is your technology? ten years, 20 years? he did. >> jim: twice in this at-bat. >> probably depends system byt 1 system. congress has been generous.>> >> gary: 3-2 down, 2 in scoring yn the past year we have been sb able to build the new technologb position and there's 2 down. hernandez trying to get out of to consolidate more effectively. it. he won't. a base hit to left field. we have some very old systems, d some of which i recall from what i was a commissioner in the rec wilson scores. griffey stopped. reimold dropped it. early 1990's. commiioner griffey will go. >> and as you talked about your oh, my gosh. markets, i think it has been there's a sloppy play. there will be one rbi on that. said that you are stillrkets, ik >> reimold will be charged with advocating data from the 60's some electronic trading venues. an error allowing griffey to score. griffey was standing on the bag this is really highlighting theg looking at left field. segmented nature of our markets. >> jim: it would be 3-0. the ball hits the glove, it's wet. griffey stops, starts. well this fragmentation maybe at you can see him here. there's your third run, they least partially to blame for will let him know that stand up this thursday the market drop, or slide. he stands up. and again one pitch away from isle it also hampering the searh for explanations? being 4-0. rob johnson with his >> it is making the job more
8:37 pm
second hit of the night. >> gary: one rbi, one run complex. i have been envious of the scores to error, hernandez is chairman's ability to download n out of ball game and seattle oules from a single market placy leads it 4-0. and conduct their analysis. we have to do it, download ofmar did the caveman invent fire? the voluminous files fromo ♪ sweet times knocking at my front door, what else could i ask for, tonight. ♪ mothballed market participants.s nineteen and a half billion fro shares of stock traded on ♪ better times knocking... march 6. once he done analyzing that we then needay to compare our host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? we tn neewith the cftc so we are host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall? sure we are linking the two markets together appropriately. more technology. absolutely enables us to do thi job a little bit faster. littl >> is their a plan and timelinet for implementation of updated technology? >> look, we still don't have the and t implentat much of what we loveio to do. updat the commission will consider ini the next couplell o donf't weeka proposal to create ado. consolidated order audit trail a that will give as vast amountsoa of data and make this kind of tl reconstruction far simpler than ehat we are going through rightk
8:38 pm
now that will largely be developed by s kindthe market'sd we will have full access to the data. weill >> the gentle lady's time has expired. the gentleman from massachusetts. f thank you, mr. chairman.eman a lot the thank you for coming today. i did not expect a whole lot of final answers. you i have faith fthat you willso t representative the support for the next several weeks or more e and come back with a more for tt thorough response. i think that is an appropriateho thing. i do want to focus on one thing that i do think it is within t your purview command not for a conclusion, but questions. the decision to cancel trades.qn i have no problem with the concept. my concern is where you draw the >> gary: the line on david hernandez and now it's 16 line. starts without a win and he if you give were take 300 could be the loser in this one. theities or whenever it might be, if you're going to cancel >> jim: jason berken will have some why not just cancel the something to do with that. mall?ntities pick out the time frame when the with a runner at second you people fall off the table. n from that point something went
8:39 pm
could see pretty glowing pick numbers. wrong. the t matter where you draw therted his last appearance on saturday line somebody is going to getrot in the split double heather. hurt, and somebody is going to y had only given up one run in 7 sue somebody. they're probably going to sue you, and not me. appearances that's over 15 that is okay. ujust don'y.t rstand why he. innings pitched. so drew the line t thatha you drewt struggled last year. >> we did not draw the line. had a good spring. occasional bad outing as we can let me agree with you that this' was a highly unsatisfying with have in the spring and he is process from yomy perspective. unsatisfe rules of exchanges really adapted well to this role. >> gary: one out away from they draw the line aboutyi whenr getting out of the inning, but cancel iran is trades. couple of runs in and a 4-0 they met right after the market closed on thursday. rightfter lead. and that is inside, saunders >> they who? >> the stock exchanges. up. he's doubled and popped out. and they come up with a common the base runner still the standards to cancel trades atd e prices they think are sharply divergent from the previous day's close. t responsibility of hernandez. they selected, and it would be previous ask them and the next jason burk inworking to saunders, four hits in 8 at- panel.e. >> good idea. >> 60% seleof the 240 trade, ofe bats. that as base hit. they will wave him home. markakis up. probably really solid trades ind the throw off the line, 1st the market. base side. rbi saunders gets it and it's a a threshold, a r lower threshold would have resulted in many,
8:40 pm
many, many more trades beingld, 5-0 lead. >> jim: new hitting instructor cancelled which would have had new approach. the youngster gets the run in. some ripple effect. johnson was one for 16 with oners -- runners in scoring their hedge is still standing. d it is clear that it is not a position. reimold makes the error and a process that i think works to similar pitch that saunders the advantage of investors. doubled down the line. on thats with a fastball inside when we boughtnot a the exchango town on monday we asked them ton of the plate, and there's your think about how we can make a t more certain and clear processtw fifth run. >> gary: all charged to the so that investors no up front what trades might be broken and what trades might not be brokeno starter david hernandez. if we have another kind of evene 5 runs, 5 2/3 inning. like we had on thursday. now ichiro up. ichiro an intentional pass the >> is this issue now settled an. last time bounced back to the then? -- going forward is one thing. goinorwardarticular day is that pitcher. he shows bunt. decision final? tejada was back. , stone, not thtinog. be reviey he saw it and tried to lay it >> i believe the changes will tell you this position is finalh >> i hope they have good exp down. that will move tejada in. >> that's how you do ito-0. lawyers. >> look, you may be right aboutr miguel will have to play in and that. rig >> oh, no. ht he will play in any way because i'm right about that. i'm right
8:41 pm
i'm a lawyer. of all the infield hit capability of ichiro. i said does he bunt much. he said only when he doesn't think he's swinging well. >> gary: good time to do it. >> jim: whens that. >> gary: july 20, 1910. >> jim: not too often. >> gary: 0-1 count. there goes the runner there's the throw and he's out. matt wieters throws out his 8th in 19 chances. that will do it but not before 3 have crossed and it's a 5-0 mariners lead.
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
>> gary: celebrating in the rain that comes and goes. 5-6-1 f the ms the orioles looking to get to board against cliff lee. bottom of the 6thinning. lugo 0-2. against the mariners this year and this is the 4th game the o's have played them. he's 0-7. toward the seats. langerhans will not have a play.
8:44 pm
>> gary: it is cold, 45 when we started. it has not gotten any warmer. fortunately the rain has passed through quickly. the pitch is taken as you expect with the orioles, the hard luck in trying to find runs, like seattle has resulted in a tremendous differential from last season so far. 1-1 away, you look at the numbers for the orioles, the biggest change in runs scored from last year to this point is the orioles. done 1.7. the indians, blue jays, ranger and angels, those are the offenses of that have dipped the most from last year to now in runs per game. in the air to center. guttierez is there. one away. let's look at the upcoming
8:45 pm
schedule. click it or ticket. 2 more with seattle including thursday and then the indians will be in. 2 night games and the sunday afternoon game. log on to masn sports got comto win a masn sports pack. adam jones 0-2. cliffly held the scorecard clean. wigginton with runners at second be third, struck him out. you can see him as the game has progressed he's worked his stuff. the slider to wigginton to strike him out. got wieters out. >> gary: jones to right. and there's 2 down in the
8:46 pm
6thinning. >> jim: jonesy hits a couple balls hard. if you can't hit the ball harder. he hit a screaming line drive. it was a good pitch to hit. you are hitting in bad luck in probably. keep i it up the luck will change. >> gary: cliff lee can afford to make the pitches sweeter and fatter than he might have. try to take advantage of it. nick will take it for a strike to inside corner on. nick reached 0-10 before he got the single. he's been the hottest hitter in the lineup. .358 average over the last 17 ball games and 8 multihit games included. he's behind 0-2. >> jim: the amazing thing about nick. indicative of how good he is. came in hitting 50 points higher against left-handed
8:47 pm
pitching. the league has made a decision, we'll let him hit singles to left. we don't have that 4th place guy behind him. he's that good. let him have a single to left. keep away from the long ball. keep away from the type of hits that accel rate your clogging percentage. that's what you do with good hitters. >> gary: last year he was about 50 points lower against the lefties than the right-handers when its can was said and done. 2-2 on the way. lee has it covered. maestro. good coverage. good play. the side retired in order. seattle on top in game 1 of the
8:48 pm
3 game set.
8:49 pm
cliff lee trying to win for the first time. orioles do not score, in the firstth inning langerhans the solo home run. defense not as good as you like and aided by the walks the mariners have 3 more runs to
8:50 pm
take a 5-0 lead. >> gary: one unearned run to board in the 6th inning. you see the line. hernandez out of there, could be the loser. burk enis on in relief. the inning ended with the caught stealing. ichiro who is at the plate starts it out here. ichiro rips that one. that will go to the wall. hes on his way to 2nd base. markakis will get it in, a stand-up double and ichiro is on to lead off the 7th inning. >> doesn't ever hit the ball hard. >> jim: he hits its soft, hits it hard. watch him at batting practice. he could win the home-run derby. i asked the pitching coach, how you going to pitch him. he said if we leave balls down and in he does what we just saw. he hits them hard.
8:51 pm
he has great plate coverage and does not swing and miss often. >> chone figgins playing to bunt tejada takes the strike. figgins got a bases-loaded walk in the fifth. otherwise 0-2 and 0 for his last 14 dumping that average down the .182. figgins with 8 rbis on the season. he shows it. you come out of angel organization you know how to play. mike scioscia would say we want 6 runs. you can get them over bunting them or to the right side. you need to get ichiro to 3rd base, you have to play your infield in. >> that will get him over. atkins makes the play to the bag. ichiro to third with one away.
8:52 pm
gets the rbi chance. he has 18 to year to lead the mariners in that team. -- department. 0-1 delivery. burk inis inside. >> he's the guy. he has all the rbi he's over 400 with runners in scoring position. here berken would like him to
8:53 pm
hit to ground. he's looking for a ball to get in air. great speed at third, it doesn't have to be that deep. he enters the game 14 in the league with an average of .3 22. he's had 11 multihit games this season for seattle. seattle right now is wondering maybe our offense has it turned around. berken 2-2. only 5 1/2 games behind in the american league west. led by texas, texas with a 4- game win streak coming into today. 2-2 on the way. that's inside, trying to jam
8:54 pm
him and get the ground ball. 3-2. ichiro the 3rd base coach talking to him. that's close to bag cutting the lead down. that will miss. so berken walks his first batter. that puts runners on first and third with one away. checking the lineup card and the bullpen match up. >> jim: that's almost a pitch around. if you don't make your pitch they will go back in double play position. that's what you have to do sometimes as a reliever. >> gary: lopez with the .217 batting average. first and third and one out.
8:55 pm
berken, is up high to him and lopez will take it for a ball. lopez has had only 7 hits in 40, sorry, 36 at bats in the month of may. his average has dipped down in may to .200. fastball. a 2-0 down. berken came on for david hernandez in the 6thinning. gave up a single. has given up a double in the 7th and a walk. ichiro the lead runner. guttierez at first. >> 2-0 delivery down to third. tejada, one, relay to first and the strategy works they get the double play. no runs on one hit, no error with one left on. 7th inning stretch brought to
8:56 pm
you by jack daniels ten and the whiskey. please drink responsibly.
8:57 pm
>> gary: the mariners have the 5-0 lead as their offense getting it turned around in the last couple days. now the orioles the same story every game. trying to find offense. >> deatel doing as you know, they have hernandez who won 19 games. they have cliff lee. we don't have to score a lot of runs. he challenged the hitters early. went to his other pitches when he needed outs. david hernandez pitched all right. just a couple lead-off walks. >> the problem is you have a guy who won a cy young pitching against a unexperienced guy. the orioles have not done anything to indicate they will break out of slump.
8:58 pm
they are shut on sunday. >> dave trembley said we'll get this turned around. why not against the best trying to put positive on it for the players give them confidence. right now when you watch the hitters you don't see confidence. >> i've seen good swing. his stuff is good enough. gone from 91 to 96, strike one all night long. when he needed the strikeout went to the slider. this is why he's cliff lee. this is not some guy that doesn't know how pitch. that's not aggressive. there's your cut slider. he can do a lot of things to get you out. at the end of the day the orioles have not done anything. >> gary: they have the outs to work with. tejada, wigginton and wieters. tejada doubled and grounded out. at some point they have to
8:59 pm
worry about hitting. >> gary: here's the 0-2. that's fouled back into the screen. >> jim: i played on a good hitting team in the 70s. he would win back-to-back game and maybe through 3 in the middle of the plate. that's not the case tonight. nothing against cliff lee. he's been aggressive. this is not cy young he's throwing. he's giving you pitches to hit. they have not hit them. >> gary: a chopper to third. nice play. tejada retired on a do or die play right there. >> jim: even a better play when he catches it. not sure he had to play this hop on a wet field. lopez last year 2nd baseman and right here a big curveball. first time we've seen that pitch. takes the short hop and gloves
9:00 pm
it. everybody said he's improved playing well at 3rd base. waiting for bat the heat up. >> he know who was running so he took the hop step to make sure he made a good throw. wig and tonight has -- wigginton has flied out, struck out. he had a couple hits in seattle. 2 for 10 including a home run. >> that's a base hit to left field. chased by saunders. wigginton on his way the second. he has a double with one away in the served inning -- 7th inning. >> jim: a couple doubles for orioles. this on a slider. when lee needed the strikeout with one out, back in the 4th inning he struck him out with slider away. look at that. bat to the ball. the orioles need to do more of that. get on the board. >> gary: wieters will get did rbi chance. matt came one 2 on in the 4th
9:01 pm
inning. >> runners at second and third, and grounded out. now he has a runner at 2nd base with one away. the orioles continue to have just a .220 average with runners in scoring position as a team. that's not moved very much for the first month and a half of this season. >> jim: probably the highest they have been. >> gary: it's been under .200 for part of that. 1-1. doubled by tejada. doubled by wigginton. markakis has a single and so does reimold. 1-1 delivery. that in the air. left field base hit. a late start, wigginton waiting to see if there's a play. he will stop at 3rd base.
9:02 pm
wieters on with single and the orioles have the corners covered with one away. >> jim: with that .214 average with runners in scoring position goes up. you can't make a baserunning mistake. from up here looks like a hit all the way. he doesn't think. that he holds up, goes to 3rd base. prudent play. >> gary: nolan reimold has singled and grounded out, runners at first and third and one away. this is where that double playground ball has haunted the orioles through the first month and a half. they and the minnesota twins have grounded into more double plays than any two teams. the orioles tonight one for three, have not this hances. >> chat pitches for cliff lee.
9:03 pm
that's what dave trembley is talking about. don't swing at that pitch when you have a chance to do damage. nolan reimold is selective at the pleat for a young hitter. >> gary: keep in mind lee has had only 3 previous starts but he's worked 8 innings in one of them. the middle game. 2-1 count. threw over 100 pitches in his second start against tampa bay. 113. >> jim: you would think that nolan would get a good pitch to hit. 5-run lead, don't want the walk him. behind in the count. you can do something with it? >> gary: runners off first and third and up high. and a 3 ball 1 strike count. league in the bullpen. the first action for the mariners. first time lee las looked as though he may -- has looked as
9:04 pm
though he may be tiring a bit. thers will try to take advantage before he gets out of there. >> gary: reimold 3-1. one down. fastball. >> jim: that's a ball. and again, you can talk about it all day long, dave trembley has been doing. that that's not a good pitch to hit. you help them out the bases could have been loaded. that's the mind-set. when you're struggling you try to do more than you're capable of doing. reimold goes down swinging. only the second strike out and both came when lee wanted to get 'em. >> jim: you have good pitches to hit. this one is better than the 3-1 pitch. it's down the middle of the plate. it moved late, 93 miles an hour. one thing about cliff lee, 91, 93, 96 when he needs it.
9:05 pm
not many curveballs. he pitched like, i trust my stuff. the orioles have not been able to do much. >> gary: atkins 0-2. lee got the other strikeout in a similar situation this the 4th inning. runners at second and third and one away. he struck out wigginton. runners at first and third in the 7th and strikes out reimold. both for the second out of the inning. atkins is behind 0-2. >> atkins the fly ball to right and the pop-up to second. >> the orioles try and get to board in the 7th inning currently 5-0. wigginton with the double. wieters the single. 0-2 delivery. that will miss inside, 1-2 on atkins. atkins finished up with a one
9:06 pm
for 12 in minnesota. it looked like he had it going against the yankees going 6 for 10 at yankee stadium. the twins pitchers cooled him off again. 1-2 delivery blooped in the air. down the line. that will fall and it is a fair ball. wigginton scores, wieters goes to third stopping at first with the rbi is atkins. it's a 5- 1 ball game. >> jim: garrett couldn't have thrown it better. a jam shot in fair territory just inside the line. there's wigginton for the first orioles run. there's your bloop. unfortunately izturis doesn't hit many blasts. like the bloop and the blast- type offense. >> atkins gets his 6thrbi.
9:07 pm
izturis, runners on first and third again. izturis hit into a double play and popped out. >> jim: gets the pitch count down the 100. when you have this trouble against lee you want him out. >> jim: the stuff has been more up in in inning than in previous innings. rick adair notices that. don is a former catcher. >> gary: and izturis down the line in right. that will be fouled. seattle team when they win it's about their pitching which is third in era. the starters are third. the bullpen 4th. they have good work from the pitching staff overall and they are last in runs. >> as they were last year. they scored 50 less runs and were able to win 85 games.
9:08 pm
that doesn't happen often. >> 1-1 delivery. they decided this year to work on defense and pitching to try to improve the record yet again. they improved the record by 24 games last year, even though they ended up last in average, last in runs. but he surrendered the fewest runs per ball game, and that was enough to get them the wins. >> gary: 2-1, the runner off first and third. izturis to short. a big hopper. figgins for the force out. one run in on 3 hits, no errors and 2 are left in base. dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it?
9:09 pm
umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
9:10 pm
>> gary: rainy night in baltimore. not enough to stop the game. the showers have come and gone. the mariners with 5-7-1. the home run by langerhans came in the 6thinning leading it off. griffey scored on an error and johnson got an rbi and those are the 5 on the board. the orioles getting the rbi on
9:11 pm
atkins base hit in the 7th inning. berken reminds to mound. langerhans struck out twice along with a homer. let's look at the drive of the game. >> jim: this got the mariners on on the board. fastball deep to center field. >> gary: 3-1 langerhans has another one but just missed. jones, and with that we'll
9:12 pm
check in with amber. >> i want to get everybody updated a pitching prospect. lewis lebron is a pitcher that has a big league arm. he understandser went tommy john surgery today. last year he had 20 saves the club was high on him and dave trembley wants him to contact alfredo to find out the rehab regimen. corey patterson, people expect him to be called up soon. dave trembley said do not rule out a roster move. >> gary: tough break for lebron. he was a delight to watch. he's a power pitcher on. you hope the arm is intact. >> amber makes a great point. alfredo had it last year. he's throwing the ball as well as anyone. the ball came out of his hand
9:13 pm
better than anyone else and he's got back to where he was last year. he did make the orioles as a starting pitcher last year. >> one down, nobody on. wilson a walk, 2 runs scored, singled and pride out. takes the pitch inside and the count goes to 1-2. rain in detroit postponed the yankees game for tonight. they did not get that started. 2-2 delivery. that hard hit to left field for a base hit. josh wilson is on. a 2 hit ball game for wilson comes with one away. time to text in your vote or the at&t player of the game. lee looking for the win on the mound, the starter with be his first w of the season. langerhans with the home run his first of the year and saunder has a double and single. text in your vote to 5 at 162.
9:14 pm
ken griffey, jr. coming up he drew a walk in the 6thinning and scored on an error by reimold. officially 0-2 at the plate. that's taken for a strike. seattle 4 wins 9 lo losses on the road. the orioles 4 wins and 8 losses at home. wilson the base runner. 0-1 to griffey. inside. cla meredith in the bullpen for the orioles. a bit of a shift on izturis has moved almost behind second to short stop. outfield straightaway.
9:15 pm
here's the 1-1 delivery. griffey fouls that back. 1-2. >> jim: i think the one thing they look at and getting the opportunity, this will be the 80th at-bat he's had this year. and only 2 extra base hits. it's not about home runs. there's been a lot of productive hit there's drive the ball gap the gap. junior not able to do that. again at age 40. >> gary: i thought josh wilson. talk about a guy playing with energy. the orioles saw that back in 2007. he was with three teams last year, tonight he's done with it the bat and the glove. >> gary: 1-2 on the way to griffey. popped it up behind second. the short stop izturis back. and there's 2 down. vote for your favorite o's for
9:16 pm
2010 all-star game. you could win a sweepstakes. one lucky winner gets 4 tickets to a game, vip parking, on feel access for batting practice and a personal iced batting practice jersey. go to for details. wilson out as izturis going toward the middle able to not only put it in the glove but make the flip to get the out.
9:17 pm
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9:18 pm
that was dave trembley before the game what he wanted to see
9:19 pm
in this bun. it's been tough. >> jim: he knows. everybody knows. pitchers know that if you get ahead of hitters it's about a 50-point difference between 1-0 and 0-1. that can vary. what does cliff lee try to do. >> gary: gets a strike and gets an out. >> jim: it started. lugo aired it out to first pitch of the game. had a great swing. would like to think lee liked to stay down. tonight his stuff has been so good with a couple exceptions even when he's in the middle of the plate. he's deceptive. good movement or all the above. they have not been able to get to him. you can factor in all the things and that leads to one run. >> gary: jones 0-3 in the ball game. adam will stand in with one away hitting .225 on the year. seattle trying to get things
9:20 pm
settled. getting lee back is part of that as he makes his start here getting back into the rotation. this season by the batting order you see where the numbers have been. and in all fairness, they aren't anywhere, because, when you combine them you get the .225. that .332 and the 7 hole is misleading. >> he had to lead off when he's not a leadoff hitter. >> gary: here's the 1-1 on the way. swing and a miss. >> jim: dave trembley knows some guys don't like the hit with 2 strikes. they don't feel they have the plate coverage. it puts too much pressure on them. ichiro is hitting .352 with 2 strikes. 9 straight years over 200 hits. broke the all-time record. that's ichiro. there's not many like that.
9:21 pm
brian roberts. he's willing to work the count to get a good pitch to hit. that's what it's about. getting a good pitch to hit. that's what ted williams said. get a fastball you can hit. >> a base hit to left field. >> gary: he has a 4 game hit streak as he gets that single. join us tomorrow for game 2. bergesen against roland smith. o's xtra followed by game coverage at 7:00. all the access here on masn. there they are. brag bergesen coming off his best start. sinker ball city in minnesota. didn't want to leave that ballpark. >> gary: kept it down and away. there's a strike taken by markakis who's singled 1-3. a runner on at 1st base. the orioles pick up their 7th hit of the ball game.
9:22 pm
have not been able to move people around. the orioles try to get it done here in the bottom of the 8th inning. lee the starter, no walks, couple strikeouts. he maintains that no walk surrendered so far this year. 0-1 delivered. that's a base hit. markakis pulls that to right field. ichiro will get it back in. jones on at 2nd base, markakis on at first, that's what the orioles need, base runners. >> jim: you do, you're one swing from getting back in the game, forcing don to go to his bullpen. maybe he will go here. >> gary: that will be it for cliff lee. he will come out of the game with a chance to get his first
9:23 pm
victory of the season. he will be responsible for the 2 base runners who are on and trying to go 4-0 lifetime against the orioles. brandon lee got up a couple times. that's who will come on for lee.
9:24 pm
>> gary: time for the game flow. remember chilis it's all in the
9:25 pm
preparation. this game flow determined by the left hander who started and is out of there. cliff lee. >> jim: they get the big hits and talk about preparation. tejada would like to pepper one off league as he pitches for toronto. lee trying to get his first victory and had good swings. his stuff was good. when he made needed outs he was able to make them. see if league can do that. they got him from toronto in the off-season. he came up throwing close to 100 miles an hour. a 27-year-old right-hander out of hawaii. >> jones is on at second with a single. markakis on first with a single. league worked in the 9th again the angels. struck the side out. 1-0 down on tejada. the rain is coming down harder.
9:26 pm
here's the 1-0 delivery. that's a strike. league evens it up 1-1. the orioles have had a couple chances in the ball game in the 4 it's interesting they got 2 on and one out and couldn't score. >> gary: 1-1 delivery outside. and tough on everybody right now this. is as hard as it's rained tonight. >> bad on the mound where you're trying to push off and land and not have your foot slide. again it's been off and on rain. about as heavy it's been since the game started. >> gary: 2-1. a chopper. one, two. what a play by figgins. figgins able to put the tag on markakis who could not get back
9:27 pm
up. tejada hits into a double play. and it remains a 5-1 mariners lead. >>
9:28 pm
not a lot of runs. cla meredith will come on the
9:29 pm
hole down the m's. >> the orioles bullpen has been very good. e.r.a. under 4 runs a game. a pretty tough group the crack. has not allowed an earned run in last 10 appearances. mike saunders with a double and single. over the last couple weeks the bottom part of the order has done a number to orioles. tonight you have 4 runs scored by the bottom 4 in the order. >> and they picked up an rbi, if you go one above that. langerhans with the home run. the big sticks in the middle. guttierez batting third.
9:30 pm
lopez the clean up. taino officers. cla -- taken on fors. >> rain letting up. >> jim: out of british columbia, a hockey player, lacrosse player? >> gary: go to 2nd base. for the out. hitting .250 with 4 home runs at double-a. not bad. >> ichiro with the .326 batting average. ichiro coming into the game 10th in average, 6th in hits. second best average against right-handed pitching and
9:31 pm
that's the reason. he's hitting .390 against right- handed pitching. he gets a single. he has 2 hits and an intentional pass. ichiro is on in the 9th. hit number 9 for the mariners. he understands how to play the game. the bases-loaded walk worked that walk, even though he's not hitting. a couple great defensive plays. >> that for a base hit. that will move ichiro down. so figgins gets out of 0-15 with a single. updating you on the voting for player of the game, so far lee on top, you can text in your
9:32 pm
vote 51862 and the rules will be on the o's xtra postgame show. 10 hits for the mariners. gutierrez 0-throw and a walk. 2 on and one away. >> guttierez 0-2 off meredith. will take the pitch for a strike on the outside corner. orioles set for the double play in the infield. >> gary: ichiro jumping around. 0-1 delivery. >> jim: now your speed for the mariners is to bases. 17 steals to year. ichiro with 9, figgins at first
9:33 pm
with 8. both caught 4 times. >> gary: grounded toward short. izturis one. fielder's choice, figgins retired. 2 away, ichiro moves to 3rd base. and gutierrez reaches to fielder's choice. lopez has taken an 0-4 in the ball game. that sidearm delivery the right- handers trying to get hits off meredith not easy. >> that's usually the numbers. they sue -- see the ball better lefties. righties the arm angle is coming right at you. the hitters look for the window, the release point. i remember one of great articles was a dialogue between tony gwynn and stan musial. you see the spin. they pick up the speed of ball
9:34 pm
out of hand. i saw ted williams and said ted, tell me you didn't see the spin. he said that big looping curveball. you take the wade boggs. i saw the spin all the time. >> gary: 2-0 delivery in the air. jones coming and he's got it. that will retire the side. no runs, 2 hits no error, 2 left on. wigginton, wieters and reimold bottom of 9th. with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
show. >> gary: thanks very much. the orioles will only one run in the ball game are averaging one run a game against seattle as they lost one here. see if they can add it to. wigginton a double, 1-3 in the ball game. these two teams came in last and next the last in runs per ball game with the mariners averaging 3.29, last, and the orioles 3.34, 13th. the mariners tonight have the 5- 1 lead. wigginton takes the pitch. league trying to wrap it up. >> gary: lee, 7 one third, looking to win his first game
9:37 pm
of the year. david hernandez could go 0-5. 5 2/3, 5 runs, 4 earned on 5 hits. >> gary: 2-1. wigginton chops that one shortstop wilson. he took the 2-0 pitch trying to get on trailing by 4. brandon league does so well. last year more strikeouts than innings pitched. right here again, a ball up, but league throws in the mid- 90's with great movement. it's interesting how they kind of bring people in. aardsma saved 36 for them as their closer. he has closer stuff. >> gary: solid bullpen for this
9:38 pm
seattle team. question if they can find enough runs to go along with it to stay competitive in the west where no one is playing well. >> jim: or they out pitch everyone. bedard will do a simulated game tomorrow. time frame i guess sometime in june. >> so he says. >> gary: 1-1 on the way. wieters another chopper. right down the line. langerhans puts the tag on 2 down here in the 9th inning. >> jim: it's difficult, you would think that league would be the perfect guy to any ballpark, open at safeco feel it's a big ballpark. take advantage of what is supposed to be one of better defenses in the league. >> cliff lee langing around looking for the first of the
9:39 pm
year. the pitch will be taken outside. 2 awake nobody on, 9th inning. orioles have been out hit 10-8, out scored 5-1. the loss here and they willow-4 against seattle on the season. 12 irk 649 tonight as the folks sit through a cold, wet evening: 12,649 tonight. >> >> gary: brandon league, 2-1. shattered bat. wilson, bare-handed and got him. and this one is in the books. it goes to the mariners as they come away with a 5-1 win. here in the opener in this
9:40 pm
series. lee is 1-1, hernandez is 0-5. tomorrow bergesen against ryan rowland-smith. we begin at 6:30 with o's xtra. for jim palmer and amber theoharis. we bid a due. the mariners win 5-1. this has been a masn presentation. now with how it came down o's xtra jim and rick right now. >> the mariners go off the feel happy winners, they are 4-0 again the orioles on the jeer. just as the game ends it's raining like you couldn't believe as the rain comes down. welcome in, jim hunter and rick
9:41 pm
dome see. the -- dempsey. having all kinds have trouble scoring runs. the fewest scored overall. it's the orioles drought that continues tonight. >> when you're up against a guy like cliff lee it's just a matter of time before a pitcher like him gets on took. the orioles did not pick up the first 2 hits until the 4th inning they were back-to-back. that's when the orioles weapon into what the orioles have been doing -- went into what the orioles have done. leave men on base with less than 2 out. just a funk everybody is in. nobody is looking for pitch they want the hit. think they will get fat ones. when lee is up there you look for the toughest pitch. let's look at the game recap. in the 5th inning.
9:42 pm
langerhans, the first batter of the inning hits it out for a home run. in the 6th seattle got big insurance runs. 2-0 with 2 on and 2 out. johnson would single into left field. reimold drops it. that allows ken griffey, jr. to score. johnson ends up at 2nd base. >> here's michael saunders he gets the base hit in the right field. bringing johnson in. should have been at first instead he was at scoring position. 5-0. here's the orioles only run. first and third with 2 out. atkins to right field. wigginton scores, that would be the final as the orioles could mount no more as wigginton scores 5-1. seattle 10 hits to the orioles 8. >> twice they had a runner at third, second and third and one down in the 4th. first and third and one down in the 7th and they manage one run
9:43 pm
on the atkins bloop hit. 5-1 the mariners get the opener. seattle 4-0 against the orioles on the year. the player of the game is cliff lee with his outstanding pitching. he wins the fan vote. cliff lee your player of the game. >> cliff lee was outstanding the orioles manage one win and the mariners win it 5-1. you knew. because you've never seen a droid like this. the droid incredible. nothing short of its name.
9:44 pm
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9:46 pm
jim, let's talk about david hernandez, his first 4 starts no home runs, very start. last 3 starts, 5 home runs allowed total. tonight the walks hurt him on a night he didn't have wiggle room. it came on a 2-1 fastball. he trike out 2 of the first 5 he faced. he couldn't establish the breaking ball. got one out. you can see great stuff early on. swinger through it. the back-to-back walks. walked ichiro and you get in trouble, rob johnson one for 16 with runners in scoring position. reimold can't come up the third run scores and they have a runner in scoring position. berken comes in. the night where he shuts them out for the first 4 innings does not look bad but the walks
9:47 pm
were back-to-back in the 6thinning in a 2-0 ball game. again a team like the mariners don't score that well. gave them opportunity. hit the long ball. got the clutch hit. >> let's talk about the mechanic. i've caught so many good pitchers in the past who had good mechanics. i see david hernandez starting to follow off more and more. it seems he has a tough time commanding his fastball. that's when he gets hit. it stays in the zone with no moment. >> that and the fact he's not getting the breaking ball over. they erased that from the equation. he made a bad pitch to johnson and langerhans for a young pitcher at 24 he will turn 25 on the 13th of may, it's a learning process. it's not that his stuff is not good enough to pitch up here.
9:48 pm
it's not good enough to pitch behind in the count the second or third time in the lineup. i'm not trying to denigrate them. this is not one of the better hitting teams. they got good pitches. they worked the count in their favor. the orioles had plenty of opportunity. cliff lee threw a lot of balls in the middle of the plate. they couldn't get to them. when he needed out he was able to do it. >> and from jim palmer we go the dave trembley. the postgame comments. >> he got the big out when he had to. we didn't get the timely hit when we needed to, and you know, they added on. but i really thought david was on his way the pitching one of his better games. the first 4 innings the fastball was outstanding. he was pitching down. when the guy hit the home run he went to breaking ball and
9:49 pm
change-up, they added on runs. >> go ahead. >> david seems to be pitching good games. there's a lapse at a bad time that costs him. >> well, you know i know we'll talk to him about it. review the game tomorrow, he started off dominating with his fastball. he was throwing the fastball by people, and then the home run to langerhans seemed to change his approach. if we make a play in the outfield, you probably hold them to one. but there's always, you know a spot where the other team seems to take advantage of a letdown. and when that happens, you know you give them an opening and they took advantage of it. we had an opportunity second and third, and couldn't put it
9:50 pm
in play. lee amped his game up and got better. >> dave, hernandez started 6 games. scored a total after 6 runs while he's in the game. do you think that plays on a guy who's out there with zeros up for his own team and gives something up it might have a impact on a young pitcher kind of knowing he can't give anything up. >> i think he feels he has to go out and throw a shut out. you can't blame him. for the amount of times he's pitched he's got to be aware of the fact we're not scoring runs for him. any mistake he makes he feels will cost him. >> how much do you think reimold is having confidence issues right now?
9:51 pm
i think it's apparent. >> is it the heel or reading the balls off the bat. what do you see out of him? >> hesitant. i see him hesitant. i see him playing defense at first. safety 1st would be a better term. better player than he's shown, much better player than he's shown. all right? thank you. the postgame comments of
9:52 pm
manager dave trembley and the run support question came up for david hernandez. one .72 and get him run one and it is psychology if you know they are not scoring you have to pitch a shut out and it's difficult in particular in a game like this, he's matched up against cliff lee who's one of the top pitchers in baseball, even when he made mistake pitches cliff lee had the ability to come back and get out of big innings. >> he has the command of all of his pitches. david hernandez, it's tough for him. let's watch cliff lee first. look at this curveball. very tough pitch to hit. i think cliff lee has good mechanics and people should watch that. especially the left-handers. i think of brian matusz when i look at cliff lee. when he needs a fastball he has
9:53 pm
it. he has hitters looking for off speed stuff and can get a 93, 94-miles-an-hour fastball with no moment. this is why he was a cy young award winner and one of the most south after pitchers in baseball. >> cliff lee in three starts has gone seven, eight and seven and 1/3 tonight. 1-1 on the the year. outstanding effort for him as he allowed one run on 8 hits and did not walk a batter as he pitched into the 8th inning before a couple hits chased him on the bench. the orioles had a couple chances in the game. we're going do the bottom of 4th. second and third and one down. the orioles what they didn't do and we will fast forward. >> in the 4th inning for the orioles they have men on first and second, you see wigginton gets caught on a slider action
9:54 pm
cut fastball to out side corner. he fouled off 3, 4, and later on atkins up, ground ball the 3rd base. he's thrown out at 3rd base the opportunity is over. that was reimold. the first batter the next inning langerhans hits a home run and the orioles are on the defensive. the mariners have the first runs on the board. >> seattle gets the 1-0 lead. they would score another run in that inning and 3 more in the 6thinning and win it 5-1. it's amazing how the story line has continued. the lack of hitting with runners in scoring position to get the add on runs or in the case tonight it would be any run toth board -- runs on the board. >> late more the inning reimold came up to bat and struck out in that situation. i don't know if it's so much
9:55 pm
reimold the hitter or cliff lee the pitcher. he knows how the change speeds. picks up, puts some. on takes advantage of rookies. >> one positive as of late is the overall job of the orioles bullpen and berken. he had another outstanding outing. what do you see with his approach. >> he has been successful because he's able to keep the ball down better. he comes in and the first guy he faces finds the hole the right field. drives in a run. it's not his run. it goes to hernandez. next up is a ichiro. gives up a base hit but gets the double play. now he's making better pitches. gives the defense a chance to do their job and berkens in long relief most of time and doing a better jonathon last year as a starter. this a perfect role for him. he realizes how valuable he is and keeping the ball down better than last year.
9:56 pm
tomorrow on masn we have bonus minor league baseball following o's xtra postgame. troy patton will go for the tide and steven strasburg for the chiefs. you can see that follows o's xtra postgame. the orioles drop it 5-1. birds have lost 3 straight as seattle got good play and the mariners win it 5-1. ♪ dramatic music
9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
minor leagues another night for cory patterson so excel as he makes himself known and noticed by the big club. extending his hitting streak to 11 consecutive games going 20 for 45, batting .444 during that strike. he's batting .368 with 5
9:59 pm
doubles and did the lead off in the game tonight. we don't know what roster moves can be coming. when you see corey patterson he's a legitimate player. he's a good defensive player. he has speed, hitting cover off the ball. he has to be on the radar. >> i'm sure andy mcphail is thinking about it. he has a guy that's swinging the bat. he has power and pop. every all the things that the orioles need is held in that guy. they need someone to lead off while brian roberts is not there. he's making solid contact. they are looking for anyone to come up. he won't hurt the ballclub. he has speed. he has anyone they want. he's one guy, sooner or later they have to go to him. the mariners win 5-1. elsewhere had the american league as the yankees were scheduled to play
10:00 pm
in detroit that was rained out. >> 10:00 start for the angels at home against tampa bay. they are in the 7th in texas. athletics lead it. the indians have a 4-1 lead and white sox with a 5-2 lead to twins. tonight seattle beat the orioles to win the opener of the series. david hernandez took the loss, 0-5 on the season. you knew.
10:01 pm
10:02 pm
because you've never seen a droid like this. the droid incredible. nothing short of its name. david hernandez takes the loss into the orioles clubhouse we go. >> i felt like i had a good fastball and was able to command it both site of plate. you get to the third part of lineup you have to have something. i never got a feel for my slider. threw a couple changes but it was not something i was willing to throw the right-handers as much. i never got the feel for it, and the third time they were
10:03 pm
able to go fastball and look for something straight. >> is that the bump if the road the third or 4 it's time in the order? >> it's tough, you have something going good in the first 4 innings and falls apart in the 5th and 6th. i've had a decent slider to get by. the third and 4th time through the lineup i didn't have one. you abandoned the fastball. what was the thought process there. >> you abandoned your fastball, it was looking well for the first, after the home run you changed your game plan. >> it felt like when i got to the third part of the lineup i fell i should throw something to keep them off the fastball. when you can't throw for strikes it's all i can go to. it was base hit after base hit in the third part of lineup.
10:04 pm
>> you didn't get much run support. did it click in your mind you had to bear down. it is tough because you have not got own much run support. it helps to get runs, after i did give up the home run i felt i have to get the next out and keep it at 1-0 and get back in the dugout. i was not able to do that. >> do you feel you have to pitch perfect because of what dan says the run support. i'm going out every start trying to pitch perfect. if you're not going out the pitch perfect there's no reason to be out there. my goal is to get the next out. >> is that too many pressure. >> i was talking to brian thinks, we were talking about my last starts. he said go out and have fun. i felt i was having fun. i tried to take -- i try not the put too much pressure on myself. i try to make it fun. it has not been fun for me.
10:05 pm
and i try to go out there and have fun with it. >> is it frustrating. only your second year and you want to make progression. you are feeling between bullpen sessions you will feel good going in and you will feel you are about to turn the corner and run into the same problem? >> yeah. i talked to matt right now. he said that's the best stuff you've in the first 4 innings and i feel i can take something from the start and work on in my side session. to throw my pitches over the plate is okay. >> is the losing streak weigh on you. >> i feel i have two starts where we won the game. i feel i'm not going out to get myself the victory i'm giving my team a chance to win. have them get a w. >> it's now 16 consecutive starts since his last win on
10:06 pm
august 11 of last year. here's what dan conolly was eluding to with abandoning the fastball. this season 59.9% of his pitches have gone for strikes. 40% for balls. tonight 58 strikes to 47 balls and he did walk 4 in the game, and 2 of those walks scored and another came with a bases loaded a force and a run. a tough night in particular in that 5th and 6th inning. back to the clubhouse. >> no matter what league you're in, al, nl central. al central. west it does not matter you're going to face a good major league pitcher every night. it's our job to find a way to beat that guy. we didn't get it done tonight. >> it seemed like lee came one a couple strike outs at the right time when it seemed you might have an opportunity. >> he got me in the inning where basically i have to find
10:07 pm
a way to hit a ground ball the a middle infielder and get one in and hopefully wieters can get the other in. he made his pitches and got me. >> is it a matter these pitchers will make some mistakes. not many, but finding the opportunities and doing a better job as everybody as a team to jump to opportunities to come. that's the same for every team in baseball. it's the same for the mariners and they made the most of there's and we didn't. >> o's xtra challenge. markakis got a base hit, markakis 2-4 with a couple singles. tejada got a double. rick gets the win. he's leading 16-9. middle game of a 3-game series is tomorrow night. ryan rowland-smith against break bjorg ensign -- bergesen. you can see with it the 6.2.
10:08 pm
brad bergesen, he pitched an outstanding game for the orioles. 2-2. we're seeing more of the bergesen we saw last year. the mariners win it 5-1. they get the open of this 3-game series. the middle game is tomorrow. for on crew. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back tomorrow night as the orioles put the snap to losing streak. from old spice.
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>> we've got something brewing here at stee citi field. the mets cranking out 16 hits. they've scored six unanswered runs. nationals looked in good shape. cris carter called up yesterday, and knocks in runs. coming up with the double, and that is the go ahead for the
10:13 pm
mets. 7-6. look at all that hitting there. >> i was hoping for jose reyes, he was on my fantasy team. not helping out, clearly. >> johnny cueto and the reds facing the pirates. pittsburgh wanted to see him off the mound, didn't happen. delmon young, you sit down. row about ronny cedeno. bottom nine, steve pierce, he's going toee watch. >> the one-hit shutout. the first complete game 1 hitter by a reds pitcher since john smilely in 1996. ronny cedeno,
10:14 pm
the only player to reach base for pittsburgh. he had a single and hit by pitch. but he was caught stealing. so cueto faced just 28 men. one over the minimum. >> right now the red sox one out away from pickingp up a win over the bluejays. the story line here, diasuke matsuzaka looking sharp. nine k's through seven inn innings, the most through april of 2008. jason varitek in six home runs this season. red sox up 6-1. when this game's final, you'll have it here. >> late first period, canucks and blackhawks, it's scoreless. no one has put a goal on the board. chicago with a 3-2 series lead. so that's how it works. you win tonight and it's over. >> it's over.
10:15 pm
>> >> the usa leads 5-2. >> so the games will begin a month from today. >> we've got a clock that counts them down. >> it's big enough. you can't miss it. trust me. especially when user hungry. today the 0-man roster released for the u.s. team, no question, mid fielder landon donovan would make the squad. look at the other mid fielders, including clint dempsey. both could bmpe with the roster spots up for grabs behind. ality ta dore, nine of the mid field selections play international football. first quall up for the u.s. team came back after his 18th
10:16 pm
birthday back in 2007. became the youngest american to post a hat trick in an international match. scoring three on trinidad and tobago in april of 2009. edson buttle currently leads the mls with nine goals and makes a late push to make the final roster. >> 6'4" agucci, anchors the u.s. defense. hasn't played since last october, that's when he tore his patella tendon in a world cup qualifier, but oneyu could play for a.c. milan on sunday. as for the rest of the defense, there are eight other defenders on the preliminary roster. it includes carlos bocanegra, and jonathan spector. and there you see t the rest of the u.s. defenders led by oneyu,
10:17 pm
who could return to action this weekend for a.c. milan. >> tim howard will be the starting goalie for the united states in 2006. howard was the back-up on the national team. last year he helped the u.s. to a second place finish in the con federation cup. howard had eight saves in a semifinal upset of spain. at the time, spain was ranked number one in theo world. no surprises. all three keepers play in the english premier league. they have been the top three goalkeepers for the u.s. since the last world cup. >> the most glaring on mission, charlie davies. he's been trying to get back on the field after he almost died in a car crash seven months ag. broken leg,a fractured elbow, and lacerated bladder in the crash. he tweeted today, thank you all
10:18 pm
for your continued support and words of encouragement. it was a very sad day for me as well. but now focus for next season. earlier today, bob bradley talked about the decision to leave davies off the team. >> he remained a part of the consideration right up until yesterday in the end of it we also had information from his club whereby he hadn't been given full medical clearancance therefore was not given a full release to join the camp. so when we put that together with everything, we just felt that right now, charlie, it's in his best interest to continue his rehab and continue so that he can get back to the level that he was playing last year before the accident. >> two-time fifa player of the
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