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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 1, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EST

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>> coming up next, booktv a candidate the party of the book "demonic" by treadwell. she spoke briefly before sitting down to sign books and chat with guests. this is about half an hour. [applause] funny, i never have gotten that kind of reaction before. by mike on silas. welcome. it is my pleasure to welcome to the heritage foundation and the author of seven your bestsellers, and you want out now called "demonic." it's very funny, my colleagues
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know when i read one of the cause because laughing out loud. she is more than 20. she's witty, clever, courageous, she tackles issues that many will not. she stands up for her beliefs. others were lawful. that's because she is deep conviction. she understands commitment. there are many of us here but in the audience somewhere, i want to recognize two people. homeland security general ed meese. [applause] >> and one more, stand, are you here? he hasn't made any. he told me he was coming. he is the author and you want to come and i think he will make it. the reason i'm recognize them as because they are conservative icons. values.
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and ann coulter is another iconic figure. please, she will make remarks and then take questions from you. afterwards she will sign. i would ask that, fortunate we may not have time for pictures so this is the sign from and after she will take pictures with you if there is time. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. i really want to speak after the books i'm because it turns out they are serving beer and wine, and i really, i have the ideal audience for, right-wingers, a little flickr job. [laughter] and i don't have prepared remarks because -- i never imagined come to look ahead to when your book is, after who else has ago, he will a be competing with, i never in a million years imagine i'll be competing with something called weinergate. [laughter] but at least, you know, unlike
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anthony weiner can you can tell if i'm happy even when i'm standing behind a podium. [laughter] i assume you have all had a chance to read some of my book, or seen one of my 8 million interviews in the last 10 days. but i will just quickly say "demonic" is a description of the mob. mobs are always demonic, and demons are always most. and i described the democratic party and liberalism as a mob. it's been that way for 200 years, and in the process of writing this book i sunday understand liberals in a way i never did before. i consider myself something of an expert on liberals. but there were a few things that always confused me. for example, some of them, paul krugman, frank rich, jonathan alter. they must be smart or at least
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did well on the sat test because we all went to very good colleges and yet they seem so stupid. and that is explained as crowd psychology. that people in a crowd lose some of their intelligence, no matter how educated or. they will grasp onto conspiracy. they will grasp the size, turn the component into any. this is mob psychology part. beautifully describe liberals and not in a way i think you can rent say the same thing about conservatives. that's all i will say about the book right now because you all are getting a copy tonight. but i would love to take questions. because they don't need prepared remarks. [inaudible] [laughter] >> actually i love the view. i've been on four times.
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i have been lovely comedic with a great time every time except one. that was the penultimate time when they all yelled at me. i would have to wait for a loss and outgoing time barbara walters is on the show. so by process of elimination i think the rest of them are lovely girls. and actually, i become it's been kind of weird because usually some small point is a joke in my book, twist it around, turn it into the thesis of the entire book and that's the only thing i talk about for the next month, which gets really tedious and radio interviews. for the first time i'm being asked about the book which on one hand is great. spin on time researching. i have and i am worried about without a massive catfight my book sales will suffer. >> this looks like your boy,
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chris christie isn't running. to his next? >> well, i would like to say that if my boy chris christie does not run he will go from being my love to my enemy for life. i'm not designing my shoes. i think he should run for one thing, the country needs him. i think he is head and shoulders above the other candidates who are fantastic. one thing is worth noting. every single republican in the debate monday night is better than john mccain. it's not that i intensely dislike any of the other top candidates, we have a whole mainstream media against us. we need a star. christie also won the governorship and one of the most west wing states and union. i was shocked, shocked when he won. i would've lost bets on the. i don't think it's a guarantee he will win reelection to the others at the next time he runs come off your plan to run for
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president in six years. and thirdly, we have an amazing republican farm team coming up. the attorney general of virginia. if he runs for governor he is like chris christie to give stunningly articulate, which is something for republicans and the candidates usually can't put two sentences together, and yet we win. so forget one who can talk, that would be something. you have chris kovac, the attorney general of kansas. if you run for governor, same thing. marco rubio is turning out to be fantastic center. allen west, he could run for president. so we have all this amazing talent, and is not going to be a cakewalk for chris christie and six years, particularly because i will be just one enemy if he doesn't run this time. >> how tall are you? >> i think about 87 4. [laughter] give or take.
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[inaudible] >> this should become and we're counting on heritage foundation, we are county, they should do a good year for the republicans and the senate. unfortunately, you know, in 2010 we had a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of anger about obamacare, but it is just the luck of the draw. we did have good senate seats up either the democrats hold a vast, what, 60 or 70% are held, it was about 50/50 republicans and democrats out. the democrats were up for election like barbara boxer, they were in solidly blue states. they were not going to lose we
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did have many opportunities in the last election to pick up senate seats. but that changes next year. it changes three years from now. those are two fantastic years. i don't know how republicans are going to bloat. bloat. i'm sure they'll come up with something. it's your job to stop them. >> i just wanted to add that we are -- [inaudible] >> thank you very much for coming today. and do you think the liberals come and answers about this this, have a clue about the spiritual component to why conservatives are local or she don't have to like or policy but it goes beyond that, doesn't? >> yeah. so that is covered more extensive in my book about three books, god bless. and i think that explains why you do see all of the mob psychology characteristics on the left, and you really don't see it among right-wingers. you would don't see it among
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republicans. we know from the polls that most republicans believe in god. most democrats don't. and if you believe in god, it's a vertical relationship if you are god, you don't have to care what people say. seem to crowd around you. in fact, christians i'd like to be hated. whereas if you don't have an up down relationship with god, then you have to care what people around you say. and that's, that's which want approval from the imaginary "new york times" editor looking ahead listening. are opening that jon stewart won't say anything mean about you, or would even like you. know, they don't care about what people around them think. and that's what i think liberals and liberals don't believe in god. they are obsessed with what
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people around them think. >> what advice do you have for young conservatives on college campuses speak a source of all, don't go to law school. [inaudible] >> okay, fine. you'll be throwing your life away. let the liberals go to law school. because unless you're going to be a scumbag trial lawyer like john edwards, you'll be working weekends the rest of their lives. a lot of great jobs out there. i met summit with the strangest job. what was it? i forget them but i said, did you know you're going to be doing this in college? of course she laughed. some crazy job -- i know what was that the person who designs food for tv commercials. lighting, how you put on the plate. that are a lot of jobs out
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there, and i think young conservatives should all be going into the media, to hollywood, become public school teachers. and by the way, the pay is fantastic. college professors. and as for advise, they could teach me a few tricks. if you're an open got a bad republican on the college campus, you are apparently not going with the flow. at me, that's where you first see the prophetic this. teacher, teacher, i found another example of homophobia in hamlet. no, no. that's fine, johnny, settle down. and so you really don't need advice from me. it was college republicans who came up with the illegal alien game which i have just bowled over an aberration with anti-affirmative action.
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bake sale but i don't think i need to teach college republican you think of but i will take the truth is competing to a lot of college kids don't have political beliefs you. that's one costly going and speaking at college campuses to spite the risk of physical violence. i figure about how the audience, they don't really have clearly defined palooka please should i the only conservative they are going to hear in four years of college. i me, i've had a lot of things like this happen but i will give you one. at syracuse university a couple years ago i go out to dinner with college republican atlas and one of them says the green cities and granted that the innocent and what are you, a secret mole? and he said no, i used to be agreeing. say give a speech on your the only person who made sense but it was right after 9/11. so it does make a difference for kids who are just forming their opinions. if you speak the truth, the truth is inherently appealing.
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>> thanks for stopping by. i would like to read to quote and as to comment on both of them. one, you may know very well from page 14 because less democrats can win elections by demagogue in the mob they're perfectly happy to turn america into a banana republic. putting us in a high speed boat into bankruptcy. the democratic party refuses to deal. american people as to guess been because they of having spent will be a better vibe for job creation, to try to muddle current issues, and other programs, tax increases, that's what the next budget process will have play of opting to talk about that. march 3, 2011, speaker of the house of representative. it is safe to say that both parties have a pretty unreliable record on pursuing entitlement? >> yes, there is. if are picking at my most choice quotes from the book, the want of social security reform would
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not be it. yet and still, no, i mean i've said this republican audiences. they may complain about their politicians, and other chickens because sometimes they're not being chickens. they are respond to the people. that is the great thing about the tea party movement that you do have americans who haven't read and think about politics. they're busy, they have jobs. and now they're starting to notice that social security and medicare are ponzi schemes. they are set up as ponzi schemes. i don't know if you all watched msnbc as obsessively as i did, but they are costly denouncing the idea this is some sort of insult like we're using the against social security are calling it a ponzi scheme. it's the definition of a ponzi scheme. incoming money goes out to current recipients. that's bernie madoff's plan. the creators of social security knew perfectly well they were
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creating a ponzi scheme, but everybody would love them and they would be dead and buried before you and banquo. that's what happened. but we have to be up to educate people about that. i think the republicans instead proposing plans to reform social security and medicare should do nothing but go on tv at taco of the province are, husband to be bankrupt continues, how current medicare recipients are receiving three times what they paid in. just keep talking about the problem and let's see what the democrats have to say. [inaudible] >> you mean it's unfair to put michele bachmann and same boat as sarah palin? i think she came, she emerged from the comparison on monday night. i think michele bachmann is magnificent. i also think you can't win the
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presidency from the house of representatives. so, if any of you are from minnesota coming you better go back and do some organizing so she can run for governor, or at least senate. [inaudible] >> thank you. you see they take my orders. >> thank you very much, ann. >> thank you ipo. [applause] >> please form an ordered a line. -- orderly line. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> so nice to see you again. you are such a great man, ed meese. i keep seeing you at these things but i don't get to talk to you. >> i just wanted to say hello. >> nice to see you. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. got it.
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>> that one is for stephen and judy. >> for stephen and who? >> steven and judy. >> who is next? >> the third one is actually mine. this one is going to be for diane. >> are you from michigan? >> no. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> could i have the cover signed? >> chewer. >> -- sure. >> that is a beautiful cover.
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>> he's taking a picture. look at the camera. face this way. >> thank you. >> hello. >> i thought you looked familiar. is this for you? >> elizabeth. >> what are you doing am? >> going to college. >> don't go to law school. >> hi. i'm christina. >> nice to meet you, christina. >> i just want to say i just graduate from college, and your book taught me more than any of my professors. >> thank you.
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>> my name is jesse. >> nice to meet you, jesse. >> this is for my father for father's day. >> i think this makes an excellent gift for father's day. where are you from? >> from texas. >> i have a lot of fans in texas. >> hi, i'm sarah. this is for my dad. >> is it for father's day? >> for father's day. he is a big fan. >> where are you from? >> i'm from maryland originally. >> i don't think i have many fans in maryland. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. nice to meet you. is this for you? >> yes, please.
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where are you from? >> maryland. >> i have a growing fan base from maryland. thank you. >> hi. i'm patrick from organ. >> oregon? what are you doing in washington? >> my wife's graduation ceremony. >> is this for you? >> yeah.
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>> when is the graduation? >> the students are graduating tomorrow. >> hello. i work for the heritage foundation. >> nice to meet you. >> how long have you been at heritage? >> two and half years. >> a pleasure to meet you. >> this is for my dad. he asked me to come and make sure i say hi and meet you.
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thank you for all you do. >> thank you. >> jeff. [inaudible conversations]
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>> i talked to the last staffer. >> can you get a cocktail while i finish this and talked? >> my pleasure. >> it's so good to see you. >> i was sitting in traffic listening to you. >> yeah, saying this was sold out. [inaudible] >> i did. they can't let it go. >> see you later. >> see you later.
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>> is this for you? >> my parents. >> the each get one, they can read at the same time period you're a genius. >> i have a question for you. i'm from kentucky. >> where? >> somerset. where you from? >> paducah. i may be back there next summer for a family reunion. >> hello, nice to meet you.
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>> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> nice to meet you. >> do you want this for patrick? >> no, no. for him. >> thank you so much. my father is the quarter i get it from.
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i think it's the irish catholic. >> i wanted to thank you for your comments. >> thank you. >> when you're stuck in traffic, you're a distraction. this is for my father. >> father's day? >> exactly. >> that's why we always put my books out before father's day. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> i ordered your book online.
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best book. >> thank you. >> i wanted to say thank you. [inaudible conversations]


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