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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 10, 2013 6:30am-8:31am EST

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>> was a source of inter inspiration throughout south america. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: he stands as an example and a key reference for all of us. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: the stoic, firm, patient, enduring prisons and suffering. [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: 40 enlightened strength and determination he showed in his fight. train -- at 8 >> translator: for his deep commitment to justice. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: above all for his moral and ethical superiority. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: he was able to turn the quest for truth and forgiveness into the pillars of national reconciliation and building of a new south africa. [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: greatness and humanism as was the case of nelson mandela. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: this goes beyond the national border, inspired men and women. with independence and social justice. [speaking in native tongue] train change she left many lessons not only for his beloved and african continent but for
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all who seek freedom, social justice and world peace. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: like the south african who mourned, nelson mandela would be a chance, proudly carry african blood in our veins and celebrate the example of this great leader who belongs to the pantheon of humankind. [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: bowed down before the memory of nelson mandela. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: i would like perhaps michele and family members, all south africans, our deepest feelings of pain and sorrow. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: long lived nelson mandela forever. [cheers and applause] >> thank you very much, president dilma rosseff from brazil. welcome all of us. we now call upon our next
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speaker, who is the vice president, we went out --li wan chao of china. [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: dear members of the mandela family, leaders from around the world, ladies and gentlemen cammed dear friends.
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[speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: we have traveled from different parts of the world today to more in the passing of nelson mandela, founding president of the new south africa. and be had of li yuanchao and then in the mud the chinese government and people i wish to express deep condolences and a high tribute to this powering figure born on the african continent, whose bright smile we
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remember fondly. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: nelson mandela was the extraordinary funding father of the new south africa, debt needs of strenuous effort, he led the people of south africa to victory in the fight against apartheid making historic contributions to the first of a rainbow nation and the solid foundation for long-term growth of his country. [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: nelson mandela was the pride of the african people. he had fought for the liberation of african nations, the big city of the average people, he never disavowed the unity of all african countries and move forward with the world. he had dedicated his entire life to the development and progress of africa. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: nelson mandela was no friend a -- an old friend of the chinese people and a household name in china, one of the founding fathers of china's all africa relations nelson mandela had committed himself to china/south africa friendship and shine out/africa cooperation with great passion. the chinese people will always cherish the memory of his important contribution to china, south africa friendship and relations. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: we are saddened by a loss of such a great friend. at the same time we are heartened qc heat will be carried forward. the south african people have made great achievements, as the major emerging countries south africa is playing a constructive role on the international stage and upholding the legitimate development of developing countries. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: made the deceased rest in peace while living move on with their lives. the best way to remember and commemorate nelson mandela is his spirit and carry forward his legacy. we believe that under the leadership of jacob zuma and the government of south africa the south african people will continue to make big fights forward along national rejuvenation and development. china stands ready to work with south africa to deepen china/south african benefits to that two countries and two people and make public contribution to the noble cause of world peace and development. >> finally i would like to say the great man has left, but
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nelson mandela's spirit, thank you all. [speaking in native tongue] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [speaking in native tongue]
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>> we welcome his excellency, the president of niger. the prime minister of lebanon. has excellent sleep, that his excellency, the prime minister of south sudan. and the prime minister and secretary general of the ruling party, from rwanda. his excellency, president of chad. and his excellency, the president of zambia. his excellency, the president of
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ireland. his excellency, the president of tunisia. his excellency, the president of guyana. and his excellency, the president and her royal highness, the prince in spain. honorable prime minister from jamaica. his excellency, the president of
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finland. his excellency, the president of senegal. his excellency, the president from malawi. his excellency, francois jhol d hollande of france. and his excellency, the president of doghana. and his excellency, the president on the stage, his excellency, the president of germany. his excellency, prime minister
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of ethiopia. his excellency, the president of mexico. his excellency, as you probably know, his excellency, the president of the european parliament. and his excellency, the president of beirut from the republic of slovenia. the president, his excellency, prime minister from the republic of korea. at this point, would like to call upon our neighbor, the
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president of namibia. >> your excellency. the republic of south africa. the government -- brothers and sisters, today we are one extended family united by the
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africans soil. a towering giant who gave his life to humanity because he was selfless. he believed in the worth of every human being. especially humanity. because he believed in one united south africa. he shows forgiveness over
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retribution, reconciliation and peace. and south africa but it took us in namibia, but he was prominent brother. for those compatriots -- some who are here with us today -- he is here. he was an inspiration for the people of namibia in our
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struggle for freedom. and a symbol of fundamental human rights. peace and justice, not only for the people of south africa but for humanity itself. to celebrate his life and the fulfillment of the ideals he sacrificed. to our brothers and sisters of south africa, which shared the strength in the common struggle against apartheid. let us continue to gather, the
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struggle for problems for our people, guided by the principles of democracy, quality and justice. we wish you strength and we thank you for sharing. the ceremonies. a unique and special gift for the world's. and never before gotten and it
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will live forever. i thank you. >> we continue with our program. now it is my honor and pleasure before we call the president of india, that the wait until you
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finish. right up there. and roberto. [speaking in native tongue] >> made the spirit of nelson mandela, long live nelson mandela. we are coming to a close. we can see that the rain is not
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abating. we are not going to keep everyone here for too long because you have been here for quite a while. i ask that you just be patient. we have three more speakers to speak and the president will also be grieved because he knows you have been here for so long. and there it is. let us cooperate. [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> he was a leader of the movement. let us send him up with greater
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discipline. let us demonstrate to ourselves and all that we are disciplined. with that, i request the speakers give their input and as i said, we have three, the president of india, the president of cuba, then we are done. all in one place. let us be disciplined. i now call upon the president of india. thank you very much.
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>> president and the onjacob z. resident jacob zupresident jaco modern community. on behalf of the people of india, i join you in paying homage -- there is a band of their. i know that you are very
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enthusiastic. i want you to play your musical later when i call upon you to play. please put your instruments down now. the brass band, you will play your wonderful music in a little while. i know you play good music. please be patient with us. we only have three more speakers. we are in a celebratory mood and we want to celebrate nelson mandela's life. put the music down, let the president of india continue please. thank you. >> it is with the deepest reverence that i on behalf of
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the government of india, the people of india join the nation in paying homage to the president nelson mandela. for indy at the passing ia the mandela represents the departure of a great soul, sacrifice and tradition. gay an impossible goal for his people and the world.
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we in india, we will always be deep in laws for our people. to us nelson mandela was history. ..
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principles that they are following or it is no wonder that we in india feel great sentiment for the people of this great country, south africa. we stand by you. we share, we have no doubt that we are that the great inanity of
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our century, who taught the remaining of forgiveness and reconciliation and secured south africa, a building a truly wonderful mission. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. [choosers]] thank you, mr. president. we now will get an address from a tiny island, an island of people who liberated us. who fought for our liberation. the people of cuba. we will now receive a speech
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from comrade raul castro who is coming to talk to us. >> thank you, jacob zuma. for nelson mandela. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: president jacob zuma, for nelson mandela, distinguished dignitary. ..
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[speaking in native tongue] [ >> i can hold this, okay. sorry. alongside the struggle, nelson mandela has met his people in the battle to open the way to
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new south africa, a united south africa in its quest for happiness, eat quality and the well-being of children bent on overcoming, and racial segregation. >> [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: setting an example of integrity and perseverance, nelson mandela with efforts of pottery, reducing the quality and create opportunities for all. [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in native tongue] >> translator: nelson mandela has set out an example to latin america and the caribbean which are currently moving toward unity and integration for the benefit of their people. on the basis of respect for diversity and convinced that it is only through dialogue and cooperation that the services can be resolved in a civilized relationship established between those who think differently. [speaking in native tongue]
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>> translator: as nelson mandela's life features us, only a concerted effort of all nations will empower humanity to the anonymous challenges that today threaten its existence. [speaking in native tongue]
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respect >> translator: a country born in the struggle for independence and the abolition of slavery and whose children have african blood in their veins had the privilege of fighting and building the african nation. >> translator: [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: we shall never forget nelson mandela's moving homage to our moving struggle in the location of his visit to our country on july 26, 1991, he
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said, and i quote, the cuban people have a special place in the heart of the people of africa. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in native tongue] >> translator: i remember his bond with fidel castro, a symbol of the fraternal relations between africans and cubans, he said, quote, nelson mandela will not go down in history for the 27 consecutive years he was incarcerated without ever renouncing his ideas. he will go down in history because he was capable of cleaning up his soul from the poison that this would have brought to bear and his generosity and wisdom which at
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the time of victory allowed him to lead with great talent his heroic people knowing south africa could not be built on hatred and vengeance. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: to our great colleague nelson mandela and the heroic people of south africa. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, president castro. we thank you for all the support and help that we continue to get
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from the people of cuba during our years of struggle and our country's continues -- continue to be joined at the hip in areas of development in a number of ways and help in many other areas. we continue to recognize heads of government who are here. his excellency, mr. abdul ahmed from bangladesh. is excellency, president kinyata from kenya is also here. the president of venezuela is
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also here. his excellency, the prime minister of italy is here. his excellency, president hussain from pakistan is here. his excellency, the president of australia, his excellency, prime minister andrew goldberg as well from norway is here. his excellency, the president of georgia is here and his excellency, acting president bordeaux from argentina. friends, visitors, it now gives me pleasure to request their president of the republic of
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south africa, president jacob zuma, come forward and address us, in paying tribute to our departed leader, nelson mandela. [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] at 8
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[speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [she is and applause] cyril ranaphosa[speaking in native to
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[speaking in native tongue] >> faith in government. former heads of state and government, representatives of government,s of the international organization, in all regions of the world, traditional leaders, religious
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leaders, political organizations, representatives of political parties, and eminent persons, a friends of south africa all over the world's. in milan dubai, south africans, being a popular song. nelson mandela, we sing that, he
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is one of a kind. no one fights like him. nelson mandela, nelson mandela. [cheers and applause] this song is one of the most accurate descriptions of this icon, the founding -- democratic south africa. the old separation movement in the continent. his passing meant an
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unprecedented outpouring across the world. yet this administration, admiration and celebration. everyone has had a nelson mandela moment. let us begin before by thinkian all heads of state international delegations, we extend our deepest gratitude to for the message for condolences that we continue to receive.
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be nelson mandela family, south african people and the african continent feels stronger today because we are being completed by millions throughout the world. ..
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the people and their leaders in an effort to halt the forward
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march, ordinary forms of organizations would be rendered impossible, but the spirit of the people cannot be quenched until victory is won. the cycle became much about life. and the rest has changed. in the 1940s, the long walk to freedom, it became a volunteer in chief during the campaign in the 1950s and became the first commander-in-chief of the amc armed wing in the early 1950s. he paid dearly for his beliefs
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and actions through imprisonment. in 1962, quote, i was amazed by the law, not because of what i had done but because of what i stood for, because of what my conscience -- arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment during the trial in 1954 and the south african people spoke about him in her tones out of fear.
8:02 am
the apartheid government, they would have been delivered from thinking about it. a powerful name nelson mandela lived long, it continues to inspire our people every single day from inside, it demonstrates unique leadership, negotiations with the enemy, also negotiated for the release of prisoners, follow his own relief, is relief from prison on the eleventh in
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nineteen 90, one of the most remarkable and moving moments in world history. the world came to a standstill watching this tall, imposing figure walking out into a world he had left behind 27 years before. the enormous emotion we felt on that day. downtrodden people who had been dehumanized in the land, we saw signs that freedom would be
8:04 am
obtained in their time. to help us through a difficult procedure from apathy to a free democratic society. the bumpy road to a historic session, there are many times that it brought our nation back from the brink. 1992, the killing of the leader of our people in 1993, a sign of the occasion when our country had a long walk to freedom, to
8:05 am
the heart of government. it is at this time, a sense of calm, brought us back on the road to freedom, south africa's first -- the leadership that he displayed. today, international human rights day, we celebrate the man of peace, up is the 20th
8:06 am
anniversary, on the tenth of december in 1993. this freedom flight, the amc, resorted to arm the intransigence of the apartheid regime which responded to violence, spending and deep tension and simple demand. for south africa, the arms struggle was inevitable. this was a means to an end but not an end in its self.
8:07 am
also evidence in world peace in the continent, people of burundi and democracy today because of the seeds of peace planted by nelson mandela. the national elections on the 20 seventh of april 1994, an unprecedented number in government, and and and persons from around of the world's standing up on our shores so this inauguration, and the free and democratic -- the whole
8:08 am
world to pay tribute for south africa. no one like nelson mandela, he was one of a kind. the world speaks fondly of reconciliation, non-racial listen during his presidency. during this time in 1964, spend half a century fighting a situation, it did not change
8:09 am
that policy. non racialism and reconciliation during this tenure as president of the republic, in france, speaking at the adoption of a new constitution of the republic in 1962, since 1996, all lined the society. it said, and i quote, let us give recognition by building a future place on equality and social justice. let us make national unity by
8:10 am
recognizing with respect and joy the culture and religion of south africa, tolerance for one another to create fiscal conditions which give space to all of us to find and flourish, above all, let us rent together for homelessness, illiteracy, hunger and disease. would challenges facing the young south africa. and uniting the nation.
8:11 am
and frustrations of the oppressed and reminding us of our common humanity. that is our standard racial families. and the minority. and high expectations and the majority. and the promise of democracy would not be met overnight. and delay one trigger. we all agreed with him. and hesitate to speak his mind when it was necessary to do so
8:12 am
regardless of how the words may be in. some of whom have experienced this. realizing the power of sports to concord, and embrace out paprika's 1995 conditions. during the sprint of jersey at a time when it was march or july by the majority of the population. this would be a hallmark of his
8:13 am
presidency. his visit would bring each time they face formidable opponents, promoting reconciliation, also laid the foundation their transformation as well as reconciliation. he knew that reconciliation, transformation and reconstruction. and there is literature, the new democratically elected government, addressing historical injustices created new institutions, and on
8:14 am
principles of non-citizens. closed on the floor, removed in books. and democracy. and the legal framework of apathy and transformation of institutions led to the physical improvement of economic conditions of millions of people. that run and cries of the presidency. nelson mandela laid the foundation for our country's successful -- one of the
8:15 am
greatest sketches. and during his retirement. and gave birth to mandela days, a global call to action, mobilizing people to spend time helping those in need. in november of 2009, united nations general assembly declared the eighteenth of july nelson mandela international they. each year on the eighteenth of july the world comes together to
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celebrate mandela day, representing his selfless sacrifice and betterment of others. he was one of a kind. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking in native tongue] >> friends saying nelson mandela was one of the kind we also remember he believes in collective literature and never wanted to be viewed as a messiah or a saint. he emphasized that all his achievements were derived from working with the collective from home in his own words the men and women were more capable than he was. south africa that you see today
8:19 am
is a reflection of many others like him to sacrifice their lives for a free nation. with that, we remain truly grateful to his peers, the original kumble, [speaking in native tongue] and countless others who left an indelible mark in the history of the struggle. friends, today nelson mandela is no more. he lives behind a nation that loved him dearly. he leaves a continent that is
8:20 am
truly proud to call him an african. he leaves the people of the world who embraced him as their own icon. most importantly, he leaves behind a deeply entrenched legacy of freedom, human rights and democracy in our country. in his honor, we commit ourselves to continue building a nation based on blood democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom. united in our diversity, we will continue working to build a nation free of poverty, hunger,
8:21 am
homelessness and inequality. as the african continent led by the african union, we will continue working to fulfill his desire for a better africa and more just, peaceful and equitable world. tomorrow, our people will accompany him on this last journey to the state of government, the union prison in pretoria where his body will lie in state for three days. i have the honor today to announce the union prison and the theater where he was operating as president in 1994
8:22 am
and where his body will lie in state, with the effects from today, call b nelson mandela amphitheater. [cheers and applause] >> this is a fitting tribute to mcmahon 2 turned it from a symbol of racism and oppression to one of peace, unity, democracy and progress. comrades and friends, we extend yet again our deepest
8:23 am
condolences. the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the entire extended family. [speaking in native tongue] >> our father has run the good race. it declared in his own words in 1994, he said, quote, death is something inevitable. when a man doing his duty to his people, his country, he can rest in peace. i believe i made that effort and
8:24 am
that is why i will sleep for eternity. [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> let's embrace our father and our hero. thank you very much. ..
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knows that the lord will take away from your head today. an infant their kids and elisha got to him and elijah, i pray that the lord has sent me to jericho. and site as the sole leave, i
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will not, so they came to jericho and sounded out the proper -- jericho came to eliza and said to him, know that the lord will take away, on the outside, i know it. and eliza said to him, the lord has sent me to draw -- to jordan and as the lord gives and the sole gives, and they too when john. 50 men went, and they too sauna and jordan.
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and rented to get there the workouts and divided. so they too went over the ground and it came to pass they went on. and they were both there and eli show went up to heaven and eliza cried my father, the chariot of israel, he saw him no more. it took all of his old clothes and branded them and took up the mention of elijah, that said from him.
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and took the men of elijah and fell from it and said where is the lord of eliza? and all so he elijah went over. and jericho saw him, they said the spirit of elijah on elijah and they came and followed themselves underground before him. this is the word of god. ♪ ♪


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