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very creative ways that make use of the power and influence to serve their own ends. we won't change human nature but we could try to change the incentive structure or change policies to where we make that a lot more difficult. with that i will say thank you and enjoy the weekend. [applause] >> booktv is on facebook. like us to interact with booktv guests and viewers. watch videos and get up-to-date information on events. >> with just a few weeks left in 2013 many publications are putting out their year end lists of notable books. these titles were included in the washington post notable nonfiction of 2013. in brilliant blunders from darwin to einstein, colossal mistakes by great scientists that changed our understanding
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of life and the universe, mario libya explains how the most well-known scientist made their historic discoveries. pakistan education activist m a malala tells about education and women's rights, the girl who stood up for education and was shocked by the taliban. marsha coil, chief washington correspondent for the national law journal provides an inside look at the supreme court in the roberts court, the struggle for the constitution. military historian max. presents the history of guerrilla warfare and terrorism in invisible armies, an epic history of guerrilla warfare is national-security correspondent for the new york times talked about america's engage in a clandestine warfare. contributing correspondent for
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the new york times recounts the collapse of a $7 billion hedge fund in the billionaire's apprentice, the rise of the indian american elite and the fall of the galion hedge fund. for an extended list and links to other publications 2013 notable book selections visit booktv's web site, >> it also intel's you about his father who was a prominent freedom fighter, who spent many years in jail, cousin told me when i was in calcutta interviewing in 2011, joe was like a house to him. i will start with that. ever since he was born, he was like infant to his father. as handsome as his father with the same chiselled be online the gave both men and distinguished air, a sense they belong to a
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secret world of privilege beyond wealth, intellect or blood line. in a society where skin color was a defining force, he and his father were fair skin. a clear advantage to that afforded them a natural superiority. both were known for their generosity, and obliging way that over the course of their lives would win them steadfast friends and followers but beanies, the similarities ended. unlike his father, he came of age in an occupied country seemingly faded in 1908 to live in deference to an imperial power. as a defendant of one of india's oldest bloodlines, he was ironically one of the chosen ones. he would be capped and trained to deny his indian this and became like a sole english colonel and a service of india at kemper, her majesty the king. he would receive a proper british education like the other
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members of his family, gupta rejected intellectual servitude. on the morning of thursday, november 5th, 1964, his eldest son, 15-year-old roger, addressed himself in his best white. growing up in a close-knit indian family of four children, two girls and two boys the august board after the family moved to new delhi in the 1915s, it was accustomed to shoulder responsibility. he and his older sister were always looking after their youngest siblings. by economic necessity his parents were a two career couple long before was in vogue. his mother taught at the local school and upon his release from prison, he passed journalism to present himself and his family. his revolutionary ties to the leaders of the newly free india helped him rise. after india's independence he was dispatched to steadied delhi
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addition. he was a frequent visitor to the official residence of the president of india and was well known among the deli press corps that first prime minister called him by his first name. so trusted was gupta by government ministers they would seek his counsel on how to deal with the press. a british suspect, hard work and sacrifice became an insider in modern india. he steeled himself and walked into the anteroom of his uncle's calcutta home to say farewell. routed with heaps of roses, marigold, fragrant jasmine, his father lay in the coffin. as was customary the body was washed in purified water and stressed in a loose fitting shirt and white belt. when he arrived at hospital the previous day he was told his father was dead but as he stood at the entrance his father's room aesop plastic bags still
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attached bubbling with air from his father's last scarf. 4 in moment he thought the doctor's had made a mistake. the years of struggle and incarceration had taken their toll. at 56, he was dead of kidney failure. in the months leading up to his father's that he spent a lot of time with his father, accompanying him on long walks and listening to stories on the freedom movement. he was exposed to tv in prison which ultimately cost him the use of one long. the ragged two foot star on his back came from his skin being split open over and over again during one particular any brutal interrogation. in spite of all, the father he knew was kind and obliging to every one. he would later recall he never spoke ill of anybody and i would have thought he would have had a lot of resentment built in to him but it wasn't true. this attitude was true of most
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of my father's generation. they were quite extraordinary in terms of simple living and i thinking and not thinking ill of other people. this morning in front of his uncle's house a crowd gathered, neighbors, friends and admirers descended like pilgrims on a journey. door-to-door, there donkeys watched marched away from the mortars and cleared away part of the procession. at 9:00 a.m. the hearse followed by cars carrying the media family departed. approaching the top of the street he could make out a small fish trying to show the hindu goddess's section. after a stint at the office of his father's employers the newspaper group, he led the crowd. on the other side of town, a
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program major, his former jailer watched, raced to catch one final glimpse of the man. he ran to a crematorium and south to the funeral parlor to no avail. on his last guest he found the right destination. clinching the fist full of flowers he elbowed through a crowd of hundreds of friends, family and admiring strangers and made his way beyond a row of bodies to the line to be cremated. at last after pushing his way through, the former prison guard made it to the coffin. his teenage son was just completing the final death right. in the silence that followed the major was able to face was left of his lotus flowers on the feet of his fallen friend. gupta then held forth a stretcher holding his father's body into the orange flames of calcutta at selected crematorium.
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overcome with grief, preying on a grain of hatred remains in including your ashes. i tried to atone for my sins. if he hadn't been unwashed in his own sadness that a premature death of one of india's unsung heroes, might have heard another voice, the tender voice quietly d.c. qinghai airpower, who will show me the way in the world. >> this is an incredible amount of rich detail. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> let me be very clear. this is a delicate diplomatic moment. we have a chance to address peacefully one of the most pressing national security concerns the world faces today with gigantic implications of the potential of conflict. we are at a crossroads.
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we are at one of those hinged points in his story. one half could lead to an enduring resolution in international concerns about iran's nuclear program. the other half could lead to continued hostility and potentially conflict. i don't have to tell you these are high stakes. >> this weekend on c-span secretary of state john kerry on why house members should not impose additional sanctions against iran as talks continue and freezing parts of iran's nuclear program. watch this morning at 10:00 eastern on c-span2's booktv. dick cheney and his longtime cardiologists talk about the former vice president's history with heart disease and recent advances in cardiology tonight at 11:00. on c-span3's american history tv and look at the free african american men and former slaves who fought for the union sunday


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