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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 14, 2013 11:55am-12:01pm EST

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apparently to convince him this is what i saw in europe, this is where hamilton is taking us, there is great danger there and madison tends to follow jefferson more than hamilton. when hamilton learned that madison had deserted him, hamilton's remark was interesting. he says madison is not a very worldly person and you could take that to me, he is not a very sophisticated person and he is being manipulated by jefferson and it may have been some truth to that. [applause] roker >> please join us for a cool drink and a book signing outside. thank you for coming.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> for more information about the author visit his website, john >> in 1905 the world's first practical airplane, this was the third and final experimental airplane the right brothers built and it survives as the second oldest of their airplanes today. this airplane which warble white considered the first practical
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airplane was constructed and flown in six years time between the time that they build their tight and the succekite and the particular airplane. this was two years after their flight in kittyhawk. the right flyer in kittyhawk flew four times, four times on one historic day. there were four important flights and they very much for proof of concept of power heavier than air flight but the airplane behind me, the 1905 wright flyer iii was capable of repeated take offs and landings, repeated flights not just of a few seconds at but time but upwards of 40 minutes by october of 1905 and this airplane can fly graceful circles, the rates, it could bank and turn and fly very much like a modern airplane flies.
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this is very much a modern airplane capable of being controlled through a three independent taxis of flights, pitch, roll and yaw. >> there is more from wright brothers aviation center next weekend as booktv and american history tv look at the history and literary life of dayton, ohio. on c-span2 and 3. >> with a few weeks left in 2013 many publications are putting out their years end list of notable books. these nonfiction titles with included in the economist, books of the year. in coolidge, syndicated columnist recounts the ten year of america's 13 president. a global history of the end of world war ii in year it zero, history of 1904 defy. and margaret thatcher, the authorized biographer, volume 1, charles more, reporter for the
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telegraph recounts the late british prime minister personal life and early career. a senior correspondent presents the history of israel. margaret mcmillan, a professor of international history at the university of oxford recalls the event that led to world war 1 in europe in the war that ended peace, the road to 1914. in lean in:women, work and the will to lead, cheryl sandberg, chief operating officer at facebook, gives her thoughts on women and leadership. for an extended list and were links to other publications 2013 notable book selections, visit booktv's web site, >> i wish you both very happy christmas and a bright and
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prosperous new year. >> pleasure to meet you, mr. santa claus and the sale of sales which begins on thanksgiving day by this year. would you mind autographing some of the christmas fields as a special favor for santa claus? ..


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