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tv   Book Discussion on American Coup  CSPAN  December 23, 2013 1:00am-2:01am EST

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>> looked at the united states 60 years of john kennedy and dallas the american people don't >> and we know that there was it investigation. we don't even though. >> did dishrag did did mystery.n in the with the case of pakistan one of the most amazing that in 1961 the prime minister of pakistan was the man was from one had
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to thousand people shot and killed at the same place by mostly a lone gunman. and he was captured by the crowd. with his gun taken away. then the inspector cave in and shot him six times. with a loaf but said thereod is speculation at the same place it in honor of theha
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prime minister.t because something else i found it interesting is after he was assassinated dead he sees in him therey was successfully the name of khan. 20 years later the son of this doctor also successfully tries to revive coi benazir bhutto. >> host: right. with tech coincidence we will wrap up. thank you for joining me here today.
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>> normally i don't start reading from my books because that since everybody out the other problem is in this particular case i read the audio book which was a
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grueling experience. after i was done i said who wrote this thing? because the sentences are so long and convoluted i made a pledge i would write to which shorter's sentences in the future and speak with shorter said digit -- sentences so i will achieve the former. [laughter] i was looking up the book today than there was something that capsule lies exactly what baja i wanted to say that means it has to be a couple of paragraphs. so here it is. today. if you are a pilot, a ham radio operator, doctor, a veterinarian, a nurse, that it, but emergency anything. the bela's driver, a
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firefighter, a police officer, costabile, a deputy, ed tabulation expert , lifeguard, then the heavy equipment operator, a utility lines, a bus driver driver, merchants meritor, the epidemiologists, a biologist hydrologist, the undertaker community planner. civil engineer, a mechanic information technician, as cybergeek, linguist, a fish and wildlife specialist dispatcher, a security guard , technical climber, a search and rescue expert. dog lover or job. there is a place for you in homeland security. [laughter] [applause] in virtually every inch of the political spectrum we demand this.
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we demand prepared this today's so government bureaucrats and federal agents and home as security officials and military commanders forge the relationships with states and cities and counties everyone matt marches to the security beat with the information technology hospitals to transfer station with private partnerships worst case protocol nonprofits in faith based organizations did tens of millions of volunteers. recording and saving the
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dispatch issue and where regulation goes out to the official speeches made without the new lexicon. reformation sharing unity of effort, a whole of community all of society. anybody left that is just a civilian today? that pretty much says it'll. and with this new unlisted conglomeration there is a
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meaning and i came up with this idea. it is not martial law in this sense there is a uniformed guard taking over the government. it is a conglomeration of homeless security, intelligence, the military coming national security community, government, emerg ency responders. it makes national security more than anything else the most important subjects so even last week when we watched the shutdown of the federal government, who was exempt? the intelligence community community, home as security apparatus, the military.
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and it transforms the private sector and civil society into a national security mass. which is to say if you run a utility you have to comply with federal rules that mostly have to do with things like keeping the utility strong and safe which are of course, defying to very a military and national security terms. i talk to a friend of mine that lives in the states of vermont with a top level planner and i said does anybody care about this? actually in the state's emergency planners are worried about the electrical grid. this is one area we are concerned. i said so what do you do to make it stronger? and it totally halted him.
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we're just preparing for the day that goes down. we're doing nothing to make a stronger. nothing. this that is just a little microcosm of understanding what happens when everything is about national security. of the weight moves to a preparedness for disaster as opposed to creating a more resilient civil society. i call that reality "american coup." so today i went of mine because i always want to check when i say more national security and military people are doing better economically i will just give you some numbers.
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first cover the seven of the richest 15 counties in america in washington d.c. metropolitan area. about 60 percent of all job openings in america are in washington d.c. metropolitan area today. by going to and other job boards for very will be glad to know that the most viable commodity is top-secret security clearance is like a commodity that is what you sell the basis of so next week i am speaking at the
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aclu, friends and i said i will look at how many people how many jobs are open with top-secret clearance i am happy to report when you do a search it is victoria's secret. [laughter] we have not been destroyed get to -- yet. [laughter] but to share something else about vermont, i got a knock on the door isn't a man says you don't know me but i wanted to come by for quite some time sorry i have not
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read your books a lot of intro and wonder 9/11 truce commission. but i am being very nice and it is hard for me and i spoke to the store manager in he said go over there so i was driving by your house one day i saw these two surveillance vehicles out in front. i know you do something with the national security field and i don't want to be a conspiracy net. it did not even strike me and i thought i guess. maybe they are there for a recent with blackened windows santa i have a cell phone i will take a picture so he did.
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then later in the day if they were parked transmitting he said telos the pitchers on my phone then chucks said you should tell bill about that so i printed out these pictures and here they are. i will buy a book agent would every you are doing, it's good. [laughter] i cannot have a heart to tell him those were television cameras that came to interview me that day with a satellite truck. [laughter] but i found it interesting
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that that's where he went. there are two qualities to that exchange that to me, exemplifies the situation of america today. one is we are fortunate enough to live in vermont of small-town america. something that is disappearing virtually everywhere else. and part of this is what is the value of the local community? you have to make this argument, what's the value of the local community? we're not trying to forge some kind of a society fed
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what is that mission internally? when the founding fathers thought about the federation of states, they thought of the value of the local community. everything about it, this structure of the constitution and the government is to give powers to the people and to the states to take power away from the federal government. the constitution restricts the federal government while giving inalienable rights to the states. things that cannot be taken away. when you live in a local community where you park your car in the driveway i leave the keys a and a walk. i do. few want to steal my
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car, please do i would get more from the insurance they and if i have to sell it. but i expect people to look out after me. thank here was real added value. and gets on the other hand, what is the message? if that somehow nonpolitical a excepted the notion of federal government could be there to be watching or listening and that is
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affecting us all. because here i am preparing for my talk to night to and i am on the internet doing research i am around my punchline and that is understanding how the government justifies this gigantic surveillance nets cast over america. i want to urge you to forget physicality. if they want to watch all they have to do is get on the internet. they will learn a lot more than if they set outside my house where they would be bored to death but the physical world has increasingly disappeared it
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is important to remember. here i am working on my talk fed to bring it back to make people understand how is it that all of this of a grand scale syria, of what affects us in vermont. just because it happens to be in vermont. just 150 people who sit at computers and process every police queried nationwide.
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of a potential or illegal alien. that is their job. part of ice which is part of the department of homeless security. in said that -- inside that building is the biological file terrorism something something group and they process all of the pop applications for those or seeking jobs with that type one or type to agents. like people associated with cdc are high level biological research public and private sector. there is a law called the patriot act fat in detail says you cannot work in the
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biological field of less you are cleared then if not he actually gets a title called a restricted person. so i started to do some research. how many restricted people are there? that is a good question. so i e-mail to the fbi public affairs office. people i know come on nine, and what i found was an interesting speech done by high-level pentagon official at a conference of fertilizer companies. where he was urging the fertilizer companies to come together in the elimination of the sale with calcium
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ammonium nitrate which is a fertilizer. and it turns out called keenan is responsible for 80% of the itt that exploded in afghanistan. so the government says let's eliminate the use and eliminate the export. cannot make bombs out of something else? so i thought the database, of people, afghanistan, who sells calcium ammonia
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nitrate? in about 20 minutes into it i think to myself somebody now knows what i and doing research on because part of the protocol is somebody spending 20 minutes online looking for 50 pounds or more of calcium ammonium nitrate which i am coming then they must be suspicious and there is one company in vermont that sells it. it is received company. in fact,, the top 100 hits on google is
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because it is sold in the middle east and china. you can go to amazon and buy it from the chinese company only $6.95 for 50 pounds. get it? just a tiny part of the world how many restricted people are there? 296. all those associated with jobs with type one or type to biological or chemical agents, a 209 -- two vendor 96 since 2011. of those 200 were disqualified because they have felony convictions of one year or more than 20 percent were disqualified because they had used an
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illegal substance. okay? no one was disqualified because they were affiliated with a foreign government or terrorist organization. no one. no one. i was thinking 45,000. with the process of 1. 1 million queries per year. the fbi tells me to have 75 million fingerprints in the database. with a biometric task force of would rather have
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25 million by of metric and identities. fed had been collected since then 11. >> the territory that is ever freedom gets smaller and smaller. i am not concerned about evil people doing something. i am not concerned about conspiracies this is the obama administration six years the government is increasingly making it smaller and smaller the territory of freedom.
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there are 25 million americans today who have diametrically enabled credentials. transportation workers, government workers military workers contractors, first responders police force is coming that is just the start. when you take those 25 million a and add their families then those volunteers, the number reaches 60 million. added 60 million incased national security and homeland security that is 16 of the population of the united states. if you happen to not be in that group fend you are a needle in the haystack. whether he will be
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scrutinized by a stop and frisk program of our license plate reader or by someone doing their job. it is the world we actually live in. you don't have to imagine a conspiracy that is what we have created in the decade since then 11. when we worked three years and that investigation when i wrote -- when i wrote "american coup" i tried to understand the lot of what but the why? with the national security
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were all why did that drone of program even the accelerate? how could they even say that's it is the executioner and the court to of america in citizens as it has on numerous occasions to kill american citizens abroad who were identified as terrorists night even terrorist but maybe just a goon. not just killing somebody because the figure is on the button but somebody who could have been indicted in captured and if not, so what? but more important, they are americans.
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we have heard a lot lately because of mr. snowden and surveillance with the nsa the international community is up in arms so remember i said it is not the physicality anymore but it is all about collecting information and processing moving and analyzing to make use of that information that is all hold reason why we spend half a trillion dollars per year with national security. but let's just take the national watch list of known and suspected terrorist which is a good place to start. there is another database in
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virginia of known and suspected terrorist 1,302,000 in the database. with as hard to find 1,302,000 people that don't want to be found. and we will kill them one at a time? the rethink the arithmetic will decline in not replenishes self? that is where we live right now. in to part of that that i find fascinating and interesting with a gigantic effort that goes into this is how much the people involved don't understand.
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about the totality because the guy that works with the buyer restricted persons has no idea what these bigger things are. how it has encroached on our territory of freedom. and getting smaller all the time and snowden has provoked the outcry and i have a prediction i don't think nothing will happen but i think what will still be is the immigration provision. it was instituted on a national level in 1918. and it lasted through the mid 30's.
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and i think probably in the next few years we will have some kind of a gigantic surveillance prohibition everyone will say we don't want to the nsa to look at everything. and it will be just like prohibition in do it anyway. and people will move information illegally tuned will become the enemy. and this will happen for a while then it will go away. that doesn't read what snowden has done is not incredibly important, it is
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because he did something that most journalists don't want to do which is not play by the rules. said he named names in said uncomfortable things and as a real effect but when the german chancellor says i am shocked americans are listening to revoke calls of the brazilian president you have to say and i am shocked there's gambling going on in the casino because they do the same thing but that doesn't mean that is the user. and i think what we see is the edge of society with if
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the movement of information in transparency of of watchlist and database we are watching something going on i believe it will result if in prohibition, not real change but i think what we're watching is real. as we go through that it is important to remember all the way don't believe didn't conspiracies or bad actors are those who really believe they are the most effective way to find the 286 people or thousands of people or whatever list they look for fable do with as well as a key and do it, at the same
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time they have no incentive to stop or change. none. that is what i talk about in the book that has become so deliciously self perpetuating, the whole notion that now because no one is the enemy everyone potentially is the enemy. so we have to keep a constant eye to unpeopled not because of the politics because of their religion and/or ethnic background but insiders and outsiders because they are just as
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dangerous though not even having a security clearance the sole issue -- aerosols you as edward snowden will fantastically reveal. because the 1.4 million americans that have a top-secret clearance they will be the most watched people in america. because every keystroke of the computer will now be more and more secure. that builds the infrastructure of what looks at the rest of us. don't even mean the rest of us that maybe people don't pay their taxes is sort stop
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drinking pasteurized milk. those that may use a legal substances. oh this is another one with b.r.a.g.. the patriot act lays out the reasons for disqualification and i don't even know if they use this word anymore. i was stunned. mental defect this. mental defect gives prime glad to tell you of the 45,000 that were screened only six were found to be a mental defect inspect what is the database of them? because i must be on that. was the database? that sends me off for another hour what is the
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government's definition of mental defectives. sure enough there is a database of people who have been institutionalized. some states still refuse to share their information with the federal government. but at the center in atlanta that tracks mental defectives for security clearance purposes, or the b.r.a.g. program for whatever they've want to have access to all that data. "american coup." i hope you buy the book. into now because he's been is here, if you have a question please utilize the microphone. think you. [applause]
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>> go-ahead. the first mental defectives. [laughter] >> of all of these millions or billions of names on the database what claims have been made by the government of actual interceptions of terrorist activities? or something like that? >> i think the argument the government has used post edward snowden the collection was justified because we caught terrorist was a stupid argument on the part of the government. money explain why they make stupid arguments. it is important. part of the problem is they don't want to say what they're really doing.
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the news media the american aesthetic choice is that they are surveiling everyone for the government to say no is like it is a little late because they are not to. they are collecting all information. they don't really know what to do with that information yet to. they pull it through the algorithms to do data mining and analysis is and they have programs like b.r.a.g. in which they utilize the information is there are one digits 32,000 known and suspected terrorist to get special treatment. people come from special countries like all 60 million iranians and people like that.
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when they are done with fact , they're hardly have time to look at the rest of what they have collected. so they built a 2.5 billion dollar facility in utah where they will store it all. they really don't know how much they can store their or for how long, because every day i am stunned. every day. as an example, 300 million text messages are sent around the world. i now our kids are responsible for a huge number of those. [laughter] but can you get us since of the quantity we're talking about? no wonder they feel they have to collect everything.
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but it is about collection of surveillance. take away from your head like the enemies list. there is the enemies list. i showed you many like a then diagram all sorts of programs to credential and clear. know of one list of a political nature any more. so when the government says we have achieved this through the program they are trying their best. they are. they cannot explain what they're doing. they are collecting everything on every one. we're just intercepting. we just go into the cable
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and we don't need to do it anywhere physically it is all virtual. in we don't need to listen in on conversations into the middle east any more. anymore of listening in on those conversations is suggested georgette's the largest in the world. everything that goes on in america. for everything that goes on in asia and the pacific hardly anyone needs to go for word any more. we're busy collecting.
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>> what about the administration and? >> i did mention cheney. first of all, obama is the president. it is silly to ignore we're now into the second to administration in what has not changed by the you are prone to believe that bush ian cheney are responsible for what has been created created, after 12 years i have to say we are responsible. it comes down to us first or second or third year ever since the government takes too much power or control
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but there are two elections, three elections. is in our lap and their reasons while bombing has not been able to change things but more important looking at the drone program are other things up, has done, positive isn't negative, had obama as president and constitutional lawyer has agreed to that what i want done. i would say however i have a view of the world but actually in the last three-year four months made
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me feel that something is changing. and what is happening in reaction another is that we did not bomb syria which on balance is an act of maturation on obama is part i think we were on the threshold he got their briefings sandy intelligence everything was working like clockwork and tall this president who has bombed a lot of places said then what? he was uncomfortable with the answers. and said go back to the drawing board. when they did the russians got involved in the others
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got involved in it was averted. and what i find interesting is the department of homeland security has a new secretary the was the governor of arizona who was the idiot for the new secretary used to be on the board of human-rights. they've managed themselves. you need a leader and i say represents something may be the second term obama is getting smarter. may be. if i could see the future i would not be here.
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but i see signs that indicate. >> i am not sure how we can then be responsible win we don't know because of the masses secrecy calling on. i find it a little disconcerting that people don't seem to mind. if this stops another boston, but it did not stop boston. they have all the money. how do you stop it?
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>> great question. this is my life work. is there too much secrecy? of course. there is over at the high school. [laughter] i want to make that point. italy makes sense the institution we add created will be the most secretive and now these days secrecy is much as preserving their freedoms as keeping secrets. there are some things snowden has revealed because experts are not supposed to say this that i have learned from most say we already
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knew this. no. we did not. interesting things have come out. i don't care that we listen on the bills or phone calls of the brazilian president laurent german president per se because i hope we are listening to the north korean president. so if he reveals we were listening in end of the communications we would say finally what they're doing something useful. been so secrecy is a bit of a game.
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i have spent time in this world and have worked for the government's and intelligence community consulted for the government , and revealed secrets. to such a the degree i have been threatened to go to jail members times. but yet when my neighbor told me there were two black cars i knew there was a reason. but there is. but i guess it'd is to mystifying for that secrecy with that offense against secrecy that if you don't believe those secrets are about anything they have to
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prove why something should be secret not that there is the perception that it is bin we're on the first of four more educated consumers. i can find out anything. i am not the end is a specialist. but it's in the fields were ims specialist i can find out anything. i am not afraid of the government. that is part of being an american. i have to put the responsibility of my own
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shoulders of 512 change the way things are i cannot expect they will wait up to change a especially not now with such a large number work for private companies. to create profits. there will never wake up one morning in and say don't give us another contract we are safe enough. they will never do that. >> icu are dancing around something the problem is we have lost the presumption of innocence since 9/11. >> i am not dancing around it i wrote a book about that [laughter] so in the intelligence world they call that a predicate it is a legal term as well
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to investigate someone. that is the rule withy fbi that after the 11th day did away with that. and with other rules and regulations it has been accepted. in our history i was in a very uncomfortable position personally because i was arguing i think it is important to identify to in america we do think the enemy is. which got me thinking i'll put people from the middle east of the higher category
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van italy. and i started to examine my own conscience to understand what was i saying to myself? those that happen to be muslims are from the middle east that they are the endangered to society then major has on killed people up for a hood taxes. the army chief of staff went to days later how can this happen?
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we don't lookit anybody on the basis of religion or race. that is not american. but yet at that time if you were gay you could not be in the military but if you were a muslim terrorist you could. i thought there was something wrong with that. we were perfectly willing to look at the gay people personal life and background that is the conundrum. the way the constitution is structured you need to preserve it. is the freedom of religion
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and speech, freedom of association are our unalienable rights. so the constitution is not a good document to create security and a jet terrorism and they're like the fact and lived in the country and don't look get muslims just because they are muslims i dislike the fact we look at muslims anyway and just do it in the secret. i am less worried about the promiscuous presumption of guilt bantus as systemic assumption there are secret
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programs that look specifically at muslim americans and they're just secret. so we can say we abide by the constitution that we do it anyway. fed is the more important matter to me. >> eight you very much. >> you are expected to buy the book now then he will bring them up here and i will sign them for you. if you want to use an alias i am okay with that. [laughter] thank you for coming out tonight. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] . . [applause] >> thank you, danny, for the generous introduction. i'm honored to present the american enterprise institute bradley lecture on my new book "dancing with the devil: history of rogue regimes and terrorist groups," and certainly, as the united states reengages iran, the manner in which american diplomats engage them and as essential, how rogues engage


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