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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 17, 2014 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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quorum call:
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the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the call of the quorum be terminated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent that following the vote on calendar number 849, carnes, on monday, july 21, the senate remain in executive session to consider calendar number 789, lawson, and 537, reddick, there be two minutes for debate equally divided between the two leaders or their designees prior to each vote, that upon the use or yielding back of what time, the senate proceed to vote with no intervening action or debate on the nominations in the order listed. that any roll call votes following the first in the
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series be 10 minutes in length. the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid on the table, that no further actions be in order. that any statements be printed in the record and that president obama be immediately notified of the senate's action and the senate then resume legislative session. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: so, mr. president, for the information of all senators, we expect nominations to be considered in this agreement to be confirmed by voice vote. mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that notwithstanding rule 22, on tuesday, july 22 at 10:45 a.m., the senate proceed to executive session and vote on motions to invoke cloture on executive calendars number 851, 582, 854 in the order listed. further that if cloture is invoked on any of these nominations, that on tuesday, july 22, at 2:15 p.m., all postcloture time expired and the senate proceed to vote on confirmation of the nominations in the order upon which cloture
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was invoked. all roll call votes after the first in each sequence be 10 minutes in length. further, that there be two minutes for debate prior to each vote that. if any nomination be confirmed, the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid on the table, the president be immediately notified of the senate's action and the senate then resume legislative session. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: mr. president, i now ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to a period of morning business and during this time the senators be allowed to speak for up to 10 minutes each. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the senate now proceed to calendar number 469, s. res. 498. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: calendar number 469, s. res. 498, expressing the sense of the senate regarding united states support for the state of israel as it defends itself against unprovoked rocket attacks from the hamas terrorist organization. the presiding officer: is there objection to proceeding to the measure? without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the resolution be agreed to, the preamble be agreed to,
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and the motion to reconsider be laid on the table. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the judiciary committee be discharged from further consideration and the senate proceed to s. res. 488. the presiding officer: without objection. the clerk will report. the clerk: s. res. 488, designating july 26, 2014, as national day of the american cowboy. the presiding officer: without objection, the committee is discharged and the senate will proceed to the measure. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the resolution be agreed to, the pr preamble be agreed torque the motion to reconsider be laid on the table. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to s. res. 507. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: senate res. 507, designating august 7, 2014, as national lighthouse and lighthouse preservation day. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed -- i ask unanimous consent the resolution be agreed to, the
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preamble be agreed to, the motions to reconsider be considered made and laid on the table with no intervening action or debate. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i ask consent that the senate now froze s. res. 508. -- proceed to s. res. 508. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: s. res. 508, commemorating the centennial anniversary of the establishment of the congressional research service. the presiding officer: is there objection to proceeding? without objection. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the resolution be agreed to, the preamble be agreed to, the motion to reconsider be laid on the table with no intervening action or debate. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: s. 2631 is at the desk due for its first reading. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk will read the title of the bill for the first time. the clerk: s. 2631, a bill to prevent the expansion of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program unlawfully created by executive memorandum
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on august 15, 2012. mr. reid: mr. president, i ask for a second reading but object to my own request. the presiding officer: objection having been heard, the bill will receive its second reading on the next legislative day. mr. reid: i ask unanimous consent the senate -- that during the adjournment or recess of the senator from thursday july 17 through monday, july 21, senator reed of rhode island and rockefeller be authorized to sign duly enrolled bills or joint resolutions. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i now ask unanimous consent that when the senate completes its business today, it adjournly had 2:00 p.m. on monday, july 21. that following the prayer and plenlpledge, the morning hour be expired, the journal of proceedings be approved, the time for the two leaders be reserved for their use later in the day. following any leader remarks, the senate proceed in a period of morning business until 5:30 p.m. with the time equally divide and controlled between the two leaders or their
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designees. that at 5:30 p.m. the senate proceed to executive session and vote on executive calendar 849, as provided for under the previous order. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: at 5:30 p.m. then, mr. president, on monday, there will be votes on confirmation of carnes, lawson, and reddick. we expect roll call votes on the carnes nomination and voice votes on lawson and reddick. if there's no further business to come before the senate, i ask it adjourn under the previous order. the presiding officer: the senate stands adjourned until monday at 2:00 p.m. the 11 circ.
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senators will be notified when an agreement is reached. mr. president? the distinguished president pro tempore of the senate who just opened the senhas bn just opened the senhas bn >> mr. president, the distinguished senator has been for many, many years the chair of operations subcommittee on appropriations. mr. president, i've wanted to know that while he is on the floor the past two weeks poker players from las vegas have -- poker players have flocked to los vegas because the world
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series of poker. i do not know how athletic it is, but it is on you as pian -- espn and draws a lot of attention. poker is important and popular. this tournament is the most prestigious, high-stakes tournament in the world. here in washington d.c. senate republicans are paying a high-stakes game of their own with a humanitarian crisis. as with a poker chips, they are using children. last month their junior senator from texas of tnt announcing any legislation addressing the humanitarian crisis in the rio grande valley must include the termination of president obama's 2012 charles' arrival program. in other words, mr. president, republicans help our border
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patrol agents tried to do something to handle this humanitarian crisis. the dreamers who are already here, legitimately here. these are children. instead of showing compassion radical republicans are trying to hold these kids ransom. these people -- i have heard senator durbin speak here on the floor on monday. and our babies as the law requires to chicago to try to reunite them with their families
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. we have, as we learned last night in the senate is briefing, more than 50,000 who arrived at the border. and we have to do something to address that. it required by law to take care of these children, some of whom are babies, do not have the resources. things are not children sneaking over the border. they come and say, here we are. and we have an obligation by lot to do something about it. but it takes a lot of money to take care of this. we cannot do it unless we have adequate resources. like the junior senator from texas said, we're not going to do this unless we can support all these children who came here before the so-called dreamers. once again, we see that there are narrow sensitive plans being
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offered. instead doing something about these children at the border, they want to deport hundreds of thousands of these people who are already here. president obama's deferred action plan, which is widely popular in the country because it is the right thing to do. and obviously we -- the republicans have to get rid of it. it is about keeping families together and granting officials' discretion. mr. president, let me give you an example of a young one from las vegas. her name is ask yourself up. came to the united states as a little tiny girl and a boat across the rio grande a bit -- river. her mother was with her.
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she was in her confirmation dress, just a tiny little girl. mr. president, she knows no other country than the united states of america. because of what has happened, the president's action, and she can now fly on an airplane and is working on getting her education completed. wonderful, wonderful involvement and what is going on in nevada. and the junior senator from texas was to send her back to a place she does not know, mexico. she is an american, the only country she knows. it would be cruel to do with the
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junior senator from texas wants done. the third action plan is a step forward, and we should not go back. especially not as a ransom for helping border personal care for desperate children. i hope my friends can rein in the extreme elements of the carcass of that we can achieve a solution. these children are real, the kids, real human beings. this is a high-stakes game of chicken president obama's plane. >> today c-span wrote to the white house coverage continues with governor chris christie in davenport iowa. he will speak at a reelection and fate to the fund-raiser live at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span2 >> july 20th marks the 40th anniversary of the first lunar
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landing. the life of the first man to walk on the moon. >> forty years ago the watergate scandal led to the only resignation of an american president. american history tv revisits 1974 in the final weeks of the nixon's administration. this weekend opening statements from the house judiciary committee as members consider articles of impeachment against president nixon. >> the very unique system. the bachmann of that office, the symbol of national community and commitment. the majority rule, the symbol is
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to be replaced through the action of elected representatives and must be more substantial and not trivial. >> watergate 40 years later sunday night at 8:00 eastern on american history tv. >> yesterdays staff leaders of several republican committees held a joint news conference to discuss the political landscape leading up to the midterm election talking about several house and senate races and how much money is being spent. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] the state conference.
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an idea, the local lawn. each of the people he would give you a ten minute description as to where the committees they're doing and the rates they are overseeing. we will have time for a brief question and answer. of bst to raise your hand. that will call on you please state your name and organization you're with. we will try told this to as close to an hour as possible. talk to these individuals later. with that of want to introduce the chief of staff of the rnc. >> thank you to my colleagues for joining us here today. have been around that committee most of my career and can tell you we have an unprecedented level of cooperation between the folks and their staff and is one of the reasons why we feel
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confident going into the election season. different groups that are working, sometimes there is not a unifying force. i think another thing you will pick up his how confident we feel the comments and a lot of the different races. we feel good going into the fall elections. >> this site there up. this one. sorry. apologize. we are working together.
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like as said come not from the rnc perspective it has been a pleasure working with the house, senate command governor campaign is putting out the national ground force we have working on the data solutions it has been a partnership working with all of them. we targeting for where we put the troops we have on the ground based upon where they're telling us that they have targeted races a lot of different roles to play . as many of you have heard from us in briefings, we decided to ask ourselves some existential questions at the rnc. what is our role, what do we do best, and what can we only deal with. there are things we have to focus on. my colleagues and how they focus
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on that. the candidate recruitment. they have to provide that backbone, and it starts with a full time and national ground operation. we launched what we call the victory 365 this year, an update of the victory program at the are in sea which started in june of 2013. you see this states on this map, staff across the country that our permanent staff, their to work year round in precincts and local areas, essentially community organizing and is not and are in see that waits until five months before the election. that works when you are buying television, buy ad time. in the past the ground in has been done the same way, and we have learned that does not work. you need to be there sooner. so we have been spending our money throughout the cycle building this out and following their lead.
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you can see some of the numbers. we currently have 16,000 precinct captains recruited in the top precincts' working with colleagues that we determined that the key places we need volunteers. we are not trusting folks. these are the ones that live in the communities and have relationships, no where to knock on doors and are building relationships with local voters on the ground now. and a volunteer force, across the country, 91 percent of the department does not work at the rnc. we are really building a true volunteer army to help us. and there you can see, 304 field staff, 24 state directors, 280 actual field staffers across the country, 147 different offices supplemented with 15 dated directors, regional operatives to work with state parties and
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campaigns to help train and utilize dated tools we have been putting into the field so that campaigns can work with us on that. we have 30 hispanic the engagement staff across the country, 50 in african american engagement and eight pacific islander. built into that ground game is something that goes back to our growth and opportunity report that we published last year addressing the democratic challenges. and not just looking at hiring someone as a coalition director down the hall but putting our engagement staff as a part of the staff so they are in communities working to get voters -- and something you cannot do when you wait until the end is build a relationship in the minority community that the republican party may not have had before. we have been taking that lead once again where the need has been seen and working with entire staffers. i mentioned that we have by far most of our political staff that did not work in the beltway.
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we have mentioned a number of precinct captains we recruited. we have about 30,000. we are well on our way considering that we have really just been standing a lot of victory offices around the country. we have already made over 1 million voter contacts. volunteers are not just out there sort of learning the ropes and getting involved in putting on a t-shirt but have been out doing voter contact annualizing tools. the primary focus of what we are working on are the 10 million plus voters we know. our job is to focus on turnout. the democratic party in the past as an a good job of focusing on lower propensity voters. again, having this field staff allows us to zero and on those voters and, of course, using scores that we have now brought on line that are available in all 50 states. we have a new scoring system we
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discussed with some of you. we used to put them in one of five pockets. we now have an extensive national survey packed voter scoring system that puts every voter in a 1-1 and is available so that we can deal with it in a granular way. we used that in the florida 13 special session. and, of course, the canvassing tools, we now have a system that state parties have been purchasing where we have a canvassing act that goes on the smart phone and loads of information through an automated system. we gather information at the doors that immediately gets put up into the are in see database and shared with campaigns instantaneously. not only out in the field working to persuade voters and talk to them but out gathering data and making the entire file
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better and more robust. i talked about that. well, the scores are being enhanced. wheatley will be doing thousands of poll questions that will give us a running track of issues across the country and continue to enhance models that we have. skip ahead here. talking about our strategic initiatives. with our african american, asian , pacific islander, we have our 1414 program to get women volunteers more engaged in republican party politics. proactive program. it heavily involved in this. working to recruit women to get them more involved in republican party politics. we believe in what you can do to
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help us and it will eventually generate candid it's in the future. and our youth program. we now have a youth director working to organize college campuses. in the past republicans have looked at them as a group of volunteers. we now look at them as an army of folks that we can help win in local areas and enroll them into our victory 365 program. the florida 13 special, we talk a lot about this. i have to say, of course, the nrc see did a brilliant job of going in early and running a fantastic campaign. we were working on the ground game. they spent 3 million it smart things, but we were working hand in hand to provide them the canvassing tools, voters course,
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and volunteer base. was the first time all the things i just talked about were able to be implemented. we beat the democrats at their round game. they talked a lot about voters stores in the virginia governor's race and quickly quit talking about what they were doing in florida 13. now we are working hard to do is to implement this across the country and talking briefly, 53 percent of americans believe it is more important to have republicans in charge. i think a lot of the voters we are looking at it, it looks a lot like 2010. they hold a 15. advantage. our base is much more votive it to have motivated.
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just 27 percent believe the country is headed in the right direction. these are bad numbers were democrats and one of the reasons we feel optimistic. also with minorities, we would never say at the are in see that by putting strategic initiatives programs together and we will suddenly carry 50 percent of the african-american vote. we have never said that that was our goal, but our goal is to start cutting into the lead at the democrats have. as you can see, just going from 11% to 16 percent is a pretty good improvement. i can tell you, there are some congressional districts were if you took 5% they cannot win anymore. we feel it is a significant thing. fighting the war working with the nrc see we get a national survey to provide candid it's with tools on how to push back on the false narrative of the
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war on women. the gop wins we step along the democrats to said the falls narrative on this. women's priorities are things that when we actually manage to get our message through, they cut in our favor. they're not happy with the status quo, and are looking for really pragmatic solutions. republicans can offer that this fall, and we feel like candid it's are being armed with those tools. of course, you know, harry reid is busy blocking working families. our engagement efforts. the weakening democratic brand, now considered the worst president since world war ii of course 40 percent is handling of obamacare and 40 percent is the economy. we don't see a way the democrats
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can shake. you see this when you see senators and people completely avoiding. it is only going to get worse as we continue. just to let you know in terms of the research pieces that will be coming out to show you our focus, obamacare, energy, the economy, government mismanagement. i want to turn it over to my colleague at the in rcc, the executive director, lisa hickey. >> thank you. are we all set here? there we go. lisa. >> thank you mike. actually, i was surprised when nancy pelosi made her comments this morning about where she sees the election heading. charlie got 11 democrats, only to republicans. obviously those are top targets for the cycle. i can tell you, the numbers we
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are seeing none of these districts, democrats are in real trouble. i can tell you the numbers we are seeing in these districts these democrats are in trouble. not long ago we launched something called our drive to 245. it's obviously an ambitious and aggressive goal but the generic ballot that we are seeing in our battleground districts, obama's numbers, obama's job approval they are much worse than what you are sitting in national surveys. our battleground districts i'm probably seeing plus five to plus seven then you are seeing in the national polling. we have -- to get us there. today we have 235 in the house. we are going to pick up two seats won in utah with the retirement of jim matheson, one in north carolina with the retirement of david bowser. this puts us where we need to pick up nine in our 31 target races.
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these races, as we put this map together clears a path to victory in all these races we have got to win as candidates in these districts. i think this also demonstrates kind of where the landscape is. recently the dccc expenditure lay down their fall reserve. we lay down our fall tv reserve. 68% of our spending is on offense than 40% of nurses on defense. their mission is to stop the bleeding as they go into the fall. ours is obviously to expand and maximize opportunities and that's going to be our goal. really quickly want to talk about a few of our candidates. don't want to spend a lot of time because i know rob stuff is much more interesting to you all. i will just quickly highlight some of them. and this is one of the most exciting recruitment classes we
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have seen in a really long time. i have got here about 15 candidates that i'm going to run through really quickly starting with martha mike sally. she's in arizona to district in tucson. she is running against ron barber for the second time that she came with only 2000 votes last time. she is the first female pilot in combat and she has outraised barber for four quarters in the road. this is one of our best pickup opportunities in the country. this is jory western. this is who we are paying attention to. collin peterson has never had a race against him. we never had a research book on this guy. he doesn't know what 4000 points of tv feels like dropped on his head in the fall. we have a great candidate on top of a story of perseverance.
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he was blinded in a farming accident at age 14. he is a successful business owner and a state senator. the fargo newspaper said that he was -- worst nightmare. carl tamayo and california 52 running against scott peters. he won in the mayor's race in 2012 and one that part of the congressional district with 57%%. there is not than one poll since he entered the race last year that has them losing. elise stefanik if elected would be the youngest thing i'll elected to congress. she is 29 years old in the onc. this became a great pickup opportunity for us. she just came out of a tough primary fight and we are excited about her election this fall. evan jenkins was a democrat until last year. he switched parties. he is running against neck rheault.
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obama's approval rating in this district is 22% so neck rheault is in a fight like he has never been in before. carlos carballo running against joe garcia in the southernmost district of florida. he's a rising star in the party. who do we have next-paragraph ryan costello. he is in the turlock open seat a terrific candidate running against a three-time loser who ran against spurlock in the past several cycles. barbara comstock and others are interested in this race. there's not a candidate who works harder than barbara. this is going to be a great race for us. i am bullish on illinois. i know phil will talk about illinois some. the numbers we are seeing there in the governor's race and our two candidates they are bob dole
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in the northern part of the state in the chicago suburbs and mike bastin the southernmost district down there. they are both running ahead of their opponents. interesting in illinois and in california last cycle we have a lot of freshmen democrats to none other voters left. they just check the box and voted for the democratic at the congressional level and their numbers are very weak in these illinois districts and in the california district. bob dole recent public polling had him beating brad schneider. this is in the new jersey run up and see. tom went up on tv and came up with a great primary fight in june. richard thursday against john tierney. john tierney ethical policies have not gone away. john tierney is in a serious primary fight of his own. it's a late primary where he will have to spend a lot of money. stuart mills running against rick noland in upper minnesota.
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this guy for a first-time candidate he has such natural ability and instincts. i have never seen anything like it. he has got a great shot against noland. once again going to california.ocie running and sacramentally -- the sacrament and jeff correll this is the seed young people's radar right now. he has an afghan war vet. he is unable reserve duty as we speak and he said assemblyman who wins a tough district there. lastly we have lee zeldin who came out of a tough primary fight in long island new york. he's running against him bishop once again another democrat for serious ethical problems. and we represent senate district that was part of the district and we are really excited about his chances.
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was i under time? i will turn it over to rob. >> thank thank you. good afternoon i'm rob collins the executive director of the nrsc. when we started this 18 months ago the question was always could we recruit candidates and when their state? could we get them through the primary process and could we train them up to run a campaign that was moderate and ready to take on the democrats? i think by most standards everyone would say of recruiting class turned out to be pretty darned good. the primary process like any primary process is always bumpy but starting back in september and continuing today we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and travel and time to make sure our candidates, we don't tell them what to believe but just making sure they talk in a way that's
6:44 pm
relevant to voters. so a real quick overview of the senate. history. presidents lose 6.6 seats on average going back to the 50s in their second midterm elections. obviously 6 feet except the majority. democrats have also had a geography problem. we have had 14 incumbents up for re-election and 13 are in states that romney won. one is in a state that obama won and that susan collins. of the seven contested democratic seats six of those obama got 42% or less won all seven of them. the democrats have a historical problem in a geographical problem. this election is going to be allow president obama. two factors that factor into that. one come in midterm elections are about the current state of the country. going back to any midterm election in particular as i said
6:45 pm
historically speaking a midterm election of a second term president but also with harry reid essentially shutting down the senate, you don't have a lot of senators who have passed legislation. mark begich has never had an amendment or a roll call vote on the senate floor. i want to say kay hagan has only 15 bills that she sponsored and cosponsored after signing the law. the sportsman's package last week was one of her first national initiatives. these candidates have fewer and fewer things to run on. they have to run on big national priorities like obamacare so how is the president doing? people remain pessimistic about the track of the country. approval continues to be in the wrong direction. double digits in the wrong direction for obama. you can see independent voters decidedly oppose this president.
6:46 pm
when a president gets a cold nationally he gets pneumonia in the states that we care about. how does he look historically? to conceal bomb is trailing one past president and you can see historical trends. unlikely we see obama get up to them the mid-45 or 60s but we can make a legitimate case. what is dominating? economy jobs deficit obamacare is still in the mix. you can see the track heading back towards march has been fairly stable. ..
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>> as we said, our party is tied, but if you look at interest, seven to nine, six to seven, zero f. five, if you are 89 we have a significant lead that trickles down. it and what you are seeing is if there is support or opposition. here is what we are seeing. the president is that a
6:48 pm
significantly higher amount of people. and when you overlay intensity, here is what you see. they want to send a signal. there seems to be an enthusiasm gap among democrats. i know i am ripping through this . and just something that we track that we are very focused on, state-wide races, you have seen us tighten it up. we have seen it move our way since june and july. the border crisis and other factors driving the national narrative. but we have a problem. the problem is that democrats have a lot more money, so we fight that every day. this is the environment that we are in. the democrats to a great job of talking about the help that we get and the money we spend.
6:49 pm
important to put any contextual context and understand how one where they are spending. they talk a great game. let's see where their money is. colorado, michigan. six months to a year ago, it $10 million in colorado and michigan. we see north carolina, where the priorities are. you know, this is a cycle where the democratic allies in the senate are extremely active and well funded. when you have the president and majority leader of the u.s. senate going to fund-raisers and sitting down with major donors -- the new york times yesterday, the very wealthy man from san francisco in the white house in may. it tells you they are focused on
6:50 pm
raising money. nrc, we have not put down everything. obviously we have a different strategy, and our math has changed so much when you look where we are. scott brown dec. 301st. you will see more of that. we always talk about we have 12 races that are tied or in the margin. these -- a quick run through the. a bunch of slides that we will not go through. but eight polls in a row. yes, some of them are republicans and some are not, but that is an important factor. there is the spring time lag.
6:51 pm
if but we are up in that race and will stay up. she won the primary, that is important to gives you will see the same thing in new hampshire. a bit of a gap. that will tighten up. i think that is significant in that we have been involved heavily. a tremendous fund-raising quarter. public polling, that is a big gap obviously. north carolina, another state where we have been -- the outside groups outspent her heavily last year but have done a great job catching up. it clearly in charge. and we will run through states.
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for the sake of time. i would like to turn it over to one of the most important people at the nrc. iowa, arkansas, michigan, new hampshire, alaska, mexico, minn. to by his strong governor candidates will help pull us up and create a unified ticket. feeling good about their governor candid it's. one of the people i think will help us take back the senate, i love it. >> thank you. it really has been a great team effort between and among all of the committee's command it will continue. obviously a big year for governors, 36 governor races defending 22 of the 36, including 19 incumbents. we are in a strong financial position as a committee. we continue to out raise 2-1.
6:53 pm
after spending 25 million we have 70 million on hand and are in position to spend a hundred million. a very strong position financially, and as you will see from the map year, we are also strong in our political position . thirty-six governors races, 19 incumbents. eighteen of the 19 are either tied or currently leading throughout the country. we have spent 25 million the first half of the year. the goal was to narrow sense we are defending so much territory. you look at three states, iowa, south carolina, new mexico where we have sent -- spend money. about one to 2 million. we have taken those races from single digits to help the double-digit leads. it has allowed us to play a little more offense.
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there were three states that, frankly, were not competitive at the beginning of this year that within the last month are now competitive. leading by one point. you look at massachusetts, the poll for this week as baker down five. locked in an expensive primary. and hawaii, a state where we will have a 3-way race. governor abercrombie has had one of the most disastrous implementations of the health care exchange of any governor in the country. and currently anywhere between six and eight points. there are nine states that would describe as the most competitive not states. that obama has won twice.
6:55 pm
not surprisingly, a lot of perennial battle ground states, michigan, ohio, wisconsin, pennsylvania, florida, and maine. we have three german is pick up opportunities in connecticut, ark., and illinois, as referenced. you break down the six. a florida and ohio have been two of the busiest turnarounds' of any incumbent governor in the country. a florida four months ago rick scott trailed on the ballot. he spent over $17 million of the last three and a half months, 7 million from the argie a and currently leads by four points.
6:56 pm
these are states that public-sector unions care a lot about and are going hard and will be competitive states. but to that were in strong positions, we are going to win. our two most challenging defenses, pennsylvania and maine. you know, these are states where republican governors have great records. they will be challenging races, challenging territories for republicans, but i can tell you, the rga is fully committed to all income and our states we will win. i mentioned to you, in arkansas it has been a tremendous turnaround. trailing by two to three points in early february. the rga put 3 million in. another state with an important and competitive senate race. now, and connected we have that
6:57 pm
race tied. we have a repeat for years ago. likely to be that nominee running against governor lowell. it lost by 6400 votes. that will be a highly competitive race in connecticut. and in illinois the public-sector unions did their best to try to a beat bruce and spent about 6 million before the primary trying to knock him out. he won. ..urrently leads by 12 points. an astounding 17%. a very strong wrong direction sentiment in the state and the great tradition of the illinois governor's. spending public money to support his campaign in 2010. and so i think we have a great
6:58 pm
shot in all three of those states. i am optimistic for some of the reasons folks have already mentioned for four specific reasons. first, a strong position financially. we have the ability is spend a hundred million dollars. the political environment is good and getting better. we have a capacity advantage without question. looking at the senate, we have 25 senate races on like 2012 where governors were dismissing themselves. we have a great crop of u.s. senate candidates, a great crop of gubernatorial candid it's reinforcing one another. there are four states where our candidates for governor are running at relatively significantly ahead
6:59 pm
of our candidates for u.s. senate where i think they will be a help, iowa, michigan, georgia, and south carolina. four states that we will continue to engage in. the last and most importantly is the fact that governors are getting results and states are moving in the right direction, turning deficits and surpluses, reforming education, pensions, tax and regulatory regimes. most important made job creation is job number one. voters are giving them credit for reforms made in improving conditions in their states. despite having to defend the 22-36 races, again, we have 18 of the 19 incoming and governors who are currently tied or leading and are in a strong position to maintain a majority. >> and i you want to say a couple of things before we do questions. >> absolutely.
7:00 pm
>> i am the president of the republican save leader committee. we have the fortune of being in all 50 states. we are underneath all of the races you see here today and are fortunate to have the operational capacity and execution of each of these committees as well as the lead from the rnc. it is the kind of thing that we see and feel on a day-to-day basis. thank you for the leaders command we commend you on it. that is fortunate because we are, as i say, spread across 50 states. each of the three branches of government. we are close to the ground and are able to hear a lot of the feedback that is out there and understand what the localized conditions are. because of that execution and leadership will we are seeing is a tremendous opportunity based
7:01 pm
upon all of the factors that my colleagues discussed. and just to give you a finer point, we will start our legislative national meeting beginning tomorrow. the 93 leaders from all 50 states, the largest collection of state-level legislative leaders ever in history, and we have an opportunity not only to exceed our all-time highs in the legislative chambers, but to get a super majority across the country. think about that. a supermajority of majorities and legislative chambers across the country. that is achievable and right around the corner. and we wan d that's achievable and it's right around the corner. we want to do them in a way that not only makes them leaders now and makes them effective and helps the governors and the other federal officers out there but to put them on the escalator to higher office and make sure that we are putting our best foot forward. we have over 750 new women
7:02 pm
candidates and candidates of the first of the city and they are able to interface with their constituents and their voters through new mediums at the rnc is taking a leadership on that front than we are partnering with our friends in the geopolitical movement in entire world that has their top-level donators on the internet and expands. there's great opportunity right now to have folks get into office to make a tangible difference. but if you look at the maps of congress and the u.s. senate right now more than half of those officials observed in local office. and so in each of our race is not only do they want to make sure we are getting the best possible talent to execute at the state level now but folks that create a terrific farm team for these other offices down the line. we are looking to recruit the next governors, the next congressman come the next senators in the next president to make sure that those are the
7:03 pm
right candidates moving forward. and each one of those representatives in congress right now are either a republican that would help sort of move through the leadership and the escalation to higher office or a democrat that they could have spent a lot less money on defeating them at the state level. that's our goal. build a farm team and to wipe out the next generation of democrats. i would do while the courtesy of not going to the 7500 races that we have in front of us this year. happy to talk about it afterwards so i will turn it back to mike. >> would the helpful if -- susan. [inaudible] >> yeah the impact is similar to one that president bush had in the sixth year of his tenure in the white house or do you think they are different? >> i haven't really done a race
7:04 pm
by race comparison of those six but i think you saw from the polling that they are in a similar neighborhood and that good you know, historical trends are powerful things and some folks say they don't count anymore. i think they do and so you look going back to the 50s, since 1906 no president had picked up seats in the midterm in their second term. 1950s they lost another 6.6 seats. i think this president has some popularity is going to be a real drag and you will hear talk of legacy brands and they don't have the legislation to talk about what they did so they are are forced in tighter legislative agenda that some popular when you go bill by bill but also to a president that has really directed their political career and their political
7:05 pm
resume for their attempt to get rehired at the same job. >> voters are are disappointed and president obama that they have been even worse view of congressional republicans in our pocket party which is true in many of the states that we run race of them. what do pursuadable voters do if that is their choice? >> that's why it's important to send a message to the president that we are winning that hunk of votes right now and i think it's important that we have a positive agenda that highlights the competence of this administration but also offers an alternative and i think every campaign is in the process of developing those thoughts but you know this election is going to be driven by where things are. people much smarter than i have said that presidential elections are about the future and midterm sure about the present. the president is going to be
7:06 pm
driving this election and our candidates really have to present a credible alternative as a candidate. they have to have the resources not to outspend the democrats because we are not going to do that but to have enough money to get out the alternative message that says there's a direct different direction to go here. >> to follow up on that and this is for phil, an illinois-based white house has said president obama is poised to help governor quinn. they have breakfast together when the president was in town recently. can you assess what the impact will be in this big battle of the white house and obama obama active and at? >> as we have seen it's pretty clear governors races are a little bit different from senate congressional races. voters do them there is somewhat different lens. there is more local issues involved. illinois is the state that would
7:07 pm
be the largest unfunded liability per-capita of any state in the country. it's a fiscal train wreck. as i pointed out in the most recent public polling that is less than two and 10 people in illinois think the state is moving in the right direction. this race is really around pat quinn's leadership and i think we have a great change argument to make. we have got a great candidate. the president can come in and campaign wherever he wants. i think these governors races, i think the one area where we see the obama impact in governors races is on the intensity question and he saw that slide that rob pointed out. without question across-the-board whether it's congressional races, senate races, gubernatorial races
7:08 pm
ticket races, republican voters are simply more motivated right now. >> thanks john. a question for you. it's a two-parter. we are a good hour into the meeting here and we have yet to talk about the tea party. how is that going particularly in the senate races and because of the senate races there's a whole bunch of independent third party and the top hundred 10 libertarian candidates in some cases two or three on the ballot. if it's not close how do libertarians affect this race and how the third-party or suspect the chances of being the sixth and in sixth and a general what's the status of the relationship between the party and the tea party for the senate races? >> first, look, the grassroots, primaries are always religion and politics. the two things your mom says don't bring up at the dinner table. primaries are a stuff but as you look at the races tough primary
7:09 pm
in iowa and republican team came together quickly and you saw the race tighten up. mitch mcconnell had a very tough primary. you see his polling going in the right direction as a result of the republican base coming home. you know, the for-profit conservatives based here in d.c. we are never going to get along with them and at least the cycle. that's not true. there are some that will have a role to play in the general election but some of the louder voices, it does not and does not in order to their bottom line to get along with us so they choose not to. but where we can work together we will and that i think at the grassroots level that intensity is only living in the right direction as we get through more and more primaries. we have exciting republican candidates that people are going to be proud to support coming this fall so i feel pretty good about where we are with that. what was the second part of the
7:10 pm
question? i was on the ground in 2002 where a libertarian candidate suspended his campaign and got enough votes that john thune couldn't could win a senate race so i understand. you know it's a challenge but is something that we factor in and it's incumbent upon us to model our research and polling accurately so that we can build election and political plans that allow us to win, and you know we would love to get their support even if they are libertarian or otherwise ideologically bent. we are going to try to talk to them in a way that we can get their support in making crossover and back to the republicans. you know if you look at the senate right now it's a very diverse group of folks and we have a lot of senators but also a lot of national leaders who can speak to a certain segments of the population that may not be whatever year -- word you
7:11 pm
want to do, classic establishment republican. so i think it's incumbent that we recognize the many voices in the senate to see where everyone fits in and put it to work. the good news about that is our senate is extremely engaged. that's been the one outcome with liesyl is how engaged the senators are to step up. we saw the democrats -- and he saw senator mccain engage immediately and really say what's going on here? so that's something i wouldn't discount. >> with that want to ask about the national party perspective. i've been through elections where the base is not motivated. coming out of 12 if we have been a party that was a quiet party that went off in the corner and didn't have a robust conversation with itself it would have been bad for republicans. what has happened is we have had that family conversation and what's coming out of the other
7:12 pm
end is a motivated base. i'd dare say the democrats wish they had a tea party in their party to help them be motivated and turn out so if you look at the polling we just showed you this is all attributed to the end of this process through the primary process now. there are few big competitive primaries left the player through without face of the election cycle and what we are going to see is support for republicans up and down through all of these races all the way down with a very motivated group of republicans that are going to turn out to vote and not as motivated group of democrats. so the end result of the question is that we are in a very good position because we have the motivated base. >> at the local level we are saying that tea party enthusiasm swing by the republicans. i sometimes get my d.c. hat on too tight and i don't mean to be critical of the groups but i think there's a lot of energy at the state and local level where registering voters getting folks
7:13 pm
are talking to their neighbors and doing a really impressive job. you see it kind kind of leaves to rot these races. sometimes people say there's a big national group that's here. they don't understand at the local level. they're focusing on a house race and how they will pass out in the races. >> liesl and matthew -- [inaudible] the landscape as you have just described it. >> people are pretty much staying in the districts where they belong and so were the field in 2010 was over 100 races and in races and in 12 we were around 75 and in the 50s we were pushing the cycle i think in terms of what affects a competitive. i think 50 would have been pressing in on how many races were in play in a cycle so it is definitely made the field much
7:14 pm
smaller. >> that's exactly it. >> you use the term community organizing. it seems like you are doing datamining in trying to get out low propensity voters. you know how sarah palin organized in 2008. is it fair to say you are emulating the obama 2012 ground game? >> i would say we are rebuilding of the republican party for modern political elections and 04 we had an incumbent president. we had attended -- technological lead on the democrats in a secure ground game than the democrats. i think we would all admit that those are two areas we needed to improve coming out of the 12 elections. our goal is not to catch them but to surpass them. sort of like a space race. the parties leapfrog when it comes to data and technology and leapfrog one another when it
7:15 pm
comes to have robust and efficient their ground game can be and what tools you can put in their hand. i always say the democrats put up sputnik we can put a man on the moon. what we are part of the rnc is creating a modern political party that's full-time that creates data and technology tools that take advantage of those volunteers and help us win elections. it's not a matter of emulating. it's a matter of surpassing. >> is that a part of the process? >> at the look of the growth and opportunity chart there's a whole section where we needed to do better from a can make out from a chemical perspective that again the person was running our latino voter outreach program ran for president bush in 04. there are things that we brought in private private sector talent into our data infrastructure. we have also looked and seen where we could do things we have done before in putting the right resources towards it. again we are building a modern
7:16 pm
political parties that went into the 2014 elections based upon what we see that we can do to help complement all the great things our colleagues are doing to take advantage of the political winds that are blowing in our direction. >> thank you all for coming. appreciate you being here. you have any follow-up questions the rnc press offices 20 t. -- 202863 -- thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> galigo live to davenport iowa where new jersey governor chris christie will speak at a fund-raiser for iowa governor terry brand said. christie is considering a run for the 2016th deal presidential bid. this is live coverage on c-span2.
7:17 pm
>> please take your seats. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
7:18 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> all right could you please take your seats. we are ready to begin. before we begin our program, i would like to ask you to bow your heads and join me in a prayer for all those affected today in the malaysian airline tragedy that happened. dear lord, we pray for the souls who died today on the malaysian flight and for the families who have lost their loved ones. we pray that they have the strength to persevere in this time of devastating tragedy. it is by the grace of god that they continue on with their lives.
7:19 pm
we pray for the safety of all of the travelers as we and others continue to travel throughout the world. in this we pray, amen. good evening. we stand as we welcome boy scout troop four who will lead us in the presentation of colors in the pledge of allegiance. >> color guard attention. color guard advance. present arms. color guard holt.
7:20 pm
please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flight of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. color color guard, post the colors. color guard, returned to posts. color guard at ease. thank you. please be seated. [applause]
7:21 pm
>> thank you. welcome. i thank all of you for joining us tonight. i want to give a special welcome and a thank you to governor branstad and lieutenant governor reynolds for giving scott county the honor of hosting this event for them. and i would like to especially welcome and extend my deep appreciation to governor christie who i know traveled all the way from the east coast to davenport, iowa. i would also like to thank you for coming here because you may not know it that we in scott county like to call this area the other east coast, the east coast of iowa so welcome. [applause] in just 110 days it will be election day and even more remarkable is that in only 70 days early voting begins.
7:22 pm
do you believe that? only 70 days. i know lieutenant governor, i feel the same way. as a county chair that makes me a little nervous as i think about all the things we need to be doing for our candidates but i do look forward to november when iowans will read about governor branstad, botanic governor reynolds about the great candidates up and down the ticket and another era of growth and prosperity begins and i will. [applause] and with us tonight are some of those candidates of whom i would like to recognize at this point. when i call your name would you please stand. running for iowa secretary of state is paul pate. [applause] running for u.s. house of representatives in the second congressional district is dr. mary ann f. miller makes. [applause] running for iowa senate, senator
7:23 pm
robby smith. [applause] and brian schmidt. where are you brian? [applause] running for the iowa house is ross boston. [applause] mark ross. nor lynne munson. gary carlson. [applause] and linda miller. [applause] and running for the scott county board of supervisors carol earnhardt. [applause] and i am holds. [applause] this fall we will make history in iowa. not only as i went to elect the first woman united states
7:24 pm
senator johnny ernst but we will also elect i won's first women to represent us in the united states house of representatives. and i am proud to say that it will be the voters in this the second congressional district who will do so. please join me in welcoming our second congressional district candidate who will send dave loebsack packing back to iowa for good dr. mary ann miller makes. [applause] >> good evening. it's great to be here with you. prior to coming here brian schmidt i got to tell you your team at the clinton county fair were wondering why you needed more pampering to get ready than i did. as the clinton county fair
7:25 pm
no-caps-off before i came here and luckily all the bridges were open on the way to davenport so we thank our governor for doing a great job in running our sta state. as you know i'm running for congress because there is a dysfunctional mess mess in washington d.c. and when i was meeting with farmers in clinton county and business owners in muscatine county fair they all say the same thing. nothing is happening in washington. it's a dysfunctional mess and they want to know who is standing up for the little guy. it's kind of obvious i am the little guy. [applause] there something margaret thatcher said a long time ago and she said, being powerful is like being a lady. if you have to tell them you are, you aren't. but it also helps when you almost out fund-raising a democrat in a democratic district.
7:26 pm
[applause] so when we look at the things that are ailing our country right now and believe me we are hurting, we can use the policies of governor branstad and lieutenant governor reynolds and we can export them to washington d.c. just like we export corn and soy and john deere tractors. good economic policies that increase take-home pay, government is accountable and works for people and health ca care. when it comes to health care let me just kind of run down the t tab. who do you think you trust on health care? do you trust the guy who said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor and if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan of the one that fell asleep at the health care hearing. is that the guy we are going to trust? are we going to trust a doctor and the public -- of health? [applause] lastly let me say i think governor branstad and the rest of the veterans in iran, would
7:27 pm
you please stay on. [applause] thank you for your service. who are we going to trust on national security. so i just want to say to our veterans should she has got your back. you will not be left alone on a rooftop and he won't have the va debacle with you on the committee and let it pass with no results, no changes that here in iowa what are we going to tell them in washington d.c. when we send to d.c. date palm? in iowa we are going to keep our doctor and lose our congressman. thank you very much. [applause]
7:28 pm
>> some of you may be familiar with a certain late-night talk shows top 10 list. well tonight i would like to share with you our not so late, late night top 10 list of reasons why iowans will reelect governor branstad and lieutenant governor reynolds. number 10, for the first time in 35 years governor branstad signed a tuition freeze for two years in a row at all of our state universities. number nine, statewide the unemployment rate has been reduced by 30% making it the seventh lowest in the nation. number eight, since taking office more than 130,000 new jobs across the state have been created. number seven, companies have expanded and grown in iowa
7:29 pm
including facebook, microsoft, google, cargo, biosciences, alliance mid-american ncf industries. number six, under their leadership over $9 million in private capital investments have been made in iowa. number five, barron's magazine has ranked iowa the second best managed state. [applause] number for coke, more iowans are employed than ever before, over 1.5 million. [applause] number three, iowa had a $900 projected deficit when governor branstad took office. today we have a budget surplus. [applause]
7:30 pm
>> $4.4 billion over 10 years. and the number one reason why iowans will reelect governor branstad and lieutenant governor reynolds is. ♪ the last four years have only been the beginning. it has just been their warm-up and we look forward to and are excited about what the next four years will bring and all that they will do to help iowans. the best is yet to come. [applause] now i invite you to watch one of governor branstad and lieutenant governor reynolds commercials.
7:31 pm
[videotape] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause]
7:32 pm
>> it is now my honor to introduce to you half of the team who has worked to achieve all of this great top 10 reasons. please join me in giving a warm scott county welcome to our great lieutenant governor, kim reynolds. [applause] >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you. let's fire them up. do you like that commercial? yes. that's something we can be proud of. it takes all of us to get that done, all of you out there. thank you so much. what a great event. i will tell you judy thank you so much for that great introduction in the top 10. it's kind of my speech but what did they say, you have to hear two or three times before it sinks in. this is a wonderful turnout and this is what we are seeing as we travel all over the state this
7:33 pm
kind of energy and momentum. i just want to start by saying not only thank you to judy and all that you did in the team of republicans in scott county but i want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you over the last three and a half years as your lieutenant governor of this great state. and what an incredible amazing honor of a lifetime to have the opportunity to serve alongside, who we always referred to as the hardest working governor in the nation, governor terry branstad. [applause] and i always prefaced that governor christie's no disrespect whatsoever. for some reason iowa has a lot of great governors who like to travel through our state and i always say i have to call it the way it is. it's a great team and it's the republican governors across this nation better showing washington d. t. see how it's done. there are lucky to have a number
7:34 pm
of republican governors that we do. you have heard and seen many of them stand up and we have an incredible iowa team that is something that we can be really proud of and it's probably the best statewide ticket that we have seen. we have great candidates all the way from the courthouse to the statehouse to congress. it's an exciting time for republicans. the governor and i am the state team after the primary we went on a three-day, 14 community tour and at every stop we had turnouts just like this. we had people that were excited and energized and the momentum was tremendous. so as we walked parades this summer over the 4th of july or 4th of july or it did one last week in ankeny, pleaded republican volunteers that were walking for us doorknocking and doing what we need to do to make sure we are successful in november. we had over 150 people in the parade that i was at out last weekend and they didn't even have a president. kudos to all of you for being here.
7:35 pm
we need to continue to do that as we work through those next 110 days because we really have an amazing opportunity to keep the state-building in the right direction. when governor branstad and i ran for office in 2000 we really ran with the mission of leading iowa's comeback and we were facing some significant challenges. record spending, record unemployment, a record $900 million deficit that judy was talking about and what iowans were telling us was they were looking for a leader, conservative leader that had a vision and i've had the courage to make the tough decisions to say no and to make the decisions that needed to be made to turn the state around. they elected governor branstad and we got right to work, working with the republicans in the house and the great republicans we have in the senate and we balance the budget without raising taxes. we put in place a two place a two-year to five-year projected budget. we set the budget in practice internet deficit into a surplus.
7:36 pm
because of those decisions that were made early on today iowa has a robust and growing economy creating quality jobs providing opportunities for iowans across the state. yes. [applause] i think judy also said the seventh lowest unemployment in the state. 28% statewide and we are working hard everyday to continue to bring that number down. we have also reduced the size of government by 1000 employees and i would tell you that we have a more efficient and effective and accountable government today because of technology innovation and collaboration. we are working hard every single day to make sure that we have a workforce in place to meet the growing economy through skilled iowa stem science technology engineering and math home-based iowa initiative. but as judy indicated i want to tell you we are just getting started. we are not done. we are excited, we are energized
7:37 pm
and we are enthused about the possibility of the future of iowa. we are going to work hard and continue to earn your support so we have the opportunity to continue moving the state forward because as much as we like to talk about the rankings in the statistics and the numbers it's really about our children and our grandchildren. and it's about making sure that when they grow up they have the same opportunities that we had or that i had growing up in a small rural community of 500 in st. charles i was. we want to make sure they have the same opportunities that we have been that we keep them here in the state of iowa. again thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to serve you as your lieutenant governor. god bless you and thank you for being here. have a great evening. [applause] and now it really is my honor and pleasure to introduce a man
7:38 pm
who has as indicated earlier really led iowa's come back and i'm telling you he will lead iowa to four more years of job growth, balanced budget, educational opportunities and he is a wonderful advocate for the state. he works tirelessly day in and day out on behalf of iowans. i have never actually -- it's a tremendous to have the opportunity to work with our great governor, governor terry branstad. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [applause] [applause] [videotape]
7:39 pm
[applause] >> thank you. thank you. you can see i met my match in terms of energy, enthusiasm and passion to serve the people of iowa and lieutenant governor kim reynolds. thank you. [applause] and judy davidson and scott county, i love this county. this is the best big county in iowa. we are glad to be here. we are glad to have governor chris christie here for this very special event. it has been a great honor to serve you the last three and a half years. i am always proud to come back to scott county into davenport. i was telling them on the way in here bad -- when i was a sophomore in high school we played played davenport west of the state tournament and they beat us. they won the state tournament that year by the way. i won't tell you what your os.
7:40 pm
it was quite a while ago but anyway we went right by davenport west high school in the way here to the mississippi valley fairgrounds. i couldn't help but think about that. four years ago the state of iowa faced some big challenges. we had a 900 million-dollar projected budget deficit, statewide unemployment was over 6%, governor culver and barked on the debt game that's going to cost us $55 million a year for the next 25 years to pay back. but i once spoke on election day and shows new conservative leadership to lead iowa's comeback and we rolled up our sleeves and we got to work right away. with the help of the republican house of representatives and the republicans in the senate who are close to becoming the majority hopefully in the next election, we put together a
7:41 pm
biannual two-year budget with five-year projections and we went to work on revitalizing economic development with our new iowa partnership for economic progress and our economic development authority under the leadership of our dynamic director debbie durham and now more iowans are working than at any point in our state's history. we have reduce the unemployment rate by nearly 30%. investments that have been made with the help of economic development now exceed $9 billion trade we have made government more efficient, effective and accountable and reduced in size. in fact we are down actually over 1400 state employees from the day we took office. there were 500 in the pipeline that we were going to hire that we didn't hire. [applause] i signed the largest property tax cut in iowa history. you are going to see that in the
7:42 pm
tax bill for come out here within the next couple of mont months. it will be at least a 5% reduction in commercial industrial property taxes and for fully funding the tax credits to protect homeowners and farmers as well. the past transformational educational reform because we believe that every child deserves access to educational excellence. we believe -- we believe in families also having educational choice and we increase the funding for the iowa, for the program that we had where iowa families can contribute to help kids with financial needs to go to catholic and nonpublic schools and that is the stl program. it's been a great success. our new teacher leadership program rewards teachers that take on more responsibility as leaders and mentors and coaches
7:43 pm
to improve student achievement. for the first time in 35 years i am proud to say iowa students going to our state universities will see no increase in their tuition. both this year and next year. [applause] and after having that great success last year, this year we passed the centerpiece of our legislative agenda home-based iowa. this was a bipartisan plan to match veterans with quality high-paying jobs here in iowa with one simple principle, men and women who have served our nation should not have to worry about finding a good job once they have completed their service. we know that the federal government is dramatically reducing the size of the military. a lot of people will be coming out the next five years. we want them to know iowa is the place they ought to locate. i had the honor to sign that bill on memorial day at camp
7:44 pm
dodge in the gold star museum and i lost enough weight that i did it in my army uniform. [applause] now i said this at the opening of their scott county headquarters. i was only a buck sergeant in the army so i was highly outranks my marian miller makes and joni ernst who is a lieutenant colonel presently on active duty with the national guard at camp mccoy but i'm really proud to be with these great women leaders that we have in our party. [applause] we welcome veterans to iowa with open arms. no longer taxing their pensions and getting credit for their military training and education and helping employers to be able to find veterans with the skills they need.
7:45 pm
as lieutenant governor here all the time we have good jobs available and we can't find people at the right skills to match them and we will be doing our absolutely utmost effort to make sure that we are matching those veterans with great jobs here in iowa. poll after poll shows the country is going in the wrong direction but iowa is going in the right direction. [applause] and with your help we can go even further in building that bright and prosperous future for all iowans, both today and into the future. in 2014, i have been in a few elections, i had the sense that this could be a great republican year all across this state. [applause] ..
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>> we have another veteran who was a pilot in the airforce and he has been a college professor in sioux city and came in second for the race for the united states senate and agrees to run
7:52 pm
for treasure. sam clovis. he is a great guy. we have an iowa farmer who is a great secretary of agriculture and we need to reelect bill northy. and you know we had a great cba state auditor and he was elected as the only cpa running for state auditor and he was a voice in the wilderness until kim and i came along to put the state recommendation in order and follow the recommendations of the cpa order and we did it. and the government county standards board said we need a new chair for our organization and chose david val and it pays a heck of a lot more than state auditor. and he is now chair for the next seven years of the government of county standards board.
7:53 pm
the good news is even though he is working in connecticut he is commuting from iowa because i appointed his wife as a district court judge. but the great news is we got another cpa auditor, mary moseman, who i wanted another cpa and we happen to find one that elected three county auditor and she is off to a great start and we need to reelect her as the auditor of state. [ applause ] >> a young man that helped us get property tax relief, education reform and the iowa health care plan as an alternative to the obamacare expansion is a young man named adam gray. he did a fantastic job with a split legislature. he is a smart, a great
7:54 pm
strategist and very articulate and will be a great fighter. his name is adam greg and he says it stands for ag for ag. adam greg for attorney general. [ applause ] >> and i had the opportunity to work with paul pate before he was the secretary of state and he is coming back and running again for secretary of state. that is a great ticket that we have on the state level and of course kim reynolds and i run as a team and i have met my match. i have a great teammate and we are really proud of what has been accomplished. i really believe this is the year we could win every one of those races if we all work hard to see that happen. [ applause ]
7:55 pm
>> haley did a great job and we elected governors from all over the area and governor chris christie gave us the boost we needed and we went on to win the election. when he was elected in 2009 he beat an imcumbant democrat and was very wealthy and spend more than we did.
7:56 pm
his victory was one that convinced me and the others that maybe we ought to run for governor in 2010 and he did and you know the results. he tackled tough problems in new jersey with a legislature controlled by the other party, both houses, and they passed several tax increases and he had the guts to veto them. he set records for veto and he put faith back on track and balanced the budget without raising taxes. some of you saw what happened with his state being devastated by hurricane sandy. he was there on the spot reassuring people and rebuilding the state. did a phenomenal job and worked tirelessly. this guy -- he goes everywhere.
7:57 pm
he goes into the most difficult democratic areas, faces the toughest questions and has the courage and guts to tell it like it is in a state that has 700,000 more democrats than republicans he won reelection by 61%. ladies and gentlemen, the great governor of new jersey, my dear friend governor chris christie. [ applause ] thank you very much. it is great to be back in iowa. governor, thank you so much for that introduction. it is funny for me to stand up
7:58 pm
here and to hear governor terry bradstead say i was an inspiration for him to run for governor because i can tell you in 2010 when we got that phone call in new jersey from the campaign asking if i would come and campaign for him near the end of the campaign i said to my staff terry bradstead knows who i am? this is a legend and a guy who has set the governor example all across the country for both parties. and not because he initially served four terms and did a great job. but to me the thing that makes his public service so extraordinary is the example he set. four years ago he was in a great job doing a great job at it and getting to spend more time with his family, he saw what awful shape iowa was in.
7:59 pm
he saw what the last administration was dog doing to iowa and it was deminishing the things he put in the state capital. it isn't about you. it is about the people that you serve and so i know the people in this room understand this but he is not an inspiration to fellow iowans he is an inspiration to leaders across
8:00 pm
the country. he has been a great governor and continues to be a great governor because you will turn to office won't you? and i have a lieutenant governor named kim and she is the acting governor since i am here. but kim reynolds is someone i met four years ago and she is a great leader. and i can tell you, she has extraordinary ideas and she is someone that everyone across the state looks up to her because she is someone who is doing the job every day. not looking for fanfare or the star of the show or the limelight. looking to get the job done. and that is the kind of partner youon


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