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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 27, 2014 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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that's what motivates me. they are saying what needs to be said and it is a positive contribution to the date and that is an important debate. some name-calling is something that people put up with. >> host: jason riley "keys stop helping u"thesestop tellins make it harder for blacks to succeed." we will be back with this conversation in a moment. he wod like to download and listen to "after words" while you travel. >> host: we talked about third
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rails. you are touching that on the conclusion of this book when it comes to president obama's addressing the nation in the surprise announcement or speech to the nation that friday about almost a week later after the verdict and i'm saying you touched the third rail. for whatever reason i was on the andy and i had to be in florida, landing in orlando florida the night of the georgia cinnamon verdict and it was across the airport and across the state of florida and a week later almost, president obama came out to the briefing room to the press corps and he spoke from the heart. he knew about racial profiling and things of that nature. >> guest: it seemed that he had its instructions on what it could take into account and what it couldn't. mainly that was a different matter what the scenario was in
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terms of who is following who. what mattered in terms of what the jury was told that there is a memento of his life was in danger. but what i took to task is whether it was gun control or racial profiling or the perception of young black man in the country and how he wanted to talk about that. i think jimmy we should have a conversation about how young black men are perceived. but we cannot divorce the conversation. that is from black behavior. they are not coming out of nowhere. and so, i don't think we can
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talk about racial profiling without talking about the black criminality. and that is not a conversation many on the left want to have. there was a law professor that wrote a book that i talk about in my book. she complains about the black incarceration rates, but she doesn't want to talk about any of the behavior that leads to those incarceration rates. as we pointed out, the gap in 1960 was narrow than it is today. it is wide now and obviously if you think there was a system out there responding were responsible for these incarceration rates that had to be a chore racist bac were raci8
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and is today. >> host: since you bring this up and you are talking about georgia cinnamon into the acquittal and racial profiling. at the end of the day there is a young man that was bad for a -- more a hoodie. >> guest: he was viewed suspiciously because of the color of his skin and the way that he was dressed. and i don't have any doubt about that really. >> host: why do they proceed that way? >> host: there are people that where hoodie. i have a martha's vineyard to hoodie. am i wrong if i have my hair
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pulled back you don't know if i'm a man or woman wearing my hoodie. >> guest: if we have a problem with black men being perceived as more likely to commit crimes, we need to do something about the crime rate behind those perceptions. we need to do something about black behavior. >> host: what in your opinion should be done not just by black lawmakers but by everyone. the federal government, state government coming universal. what should be done to prevent these from happening? >> host: >> guest: with wha >> guest: with what we should stop doing. the obama administration's response to the problem is to go easier on criminals. he wants to reduce sentences for drug offenders.
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besides from that in schools, he wants kids suspended at lower rates than they currently are because there is a disparity. >> guest: regardless of who is doing the bullying in the schools. >> host: many people are not fully aware or they may not be about the disparity. at one time in the 100-1 disparity where those who had -- were using crack cocaine got a much larger sentences than those that did powder cocaine. who is the one -- what is the group that is thought to do cocaine into the group that is thought to powder, white america so that disparity has been whittled down in the administration said there is a racial element. >> guest: do you know who but the initial ratio in place by >> host: bill clinton had a
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chance to pull it down. >> guest: the congressional black caucus. >> host: they had a chance to pull it down and they did not. >> guest: the lawmakers at the time wanted law-enforcement to crack down on this. it was driven by black lawmakers in the disparity. is it, to turn around all these years later and say it was racially based it is not accurate it's rewriting history. >> guest: >> host: they have to start hadt from the base of the environment or at the time. when they were working at the time and they kept moving it down they hav had to start the s to move it down.
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>> guest: one is to increase the sentencing. you don't have to reduce the sentencing for the crack offenses. there is another way to make it equal. secondly, i think that no one is asking why the administration said that these are with the drug dealers and not the victims of their crimes. how does it help the black communities to help these guys returning back to the neighborhood sooner rather than later? how does that help the law-abiding individuals of those communities? and of course the majority of black people that live here are law-abiding and they have to live through this nonsense because of the thugs that make life a living hell for them. similarly in schools. how does it help the kids that go to school to learn.
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where are your sympathies? mine are with the law-abiding residents is. my sympathies are with the kids in school are to learn. i want to see them achieve and get ahead. and it's more difficult for them to do that. but some of these policies that are being put in place in the name of helping the black for. i think they are having the exact opposite of that. >> host: you talk about several other items in the book. current issues to include the minimum wage and immigration, these hot button issues right now and we are talking about the hot conversation. the author, jason riley "v. .-full-stop helping us to liberals make it hard for blacks to succeed." talk about your feelings of immigration as you've been writing about that and what you say about immigration reform. >> guest: this book i don't get much into the immigration reform and i will say that there
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have been some conservatives who have wanted to scapegoat for high black unemployment rates and i don't think that the data backs that up. if that were the case it we see high levels of immigration, we should see lower levels of black employment and vice versa but that isn't what the data shows the black unemployment as you know has been doubled for decades and it's been irrespective of immigration trends in this country. i don't think that it should be scapegoating for the unemployment rate. on the minimum wage, and again aanother policy that is intended to help the black poor, but it is another poor and high poverty tool. most poor people make more than
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the minimum wage. most of that make the minimum wage are not poor. poor households are in that circumstance typically because no one is working in the house. not because they are people working at jobs that don't pay enough to what they need is a job more than a raise and to lift themselves out of poverty so to the extent of the minimum wage laws are out of the labor market to the extent that the result in a reduction of jobs overall on the economy, they don't help address poverty even though the left continues to sell minimum wage hikes as an anti-poverty tool. >> host: as we talk about minimum wage and you write about the minimum wage if we talk about other issues that are in this book please stop hoping us to liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed, what is your commitment?
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do you think is leaving the civil rights leaders to help the black community? community? >> guest: i think it's important not to be put into the groupthink. it's important not to say that right thing for the fear that he will be called names, and i think it's amazing how the spheres can take hold. i remember going to visit my older sister back home in buffalo shortly after they started "the wall street journal" and i found myself in a conversation with my niece, her daughter asking her what the subjects were and she stopped me in the middle of the sentencing said why and she turned to her
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little friend sitting there and said don't sound bite. why are you trying to sound so smart and i laughed basically. but it stuck with me. here is an 8-year-old, 9-year-old already linking up race with intelligence and knowing the sophisticated enough to avoid certain speech patterns herself and mock them and others 8-years-old. i had forgotten how young this stuff starts. >> host: you have experienced that. michelle obama, oprah winfrey, so many african-americans have experienced that when you are not necessarily trying to have the street lingo in the business world.
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>> guest: there are limits to the government benevolence and they must help. >> host: so you are talking self responsibility. >> guest: getting the culture in order i think those are the things that need to take place. they need to develop the type of attitudes and habits and behaviors other groups in america had to develop. it does more harm than good. >> host: when does the political structure get in the way? because you have the republicans here, democrats here, they are not coming together and the question is you have groups of people that are in need and there is fighting off looking at the groups of people, but yet -- >> guest: i don't know that
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there's a political solution to what i'm talking about other than encouraging the government to get out of the way to stop doing some of the things it's doing. when you block them from attending the schools or better public schools you are not helping beas matters and that is what the democrats and many liberals continue to do. push the policies that signed with the teachers union and the adults in the education system over the needs of the kids in particular poor kids who often times are black. >> host: it's interesting that the republican party particularly george w. bush's first-term they were trying to get more of the black vote and then katrina happened and they knew it wasn't going to happen and that the numbers were just -- >> guest: you have republicans here and there who are trying.
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paul ryan comes to mind and they suck their vote and in the past that people like jack kemp but those were all exceptions to the rule. i think that republicans still believe they can win without the black vote. i don't believe that racial animus is writing but the pragmatic group of time. but more than likely to go to where you're going to get a better return on your investment of time. republicans are starting to think that they need more latino voters and you see this big debate going on in the gop over how to do that outrage. there is no such debate going on among the republican party. they need black voters to win
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elections. >> host: after this presidential evil action and out of the white male do you find that a problem? they are now realizing that there was a problem. they are gender specific and race specific white male. anything else falls along the side and they are trying to play catch-up. do you find tha that is a pandeg move to say that we have to do this or do you think they need to really broaden their underground because this is one country, not necessarily just one country for one group. >> guest: i associated more with the left than you would call identity.
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appealing to hispanics as the cynics and the gays as gays. i think there is pandering that goes on and i hope republicans don't go that way. i hope that it a very unified message, but at times both parties have been guilty. do you feel that? >> guest: sure. and i think that they will have no choice going forward given the changing demographics. the question is how they go about doing that. and we will see. but again, right now i -- with respect to black voters i don't think that they are making a series of reach to the naacp convention every four years is not a black outreach. standing up saying i support outreach i think they need to go into the neighborhoods and into the churches and introduce
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themselves and not let their democratic opponents define them and when they have done that. when they have done that i think that it -- i would like to see more of that. >> host: talk about the independent party and its outreacoutreach and it's under f effort if it is one or not one. talk about the independent. >> guest: the independent voter? >> guest: post for those people that are lumped in and are undecided, i call them apartments of themselves. they can tell you how an independent is going to vote if they get or follow-up questions. people like to call themselves independent. >> host: they are an important group. they are the third party.
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a lot of these elections are coming down. we will see. but i think both sides probably want a broad bigger tent i should say that you're right republicans in particular i think it is something on their mind right now but i would say more so with respect to latinos and blacks at this point. >> host: once again we are talking with jason riley please stop helping us how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed. he has been giving his thoughts that have footnotes and all facts and figures that he is basing his information on but as you look through this book i want to go back to the unemployment rate and talk about the households where there are people that don't work in this
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household. >> guest: what you have in the households in most of them there is no work. what they need is a job. the best anti-poverty program is a job, not an increase in the minimum wage. people already make more than this minimum wage. >> host: so these people that are not working and relied on the government sometimes people fall through the cracks and they need to have training programs and things of that nature to bring them up out of where they are to get into society again. >> guest: i don't think that a majority of them are. i think that you are talking about a culture of dependency generation after generation after generation. the stigma is gone in many cases. what these people need is a work ethic and i don't think that open-ended programs develop a
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work ethic which is ultimately going to be their ticket out of poverty. what is the guideline to change the dependence of the black community on the liberal party in your opinion? >> guest: we have to stop making excuses and the black culture certain attitudes that are counterproducor instance. that is something that needs to be denounced and not swept under the rug. it has to be denounced and forth rightly so. we have to announce that black kids are scoring worse on standardized testing graduation outcomes and so forth not becausee teachers are using these methods of instruction. >> host: to be playing on the
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family structure? >> guest: it's because we are reading device as much and we need to come to terms with that. there are cultural problems. they are not necessarily political problems. we have to help blacks in this regard, and i think that it's what the government can do beyond what it's done in terms of passing the civil rights act by passing the voting rights act, getting legal recourse when they feel they've been discriminated against, but beyond that there's not much the government can do and we get in trouble when we start doing what johnson called for the turn of the great society program he said what you want equality as a result. he wanted equal outcomes. you're not going to get equal outcomes based on human history not in the u.s. or anywhere else. you are not going to get the proportionate outcomes of the
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type. it is an unrealistic goal. it is up to the groups themselves to take advantage of that and that is something that black leaders of old used to understand. if you go back to frederick douglass or go back to the perky washington this is what they were saying. they were optimists. they said i think we are going to have them one day. but the more important job is to read the people and to be able to take advantage of those opportunities once we have been. and that has been the failure of liberalism in my mind. is that they have not prepared to blacks through the policies that they have pushed to take advantage. we have created a people that see themselves first and foremost as victim victims and t helpful and it has to change.
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>> host: so the liberals have helped to enable the community. >> guest: the worst aspect of the subculture that they have helped today. >> host: and also at the time when the minority group in this country will alternately wind up being the majority in the years to come soon but at the same time you are saying that african-americans should take the self-control responsibility that when you are talking about pulling the government away from this, where does the community come in? you talked about the barbershops. where do they come in? >> guest: the family has to be where you start. the breakdown of the family is a tragedy. it is slavery could do to the black family what these efforts over the past 50 years to help them have done. the black family has been
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utterly devastated by the attempts to help them and it's something i think that needs to be reversed as we were talking about earlier the outcomes without a black father in the home or involved in the kids upbringing are just devastating and that has to change. but again these are conversations that have to take place among blacks. they have to get their act together. i think the government can only do so much however and it is. >> host: i can guarantee those that are watching or listening or what have you either love to love you or hate to hate you. you're going to sell the book and the title of the book "please stop helping us how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed," the title alone. the author, jason riley. mr. riley in the last few seconds, minutes, what would you like to say?
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>> guest: by the book. [laughter] >> host: beyond that. >> guest: take a look at the arguments with an open mind. take the left to task when they come to the black community in the name of helping the community with some of the same things that have been tried over and over again for the past five decades on the black unemployment rate despite the countless job programs and so forth. take them to task on the welfare benefits and the incentives they put in place and what it has done to the family and the culture of the dependency into the ghetto. ask questions. be skeptical. that is what they would do in particular. they want to see better outcomes than we have been getting in the current policies. >> host: even though they are controversial you back up your statements with those facts and
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it is a very interesting read and i thank you so much for your time. it has been very mind opening. i love to hear conversations from all sides and you have given me some interesting thoughts to ponder. once again, please stop helping us how liberals "are for blacks to succeed. thank you so much.
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>> former nfl tight in ben utecht told the senate aging committee that has caps in his memory after suffering numerous concussions while playing sports. the committee examined the link between sports injuries and packing the rent and whether the
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lead to aging diseases like alzheimer's. other witnesses included researchers. this hearing is an hour and 25 minutes. >> a good afternoon. today we're going to have to be a little creative because we're going to have a series of votes at 2:30. so what i'll do is recess the committee, and will go over and vote until the very last vote, and we will cast the vote that the very beginning of the last vote and then race back over here so that we can continue the hearing. there's also some breaking news just an hour ago. the nfl agreed to eliminate


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