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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 20, 2014 2:00am-4:01am EDT

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and providing support. my pleasure to offer up the floor and i want to thank him for his significant efforts in the past months on a number of different fronts. we appreciate egypt's leadership on the cease-fire and it is my pleasure to recognize you to the floor. >> thank you, john, for your
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kind words. we have undertaken this in the context of the responsibility and reinforced by your support. thank you for your efforts you have exerted. let me tell you how important this call for the convening of the security council. since they have held a meeting following a series of other meetings for regional and international efforts in order to assist and obtaining security and stability in iraq. this requires the mobilization of an international position that can take a single line against isis and terrorist group
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in general, both in iraq and the region, in order to pave the way to uprooting this horrible group in the region. it has been escalated in the middle east. egypt has joined a number of other arab states and the united states of america as an important meeting. we focused on coordination in focusing on isis because it is the gravest threat confronting the region. this comes in accordance to resolution 1270 and the decision of the arab league of the 7th of september of this year. egypt last monday participated in the paris conference on security in iraq in which the
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iraqi government reaffirmed the request for military assistance to con front. and also to extend help to terrorist. our meeting today in the security council is an expression of international determination to get together all institutions and regional powers to confront this. there is a vast surface and rich heritage in iraq that needs to
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be honored. we look forward to relations of mutual respect among the states, respect of the sovereignty and security. we hope that the government is a government that represents all parts of iraqi society, one that is able to face up to the threat of terrorism. egypt is prepared to give every assistance to assist iraq. we shall cooperate regionally to help. allow me to repeat in this very account of egypt's position which is that all efforts must be made to revitalize the concept of a nation state away
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from any secretarism. we meet again to support iraq against isis here. this is a threat that faces us all particularly in the arab region. they are using barbaric acts against anyone that is different. isis isn't limited to one, two or three movements. this is one idea that expresses themselves with slogans and names and is developing in different parts of the world and at the end of the day it is a world wide organization.
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egypt more than any other is well aware of the threat of such terrorist organizations. we have confronted the -- f situation. and the very ideas that are the bases of all contempory terrorist organizations. such organizations and similar organizations must be confronted and were confronted in libya, for example. this is important as it is a threat to international peace and security. at the time when we are stressing as the importance of not ignoring the political and social reasons for the emergence
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of isis. the international community must be aware that it cannot stop at containment and half solutions in con fronting such extremist organizations. we must confront those states that are helping these terrorist organizations to obtain their narrow political aims on the scene. we have to stand up to our common responsibilities and humanity to confront and defeat this barbaric group. >> thank you for taking the time to come and be here and particularly to the leadership on the issue. i give the floor to the minister of foreign affairs at berain.
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>> mr. president, your excellants and ladies and gentlemen, thank you for convening this special session of the united nations security council on iraq. i would like to thank you president for the presidential statement that is very comprehensive and we subscribe to. i would like to thank our formal colleague and now representative of the united nations in iraq for his very comprehensive report. i would like to say congrats to my colleague here for assuming his post and i look forward to working with him especially during this important time. the security situation in iraq and the spread of darish and the last couple years in syria and
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iraq is a serious regional and global concern. they are exhibited an appalling level of brutality and disregard for human lives as demonstrated by the deaths of aid workers, journalist and counselless iraqi civi civilians. we should not stop until we have complete annihilation of the group. this is going to happen at the regional and national level in three arenas: the military, financial and ideaological. it is special that countries join iraq and their fight by providing the correct level of support. when it comes to regional security, bah ran has assumed
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their fair share of the burden. we join friends and allies and in the fights against pirates in the indian ocean and by keeping a watchful eye around the waters of the arabian gulf, today we stand ready to join allies in the region and world and contribute their share to the necessary fight. we firmly believe the time has come for the countries of the region to take the lead for the terrorist groups among us. islamic institutions and scholars around the world must not hesitate to point out the terrorist cults and legitimize any religious justification they give. we condemn the authority from
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sc scholarships and urge them to continue doing so to help us defeat the clear danger threatening muslims and non-muslims alike. stopping the flow of financial resources is crucial to defeating it. the kingdom has a long standing financial center with combatting terrorism and money laundering will discuss ways to combat the terrorist organizations both within and outside the middle east of north africa. the conference will be held the first week of november with an agreement to using a road map plan to combat the financial
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intuiti intuitii financialstitutions are not are notia -- institutions are not used to increase cash flow to individuals. and we will make sure the attempts for people joining will be stopped before leaving the country. and those who return after joining such groups are immediately arrested. further, the allevation of the challenges faced is no less important than the fight. minority groups have suffered and the international community must do everything they can to provide the aid to bodies.
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we are confidant in the path of peace, security and stability. finally, we must remember that fighting terrorism is a regional responsibility and that all regional countries must adopt the same position regarding terrorism and where it my sface in the region. there are terrorist groups operating across the middle east from egypt to libya to lebanon, syria, yemen and the gulf. hezbollah and others continue to terrorize and kill innocent people all over. it is necessary to adapt a
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holistic approach that identifies, confronts, and eventually defeats terrorist in an affective manner. thank you very much. >> thank you for the important list of commits that you are prepared to make and we look forward to taking part in that conference. it will be a very important part of success. i give the floor to the minister of foreign affairs of qutar and i thank for the early and defined commitments qutar has made to the efforts already. in the name of allah, mr.
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john kerry, friends, i would like to thank you at the beginning for holding this meeting at such a critical juncture in the history of iraq and the region. i would like to thank the srsg for his briefing. i express that the state of cutt cuttqutar welcomes to president statement adopted in this meeting and i welcome the election of the president of iraq and the speaker of house of representatives and also his assumption of the new government. such developments are promising and should reflect with
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positivety in iraq. mr. president, at a time where we look forward to the complete formation of the iraqi government so it will shoulder the dangerous task of facing the challenges, mainly terrorism, it is important for all iraqis to take part of the management of iraq and this is the only means to face the serious challenges facing this country so they would express national unity in the government. you could perhaps agree this only happens through a serious national dialogue. we would support our brothers and sisters in any sect that could seek to maintain iraq and defeat terrorism. the world is following with much concern and interest the hackeds
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acts of killing in the region. as we discuss options to face the groupings and to face their danger to the region and the world we think that the success of the international community would only be possible through political will and international efforts and through tackling the causes that has led to a violent that provides incubation for terrorist and organizations need to be the source of funding and we should not submit to their blackmail or link it to religion, nationality or region. what we draw from the region is that such organizations benefited from the oppressive policies of dictatorships that have caused a security gap and
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frustration among the mass and public and growing number of grievances and on the other hand such regimes. after being abandoned the international community such regimes are marketing themselves as partners in the international campaign against terroris. we think they work against the interest of people and security and stability in the world. mr. president, the political and the security challenges facing the international community should not detract that from tackling the declining situation in iraq after the victims have raised horrible levels and in
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response to the ordeal of our iraqi brothers, cuttqutar has established an air bridge to deliver aid and qutar will continue to work on such responses. i thank you mr. president. >> i appreciate that and working forward to working with you in the days ahead. i give the floor now to the minister responsible for foreign affairs of oman. i start with saying a profound thank you for the members and the palestinian support you gave us.
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thank you. >> in the name of allah, the compassi compassionate and merciful one, may i begin by hearing and thanking you for holding this special security council meeting. we thank you for having us participate in the debate. the debate on the difficult context in iraq currently. this is the time for us to see how to tackle the terrorist challenge represented by the so-called islamic state of iraq. as we know, efforts headed up by
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an international coalition will be successful and vanquish the terrorist groups in the area. this is our hope. we hope that peace and stability will triumph in this region of the world and indeed in the world on the whole. sir, terrorism striking arab states, in whatever forms or manifestations, motives, justifications, this terrorism should be condemned in all regards and thus my country deplores all terrorist crimes perptrated by the so-called non-islamic state of iraq. iraq is the cradle of civilization thanks to the support of the international
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community it shall succeed in gaining the uphand over this situation. iraq has build their civilization over centuries and will not be defeated by terr terrorism and acts we see in iraq today perptrated by the islamic state have nothing to do with humanity nor religion. these terrorist groups should be rooted out, eradicated and the international community should come together in combating this destruction phenomenon. by the means to be determined by the security council. the world must come together so as to errat all managers of
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terrorism. through the means planned by the council victory will be ours over the groups. affective, punitive measures should be taken. otherwise, thes group and others will cross borders. into other states. and this could strongly undermine the efforts of the international community. my country, as as always been the case, will support these international efforts, praiseworthy efforts and we do hope that this shall lead to a
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victory for the international community. a triumph. this means that the world will triumph on the whole over the organization which is a challenge to humanity. we remain at roarsoid and continue to support efforts like we have in the past to ensure no terrorist group is able to win. this allows to obtain the objecting of the peace and security. thank you. >> thank you for the things oman is doing. it is my pleasure to give the
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floor to her excellance and the minister of the foreign affairs of georgia. >> thank you, mr. president. we are meeting at a pivotal time for the security and stability of the european area and beyond. latest developments have demonstrated we cannot take our security for granted and in today's uncertain world all like-minded democracies but stay under the protect freedom and the world based order. european security is being challenged by military aggression against ukraine. georgia has suffered from russia's military aggression in 2008 and the ongoing fight in the regions. the world is forcing to alter borders and forced a threat to europe being whole, free and at
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peace. with regard to the middle east, we are shocked and distressed by the development of the security of the situation in iraq. i would like to express strong support to the new government of iraq headed by prime minister and effort to ensure inclusive political process and improve security and stability in iraq despite the challenges presented by isil. at the same time, i would like to reiterate georgia's support for the pepublic of iraq and express hope that during this difficult time iraqi people are united to confront the challe e challenge. georgia condemns in the strongest terms the acts of terrorist and violence against people based on their religious and ethnic affilations.
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isis poses threats to the middle east and europe and north america and beyond. it is only with our joint efforts and commitment that we can stop, reverse and prevent this from happening. georgia is a reliable ally and capable in ensuring stability around the globe. we continue to work in iraq and central african republic. our commitment to the global peace and stability is firm. georgia fully supports the efforts of the coalition to defeat isis and bring peace to the region. we stand ready to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by the group.
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furthermore, georgia's experience from combat missions and successful defense transformation could be used to enhance the capabilities of iraqi and other forces as they are taking fight to the terrorist. we look forward to working with the united states and other coalition partners in coming days and weeks to identify areas where georgia's contribution can provide added value. thank you. ...
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the recently formed a government -did the of his excellency which deserves full
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support of the international community, the united arab emirates which emphasizes that the country and should not fall back again to sectarian policies which called to of cost the security crises. the united arab emirates to all those who attempt to compromise the security. support the international essence and come and terrorism of isis. it also repeatedly shows its position during the latest summit. support for the condition of the league of arab states and thaw
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with the new presence in the conference on pages -- please send security. from this podium and i as an arab absolutely reject the entity called the islamic state. i call upon the wall to join us in the rejection and to show solidarity with millions of muslims from orbitz what is dear to gasol the czar criminal gangs and no more.
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the united arab emirates believes the war against isis should not lead to the muslim to ammunition of the community but play an important role in the political future of iraq. it is important to work to maintain in terms of of jealousy must be prevented from establishing a safe haven for extremists in our region which can be achieved through immediate and international action in coordination with the iraqi government. this will conclude the development of a comprehensive international provision, the danger of which is not limited to the terrorist organization but extends to ongoing conflicts in the human, lebanon, somalia, egypt, libya, and north africa
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and africans their regions. these terrorist groups continued to exploit things and syrian and to achieve goals and without the slightest regard to 70 our national borders no boundaries of a slogan spirit no evidence they only go in a violent states with sectarian extremists. the issue of foreign fighters which have become -- here organizing on this topic.
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the extremists in areas suffering from conflicts in order to ensure the continuance. danger for other countries not in the arab or islamic wind. we need to add to is the rational partnerships since then for the root causes of terrorism and their needs to be such a partnership not limited to come batting network isis only. mr. president than by the, the united arab emirates affirms its rejection of violence and extremism and its commitment to moderation serbs and international partners to fight
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terrorist groups britain with further emphasizing the importance of wisdom we to adopt a new air general and comprehensive national program been for bringing together the iraqi people with of the exclusion of any group been paid in this context we seek the semblance that the corrosive undertaken the ability. but in the iraqi government and we commend the kurdish forces the region remains a challenge that statement the united arab
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emirates have always supported the united people's in all circumstances including the support efforts. providing assistance to those populations affected by violence continuing to provide support. i like to point top, concerning the fight for an improvement and financing and the context to emphasize improvements of the continued international community in providing its support. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you very much, your highness. i hope you will also pass on our thanks to his highness for the support that we are receiving with respect to this coalition
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and initiative will i give the floor now to his excellency, the minister of the state of belgium . >> mr. secretary of state, hon. minister's, allow me to begin the very time the organization of with extremely concerned by the fact that the terrorist groups have taken root in iraq and syria in the responsible for kidnapping with the heinous killings and many crimes. this is not only a foot for the region but for all of us for this reason 35th unprecedented position of the international
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community death of the native of military intervention is needed to stop the progress of isil of the wrath the long-term in. the establishment of the new government and the appointment of that the prime minister are, of course plus steps in the right direction, but it would be appropriate to quickly demonstrate fifth to the population pick that the government policies at all levels are and will be inclusive political three establishing both and rereading death fabric of society as a crucial stage which is essentially based on the iraqi government and also called for a long-term commitment and the support of the international community. in neighboring syria, end up
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being a political solution yet and supporting the world health special envoy who would be responsible for the solution. along with this political commitment the international community must also demonstrate greater solidarity and the humanitarian level specifically committed itself continue to react shaping the region from the war, there must pay a targeted fight against isil. it must be ensured that five isil will not benefit from revenues.
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enclosed cooperation with partners. not being speared. hundreds have joined to use health 310th to france and belgium carry out a terror attack in the very center of brussels last the institutions makes it possible to conduct an inclusive strategy to fight this phenomenon and also attack its whether it is cooperating with several states in this area regarding the military action itself to my calling for the legitimacy of international action to be strengthened as far as political conditions make it
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possible by a united nations resolution. melson plans to contribute to the military coalition by the united states with in iraq either through air support missions, supporting transport of military information and training or others because of the current government transition this contribution should be approved by the by parliament -- in libya organizers have demonstrated they can effectively support partners. it is essential for all companies in the region including iran to mobilize against the terrorist threat which isil poses and should contribute to the different aspects of the collective action . this is an opportunity that should be taken to overcome
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regional division assumption. it will be indispensable if we want to succeed in protecting freedom, democracy, peace, respect for our culture and respect for human rights. thank you very much. >> they keep. -- thank you. mr. president, let me begin by expressing my appreciation for convening this debate to discuss the situation in iraq which has taken a more troubling turn in the past three months. i also think the minister for his remarks, special representative of the secretary general for his report.
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real and political crisis in the middle east brother to brother -- extremism these days by the so-called isil and is abhorrent with brutality is chief among the threats that ravaged iraq and syria and cast gloom over the middle east horizon . thank neither is it islamic or a state. rejecting the stereotypes that that's the name of islam to bloody and violent acts committed by such despicable groups. it has grown out of assistance provided in the past decade the ultraviolet
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625 extremists, we need to be mindful of the situation this so-called isil is not a new phenomenon. if similar groups developed following the invasion of iraq during the years of ensuing ability, the syrian crisis and the support they have received outside the region found a new breeding ground and a new false cause dysentery into a's saxe-coburg-gotha. [indiscernible] in addition to military intervention attempts for middle eastern societies reflected in the area and the phase initiatives by certain powers of another aspect of the illusion held
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by certain outside powers in the past decade . military and nonmilitary interventions in the region and the ensuing slaughter and blood feud have helped radicalize and created the perfect conditions for extremists to take it vantage. i do not think that anybody disagrees that extremism is much stronger and more spread out in the middle east today that it was in 2001. mr. president, based upon the experiences built up in the past decade we believe that any real and genuine initiative to remedy their regional comments needs to originate from within the region and be based on regional cooperation jessica
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1/6 science itself sixth, to this rule. we hope that all spaces in the middle east now fully realize that extremas as a threat to them as it is to iraq or syria. those who thought otherwise the to reconsider the 11-year-old policy that chose to be conducive to stability. the international coalition against isil is yet to decide to pursue a serious strategy. in our view to defeat extremism comprehensive strategy should consist of the following. first, fully complying split the norms and principles of international law how military action. second, expanding support
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for the government and bad as it fights isil and hoping it strengthen the national unity and territorial integrity as encouraging its all inclusive political system which requires discouraging forces and avoiding tinkering with the sectarian divide. third cover encouraging its base and tapping capacity in the region to fight the war against extremism with the assistance of the international community and working toward unifying and coordinating policy. in the little or foot-dragging will leave a vacuum that will be used by extremists. consistency in fighting isil were ever it is present will be it in iraq, syria, lebanon, or elsewhere.
3:36 am
further acceptances of flick fliers helping into the life of relevant activities to deal with this evidence be a strategy that undermines these authorities including the syrian government that resisted isil for a few years, the segments of population in terms of protection will be a recipe for defeat. it is regrettable that the city was left to the mercy of isil for more than two months under the recent -- ruthless seas, only belonging to distance segments of population. encouraging the political solution.
3:37 am
rectifying the state made in the past fifth engaging in all regional states and international actors to deny extremist access to fund the groups and others. that should include actions to putting an end tomorrow and financial support for extremists coming from some quarters with in certain countries in the region. it is important, especially in light of the fact that groups such as a fourth left the of truth of the by air strikes in tenth tooth in the fifth 93v for war crimes against the palestinians. the kind of reaction earth to what can only be called genocide against the people of gaza is a good rallying
3:38 am
cause for extremist groups such as isil. lumping together violent extremists, directly to the extremist message. the president, an islamic republic of iran is the only country in the region that is capable of and has shown unqualified determination to help the at iraqi government and coordinate and assist before we rose to the challenger leon. before any other help arrived on the scene. on the same day my government is ready to continue to assist and other governments threatened. thank you the
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national counterterrorism center with 12,000 individuals in that figure includes will over 1,000 european citizens. the other estimates from our allies overseas expect the numbers to be even higher. the barometer may come we must continue to work closely with our partners
3:44 am
and the other intelligence agencies. and then traveling to the midday -- the mideast. information sharing will be put to the test as they courtney and respond across international boundaries. so i will continue to be a strong advocate to incorporate local law enforcement to utilize the of multiplier effect. headed is the mindset and the recruitment of these militants to go on and rape and kill. as the trans-atlantic community we can only fight terrorism by devising countermeasures. in particular the message promoted by heritage and the
3:45 am
cultural history is important to help young people find their true identities with that backwards propaganda to destroy the history. and i think it is important for our partners of the fight for those that impacted and affected for what they can do are they protecting those from being coerced? a true partner to confront radicalism would only do what they could do to take place abroad but is zero tolerance for extremism to go unchecked at home as well these are important questions with evaluating the capabilities that in most cases are prone to a
3:46 am
tax more than we are. the radicalization occurs across the world in rural and urban settings, will the import of all educational levels. is a the long run the course of action is not only targeting terrorist groups but the polarizing policy that leads the division. the conversation must include both genders for donnelly men that take up arms but women within isil and other groups. they are growing up in the increasingly environment and this law have any effect on future generations. the subject of today's hearing is the of the utmost concern to national security and accord to period from each of the witnesses.
3:47 am
with that i take the chairman and i yield back. >> the hearing is on the emerging threat and the specific threats to europe and the united states as well. in 2011 the syrian people rose up against their government it has been torn apart this is an open and civil war with the terrorist groups with al qaeda taking full advantage of the chaos. with 50,000 foreign fighters entering syria to take up arms on this fight after
3:48 am
several thousand of those fighters came from europe to hold passports from european countries and called isil and hate is a brutal anti-western terrorist organization that has grown over up fast territory of syria and iraq. facing a terrorist group to control the and a and proven abilities on the battlefield. it is also one of the richest terrorist groups in the of world that profit from criminal activity and black market whale sales and of course, the a gift of vast amounts of military equipment that we have
3:49 am
generously provided iraq. this is dave macon million dollar operation. it is a nightmare to think about to pull off the financial resources with so many recruits. and all we need to know about the intentions so the terrorist holding the knife with the be heading videos spoke in a british accent. that 898 -- indicates the
3:50 am
magnitude. we have already begin to see the threat of terrorism and yemen born naturalized citizens and was indicted to attempting to provide support to isil in new york state. dozens of people have been arrested this week for those planning to a isil planning terrorist attacks in the west. perhaps it is a little too soft we need to understand what a terrorist attack in the west means for the bodies of tearing apart of the bodies for those who just want to live their lives in this group of other
3:51 am
human beings for whatever reason they have will at random murder our fellow citizens and to talk about what motive to terrorize western civilization was a huge section of the globe. bantus travel touche syria those them brussels the victims are ordinary people. i don't know why of that message of hate and violence attracts what are the of
3:52 am
viable options to prevent terrorist are returning home? and how can we prevent them and conducting this type of horrible murder upon innocent people? and to work with european allies in to go against russia to defend ourselves and finally let me note that to learn from europe's immigration experience talk about reforming our own laws. this problem is not only counter terrorist but how different people can fit together in a free society.
3:53 am
we have a lot to cover. so with schatz the raking member has already been heard from. >> thank you mr. chairman. isis is the threat we need to understand has to be reckoned with. especially the united states under estimates like those terrorist groups to set up governance and northern iraq and syria to tax the people they have oil and money and as you said they have american and the equipment already. for those to train them and of first that cut and ran.
3:54 am
they just threw down some weapons into cough ramroding. know here is a tank that was given by the united states but they bailed now isis controls a take belonging to the american citizens. here is the beret after capturing humvees and abandoned by the iraqis that we subsidized. and at the bottom the most alarming for humvees american made given to the iraqi troops to fight isis after they cut and ran they were abandoned now it is on a truck headed to syria to fight in syria i think we underestimate who these people are. fighters are already coming back to europe to launch an attack and german -- jeb may lead its first attack.
3:55 am
and how cameron said last week there are space six planned terrorist attacks and the threat will not stay in a near up the cat -- europe because many individuals are able to travel to the u.s.. we have to work with european friends to track the jihad is fighting and convince them that this is a group to be reckoned with as the threat to all civilized people they cannot be allowed to read turn home to continue jihad. i have introduced a foreign terrorist organization passport revocation enact for this purpose it calls for the state department to revoke passports for those that are fighters for any foreign terrorist
3:56 am
organization or support them in the way. american citizens are traitors and are not welcome back to the u.s. and with that i yield back. >> thank you very much. this is an important topic in the level is going on radical terrorist groups grow around the world would be wise and prudent to address that we heard reports of sayings happening. think of the boston marathon bombing. that is unacceptable. is lew of what goes on in the middle east talking about isil they said they are coming to america we have to pay attention and
3:57 am
not allow that to happen to have to be dealt with and we need to do more to secure our borders. i'd like to hear more ideas from you. and in addition. it is called the terrorists nationality act. that will strip citizenship away from people in to pick up arms against american citizens or military. so what to make the country safer i yield back. >> a senior fellow with the
3:58 am
foundation for defense democracy and a senior editor of course, of a publication that tracks counterterrorism of issues is a widely respected expert at al qaeda and other groups around the world and contributes often to "the weekly standard" and makes guest appearances on television and radio and has appeared before other foreign affairs committee hearings and real pleased to welcome him to this subcommittee. also we have the fellow at the kennedy school of government at harvard university appointed 2009 as a first-ever special representative to the muslim communities by secretary of state clinton.
3:59 am
she worked in that capacity to communicate with muslim communities around the world on behalf of united states government. for her achievement she was awarded the distinguished honor award in 2013 prior to the appointment she held senior positions for international development and the state department with euro asian affairs to work as the director of middle east initiatives for the national security council. she has a master's degree from diplomacy at tavis university. first we will hear from? is a tossup.
4:00 am
>> good morning. they give for inviting me here today. mr. chairman and members of the subcommittee on european and eurasian and the threat to europe is my honor and pleasure to be here for this important and timely sharing. of a senior fellow at the kennedy school of the government at harvard university my opinions written and verbal testimony are my own. i come before you today to talk about the fighters returning to europe and what the united states could and should be doing as a political appointee. and especially europe. and with that complex process that they prey on young muslims and to threaten stability replied.


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