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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 9, 2014 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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.. against the value of vocational qualifications and good-quality career advice. of all the phone lines which have opened up in this government the one that is being the most revealing is the self-proclaimed conservative
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educational reformers to suffocate almost every single initiative designed to instill opportunity at an early age for all children. not just some because a world-class education system is one that releases the potential in all children, not just some. my mother worked as a teacher with children and myself and my brothers and sisters when we were growing up. in those days it was and is readily recognize that bright children could be hampered by learning difficulties which may obscure their talent but doesn't make them any less bright. those days countless children were discarded by the education system because children were not treated as individuals. they were expected to conform to the rigors of the classroom or be left behind. and my mother drummed into us what seems so obvious today, that you don't write anyone off.
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you don't overlook anyone's talents. given half a chance everyone can succeed and for me that is my commitment to expanding childcare to all two, three and 4-year-olds is all about. that is my commitment to healthy lunches for all primary school children is all about. that is what our new commitment to helping with the costs faced by all college students is all about. that is what her new commitment to a qualified teacher in every classroom is all about. that is what protecting funding from -- or even as we clear the deficit is all about. education, opportunity, that is what the liberal democrats are all about. [applause] [applause] almost exactly 13 years ago we
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visited a number of schools in denmark, holland and sweden and the idea of the pupil premium was born in today breakfast club's homework clubs, it helps involve parents who otherwise are disengaged. it gives teachers the time to focus on children one-on-one and there are many wonderful, wonderful teachers across the country working in the noblest profession of all. the ability to do that is priceless, interlocking the talents of every child. every time i hear from a teacher about how great they think the premium is never diminish. in politics being clear about what you want and doggedly stubbornly working away until you make it happen is what really counts. we are the party of education and we always will be because it is the driver kennedy.
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division to spread opportunity. you can't just stop today. you have to think about tomorrow too. [applause] [applause] and for that same reason our next manifesto will contain something i can guarantee that none of the others will. a commitment to five green laws. laws that will commit british government to reducing carbon from our electricity sector create new legal targets for clean air and water, get everyone green space to massively boost energy efficiency and renewable energy prioritized the ship to green cars, bring an end to coal because liberal democrats understand that opportunity for everyone means thinking not just of his generation but a future
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generation too. [applause] there are a few other big commitments i would like to single out today. for me they epitomize the way in which we are striving to spread opportunity wherever we can and while i'm not going to get dragged into any of the speculation about drawing a red line in the event of another hung parliament people have a right to know what our priorities are. this isn't about taxes and negotiation. this is about what our values are and where we want to take the country. so the next priority i want to highlight is taxing. raising the point at which we start paying income tax to 12.5000 pounds. now i know there are some people here who think we go on too much about success in raising the personal allowance for murphy found it up to 10.5000 pounds
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but i don't think we have battled enough. [applause] it is in my view quite remarkable that a party experiencing its first interim government which only has 9% of mps should have succeeded in driving through the biggest and fairest transformation of our income tax system in a generation. it isn't something to go on loud and proud about i don't really know what is. [applause] over 3 million people, over 3 million people are low-paid. taken out of paying any tax at all. with our new policy of an even higher allowance neither -- nearly 1 million more will pay no income tax and 30 million people will pay an additional 400 pounds better off.
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labour would never have made this change because it's all about liberating people through their own hard work rather than making them more dependent. the conservatives couldn't have been more explicit that their priority during budget negotiations where year after year was frequently referred to as your tax cut. apparently it's our tax cut in private but it's their tax cut in public. [applause] and 2012 i will never forget this, danny and i said to the conservatives, let's go further to cut people's income tax. it's possible now so why wait? he turned to me and he said i don't want to deliver a little democrat budget. so we fixed it instead on cuts
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to the top rate of tax. i can't think of a better simpler illustration of what sets the two coalition parties apart, tories insisting on tax cuts for the pew, lib dems insisting on tax cuts for the many. [applause] [applause] and when they say they have signed up to our plan to raise the personal allowance to 12.5000 pounds just scratch beneath the surface. a tax cut worth four times as much to the highest earners and who pays for the income tax cut? do you do. it's no secret of the conservatives the loud and clear last week what they want to do. everything they promised will be paid for by cutting the support to the working age for an
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cutting further and faster the money which goes to our schools, our police, and other unprotected services. we by contrast set out how we will fairly fund the first step of praising the personal allowance to 11,000 pounds in the first year so the choice is clear. unfunded, unfair to worry tax cuts or lib dem tax cuts which are funded and fair. the difference is that they want to cut taxes for the wealthiest paid for by the working age four. we want to cut taxes for working people paid for by the wealthiest. [applause] [applause] and then there's one more policy. what i care about passionately,
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mental health. the second-class second class status given to mental health in the nhs is the subject of the first question i ever asked the prime minister. i have campaigned to end this cinderella treatment of mental health services because it threatens the opportunities available to hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens. anxiety, panic attacks, depression anorexia bulimia self-harm bipolar disorder. these and many other mental health conditions are one of the last remaining taboos in our society and yet they will affect one in four people. now much progress has been made. people now speak out in a way that they never did before. mental health on the same legal point as physical health. we are massively expanding transforming to help children
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get to adulthood but they're still a long long way to go. i want this to be a country where young dad chatting at the school gates will feel as comfortable discussing anxiety or depression that the mom explaining how she sprained her ankle. there are many brave campaigners have been leading the way, not least our very own norman lamb. [applause] and they deserve medals for the hard work they have done in government. [applause] earlier this year and visited a group of young mental health service youth to talk about their experience. they sat around in a circle, away from the television cameras being brave and articulate young men and women with astonishing honesty and candor.
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they told me a complete stranger all about the things they have been through, the despair, the shame, the bullying, the parents and siblings who didn't know how to cope with them and some of them the very darkest thoughts including attempts to take their own lives. i heard about their recovery too, their results with the right treatment, their determination some of them just teenagers to deal with their issues and live happy and full lives. if they can speak out to me, i can speak up for them. [applause] so this morning, so this morning i announce that next year for the first time ever we will introduce national waiting times for patients with mental health conditions. [applause]
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labour introduce waiting times in physical health. we will do the same for the many people struggling with conditions that you often can't see that we often don't talk about but which are just as serious. so if you are waiting for talking therapies to help you with depression he will be seen within six weeks, 18 weeks at an absolute maximum just as you are waiting for an operation on your head. if you are a young person experiencing psychosis for the first time you will be seen within two weeks. something that we are going to roll out across the country just as if we suspect you have cancer. if you're having a breakdown, if you are thinking of harming yourself or any emergency which takes you 2:00 a.m. e.u. will get the help you need just as if you had gone to the hospital with chest pains are following an accident. these are big changes and in government the liberal democrats will commit to completing this overhaul of our mental health services and no discrimination
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against mental health. i suspect not everybody in this party is going to agree. i can tell you now i won't be on the front page of our next manifesto. [applause] [applause] one of the small numbers of top priorities because this is a great liberal cause, let's be the first political party to give mental health the status it deserves. the countless people who are suffering alone who are failing to get the treatment they need on time and in the right way who are being denied a chance to get on with their lives. for their families who have been strained to the breaking point, for a britain that is
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compassionate, open and leads the way. [applause] and to make sure, and to make sure this and all of their care is properly funded this week we have set out how we will pay for the rising cost of our treasured nhs. everybody now accepts it needs more money and it's a good thing that all the parties have chosen to talk about this at their conference but it's still the case that only one party has spelled out a credible plan to pay for it. not only will the liberal democrats protect the nhs but we will raise an extra 1 billion pounds for every year by ending three different tax breaks which benefit the highest earners including scrapping the ludicrous shares for -- and once we have finished the job on the deficit and public spending is rising we are committing
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ourselves to ensuring nhs spending rises too. words and speeches are well and good. we all love our nhs but what it needs is money and that's what the liberal democrats will guarantee. [applause] friends, between now and the election our opponents will do everything they can to do a são tomé will give as good as we get and that's okay in the rough-and-tumble of politics but what isn't okay is our motives being caricatured. not me, not you, not r. parke parker -- party. we mustn't allow coalitions to be caricatured either. this coalition government has
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provided the country with the political stability without which the economic recovery and hundreds of thousands of new jobs would not have materializ materialized. i often hear the conservatives claim that the economic recovery is -- pretty rich coming from a treasury where they're sold personal responsibility for the tough jobs in repairing the damage to public finances is a liberal democrat. [applause] and people know the truth. they know it. after the 2010 election the conservatives couldn't afford the government to secure this economic recovery without the liberal democrats and the liberal democrats could only secure a recovery web services, its small coalition ended my judgment it is most likely britain will have more in the future. of course that doesn't mean that when they were real disagreements and disputes with our coalition partners that we shouldn't talk about them.
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on the contrary, don't hold back. i know some of you find that harder than others but you've got to start telling us what you really think about the tories. [applause] but that isn't the same as seeking to wash her hands of the whole thing and that's something i will never do it i don't believe the british public would buy it for a second. they know it's not something to pretend it has nothing to do with us. i'm immensely proud of what we have achieved. i don't want to let the tories claim all the credit for what we have done them because i never lose sight of the fact that simply forming a successful coalition unlocks the grip on power of the old establishment party. it undermines the smallest pendulum swing of bright blue,
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blue red politics because it destroys once and for all their increasingly desperate claim that single party government is the only kind of government fit for our country. [applause] as someone who has grown more, more actually, not less impatient with the establishment during my time in office i realized that what the vested interests would relish most is to eject us from office before time is up. disrupt those same interests and the most is seeing this government through so however tempting it might be we should never play our opponents game. i will not, no matter how much anyone goads me to do it seek to distance us from the achievements of this government because it would only play into
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the hands of those who say we should have never been a government at all. i believe despite the febrile angry mood of our times there are many of us, of our fellow citizens who still long for politics of reason, fairness and decency. [applause] in seven months, the people of this country will need to make a choice. you can pick a labour party which has learned no lessons from the past and which left to its own devices will jeopardize the economy all over again. you can pick the conservative party. which left to its own devices will make poor people poorer while he keeps cutting away at the services everybody needs.
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ed miliband you have not forgotten what you did for our economy that we have not in the british people don't want a labour government of running their country racking up debt for our children and grandchildren to pay. [applause] david cameron, you can copy our ideas but you will never imitate our values and the british people don't want a conservative government running their country which only looks after its own kind. [applause] it is less to our party to work our hearts out each and every day to give the people of britain a stronger economy and a fairer society. we will do everything we can to ensure you and your families have the opportunity to get in.
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we can defeat the politics of blame, grievance and fear and we have seven short months to tell people, to show people there is still a party that speaks to the decent british values they hold so let our opponents say what they will. after some setbacks and bruises we will go to the country with their heads held high. say what they will, we bogota the country with a plan that builds on everything we have achieved with a credible promi promise. say what they will, we are now the only party holding firm to decent liberal values while anger and blame are on the rise, the only party refusing to run in fear because we believe that the british people want desperately from their politics what they want is hope. the only party who are economically competent as we are socially fair, a party at the head come at the heart of
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compassion and resolve, the only party who says no matter who you are, no matter where you are from we will do everything in our power to help you shine. thank you. [applause] [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> ps gillian government approved air combat operations in iraq to fight isis in this week prime prime minister tony abbott and cabinet members answer questions on australia's response to combating isis during their regular question time session. members question the prime minister and the governments response to the ebola outbreak and on the economy. this 30 minute program is courtesy of aipac australia's public affairs channel. ♪ >> hello i am david sears and canada with -- one of the biggest social problems that australia has long faced as the bitter damage of indigenous australians. before he became prime minister roughly a year ago tony abetz used to spend a bit of time each year in a room for remote
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indigenous communities seeing first-hand what the problems are and what can be done about him. he spent a week in a remote plan to fly. in the northern territory from a remote community. >> thank you madam speaker. my question is to the prime minister. will the prime minister speak about his visit and how is the government deepening its engagement on issues of australians. >> i call the honorable us -- prime minister. >> i do thank him for his question acknowledge his place of great honor in our countries history history as the first indigenous member of the house of representatives. madam speaker as many members would recall during last year's election campaign, i promise to spend a week in a country in
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last week i kept that commitment along with the minister for indigenous affairs, along with my parliamentary member. we spent five working days and air acolla. we were joined at different times by the minister for education by the minister for health, the minister for finance, the minister for veterans affairs and also the assistant minister for health, the assistant minister for infrastructure and of course the member himself was there and the secretaries were there too. madam speaker for the best part of the week indigenous affairs was our key focus of government. this is a very good way of demonstrating to the indigenous people that their concerns have
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not been lost amongst those of the general community. madam speaker on indigenous policy the party is absolutely crystal clear. to get the kids to school, to get the adults to work and keep communities safe. madam speaker i wish to acknowledge the commitment of people to education. i wish to acknowledge their determination to ensure that their land is an economic asset as well as the cultural and spiritual one. i also wish to acknowledge their yearning along with the yearning of so many people black and white right around australia for indigenous recognition in our constitution. this is a fully bipartisan cause and i do wish to thank the leader of the opposition for the constructive dialogue we have had on this subject. most of all madam speaker i wish to thank -- for the hospitality
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that he has shown to me and my colleagues over the last few days. he is of course one of our country's greatest ever indigenous leaders and madam speaker i am actually the seventh prime minister that galbraith has -- acknowledged the goodwill of my predecessors my pledge to do what i can to build on their good work. i should also thank the army for providing me and my colleagues with the catering and i do pledge madam speaker myself to continue to spend a week, a year and an indigenous community as long as they remain in public life. >> like so many of the countries australia is grappling with how to tackle the islamic state movement in iraq and syria. they add that government with bipartisan support from the labor opposition has offered to join the u.s.-led coalition. it has sent special forces, about 200 of them as well as air
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force capability six super hornets at which tile early warning attack to join this coalition mission. >> today are cabinet has authorized australian airstrikes in iraq at the request of the iraqi government in support of the iraqi government. also we are subject to our final legal documentation. are cabinet has authorized the deployment of australian special forces into iraq and to advise-and-assist iraqi forces. there is an essential humanitarian mission to protect the people of iraq and ultimately the people of australia from the murderous rage of the isil death cult. i so must be disrupted and degraded.
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isil must be disrupted and degraded at home and abroad so it's absolutely in australia's national interest that this mission go ahead. >> i called the honorable member. >> thank you been a speaker. prime minister informed the house of the importance of his visit to new york meeting with the u.n. security council. >> i called the honorable prime minister. >> well thanks madam speaker and madam speaker later this week i will be in new york for discussions at the u.n. security council on the issue of foreign fighters. the meeting in question has been convened by the president to estimate that there are now some 15,000 foreign fighters operating with terrorist groups in syria and iraq. as i have previously told the house there are at least 60 australians that we know of who
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are currently fighting the terrorist groups in syria and iraq such as isil. there are at least 100 australians that we know of who are supporting terrorist groups such as isil read more than 20 australians are estimated to have already returned from fighting with groups such as isil. madam speaker more than 60 australians have had their passports canceled on security adviser to prevent them from traveling to the middle east to join terrorist groups such as isil. madam speaker i want to make it absolutely crystal clear again that fighting with our terrorist group is a serious crime under australian law. and appointed me to people is that if you fight with a terrorist group, if you seek to return to this country as far as this government is concerned, you will be arrested, you will
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be prosecuted and you will be jailed for a very long time indeed and madam speaker legislation is before this parliament this week to make it easier to deal with this problem of returning foreign fighters. madam speaker again i want to thank the leader of the opposition and i thank the shadow attorney general for their constructive support a broad bipartisanship on this particular issue. madam speaker, this is a global problem. there are many hundreds of british citizens fighting with terrorist groups in the middle east. there are hundreds of french citizens. there are hundreds and hundreds of people from southeast asia who are fighting with these terrorist groups in the middle east. these are people who have been radicalized and brutalized and could become potential terrorists in their home countries. so this problem needs to be tackled both here and abroad and
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that's why madam speaker australia stands ready to join an international coalition to disrupt and degrade the isil's operations inside iraq, to remove this magnet, to remove this magnet for potential terrorists from around the world. now madam speaker i stress is always this government will do whatever we humanly can to keep australians safe, everything we do at home and abroad is directed against terrorism not religion and i urge australians to go about their normal lives because the whole point of terrorism is to prevent this from being ourselves. >> i called the honorable memb member. >> thank you madam speaker. my question as to the minister for foreign affairs. will the minister update the house on the contribution of other countries are making to combat isil and other terrorist organizations in iraq and syria? >> i called the honorable minister from foreign affairs.
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>> thank you madam speaker and i think the member for this very important question. the actions of isil are unprecedented in their brutality. it is killing civilians indiscriminately and is committing atrocities, executions, the headings, rape and torture. it's unspeakable violence. this highlighted the urgent need for concerted international response and under the strong leadership of the united states over 60 nations have made a contribution to our expressed strong support for international efforts to combat isil and other terrorist organizations in iraq and syria. as the prime minister has confirmed australia has committed to supporting the iraqi government to defend its own country and as the prime minister of the uae said yesterday quote not a single politician in north america, europe africa or asia can afford to ignore events in the middle east. a globalized threat requires a
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globalize response. international coalition has conducted almost 300 airstrikes since operations commenced in august and in syria last week. these airstrikes are denying isil is safe haven and are degrading its ability to operate with impunity across the region. nations are making key contributions. they are nations saudi arabia the uae jordan qatar bahrain all participated in airstrikes and syria. france has taken on a leadership role in conducting airstrikes and the united kingdom parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of undertaking airstrikes in iraq. denmark and belgium announced they would deploy fighter jets to the region. these military actions are being supplemented by the provision of military equipment and training for the iraqi security forces. in addition to australia germany has provided weapons and is also deployed 40 paratroopers to iraq to provide training to the kurdish forces. canada has delivered military supplies to iraq and has
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deployed its armed forces personnel for the provision of military training. albania the czech republic estonia hungary italy and the netherlands have all contributed further military equipment recognizing the importance of a strong international coalition to address this threat posed by isil and other similar organizations. so the international communities are working cooperatively to starve isil of funding and weapons and prevent the flow of foreign fighters. resolute efforts have been directed as seeking to prevent the unfolding humanitarian disaster. austria ireland japan kuwait luxembourg new zealand norway slovakia south korea spain sweden switzerland have contributed significant packages of humanitarian assistance ss australia. madam speaker the grave threat posed by isil and similar organizations in the middle east and beyond means that decisive international action is essential. the international community is
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uniting to combat the terrorist threat in iraq and syria to play its part. >> there are an estimated 60 australians who are fighting alongside islamic states in iraq and syria. there are some who have returned back home home and it's that terrorism threat is being taken very seriously by authorities here. the terror threat level has risen too high for the first time. new terror laws have also been introduced and more are planned. >> i called animal member higgins. >> thank you very much madam speaker. my question is to the minister for justice. will the minister update the house on the governments actions to give federal law enforcement in our security agents the tools that they need to combat the terror threat? >> i called the honorable minister for justice.
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>> thank you madam speaker and can i thank member higgins for that question and also i commend the exceptional work she does in this house. we have a government as members are where making a significant investment in counterterrorism and countering violent extremism. previously announcing $630 million as a response package and today the attorney general george brandes has announced $196 billion of this will go for extra resourcing for asia. further responding to government is giving our security agencies the legislative frameworks and powers that they need to do their job of keeping us safe. we saw earlier on today the first tranche of this legislation pass through the house. this bill comprehensively modernizes and improves legislation governing the activities of the australian intelligence community. this legislation has been put through a very significant amount of community consultation
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including two bipartisan reviews by the joint committee on intelligence and security. the committee recommended improvements to enhance oversight accountability and other safeguards and the government accepted every single one of these recommendations. i commend the member for the work that he did in chairing the committee and i also commend the work of those that previously chaired the committee that the government change. not all members in this house support the passage of this legislation and clearly and democracy is harder to express their views. what is not acceptable madam speaker is to engage or to encourage conspiracy theories that the law enforcement and intelligence agencies in this country colluded with the government about the timing of operations.
6:44 pm
that is deeply unhelpful at a time when every member of this play should be mindful that their comments will be extensively reported to the s. trying community and we should all stand together with our law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the work they continue to do to keep us safe. i had the privilege to earlier on today of joining with the prime minister to announce that mr. andrew colton will be recommended to the governor general as an ex-police commissioner of this trillion federal police. he is a man of enormous integrity intellect and judgment in the country will be served by his stewardship of the organization in what is a challenging time. the passage of this legislation today through the house notwithstanding that not every member of this house supported and the appointment of mr. colton as commissioner of the federal police measures that will continue to keep our country and our communities safe.
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>> i called the honorable member reed. >> thank you madam speaker. my question is to the minister for immigration and border protection. will the minister outlined how the government is working with australians to ensure the security of australians and leadership across all, repeat all sections of our community so very important. >> i called the honorable minister of immigration and border protection. >> thank you madam speaker and i thank the member for his question. we thank the member for his strong leadership. and assisting his constituents were dealing with difficult issues at this present time and he is providing that leadership. there are many engagements that have been undertaken by the government to engage with communities regarding the various measures that are being introduced both by formal and
6:46 pm
informal night shift at a river to the -- the border protection service in my own department of the national council and attorney general and the ministers of justice and law enforcement agencies are doing all of these things. it's about creating an open dialogue. it's about adding to understanding. it is not a transactional discussion which is seeking to have people sign up. it is about creating the space for communities to work together with government and with their own communities directly to ensure that we can move forward at this very difficult time. this is important madam speaker but what is more important, what is more important is the community leadership that is required not just from this place, not just from the government, not just for those who sit in this planks -- place but communities from all ethnicities from all nationalities, leadership from the media as well to ensure that
6:47 pm
we focus on what is uniting us and the australian values that we share and not seeking to amplify the divisions and seeking to amplify the grievances that may exist at any one particular time. i've particularly in this place they want to acknowledge and affirm the strong commend the leadership provided by dr. jamal and -- who were well-known to members on both sides of this house. they are brave and courageous man who are standing up, who are standing up a strong and passionate australians. several weeks ago i had the opportunity to join jamal and man do as a community barbecue which was proclaiming their passion for this wonderful nation and person after person came up to me from young children to all the people -- older people to mothers and others just expressing their passion for this country and the support for having a society at
6:48 pm
this time and people like jamal and men do. let's not forget his brother. and his son have both become those who have fallen into the terrace mayor and abdicated those horrible things. he and his own family have had to stand up to them. that takes enormous courage. that takes enormous sacrifice and jamal has done the same in his community patent to affirm these leaders and people from across the country in the media from other faiths and other religions and other communities. we need to stand with them. >> on the economic front as chilly as focus is the g20 summit in november which is being held in australia and in the city of brisbane. over the last few weeks with treasures and finance ministers have held their meetings in queensland. the australian -- chaired the meeting and laid out a boost in
6:49 pm
economic 2% about business as usual. >> madam speaker my question is to the treasure. while the treasure outlined the outcomes of the g20 finance ministers meeting for the nations finances and how well action taken by g20 countries ensure that companies pay their fair share of tax? >> called the honorable treasure. >> i think the honorable member higgins for her question recognizing that she has had a lot of experience involved in treasury over the years and the fact is that in the modern taxation's digital world, it is unfortunately easy for some companies to establish their taxable income liability in
6:50 pm
other jurisdictions, particularly smaller jurisdictions and because of the mobility of capital even if australia took action by itself we would not be able to prevent major corporations minimizing their tax liability and australia. so we have a multipronged atta attack. arising out of the g20 it is hugely important that the globe takes action including a number of small islands which have been known overlong period of time as fact halfpence and there's a deep resolve within the g20 under the presidency of australia to reformat the global taxation system. and as the commissioner of taxation said in a press conference on sunday morning, he said as a result of what we have done for the g20 and i quote this is resetting the tax rules in a way that countries operate over the next 50 to 100 years
6:51 pm
because of course as we know the modern taxation laws were first developed after world war i by the league of nations. so there hasn't been any reformatting of global tax rules for long period of time. australia has a multipronged approach. first of all we implement whatever measures we can to ensure that companies that earn profits here pay tax here and that is hugely important as a starting principle. secondly, we want to ensure that wherever people open bank accounts, that information is shared with the australian taxation office so that they open bank accounts and other countries around the world, there is a common reporting standard to be applied and australian financial institutions even though the big banks are able to move now, smaller banks, smaller parties are unable to move but from the first of january 2017 that will
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apply here. thirdly we are focusing on a 15-point base erosion plan delivered by the oecd and the fourth is we are implementing tax inspectors without borders policy. finally i would just say this quoting the oecd. he said had it not been for the very serious political support we have gotten from the g20 presidency of australia really we would not have gotten here. where the -- well the fundamental point is we are going to do everything we can to get them. >> the ebola crisis in west africa is also on the minds of many australians these last few weeks. well fortunately no cases have been found here there is pressure on the australian government to do more in terms of providing help. the australian government has several million dollars but has not assembled -- send any medical team to africa.
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>> thank you madam speaker. my question is to the minister for foreign affairs. the u.n. security council resolution calling on all nations to quote facilitate the delivery of assistance including qualified specialized and trained personnel and supplies in response to the ebola outbreak. when will the government asked to support skilled and experienced australians who are willing and able to help fight the ebola outbreak in africa? >> i called the honorable minister for foreign affairs. >> thank you madam speaker and i thank the deputy leader of the opposition for her question. australia already has taken action by providing $8 million in addition to the $40 million we provided this year to the world health organization for its global work and as i have said publicly the bus contribution australia can make at this time is to provide financial resources to front-line services and organizations which we have done.
6:54 pm
what i need to point out to the opposite is we have taken specific advice. military and health experts have advised us that it back and waiting a patient with ebola is complex. if australia had the appropriate aircraft to evacuate and ebola patient, which we do not, the flying time in 30 overs from west africa, would you please let me finish? from west africa to australia is dangerous. the ideal time is under 10 hours so a flat time of 30 hours to evacuate back to australia is logistics and unsafe. therefore we are working on organizations to see if we could use their airplanes to evacuate australian health workers to somewhere geographically closer than australia.
6:55 pm
there are very few aircraft in the world that are capable of providing the support for a patient with ebola. there is very few aircraft currently being used by the united states in countries in europe. we have asked and we are working with these countries to see if australian health workers could be evacuated to their countries on their airplanes and those negotiations are underway. but along with the rest of the international community can i point out what would be requir required? first there has to be a clinical assessment, or to anywhere shadow minister. to confirm that the patient needs to be evacuated and that is not the case in every instance. arranging ground transport of the patient to an airport. ensuring the use of an appropriate aircraft noting there are very few available
6:56 pm
with the capacity to transport a patient with active ebola. negotiating access to a treatment facility in the country closer to west african because flying time must be kept to a minimum. obtaining obtaining overflight in and technical stop glances from other countries along every step of the air route. this is why the prime minister has set up a committee comprising representatives from the department of health the department of defense from the department of foreign affairs and trade because every one of these steps would have to be achieved otherwise there is no effective evacuation. the australian government will not put at risk australian health workers without a credible evacuation plan. >> that's all from me australian parliament in cameron. we will see you next time.
6:57 pm
>> our campaign 2014 coverage continues with a week full of debates.
6:58 pm
two candidates for maryland's governor tuesday at wjz-tv studios for their first governors debate. lieutenant governor anthony brown and larry hogan faced off on issues ranging from taxes the education environment. it's about an hour. >> this is wjz-tv. baltimore. >> correct from television news the cabinets for governor debate now from inside the wjz-tv studios. here is vic carter. >> moderator: good evening everyone and welcome. over the next hour we will hear
6:59 pm
from both candidates running for governor of maryland. tonight's debate is sponsored by wjz-tv in the "baltimore sun." we thank the candidates for being with us this evening. the democratic democratic candidate lieutenant governor anthony brown and republican candidates mr. larry hogan. each candidate will have up to one minute and 30 seconds to make an opening statement then we will move onto the issues. i'm joined by "baltimore sun" editorial page editor andy green. now we will establish a topic and then ask one of the candidates a question question. each of them will then get up to one minute and 45 seconds to present his views. the first candidate to answer will then be given one minute for rebuttal. ..
7:00 pm
>> >> this election is not about the past and where we have been. it is about the future and what is next for maryland. i spent 30 years is not our meet i could trade them and defend them on missions and unforgiving environments with the leadership and
7:01 pm
training and resources to complete their mission and the nation that we love i have the privilege to serve with patriotic campaigns and service to our country but today i am on a different mission. it is just as important tucci six families because this november voters will decide and make a choice wake up every morning fighting for middle-class values fit and that is what i share with so many of those 76 or a the largest wealthiest corporations at the expense of the middle-class i will wake up every day with you maryland to fight for working families and middle class values. teeeighteen now the republican candidate. hogan: i would like to think "the baltimore sun" and wjz-tv. . . the opportunity of those at home to care to take the
7:02 pm
time to watch a not a professional politician just a small businessman and a lifelong resident of maryland and i am dead up with politics as usual in annapolis and our states is way off track headed in the wrong direction 40 consecutive tax hikes have taken an additional $10 billion out of the pockets of struggling maryland families and small businesses and crush our economy we have lost 8,000 small businesses and unemployment has doubled to hundred thousand marylander are out of work we have had zero economic growth and the economy ranks 49th out of 50 states. we have had the largest mass exodus of taxpayers leaving our stay in one of the worst of the nation. sadly nearly half of all marylanders want to leave the state that is unacceptable. the people of maryland
7:03 pm
deserve better that is why running for governor and why i need your help and your vote to turn this economy around to each bring real change to annapolis. >>moderator: right to the question. mr. brown is seems to be the consensus that taxes are simply too high. >> will you commit to loring taxes are least commit to not creating new taxes for individual taxpayers and families? brown: ioc then indeed as governor of maryland to raise taxes there will be no new taxes in the brown administration. plea had a 40% increase of college tuition and overclouded -- overcrowded classrooms the most congested streets on the highway and marylanders did their part to protect schools safe neighborhoods and the environment also to
7:04 pm
make sure we have a vibrant economy to attract business to maryland. there are no new taxes i think mr. hogan and i agree for tax relief but where we differ is that my tax relief starts with the middle-class. small and entrepreneurial businesses, the innovators and job creators they create two out of three jobs in maryland and the u.s. chamber commerce looks their small-business country ranked number one in the country. those that creates to add of three middle-class jobs but i disagree with the approach to provide $300 million tax giveaway annually to the smallest group of the largest corporations. many of them headquartered out of the state of maryland you need it the least in the brown administration we will fight for the working
7:05 pm
families and middle class jobs that we will support with tax credits so they can create good jobs that put marylanders to work. hogan: with the lieutenant governor said sounds good unfortunately it is the complete opposite of his eight year record of failure. you cannot say he will help middle-class families in struggling marylanders were for the past eight years you pass 40 consecutive tax typesetter crushing the family's most of those tax increases you and your partner have pushed have hit people at the lowest end of the income scale those are whose are struggling i have been from one end to the other and people have had enough 71% of the people in maryland think taxes are too high. then you go with the nonsense of the corporate giveaways. i talked about the fact we need to rollback these tax
7:06 pm
increases are as possible 38 hurt the lowest. talk about corporate giveaways you talk about give away special tax credits for big corporations i am talking about tax relief for all marylanders and the corporate giveaways we give them a way to virginia and north carolina and other states because they all flee our state we have lost 8,000 businesses taxpayers are suffering and cannot take it anymore why i am running. now you agree? but why have you done anything about it for the past eight years? that is a question you were in charge in presided over the largest tax increases in history now you have a blue ribbon commission to review tax reform? the last time we heard that 2007 ready for the largest tax increase in history. we need real tax cuts.
7:07 pm
brown: so what marylanders remember and they don't want to go back to was the largest expansion of state government under your administration, 300 billion of taxes and fees and you jacked up college tuition by 40 percent and 10 other 14 members were appointed to voted to increase college tuition by 40 percent. classrooms are overcrowded no plan to reduce congestion on the streets. marylanders remember those days they do not want to go back to those days. it is not about the past but the future there will be noted taxes in the brown administration and targeted tax credits for small businesses. think of those that were started grandparents carotid now on track to be the
7:08 pm
number one sports company in the world nurturing with the competitive work force. >> during the last decade maryland has significantly increased the investment of k-12 education under periodic review but getting approval for school construction to rapidly accelerate the replacement of aging buildings that others said they would be interesting to follow please evaluate the effectiveness and affordability of maryland spending on education and outline the changes you think are necessary going forward. hogan: we have done a good job spending money for education starting with the administration's continuing with this we have doubled spending, but the results are mixed at best. first of all, we have some of the best schools in the country here in maryland but also the lowest performing schools in the country as
7:09 pm
well and the gap is 50th in the nation. the gap between white students and minority students is the largest in the nation both camps have gotten wider over the past eight years. we have to invest money but also other ways i want to push more dollars to the local level rather than have them eat up with administrative cost of one to make more decisions at the local level, we will push the pause button on a common core which is a complete disaster their recent test scores are some of the worst in recent memory. i push for charter schools. we are 50th in the nation and charter schools right now and i believe every single child in maryland deserves a quality education and we have to work hard to make sure that happens. brown: we agree i believe every child deserves access to a world-class education a
7:10 pm
take issues with your fax we are achieving closure on the income gap been making very good progress with the achievement gap for all racial and ethnic lines but the resources the we're willing to invest in our schools. in my vision for world-class education starts with investment of 3k education i think every maryland for year-old to have access to quality pre-k with if you ask a university president or kindergarten teacher heidi best prepare they say starr with expanding 3k. mr. hogan except -- opposes that and says we cannot afford i say we can afford not to. also with school construction we will not raise taxes or jeopardize the aaa bond rating but we have the ability to make investments in schools
7:11 pm
supporting the 1.$1 billion investment and i look forward to working with baltimore county, prince george county and every one that wants to look for opportunities to deliver modern technology ready classrooms but the savings plan that will have them receive that instruction your $450 million school construction goes back to a place that they do not know. >> there she goes again confusing the fax. saying i don't support 3k i will take 309 out of the pockets of kids. the imf big proponent of
7:12 pm
free k those that make 300% of the poverty level but what the lieutenant governor is talking about to expand to pay for everybody in the state doesn't have the plan or how to pay for it or how to make this happen until 2020 tussaud it is the campaign promise when we both support the concept politicians make promises they cannot deliver i will say i don't know how we afford it with $405 million shortfall in the structural deficit we increase spending by 10 million not you promote -- proposed 7 billion of new spending - - 7 million? teeeighteen at a recent news
7:13 pm
conference that maryland comptroller blasted the economy talking about a projected shortfall of revenue. is the elected how would you address the fiscal challenges? brown: i do agree with what he says but not with raising taxes we will not. we have the triple a bond rating creating 16,000 jobs in this state the u.s. chamber of commerce recognizes as number one in the country we will have the two party tax credit to support small and entrepreneurial businesses creating to add of every three jobs the other thing
7:14 pm
that we will do is suspending but we fundamentally disagree on how we do that by plan calls for a strategic resource with counties with more value helicopter -- lower-cost and trying to reduce expenditures of medicaid now this new health plan will pay billions of dollars as we require state employees but my favorite plan is considerably different federal the cuts $454 million spent $300 million increase in the property tax.
7:15 pm
hogan: first of all, almost everything the lieutenant governor said is not true. he keeps saying he doesn't want to look to the past and does not want to talk about the eight year record of failure. over the last with a record tax increases that is generate faster the 4600 states only three races spending like you did in taking money out of struggling families pockets into said there would not be any taxes we dulse foresee any taxes in the future when you and o'malley said the same thing and then you raise them for years and a row. it is not about what somebody says but what they have done. they're lieutenant governor is asking for a major promotion but he doesn't want us elected his record
7:16 pm
we have to look at what has happened to can say will cut spending increase you cannot see will cut taxes when that is what you have done you have proposed spending with that brown o'malley tax increases are taking 10 billion out of the struggling families pockets will double the $20 billion will cost the average family more per year that is before you start to add new taxes to pay for your spending i running because i want to get the government off our backs to grow the private sector to put people back to work and turn our economy around that is the exact opposite over the last 80 years -- 80 years. >>moderator: talk about
7:17 pm
the last years we bought 40,000 jobs i spearheaded the effort to create a framework of public-private partnerships to attract nattily private sector ingenuity like the $140 million private sector investment in the ports of baltimore and not only does the 1200 coming like bmw just announced it is bringing increased volume is that of cars and jobs to the port. the planned you have rolled out with this campaign, the only plan is the so-called savings plans that includes $450 million cut of school construction increasing the property-tax base increasing the property-tax base.
7:18 pm
>> when you say $100 million around eager you really increased 10 billion. >> their land is under the an environmental protection agency will take a number of steps so what would be your administration is approach? hogan: chesapeake bay is the most volume asset is the treasurer for maryland in the country cleaning that up is the top priority of my administration but we go about entirely different rather than blaming farmers and water and other rain that falls we will take other action. of 42 percent of all
7:19 pm
sediment in the day comes down the susquehanna river over the deal of it is the number one issue. we will push back to the federal government and the epa the army corps of engineer that is responsible for dredging to major pennsylvania and new york pay their fair share that is one of the problems have had to clean up the bay to protect our environment. that the o'malley brown administration and the media has not focused on it but this administration has rated 1.$3 billion out of the environmental trust fund. they took $460 million out of programs open space and took money out of the chesapeake restoration fund even not in the chesapeake bay trust when you buy the tanks they took the money out of there. 1.$3 billion was rated in the trust fund crabb said one thing we will not do is
7:20 pm
raise the trust fund to try to replenish the money and focus on the problems that is what we will do with our administration. the reagan tax is universally hated by most people that is the only solution the rain that falls on underhoused people everywhere car disgusted with that. that is not the only solution. brown: there you go again painting a distorted picture maryland went through a great recession except for education no program or every program sought a reduction of expenditures and unfortunately those that protect the environment we stand into a completely different places i stay at in the tradition of marylanders to understand we have to take a balanced approach to protect the environment you stand up straight in the susquehanna river pointing your finger at pennsylvania and new york
7:21 pm
accusing them of what you're unwilling to do here in maryland. we need a robust storm water management system we need to work with farmers to work with the fishermen. the farmers to reduce runoff and we have done a great job of that. open space and pesticide management and we need to work with local government and with developers. we need to continue the progress of waste water treatment plant. this is assuming the responsibility. why? because the chesapeake bay accounts for hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of jobs in maryland you cannot be pro-business but not. environment with the
7:22 pm
maritime operations the hospitality industry we cannot look to new york or pennsylvania what you were not willing to do here. hogan: that sounded good but first of all, i do believe that a balanced approach not just pushing everything off. if you rob 1.$3 billion out of the environmental trust fund we would have done great work in the bay. did you wetback to blame on the national recession. you did not cut you increase spending by $10 billion. when you go from $29 billion budget it is not a cut. it is an increase. taxpayers are struggling during the recession they had to make tough decisions but you didn't yours is just
7:23 pm
to raise taxes in a row to crush families and small businesses talk about a balanced approach but we have lost 200,000 jobs you just cannot make things up and talk about that eight -- such 8 years as if they did not happen we are 49 out of 50 states. >>moderator: maryland voters are concerned about the tone of this race is called the most negative governor's race in the country. >> why do incumbents ... >> they are conversations. brown: conversation about record how to build the better maryland. i also believe that voters ought to know where candidates stand on a wide range of issues is not every candidate to say this issue
7:24 pm
is important and another one is not. that is why the braddish registration will highlight mr. hogan's record on important issues with they ask me where are you on public safety and the firearm safety protection after 2013? because mr. hogan is not talking about it so we share his record. he said if we have advertisements to communicate to voters i don't support it senate bill 281 banned assault weapons the senate bill 281 would require background checks and fingerprinting. we can do that. mr. hogan opposed it. he opposes to 81 of
7:25 pm
common-sense public safety measures 46. he says we should rely and a federal database. wise to rely on the federal government to protect our streets? i think it is fair in campaigning to present the issues i supported the firearms safety act i will enforce it and i will hire people i'd like mr. hogan who will try to roll back by executive order. hogan: the question was why the campaign is so negative we have one of the most negative campaigns in the country and i would agree but it is not coming from our side the commercials that we have run for the most part have been positive focus solely on the economic issues we think are important. my opponent come as a lieutenant governor who was unable and unwilling to talk about this serious economic problems of maryland has chosen to try to distract voters away from those
7:26 pm
issues about things that are not nearly as much that he is twisting that are completely false he has a new commercial out the has school weapons in the schoolyards to say i oppose spec projects to put assault weapons in the hands of the mentally ill i can assure you 100 percent that is false first of all, i am the only republican in this primary who said i would not repeal so we're not rolling back i was concerned it did not go far enough to keep hands out and did not do enough that 38 other states do it is the worst day in the country for reporting mental illness which is a
7:27 pm
huge problem but i am a small businessman i have never voted for anything i am very clear where it is. >> voters had to know what your opinion is ec would not rollback but you spoke to a group of extreme gun owners and said don't worry give me a pass because i will use executive order to roll back the provisions and appoint the superintendent who will interpret the of way that was the full expos say you're the boss of taken positions as a political
7:28 pm
operative to ban abortions with our free weighed and contraception but now you have the campaign conversion where you take a different position for one year but something different for another? >> governor of valley welcomes the unaccompanied minors across the border. what is the administration's policy for legal status? >> first of all, i will go back to take the privilege to go after these off base attacks he says a have the 30 record by started business 30 years ago is but my life in the private sector it did leave for four years to serve as cabin
7:29 pm
secretary brady says i oppose abortion even in the case of rape and incest and i want to take the waiver is control that is absolutely not true does not my position now it has never been my position in my entire life you take some inaccurate article from 34 years ago referring to my father and not be. i don't have our 30 your record i said we will not roll back anything nothing will change with reproductive rights whether i am governor or the lieutenant governor is elected. it is just false the faq should apologize to the women of maryland to use scare them. first of all, we are a nation of immigrants my wife is a first-generation american emigrated from south america my grandparents came from ireland we are a beacon of
7:30 pm
hope and freedom and i understand we want to be welcoming to those who come to the united states the we are a nation of laws i don't blame people who want to come to the united states their break the rules they want a better life but i believe the president of united states and the congress for failing to come up with comprehensive immigration policy -- policy or strategy. >> five a first-generation american my father came to this country out of poverty for a better way of life and to not only enjoy the benefits that make the contribution this is the land of immigrants some arrived in decades ago like mine some six weeks ago or some centuries ago but that
7:31 pm
opportunity to make the greatness that is our nation there is baled immigration policy in congress that is the source said his colleagues in congress asked for reform. but what does the governor do to manage a undocumented immigrants and when we see children stranded at the border how do we manage that? first and foremost, i think as people and as a nation we have an obligation to protect you we don't leave children stranded at the border so we will protect them we will reunite them with their families because children do better with there with their families
7:32 pm
and temporarily when we cannot return the into the country of origin we put them in the foster care and social services system with the federal government reimburse say otherwise we cannot take care that lets make sure the government pays the full freight. hogan: for the most part we agreed that the issue is it is a humanitarian crisis and a tremendous problem for the nation to have these undocumented children crossing the border but my first concern is a health and safety of these children and we do have to look at that i want to make sure as soon as they came across the border to take care of the immediate needs closed-end fed or medical attention but i don't think it made sense to try to bring more of them to maryland we have taken 10 times more per capita than any other state it is not
7:33 pm
fair to the taxpayers or the children to be bused thousands of miles away and did not make sense. i think this administration has been too aggressive. >>moderator: people watching us have a general concern about safety with a decrease of crime but what is your plan for the continuing crime problem? >> i need to stand no family is immune from the s.a.t. of crime even fighting crime years ago my cousin was killed by her estranged boyfriend with a gun and it took two police officers to
7:34 pm
killed him and because of that i support the firearms safety act of 2013 it also gave judges greater authority to render firearms as the protective order because of the courage of men and women in law enforcement we have brought the crime is down to levels we have not seen in decades. whether on a corner of the street to start a business we have work to do we cannot rollback that i intend to fully enforce it with us again related crime. >> also with a proposal to drive down recidivism we're making progress but some states are better so we will
7:35 pm
make sure their reentry population does not commit crimes in to then to rejoin their families. so there are a number of things we can do buchanan the rest assured to use every tool available including then safety law and to make sure they live in a safer neighborhood. hogan: we have some of the toughest gun safety laws in the country but that has not stopped us to be one of the most violent states in the nation we are top-10 and murder in private crime. i am not sure not much progress we have made and i have been traveling all across the state and with local police departments the
7:36 pm
number one problem may have with respect to crime is sarah when we have an epidemic recently we were called the heroin capital of the united states. it is not just inner-city baltimore or urban areas but infiltrated into small communities across the state i was in frederick where 60 percent of the people there are gay related and drug-related with heroin. if i was in southern maryland is 60 percent of the problems they deal with art a result of year when. i was in one of the smallest county i said what is the number one problem they said perelman. we have the number one problem in the united states every stay on the east coast as to klay this -- declared a state of emergency but our administration has done nothing and hasn't even though we're the worst in the country.
7:37 pm
so we will bring us some attila get violent crime with the drugs and gangs infiltrating our state. hogan: it is disappointing when you say you don't know how much progress we have made because that is the issue we have driven down crime and why? and i understand why we take the guns off the street. >> putting more into a drug addiction counseling more than ever before. and with the nonprofit community is the community that is right recidivism win from 50 percent down a 40% to have to understand that
7:38 pm
as a governor because the most important responsibility is to ensure public safety so understand what is working and what isn't. yes we have driven crime down. >>moderator: the districts are the most gerrymandered in the nation which to commit to redraw the of boundaries? hogan: absolutely my entire campaign has been about not partisanship 3.five years ago i started a group called change maryland the largest non partisan a group in history with 117,000 people involved have for democrats are independent it is reaching across the aisle to do what is right for the redistricting that was done here in maryland was probably the worst in the
7:39 pm
entire country and should not ever happen again. i will take these decisions out of the monopoly and politicians and put it in tears the independent body of some kind there is a lot of proposals around the country and i would absolutely support to move the redistricting process out of the hands of politicians to a group to make honest decisions. brown: i support the independent commission as well and i think it is the right things to do is greater confidence to the maryland voters in the way we've redistrict. but also what we see in the nation's capital with the extreme right in the district's that is why there is not an energy policy and
7:40 pm
i will certainly create an independent commission because that will be in the second term of the administration to support the independent commission but i also support what the supreme court justices call which is the amendment to the constitution because instill greater confidence among maryland voters but we still have to address the larger national problem. it to go back to the business in washington. hogan: first of all, against the lieutenant governor does not claim responsibility he agrees now we have to do something but it took place
7:41 pm
during his administration and ham and o'malley presided over these districts. but i do agree with the dysfunction in washington people are fed up with professional politicians a few leaders are not solving problems and i think that is the most people would like to see instead of the rapid partisanship in washington and the monopoly in annapolis has no on the stroke been debate or no competition that is why running for governor. >>moderator: now let's get deeper into it. whittier plans to approve the business climate so they don't need to take jobs with them?
7:42 pm
brown: i agree fundamentally we need to strengthen the business climate. with a quality work force there are other areas where you certainly need with the regulatory environment we can streamline to make it more cost-effective we can do that to run away from a the work force we can do that. we have declared the very first to teach it goal that we announce these to declare strategic goals to develop the metrics to the goal but the first tee chicle is the position business climate in the nation there is a debate if it is hot style or business friendly.
7:43 pm
we're not participating in that debate but whether reredos style and not so that bmw can expand its footprint or more amazon well, or under armour just announced an expansion. and harper counties so you have corporations that see a tremendous amount of strength the business climate. hogan: my question is why haven't you strengthen the business climate? is a sure policies and regulatory environment and anti-business attitude in tax policy that have driven 8,000 businesses out of the state to lose 200,000 jobs in double unemployment. now you say you want to make us number one for business?
7:44 pm
you killed 8,000 businesses how will that change from what you did over the past 8 years for you have some responsibility will create all these jobs? how do we the does the nation in job loss why did we lose 200,000 jobs? and what will be delivered over the next four years? i started this group to change maryland we are polkas have to make it more competitive. we held the business of it to improve our economic competitiveness to bring in 400 business leaders with the economist and think tanks and representatives of federal, state, and local governments for both parties to talk about this. we are 41 and added 50 states that will change on the number one with me as governor because maryland will be open for business we will focus out to help the
7:45 pm
existing businesses grow to create more jobs for our citizens. the regulatory environment that you want to clean up is what you have created over the past 8 years. people said they moved to virginia and got things done in 90 days if they could not do in three years in maryland they run around changing the rules of the time. we're the fourth highest tax states in the nation and causing businesses to flee the state 8 years you did not put out a single proposal in a minute and a half. you and i agree we can strengthen the business climate by providing tax relief but we disagree on how. many who have headquartered out of the state of maryland he would give us 300,000 tax
7:46 pm
giveaway? you said in the spring he would try to completely eliminate the corporate income tax. that i support tax relief for businesses creating to that of three business jobs that is have we created a stronger business climbed in maryland. >>moderator: each review has served homemade that policy from the o'malley administration with which you disagree and we would be delighted to hear is. >> that is a tough question first of all, i have a honor of serving as cabinet secretary i agree with the things that they did but one
7:47 pm
thing i did not agree was tuition went up 40% i was never supportive of that not 1 penny in tuition increases i was the leading voice of opposition to the five years in a row. as far as something they have done they have done a pretty good job to spin the numbers. brown: let me explain a relationship that a governor has with the lieutenant governor i was as he prepared? i said the best experience i have as i was executive officer when i was in the military as the company commander in to tell them
7:48 pm
how to insure we have the resources in repose walked out the door i supported the decision to effectively lead that company there are a few things that i disagree with and one of them for example, with the deductions and and was very pleased the legislature to get out of the proposal to balance the budget. i am glad it came out and i hope whoever the next lieutenant governor is understands that and to with the other administration to
7:49 pm
raise tuition by 40 percent but you never stood up to say this is not the way to go. ice understand though you were the secretary. hogan: now the resources to invest. >>moderator: now we will move on to the next question was no rebuttal there is a lot of talk of women's a ship -- issues from birth control to equal pay what is your priority? hogan: to ensure. brown: that is all marylanders for example, women's of poverty rate is the lowest the lowest in the nation we have a higher percentage of women who sit on corporate boards and along with a white to reduce the gender wage gap we have
7:50 pm
more work to do that mr. hogan opposes. why? the composite the average minimum-wage earner is a 33 year-old single woman making minimum-wage and unable to provide for her family so i support giving her an 455,000 their lenders -- marylanders a raise i led the effort to reduce domestic violence and maryland with support services for victims and programs and hospitals. after 19 years of failed effort we could finally join the rank of the district of
7:51 pm
columbia and a domestic violence case that is tremendous progress both men and women it is the disproportionate number of victims are women so whether educational opportunities i will continue to be on the side. hogan: i a gray with a lot of what's he has said and he has done of a good job with his initiative we talked about that during a domestic violence month and the things they have done well. the talking to women across the state is most concerned about our economy. in den they make financial decisions and they are suffering as a result of the tax hikes they are just crushed.
7:52 pm
they heard people at the lower end of the income scale and the number one women's issue in my opinion is getting our economy back on track so they can support their families. it will change the drawback we could lose 12,000 jobs minimum-wage earner is a 33 year-old single mom it should not be that way it was designed for kids to get the first opportunity to join in the workforce of we could restore our economy to bring back better paying jobs we would not have to do with this issue. i support unfettered access to birth control for every single woman contrary to the commercials that my opponent is running.
7:53 pm
and we support over the counter birth control paid for by insurance and will not pull back any reproductive rights. >>moderator: now we begin our closing statements. hogan: this election is not really your typical fight between democrats and republican is more important than that. this is a fight for maryland future in worth fighting the decision we make in 28 days will have a lasting impact on the future of our stay. it is an important decision because they need to make a simple choice. if you're comfortable with the status quo and have you with the direction our state is headed is the o'malley policies are good for you and your future than we should vote for my opponent
7:54 pm
but if you agree with me that things are off track and that new leadership is needed it doesn't matter what part of the state that you live in a duty to vote to bring that change asking if you want to bring real change to maryland and asking for your vote on november 4. brown: every marylanders should be able to pursue the american dream work hard, played by the roles sacrifice when necessary but to achieve your dream. my parents came to this country six decades ago. and to embrace the addition to get up every morning with middle-class values and put
7:55 pm
up the 300 million corporate tax giveaway. to ensure that guns are off the streets if we don't wanna go back to the days nobody wants to return to provide need your vote and your help and we need you each and every day for the next four years as together we build a better maryland. >>moderator: thank you we would like to think both candidates and "the baltimore sun" for cosponsoring along with wjz-tv t. thanks for watching please remember to cast your vote on election day. good evening. ♪ they give for watching up presentations from wjz-tv
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7:57 pm
>> not one democrat that i have seen at the hearing to free the sergeant from the mexican president i have
7:58 pm
called the president many times in the last month to seek the release of this man is seems that he could have picked up the phone to its -- with one call i really don't think he cares. >> i just get done watching your c-span regarding the gentleman, the marine in mexico. because you are the best evidence i have ever seen or heard about what we have to do with the politics and particularly what is allowed to happen on the border between mexico and the united states. . .
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
homeland security secretary jeh johnson spoke thursday about innings are immigration, bordered security and airport ebola screenings, secretary jobson's remarks came at an event hosted by the center for strategic and international studies. he spoke for about an hour. án >> good afternoon. welcome to the center for strategic and international studies. my name is juan, i'm a seniors


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