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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 16, 2014 10:00pm-12:01am EDT

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on how we can insure that as many of our citizens as possible have the ability to participate in the political process and vote. i do not understand why a 18-year-old young man would have to get to the post office and register for selective service when he turns 18 but does not have to go to the post office and register to vote. .. >>
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>> the final word is with you. >> i should mention the fact aclu and have made some strides on that. but i get some -- concerned about low voter turnout because i was taught by my parents who were immigrants to this country my mother grew up in nazi germany my father was russian and escape communist i was taught how precious a live'' is and how fragile democracy is so i always go to. to go back to the survey data what keeps people out of the polls is not the registration and voter identification that they're not interested in the political process.
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if you want to increase turnout that is a cultural issue starting at the elementary school level. but to the point where i feel guilty if i don't go to the polls and vote. many americans are not raised that way or taught that. in nuclear not doing enough to do that. also to anchorage people those that worked in the election process the problem is they cannot get enough people to work at the polls on election day. it is a tough problem the average age of election workers is 73 or 74 that whole generation that was
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taught civic duty is important they are slowly dying out and going the way frankly there is not the younger generation coming up with that saves civic duty or a commitment. >> thanks to both of our speakers and has been a very informative and helpful. thank-you to the national press club organized this event and also c-span for broadcasting live. the meeting is adjourned. [inaudible conversations] [applause]
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spin texas third debate between incumbent senator mark udall and his challenger cory gardner.
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this race is listed as a tossup this is courtesy of kusa-tv. [applause] >> moderator: good evening it is almost a cliche to say the u.s. senate could hinge on this race but it makes it no less true. our audience tonight has agreed to refrain from applause to max not - - maximize the time we have a there will break their silence now touche join us to welcome the candidates mark udall and cory gardner. [cheers and applause]
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the rules of the debate agreed upon the candidates one minute answers and redirected and rebuttals at our discretion. they can question one another with closing statements. you can participate from home to help choose one of the topics that we discussed with more in depth and they're talking about the issues of the day the economy and obamacare but your votes will determine what we circled back the context the word ebola the economy or the word obamacare to the number 25543. our debate begins after my colleague catches us up spin magazine is larger than life because it could decide control of the u.s. senate
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that has special interest shoveling money. >> putting with obama and i did i percent of the time. >> with the incumbent mark udall knows something about the purpose when he first won the senate seat in 2008 considered one of the closest races in the country. the law approved a deeply unpopular. >> overtime the affordable care ads will work for more american. >> but that is not what he focused on. a war on with this strategy on the flip side he gave up the state seat in the house with this run hoping to ride
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that the senate his conservative views on social issues have provided the ammunition including his status as a co-sponsor he is out on a limb as a fact checker and engaged in the fight to offer birth control pills over the counter but he also seems to have connected with the argument but to be sure the two candidates are at odds on other policies. mark udall against cory gardner each candidate will get their chance with the colorado voters in the studio here tonight. >> moderator: i have the first question beginning with the news of the day. pretty discouraging headlines about the ebola virus the second health care
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worker in texas infected who flew one a passenger jet the president canceled political business to call an emergency meeting benghazi and at this moment how would you evaluate the federal response? >> i took time today to call dr. friedman from the cdc the iris is the enemy we need to spare no cost and protect public health workers and indeed to a knowledge the great courage not only the people here facing the unseen by respect trips to western africa, aid workers there already. that we have to understand we have more to do and we should listen to the doctors and health care professionals if they believe we ought to close our borders then listen to
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them we should be supporting the resources necessary. >> there was forward-looking statements hell have we done so far? >> we have the best medical system in the world to be focused on this challenge that if we don't support operations like the cbc we cannot meet this challenge the way we want. representative gardner has voted to cut cdc's spending a 770 million including 300 million of direct response functions we will not be to ebola by cutting back the cdc that is the difference between the two of us. gardner: we ought to have an immediate travel ban from those affected areas now. not tomorrow but now an immediate travel ban in effect from the affected areas if the president is
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now willing to do is that then we should have 100 percent screening from those affected areas we have seen reports were 96 percent would be screened but that is not good enough. we must make sure that they are screened to protect the health of the american people. if we don't put into place all the necessary steps to safeguard the american people and the responsibility to the world as well working with the world health organization's around the globe working with local community health departments i spoke with lenders at children's hospital that they're taking the steps possible. >> moderator: how have we done so far? udall: the cdc --. gardner: they said they lack a strategy but i will be attending a hearing tamara
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the energy commerce committee the oversight investigation subcommittee to make sure we address those needs with the cdc the secretary said we could have done better with our response but senator udall voted for the same building he accuses me. i know from this campaign you have talked about what we have done together then try to criticize me but don't forget you voted for the same measure. >> moderator: but we're talking about the current ebola crisis. senator the administration has said history of having full confidence in its people write-up until the moment it doesn't. his focus tom friedman today deal have full confidence in him into believe he is the man to lead us through this fight? >> i do have full confidence
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of the cdc. whole lot of public health agencies for the expertise when we stand together we will meet the challenge if i was the enemy with all due respect to representative gardner we talk about two different votes we voted for the sequester votes to keep the government opened but representative gardner in the extreme votes he has cast cut 700 million out of the cdc imagine if they were in place today imagine the response today we would be even better prepared than we are today teeeighteen you'll have an opportunity to respond but talk about the travel ban from the west african countries. the cdc said that could make the epidemic worse as health workers may be afraid to go there if they cannot come back but our experts telling you it is a good idea and the cdc is wrong?
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gardner: what we know this people travelling from the affected areas as have already happened is the unacceptable danger why we ought to have a travel ban. so we should put this in place. if you look at what has happened to gentlemen coming in to united states pressure said he did not tell the truth when he was filling out the forms where he had been. we need to make sure we have the travel ban in place to prevent people coming in the first place and would remind senator udall what went into effect is the very thing he voted for but perhaps the cdc should quit spending money on jazzercise urban gardening and massage therapy to you direct the health of the american people.
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udall: jazzercise is the small part. >> moderator: that was it? udall: we would not have the capacity to respond two-day professionals think we should have a travel ban that is great. you're not a public health specialist. >> we have to move along senator democrats controlled the senate if you are reelected if it democrats keep control what would you do to make congress more effective and how was that better the been directing with the white house on policy? >> i will continue to work across the aisle.
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i can share examples beth the $770 million directed to the state to recover from the floods with a firefighting capacities we have. and then will work with senators from the upper midwest. that is what we do in colorado we are collaborators neither party has all the right ideas but i can tell you if you look at congressman gardner he is the tenth most extreme record in the house. you get that extreme record by voting to cut medicare and social security by voting against tracking sexual predators' and voting against women's reproductive freedom. >> moderator: that is what i'm asking how are you different.
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udall: we pass comprehensive agrees to reform the house is sitting on it 80 months i have been waiting for the congressmen to show leadership to bring a bill to the finish line. calling for comprehensive immigration reform every sector needs immigration reform. the senate has been getting things done but the house is missing in action. >> moderator: on the other side that tax six used by yourself and fellow republicans in the house proceed as the cause of the government shut down but calls for taking a bite out of obamacare weiss shed your party be rewarded with control of the senate if you caused gridlock. gardner: whenever believe that was a good idea if you look at the criticism i took from members of my own party i refused to sign on to the strategy letters to result in a government shutdown i voted for every measure i
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voted measure after measure to major refunded the government and at the end of the fiscal year we passed a measure of the house that would have passed the senate simply to go to a conference committee to work together to avoid any lapse of funding but the senator harry reid refuse to bring it to the senate. but your question is valid. what should we expect of a next six years it is different from senator udall? keep those 99 percent of the time with president obama failed policies of health care, a failed policies on energy, increased taxes and regulations. 99% of the time voting with obama i will vote 100 percent of the time with people of colorado and leadership matters for over the next six years this state needs leadership not the same from senator udall at. >> moderator: you continue to deny the conception that
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the sponsor is a person could build to end abortion. the co-sponsors a soul and your opponent say so in independent fact checkers is a so-so we will talk about what this may say about your judgment more broadly. a charitable interpretation is you have a difficult time to a bit when you are wrong and a less charitable interpretation you're not telling us the truth. which is it? gardner: it is simply a statement that i support life. but i will repeat the words of senator udall. >> moderator: but nobody thinks that. gardner: i have answered this question multiple times. "the denver post" called senator udall on these issues as a social issues lawyer obnoxious focused on one single issue but the people of colorado deserved more than a single issue that senator udall is attempting to give them. >> moderator: we will talk about that but i've asking
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here what appears to be the willing suspension of the facts. people who agree with you on the issue of life think you're wrong how you describe the bill everybody has a cohesive idea except use so what should toters clean from that? gardner: people agree with my opinion and people don't require support life i voted for exceptions but the bill you talk about is a statement that i support life provide advance of this question multiple times i will repeat the words of senator udall when he changed his position on the issue of gay marriage that a good 15 to position should be considered a virtue those are the words from senator udall. >> moderator: view remain on the bill personhood is the rights of normal human beings on the unborn. that is what the bill says. gardner: i support life that is a statement that the fact is the people of colorado
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deserved more than a single issue that senator udall has campaigned said denver post said it is based on fear trying to invoke freer instead of inspiring hope. that is what we ought to talk about. >> moderator: we will move on to that topic. calling it did obnoxious one issue campaign that is an insult to women. our reproductive rights' really the most important issue facing colorado rss gathering enough female goes to push you over the edge? udall: i will respond to congressman gardner. they're personhood bill is the bill is not a statement. it would ban most forms of contraception. let's be clear and colorado deserves a straight shot and deserve the truth from you. and then to get a straight answer to the questions they
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ask but reproductive treatment -- freedoms to are born to women and family but "the denver post" does not think so. >> i think they think it is overplayed. udall: the freedom to control your body is the ultimate. but the congressman built his career omitted reproductive freedom how he got the tenth most conservative record in the house. you have to be pretty extreme to vote against medicare and green energy and boat across the board as attend most conservative member of the house. gardner: i am proud to stand with the women of colorado of "the denver post" that is their business. senator udall is on the ballot third time the people said we don't believe been personhood women not to make their decisions.
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roe v. wade is on the ballot the supreme court palace is obvious but the next senator from colorado i predict on one or maybe to supreme court justices. >> moderator: we vandalize the content more than half are about this issue but it does not rank as issue number one in any public opinion poll. is there really at that level to be at the top of your campaign? >> 50% of the ads by the way they are part of the campaign we have rallies and a boy in debates and editorial boards letters to the editor than half of the ads is about economics and raising the minimum wage and paycheck fairness making college affordable those are important issues but congressman gardner has built his entire career limiting reproductive freedoms he is of warrior
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these are issues of respect in economics would a woman is since no workplace they ought to be her decisions. >> moderator: two-thirds of caller rattigan's disagree with your view. your position is extreme you support abortion or partial birth abortion and that is the extreme record i expect women to make their decisions but as you know, the women of colorado will make a decision about their reproductive health. >> moderator: senator president obama said being on the ballot this fall saying that the president's record is up but the
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president was talking about his proposed policies for the next two years. specifically which of those proposed policies are you prepared to vote against? udall: had zero the list of policies i ready to vote for paycheck fairness and we ought to make college more affordable and tax credits to keep jobs here to those are the differences between congressman gardner and myself i am prepared for the work i have done to rein in that nsa to invade our privacy. >> moderator: but the president is not running on that nsa policy you did pick up a few agenda items but are there items that you don't support? udall: i support moving the country forward to focus on the economy. i didn't read the
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president's speech iacocca's on this race i listened to the people of colorado we want the president to succeed when president obama came here to console the victims and sped time we welcomed him when he did not stand up for simpson-bowles and continues to give the green light to nsa i stood up to the president and i will do so with coloradoans in my mind's eye. >> moderator: you have expressed skepticism that humans are contributing to climate change you hold a position at odds with the scientific community have did you arrive at that you? gardner: senator udall seven the president is right he will vote with the president to believe he is right
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99 percent of the time? udall: your the tenth most conservative member of the house teeeighteen we have questions for both the views of what will redirect. the position on climate change is at odds to the community. gardner: the climate is changing. udall: and not to the extent reported in the news. gardner: the fact is that i refuse to destroy this economy as senator udall is willing to do. i supported measures to increase energy and support measures to increase energy efficiency opportunities to look at alternative energies and the production of tax credit extension both in the state legislature and the united states congress but what i refuse to do is burden the people of colorado with a carbon tax
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that senator udall supports and will not say how much it will cost the will pass on to farmers and ranchers the cap-n-trade bill to have $1,700 added to utility bills are refused to say 250,000 jobs should be lost because of the views of senator udall but i will not do is allow the economy to observe a $50 billion economic hit because of his plan to follow the president 99 percent of the time. >> moderator: a very brief report -- rebuttal. udall: he continues to advance to the questions colorado is ready we have the lowest energy prices how can expect the senator to beat if he does not believe in climate change? >> moderator: short questions and god willing short answers. [laughter] cater name a democrat you voted for?
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>> no. udall? >> not in the last 10 years. >> moderator: when was the last time you fired the gun. gardner: last year and shot again trying to hit and skeet. udall: duck hunting this fall. >> moderator: in gauging and conversation right now about aboard river suggestion to not be open the encouraged of civil disobedience heavy ever engaged in civil disobedience knowingly broke a lot to make a point? >> i was involved in the vietnam era in those protests. i never was arrested for breaking the law but i admired those in jefferson county for standing up. elections matter and that is
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what happens with extreme members of the elected body to get policies that got colorado ordered -- four words. >> but to disobeyed my parents after 9:00 at night i will tell you when high-school i lead an effort with the governor to talk about education funding for rule schools we had over 1,000 students join me when i was a junior in high school to talk to a issues important education we need to keep congress out of the classroom. >> moderator: should colorado repeal the law of recreational marijuana? udall: i opposed it when offered but states are laboratories of democracy in we are deepen the laboratory. gardner: we need to work together as a delegation to mention the federal government but has continued this experiment.
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>> moderator: should congress grant colorado the exemption from the controlled substance act? udall: i working on that for a number of reasons. the ticket of leave the cannabis industry needs access to the banking system right now is a schedule one drug and we would get the job done. >> exemption of the control substances act. >> but congress overall has to look at the regulatory assistance it addresses the banking issues as they arrive through the system. >> moderator: which a member of the supreme court today is a model jurist? udall: any justice that will follow the law not legislate from the bench.
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>> moderator: not a philosophy. . . gardner: look at justice kennedy or justice of the door justice roberts identify could say this is the one by believe has done the best job but i admire and respect the supreme court justices. >> moderator: anyone on the bench that is so out of the mainstream you could not go for? udall: i have disagreements with some that i agree with but the fact is they have gone through the arduous journey as the supreme court justice and they deserve our respect and we will follow the rule of law tnt what about justice ginsburg. gardner: that is not a but we would never have. >> moderator: and name please as a model jurist? udall: congressman gardner is a friend of mine but it is a lawyer with the answers
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the questions. soreness of my door i had the great privilege to vote for her and a layer cake and. i take that seriously and the court has been well served from the supreme court. >> someone you could not vote to confirm i believe soviet is out of the mainstream -- justice scalia is out of the mainstream but look at citizens united decision has resulted in this enormous avalanche of campaign money. >> moderator: what is the biggest non issue that congress keeps debating endless the? >> bank gauzy. [laughter] >> of family of the countries deserve an answer
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on benghazi and senator udall refuses to provide answers to families but. >> moderator: an issue that congress is debating needlessly a non issue. gardner: republicans continue to bash renewable energy and i have spoken time and again to support that but the issue of what senator udall said about benghazi it is enrages he does not believe it is worth looking into teeeighteen you care raised topics later so certainly you can return to that. >> moderator: continuing on if you are invited by a friend or family member of the same-sex weddings were to attend? udall: and i would anti-slaughtered if i was the officiate. gardner: eight yes. i support traditional marriage of people need to be treated with dignity and
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respect with the supreme court i bill respect the decision. >> moderator: not officiating. gardner: i would attend. gardner: there should be term limits while running for office november 4th. six years. [laughter] udall: i support term limits that is a good decision but i think they have to be equal between the house and the senate. depending but colorado passes the term and the bill simic i respect that over the last six years since elected we had a 50% turnover if i am reelected
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my seniority is below 50% while i will chair important subcommittees'. we don't need term limits they're already in the constitution. >> moderator: the senate is under scrutiny almost anybody can filibuster. right now you will blow a few are in the minority party is there a filibuster reform you would start -- support? gardner: the founders got a right when they wrote the constitution a system described one of the founding fathers the house is like the cup this and is the saucer that should catch the tempest boiling over that is what one of the founders have said but that is why he has it open with three and open debate but what the senator has done has broken the rules to change the rules to quiet
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the voice of the minority to allow his team to stack the deck from what the founders intended if i am a of the united states senate i will not break the rules to take advantage of the political process. >> moderator: is that at no? thank you very much. udall: the senate can change the rules because the tape party element to put any of a president of the nominees on the bench with a full complement can you imagine if you were a ceo and you could not fill your human-resources position? we changed the rules to put those people in place. the point that the six tries
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to make is undercut by the fact we have not move legislation through the senate we ought to go through talking filibuster like senator rand paul i was pleased he made the case about drums a year-and-a-half ago but there also silent filibuster's that requires those of us to break that filibuster teeeighteen you and the president rent able to keep your affordable care act pledges feel like a dark you can't keep it that was a central promise of a controversial piece of legislation looking forward how can you assure that the nec sweeping piece of legislation comes you will have a better idea how it will work? looking ahead, not back. >> when the insurance companies were breaking the
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agreement to carry the policy for gramm offered legislation to make that the case i will work with the governor and as you know, colorado can keep their plans if they like it that is my focus is affordable care act has broken the system of voting to women that were it discriminated against you cannot get coverage of somebody got sick. i did not like the handle the minute it was clear to me it was not happening i was right there to be sure everyone who wanted to keep their plan could keep it. we expanded medicaid if you think what we needed the affordable care act not because women were
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discriminated but they cannot leave the job because they cannot get coverage on the individual market. >> moderator: pieces of love obamacare people do support like requiring health plans to cover pre-existing conditions of you want to keep that part the had to do that without the individual mandate? it was made clear premiums would skyrocket. >> but to make sure they have coverage right introduce legislation on that matter i have a bill only 50 years 60 pages not 200700 page partisan bill that senator udall supported i remind you as a result of the broken promise not only did many lose their doctor but 340 lost their health care plans that he promised they could keep. it is not true senator that people are able to keep it because they are losing their health insurance this
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summer after the change you said take effect people lost their health care plan. thousands of people over the summer lost their health care plan but senator udall said would never happen. of fact is senator udall had a chance to vote in 2010 to prevent this from happening to lose the health care plan if you read the bill he would know the consequences of his actions but instead he did the partisan thing he did not lead and went against his word to vote against a bill an amendment to allow him. >> to cover pre-existing conditions there is not a giant pool of people to defray the cost. udall: we have the opportunity to assist these premiums are low enough to get preexisting coverage but i think that is important. but we have to recognize
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senator udall and promise the three conditional promises are not true and he had a chance to correct it and refused for a the leadership necessary. >> moderator: we will give you a brief rebuttal. udall: remember congressman gardner will take us back to another system that is broken discriminating against women. you can be thrown off your policy and voted 50 tons to shut down the government and has no replacement plan he talks about what he might support but no true replacement. >> moderator: you have shown a great willingness to engage one another so do that on schedule you can eat just a question of the other gardner: senator udall, you voted with the president 99 percent of the time you said when he is racy believe
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he is right 99 percent of the time which one do you regret? udall: said no. you don't want to talk about is tenth in the house of representatives who have that distinction by being too extreme. you sponsored a national personhood law and voted to privatize health care. i've above to talk about that but the $800 billion that congressman gardner is referencing is every direction of medicare to the affordable care act to close the doughnut hole for the seniors but congressman gardner you cast the similar boat to take that same a hundred billion dollars to direct that into tax cuts for billionaires' and millionaires. i was extending the life by
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redirecting the $800 billion. gardner: is that of boat you regret making? udall: you do. you cut medicare to redirect that tax code library directed medicare advantage money into medicare to extend the life of medicare. udall: we talk about personhood you still sponsor the life that conception acted is set personhood bill to ban abortion and birth control but the proponents the republicans agree that is a representation of. but you also did an interview with another journalist so please explain why they are wrong.
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>> and senator udall was to focus on the same but the social issues. but senator i support increasing access to contraception and should be made available common forms or will form over the counter without a prescription. we need to fix the law the past that prohibited that funding from being reimbursed. we have to increase access. with just a few days ago you refuse to say if you supported increasing access it is outrageous summer was to ban birth control and "the denver post" does describe your campaign as obnoxious insulting to the people of colorado because of their focus on a single issue. i am proud to receive the
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endorsement of "the denver post" we will continue to grow jobs and the economy. >> moderator: the next section the you can see what it is like to ask questions and not get straight answers a health that was fun. [laughter] this is more of a clarification but senator udall has promisee criticize the nsa for tactics do you take issue with any specific criticisms of the nsa? udall: i appreciate the senator's work on this on these kinds of issues. gardner: that is why i supported the amendment that i believe the senator supported that as well. that is something senator udall with support a co-sponsor when it was originally written of fact it would bring in the nsa
10:47 pm
but i have voted against it because it did not go far enough to shake out the protections so they changed it we have done a good job working together and will continue. >> moderator: you said we should wait for the state department on the xl pipeline but the obama administration delay has been called the embarrassing and absurd i know you are frustrated but can you outline the steps to have taken into polish your allies to expedite keystone? udall: best of the above the energy sector developing in a safe and responsible way. in coming to the keystone pipeline i can tell the viewers this pipeline is built through eastern colorado and they want to
10:48 pm
know it is still safe the irresponsibly this is the decision the president will make many sarah was kicked past the election for those other in tough races. udall: let's get the nebraska supreme court of the route of the pipeline behalf to respect the people of nebraska with a quest with the best decision but let's focus what we're doing here rather than turn this into a political issue. >> moderator: what is the one most attainable thing congress can do right now to promote job growth? not a big partisan fight but could pass with both parties rallied around it. >> a comprehensive immigration reform that we
10:49 pm
sent to the house to consider to have every business leaders saying this is important for our future with the right balance the border security and responsibility of the legal status finance national security without the difficult situation earlier this year with children on the border and what outlines the difference between congressman gardner and meet is he has opposed comprehensive immigration reform. but he voted to support the dreamers to make it clearer there under illegal auspices. >> one attainable thing congress can do?
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>> build the keystone pipeline this could create thousands of jobs around the country. to defend the people of eastern colorado he voted against it four times in 1999 teeeight i suggested we move nuclear waste to eastern colorado's and he is not willing to build the pipeline even though it doesn't go through eastern colorado be he is willing to move nuclear waste. free-wheeling to prove that nuclear waste to our backyard? spee maggie was working for the senator at the time. to have low-level nuclear waste and rework together to have a prime example for collaboration is no wildlife
10:51 pm
refuge. >> moderator: describing yourself as a new kind of republican it is one of the most conservative in that house. do you have a new way to talk about the standard conservative agenda? gardner: mine is what is right for the people that i represent to make sure represents the people of colorado and the united states and i will flow when hedger% of the time for the people of colorado. privacy against women have voted against the house measure because i believe it was watered down for the senate measure one of only a few to do so i support renewable energy is important and traditional energy i will continue to pursue those ideas. making sure we are four solutions and ideas to put possibilities to address the challenges that may face.
10:52 pm
we need a government with big ideas. >> moderator: discussing the campaign focus on female voters but the largest gender gap is a deficit with men so why have you had such a tough time to gain the support of men? udall: i am focused on the entire electorate. the only poll that matters is the one on election day. that women understand why women who -- my record of accomplishment. $770 million for flood recovery. to make sure we have the greatest firefighting capabilities i will have a broad coalition to reelect me to the senate.
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>> moderator: talking about tax reform our viewers to i have selected the economy as the issue we return to as we wrap up that our. it seems special interest run the show so which cooper industry supports you? that they will need to compromise to get the tax reform so a group in your corner? udall: i have a lot of groups in my corner i am thinking aerospace everybody has to give a little best gimmick i am a strong supporter of simpson-bowles i strongly disagreed with the president he missed an opportunity to embrace simpson-bowles approach. with the 25% goal with a
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corporate tax rate we have to give on the revenue side and the deductions but that is the duty it is like immigration reform. >> we need i don't think to increase taxes but the basis is and tell the government can spend money appropriately but until they decide they can spend it appropriate now we have an incredible a deficit. like urban gardening and jazzercise instead of their mission. they should have comprehensive tax reform. the representative from tennessee whose said the tax
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code is longer than the bible but unlike the bible there is no good news. >> you're just biding your time to ask each other questions again. but turning to the situation in the middle east by gatt briefings on the ongoing basis from over one year ago a call for action from syria to prevent the terrorist there the same time i was calling for that you made a statement suggesting that what was happening in syria was not in our national interest. are you paying attention and? june understand is serious threat or do you just not care? >> i am glad you brought this issue because i believe the islamic state is an imminent threat to our
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country and they do have an imminent threat remus stop that. revenue tried to accuse me of things the president hasn't had a strategy for why did the u.s. the president where his strategy was? and when he said we don't have a strategy calling them junior varsity actually resulted in the heading and capture and killing of americans. in grand junction you said you later stated at fort collins colorado that we need to protect the security and safety of the american people that is what i will continue to do in congress and united states senate still neck we have a
10:57 pm
strategy. you voted for it and i voted for it to you and to parker's words to teeeighteen your question for the senator. >> as a rebuttal that you said you don't believe they are a threat and that is just wrong. musec do support a carbon tax they oppose the carbon tax but what is in dollars homage will increase under your carbon tax? udall: the market will set the level. carbon pollution is real you don't believe in a climate change. the market will set up price limit just like it did when the first president bush put in the clean air act to develop new technologies and lower pollution. the price we're paying right now for your denial of climate change is a very high one colorado is ready
10:58 pm
to meet the challenge we have prepared for many years and wish you would understand this is colorado's future this is something that is there for the taking that is what we will do. gardner: you said the market was set the price for the carbon tax spinning let me finish the question. >> there is no cost of electricity bills today what would it be in dollar terms? the cost already because of your inaction is to hide. >> moderator: it is time for closing statements and congressman gardner you are first. gardner: it has been an honor to travel all around the state of colorado is a with families to a struggle
10:59 pm
to make ends meet to talk about ways to increase the opportunity with something we believe in our moral obligation to accomplish to make sure the next generation has a better starting point from what we inherited from our parents. it is an honor to air travel with senator udall to talk about growing our economy, energy independence doing what we can to preserve our environmental quality to make sure we increase educational opportunities across the state but leadership matters for the past six years we have not seen the leadership that we need for this day and i would ask the people tonight and as as your support and your vote deal of one major accomplishment senator udall has accomplished over the last six years?
11:00 pm
i cannot. . . udall: i have brought to been a leader when it comes to make be sure we can fight fires and recover from those fires when necessary. i am proud to have led the effort to ensure our wind energy industry is strong and ready for the future. i am proud that our economy is beginning to come back and show signs of life, but there is more to do.
11:01 pm
we need to pass the minimum wage, as pay equity for women to make sure college is affordable and make sure that companies that move jobs overseas are not given tax credits for doing so. elections are about the future. elections at the best creative contrast. elections at the best provider choice. there's a clear choice in this race. congressman gardner talks about being a member of the new generation, but the new generation believes in marriage equality. the new generation believes immigration reform. the generation believes in raising the minimum wage. the new generation believes in respecting women's reproductive rights. congressman gardner does not believe any of those things. the new generation is with us. so i humbly ask for your vote because working together we will keep color of moving forward with the next six years. >> moderator: thank you. and i extend a special thanks to our remarkably respectful audience tonight. thank you so much.
11:02 pm
thank you to these gentlemen for agreeing to debate tonight. thank you. join us tonight on my news at nine. our political experts will be breaking and analyzing what we heard. if you missed any of the beit -- in the of the debates you're welcome to what some in their entirety. we will also have highlights coming up on balance of power saturday. don't be bashful. go up and say hi. if you have magic of the voter guides, i encourage you to do the same. information and a number of races and candid it's that you did not hear from tonight. while you are added, the true test theory breaks down the ad for both the candid it's in this race, and you can see all of our research right there in one place. thank you so much for joining us tonight. good night. ♪ >> c-span campaign 2014 is bringing you more than 100 debates for the control of congress. stay in touch with our coverage and engaged. follow us on twitter enjoyed
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the conversation. >> we will have more campaign 2014 debate coverage tomorrow. in wisconsin incumbent governor scott walker is being challenged by democrat mary burke. governor walker survived a 2012 recall election. live coverage from milwaukee begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> this weekend on the c-span network's friday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span from the texas tribune festival, a conversation about dealing with undocumented used to begin to the u.s. saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern a town hall meeting on the media coverage of events in ferguson, missouri and eric stow state university in st. louis. sunday evening at 8:00 on cue and a historian richard norton smith on his recent biography of nelson rockefeller.
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joined the c-span conversation. like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. >> in a florida republican governor rick scott debated former governor charlie crist wednesday. the debate was delayed because of a dispute between the campaigns. the candidates were asked about their views on same-sex marriage. here is what they said. >> let's think about where we are. none of us believe in discrimination. i clearly don't believe in any discrimination. in 2008 part of our democratic process led by charlie, there was a constitutional amendment passed the said marriage would be between a man and a woman. well, i believe in traditional marriage. people have different views. it is going through the court system. my understanding is going directly to the supreme court. whenever the supreme court decides to let they will decide what the law in
11:06 pm
florida is. i will abide by that law. what is important to me is we need to understand people have different views. we should have a well all of this was started with charlie as governor. >> moderator: and not sure i get an answer to the question. scott: short. >> moderator: and not sure and get an answer to the question. do you believe the ban is discriminatory? scott: that do not believe in discrimination. adelle believe in discrimination. i believe in traditional marriage. the court is going to decide. this is a decision for the court and it will ultimately make the decision to for governor christie. [applause] >> moderator: i do not believe in discrimination either, and i don't believe in it so much that i believe that gay couples should have the right to marry. [applause] i think the best way to
11:07 pm
capture this debate is difficult. the best way to capture this is to understand that who is it for us to tell other people love? and what is it in our right to tell other people who to marry? i think we of come to a place in american society and certainly florida is leading the way with the decisions that have been made. this is the right thing to do. >> thank you. [speaking in native tongue] >> is police today. you have to remember, when he gave an interview about this issue before he said he took his party positions for political expediency as a way to office. we don't actually know what's really believes on this issue because he has taken every side of this issue. >> you can watch the entire florida governor's debate at our website. go to now, and south dakota governor's debate with
11:08 pm
incumbent republican governor dennis daugaard, democratic challenger five challenger susan wismer first elected in 2010 with 61 percent of the vote. this debate is courtesy of south dakota public broadcasting and runs an hour. >> you are watching a production of south dakota public broadcast. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to election 2014 brought to you by south dakota public broadcasting mia r.p. south dakota and the south dakota newspaper association. we have teamed up to bring you south dakota's gubernatorial debate.
11:09 pm
here are the rules and the instructions. each candid will have a one minute opening statement. each candidate will have the opportunity for a one-minute closing statement at the end of the debate. the questions have been solicited from the friends of south dakota public broadcasting, members of aarp south dakota and members of the south dakota newspaper association. i will ask the questions on behalf of all three partners. we do ask that each can it did limit their answers to 90 seconds or less. each candidate will have 30 seconds for a bottle, should they feel that they needed, and each candidate will have equal opportunity to respond to all questions. now, let's meet our candid it's. republican candidates governor dennis dugard -- dennis daugaard, independent candidate michael meyers. democratic candidates, state representative susan wismer. welcome to all of you and
11:10 pm
thank you for participating in tonight's debate. names were drawn to determine the order of our opening statement. that order will be governor dennis daugaard, then michael meyers, followed by representative susan wismer. governor, you have one minute. you can begin. daugaard: thank you, susan. four years ago i came asking for a job, and you gave me a big one. a lot has changed since then. my family has grown. i have added a daughter-in-law and three new grand kids. one grandchild on the way. a lot more has changed. together we balance the budget without using gimmicks are raising taxes. we stood up to record flooding of the missouri river. issue of reform of our criminal justice system to make the public safer, to hold offenders accountable and to save money. we added thousands of jobs recovering through a new post recession high. along the way we added new
11:11 pm
programs for our young people with programs that are high schools, technical schools, and our public universities. a lot has changed, but there is more that we can do which is why i am asking for your support. i would be honored to serve as your governor in. >> thank you very much. you, too, have one minute to speak to our voters. go ahead. >> i am -- meyers: i am going to be the oldest governor in the united states, but i am not for sale. i have put together my wife and family. my wife passed away seven years ago. i got up background, former ceo of a thousand that hospital. i taught for 26 years, and i believe it is time. it is time to push back and modify a power structure.
11:12 pm
everybody needs a platform. i have five planks. plank one, not for sale. i am not a career politician i will be fighting state corruption. two, education. parent teacher control and funding. plank three, health insurance cooperatives, male standards. plank floor, jobs, living wage, industrial help, and finally plank five, i am aligned with the cowboy in the alliance regarding the keystone pipelined and the clean water alliance out their opposing the uranium mining. >> moderator: thank you very much. representative cato, unami visit with the voters of south dakota. wismer: thank-you. i am running for governor
11:13 pm
for the people of south dakota that are not being represented today. i am running because i believe in a healthy, open discussion. competition is good for business. a competition of ideas would be good for state government . about half that and south dakota for a long time. i am running because this administration has failed to recognize how the real challenges that the state faces. and those challenges will be addressed until i am governor. you know, politics has become more like football. we cheer for our favorite team no matter how well their plane. but electing the governor is not about team loyalty. it is about choosing a leader with the right priorities in. so i challenge our viewers tonight. listen for the differences between the candidates and vote for though once you understand the challenges
11:14 pm
that we face in south dakota thank you. >> moderator: thanks to all three of you proceeded is now time for the question and answer portion kia. names were drawn to determine the order. a first-round would go as follows. michael myers, then representative susan wismer followed by governor dennis daugaard. we will then rotate that order for each new question. michael, here is your question. it is about education. south dakota ranks in the bottom for teacher pay and is dwarfed by all neighboring states. could you concisely answer how you plan to improve south dakota education system for teachers? and this comes from travis in rapid city. myers: i come down to parent teacher control. my daughter worked as a
11:15 pm
teacher up in central, drove the bus to monitor the halls, broke up fights and the playground, did it all. and the mandate that comedown from common core and so one dictate at different kind of way to teach. we need better funding. we need to attract teachers, and we ought to be just a little bit ashamed of ourselves being down there where we are. some of the most important people that will affect the lives of our children and tomorrow's generation. >> all right. a thank-you very much. representative, you will go next. again coming it is travis for rapid city uses this and about education. could you concisely answer how you plan to improve south dakota's education system for teachers? wismer: it is about your priorities reflecting what you say to the voters when
11:16 pm
he ran for election. four years ago this governor was elected is saying there is no budget crisis. and i value education, but when he got to the capitol he said, oops, we have a problem here, folks. we need to cut the budget, and everyone will share in the paint. i'm even going to cut my salary $15,000. education and, your share is 50 million. and then when we found that we had drastically overreacted to the situation and came back the next year, education and health care as well took a -- did receive some funds back, but they received a much smaller percentage back them what we had taken away from them in the first place. i am a member of the legislative planning committee that met this summer and heard superintendents come and talk about the disaster we have created in south dakota for local schools.
11:17 pm
even superintendents from large schools came and said, we have rob all of the good teachers we can find. the pipeline is empty. the free market works, and we should not be surprised that it has worked in south dakota. the first answer to correcting the problem is a change in the direction from the governor's office, a change in priorities, and a respect for education that we do not see coming now from the capital. thank you. >> moderator: all right. governor, same question. could you concisely answer how you plan to improve south dakota's education system for teachers? daugaard: education is our number one priority. every year we spend the largest share of our general fund appropriation on education before any other topic. when we build the budget, almost half of the budget is spent on education. when we begin the budget process we first find an
11:18 pm
inflationary increase for education, and then after funding necessary things if there's money left over it also goes to education. now, the national education association says we are 501st and pay for teachers. that same study also shows we are 309th in revenue per student. in the difference between 51st and 309th is how that money is spent at the local level. local school boards determine how teachers are paid, not the state government. now, we have our workforce shortage for teachers, just as we have for engineers, accountants, i to professionals, and others. it is difficult for employers to hire in certain categories of occupations. some people say the state gives lip service to education. that is not true. i don't call spending the last three years increasing $40 million to education and onetime dollars of 30 million more lip service. the bottom line is to you can't spend money you don't
11:19 pm
have. i am happy to spend more money and education if it's available. i am proud of the investments we have made in education and look forward to doing more. >> moderator: all right. we do have time for rebuttals, if you feel that you need it. mike, you can begin. you have 30 seconds. myers: in the business of selling j.d. degrees. the students to walk out there with 40, 50, $70,000 in non this chargeable that. and we now find that people at the social security level are engaged in the largest default in education. so this education investment to we need to make sure that when we invest that kind of money in education there is an opportunity in the market for return. >> moderator: which you like you're 30 seconds? wismer: yes, please. today we have millions more dollars in the bank then we did when this governor took office. if we were truly concerned
11:20 pm
about education we would prioritize education over money in the bank. the governor started this distracting statistic about 309th place when actually south dakota is in very last place by far for their share of money that the state puts in education. it is only because of the local effort that it gets above there. >> moderator: governor, you, too, have 30 seconds. daugaard: it is important to distinguish between the source of money in the availability of money. the important thing is how much revenue is available, not where it came from. and in south dakota we are 39 that revenue per student. again, it is depending upon whether revenue is spent at the local level. those are decisions that are locally made and should be. to the extent that the state has dollars available, i am supportive of increasing investment in education.
11:21 pm
but i won't spend money we don't have. >> moderator: we will move on to the next question. representative susan wismer, you will go first. the question is on health care. with a number of baby boomers across out to cover reaching senior citizen status from what efforts need to be done at the state level to ensure our health care system is capable of handling the increase in health care needs for our baby boomers, especially in our rural areas of south dakota. again, representative, you will go first. your 902nd starts now. wismer: thank you. the first thing we could do is expand medicaid because we are passing on $5 million a week investment in our in state health care institutions. i will stay away from the rest of the medicaid expansion discussion, assuming that we will talk about that later.
11:22 pm
but not expanding medicaid is having severe effects on the health of all of our institutions because they were not -- when the affordable care act was passed, it was passed with the assumption that there would be far fewer patients that did not have insurance, that there would be a far less degree of uncompensated care. but because we do still have 48,000 not covered residence our hospitals still have the same degree of not compensated care that they did before the affordable care act came into place. and so there for the health of our rural institutions is threatened because of their high bad debt level of. also, in regards to providers for our elderly, our state needs to continue its investment in our medical schools here, and we have been able to increase the slot and also to
11:23 pm
increase their residencies that are available here in south dakota because we need to make sure that the providers that we train your we are able to sustain here in the state. >> moderator: thank you. governor, you go next. again, as the question, with a number of baby boomers across the state reaching senior citizen status, what efforts need to be done at the state level to make sure that the health care system is capable of handling the increase in health care needs for the baby boomers, especially in rural areas of south dakota? daugaard: south dakota has a very good health care system, especially in our larger cities. a problem that we face is the availability of access to health care in our rural areas, and that is a problem i have tackle head-on. i appointed a primary care task force the first year i was in office to study what we can do to improve access to health care in our rural areas.
11:24 pm
number steps have already been taken. we expanded the medical school. more doctors produced in south dakota improves the likelihood that more doctors will stay in south dakota to land some of them will stay in rural areas to be also expanded the physician's assistant program. we had ten slots for in-state students and ten slots for out-of-state students. we converted debt to five strata state and 24 in state we also created payments for clinical experiences for midlevel practitioners like physician's assistants and nurse practitioners. and then particularizing our attraction to the rural area , we created several programs to give medical professionals experience in rural areas, like the farm program in the rehab program that gives students into the area, into the small towns in south dakota and give them experience in this critical areas. finally, we added dollars for recurring incentives.
11:25 pm
health care facilities can in said medical professionals to come to their area either through giving them a payment when they come where promising them to reimburse their tuition if they stay in the rural area. i am proud that we have done a lot to improve access and rural areas. >> moderator: thank you. mike, would you like me to repeat the question? myers: i am ready to go. >> moderator: you have 90 seconds. go ahead, sir. myers: medicine that becomes an epidemic, unimpeded it is going to drive us into a social political and financial bankruptcy. and that put together some of these systems. and with regard to the baby boomers to my host of 527 over red w and nynex, and that did this to your legal help light. this is an area that needs to be controlled to when these to be regulated. by the way, we have these concentrated vertically integrated systems.
11:26 pm
city roosevelt. take a look at the not-for-profit behavior of the systems. they advertised by the millions of dollars in executive. or retreat. remember, excess saves but access skills. my model will be the establishment for the health care cooperative, the insurance mechanism. and i have a lot of ideas on how to lower premiums to maybe 30 percent. we have to get our hands around the system that is virtually out of control. >> moderator: thank-you. we do have time for rebuttals on this issue. representative susan wismer, you would go first to feel like. wismer: an additional element of health care is definitely our nursing homes the nursing homes have suffered six-figure operating losses during this
11:27 pm
governor's term in office. we have lost a few nursing homes. i was just to a fund-raiser in the local community in my legislative district that was changing the way it was organized so that it could hopefully survive for a few more years in the will to provide the care to its local residents. the poor services in our local communities are in danger of disappearing because of the policies of this administration. >> moderator: we will move on. you have time for rebuttal. daugaard: it is important to know the facts. during the nicolson administration moratorium was placed on the number of nursing-home beds and south dakota. over the years as different levels of care have been created the number of health care, the number of people
11:28 pm
seeking care in nursing homes is gone down is true that some populations have shifted to larger metropolitan areas, smaller nursing home areas, rural nursing-home areas are having more difficulty. as the nature of the population shift. >> moderator: you go to come have 30 seconds if you would like to rebuttal. myers: i endorse the space of medicaid. priority given to what you're talking about. this serious problem. i've won medicate expanded. priority given to senior centers. >> moderator: you will go first this time. this one is on medicaid. here is the question.
11:29 pm
there are a lot of people between 50 and 64 who have worked their whole lives and the medical insurance and don't qualify for insurance through these changes. the decision to not expand medicaid was made during the past legislative session. even though some lawmakers were not in favor of the decision, as governor what will you do to make sure those individuals who don't qualify for insurance or need assistance get the help that they need. this was sent to us by max, and he is a member of the aarp. daugaard: thank you for the question. medicaid is certainly a very important program. today we have roughly 160,000 south dakota's who today are on medicaid. these are children mostly. some adults with disabilities, and some people who have low-income,
11:30 pm
low income elderly adus. ..
11:31 pm
>> is. >> we are talking about medicaid. >> mom and dad and grandpa's spend money on us. it is time we will support those people at that part of their life because we all may be their.
11:32 pm
all the new low-wage assistance that caved in and change mom and dad i will spend money. i will spend money on the people that need it with case after case after case whose life savings have been spent because dad had a stroke and went to a nursing home. to spend money on the kids. >> moderator: representative to we need to repeat the question? co-head. wismer: i think i will address the access questionnaire and furs. the governor mentioned that however the 48,000 people do not have access to preventive care that is the most efficient type of care they only have access to emergency rooms and that is
11:33 pm
the most efficient type of care. so if they did expand medicaid we would pay to allow the health care system to provide services in a more efficient manner. regarding the stake cost the economic studies have shown the cost is potentially nothing said economic return on having $272 million per year extra into our economy would far outweigh and multiplied as the economic multipliers do such as the cost would be nothing. as far as the federal cost to step up we are seriously over estimating and overstating what the state cost would be. the way the law is written now that would be 10 years before the state would take in appreciable share of the
11:34 pm
cost. furthermore it all medical studies because there were several task force is the last couple of years it was taken for granted if and when redo expand medicaid we would have a provision to hold the state armless. >> moderator: it is time if you would like to go back for a rebuttal governor if you would like. you have 30 seconds. daugaard: first of all, the representatives stated those covered by medicaid expansion only has access to emergency care that is not true nearly half today have private insurance or can't get subsidized health insurance for 2 percent of their income. and also to have the
11:35 pm
subsidized insurance working as little as three hours per week at the minimum wage. they also have the opportunity to the health care agencies and on a sliding scale. there is access and more than just emergency care teeeighteen that is time. nmyers: make sure that medicaid money is spent in the right location. we can spend $1 billion for medicaid but to shift that priority egad. two's of nursing homes and to the elderly. wismer: regarding half of the population that technically does have access the state does its darnedest to make a self-fulfilling prophecy of the failure of the affordable care act. by not promoting to the people that they're eligible for the health care changes.
11:36 pm
if we expanded medicaid me but help make many more people productive members of this society because we would treat the chronic conditions that keeps them out of the workforce. we take a lot of federal money in this state we have no problem and it goes to veterans or roads or aid subsidies but the fact we refuse to take the $300 million so far i find immoral. >> moderator: now we will move on. michael yule answer first to talk about economic development. here's the question. improving economic development on a state wide scale is an issue many candidates have addressed is important for south dakota. can you provide a specific plan you will to implement that will improve south dakota even in the most rural areas of the state? nmyers: eleanor roosevelt
11:37 pm
said happiness is not a goal. it is a byproduct. i've with just economic development is a byproduct of the energy of what we can bring to all of the communities of course, i'm doing something that is radical to meet with lawyers and other people they said don't use the word. is hemp agricultural and industrial hemp north dakota the farm bureau wants it to put on top of a $1 billion industry particularly on the reservations that we refuse to take advantage of because of the lobbying influence of
11:38 pm
big oil, lumber and cotton growers. >> moderator: thank you for your answer. representative wismer provide specific plans to help employment to improve economic development even in the most rural parts of south dakota. wismer: that voters turn down the governor's first economic relevant program a few years ago at the polls. and the legislature came back we did a very good job to come together on a bipartisan basis with a compromise proposal that included several injured zero areas to economic development. but some of those extra taxes that economic developers find in south the columbia also included four very important elements. number 1a housing provision
11:39 pm
so projected to be in our small communities, that perhaps don't have enough housing stock we could address those issues. also included a provision so english as a second language got a boost in the education formula. also a provision to help small communities address infrastructure needs and roads and water and sewer projects and address the need small communities have to build infrastructure person know and capability to address the economic development. but this year it tore apart that funding mechanism and put it at risk for the next several years. thank you. >> governor you too can talk about economic development
11:40 pm
so provide specific plans to implement economic development emperor of -- even in rural parts of south dakota. daugaard: i have to laugh there is the assertion i tore apart funding when it was the belief it would generate $7 million per year into that program by pre-funded that $30 million if that tears apart the funding above to have people tear apart the funding all day long and has great success over the last four years from voters to raise to energy and employers have added new locations all over the state. the more common situation is the existing employers that are growing those that added
11:41 pm
new workers this year. with get the brand and the second expansion in four years with tremendous growth for three reasons we have a low cost and low tax environment and a great work forces by work hard to strengthen those factors to keep taxes low and repeal the necessary regulations in welding and machines and other areas and scholarship dollars for high demand high tech jobs we have a gain of the jobs we have lost that is not economic development and i don't know what is. >> moderator: we're at the rebuttal portion of this issue of economic
11:42 pm
development. myers: we live in a different world of information technology and can no longer expect big companies to come into the small towns we have to optimize the ability we cannot have clinics because they're too small but information and technology i believe is an area to bring the quality of life to these small towns from centerville that we don't lock our doors the vicky's then the car and information technology is one way to keep fatality in our communities. wismer: as i was referring to the funding mechanism for economic development, my reference was it is a battle between the executive and
11:43 pm
legislative branch. it is the small plane to involving the citizens but it is very important to the continuing confidence we can have with a balanced approach to economic development and that has been threatened by the changes made to use the plan daugaard: no rebuttal teeeighteen we will move on we will begin with representative -- representative wismer to talk about 85 serious problems with south dakota's program which is a federal program designed to improve rural development it could be considered one of the bigger political scandals if you should win the job as south dakota a governor how we work to insure incidents
11:44 pm
like what has happened do not happen again? wismer: you have 90 seconds. wismer: the major takeaway fora the state is an example of the consequences of what happens when real-estate governments to be completely in control of one party for 40 years. not just legislative but executive as well. and have a a democrat in the governor's chair would solve the problem. as i tried to understand all the pieces of this puzzle the lines between public and private have become so blurred over the last 40 years that it is difficult
11:45 pm
for those involved to tell the difference between. as a member of the government operations committee from the beginning and was asking let's not just talk about what it was that this governor wanted to talk about which is the topic that he prescribed but instead the ads talk about this program because i knew that as a resident of the northeastern part of this state that there were bad things happening we were conducting business in the good name of the state of south dakota and there were bad actors involved and that needed to stop. so the solution is balance with state government teeeighteen. >> moderator: will go next. the question is if you should win the job of south dakota governor how we do work to richard incidents
11:46 pm
that happened with the program in our state don't happen again? daugaard: it is 98 program might administration has emphasized that when i learned the u.s. attorney was investigating this issue i asked the state attorney general to undertake a separate investigation and wanted to know about it when the attorney general's investigation became available i immediately made it public because the report indicated the potential for internal controls diaster three separate audits. to buy separate epa firms and an audit by the department of the legislative audit controlled by the legislature not the governor. with those are available and made them public. every turn offer the legislature that i had an
11:47 pm
answer to every question i can. to look at the audits to identify the ways to strengthen internal controls is exactly where you want to do to avoid recurrence of any wrongdoing to be the target of any investigation i believe criminal prosecutions are the province of the state's attorney general and u.s. attorney and i invite those who claim there are bad actors to come forward with their names and identify them. if there truly worthy of indictment than the system is there to indict them teeeighteen if you should win the job of south dakota governor how we work to insure incidents like the program in south dakota? myers: bad actors like governor daugaard and those previously but when i'm governor i will supply a
11:48 pm
special independent attorney and send out invitations for governor daugaard and others to come in under oath we have had no testimony under oath to testify were that $70 million is that. to have testimony in front of a committee. they are out of order. because pushing them to issue subpoenas and the governor i will try to accomplish that. >> moderator: we have some time for rebuttals representative wismer you have 30 seconds. wismer: it is important for the citizens of south dakota to know this governor did learn about litigation regarding the activities he had taken in a separate
11:49 pm
signing of the contract. his office was surprised february 2009. also, it is important to wonder why this administration did not hire richard. why was that? also this administration did not stop the activity until just one year ago. >> moderator: governor daugaard you have time for rebuttal. daugaard: it is important to remind the viewers that was not an office february 2009 and was not the governor was the lieutenant governor under the state constitution it performs the duties assigned to him and this was not in any way my assignment so to suggest to had some knowledge is stretching the truth. >> moderator: michael you also have 30 seconds. myers: i believe this is
11:50 pm
south dakota is watergate and we will find that out when i am governor. >> moderator: we will move on. governor daugaard to talk about natural disasters. south dakota has dealt with its sheriff natural disasters. they have taken a toll on the citizens mentally and financially. the state cannot always depend on the federal government to provide assistance after a disaster. what can be done at the state level to provide more security should a future natural disasters hit? daugaard: i am proud of the record my administration has just six months into office we had record flooding on the missouri river i called up the national guard and we had the largest activation in the state's history in
11:51 pm
response and we scrambled do build levees umbel sides of the river and those others downstream in the years that followed responded to record numbers of wildfires we responded to ice storms and this summer flooding again on the sioux river and a tornado. in every instance to have acted promptly to call up the national guard to provide aid when needed and local governments are the first responders this stage is always that the ready to provide help we come in to offer the ideas of suggestions of what can be provided. financially we have always been careful to arrange for repairs for its advanced defenses that qualify for
11:52 pm
feed the reimbursement where available and we have a good record with european -- with assistance to appeal the decision against it and we were successful so we have a big job to provide financial assistance where we could teeeighteen what can be done and at this state level to provide more security in the event we have a natural disaster in the future? myers: when we recognize that water and storms and snow they do not respect county lines when counties struggle and fight and compete over the cost of that damage i believe governor daugaard have done this many to bring them together if there is no way
11:53 pm
to share in the cost of responding to mother nature. >> moderator: representative wismer you go last what can be done at the state level to have more security should a future natural disaster hit south dakota? wismer: i am quite familiar with the dollar's that assists and recovering from disasters the wildfires and the floods. the average person would be surprised how many of those come from the federal government and it is incumbent upon us to be sure we spend those as wisely as possible i just read this week using disaster money they received to bury the
11:54 pm
power lines and we definitely need to do that because we have incurred millions and millions of dollars the last few years and one way to finally put an end is to get the power lines underground. as far as concerns did we have appropriate communication with the army corps of engineers had the opportunity to listen to the corps of engineers that to change the communication methods to make sure that is what happened to make sure it does not have been in again but it keeps us going in south dakota.
11:55 pm
daugaard: i have no rebuttal myers: i just have one observation please tell big government to go away. we like other people's big government and my friend said this health dakota had to stand on its own financial feat it would look like cuba of. we will take advantage of all the federal dollars with exactly that. >> getting close to the end time for one additional bonus question and you will each have one minute to respond there is no time for a rebuttal but it has to do with transparency. you will go first year is your question.
11:56 pm
what is one concrete thing you would do if elected to make south dakota government more transparent? >> we will have a forum to say mr. meyer's sure the most wonderful governor river ran into with your background experience we admire everything you have got our they call to say how could we ever have elected a person like you? i want to open dialogue and that will be a populism my government style teeeighteen representative wismer you go next. if elected what we do to make south dakota government
11:57 pm
more transparent? wismer: as a democratic legislator if it is frustrating as all decisions are made behind closed doors we tell our counties and schools and cities they need to put all business out in the open but in a decision of consequence is made in the closed governors' conference room or a closed caucus or the pre-committee committee meeting this and permission is parceled out in the manner choose carry out and to put another party in control to gerrymander the whole stage as much as they want but not the stage as a whole and south dakota could have some balance if we put the democrats into
11:58 pm
the governor's chair. >> moderator: what is one concrete thing you do to champion if the elected to make cells the coated government more transparent? daugaard: i will offer some examples of ways i have already made government more transparent with the task force with the newspaper association it is an improvement to the open meetings clause and open record clause. with the legislature would not support them but we got those legislative changes so people can understand is rules are created through the rulemaking process to follow it more easily. riposted the economic development awards on the web site one concreting and
11:59 pm
would do in the future is to improve the access citizens have to boards and commissions minutes to make a centralized web site to find access to over 100 boards and commissions teeeighteen it is time for the closing comments part of this debate. they will share their closing remarks each will have one minute to determine the order in which they would go and it will be representative wismer first followed by governor daugaard and then michael myers will have the final words tonight. representative wismer this is your opportunity to share your final thoughts with our
12:00 am
south dakota viewers. . . i'm tired of being told, it could be worse. when our future could be so much better. we're better than that. here in south dakota. and we should and can more than that from


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