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tv   Florida Gubernatorial Debate  CSPAN  October 22, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> tomorrow a patient tested positive. will you transfer that patient to one of the four hospitals outside of the state that has biocontainment unit? or are you completely confident that they could treat that without any health care workers in place? >> here is what we have done so far and i would feel comfortable that we are doing the right thing here in florida. this is how i thought about it. we have almost 20 million people in the state and about 100 million tourists that come to the this state and we have health care workers and first responders.
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my goal is to make everyone feel comfortable that we are prepared. just like if there was going to be a hurricane, we would be prepared for it. so the first thing if we'd asked for more from the cdc, testing kits and others as well. we have asked for more protective gear and we asked for doing a conference call to explain to the workers what happened in atlanta versus what happened in dallas. i used to be in a hospital and we did that yesterday, that was a positive. we have asked if we can use some of the federal funding in our agencies to buy more equipment. they have allowed us to do that with their money and the state money and protective gear and so we are headed in the right direction. >> so you feel comfortable with the patients anywhere. okay, in the last debate, you gave the governor high marks when it came to the handling of ebola.
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so what grade would you give them in regards to the handling of this crisis for president obama? >> i would get him a number eight. i think the federal administration is doing a commendable job with a difficult situation, and i think it is important that the president work with governors throughout the country to make sure that we are doing everything humanly possible to be prepared and not panic for this issue and i think working with the cdc is important as well with this issue. anyone in the public health arena who has experience with scenarios like this need to rely on them most importantly. >> moderator: okay, let's bring in the department of justice for the next question. >> governor, it is an honor to be a voice for florida voters tonight. we have a question now from facebook. a questioner from ormond beach. why should we trust charlie crist? his views on education and abortion, it seems like it is
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something that is expedient for charlie crist. can you respond to him and the other voters? scott: you are true to your core beliefs and how you are raised. the republican leadership has gone so far to the right under the tea party kidnapping, if you will, it is not consistent with what how i was raised in st. petersburg. on abortion i have always been pro-life, but i never felt that it was right for government to impose its will. i think it's important for women to be able to make their own choices about their own bodies and governor scott has a different point of view on that. i am somebody that you can trust and who i have always been and i call it the way i see it and i am for education and we ought to raise the minimum wage and these are things i have else strongly about and always have. >> moderator: governor, what you have to say?
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>> one thing as charlie said, he has taken a position to get elected and when you say that, we have to talk about what he actually believes. whether it's on taxes or education or abortion or women's rights. what is he doing this to get elected? >> moderator: charlie crist, you can respond about. crist: we talked about how you know he is telling the truth? have you know that rick is telling the truth? well, this is a man whose company was charged with medicare fraud and had to end up paying the largest fine for medicare fraud in the history of the united states of america. $1.7 billion. and i think the you actually worked on the story, jake, and you did a great job. but when you bring that kind of background and the governor's office and then you have the kind of cronyism that we have in the scott administration, it makes it hard to believe anything he said.
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scott: writer is right there is a big difference between charlie and the and i building something from scratch. when something went wrong i take responsibility. and charlie has never taken responsibility. testifying under oath that he was paying judges. he won't take responsibility. his party chairman went to prison. and charlie said he is not responsible. -- >> moderator: thank you, governor. scott: the notion that he would put millions of dollars behind the commercial commercial where someone is a convicted felon is stunning. that is so interesting. rick, you talk about being
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accountable. how would you accountable with hca at all? you paid no fines, you didn't give any money back and you left with a couple million dollars when your kids out of the board. i do not call that being responsible. >> moderator: let me ask a direct question of each of you having to do with charges that each of you have leveled just now against the other. governor scott, you said you have taken responsibility for what happened at columbia hca. what specifically are you taking responsibility for? what happened at that firm resulting in a $1.75 billion fine that you say i was responsible to . scott: i thought about what could i have done better? what can i do better? i could've hired more auditors and i wish i would have done that. but let's remember that i said i'm responsible for that. charlie is not responsible for 832,000 jobs lost, raising taxes $2.2 million area raising
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tuition when he said he was against all those things and when we elected him saying that he was a ronald reagan republican and then he did just the opposite. he will not respond to the fact that did he -- what charges did he appoint for the campaign contribution? crist: zero, zero. scott: what did he know that jim grewe was doing when he is committing fraud? even though he is a republican. >> he gave all of the money back, you are just wrong. scott: he didn't give all the money back. crist: we will see in the paper tomorrow. >> moderator: governor charlie crist, can you respond. crist: i'm ready for your question. i think we should move on. >> moderator: so the question is about the charge that he leveled against you. there have been a number of close associates of yours that gone to prison. what does that say about your judgment? crist: well, you know, i don't
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have a crystal ball you can't always foresee what people are going to do in their future. i met people that later took a bad turn and it happens and it's unfortunate. it happened to jeb bush. he picked a secretary at the department of corrections that is now in federal prison. i mean, those things happen. you can't always foresee that someone might go back later on a and i know different than governor bush was in that scenario. >> moderator: let's move on. governor scott, reporters investigating the finances have found that federal documents appear to show that you have much more money tied up in family trusts that you have disclosed. why not do what the state constitution requires and file a quote on public disclosure of your financial interests. what i'm looking for here is what is the reason for your reel of runs to provide the information to the voters, of a state that prides itself on an open government. scott: i believe in open government. that is what i have done. in 2010 when i ran i disclosed the assets. i did exactly what the grand
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jury suggested under charlie that i put my asset in a blind trust. why do you do that? so you don't know what you own to do if you don't have any assets you don't have a conflict. jeb bush did it, alex did it, and i did the same thing. but on top of that i disclosed everything in the blind trust and i also filed my tax returns, mine and also my wife's return. i have done that and charlie has not. charlie has not released his and his wife's tax return like jeb bush did, like alex sync did, like bill mcbride did and like i did. but i have disclosed everything and will continue to do so. crist: i have disclosed all of my tax returns and i think i have done so for the last 15 years. rick scott has not done that. he talks about the fact that my wife has not. that is true and we filed separately. and i believe in a woman's right to choose. i'm going to protect her from that if that is what she wants.
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but i don't think that that is fair for governor scott to try to impose this to my wife great she is not running for anything or if very this is an election between you and me. >> moderator: this is an issue for most among the minds of florida voters. that is jobs and the economy. governor crist, more than 8000 jobs were lost -- 800,000 jobs were lost when you were governor. and now florida did have the second-highest job loss in the nation. are you saying that you are not to blame for any of the jobs lost when you were governor? crist: no, i do not think i was and i will tell you why. when i came in to office we were starting to experience a real estate all down and particular. we are in florida. we depend on real estate a lot in our state. i know the viewer is get that. what rick scott doesn't get is that even though he talks about creating more than 600,000 jobs, i was not responsible for the global economic meltdown any
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more responsible than brick was for the national economic recovery. as someone who flies around in a private jet and live on a mansion on the ocean, it's hard to understand what people are suffering from. this is probably the most important thing that i will say tonight. the real difference in this race is that i understand what you are dealing with. i talk to people working two in three jobs every day out there. i am on your side and unfortunately rick scott is not. >> moderator: governor scott, do you want to respond? scott: well, first off charlie, you grew up with money. i grew up with families that struggle. i don't know my natural father. i lived in public housing and i know what it's like to watch a pair and lose the only family car that we have. i watched my parents struggle when my brother couldn't get health care. charlie, i didn't grow up with money and you did. you grew up with plenty of money. you lost more jobs than any state but one. we have the second highest
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increase in unemployment in the country and a million homes were foreclosed upon. >> moderator: thank you, governor. let's go back now -- crist: may i respond quick? >> moderator: staying on the topic. crist: okay, great. in the gubernatorial debate you promised he you would create 700,000 new jobs, quote on top of what normal growth would be. economists expected that to be a million jobs. if you add that together it 1.7 million new jobs so far. as of today we looked at the numbers. 626,000 new jobs have been created, well short of your remark. so why aren't you meeting your own benchmark to . scott: sure. i ran on a campaign of seven steps to 700,000 jobs over seven years. we have 651,000 private sector jobs so far. normal growth was so far, do you
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would lose 832,000 jobs. normal growth would be double that. normal growth at the time was unemployment going from 3.5 of 211.1%. so no more growth under charlie would be now unemployment at 18%. if you look at what the normal growth was when i took office, he was losing 800,000 jobs over four years. we've added 651,000 jobs and we have 261,000 job openings averaging those are the top 25 in demand is $27 per hour, $55,000 annual income and we're down to a little over 10,000 people of unemployment. so that is a state that is on a roll. crist: yes, there are 600,000 people that are still unemployed in florida. another 700,000 that are not on the job roles anymore. what i think is important is to understand what they are dealing with and their challenges. we have to look at who we can
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support and why the two of us are running. i'm running to defend the middle class and i'm running to give you a chance. i always thought that rick scott is fighting for the big utility companies and the property insurance companies. that is whose side he's on and that is the difference in the race. scott: can i respond? >> moderator: yes, of course. scott: i think the truth is that he's never had to worry about money his whole life. he didn't have to worry about money like i did growing up. when you start a business wondering if you can make the payroll. charlie never did these things and he didn't have parents worried about putting food on the table or paying for health care. what i think about every day is i ran for governor for this reason. i want the state to be the place where any family from any country or zip code or whatever, you can live and dream. the dream is that you can get a great job and your children can get a great education so they can live the dream. >> moderator: governor crist if you want to respond.
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crist: thank you, if that is so, then why doesn't the governor fight for the middle-class consumers that i meet every single day that are paying higher utility bills, insurance bills, property bills, they go higher and higher every year of his administration. and i was elected governor, called an emergency special session to reduce your property insurance bills and we did it. then i called another one to reduce property taxes and got it done. that is someone who is looking out for you and someone who is on your side. he is on the side of the big utility companies. scott: first of all, utility rates went up turning charlie and went down since i have been. crist: he is wrong. scott: you can go to saks you said they would drop like a rock. charlie, we have 48% when you were governor. third on property insurance. you put the state at significant risk for each hurricane the
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average household would be responsible for $1800 of additional fees because of what you did to citizens. >> moderator: thank you, governor. would you like to respond? crist: yes, we haven't had a hurricane in eight years and your property insurance rates have gone through the roof. that is because rick scott is not letting the department of insurance regulate insurance. he signed a bill last year that said the department of insurance regulation cannot regulate insurance. does that make sense to anybody? it certainly doesn't make sense the people at home paying higher insurance rates because of your administration. >> moderator: both of you disagree on the minimum wage raise, which is currently in florida, $7.93 an hour. governor crist wants to raise it to $10.10 an hour. governor scott, you have said that you oppose raising the minimum wage because you think he would be a job killer. verify this. do you support the principle of minimum wage to do you support
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the concept of minimum wage? scott: sure. >> moderator: what should it be? scott: how would i know -- i mean, the private sector decides wages. let's look at what actually happened. with charlie he said he wants to raise the minimum wage. that includes the budget office would lose 500,000 jobs. charlie lost 832,000 jobs when you were governor and how many more jobs can you lose? he can do anything he wants with the minimum wage. but actually under charlie the minimum wage was zero. he went 832,000 people that went from making money to zero. he should be known as the zero wage governor. i don't want to lose any more jobs. think about where we are. 261,000 job openings averaging come for the top 25 in demand is $27 per hour. that is how you get better wages. like lockheed martin, northrop grumman and you have to realize
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that he never did this when he was governor. >> moderator: governor scott, if i could just drill down for a second. you said the support the concept of a minimum wage but then he said the private sector sets it. .. and spend a little bit more and the economy benefits.
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>> moderator: some economists say raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour were cost 50,000 jobs in florida, 500,000 nationwide. we spoke with an orlando business owner and she said she done the math and the minimum wage was up to $10.10 an hour and she would have to lay off one of her employees. what's your message to one employee who would be laid off? crist: the reason i think so is because people deserve it. my wife pays her employees $10.10 an hour because she knows it's the right thing to do. how can someone get by on $7.93 an hour? as i said before i talk to people everyday that tell me they're having to work two and three jobs just to make ends meet. that's not an economy that's humming along. for somebody like rick scott and you have a private jet and fly 30,000 feet above all the time
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or live in an oceanfront oceanfront mansion near the touch and you're not feeling what the people at home are we dealing. they i was the governor before and that was that property insurance companies. i will do it again and in 14 days to get the opportunity to make that change. motsek governor scott. scott: charlie just said that 50,000 individuals. he doesn't care. that one employee charlie doesn't care. the reasoning doesn't care as he's never experienced it. i watched a parent lose the only family car. i watched a father struggle to buy christmas presents and i went to that as a child. charlie grew up with plenty of money. he's never had to worry about money. charlie has done fine and what i'm going to fight for every day is what is in the last three years and nine months i'm going to fight for families. crist: he talks about i've done fine in life.
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when i was a kid we lived in a small apartment in atlanta when my dad was going to medical school and he used to deliver newspapers to make ends meet. so you don't know me and you can't tell my story and i'm not going to tell yours but i know you are worth about 100 or $200 million today and god bless you for that wealth break but the way you got it was unsavory. the fekla you just don't relate to people, real people in florida today and the struggles they have and you won't lower utility rates. you won't lower property insurance, it's wrong. scott: charlie raised utility rates. they have come down since i was governor. we borrowed $9 billion. someone has to pay that off. when you took office life -- a family wanted to buy prepaid to send their child to university for $100 a month. four years later charlie it was $250 a month. you can't afford your cause.
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>> moderator: we do have to take a quick break but when we come back the governors are not the only ones on the ballot. medical marijuana is as well. we'll get their take on that next. ♪ ♪ >> moderator: welcome back to debate high. we are in jacksonville florida for the final debate in this heated governor's race. we have a lot to cover so let's get back to our questions. as i mentioned before the break medical marijuana sauce on the ballot this november. governor scott you signed a law allowing a mild form of marijuana to be used by and suffering from cancer epilepsy and als. we spoke with seth timon of western florida who says it's that great of marijuana almost certainly will not be enough for
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his 8-year-old daughter when her seizures cause her to stop reading. what is your message to seth? that says you're not giving his daughter real chance. scott: i want to make sure everybody gets the health care they need. anyone who has a built in illness i want to make sure you get that. we did that. we started this year with "charlotte's web." i think the right thing to do is to continue to go back through the legislative process and find treatments that work and let's make sure we get those two individuals all around our state but let's make sure they are things that are safe for your family. we were going through the "charlotte's web" this year and i wanted to make sure was safe for everybody. crist: i support the medical marijuana amendment and the reason i do is i think it's a compassionate thing to do. my law partner john morgan has
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worked hard to get on the ballot and i commend him for that. i think it's important to have done so because he did it out of compassion for his brother, compassion for his father. i happen to have a sister a little over a year ago was diagnosed with brain cancer. thank god she is doing well. but if people like her will work to get into multiple sclerosis and they need something more powerful than oxycontin is a good alternative. >> moderator: governor there has been a lot of questions about the florida state football team specifically football players have gotten with crimes ranging from cart that's almost as if they are protected. you are proud of the two alumnus. you think this is a serious problem at fsu or as some boosters would have it is the media taking cheap shots? scott: i think it's a serious problem. whenever you have an allocation of the types that we have seen you've got to take it seriously. i used to be the attorney
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general and i understand what justice means. you've got to approach in the fairway. they have got to make sure there is balance just like on the scales of justice. but this isn't just an issue at florida state university. it's an issue across our country. we have seen a lot of focus on it and i think that's a good thing. we have seen the stories out of the nfl. this is a problem america has and we have to address is in a serious way. we have to have law enforcement that addresses are properly and state attorneys or whoever might bring those charges to do a thorough check -- investigation and afford a perfectly. >> moderator: governor scott is fsu have a problem? scott: first of all every athlete every student is held to the highest standard so i think if their allegations they need to be reviewed. there shouldn't be different standards for anybody. anybody involved whether they are going to the schools or state attorneys everyone should be held to the high standards. >> moderator: are they being held to the high standards? scott: was going on with the fsu
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issue is the state attorney reviewed it and decided not to proceed but it's going back through nagl. the process at fsu and they will go through that process and they will review it through the normal channels but every student is held to the high standards in the same standards. >> moderator: governor scott during your term as governor florida came second to only the state of texas in executions. quote as governor signs a lot of death warrants for whatever reason. i did not find a lot of them because i took it very seriously unquote. governor crist seems to be suggesting you don't think this process seriously what is your response? scott: the death penalty is a solemn duty. something that is difficult to do but these individuals have done heinous crimes. i think about the families and i think about the victims and i review the cases and i'm very cautious.
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in that case but they have done heinous crimes. i have met with the victims families and it gives those families some you know conclusion to what's going on. i see them sometimes around the state in what i think a lot all the time is -- >> moderator: governor crist do you think governor scott doesn't take it seriously? crist: lessig at the pass. he has signed death warrants and i've signed death warrants as well as the most somber at the governor has to do as the governor. knowing your name is on a piece of paper and is going to result in the death of another human being and if that doesn't make you think seriously about what's happening nothing will. but just this past year in execution here in florida was delayed by the governors of the attorney general could go forward and have a political fund-raiser. to me and my way of thinking
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that doesn't sound like somebody is taking bout solemn duty as seriously as they should. i don't understand that and i don't know what all the facts were. the only facts i do know is in execution was delayed because the attorney general of florida wanted to hold a political fund-raiser and that can't be delayed without the governor's consent. >> moderator: governor scott. scott: charlie said it. he doesn't know the facts. he doesn't know what i go through, the prayers i do. it's a solemn duty. what i think about are those victims. if you read the cases of what these individuals have done to those victims you won't feel good about doing it but it's my duty to do it as governor and i will continue to do it. crist: i asked him a simple question. did the attorney general the attorney general asking to delay
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the execution so she could go forward with their political fund-raising? motsek you can answer that. scott: she asked me to delay it because it didn't work on the day she thought it was going to be on. she apologized. what would you like her to do? she apologized charlie. crist: answer the question. >> moderator: governor crist in discussing way left the republican party said the following. quote i couldn't be consistent with my core beliefs and say with a party that was unfriendly toward the african-american president. i was a republican and i saw the activism that they were doing. it was an intolerable to me" maxa clarify if you wait for florida voters are you saying there are so many races in the republican party you couldn't remain a republican? crist: i'm saying that element exists. my mother and father were republicans. they don't have a racist bone in their body but what is at work
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here is a simple thing and if you remember back in 2008 in some of the e-mails that were distributed about the president by some members, not all of the republican party they weren't exactly flattering. i think you probably can research and find out what i'm talking about but it wasn't right. and i can tell you their reaction i had gotten from some in the republican party leadership was not tolerable. and it was pretty clear to me it wasn't just because i was wanting to work across the aisle with the democrats to get the recovery funds to come to florida. it was also apparent to me because he was the first african-american president. i don't enjoy saying that. it's not fun to say but i'm going to tell the truth and those are the facts. >> moderator: governor scott. scott: charlie you are a mudslinger. you are a divider. the entire time you're been in politics what you have done is -- you are an advice -- a
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divider. we live in a wonderful stay. we are the best melting pot in the world. we have so many wonderful people here that come from all over the world and you want to try to divide it. i want everybody, i want everybody to have the same shot i had to live the american dream. crist: nothing could be further from the truth. i reached across the aisle when i was your governor. i worked with the president to get recovery funds. governor rick scott won't work with the president even to get high-speed rail which is so important as central florida and essentially the whole state. it would have meant $2.4 billion to florida and some say 60,000 jobs. he will not lift a finger to get medicaid expansion done and as a result the million floridians watching tonight aren't getting health care today as a result of that inaction on rick scott part plus would bring 120,000 jobs. >> moderator: would you like
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to respond to that? scott: first off charlie, he left me with a $3.6 billion budget deficit. he borrowed $9 billion. you borrowed everything it could and then you left a private donor table that would have cost billions of dollars and you want to talk about medicaid, your governor -- you were governor. why didn't you expand it right then? i actually have worked with the federal government. as an example something you wouldn't do, we settled the decades-old lawsuit over the everglades. >> moderator: governor crist. crist: governor scott doesn't work with the administration. he asked for their help when we had a crisis like a bowl and that's the right thing to do but you know when we are offered 60,000 jobs in high-speed rail, $120,000 -- jobs and medicare expansion governor scott says no. he is all talk and no action as a result those tens of thousands of floridians i would have a job today and are stalled economy
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rick aren't getting the employment that they need. that's just not right. you are not on their side and i am. >> moderator: governor. scott: charlie heuer the last that should be talking about jobs. you lost 832,000 jobs. charlie government does not create jobs. you can talk all you want but you didn't take action to help create jobs. you would work with economic development. we have won 400 competitive projects with companies like hertz and lockheed-martin and northrop-grumman to to move or expand here. you would never have given back any those phonecalls. >> moderator: let's talk about the jobs program. what governor scott says is i will guarantee $266 million for corporations outside of florida to come to florida for jobs that are promised. the "tampa bay times" and the "miami herald" did a great piece and found only 4% of the jobs promised actually were created.
8:37 pm
that's a 96% failure on your jobs program. what would i duke because you deserve to know. in two weeks you have got to decide that i would invest it in small businesses here in florida. go to fair shot our web site that talks about her plan. >> moderator: thank you governor. i'd like to move move on if i could that i want to ask a question about the 2012 -- scott: may i explain? ge said they would have 500 jobs that we didn't budget with them. it was a competitive bid and buy one. charlie you don't add jobs in one day and we don't give them the money until the end of the jobs that were not out the money until then. charlie you have this job. why didn't you do all these great things you're talking about because you sure talk that you take no action. >> moderator: thank you very much. crist: i was serving during the global economic -- in the
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economy in florida was starting to come back when you came into office because of the policies i had like accepting the recovery money from bethesda. that kept us from having to fire 20,000 schoolteachers. those are real jobs in the matters to them so i am action and i got things done and i will do it again and i will work with anybody republican democrat or independent that will bring jobs here and you won't. >> moderator: i would like to move on if i could governor scott. i would like to talk about the 2012 shooting of trayvon martin. issues we have seen time and again perhaps most recently and notably in ferguson missouri. this is a larger issue that i see coming up in these issues governor scott and it's a simple yes or no question. do you believe african-americans especially young african-american men, do you think that they get a fair shake in the criminal justice system?
8:39 pm
scott: i can tell you about the trayvon martin case. >> moderator: you said your goal is but do they and what you doing to get there if you want to be there? scott: first of all and trayvon martin case i sat down with sabrina the mom and tracy the dead. i introduced them directly to the individuals at the florida department of law enforcement that would do the investigation and i told them in person i was going to bring in a special prosecutor to make sure justice was heard. so i'm going to do everything i can to make sure in every case like that the right thing happens. here's what we have done. we have completely changed how we do criminal justice. we have had a dramatic drop in the number of arrests since i was elected. we at the lowest recidivism out of our prison system because we have put in a re-entry program and we have helped make sure if you've got out of prison you get a job and you can get a job today unlike under charlie when he couldn't get a job.
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are we making progress? yes. is there more work to do? absolutely. >> moderator: we combat the one issue that people say the next governor of florida must deal with is coming up. >> moderator: make -- two weeks from election night this is the final debate in the race for governor being broadcast on "cnn" and on "cnn" and a spaniel. go to "cnn." let's get back to the debate. governor crist he wanted to weigh in on that question i asked governor scott on whether specifically african-american young males get a fair shake from the system. crist: i don't think they do. i think it's sad that i think it's important everyone is treated equally. as i said earlier tonight i used to service the attorney general
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and the file civil rights cases to make sure that all people were being treated fairly. one particular dealt dealt with a hotel in florida called the southern and where they were discriminating against african-american children swimming in the pool but the more important issue here is restoration of rights. when i was governor that brought restoration of rights that for nonviolent felons so they could have a chance to get a job. sadly under rick scott it's gone and has been gone for five years. you can even apply. scott: here's charlie's plan. commit a heinous plan and as soon as you get out of jail you get to vote. as soon as you walk out. you have intentional permanent disfigurement of a child, you walk out of jail and immediately get to vote. crist: you are lying again. scott: you can look up exactly what you did and i completely disagree with that. crist: it's very unfair.
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i recommend he go to fair shot and able find out the truth. >> moderator: governor crist you support lifting the embargo against cuba and you say you like to travel after the election. governor scott calls the castro brother terrorists. would you be willing to meet with raul castro when you are in cuba? scott: i would not. let's talk about the embargo and a broader sense. the embargo has been in place for over 50 years and it has not worked. the intent of the embargo was to get rid of the castro brothers. they are still there so that is a flawed program that has worked and people on the island are still suffering. i have compassion and i care about people and i don't want to see them suffer. in addition if we were able to open up relations with the island of cuba and the cuban people learn from the dissidents and gets better and cited what they are dealing with. god bless you.
8:43 pm
in addition have the opportunity to every development on the island. the natural launching pad for all that redevelopment if we can move forward is the state of florida and that would help florida's economy and would help our hemisphere and hopefully bring more freedom. >> moderator: governor scott i want to ask you a question. crist: the only thing that is change with regard to the castro brothers is charlie's position. they are terrorists. there is no democracy there and there are human rights violations. they are part of the madiera regime where they are killing peaceful protesters. i wouldn't be mingling with the castro brothers. do not in the embargo long-term have democracy. >> will want to take a question from facebook regarding
8:44 pm
immigration and specifically driver driver's licenses. governor crist we can start with you. carla from north miami beach florida asks do you support giving driver's licenses regardless of legal status, not just a dreamer's? crist: it's important. i am the grandson of the great democrat. my grandfather came to this country when he was 14 years old and didn't have any money. they had a dream of coming to a place called america that would give him a chance. he fought in world war i and was honorably discharged and he gained his citizenship. he was able to get a driver's license. young people today should be able to get a driver's license but my running mate is an immigrant herself from colombia. we are a nation of immigrants in the florida is a shining example of how promising that diversity can be. we need to do everything we can to move immigration comprehensive immigration reform forward and if elected governor i would encourage congress and our senators to work with the administration to get that done.
8:45 pm
>> moderator: governor scott. scott: this is why were having this conversation. the prisons are filled and he has a were to get immigration reform them. now we have a humanitarian crisis on our border where we have unaccompanied minors coming across the border. we need to have comprehensive immigration reform. we need to have immigration reform or we haven't. we have people immigrating to this country. if you want to come to this country know how to emigrate and if you are sure you know what the rules are but the reason we have been having these conversations is because the president has failed. he needs a policy that works. >> moderator: let me ask is a follow-up response. saying on the same subject on immigration reform you have raised senator rubio for his efforts and immigration reform. one clarification i think the voters of florida would appreciate. do you support the part of senator rubio's bill that would provide a path to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants in this country? specifically that part.
8:46 pm
scott: i crochet with senator rubio tried. he tried to get comprehensive immigration reform done but i don't think you can talk about this in pieces. you have to take the whole package and the president has failed it. he hasn't done it. he is a work with congress. he is a secure their borders and by not securing our borders and makes it difficult to get anything done because americans, the first thing they want with regard to immigration a secure borders and then i want to have a comprehensive policy in he won't do it. >> moderator: do you support the path to citizenship in the bill? allan fung i want a comprehensive package done. >> moderator: do you support that if it's part of the comprehensive bill? crist: i supported and it's not that the hasn't tried to move forward on this issue. there are a lot of components. there are three branches as a matter of fact and the congress
8:47 pm
particularly the house of representatives has not been particularly helpful in helping the administration try to move forward so to blame it on the administration is disingenuous. that's just not true. let's talk about where rick scott was on immigration when he ran for governor last time. he wanted to bring about an arizona style wall and florida were law enforcement officers were able to pull people over because of you know maybe they looked wrong but that's just not right. scott: i believe in legal immigration and the rule of law but let's look at what i did do the charlie said was the wrong thing to do. if you live in our state you should -- [inaudible] charlie said when the legislature didn't pass before that they do the right thing so charlie was against that but we did the right thing. whatever country you grew up in if you live in florida yet have the same rights as your peers. crist: but now you won't get a driver's license. >> moderator: governor scott one other subject. scientists in the state are
8:48 pm
concerned about it and people that live near the beach are concerned about climate change. whenever you asked about whether or not climate changes caused by man in part or whole you say you are not a scientist that you are governor. doctors advise you on ebola and economists advise you on the economy. why are you so reluctant to believe the overwhelming majority o of scientists is a mn contributes to climate change? scott: here's what we have done. we have spent $350 million in dealing with sea level rise in the keys. or down in the miami area. we have spent $100 million on the coral reefs. we did a historic settlement over the everglades and put a start money door springs. despite these problems, charlie is going to talk about -- look you will have climate change global warming conferences in and then did nothing. he didn't put money in or do
8:49 pm
anything to settle the lawsuit over the everglades. he didn't put money into make sure our springs were protected that he will have a nice conference and talk a big game. under charlie nothing will happen. >> moderator: governor crist. crist: i believe in climate change and global warming and i think man plays a significant part in that. we did have conferences but i signed executive orders wreck the nature of which you have never signed to cut emissions. why do i believe is important to do that? i believe i'm renewable energy. i believe in clean energy like solar and wind. these are the kinds of things that i think are important set of continuing to be addicted to gasoline at the pump. that is who helped fund her campaign but those are the people i'm looking out for. i'm looking out for the people at home. we need to have more solar energy. >> moderator: we have to take a break that will make him back a question from a voter.
8:50 pm
>> welcome back to the final debate in the race for governor of florida. we only have a little time left so let me proceed right to this final question from facebook from susan mclain maxwell. she writes i would like each of the candidates to tell us one thing they wish florida would give them a do-over on. governor scott what you want to do over? scott: the biggest thing, i've called on companies for almost four years now and i wish there were more hours a in a day. i love traveling the state. my wife and i got every county. it's just really time. >> moderator: governor crist a do-over. crist: for me it's obvious, the opportunity to serve you again as your governor. i love florida and i want to make sure we have a florida where we look out for the middle class and support small business the mom and pops around the state where we protect our environment make sure we are doing the kinds of things floridians want and need and deserve better education not
8:51 pm
cutting or education budget would adding to it the way was when i was your governor before. two weeks from now you will make that vote and i hope to earn your vote. >> moderator: thank you governor. we had over 170,000 on line foes tonight and the results can be seen at"cnn." governor scott in governor crist thank you and thank thank you anchor kent justice and our "cnn" affiliates across florida. i'm jake tapper and i hope to see you again election night on "cnn" in two weeks. have a great night and of course remember to vote. ♪ you can see this and other debates from around the country on our web site here's a look at the kansas senate debate between incumbent republican pat roberts and independent greg orman.
8:52 pm
>> how should we deal with the ebola epidemic? >> the ebola epidemic along with isis shows you how we should secure the border and not be granting amnesty. but i issued a statement a couple of days ago. why can't we do now what we know we will have to do down the road and that is to have a quarantine on west africa stop the plane traffic, the air traffic from west africa to the united states. we also want to get our best and brightest in the country as fast as we can. the world health organization just said if we do not take action within the next 60 days we could lose 10,000 people a week. that's a humanitarian disaster. again this all goes back to isis and ebola and the other problems we see. we must secure the border and the national security of our fellow americans. >> moderator: mr. orman.
8:53 pm
orman: a bowl is a serious issue and i think we need to have a coordinated public health response to it that does include sending the best and brightest over to west africa to do what the problem. i also believe that we should suspend air travel from africa for the time being until the crisis is contained. but this goes back to sort of the crisis of leadership. senator roberts has come back and has made some very strong statements about ebola when he was back in kansas but it came out the other day that when he was in washington last month he skipped a hearing on the ebola virus. i think it's inappropriate to talk tough here and get when you've had an opportunity to do something about it senator you chose to stick to a hearing and i think that's a real problem. >> moderator: rebuttable senator roberts? roberts: the hearing was held in the labor and pensions committ
8:54 pm
committee. nothing of substance came of it. we have a crisis of leadership all right with regard to this whole situation. i think the administration and especially the president has been two steps behind it asleep at the wheel. we ought to do now, he said this was, we have a much more aggressive program. we don't know what it is but we will have a much more aggressive program. it is the president i think that we have to look to for this leadership and we were looking for his plan or strategy and we don't know it yet. we have to do this and we have to do it now. >> moderator: rebuttal. orman: a crisis in leadership in washington is on both sides of the aisle and senator what he didn't attend the hearing on ebola is also come out that you didn't attend two out of three hearings in the agriculture committee, committee that you want to lead someday so i think that crisis of leadership is a crisis of leadership that you share.
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>> now to providence for the rhode island governors debate between democratic candidate gina raimondo and republican allan fung. ms. raimondo is the current state treasure of rhode island and allan fung is the current mayor of cranston rhode island. "the cook political report" lists this race as leaning democrat. this hour-long debate is courtesy of wpri tv. >> the following is a special presentation. eyewitness news at an providence new jersey bringing live coverage. now campaign 2014 the gubernatorial debate. live from the providence performing arts center televised debate among the candidates for rhode island governor.
8:58 pm
good evening i am template. we are exactly two weeks from election day when voters are going to decide who they want to leave the state as their next governor. tonight we will try to help you identify the differences between the three major candidates looking for your vote and they are from left to right on your screen democrat gina raimondo republican allan fung and moderate robert healey. we will hear from them in a moment. for the next 60 minutes we will be going in depth. this debate is airing live on wpri and on line i will moderate and ask questions along with our panel or it our news partner at the providence journal said fitzpatrick. we will begin with opening remarks made to the candidates. a reminder to our audience we ask you to hold your applause until the very end of the debate so everyone here and is watching at home can hear what the
8:59 pm
candidates have to say. the order for opening remarks was determined by a drawing. we begin with allan fung. mr. fung was elected mayor of cranston in 2008 where he is doing his third term. before that he was legal counsel for metlife. mr. fung was a state prosecutor and graduated from rhode island college and suffolk university law school. mr. fung your opening remarks. fung: thank you. i have come to realize that this election is more than just about jobs and the economy. this election is about providing opportunities for all rhode islanders having a good paying job in providing a good education for students and most importantly keeping our families together here in our state. many years ago my parents left china not knowing a word of
9:00 pm
english to pursue the american dream and they chose rhode island. they started a family in a small family business. i'm running for governor so the next generation can have the same opportunities that they did and for the viewers at home better watching i am open to earn your trust and support. we no rhode island is a great place to live. together we are going to make a great place to work. >> moderator: thank you mr. fung and now gina raimondo elected general treasure in 2010 prior to that she cofounded a venture capital firm a rhodes scholar ms. raimondo graduated harvard and yale law school. your opening remarks. raimondo: thank you and good evening everyone. rhode island is in a jobs crisis. everyday i talk to families. they tell me that kids have to leave the state to get a job. some of them have been out of work for two years. they want to be working building things in rhode island. in order to bring this economy


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