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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 19, 2014 4:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the presiding officer: are there any senators in the chamber wishing to vote or change their vote? the yeas and nays are 56, the noes are 50. -- 40. the motion is agreed to. the presiding officer: the clerk will report the nomination. the clerk: madeline cox arleo
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of new jersey to be district judge for the district of new jersey. the presiding officer: there will be two minutes of debate equally twieded prior to a vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the beetlestone nomination. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senior senator from pennsylvania is recognized. mr. casey: mr. president, i rise today to speak on this nomination. i know we have very limited time, but this is a nomination of wendy beetlestone to be united states district court judge for the eastern district of pennsylvania. she's got great qualifications, a graduate of the university of pennsylvania law school, an honors graduate in her undergraduate institution, has worked now for 19 years at the law firm of hangly erincheck,
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siegel and publin, litigation in a wide have a right of matters, she worked in education law, has broad experience there has worked as a journalist as well before she was was a lawyer and during her time working in philadelphia as a larks a lawyea great advocate for people who don't have a voice, and also someone who brings a wide experience to the federal bench. so i'm honored to be working with senator toomey on this nomination, working together to get these nominations through, and i'm so grateful for the work of the judiciary committee and especially chairman leahy moving these nominations through. and i'd yield it my colleague from pennsylvania. mr. toomey: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from pennsylvania is recognized. mr. toomey: mr. president, i would just whrie like to say bry that i would like to thank senator casey for the terrific cooperative relationship he and
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i have. when wendy beetlestone confirmed, that will make the i- make the 11th federal judge that's been confirmed as a result of the work we've done. wendy is a great candidate and i think she will make a great federal judge and urge my colleagues to confirm her confirmation. the presiding officer: the clerk will report the noings voke cloture. the clerk: cloture motion: we, the undersigned senators, in accordance with the provisions of rule 22 of the standing rules of the senate, do hereby move to bring to a close debate on the nomination of wendy beetlestone of pennsylvania to be united states district judge for the eastern district of pennsylvania, signed by 1 senators. -- signed by 17 senators. the presiding officer: by unanimous consent, the mandatory quorum has been waived. is it the sense of the senate that debate on the nomination of wendy beetlestone of pennsylvania to be united states district judge for the eastern district of pennsylvania shall be brought to a close? the yeas and nays are mandatory under the rule. the clerk will call the roll.
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a. vote:
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the presiding officer: any senators wishing to cast their votes?
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the ayes are 58, the nays are 38. the motion to invoke cloture has been agreed to. the clerk will report the nomination. the clerk: victor allen bolden of connecticut to be united states district judge -- scratch that. wendy beetlestone to be united states district judge for the eastern district of pennsylvania. the presiding officer: the majority leader is recogniz rec. the senate will come to order. the majority leader is recognized. mr. reid: mr. president, we'll have one more vote. we will -- as soon as that's turned in, we'll go into recess subject to a call of the chair, for a briefing that everyone should go to. and then we'll come up for some wrap-up. this is the last vote of the
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night. the presiding officer: under the previous order, there are two minutes equally divided prior to the motion to invoke cloture on the bolden nomination. who yields time? without objection, all time has been yielded back. by unanimous consent, the clerk reports -- the clerk will report the motion to invoke cloture. the clerk: cloture motion, we, the undersigned senators, in accordance with the provisions of rule 22 of the standing rules of the senate, hereby move to bring to a close the debate on the nomination of victor allen bolden of connecticut to be united states district judge for the district of connecticut. signed by 17 senators. the presiding officer: by unanimous consent, the mandatory quorum call has been waived. the question is: is it the sense of the senate that debate on the nomination of victor allen bolden of connecticut to be u.s. district judge for the district of connecticut, shall be brought to a close? the yeas and nays are mandatory under the rule. the clerk will call the roll. vote:
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the presiding officer: the motion to invoke cloture has been agreed to. the clerk will report the nomination. the clerk: victor allen bolden of connecticut to be united states district judge for the district of connecticut. the presiding officer: the senator is recognized. mr. blumenthal: i ask unanimous consent to recess subject to the call of the chair. the presiding officer: is there objection? objection?
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final votes will be held tomorrow afternoon. lawmakers spent much of the day giving speeches, speeches, including one hour controlled by republicans and one by democrats. republicans focused on their agenda. they also spoke about immigration reform. we will have all of the presidential remarks live tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern on our companion network c-span. coming c-span. coming up tonight, the 66th annual national book awards held in new york city. live coverage, and you can see nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and young adult literature live at 8:50 p.m. eastern here on c-span two. >> her answer, i say to my good friend from north dakota was among no.
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>> i would just say to my good friend from wisconsin, that was part of the story >> this has bridge t5 british lineage. they say something similar. the right honorable gentleman, which has a similar meaning. an approach to try to be polite to someone you don't really care for. at least in at least in the house of representatives, a lot of these men and women do not even know who each other are, but they are saying, my good friend. it is kind of disingenuous. i would say in the case of the senate, there are only 100. they know each other. they might not like each other, but there is a better chance of them being acquaintances, if not actually good friends. >> political terminology
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sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span q&a. >> the miami book fair is this weekend. join us both days for live coverage on book tv on c-span two. two. you will see best-selling authors talking about their books. >> now homeland security secretary johnson speaks about his departments work. he also comments on pres. obama's president obama's expected use of executive action on immigration and the administration's response this past administration's response this past summer to the surge of unaccompanied
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children crossing the southern border. this event is 50 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> good morning, everyone. thanks for being here, everyone. i'm simon rosenberg. we are excited today to welcome back the secretary of homeland security, not particular this one, but the second time we have been able to host the secretary of homeland security for an important talk on our border and immigration enforcement success in recent years. janet napolitano visited us in 2,011, and we have been blessed to have many of the
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folks on the frontlines of these tough issues come and address our 21st century border initiative over the last few years. i am here today i am here today and part representing this project we began four years ago that was born out of a basic sense that the conversatin happening in the elite media and policy circles in dc about what was happening on the border not reflecting the true reality. i am lucky enough to be married to a wonderful a wonderful woman who grew up in new mexico. i have spent a lot of time in the southwestern part of the united states. as someone who has in a a party to this debate, i felt there was a need to bring more data back about how we would fix a broken immigration system. i am proud over i am proud
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over this amount of time we have released reports, written op-ed's, conducted many events in town, brought dozens and dozens of leaders to washington for dialogues with policymakers. we have been directly involved in some of the more important advances we have seen in the us mexico relationship we have seen, including the important administration decision about tourism in 2,011 and 2,012. we were instrumental in helping create the high-level economic dialogue. we helped start the border caucus, which is providing a far more a far more amplified voice for those who represent the border region in the current debate. we also, i will be proud to say, led the effort
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to strip the border search out of the senate bill when it moved to the house which was something i thought was an enlightened moment. and we are also involved in efforts, which were not well reported, but we saw an increase in funding for customs agents, which was something we had fought for. for. the first time we had an increase in custom agents without an increase in order to troll in recent years, years, and that was another sign of how important this aspect of this relationship is. those of you who know me, i just want to reflect upon the five things that we often talk most about. when i got into this, i got into this, you know, i did not really understand the enormity of the challenge of keeping our border safe and giving mobility to our
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country with so many people moving around it and in and out of it every day. this is an extraordinary undertaking. 2000 mile-long 2,000 mile-long border, the busiest land border crossing in the world. over 1 million people a day, $1 a billion dollars of trade every day. the border, in english we call it a border. in spanish it is called frontera. it describes what this has become because it is not the edge of our relationship but the center of it. and certainly the border that we have may be the single most valuable piece of infrastructure the united states has today, and i hope today, and i hope it can be seen that way in the years to calm. i want to i want to reflect upon why i think that we
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will in future years look back, among the most important policy successes have been the management of the border region, the border itself, and immigration enforcement. crime is down all along the us side. today el paso and san diego are the two safest large cities. second is net flow of undocumented immigrants. when the flow itself is way down. net migration is zero. undocumented population increased from the early '90s from 3 million to 12 million. ..
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>> >>. >> while all the security gains have been made there is an extraordinary increase of trade. following with trade with mexico since the beginning of the obama administration administration, an extraordinary economic story that is the bulk me that time will tell into day
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mexico standards are the third largest trading partner in the world's second-largest export market for american goods. we buy twice as much from the united states as china does compared to the populations of the economic relationship has flourished even with the enormous security gains and we will hear from this from the secretary that the management of the central american migrant crisis has it is enormously difficult policy challenge, we will see this as a success of this entire approach and not something other than that and the secretary will get into that. a crisis happens it is how you do with it. speaking to us a few months ago going through the details what is though whole their response that is
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marked down as the sign of the ability to manage complex on the border to work cooperatively with our neighbors to the south. the basic premise of the work we have been doing is we have made tremendous progress. it is a tough issue. hundreds of thousands of people were involved every day to manage in this to keep cell levels of security of both countries in the policies are as brutal as they come of and despite all of this to help tell the story if we have a debate around immigration our borders system is a critical part to make sure this is told right to. the administration has far more credit than the
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national media or allies have given them. so with this lead of the of very special guest that does none a major introduction and always does a very able department of homeland's security but as my wife goes to work at the department of homeland security every day and enjoys her work but what people don't understand this could be the hardest job still was what d.h. us deals with every day to sever security and emergency response to the issues to the incredible portfolio of tough issues. we're lucky if the president could persuade him to take
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off this message -- message plagiary to welcome our department of all land security. [applause] >> they give for that nice introduction. the number of people in this town willing to say nice things about me is getting smaller and smaller. [laughter] also thank you for your service for a secretary for infrastructure by one to speak very briefly and i'll be happy to take questions. i will offer a couple of thoughts. first people often refer to an incredible portfolio that we have at the department of romance security the first range of missions from counterterrorism to hurricanes some people even
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ask was a mistake to create such a large department? you have to look at the mission san components before 9/11. with dozens of agencies and departments ranging from the department of agriculture, department of treasury, justice, no one cabinet officials responsible for border security or treasury. but just within the last 11 months i have seen dealing with the situation we had in the rio grande valley the virtue at one conference table the officials of several government responsible for aviation and border security to deal in a
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comprehensive strategic way various situations of the rio grande valley sector. there is one cabinet level official for the land, sea, of border air of this nation as well as protection of the homeland in the number of respects. we're moving toward, in general a risk based strategy for home and security. perhaps the most notable example of that is gsa -- ts a. id has the free check a number are a member of that
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to submit information on background there is a shorter line. less screaming when you get there and it enables us to free up resources to devote for the class the individuals we know less about at the airports. so tsa actually has become popular with the american public their actions saying nice things about tsa at the same time we have developed the pre-check which is an amazing fact. just in the first 10 months of calendar year 2014 we have a tsa pre-check it has also seized from carry-on luggage the aviation passengers 1,855 firearms.
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over 3,000 types of weapons seized by a tsa. i salute the work of this organization. there is a lot of misunderstanding or misapprehensions' about the state of our border security right now. and one of the things i am devoted to is more transparency when it comes to the numbers of people apprehended or removed in the course of any fiscal year there is some misunderstanding over the numbers. i am committed to more transparency in a way to
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make that happen. it is the case under president obama in particular a and last three presidents bush and clinton and obama we have an unprecedented amount of resources and personnel and technology and border security begin the speech one month ago i talked in detail about border security efforts and additional border patrol agents that goes from 8,600 in the year 2005 did day he took office there were 15,700 border virtual ages now there are various different types on the southern border going
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from 267 to over 700 on the southern border. and aircraft in the last 50 years with the unmanned aerial vehicles at 284 vessels with technology. with the night-vision technology. of the presidency and congress to show results of lot of illegal migration is driven by push pull factors relating to economics and the economy very clearly where migrants leave from. there is that economic
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aspect very clearly. but in fiscal year 2000 apprehensions are the indicator of total attempts to cross the border. with 6.3 million. going around 40,500,000 per year but the population of undocumented in this country reached a high of 12.2 million. but now today it is around 11.3 million. it has decrease over the last several years and hasn't stopped growing since the '80s. we saw a spike of legal migration in the rio grande valley sector.
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the number of apprehensions on the southern border is 480,325 in the rio grande valley sector alone. and some of the situation myself. to new mexico's to phoenix clearly a humanitarian aspect to our response to respond progressively to this bike this last summer to what we put in place to embark upon in consultation with an aggressive awareness public campaign and covering the border is that the lowest in almost two years.
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the high point was june 10, a 2014 to the point of the number of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border in the rio grande valley sector is the lowest in almost two years. this is driven by a prescient pull factor but we're determined we need to do more ourselves for border security and concerned about a rise of illegal migration. at the beginning of the year ending is hot in the late summer we're concerned we have to guard against another rise of illegal
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migration of the rise we saw this summer. deal where the economy is better. we're committed to sustain infrastructure put in place and announced the opening of another detention facility to detail and adults with children, now the facility reestablish their last summer in new mexico that was intended to be temporary but looking at infrastructure some people are critical of that and it is essential to border security we have it in place to guard against additional rises of illegal migration.
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to be engaged in the governments of central america last summer we will continue to do that and continue to have conversations with my next akin counterpart -- mexican counterpart about being productive. we have embarked upon a campaign that i directed for the center a campaign strategy to deal in the id teeeight just type of way with the issue of border security. the cis does its thing and coast guard does its thing after the creation of a joint task force and the director to bring to bear the resources of our
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department in each sector on border security and a separate joint task force for investigations to support the other two directed the creation of border security metrics that will define publicly held redefine border security. i will say one thing about executive action to not get out ahead of the president the announcement he will make in the coming days but i will say this. as the president has said many times legislative action is a hurdle but now we have waited for years for congress to act. 2030 in the senate pass comprehensive bill by a vote of 68 / 32a bipartisan
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coalition with the board of immigration reform. the house did not act in 2013 and has not acted in 2014 the president has waited. in the meantime we have identified a number of executive actions that we can take within our existing legal authority to fix what everyone recognizes as a broken immigration system. so our reforms are comprehensive i am satisfied the reforms are within the legal authorities and will address a number of things including border security the president is committed to border security and reducing illegal migration in the future so to announce a comprehensive reforms with
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legal authority to fix the broken immigration system. i am happy to answer questions. [applause] >> don't clap until you hear the answer. [laughter] you have cards on the table and all the questions except to the shy cannot read her handwriting. [laughter] so we already have some great questions we'll start with a couple from may but first into what 2011 dhs
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john morton had the martin memo that set new priorities for removal in the u.s.. has that been successful and veryiliar with the more timid memo. there is a lot about priorities for removal. and in my view that guidance could be clear. entry made fully committed to privatizing border security to give clear guidance to the field or to the workers out there for
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the enforcement priorities. being a senior lawyer for the department of defense you can issue a policy statements from washington. to learn what is expected of them. so to make sure whatever we do is properly explained to the work force that people in the field not always agree but if they understand them and feel they have been
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reflected in some way that presents a good equation for success with the implementation. working with department of defense which is a very large organization of 3 million people, in my experience if you properly educate and train the workforce on the policies they have greater chances of success and implementation that seems to be reflected in the policy statement. that is a priority for me in that martin memo could use some additional clarity. i know that the leadership agrees with that. [laughter]
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>> relating to what we have learned from daca use the prosecutorial discretion or the effects could affect more than 1 million people are within the second round of daca what have you taken away with how successful it has been? >> guest: we have learned a lot. the implementation though such a program from that experience. something like over 700,000 people have applied for the renewal phase. there is something like 600,000 accepted into daca.
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when you start up a new program there are lessons learned. i was not part of d.h. us in 2012 but my observation is while they're may have been bumps in the road within a large government program the implementation is relatively well. and it made a lot of people happy to provide for a better life for a lot of people. that is my take. >> host: we saw a report about to come out from an academic and california that when people reapplied they had to put dated down on their earnings and their income and now to release an
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analysis of a significant increase of the daca recipients over the first two years. by the way you have done a great job the questions are terrific. we have some fun ones coming up. we have a new facility with the series of questions about the propriety as was written here that they sent to president a letter asking to stop the intentions of every case to be granted asylum. what are your thoughts out to go forward? >> before we have the experience of the 34,000
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detention beds that ice maintained, only 95 were available for family units for adults to bring their kids across the border. that is of very, very small fraction. when we had the situation this summer rather than simply apprehending, processing, and send them to the nearest bus station may talk about family and its the numbers of individuals was very similar month to month and day to day as the unaccompanied kids crossing the border.
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not just the nearest bus station we felt it necessary to build additional detention capability for family units in part because it is important to send the message in the midst of the spike if you come here and invest $8,000 to a coyote to come here do not assume you can get here and stay. so the bill to laetitia i visited there myself when we opened it very definitely there are things we should have done and did to improve the ability to communicate parties it is definitely in a remote area.
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we have things to improve that attorney-client relationship we're still working on that. in my view maintaining the capacity for the detention of adults severing them across the border is a critical component to border security and we need to continue to have that capacity. that just is not sufficient for that purpose dealing with family units. trade has exploded so rapidly it was constructed for trade relationship one-third the current size of what we have now and wait
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times are increasing how many times in mexico in the southern border has increased with did make some investments but what could we be doing over the next five for 10 years to invest in border infrastructure to make sure we not only keep up with current levels of trade? finigan something president obama in the prime minister harper is very committed to. my first conference i attended among the three leaders was in march were the three got together to talk about increasing trade
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frankly i did not appreciate the big part of the job is to have the customs component within dhs of the three leaders embarked upon initiatives with the beyond the border in addition -- initiative blemishes in ottawa in september with my counterparts there the ones to continue to build infrastructure to facilitate travel day easier from the bureaucratic standpoint for managing exports that seven
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u.s. importing or exporting goods has a single point of agency. i hope we will sign an agreement soon with the pre-clearance to have the advantage to promote security battle so travel though we would sign an agreement like that very soon. and looking with mexico in ways to build trade their to the high priority. >> i would reflect i was lucky enough in the fall of last year and in my two
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minutes deal i talked about border investment and that very end summarize the thoughts that went on at length if i was blown away soviet-made some strides in recent years and there is a first rail crossing this is an area our policy makers have a lot of work to do. to more questions than they will let you go. i should say by the way there are questions about the timing of the announcement what we know from news reports the president will give a speech
5:28 pm
to las vegas on friday the question is will you be there mr. secretary? >>. [laughter] no. you have not checked your schedule yet. >> this is from a good friend the he is year. had no view submitted anything but she acid interesting question that currently we have the prioritized people have
5:29 pm
criminal records but in 2013 there were only 10,000 loughlin trends of half of undocumented population. >> their reality is we have a finite lovell of resources to enforce immigration laws. so like virtually other every law-enforcement agency we have to prioritize. with the prosecutorial
5:30 pm
agency dole leaving on the individuals on the ground the policy should be set -- set at the senior level. which is why a very high percentage of those who are convicted of various types is a good policy. so long as he had a finite number of resources need to focus on behalf of public safety to border security and i fully suspect that policy will continue. >> so what we are hearing is
5:31 pm
whenever executive action comes the family ties will be a significant component of it? lgbt undocumented americans lack the affordable family ties is any thoughts as you remake the system i would argue this administration has been made farsi for in recent years it is debatable but some things we believe. family unification, a family unity is part of immigration
5:32 pm
was and is a good policy. and i believe the policy priority of unification should be maintained i believe in the sanctity of the family unit. i have told this story many times. my first visit to the station and on mother's day and wanted to see the kids myself on mother's day with my wife. the first little girl i encountered i said where is your mother? she said i don't have a mother. i heard that story over and
5:33 pm
over on the border. so i believe family unification is insistent with u.s. immigration policy at the same time they have to maintain border security you cannot have policies there are ways a number of policy priorities can be reflected and implemented to coexist with one another. that is what i have to say. >> final thoughts you want to get out? >> i was new to immigration
5:34 pm
policy. when i came to the job. before that it was national security law i have been disappointed hollis tile the issue has become in american politics i hope people will look at immigration reform what makes common sense or practical or pragmatic? and i hope with no work of your organization and others in my speeches people will recognize the great strides we've made in border
5:35 pm
security in illegal migration has gone down significantly over the last 15 years through all the investments we have made of taxpayer dollars there is more to do with border security challenges and we will do that. of light to do that with congress but we will find ways to do it if we can't a lot of people were concerned about spite of illegal migration. i agree. help me out with the
5:36 pm
supplemental funding. congress could not pass it so we deal with the situation on the border by reprogramming resources that takes money at of the disaster relief fund paid for as a response to the surge of the rio grande valley sector and unfortunately we did not have a major event this summer. hurricane season is about over so knock on wood. of a like everyone to appreciate border security the common-sense approach to our reform efforts in recognition of the broken immigration system and to recognize what i believe is
5:37 pm
a fairly wide latitude of existing authority to fix the system we're not allowed to lift a finger until congress acts it can't be real not allowed to take action though we have identified a number of ways which the president will speak to in the coming days. my last point is i hope organizations can help remove the misapprehensions' about immigration policy and border security it does not help when public officials say things about the radical
5:38 pm
threats to chase goes to the border so it is my responsibility to stop the bill to talk about the facts so i hope they will continue to do so as well. sorry i went to a little long. >> host: we are about to have a spirited debate in the weeks and months to come you'll be at the center with your team and we will do our part to make sure to help policy makers navigate. these are tough issues. to help pass nafta in 1993
5:39 pm
my involvement goes back literally two decades. i.m. proud of clutch -- of what deal just could do in the midst of politics and challenges. i hope people that get to work on this everyday to make the border safer and more humane and we have a lot more work to do. thank you for being here. [inaudible conversations]
5:40 pm
in included in the order to receive comments will have the preview of the immigration announcement on c-span. or 8:00 eastern tomorrow night. the senate is expected in shortly after having a classified meeting to combat ice this. to date talking about immigration. >> there was the moment in the civil war when president abraham lincoln said -- sent a message to the general who was in charge of union troops he sat in the camp
5:41 pm
preparing for battle never going forward. and in his frustration abraham lincoln understood as he waited the forces were getting stronger and the studies were slipping away. sole link and send a message if you will not use your rv send it my way so i can use it. so when i address this issue it is the issue of immigration though mr. president i come to this issue with personal and family experience as so many members of congress to but in this circumstance my mother was an immigrant. brought here at the age of two. somehow my grandmother made it across the ocean than
5:42 pm
catching a trade which is where many gathered and that is the city of my birth when the other groups their speaking with an immigrant family that worked hard and struggled. i know they had little or nothing in their lives but the hope the next generation will have a better life. that is my story, my family's story in america is story also. starting at us and immigration political parties were anti-immigrant to wither and disappear because they deny the fundamentals of america. they say that you will close
5:43 pm
the doors and we don't need any more of those people but we do need more of those people. they bring more than just determination and strength and the work ethic but the level of courage that many families cannot muster. they say we're going to america. we plan and speaks the language or what will happen once we arrived though we're going to america and they do. the vast majority stay and make a difference to work night and day but the moment comes when they become part of america. proud of where they came from but even more to be part of the united states of america with any political party decides to make
5:44 pm
anti-immigration to wither and disappear they turned their back on hill's fate -- who they are what america is all about. when we step down for public defenders to have a comprehensive immigration reform bill. i will tell you the names of the senators. john mccain the former republican candidates by a his side lindsey graham not exactly viewed as a liberal state but a conservative one. marco rubio of florida were immigrants to this country and to jeff lake a
5:45 pm
conservative republican by every measure. that was the theme. chairman of the immigration and subcommittee from the state of new york i joined him as someone has been involved with these issues bobbin and says the head of the caucus of cuban refugees and michael bennett of colorado who sits down literally four months sometimes angry sometimes cooperative but we wrote a 200 page bill to rewrite the bills to fix the system then
5:46 pm
may tuck it to committee and patrick leahy open hearings for any amendment that anyone wished then re brought it to the floor had the opportunity to be offered to even strengthen the border security section of the bill. that net result was brought to a vote an incredible day because on june 27 we pass on the floor comprehensive immigration reform by 68 / 3240 republicans joined the democrats and a bipartisan effort to fix the immigration system.
5:47 pm
it was a proud moment to have the support of the chamber of commerce of organized labor in every major religious group in america supporting our efforts with the old drug conservative grover norquist tuesday we will do something about a broken immigration system that under though lot of lovely and it is not enough. june 272015 the republican-led house of representatives has not only failed to have a hearing refused to bring in the
5:48 pm
immigration bill to the floor. their refuse to address the obvious way to come up with a fair solution and they refuse to act and it is within their power as it has been every day but for a year and a half the house republican leadership has refused they would tease us time and again to put on a list of principles and tell you maybe we would support something maybe were to have strong border enforcement they said these things and have done nothing.
5:49 pm
and to save your not going to use your army may i borrow it? that house republicans refused to address immigration almost entirely with one exception. it was done the most hateful pieces of legislation that said before their adjourned in august passed in asia with all four members refusing to vote for it to. we have created an opportunity for a tube million children brought to this country who finished school and have no problems with the law and want to become part of america to give the children a chance to do come forward and register with the government paid the filing fee and not
5:50 pm
be deported. 600,000 taken advantage of that. the president's executive order gives a chance to live in america. school in america and a job in america to make this a better nation. we believe 1.4 million more are eligible. said the republican house in august before they adjourned passed a measure that said the remaining 1.6 million who may be eligible cannot be allowed to be part of the daca program they should be subject to deportation. deportation? year of living in the united
5:51 pm
states their entire life to stand up in classrooms across the classroom to pledge allegiance to the only flag they have ever known and they haven't voted to be deported. madam president. that overwhelming vote that they cast their were so proud of themselves they stood up and applauded themselves. what a great moment for the house of representatives. >> i like consent to speak for an additional five minutes. what a terrible moment in the history of this nation now the president having waited for a year and a half having heard all promises of the house republicans that
5:52 pm
they would move forward to call this bill having them promise privately and publicly that they would do something to use my authority to try to fix some part of this broken immigration system. any day now we expect for the president to announce his executive order he will not be the first president but to stop that deportation of low priority cases every president of the united states since the eisenhower has used his executive authority to improve the immigration system by executive order. every single one. george h. debut bush issued a family fairness policy allowing 1.5 million to
5:53 pm
apply for deferred action and work permits. to get the republicans of the senate effuse your executive authority since eisenhower we will hold it against you and you will pay a price. now he pays little or no attention to that kind of threat to what is that state is millions of family members now subject to deportation what is at stake is of the republican party comes into the 21st century to join in a bipartisan effort and blood is at stake here of the families that just want a chance to earn their way to
5:54 pm
vehicle status. madam president almost 13 years since i introduced the dream act that i described earlier from people all brought to the united states had no voice with their families would do to eventually find their way to legal status at one point even the house said they supported the dream act. we have faced filibuster stopping it from passing but this started with this young lady to go up in a poor family of chicago with an amazing musical talent from the juilliard school of music because she was undocumented have no place
5:55 pm
to go. her mother called our office worked practically night and day. the law had no real answer other than this 18 year-old girl go back we came from because that was the law i introduce the dream act since then rehab of growth of support because it is only fair you should not hold children responsible for the decisions and wrongdoing of parents they deserve a chance that is what it is about where the action of the house republicans is incidental -- reprehensible. she made it nettling get her bachelor's degree but not receiving any government assistance friends and sponsors stepped up.
5:56 pm
she plays carnegie hall now working on her ph.d. and american citizen since she'd met this jazz musician and now have a baby. i cannot be broader than what she has done with her life. her dad passed away he cannot be treated adequately because he does not qualify for government health insurance than they did not have the money. but her story is one that reminds my colleagues on both sides these are real human beings not political pawns by young people who deserve a chance to become a part of a bearcat i hope soon the president will announce that has heated
5:57 pm
ford said deferred action program is a narrow category but least some of us would like it but it would be consistent with what every president has done to recognize our birthright as americans and says he will fight for fairness and i would hope a few republicans would stand up to a knowledge is to join us in the fight that it cannot be fixed especially if they even refuse to call the bill for a year-and-a-half and said the present uses his authority to make this nation of immigrants proud again that we open a new generation that will make us
5:58 pm
stronger in the future. i yield the floor sarah mcfadyen question we ask of the consent the agreed to to be put in the record. >> without objection and to be modified so the following emanations can be added. spinning disk is there an objection? without objection. >> i ask unanimous consent to speak up at 50 minutes for morning business. >> without objection. >> and glad got to the floor to listen to my friend to the senator from illinois to hear his remarks perkin reminds me of his great passion and commitment to the cause to repair our
5:59 pm
broken immigration system and while we differ on the details and that feasibility we tried to do with this the tender 11 years i have been here and have been unsuccessful so we need to try something different to break this down to smaller pieces i know he made the pledge to the president and others and senator mcconnell believes immigration reform is important we ought to use the best efforts but unfortunately the message he has sent in to listen to my colleagues on the other side to support this unprecedented executive action by the president to
6:00 pm
say they have given up. but the senator from illinois did not say even under the president's deferred action order involving these young people by the way i support providing them an opportunity to become a productive member of society we're all better off the young people that commit an offense or crime they came with their parents. they are much better off. the country is better off if we find a solution that i am confident we can do but the president has said we give up. . . to millions of people and create an awful lot of harm in the process. yo


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