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tv   Book Discussion  CSPAN  December 30, 2014 8:57pm-10:17pm EST

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network you want to cover it you will do it through a hole in the wall. you will not be in the room. and things like that; things most people don't think of. mainly it was the character that came out. they all knew the gravity and the book will show you -- i was talking to a lot of these members who could not make up their mind but they talked to me because the deal was i wasn't going to write about it until afterwards. and they were serious. what is a crime? what is a high crime? what is a misdemeanor? what does that mean? do they just have to burglarize people or is that beyond that? what is accountability? this is very serious sets of questions. and it was sort of a model impeachment. the stuff that goes on and it was ruined when gingrich ran the
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impeachment against clinton about lying under oath. and it is really too bad this thing is out of control and used so losely. because it was very grave. public servants regular people, not stars, made it happen and held the country together while they did it. is that what you wanted to know? >> yes, that is what i wanted to know. [applause] >> our memory goes to those who rose to the occasion. elizabeth will be sitting here and signing books. we will line up this way. as usual-please help us with the chairs. and thank you c-span. >> thank you for coming. everyone of you. [applause] >> booktv in prime time
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continues on wednesday night. starting at 8 p.m. eastern with roger roger isaacson on his book about the digital revolution. and then eye gods and how technology shapes our spiritual and social lives. and after that we talk to the author of dragnet nation. ...
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pat buchanan describes richard nixon from to election losses. from president in 1960 and governor 1960 to winning the presidency 1968. monday marks the 40th anniversary of the pardon of richard nixon. >> tonight is a great night because we have of very special treat. we have someone who's spent a number of years that richard nixon's side. and then that they lost the two elections presidential 1962, gubernatorial excuse me 60 and then 62. to see richard nixon is gone. he said this is my last
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press conference but not so. at about the same time a young man left columbia university to join the say louis post dispatch and along the way mitt to richard nixon. and that began in may of this century from richard nixon's defeat through years of what was described as a wilderness years and pat buchanan was with him every step of the way and it is recorded in this great book just launched last week. this is the pacific coast launch of "the greatest comeback" how richard nixon rose from defeat to create the new majority" and how he
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won the presidency. here is a man whose strategized, plan, and a firsthand eyewitness to the brilliance of the 37th president. please welcome pat buchanan. [applause] ♪ [applause] >> thank you very much.
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for the reception and i may start looking at 2016. [laughter] [applause] >> i always relished to come back here. it is a magnificent and inert -- memorable plays. i was going to mention to all the folks that i served with over the years i would like to single out one richard nixon for the campaign of 1960 before i was there in rhode with richard nixon on the plane around to says barry goldwater before i was there and shelley buchanan. stand up.
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[applause] also i would like to say a couple of words from richard nixon a big new york when i went to work for him. old friends and loyalists of a longtime and sandy has and a magnificent job and i really think he deserves more than one round of applause. [applause] >> it is not the definitive history of that period but
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of those three years before richard nixon became president and the story from one of the worst defeats came back with a broken career not only to victory in 1968 but to creates a great coalition that exceeded fdr to dominate the presidency 20 of the next 24 years. i have often told friends what nixon did in the 20th century is matched only by one other man, fdr who created the coalition that dominated the white house if you exclude eisenhower seven out of nine presidencies from 1930 to. let me tell you a little bit
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to tell this story as much as i can in a limited time we have available. the first words that i heard from the president of the united states were these, a buchanan, was that use throwing eggs? [laughter] he was just inaugurated delivered his speech coming up pennsylvania avenue and his limousine was showered with debris and rocks and aches and showed up at the white house and we were walking in that the secret service had put down the boards because it was so muddy and they said step of the board served. amin that is what he said. is that you throwing the aids?
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[laughter] but that incident is a day before for what richard nixon came into. to take over the white house with both houses of the media would close or detest nixon in by a large the bureaucracy is in the new deal and fair deal and great society overwhelmingly democratic. it was the cost files city dixon had come into and had just broken in the presidency of of lyndon baines johnson after significantly in 64 stood down in 1968. the america that we saw take
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a look at what happened in those years before i got to meet richard nixon. 1960 kennedy was assassinated this 64 the first uprising of the campus disorders this was the beginning of the revolution in 65 cloaks' year would remember the watts riots the worst since the civil war. at the beginning of the revolution i was a young man a editorial writer and drove back to washington to hear and though kay deliver his speech up in the memorial hall was up there with him. glenn year later 50 years ago this month i was in mississippi before they found the bodies of the three civil-rights workers
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and the revelation of those days that started off so well is disintegrating into disorder and riots and all the rest. take a look at what nixon was in that period. talk about 62 and 64. but callback survey team 50 he one of a landslide the biggest victory california had ever seen. the eisenhower could have been elected but 54 nixon was a leading the party that lost both houses of congress and 13 senate seats in 1958. 60 loss narrowed a.
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may be a stolen election to you jack kennedy. we all heard about kennedy. and was defeated by governor pat brown. and then said that is a he had it with some of press you will have him to kick around anymore because this is my last press conference. he was finished down and out. he nattily introduced barry goldwater but he went and campaigned all across america. the liggett where he was in for the party was 1965 when i arrived. republicans had 140 seats in the house and 32 in the senate outnumbered in both
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bodies. 17 governorships outnumbered two / one. state legislators outnumbered two / one. people talking about the republican party that lost its head and was finished and split and that is what nixon inherited and when he began to come back. the great comeback. if that is the situation i encountered with richard nixon. i was an editorial writer and having some difficulty with my publisher at the time. [laughter] and i thought maybe i should get out of this office and -- and into the real world. nixon was invited to fill in with his speech right across the river 50 miles from st. louis .
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he was going to speak there then say cocktail reception from the cartoonist at the globe democrat and a good friend of mine. i said to have to be invited to the party in get me to meet richard nixon. he said i will do it. i waited until his speech was over he got me into the kitchen to introduce me. and i said mr. vice president how are you? if you run in 1968 i would like to do get a border of a. i figured the direct approach was best. [laughter] he said what you do i said i in the assistant editorial
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editor of the st. louis globe democrat. he said i've got no your title i want to know what you do. >> fisa i write editorials i write on everything. local politics a state, county common national tax policy, foreign policy everything. he seemed pretty interesng and justoonnce h i sa wha met before. he said what? i was at the country club and i was 14 yar old and waonhe cdd log tey teat ttbench and those were unhap but we
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never tag and out comes plaid golf bag. i said that is the vice presens bag and sure engh the two of us were the only ones sitting there and he centcomve we were there in 18 hes in ur hos d connce him i was not making it up gave him the nesf the. and e assistant pro so the ne morng, he dves ou to lambert fieldfor hour in said pat nixo talked abou you a the way out. that is a od sign. [laughter] then didn't ar anything but then two weeks later i get a one call about e familiaroice come to new
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york king and let's continue r conversation. so i went to new york and for re hours in richard xos oic he quizzede dvything i could think destic policy, forgn policy, foreign,ttks co ngress, it was exhausti. when we we're done he said i woul like toire you for one year. because if we don't pick up ses 1966 the nomination will not be worth anhing in 1968. he offered me a sala 50 percent higher when i was making. i said yes. untested. [lghter] i will take it butou better call my plier first because he dsn know why . [laughter] that il.i. got aboard richard millhouse nixon 1965.
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is a rersereassignments help write a cumn foray anget rid of this and traveled with me d work with me with the campaign. i sd fine but iav a larger dams of what my funconwould be. first you have toith nonaon you have a party tt has admired and respected yu there's still with y but i've and member of e ld water movement. if wcan put together the cold water moment with the nixon center of republic party nobody can stop you t get that nomination. so frs said something about bill buckley and a
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more dgeus. i said we have tole ts up. so i wrote a letter explninghat mean and then myfriend whoame oard restarted to hold meetgs with leaders variouconservative group i s a urnalist but uston knew where they were. to mee nixon to keep building this alliance with thcoervati movemt enithis own ia en now h own in966 t campaign in states and 80
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ngressional distric all over th country working for the publican party it s in nixon's interest do this b also constt with whahe believed. he was a fighterhiparty was in trouble so we wen outto fight wthvery district that we can. was a spta i had never se anyone work harder. mr. nixohad trouble with the ckefellers. one story fmheampaign of6 in arkans and nixon got up with a press conference in did inhe
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event is the one who built th --o beat bill clion d for congress. soix goes tohe motel it is on the inside and though the one sto and says do t want to be disturbed i don't want anybody to disturb t. i saw a she huge fellow rching straight acrs e quadrangle straightto nixon's door and heas yellinhedick. mr. nixon you are er sleepi i did night get ther in time hes counting on the door i tought that the end of pat buchanan
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d. [lghter] an dixo said had you met roefeller? is w the brother of neonndavid rkell and a great war hero that was m fst introduction to the rockefelrs. e second was a congssn now here we got toorgan during this campaign and my views is hard to describe how harsh the we. auter] so he says the old man will dorseockefeer said wat? i ok off down the hall i
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geto nixon'swt soy open t dr the bathroom. hes aut to get into the sher i ci wl t enrsth blank a blank e you? he said don't worry pat we will get something for i sure enough this ll y somethg aboutth mn. trte brutally by t people loved yo. and herehe is gog upo indors rockefeller whh he did becauseir the party will win and wwiave to diminish our egos bit we ha bn deeplyivided an this is the right thing to do and once againt wasn ght foriarnixon.
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athe end of the campaign weeard a word that lyndon johnsowa coming back from e mm meeting of 1966 anwas going to campaign in all of these state. i misten t nixon beforee went out for a spch that mit. the presidenis coming ck so nonsaid we will have to use see about that and he s clearly shaken. so that night endorsed the goverr of oregon and excepte kept callingim bob until the adience said its m. to not giva candidatead news before he is aut to make a sec
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but nixonca bk and was very dn d of joson cos ck we to b cut from 40 seats to m at 12. i went back to my room and he saidake notes and dictated speech on vietm. itus aveng12 pages and he said you get up and f to boise idaho and prar the speech i will campaign in washington and then after that i will cme to boise. rerk dogmatic and worked on it anjust before t election nixon dropped it to "the n yk times" the apprail of the manila counatendovember november 4 1966 the comeba the richard nixon and it was on e front page
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from his tapes he id didou see what that is so sd about us? then he went ot are conference lambaste nixon says any prede has atcked in aderho are the wordsor ose who wrote book abo the evtsnd mikeallace to wathat the airport i was onhe playlieng nixon came now a iaid you will not lie me with the pridt saying about us. so wcaughtixon and he haled it beautifly said the pridt is the hardest
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working manbu we have quesons on vietnam th the dancers anth whole countryaid nxon i saying, ght thing. all of asudden nixon is uld into contentior the republican nomination. howerhe6 elecon we won big time. w t the weekend afte that and then time and "newswee ce tft the election whoasn e cover? six repuicans the republican lders reagin, rockefle omney
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reaginroefeller, romney, sator percy, a senato broke and senator hatfield t richard nixon. it was a downer he was left afr all the wk he h done but they did us the favor by leavin usout and just before the electionay xo to t national prs after this eleiois over will take a six month moratorium fromolitics i saw h a daylater d said this wisean governo geor romney of mhan is aheades johnson by eight points and we will drop o for six mohso
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thg? an dixonaid l them chew on him for a ttle while. [laughter] d i gather he meanth press corps. anifou read m book that is say exactly what the press did. bu h tougit mu hve been ande s 20 years old paris see what happened i bothers launc fr e esen because it was noan tstanding perfmance. from table was caught up o the vietnam issue andne afr another o of the worst things haev seen and i to nixon i ha never seen anythinthis vicious.
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he said u should se at they write about you. [laughr] it was terrle but everybodememberseorge romney was a hug success and thats one of the things that faulted his career. and then and h h lted to mney speak to say the rambler was one he of a car because romney could sellts. [laughte that was typical of whatwe
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see writte about romne said then we got into is the lar sixties with new york detroiwi dt en rribleac riots and thousas and thousas th hundreds of millions of dollars rth of damage. this is part of what was happening that decade. th revolutionas on in amica. thanti-war movemt d to
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have that vil rits vent and black powr and the rest of it that caused re and moremicans to sait is not rning out well something is terribly wrong with our cntry andhe thegovernor rmney made a stement televisn in aust and made a terrible miste i was wrg on vietnam'never should have gotten in the. i we there into 65 i got thereatest braiasnge have never sn. i was brainwashed by the amic military and americ dlomats.
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finay "the new york tis" picked up on its head romn says he has been brainshed thatas not good for h candidacy. ge mccarthy w ariend of mne and said in his ca a full brainshgas not needed. [lghter] e ghrie uld have sufficed. [lauter] this ibrutalut rember in those days it is how tough head ito the point am feeling soyfo the gu so theweom up t19 which is a year tredy.
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and my friend to brokaw wrote bk you most had to go through the era expeence we gan the campaign and we flew in a sml plane at of live or via -- out ofagrdia into ncoln then took nixon to w mpshire rhegohi intoreminder a phony name. he was going to mnchest the ne d. and gog wn the hallin the hall benja chapman o
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courseit was nixonut inebriated fellow was walking toward him and kept looking at him a h passed in you could see there was some recognition o his fa. withhat is how we got him into new hampshire but th very day was the rst day of theet offensiveof etm and i was concerned. buin th month it minate thene look at he nework mes" there is a pitcher of richard nixoe h oneomn in heework tis" with a four coln photograph shooting aelw t he t the igonpoce ie won theulze
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prize. t en wit februaral whave the massacre. 3,000 re killed in the viet cong de walk-thugh with a list anyone woing with the gernmenorhe american bere feuary was t goveor romney quit the race and droed out. i goa call from a frie who nto journalism scho coveringromney. he said he is dppg t this afterno. so nixon was spking and i grabd him and i said romney will drop out this afternoon. so he walks out andike wallace saidhat u have to s aut veoromy dropping out
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he saihat is the first ve heard of that. [laute somemes you jt t the co. aughter] but roey wasuthento weeks later the had the new hampshire pimary he had over0 percent of theote he had the right ton r roefeller eene mary and ldo joso more than all e others put together people did notote
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becae e country is turning to is this man w islose to thrte o alti. but eugeneccthy you got 54 pernt a i don'tnow if there we'rehiin but johnson's day snot even onhealt. i wa astonied that he did this. people wantejohnsoto be tougher. they handled it rribly reye four days later then kennedy jumd in against johnson and began to savage him saying he is apalg to thdoctor it -- t darkermpulses just brutal. d ul kennedy the cole opportunistt was
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a butal attack then expect did rockefeller he hos press confenc and mr. nin h a habit he did not watch television that we were then were telling him our ipression. th was smart because h wanted to know the diffent viewpoints. so rocfeller announced he woul not run. i hpe y take this seriously. so we toldicrd nixon.
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he said it'shei. athat time there were reportsthat nso roefler had a gifriend after the initial marriage oke uph wld have killed him sth rumowas floating all over the place so that did nurout to be tue thawa sll in march. though we ha to cancel it beusjosonnounced he woulpe he told met him limousind get on e nway. wheny plane comes in and get on thehe of thprs
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to tl me wch johnson says si can respond pros i was in a limoin ande re sitting there and johnson watainabt etm and then he says i will t accept the nomination for another term. johnson basically sid he woul n run again. it was whole new balga. g me next tthat play fo t psints o there because he doesn't kn wt is happeni. in din id guess it is the year of the dropout.
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aughter] hes mmted in his memoirs should not have id that their romney throefeller then johnson in one month. they a ge and it is a annepiure. i thought weerin troubl becaus the country spatyanted an. thought we could beaboy kennedy because he was left wing and wgoth mination jhnn worked for nixon but hmpey was a fferent story. decraticibal is said we cod vef real oblem as our stronge candidate. bordet' was assained in memphis. 100 americanities nt up fmes andiolence in
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there were fer troops in wainon d.c. a ias ry familiar with as kid the worst seri of vience inhiory and itas horrenus itnfencedhe potics d pple said theountry is coming apa. over in baltore antop the carmicelece a commis and was couragg the burningnd loin. en aew rd theiot - for nocondemningthyo have to ndemn tseuy ever bring down the city's. and he was a liberal
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governor. he did arendous job d i ha nesndliin beuse i s impreedit what agnew w doing. en my ma mater columbia univerty ted the worst violencef y campus in the '60s. then to take ov thecaus and the an's office to trash the an's offi then finall cald thin nework n.y.p.. anthe was a division insi t nixon camp ere was a ragin group -- aig-wg grpe had liberals ithere alsoev dely dided over h we
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shouldo . nonenlo wh my proposal. to support civil rgh iniatives ofhe gre ciy and was a po taken th only pcent of the pelen oregon agreedha they had jt cause. so we ve a fure silent mari that wasfoed gh ere in 1968 in ri then richa nixon was in thoregon imary so he ped uphe floor with everybody with 7percent reagan rockefeller 4%.
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and shley i went to dier with pa nixonnd e rst time i history a keedy have lost an econ. he was been by mcarthy in the oreg pmary. iaid i have toeehis becaus he w coming in om california to concede defeat. d i went to dress lik this conceding defeat. d i will say i ws t a n bbyendy won the straciouconcession eeanithoughtthis is
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a clasactnd he haned it extremely well. en there'll be another race in calirn in on we ande wen ck today yo then i t a call from the campaign headarters that said kennedy has been sh so i called mr. nixon who waalready weakened by wahing the retur and h seen the stories. it s at kind of year. non went t funeral but en the xon cmpgn
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s a defense against george waac thatthat repubcan party is twice the sze of the publican parts splintered thre ws. e governor of alabama leading seven oright states at oneoi holding 21% of theotfor perot kennedy, movn,ccthy then you have johnson a t nter a ithe bttle inside the nix camp who wod defend ainstaace ? t nixon held t center en wrote nixon a memo.
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fotw months we have been veoints behind humphrey and in those days you d not gain five ints ornht we will have to be boedo win. eris nothing ian think at isolr to put e governorf calornia on th ticke rald reagan. pas ere was a tremendo drive to get the goveorf lirnwhwa ienly pur and asoal consvave and th wanted put him on thtiet we didn't t rga becse the poll showed non ahead. d said we don't want to
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take aisk no bause we e ahead. e u ke seo w was noa gri so that is out new was chosen by xon. beusof tha incintn baimore t pressas outraged. would you thk you are dog? you just lost e election. i go upstairs and he sys let's watch thpress confence. soe and re watchin tv and the press goes after him and he isolding his own.
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d s bhan we he rselves. [laughter] so i had one morexperience i will tell you out. th is at the convti is imrtt wha eyes and ea athdemocratic convention so can you send me touchehicago? i will observe in the rising and years because in those days ty wouget out of the way for the other caidate. i ay at the in ceer hotel that recalled the conradiln.
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on michigan avenue. trh be told i went across th street and was accused of being the fbi en then enhe night came i ar a cootion and it was noan mair. hello pat. he d befriend wh hm the heavyweight chamon of theor we were having a ink he was sang what a coertive you was then hear some noise in we witnsed the co coming down io an park d normanailerasvolved in s ok
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he menonedhe was on e 19th for a dozen maging who he was looking out with. [laughr] the he is presidentbecause of what happened that evening. itas ueevable nixon called me at 2:00 in t morninwh igoing on now? there were watinon television wh am beach one time i saidt 2:00 the morning youou he'she obscenities yellg and all the ds reelling. that is what is going on here. that was almost fatal to humphrey.
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but to talk about e ll campaign which ia teamt we had a hellish ti i september wasn't allowed tk d was just broken hearted fr the time heave his speech a tn to get our troops out of etm. anthe le came home at thattime one month before the election geor walla wathat 21 peent huber humphrey washe 2 15% nd dash points ahe. election ended five weeks later. hubert humpey almost went
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into the history boks. fr wallace to humphrey he got tm all but not unti four years later wen they pu together tt jority. he did write to that final telephone that we had four hos before e election d e questions would co in tth voluntee right to questions wnhen would ta them into back rm where i wasin the qstions would come in en wwould am the question and said the aou and send themo richardixon that was
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produced by 28 year-old to have broken his foot in a rachute jumndishere was ge aile w has beme fairly wl-ow today t years od. so this is what the whole story and e ok is out. and incredible histor with incredible man with rserance, hicourage and abity to get again end ben d is unbeliab. i don' care what side of litics you ar on but the wa they came ckhe way they did the people say what do you member nixon for? china. the let me list some th things he did very quickly
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in h first rm. the end t vietm war, bug t troops ho. netied degraded strategic arms agreement. rescued israel from the home cook for four, pulled egypt in the we ended the draft. 82 yr-d n right to vo. desegregatedheou. 10% when johnson left than 70 percent whenixon left he started e a d osha and nedour justices the supreme court including to chief justis. including wiiam rehnquist who wonhe 49state landslid
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unlievable "the ggest loser" ofll times when he putogher a polic coalition d at dominated the next4 years. had not been through waterge so those are the ideas from theoss and the d n. thk u very much. [alause] . .
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can reice what richard nixon did in creating the w jority and a 49 stecalition t reagan re-ead in 19 when he won 49 states 14gainst jimmy rt. don't know thatou can cause thetth is we ae another couny ghnow. we have chgeddramatically demographically. we a dferent country than we re today you can look 1stes includg for he ma-ates lirn, newyork ilnois
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and pennlvania gone democratic x raight times. can gt the states back? we ao havea situation where the eat society and the soal welfare at youmut hv100 million or more americans depending on government benefits of one kind or another while half of th countris now expt from the federal income tax. how do you get back folks enou say you're going to ut government whichea i'm terrible -- imperilhir befits but you don't pay those xes. it's a much ouer poll. i think the publicans can win in914 -- or 20. [laute here we are rit ckhe i was. i think they will n enate but 2016 ian uphill run. tnk you. pa carter from whittier, an
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atrney who produced the eat maththows richard nixon's hiory in southern cafoia and orange county and he is writg bo about richard nixon nativ son which il come out xt year. i ve you good plug. >> tnk youvery much. mr. began and i'm wondered i yo give yor thoughts garding whethereident nixohaa so-called southern strategy? >> clearly he wanted nixon wentt 11 southern states in 19. he wen iand campaigned ait orge wallace and lester maddox and i describe that in my book. ifoueathe book, thelel against char nixo is hat used ristactics to wint south. thatsfalse. the people tt did that fo the democrats. woodrow wionesregating the federal gornment. all 11 southern at.
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fdr put causacgaer of texaonis tcetwho imposed the poll tax. fdput a klansman on the suprem ut. fdr put jimmy burns of south carolinan e supreme cour to blockthe aniynching law so r cades e democratic arty us theissue of race to maintaine solidity of the rthern liberal souern coalition. at happenedw henry stheon the same states at life stevenson carrd ait eisenhower. s that because stephenson was a tougher guy in foreign licy th dwight dad eisenher no. sthenson put on the tick john smart men of alaamo was a fiter ofhe dixie mafeo whi clefor massive restance to immigratioanmaiv resistanceo e preme court cion when i was a senr
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high school. the demoats, look at the column i wrote for nixonwhere said nixon wt south and he id look let's leave tthe dixiecrat to squeezehe las ounces of political juice out of e tting fruit of racial injustice. nixon voted for e civil rights actof 1957 up 1960 64, 65 68 and he dsregated thsouth. once once the southst segregated, on i was off the tae naturally the south move raight into the republan party but only after it was desegregated. so it's a ve on i'm ppy to take it on in the book. thliberawhining and compinin none othem whine d mpin when fdr was
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wanting all cnderate states ertime hran all four times. >>at ere livestreaminthis progm nit and we asked our viewers to submit thei questionson mail and i'm going to ask onef them from ry kimof denver colorado. what are your meri of election nightof1968? hi. >> well they areairly terrifyi. [laughter] teddy white in his b says in some of you will know e fellow's ne. he said coming across the uny what wedid is after we had our telephone that monday gh we got on the plane a nixon flew across the untry as e untry was voting. my hdsro out in hives and i've never been ae toelain it
10:05 pm
i'm sure it s some kdf nerves but teddyhi writes in s ook that on the night of theeion buchanan anfih were theos nervous and bob haeman the most coident. i thnk that is iht. let meell yoa story. on sturday beforehe election got a call from jn sears who was one of our politic gs the sapat, michigan i gone d we arthree down inparis. inth words the harris poll had them at and a set of 40. ta were u theelection s over so i went in on saturday to nixos ead and he and bi we in fnt of the television walk -- wcng the egon ducks pay usc i think. eln explained this to him and he says okay thank i honestly thoug wwere going le e election untilhe
10:06 pm
returns stard ming iand buy some more and more that humphrey couldn'twi ecs wallace was taking allof these teout of the democratic ba. all e at and c wwent across theisssippi the estionas whether we wou lose t alifornia and ave the election thrown into t hse of representives where the demoats we still dominant. sohat nighti was at the ldorf-astoria and i stayedp all night long til 6:00 or 00n e morning. we own angot in the room and fell asleep. ioke up and they sainixon has gone to -- so they le m there but i wait uil 8:00 in the morning until ey finally decided iliis but we didn't ne iinois. >>hank you pat. a business raduate from u. we h a question from someo from usc so i will balance that
10:07 pm
with this warm from sc. >> mr. b. cannonof al th summers i wntrom your office toheresident what s e most poti speech for . xon other a t electionof 68 and 72? >> of all the summaries the be news that me in ichard nin? i can't even thinkf any particular one thtent into nixon t will tell you what did. let me tell you a ory. get briefingbo frmll the business press conrences by the timi got there i had figud t a ystem sigl and i woul work on the prenstudy the issues that were up and i would write 25 30 questions and ninwanted theaswers reduced to 0 words. athend of that sigleand i
10:08 pm
would get together and we wld se a memo called buchanan's memo predicting what werehe st likely because have 2 estions oreign and meic the most likely 15 questions he wld get. so nixonwd very well. sone time i sent him the b.c. memo and i predicted questions and i had all the questions in the book. every single question the president asked on every issue i predicted and had an answer in the book. 100 on your test. i got a call after the press conference was over and nixon the president says buchanan icu predicted every single question i would ask and i said yes sir. and he said that's good but
10:09 pm
there were some questions in the book they didn't ask. next time leave those out. [laughter] click. >> a question from former state senator from monrovia. >> is that montreux will for there? >> it used to be. pat, i'm really concerned about the country and i'm concerned basically about the invasion from the south. my question is this. kind of off the subject but do you know of any other leader of any country that ever plotted planned and encouraged the invasion of their own country?
10:10 pm
[applause] >> i do believe one of the first responsibilities of any president of the united states is to secure the borders of individual states of the union. i regret to say that congress and both parties for the last 25 years failed to do that on our southern border. we have a hellish problem and that long-term peril i think to the unity and cohesion of our nation. 12 million or more people in the united states and i think unless we get control we are in peril of losing the country we all grew up in. this is not an issue as you know since i first launched my own political career that wasn't all that successful.
10:11 pm
but i'm very apprehensive about that and i think we have got to understand why becoming president of the united states cannot take a look at the crisis on the border and is shooting pool when he should be down there. that's my view of that. >> hi. mr. buchanan my questions with counterfactual history question. if nixon would have won the election in 1960 rather than jfk, would we have had the cuban missile crisis? would we have had a bay of pigs and how would he have handled vietnam? now we know khrushchev's diaries and what have you that he thought john f. kennedy was a light way. i don't think you would have thought that way about nixon. how do you see at? >> i do believe khrushchev saw
10:12 pm
kennedy has attended and watched the bay of pigs which is a complete debacle and then he ran into kennedy in vienna and even kennedy himself said khrushchev had brutalized him. he didn't put up the berlin wall. he got no response except for kennedy called up a lot of my friends with one more year in the service and i think that's persuaded khrushchev that he could get away with putting missiles in cuba. he would never have done that under eisenhower because of world war ii and i don't think he would have done that while richard nixon if richard nixon had won that election at all. and i don't think richard nixon would have sent those fellows into cuba unless he was determined that invasion would work. so i think it would have been a different situation undoubtedly. but i can't know. with regard to with vietnam as a
10:13 pm
point on my ibook i supported the vietnam war as an editorial writer from 1962 supported kennedy and missile crisis and i think the whole country at one point when johnson maybe it was 65 lyndon johnson had the support of 70% of the country and the vietnam war were supported by 80% of the country. i don't know with regard to vietnam but i don't think khrushchev would have trifled with richard nixon the way he did with john f. kennedy. if you recall also brezhnev whom we all met. brezhnev in the yom kippur war there were soviet airborne divisions moving towards the bases the jumpoff bases and there were soviets here. i don't know that's true but the soviet ships were coming to the dardanelles some of them armed with nuclear weapons and be so nixon had an all-out airlift to
10:14 pm
save israel. it was a very tough time because that was in the presence oval office just before the so-called saturday night massacre. i was in the oval office and richard was right outside. nixon said there's no way i can be defined by a member of my own cabinet when you have the russians looking at me man wondering whether i'm going to stand tough in the middle east. so he had to get rid of richardson at that time. the ball started rolling but i was right there and spent 45 minutes that day. i went out and saw my old friend elliott walking and to get his head chopped off. >> pat come over here to your right. a professor from beijing and he wants to ask a question about the future of u.s.-china relations. >> thank you mr. buchanan. i am a professor at a university
10:15 pm
in china and i know that you were there from the very beginning of their relationships with china. if nixon were alive today what do you think he would say about where the future relationship of china and the u.s. are going? >> president nixon again and some of these things i got by going back into my files. i hadn't realized what was in there from things i wrote to nixon. one of them i got out that said nixon -- run down what rockefeller has said in china and 67 i believe. so what, you know. when we ran it down he wanted to know if rockefeller was recognized in china. richard nixon believed very much in the united states and the soviet union and the united
10:16 pm
states and china had to manage this relationship. who is going to be troublesome and have a lot of rough spots in such a way that we never went to war against each other. he really believed that and he believed in his own capacity to achieve this. i'm much more of a skeptic than richard nixon was. he did believe he did create a generation of peace and i think china was a very large part of it. how we manage the relationship now between china and japan, i think you would be talking seriously strongly and directly to the chinese. not to ruin all the benefits that have come out in the relationship as it has grown in the 40 plus years since he went there. that's all i can say that he was very


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