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tv   Booknotes  CSPAN  January 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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aterinpoe, ceta mise cannotora. ne we will bngouboknote
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inrvw thorr ith primmist mgareatch who passed awayin 213. . aterppeareon oknote 1993 al out r memo "the wng re years. thbo choncl h enur asri minisr om97to 1990. iss ouonho. c-anlady thaher, c y tell us hoyowre is boo >>ue: yes. i d didfirst i nt tdot in one vumor two. haaladthghth t rsthg i mu dis to ll thsty t yearshei s 10 downinstreet th we cingea. ey were purposulea. wehangedhe ente ony; h the fklandsaro fit;e d e by rd; weadhendf heold wa h the gf h suli it? d ihohtinead of llg in enormo detai se ople do alst dry ofvery d, wod ke the inhemes d llow them
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thugantrtouthein mera oththe econwhh fought. soheir thing h tdo watoetheho sucre ofhehaers rit,ndhe sado a wtes ch as cod meerbo eh, witht,n ctrerrg doments,aking a no of wh needo okp. d enfor acracy, er we mseanmaesf cuntwhh ste nste evy etg hawi a foreign statesman , inde thn tealintewa documeedanwh was sd thinrvw d atas ncde sowe hado okp,he the s ahistso of e poininhe newspapers e meth we haexciti questi tesn the house an e mes wh whaexti dete so the vumofapwork w enmous. adll ica dn itg chndvery cpter
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rt dtad,ary itn and then aemblednd then wrteanreitten and reitn to g itolo i was ryuc wh me thingsecse after t e o e lknditad beesuch a epagonizg expeen tt the foowg chrimas i t do a wte it wlell e moeserve fresh in myin sohaiserpsarticurl vivid. d then as went i wro u so oer spealccio - whaa partully ffulon in netiatin nae thurope; if had a paicular dficultroem wh someo rigd a of the rerienp. t arfrom tt, i w o ofci recor, e sortf thg at bgrhewod ha bui knew as we tou em -- i looked at l of tse th clinicall butiful
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rad and afd nus d bit nus d ncsis, bunoioapher ulha tt, al, y avor fm th -- ofheen obale we h in some othmein thsee date, t sse ofrgen so bamanbsolutcoer to theerson themlv who had nehrghllhexpiees wrinthbo. 'sown e e lu sit cabeeawioutomuch diicty. itould ba tt b mh adn d aileit av perha -buotrwe c bread aonvome sp:nef the firsthings thataut e wn read thbo w tt u can exis onour hos of sleep nht how doouo at >>ue: u n,rodeth about e y week you do have a ghwhen y c jt ve loer if u sh but u owiteceso ch a bith y fd u n' eeve much nger. sp: u lkbo o o yo tpso e at when
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you drsed the congre, and th you werupnt 4'cck t mning wking wh at u lln britn aoc wca ia leomer- woinonouspch anyowe on anarly-mning lesi sw. >> gstabout lf past 6, ye c-anhodiyodo tha h doouo atndtay clear-ad? gsti d because i hatoe done ateraso done, you sohofi t ergtoo. to are cgrs s ggt inth h happed me, and inew that rald reaganwh hdiitwa solute ser aea ofessionalanheseth toe,r leomer its so mh tt tuse it; otrwise u e okg wn yr te y'vgoa teleomer enoureoongp d u magoroonteprpt to anhe but yr eyes nev lee e dience i wasn as skleat it as h was so i h to prti, d fact,e rrowedis toe.
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t arvefr t v0 que tet e bay,nd they h s uthaucu anyoknow, enouctll ad thrgh a sech for spking, dtit omor afngyofruelyin u veo change i for aftingforein u' g t stees too ng fospking ty must b shte a y actuay an e naversioque bi whe u' actually inth rearsal withheutue itaser vy teani t e t very compcad ntences which d bjust hod wnanweid it. i thk haonly autn urnd-hf's sleep cause w more poant to havmy adn ano ven tr ho's sleep. ene ntnd it ntui llso was qteleed c-sp: enoused to do e usofomnsquti ti,"as thascpt?
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>>ue: ried- , it couldnt ssiblye cause u dn kw what theueio we gngo . e iginalueio tth pre nierou r sothing kehi "ll the prime nierivthhoe tas h oicl games da one aer the he" th deleds e queson a othpre minister anth icouldn ge u ancl to thsupplementy eson, whh was e al stin "willouind ti tay lk at mhoit" or s outh ptilacolat, toeawi se rtular inrniol incint. yokn, for er"questn time,"hich only st under mut, i wod take about urou' epation,ry topowh t qstnsould bebecausth liketoat mep thheatt pi questi. th iedte y h t thk aespons--ueio meate reon -- so it rely is ate ulca being ick onoufeet a having qck resnsti. sp: t ppati o this bk,idoupublisr eraynyintoouik
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oue t p pso in in there ts ok won'se"? >> gst: heid say, "lk, try touternarecollti cae atak ihuman. yw, you n'ne uinto doha because so ma oth thingscc bau y ehe geonerwe with somene or you'vhaa eahrghn netiio oyove had diiculty or prlem. this is e rytu o potics. it the vy ufof netiio. c-span: th i'tolics, b let rd y sometng th iinheoo "in immister is aony b. aen iout b y caot leafr aro buwi denishere iasev alone. wh aan at husba. at frien" gstalofhaisru cae,es, its ne a the e mewhen y are do ithdus.
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erare times hen thgs dot rhtpaicular i poti, d you' just t veouhuanthe,hose loltanafction e st questiedanal c give you itgo aice --don't t ings out oproporon which is very, verimrtt cae memea smalthg n t mplete o o proron. ansot the d t d i ghha rurned omhe usofomnst ou11 clk, and he perhs ulbe ithfl. there a sma ft t top numbe10- not grd flat atll, noinli t wte us-- sma, t rte. h nhoekeeper, nco; weushaa ilhelp i-- lpn the rng. itheving i stseto a get supperey if neheofs d it -a ry ghsuer. anwe jt t downndalk foanouoro,o t e' hair dn d perhs g a ouidvi. heasn duryimselfve we kwn heas in e l d emal inst, in conta with all
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industri -fruelyhi seices cled up teither gi advictoths to spk t iusial dinners a halysepoff lics andpo authahe ew. he nerad an teie he wouldt. ner had pital crar wteimselfeten0 d rli eryeetoetrs he'dadrothpuic and afr e eabi" letts ich apar i pratey from denito bil ou disadt itn embuth'sheayhe nepar played i hseed to bthnaon fore rrpoen sorelyi s rrly ck heaslws er c-anholo have u en rrd? >>ue: we rried 51- years. c-sp: has genn intervw since yostpedo m ing prime nister >> gue: .
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sp: do y tnke er will? >>ue: dot . c-ani' g a lotf tt in iro dn,nd'm stoi tre tm you angeyo rponse. "mrs. ndhi,"eangnda gahi"w ao pha it n jt tho e iss a female tit -- immeely prtical. are on wenmmse practil? >> gsti inth wte toe chorprtil cae,n dion to in thjoas pri misr,he usual aouse trun, a lot of disnso me d, erefor y ce me prtil cisionqukl keepvethg dyndeep erythi within a etty tight meable. nocexactlyheamthgs th mrs. gahianshwod t a dque loof things hse. e woulgeup and fetch a cay ings a son. s wtesothg,he ulgo and gett. she soi k,aser ne, she hn'a sband. shhatwso, and e
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kill, as you kowinn r acdent. ener oth s, who dn be sinreed in lics real h t mtlof licsalngpohi s.ani,s u ow, was assassinedneerbl rng. d d leerrohethree wes befo -because the wes fo her assasnation the had enn tet m withherighton bo; t ly one but mcaneto she wrote ch a crmg tt yi, t'abluly teib tt ese thgs shouldapn doccy." and three wee lerhe hersf d beenssassinate d enofoue,aj came toe ime mist. kn h wl,nde s asssinated in anleio mpgn so jt el speci bond th that family eyidonrf things for di a m. gahi really red about ery silehi s d.
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e s ch crming ma aselasei aer efcte primmist. span: you ntionebrht in 14. what happene >> guest: atapnewath thsd night am alys up veryatbecausmyaispch --hend of e nferen thbiray ee -- is on the id. u n'tu uwi t spches bngareful dft fo y aive, ahoh me sectnsilha been afd, t the inchge t atsprehaes, some othe su pha te diert tu and y aays ha aer lo ening on ththsd fit, you've had go outo a ecl ballorheunds f the en w lk afte licaafirinhe cotien, and u t ck abt lflen d eno e finaruonhepeech. was aarticurldiict onth yr,ndt s abou arr teehen i had finished.
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e t pple who habeen heinwe jt dispersi fromy omanmyiv rve crarcame in an sa, 'mor tbotherou t eris disn sily stavby olock torw morng,ndhefo ihi u stook athese per now." i oked ath vy icy kn what it w about- d ga h t decisn nde th w qrt to the. t minut to the e mb ntffju aheaseang and tangt to his ro. i thout fsthaitas a bo in a r tse. den h aea gone b. daed inthibeoo a heaslrdy up d ndering wh hadapned. th isodeasf erwa a cond one, icyoca que tege as kw te that sn't s atad hapnewa iwasn't car bo osi; w a
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mbn baro directly abe r ite, teer ur flrsbo, whicinachad keoua olsection ofhe hol ovuswhh d gone rit up into e air. the co aart mb was ju t wlehi claed anca dn thnoou ths t of the exti ilng rtunel t lhtin itstedn, althougth wiowca iand onorwo othethgsapne i we aosthcoid wre glsadeedog e fishyping mspch seth ty re all rig onhagoen sckroon ofhelectritywrer t otr e id"ie got e spee, s.haher. it a right i' sllothe speh. i'ju typinit--nsnt reti, u owththing th mters is torr's sec marvou wn'it adll t pple whhad enn room earlr me downga tmyoo a w
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ben to fd meeo ssg. were ldo ayhe w we bmyettives d en ldhaweou t tfi a waou weri o w, d ryoon mecrs me firemenn a aiase th jt had ne weouldn'get outh w anweertold tgoac whe we had ce from, whh d aianwaed. d en we reold weou tranheway, a wdi whh took us t roh e inal th f the fstime we saw e ortyf e ma. thwhe t fntarof e hallasild thube, justhere t mn trce wa a wnaray nded enmmiatelys wheth h lost me liv. weeg tlo f peoplwh knew,opg athehad aladgoenutf the
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ilngndontoheole atn. thaiwas full of cementust y know,ouould tte it inouteeth d erhi se- and ki of fog hu onhe a. i s ilinn eng ess. i ha'thaed. denis d t su qck erisajamasanweer iv abreaknk eefrom the ckf e tetohe pocetaon adll peoplben asmb treanth we sa thmehawe msi. i wentuto y meinto lesi a tinquire etr couldti carry on the nfen t nt rng. weidt owhen whheth ma cfencsection habe feedr t. bybo 5'cckhey we urnge to get back ldon, thki the betteif we ouofhple. i id"n im ayg.
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i nto rronheext rng,f c." weenov ta li coeg wchadad a nfen trehi founel h endedso the reevalooms wree uld ju he ouan urnd-hf'slp, and th iotp. we hn'annit ots ytng as g uthne mni mee d rn oth tevionanweaworn tebbitei lteouof the bb, d ene knew how nyeople erwe msi. crs treerfi peleild and manyevel inre rgetebbit,orman'wi isti paledo isay. fod e li a sd was the y pe of starnghe coerceanheaiye t conferceall waalrit. sa, e sto
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imdiely ba to brht" we we out sen eht mis t "cause sily mu walk tt atrm 9:, icisheimthe nfen srt" t hotelexdo tt d al bn ead cause ey ought thermit another bo trepele had beein einit ots. was luy wastl day clhe oevinclothes, a had seed st fo w le t hotel so, altair mlpine s r ve ae eareand haa veryrit ea at 7 olo hra up the lol nar mks spces,mo o fous chn or, y kw,nd said"lk, younowh's ppened pele haven'teay t y sptae ots gin thcoerce cod u enp the or" soll the offials a t vonty sidef e part we, d l rned uonhe plfo, aufuy rned o in mar &peer ofi.
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i lk othplatfo fm e de at:3 and ty om the he and a9: t coerceesrt -evyo determined wwen'gog to beutffy rrisbombs. decry ulprai a s d. c-anlemeskouwo tt tng inheide yr scsi the bk outh, you y atoundour ai cwf -- a iantosk you about he--knt wnndrad. e ason iant toskou abt ats, didouhink that there we othebos ming? >> gstwe knethat we haa t pplmiin we didt ow the'de othe bos ming in the ha o anne- kw erwere a loofeoe ssg. at w we pred
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atlse can ondonder tse circstce c-anwhisraie? >>ue: awe s enit for aerlo te. shisorth a pernal asstt;hes st so dienbl shal wks fororwoso beuslo wfs ce work f mwh iast downinstet, anthen cwf wos soore and for m. e'really a gatrid thfaly e jt solutely inspsae. e knowextlwh tdo dealstllirmstanc. shs alwa cerlshca alysncra; e n wa keep dusee pportio e alwayweomwhev inheorld s gs. sp: u itofn t okbo cqus. wh ichuers? >>ue: eqrss e name t pmeintes uny hoe. w geno e tion by a gentmacaedorlee, w d arin feanth hath beautulom he w ithcaneofhe
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wod r cane a when lld or w made r im nier during rlwai, lord a lady e aledhat w a difre kd pme mist. fothfit mehe was a pre nieritut cntry ho, d eyhoht pme nierhod ve cnt home. they h no chdren, so t acally rursh the house thicanqu. erwe se aufuthgs ther b they d trthgs moveinndicpiur. then they emlv medut anga itoheatn a a orest a rreiofo pre nierfove 's lovelcotrhoe d betiful grous. you do aotf teaing of hestatesn ere. or and bba bush stay one ekd with us. itends tbeout teby otr primmists d anlls. ey likto come to chequers. it washe, crs tt i
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rsbrght mrgoacv d isgoacv mt them becae 's thetmphere a cotry hoe -- iwierbi g re--nd jusloly span: how r is it fr loon? >> gstabt ho-and-a-quaerringim sp: t me rd u sothg at i wte down: "o aicathiti w at mrsgoachev s a coitted, harli mxi heobous inrest in hoes viha wch sheoodo from t slfn e bry, ghpoibly he nfme th." diyou noceericng.? c-annomy husnd was up in e brary with herhi i was lkg mr. gorbaev but y kw,hes gr philosher hersel e adhisoy, and i tnk den tk r ound a swed r e eareofhe liar a se e s ry test i peapwetth rtul siifance to hobbes' leatn. itideeathati tt she waa ryve hd-line count d moreo an mrgoachev. iro ithe bo, w ch later tt lened th
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she d reas n to be a ha-le mmis her grdfathewaa rm - wh iknn as aulak. ey were quite g rms noenmo fmsnolaed tas -- b they d ug otr rmanwe fmi ve wl. h qte gd-zed farm and stalinam ahi ofcis went to hepele wi ld,o spsess tm it at npnt s.orch'srafaer fud. he sd,noi ve we d urhire i employ my op oth rm wearth farm llani gog contie dth." and aorncwi stalin's counism,e s therore ot mr gbachev mhewaon ofhe fouchdr, s
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kn t aulnessf mmunism. c-an: did either onef em speaenglis >>ue: s. gorbach undeto se glh, mr. orbach didn'ani didn't spk ssn,o we spoke througinrprete c-an: yoremembedwo russn overbshat came out ofheou omrgorbacv. wa tre t two oth. i don't owf u member isrothbook: nca ar enn loed gunano of" guestth'shaheaiin nnection wh clear aps, ye c-anhodiyoremb at d u go a wtet wn ter yohed it fm m? gstohbuit was not thing yowould rg. budot rg, i was thug inrpte there, anth terer otevytng wn erwaaumaticay rert of theonrsio, cae th a oicial nvsation atasbo aamentsth s e offialonrsio so there is a llccntyes, rer to afteards. sp: other overbs was ouaifo cannolive tht es any me than th c le tht air. t t gstst longer anecsa, eyho." doouemember th o? gstye iember th
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on bause hhasteduc loer than headntde whh s gatoy to because we l tt along ry well. was qte dfentinof mmis you've seehim on telisn; u' sn thate'eblient, efrvce, at he ves deti. he ia rycte rs. 'sulofonmi a i was ju aelht he w qteifre fm any hecount 'dvemet. c-anaryodiffert a setting likeheer where yorehe with a mrgorbacv a ronald reag, anouresay, w weeeouutn bl? ifo,owreouifferent gsti inyou're mor relaxed. you're at mendoue in a couny use, and you welco gutso the uny us eris jussothing ry ecial outh. 's mucle fmal than 10 doinstetjust ithsa waasamp dad,hich ia differenki ocotrhoe, isuch lessorl anhe whithoe. i'veeetoamdad many me camp dids several g cansanth're rather
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beaufulocans, whea eqrs is tritnal cotrhoe ilt inud tis t 1h nty. c-span: you do, thou, in out in youbook tt at the fit i ihink, otta thatredent rgawaso amiclehat he useevyo's rsna. >>ue: s. c-sp: but eyald r inrm dssand yodi't ke that. >> guest: no. we werat what is cald ve big locan hote mtell not r om otta,hich was loly. theyadnevethg poib tmake it ve ne for us, d w. but inthat wn u're gog a summit hdsf ta igornment, yo o ople expecyotoe rmly drse d , though wwere aedo inforl, much,ysf, efretoe arg su ju ai woulnoally. sp: "histyle of work and
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decision-makg s pant tached andro-bsh, ry differenfr mow -rold ag. osaryo words what t dference inhe yle oforngetenou and na rga >>ue: nald rgakn extly thbrd nel directn in which he sh to go -- so d i- t had to dohis in mh more detail; fit,ecse w concerned to see tt liesto u noon ithgeraterms t uld std up ith paicularetail. th c oftenaiinhe detail. iften d aotf css-exanaon of e mists outhat. econd, unlike e esent of the unitedtas, w anerg questioninheou ofomnswice aeek, and i uld be ask autetls, so i d kw it. e esidenofones doesn't goowtoe ked qutis n ifull, en ssn. gs wno drs e us heoe'thehave aear of
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thopsionetngp d itizg athing ke at. so it'a ryifre syste d was nessary thai ew ucmo dail in ord to carry on t j. c-span: you referr ta hot ne between youndhehi hoe. ishe aelho oist a teletype? hodoouomniten mes csi gst: the are two. tres telephe,ndls ifouant a cunt over in etl, the is a itn t li. c-andiyousit very ofn? gstnoi don'thk esthgsug to be used ryft. t i sotis ceed vy lcedalat difcult tes omonald ag, o s ryve tughtfu c-an: did yoev he stngisreenwi ronald reanehd e enes? >> guest: no, i n'thk thgh at mewh, i falknd hwaede to d somethg d sa, ertainly no" t therwas never any nsn beeeus sp: atast outhe
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relatiship that ead at mosphere? gst: thfa tt knew anhe knew th we were wki for thsame purpos and r e samendand ofn the ammeods. th'susa eat thg owth the gatt ti inheor s e same vie t plophofif t philosop of libert of justice anof demra tt u . sp: u y,looking ba it inoclr me th ond ag's origina cionn i was e sing storntf s pridcy wh > est: bause that s e one ich made the rsians undeta tt eyou never keepp withheechnoly thuned states. eyushadn'the compute apily, andheknew fl llhat we thewe gng in aev otenology whi they cldt ule,o ere s pointn emryg purs tirndbyei t roessurpern e wod and by threateni oer wi tir pows. atashendf at pticuladrm. sp: enidouet a sse atheall wagoing ce wnndhat thruia w intoacofthcommunm
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anthe whe inwod ll apar >>ue: in '89 the wl me wn dot ink th o aually d e sensthat iwod me wnnt y s tse remaab pplcrbling wnith the hdsnd mms. w jt ntti yokn, mt kinds of reluons its l of a suen the is a wave of meing and thpeleo and ere isotnghaca ophat fld or tt def feelg. w just fantti habe to sethe wa se years fo a w rll atr horrie--otly rrie y g uand lookedcross, d ere were ds trli the tem part. yowe tsethrir er nyeoe trieto swiacss toafy and someersh. t s erythi tt e s comeo soatwi t tynny mataed by force ichad noesct for hum life, digny or ler.
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at wall was fu odrin marks, mesgeanevytng and ent s tuallylawed own itasust maels. reall o ft,ug t ha spp ifrom gng up in the rl'6 wn d, t t wasn de. w t pple who brght it downanthat's theonrf thing ouit. c-spanwh dyothk of the fure >>ue: e tu owh? sp: e ture of thwod. in oeror, seonllhe sffhaweenthrougan thexriceofheas40 5yes ncworld war e u timistic o peimtiabt e futu? >>uest: at depdsowe apoa i afr erwa--nd this was
6:33 pm
a cold r icsotis s hot, as you kn, kea and vtn, t e final bales we cd; they wen't op military batts. teevy war,heer it's a hot warr co w, ere tes to be a phia we'vlenethe leonth mt vehappenga, d ereforitilner pp agn. l dn r ard, and w tend to dirm. but tyntandiators ve enorthuguthege they're nogoing stop in bo n, d eye t in to stotrng to get wefor emselv a tirwn sake. ncthenofheold war, r ame,ilev iseia s vad snia a h not entoed. ere is euphoa tethe end whh makeyosa "t's sa." aftewod r weisme toqukly. thamics fturope. d eytad europe the woulner veeewod r ii. weus'takth mta this me theris alrdy w i sn.
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thgu w ce after then ofheolwa on the other hd,hendf the ldar hasacitated meea pcesses, like t one t mdlea betwe e leinn op a t jesheoe. buin theho omy lifin licsthunexpeed pped, whheitashe vasionf e lknd whheitashenvion of kuwait, etr it w t lianaid weudnlhad to . thank goodsse'had thwi reght toeehat weadll the right weaprywhher it s t ny, in e myr e air rc t rht aircft, thrit ip t right miil, e ghan late thnog it tt icheedhe col aro e who aho being fid that and i. soe mustoto into a euor pseow. soe mustoto to a phicha n t e othcollapse o grt pis,ewanrs is t 1cotrs atord e rm siet unn,he e viwa iso oth as igegi ainhe nagorno-rabakhn mea
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erbaij. mt t let r fenses go wnooar erlle w res, and we mu kw athaveyo ime mister opridt decis do, t ruisite weon ithe do it heisweha oe aibe retreat and fd dfilt to recover t fl beie andecry ate ve ow c-anwhat'sheifree the way yorereedhen yo come to the it stean e y u are ead in your n couny thesda? gstyodononoi' enutf wefonearly the ar i ini'trtethe sa way inot i'alst haid as aerne pple look back d e at we did -- w rpef and exti iwa
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a nttinuer of un ople come b t bk. ey didn't wa le at d,uthekn that h rpe d reio fod as i ntn a urthunitedinom. crse there e meeople who e ait e. e ciist woerpay ll denstrate agnsyo t byndar t apecti ienmous, d i thinththing eyay to st oft in britaiis"tnk you fowhat y d f o uny,anth mte to me grt al. sp: i don't owf u w, en fst staedoutr to the unid ates, itial inhealstet jonacaed "lingar." gsti d e it. w a lovely ad. c-anthey talk out thatcherni tt e un peopleod view u a celebry d e op that sayoinow vieweyou a lodiertl but theyik y tcharles de
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gaul a wst crcll d u e at? >> gue: at aig reonbity thf emou mshl rdasf eyere soie. thadreat fligh of oror bubo h a sense of purpos and directn,ndhener falter. ats e milari. sp: eyedffhe editiabyayg you re intoe eangr intervwe 7dierent mes in 13 yshi y we t unedtates,nd i know the time thiruns tt you ll ha ge . why aryogog roh all th? wh'srivingouo sit il foalthese teie? >>uest: beevthe a sse tt ok. eris messa that if y cht yourourse and owhe comps of vuewhich will adouhrghheuture, en you wilgethug you wi btr tthve be oyo count; u ll berutohehallens d
6:38 pm
thstnuous lifef bey, totsesponsilie t ste d doccy. anit's a spositive. it's n jt et this on its bey a marlo in ptilarly if y've not haitndeople ven't knn . its t stitng back; it's ungougogin les. 'saving a see of reonsibityorouow family, a nsofblatn ouneighb. thk 'suiing thkind of socie tt st peoe uld li tlive iif the have t cnc t e wt u're tinto do in governme itoava amorofawnd backou wchncras l ats stn ople a wch isough oall that is ev a woe d thats for the ke of aetter ture. sp: tre anyayo descbe whaquti imo often keofous u make
6:39 pm
isou? gstwhen are you cin ck sp: and when areouomg back? >> gstnoli dsn haenikth. yodot bk,otft yove beeint ev a a lfea. nsn did, becsee'ner n ectn,nd it must ve been teib f h wn, havi w t war, he w rect. buheamba ianothe ectionnd waslay ceed d bredy the ople agn. i' bn there for three eltis, and've ner st electn. ifohn mar cis entual toeave oic thereilbe manyths o nto pme ministe sts wayog and had e chceso themu have ei chce. sp: t bk u talk abt feowy the me o gooneece, an arican om th1983 campan,hoas adsi you otevision >>ue: yes. was eli, t came and ha a ceeinmeca goon had word tevio
6:40 pm
heiddvemt tevio and spp o from ki que loof mistake but goonad somhi ee. enhis reery bad, gooname innd lood the ight se,nde s wa timist. at a terfic quit c-anththg at i pked up, thou -and i otth down- ritish pri misters have never accepd alnges ectn bas ts nd did you ev debatdung a caaign? >> gueston tevion prrawi mopsi none n i ll telyowh beev psiaty wha wadog. i wasn gng to put the ol thg issue thrghwor retevion programs which so wld regd re as a maerf entertaienth o ilmiti. d iaitohe teier,noyore not gog jge theho of my rerdndhehole of my tu on hopeleerrm in a paicular debe. if youantonow, you just asmeorn inteiew. i ll givyoan intvi f
6:41 pm
twhours or, y le, for for hos ntinuously yocaask anhing a erhing. dohe samtoy lica oppone." at wn u' sn nd th t electatwill st t who n it and whcat. c-andoou thi futur pre minierwi entlly ha tdete gsti n'thk theyl ed to. yose iouca ias bangwi aeeinhe hoe cmons a"qstion time so thpelene preceli ulstd t e ad othopposition c-span: "mexrices at mb of thmei have dea thn licsemonsat ecelthe arteristics whh eyttribu twomen: vatynd an abittoak ugdesi." whdiyowa twre at >>ue: cae w true. i ofn unth mh re va tn we were. i ini s ryraical ansoermy wom cleue wn't thgshamatter r my rutio iwawh i couldohi mted our cotry. eyayo wome "you are
6:42 pm
vain," b ion tnke re. thk were chess va. and th oftenatibute men thincapabili of mang ugh desis. itashey, iou, wen'able tma t tgh decion a oenhe codn br wn i made i sp: in t bk u lk abouonofhe ear mtis you had withrede rga d u id, "iwaa tt mo awa oth occasn, foi d out geofey how and miaeheltine th me r the etg aorng luh r e esents - which ma f aucmore ilted d less satfaory nvsaonhan otr caon i did not brinth again wh hpe ia etg en u brinothers wityou? what cng? gstitas arfial chf emand eiown say. each oth wtetoak their n rkani feltha thatmosphereasorof vealinuet abouit ouidt t gpsitthe
6:43 pm
su, cae i goer dict to thisesn e wainhi r rgaan uay uld getorips wh them. sp: w often in the dealings youaditfoig leaderdiyome one-on-on wi nonin theoo guestque te particular ii nt tge sothg al tasd t. que teitou bwi pridt ttan oofn it s na rga i n'th it was que often wi cnclokohl. c-anwh cng wn you ven terprer?ndbyhe y,id chaelr hl spe enis >>ue: no, t he underoo some. his lady wife s ve fent englisspke hawathother esonou ked? sp: whathaesheyo haven terer? doouissothg en u' tintoegotia sothg?
6:44 pm
>> gstitepds very mu t ieret w,hene thai d,icrd poac w ud ce th me oaltos rsia, he wod sten vy rellno only twh iasayg but to thinnaonf my voiceas ou hwod ll ihi inrptaonherecise toti wch had ud. atas marvelo. . rbhev wod t t ly the ang t wdsuthe phishi ilaced on em. otrwise,f eyust doha i ll ddpan ieretio yomi the emphas d u ssheeaimportance of what yourusanounterparts sayi. c-spanles bk yr bo a h y wrote it. whenidouta i >>ue: started it abo a rtght berehrtm -- nola chrisasth christs befo. sp: d u ve sff that word iwi y? gstyes, iid. i needed aisri; need ahist hato looup greatumr t permylf. i d dta areat my my impssns alsoi d ite a mb of pe mel a i wrote aot down. sp: d enowidou put tetr?
6:45 pm
diyospd l your timon onchteand goo otr? hodiitll comtoth? >> gue: rs y'vgot to t lot do. ceoue t dn d e ght orr,ou go on fingnd refinand ring. th y'vgotoet n lodo, ithenyove t outhe ts- e one u' done e test b, e seco o tt u' risg anththird one thatoue ing back and doing fal revise sot'que hating and acng c-spanth book 9 pes lo, beev re the tngth y waed in therth y codn get in beusof space? >> gstno i ink weot most ofheai thin i the e er detaithgs th iav't gotn,utost t main thin are i sp: whats e xtook gog to be abt d ens intoomou >>ue: e co bk is intoe oumy ear le h iame to havthvis at hd,ow fstece inrestedn policsanmy rlpolitical days i s in plienfr 1959. at bo startfr 19, so
6:46 pm
there is qui aigtory t te there c-anishe abo iyour pa that de b dfence and s spsie r ttg u ts? gstyes. the s itjophwho was a rliamearcoeae,nd was vy, veracven drinuphe whole ilop of thcoerti rtafr we'd losthree eltis dete--er acveindeed. ifei h did to std fothleershipi ou ha lal suppoed him and nohave svemylf. iwa kthamtoe daand sa, oo i rea n'thk castand. i uln'ta se of the in tt e id abo a ad, i jt intoe oiny cken mber of parlme,"hi hpreede to be. sa, ei, y'rno
6:47 pm
going snd, i gngo. someonwhhos r polica ewsoonwhwants to gin thdirectn wt go, h gototand ain t cuenleerf the part -- tt was d at a that h i camtota. c-anin theooyou taed t oualdasenars tt yohaat cheer w did u t ostother anwh >> gue: iand sena on particulasuec--or ame,erpsheos inrestinone was, iante te19 tha a seminarn what we coulpoib dto ha mh reontactitth soet uni a ao chor coacwi cntes lik pondndunry weord t plan oacon which s try tlo f younr peop ithsoet iowhwod aitedp thomni becau iwa't workg,nde un mr. gorbachev. atas absoluty scatg.
6:48 pm
then ilso vitehungary beuse i nt tgetonow some othyogepele ai who we unng siness ithat country. sp: u ote this in yo book"i am accud not stin myxpiee is tt group n,itngrod a tae, li ltlbetter thath n ic and tt thg reistastul thath ssily at a cclion n rch who a o thmehang cnctoea fr tir briefs. >>ue: codn standus threinfr the befat all. you n ways tl . yocan alysell wh they vehe o ptilavis. ofn ey would ce a meing, open eifoer a
6:49 pm
soft t cil servantwe ratherifre from e politicis,ndhashs ho thmister dlsitit the go o won'tead fr h brf and ll givyohis own ew he mhthen sa "t i'm adseto do diffeny." c-an: athendf urri nieripyotalk ith bo autowacof the nierca tyo you w emt atoint -- whe reouanwhe d eyomtoeeou >>ue: thatasn the eng t d iad tuedropas. i d seesf meetings th w aer theirst ballo and alou wgot a jority the ptyitasot b enghajit btwvos ly th'dll lost their rv i'be ay in pisnd didn ce ckntil t nt y. wh w i doi in pas? was siinso of the dirmen agements we'reachewi ruia
6:50 pm
erwe 34 hes of sten veme tre i t ckanth tngad ll art i alede st have a ch more acte campaign th iecided thai ulse each and erynef members ofheabetale, in ccsion. caedheinand the sus u' s ithe bo. w all jt aificial d so htful. the werene or twoho were diraught, anothersadost thr rv b mostly, even omy veryre frien -- ere waonor twoxctis iran like ts,no lk, u owhai'a ie of ur but ieeit mdu to telyoas a frienthat althgh'lsuoryou ifou std again for the send ll, dot ink you can wi a, eror i thi it wille tt iyostood wn d let mee elsen e canestd ait mich helte,whwaal rni athati. onafter anotr thisapned.
6:51 pm
don't thinth kw e effectn , cae ey cleay d d ki ocaus meinandeded wh t reoi to sa i kn tt cod win i cod get l t cin inout the d sayi tt weusgea up me the fr more- tefo maar. u' win iyove gotll nslangbut myun ul'tla ju rked backwas d ought,we, thisealo relyon't tnk c carry wh them span: enouef did y think that timehayo ulta a peege wod u in thhoe lords? gsti dn't tnkt at mehat i s intoo. i habe ithhoe coons fo33ea. ir-o o othose yrs habe on thfrt nc th is toay, i d been in veme wn we were power,r en we d enn opposion h bn a le meern e poti tm an trere, alysn a le poti tcricize isng veme. sointh wdsi d ways
6:52 pm
enhaweal"othfront beh"- full misr showg mist omain a mist. ter i siedr ter i had had th foudete in e us wchaserexti t lt e difr t frt nc-- tn d g ckntthhoe for e fit timeor1 ar wk onto t back ncs. di't likit. wn'fome, beuse wh i t tma aonibio omheacbeh,s orna mbeofaramt, erneou murmuanthe ulbe roar iotp. was aigy chard d artici aoser i und itifficultnoh r a timeoto kehe desis. habe ud min cion a ito ma me g io e derstandin th iasotakg the decisions.
6:53 pm
i coulinuee embui uldn'takthem. d iidt nto rron t hsef mmons. wldavbe ey d atanth pple said el y mt stayn because you n comeac" i said"n le esn't happ that w. veeen he eveana-half ar i d gsoti. thk e imminist will ndt si ii'm noinhe usofomnsndn potion to rern iilacptheff tgo tthhoe lords 'so chore gelen there,ndouon g t icflh the qckit and e vend-takofebe, which you' g in thhoe of coons." c-spanyou say inoubo atf u n'unrsndhe usofomnsyou dot understa bti pitics. wh did you mn tt? gstju ectly wt one sa. i ink wh my op ce lo aouhoe cmo
6:54 pm
th ce thhedeth it aerdiifd dy tha does tngin dignifieday. certnlwe woun't throw thgsanceaiy we wouldn g uanfit,ut e rb aac a vy coidab. 'ser vy stovg ba. yoreften interpt, d yove goto ve rdyep tonyone o challenges y sp: you tnkhathe eranritishpecial relaonipilcoin? gst: i mostarst he so werehewoations thaha mo icoonhaanotr two. e lgm faths ntita ole bagrndf englh d e blalthics. theynew anto wh emur st of juice, aerfaus e. when jfeonamtorite th remarblcotiti whicisheesexessionn thenislaua, e st expression olirty, hwrote li aenius,hi iupse heas
6:55 pm
itasui clearroth nstituonhat its is e rscotition ith wod d ssiblyti t on one -th iishe op who ge the powe t e governme for aimed meo ve tm, not the gornntivg wer tohe pele. 'serdiert. c-anhocould the it st benef fm ki meinfr us anvi vea? in other wds, what d y ha as prime nier thath presidt t utestates est veand wh wld you likeo ves imminist th wha he? >>ue: at h w regul mein ithe hoe cmo and regurly tangarinhe bas in t hsef mms and in "quesonim wh ilshawa i wasri mist bau iad mari ithhoe comms,o we h aoochce
6:56 pm
getti tou any giatn p u and we had good chancofetnghe dg tou, cause wouldn he beenhe witho a joty so we n't have the cflt test th setimesrises thoupridt ene n'gea asure roh the hoe aer vy fferen mohe complely. c-an: yorer t bk "t herti whito mea worl" isasngn re hypacve inheed tn is in nd? >>uest: think . think atutatically everhi he considered as what ithprentati gng to be,lmt before y consider t otherspt i i gaedy b to gethe liesig. wh wgothpoci rht weou tnk abo t presenti but n t oer waarnd c-span: doouhi we ought to worry abouth? guest: ye c-anwh >> gue: becae u ul st ta eech, d memeyoll say"tt'a
6:57 pm
rhor sec 'sustaing. the'noinrely we-kwnndneh . thpersonast t t arofheatr." orouan lisn apeech whh might be a b dle b a pers'seay t ckotm liankns e art ofheatr d is trngo al with is th're ve dfentin of oror c-anlady ttcher,utr of heowng strt ar" anyove mh r ing us. >> guest: i' eoy i thk u very muc
6:58 pm
>> w tki tmyom f arback n he aid he wa hodeby de lltor. shsa i don't o t mey he isangha gb i wi p m st so sps raing me.
6:59 pm
my moms wilti -wiin lilys isttegoli t ansathere s loofhi going nd atulyt epicenter dt llti i general anthunedtas sbuflo. wsne bgugo hain hd i wod a ty tulyro oecr' pepeive onwhat's t iko collt debta hata e chleesouacnd what i yo le ke pihestr in"e w yoerju bare on sayi what y ti abouthi ibufo d--uffalo and cod t medyo lko . theedtor saidgade 50 rds anwh can you g me th co? ..
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