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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 15, 2015 8:49pm-9:23pm EDT

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clinton shared back and forth meet that qualification? live on the uss-iowa dock here in los angeles. speaking at the rally here is our speaker. >> by god, here i am, pastor joel olsteen always begins with something funny on sunday morning and i would like to run this by you. i heard this yesterday and whether democrat or republicans i think you will enjoy it. three washington, d.c. teenagers are on the way to school and walk by the white house and there is the commander and chief out for a morning stroll. off to the right they see a car and a collision course with the president. they came and threw him out of the way and saved his life. the president gets up, brushes
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himself off and says you saved my life. what can i do for you? one student said i would like to ride on air force one and the other said i would like to go to west point. and he said i can take care of those. but the third kid said i would like a plot at arlington national cemetery and he said son, that is strange. why are you in such a hurry? he said when my dad finds out i saved your life, he is going to kill me. the marines are not supposed to laugh at that. before we continue, i am sure that everyone here agrees that ronald reagan was one of the greatest presidents to every occupy the oval office. do i sense we have some republicans here? as you know, president reagan was known as the great communicator with a terrific sense of humor and nobody loved
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to tell a story and nobody told a story better than he did. he loved to tell this one. the story about the sports announcer who invited the baseball playing friend for dinner one night. his wife was busy preparing dinner but the sports buffs were talking sports and oblivious to what was going on -- whoops, i missed it. in the middle of their chat the little baby began to cry and the wife says honey, will you please change the baby? and he said sweetheart, i am a ball player that is not my line of work. she wheels around and proceeds to do as mr. reagan would do and said look mr. ball player, you lay out the diaper like a diamond, second base on home plate, the baby's bottom on the pitcher mound, hook up here and
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if it starts to rain you start all over again. let's bring on the stage very important people. jeanine stang, who will sing the national anthem and the u.s. marine color guard is already up here. jeanine, would you up here, please? [applause] >> here to sing our national anthem this is the lady known far and wide as the national anthem girl for she has sang the anthem in all 50 states in the union. as jeanine sings the color guard of the united states marine core will be presenting the colors. [singing the national anthem] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> usa! usa! >> ladies and gentlemen, please join me for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and
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justice for all. [applause] >> with so many veterans in the audience, here is something i would like to share you might call this the definition of a veteran. rather active duty, discharged, retired or reserved, a veteran is someone who at some point in his or her life wrote a blank check payable to the united states of america for an amount up to and including their life. we may not always agree with the wars our nation as waged or the policies our leaders have put in place or the doctrines they established, but those of you who wrote the blank check and served your country did what was asked without question and hesitation and if need be, were willing to sacrifice your life to insure freedom and keep
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america safe from danger whenever possible by fighting the enemies of freedom wherever required. it is you, the veteran, not the preacher, who gave us freedom of religion, it is you the veteran who give us the freedom of the press, it is you the veteran, not the poet that give us freedom of speech. it is you the veteran, not the campus organizer who gives us the freedom to assemble. it is you the veteran who was given the right to the fair trial, not the lawyer. it is you veterans, not politicians, who have given us the right to vote. that is the definition of a veteran. >> they are on their way.
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you are about to meet three very important people who will be standing at this podium tonight. the first is a former army ranger and discovery channel star of a show titled grateful nation, ladies and gentlemen, let's give a nice shout out to mr. tim able. >> all the way. >> and a big shout out to the founder of veterans for a strong america, major joel aaron, everybody. [applause] >> and you might call him our main speaker for the evening, republican presidential candidate contender republican
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donald trump. thank you. thank you. [applause]
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please take a seat. go ahead and take a seat here. i am very honored to be here on the deck of the uss iowa joel's home state and i'm honored to be here for many reasons. to be on board were so many veterans folks in uniform, who served their country and veterans for a stronger america. and right now myself i do a show called grateful nation and we celebrate their lives and tell their story but right now i'm so honored to be on the stage to introduce the gentleman behind me, joel because he has created veterans for a stronger america, vsa and let me tell you about
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joel. someone that cares about america after the war in iraq started in 2003 joe arens dropped out of law school to fight in iraq. he knew that it was his generation's time to fight, take a stand against terrorism and the global war on terrorism. as a first lieutenant in the army's first cap division joel lorenz led a team of 30 infantrymen through the dangerous streets of baghdad from the late 2003 eric all the wins 2005 and during that time in iraq joel and his team are responsible for delivering justice to terrorists and keeping innocent iraqi safe and secure in their homeland. after returning from iraq joel knew that our politicians were not listening to our commanders and our troops on the ground. which is why we are here today and why mr. trump is here. [applause] dad is a man who cares about the
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armed forces and cares and wants to listen and help the veterans to keep us safe and secure in america. [applause] now for joel for his time in iraq he was awarded the bronze star and in 2006 major arens was named one of the 50 euros on the low bulwark terrorism by defense secretary don rumsfeld in 2006. [applause] now in 2010 he founded veterans for a strong america and led the fight to ensure that our warriors on and off the battlefield are taking care of. again, why mr. trump is here. [applause] he is a native of iowa and it's only fitting we are here aboard the deck of the ship named after his home state.
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we are here in beautiful long beach. we have people protesting it. i think we are doing something right here. god bless america. major jolt errands. [applause] >> thank you. welcome. thank you everybody for coming out today. i really appreciated it and our team appreciates it. let me just start with this. do you hear those folks over there? we fought for their right to be there. [applause] we laid our lives on the line so you could calm, so you could be here, so they could be here. we fought for them and yet they told us we were supposed to be here today. i'm proud to to be here. [applause]
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and i love being on the battleship iowa. i was born in iowa and i was raised in iowa. it's a fantastic honor. we have got a great guest here. i'm going to get to that right away. i just want to say this and i will be very brief because i know you were not here to listen to me. in 2010 i started this organization because politicians are not listening to the veterans. they're not listening to the commanders on the ground. they are not listening to the military. they are not responding to us. 250,000 veterans died while waiting for care from the va. i get better care if i would have come over the order illegally then as a veteran. [applause] 25,000 veterans were permanently just enrolled from the va because of their paperwork sat on someone's desk for five
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years. this is unacceptable ladies and gentlemen. our military is being gutted. this president and this congress both political parties are responsible for the gutting of the military. 40,000 american troops that pink slips. this is not the time. this is not the time to lay off men and women when we faced the kind of threats we do in the world today terry today is the time to ramp up. today is the time to build more battleships like this. today is the time to ensure that we have combat-hardened ready troops available to fight for this country. [applause] you know what? we have hired, america has hired professional politicians to run this country for the last several decades.
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six united states presidents, six united states presidents never served as -- never served in elected office before taking the presidency. six of them. i'm looking at the professional political class today, the people who were governors before becoming president, the people who were senators before becoming president and i have taken a look at the people who are running for office today. former governors and senators. we have the kind of problems we do in this country with the va with benghazi in the gutting of the military because they don't have courage. [applause] i want a president that has the same amount of courage that our women and men show on the battlefield. [applause] i want a president who wants to take on the special interests to stop us from reforming the va.
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i want a president who's willing to take on the special interest to fight them to stop us from being able to get rid of sequestration which debts are military. [applause] i want a president who has the courage to do the right thing for our men and women. [applause] i want a president who will live up to the promise of lincoln when he said we will care for those who were wounded in battle. [applause] well folks i'm here to tell you today you were not going to get that courage with the political class. it's time to consider somebody else. it is time to say to ourselves do we really need a former governor? do we need a current senator? do we need a reform -- a former
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businessman? do you we need somebody who has the proven track record of delivering results? ladies and gentlemen because normally, normally this organization doesn't endorse in the primaries, we don't normally take sides. we step back and we let the voters decide that you know what? 2016 is too important to not take a stand. we took a stand in iraq my comrades. we took a stand in afghanistan. we take a stand in world war ii. we took a stand in vietnam. our veterans stood up. they took a stand. now it's time for us to return the favor for someone who will take a stand for us.
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[applause] ladies and gentlemen i know -- not only want a president with courage i want a commander-in-chief with courage. [applause] that's why tonight i am proud to stand here and introduce to you the man who veterans for a strong america endorses to become the next president and the next commander in chief. [applause] please welcome, please help me welcome mr. donald j. trump. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, mr. donald trump. [applause] >> thank you. [chanting]
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>> thank you so much. i didn't expect that. you know joel and the group called and they said would you come over and speak, i'm here for certain reason. it's called tomorrow night. so i got here and they asked a couple of days ago would have been possible to come over and say a few words and an endorsement from your group with so many veterans, hundreds of thousands of veterans i really appreciate that joel. i did not expect it. [applause] i didn't expect it and i didn't ask for it. i will say this, i am at the veterans 100%. they are our greatest people. they are being treated terribly. not only the number of deaths which are obviously that's tantamount to what's going on is incredible but as of two weeks ago on wednesday, the vets had the longest wait in the history
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of the veterans administration administration. you go in and see a doctor you wait for days and days and it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. if i win believe me it's not going to happen in one of the things i thought i would do, and i stress so strongly the veterans hospital obviously there problems and they are not properly run and when you have to wait long hours and long days and then in some cases have the doctor say i'm sorry i'm going on vacation, believe me it doesn't get much worse than that we are going to create a whole new system. we are going to take the system apart and if they are not doing the job that veterans are going to go to private doctors, private hospitals, public hospitals. [applause] and we are going to reimburse those doctors and hospitals and you are going to get the greatest service of any veteran in any country because you deserve it.
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[applause] that's going to be broken down into something that's going to be very special. right now, and you know it, we have illegal immigrants that are treated better by far than our veterans. that's not going to happen anymore. it's not going to happen. so joel i just really appreciate it. so i'm expected to be here. it's an honor. they don't build chips like this anymore folks. we don't do it this way anymore. i actually said what about re-commissioning. look at this thing, the largest guns in the world, the most powerful guns. i learned a lot about the iowa. by the way i was a great place for a lot of reasons. we have been treated so well in the state of iowa it's been incredible. number one in the polls and we love those people. they are great. this is a great ship, hot guys. this is a great ship and that's great ship enough to great state. i just want to say that we are
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going to come out with some plans in a very short time. we are going to be building up our military. we are going to make her military so big and so strong and so great. [applause] and it will be so powerful that i don't think we are ever going to have to use it. nobody's going to mess with us. that i can tell you. [applause] and we are going to have a president who is respected by putin, who is respected by iran. you know, let's talk about for two seconds, let's talk about the iran deal. now obama and his people call him the supreme leader of iran. obama talks about the supreme leader. i'm not calling him a supreme leader but he said the other day that after this rip off deal is completed he will never touch,
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do business with the united states again. we are finished with the united states. they are taking $150 billion. it's going to go right into nuclear weapons much sooner than you think. they are going to go and self police. they have got 24 day provisions and by the way what people don't understand is the 24 day provisions doesn't start, you know this right? it doesn't start her a long time before you get to it. the clock is ticking. it could take forever. renee never get in there. it is one of the dumbest and the weakest contracts i have ever seen of any kind. [applause] so we are going to do things in this country right. we are not going to start deals
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where we have more prisoners over here and they are still there and we don't even ask them. one of them is there because he is a christian. we have a writer. the whole thing is absolutely insane. you know they asked the president and they ask the secretary of state kerry, you know i've been saying hillary clinton is the worst secretary of state in the history of this country, right? [applause] but it's possible, the world blew up around her. it will up. the whole world is like a different place. it's possible that because of this deal made by secretary kerry who has absolutely no clue how to negotiate, it may be that he's going to supersede and i understand that he may want to run for president. he has no chance, like she has no chance so we are going to see what happens. [applause]
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we have many problems in our country. one of them is -- i took a tremendous hit when i brought up illegal immigration when i announced i was running for president and for two weeks i said rush limbaugh who is a great guy, he said he has suffered more incoming than anybody i've seen so what happens is you have now found out what illegal immigration is all about and i am so happy that i'm the one that brought it to the floor because believe me it's a big problem. [applause] it is a big problem. so you remember for about two weeks i said boy this is tougher than i thought running for president and then you found out a there is tremendous crime. there are tremendous drugs flowing across the border, going to chicago and going to new york and l.a., going all over country
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the drugstore in and the money pours out. not a good deal. we get the drugs and they get the money. the drug cartels are going wild. they cannot believe how stupid our government is. they are making a fortune. the jobs command and the money goes out daily and i sighed as i was on the border. i was there and everybody sees it every day and we have the kind of people that can do something about it but we have no leadership, none whatsoever. so we are going to build a wall. [applause] and mexico is going to pay for the wall. [applause] believed me. you know a lot of politicians have said they are not going to pay. they don't know anything about it. they never read it first of all
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so here's the start. here's the story. i said the other day to one of my people why does the united states. that deficit with mexico japan and china? let's start with china. almost $400 billion a year. now if you are a company when you were losing $400 billion you're going to do something very bad. we have been losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year frankly for decades. it's not going to happen anymore. it's not going to happen anymore. [applause] in japan where there are massive shifts right here and they drop off the cars, they drop off thousands and thousands and thousands of cars, millions of cars and we sell them beef. we sell them beef and they don't want it because their farmers don't want our beef. they protested it and send it back. it's not going to happen that
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way anymore. now with mexico, and i love mexico. many many people from mexico that work with me and they worked for me and they buy my apartments in the same of china. i've so many people that pay me millions and millions. what, my supposed to hate china because they gave me millions of dollars to buy an apartment? i don't think so. i have the largest bank in the world bigger than any bank in this country by many times. they are from china. the problem we have is that the leaders of mexico, japan china and every other country we do business with barter. they are sharper than our leaders. i love free trade. do you need smart people. i have the smartest people in this country lined up. i know they are smarter. [applause] i have caro icon. i had the best business leaders and they all want to do it. they make the deals.
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like me, they make good deals. it's a talent. you can't be a politician. i am fighting some very nice people even though i'm leading in the polls. but they are very nice people but they are never going to do anything with these countries. they're never going to be able to do it. it's an instinct. it's something that's special. they don't have it, believe me they don't have it. it's just going to be more of the same, so we are going to make our country so great. we are going to make it strong. we are going to make it powerful. we are going to rebuild the military. we are going to make it so strong. [applause] we are going to take care of our veterans. [applause] and in the end, in the end i want you people to look around and look at each other because
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this is going to be a special day. the other week, two weeks ago in mobile alabama 31,000 people showed up in a rainy, rough day. 31,000 people came to see us speak and we are talking about that in america great again. last night in dallas at the american airline center, 20,000 people, the basketball arena of the mavericks. [applause] 20,000 people showed up and i want to tell you, it was a lovefest. think of it, 20,000 people. there wasn't one heckler in the whole room. i kept saying there's got to be one. there were two words that used to be used a lot. silent majority. they stopped using them. the silent majority believe me is back. [applause] and i think we can use it
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somewhat differently. i don't think we have to call it the silent majority any more. because they are not silent. people are not silent rave they are disgusted with our incompetent politicians. they are disgusted with the people that are giving our country away. they are disgusted when they tell the border patrol agents who were good people and can do the job. they are disgusted when they allow people to walk right in front of them and standing there helpless as people pour into the country. they are disgusted. a woman who is nine months pregnant walks across the border has a baby and you have to take care of that baby for the next 85 years. they are disgusted by what's happening to our country and you are going to look around and you were going to remember who the people are that are here because we are doing something special. this is a movement. we are going to make our country great again, believe me we will
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make our country great again. i love you all, thank you very much. i love you, thank you. ♪ thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> thank you everybody. we love you. thank you very much. ♪ ♪ ♪