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  Donald Trump Town Hall Meeting in Rochester New Hampshire  CSPAN  September 17, 2015 7:04pm-7:54pm EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> we love new hampshire. everybody. what a great welcome. sit down and relax. we will be here for a while. you know, i said today that we just got back. as you know we came from mobile alabama two weeks ago. we had 31,000 people. 31,000. [applause] and we just loved dallas where we were in the great maverick, the mavericks building, a great team, a wonderful team and mark cuban was so nice.
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we know mark, right? a good guy. and what happened was he says what about using the arena? i said how much do we have how long do we have and how many seats? 20,000 seats. they built it up in two days. is that good? [applause] i then flew from dallas always making speeches. we have to make our country great again, right? i then flew and this was sort of fun. we flew to a very nice place, los angeles and we went to the uss iowa and we were honored by a great fêtes group which gave me an endorsement. they endorsed me. the vets like me and i love the vets. we have a lot of fans here tonight. [applause] we have a lot of that's but the vets on the uss iowa, that is
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some ship by the way. they don't build them like that anymore. and then i flew as you know last night we had a little thing called this debate at the reagan library. and it was an amazing thing. we have an incredible time. thank you. [applause] that was some evening. i will tell you the problem with the evening. it did so well that "cnn" said let's make it an hour longer. can you believe this? that debate was three hours. it felt like more than that. why did they do that? the young children here, we could teach them to be entrepreneurs. they will do it because they want more revenue coming from the commercials. it's not terrible? i think it's terrible and the money should have gone to the vets.
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they made a lot of money. we had an incredible coup time and i got such great remarks. we just wrote this down. "time" magazine did vote on who won the debate last night, right? "time" magazine 114,000 votes as of 6:00 p.m., trump 56. [applause] carly fiorina, 19, rubio seven, ben carson for and arrest not doing so good. then drudge, we love drudge. donald trump 51%. we had a total of 668 thousand votes and trump, 668,000.
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think of it, 51%, second fiorina, much less and then rubio and then cruz and i'm not going to mention the next one because i don't like him very much. and nays. the great chris reddy i like him too. donald trump first place by a lot. the street, donald trump 52%. that's a lot when you have all of these guys. it's not against two people. it's against donald trump 52% first place and then you have slate and that's also donald trump. you don't read about that so much because coming out boston traded me shabbily. they treated me shabbily but that's okay. "cnn" a little bit better. they treated me a little bit
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better but the end result is people know what happened. it was an incredible time and we are going to do something special. there's a great movement going on and it's a special movement. it's a movement where people want to see our country be great again and they want to see things happen. they want to see the right things happen. they want everybody to get together, work, work. the people of new hampshire come he loved to work, don't you? do you love to work? and you know i had a little news yesterday because he's a great person and a great winter. we love winners. tom brady. tom brady. [applause] .com is this incredible guy, total champion and didn't even want to tell me about it. he endorsed me yesterday.
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everybody appear knows that. that's good. [applause] when you get time you get a champ and he's a great champ. and we have others and i won't mention them now but we have so many people endorsing. coach ditka and schuchat going people that i don't even know are coming out in favor of trump because they want to see the right thing happen. and "cnn" did its poll they had a couple of different categories and one was leadership. and leadership i went forget it not even a contest. so much higher than anybody else. you have all these cameras that can tell you. the other is the little thing called the economy and jobs. nobody close. the only thing they didn't love is my personality. can you believe that? so here's what happened. so we went to dallas and we want to mobile alabama and the uss
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iowa making speeches all over the place and we have this debate last night which was exciting. i said do you know what i'm going to do tonight? no speech, let's do questions and answers. i'm going to say a few words and then we are going to do question and answer. you can make up vicious questions even though -- how many cameras? yeah there is a lot of them. every time i speak now it's on live television. if i didn't get ratings those cameras would not be on. they would not be on. when you ask me a question remember you are on live television. here's what we are going to do. we are going to talk for a couple of minutes. military we are going to make you so strong, so great and powerful. we will probably never have to use it. who wants to use that? right now what's happening in the world we need that military
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and we need that protection we are going to have it if trump is elected president. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. [applause] as part of that because i consider part, but as part of that we are taking care of our vets. the vets are going to be so happy but they love me anyway. i'm just telling you and i've been appear many times. have i been appear many times? with my guys and we we are going to take care of things. so many fads in new hampshire and they are not treated right. but they are not treated right anywhere. two weeks ago on wednesday they had the longest waits in a waiting room that anybody can remember. if you think of it, three days, four days, five days. it's not going to happen anymore. it's not going to happen.
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and we are going to come out with a plan by one of the things we are going to do when you waste that kind of time you are going to go to private practice and you are going to do to private hospitals and even if it's public will take care of the cost. the you will get much better service but you won't be waiting in rooms for five, six or seven days to take care of a condition that can be done immediately. it's not going to happen. not going to happen. [applause] the other thing i want to throw out for two seconds and probably have heard that we are going to build a wall at the border. we are going to build a wall. [applause] and people are going to come into this country but they are going to come in legally. they are going to be legal. they are going to come in legally into our country.
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so when i announced as you know a couple of months ago, i've been a politician for almost three months. can you believe that? i never thought in a million years i've be a politician. i know, i know, that's the hard part is true. it's going to be incredible and by the way you look not just at the new hampshire poll but you are at 40% but you look at all the polls absolutely incredible what we are doing and what we are doing really together. immigration and i have been saying and the politicians all talk no action. how many politicians are in this room? these are fabulous people. stand up. you have been with me from the beginning. how about elected officials? how many elected officials? standup. these are all fabulous people especially you. so we are going to do something
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and when the wall gets built mexico is going to pay for it. i love mexico and i love the mexican people. i do business with mexicans and i do business with mexican entrepreneurs. i have many people that are hispanic working for me. many hispanics but do you know what the problem is whether it's china or japan or mexico they are outsmarting our leaders and we are not going to let it happen anymore. we are not going to let it happen. i asked a week ago i said i want to know what is the trade deficit, the united states trade deficit? what is it with china? it's almost $400 billion. we are talking about a year. we are losing almost 400 billion and that's only china. in japan is close to $75 billion every year and it's been pretty
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steady. it's going up. why would that? they get smarter and smarter and we get dumber and dumber. then we get to mexico and with mexico it's about $45 billion. everybody says even people i'm competing against you saw them last night i had some are very nice by the way but you look at it and they say to me you can't really do that. why would mexico pay? they will never pay and i say why wouldn't they pay? and just think of it we send hundreds of millions of dollars into mexico. you have a huge problem at the border where cartels and drug cartels pour in with drugs pour out with money. we are not making a good deal bear but they are coming in with hundreds. you have to see this, the numbers are staggering.
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it gets shipped all of united states and people say the walls walls -- you ask israel if a wall works. a trump wall works. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. [applause] but you know these guys the politicians. they are politicians and understand where they're coming from. they will say you can get mexico to pay for the wallet will never work and i say why? i say why would they do at? we are losing almost $50 billion. in québec, $50 billion a year on trade. why wouldn't they do at? it's peanuts. they say it's going to cost 10 or 12 at-bats for people that have never built anything. these are people that have no idea. it will be bigger and stronger and people aren't going to home depot and buying a ladder. not this wall. and by the way this wall is
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going to have a big beautiful open gate. we are going to have a nice opening them and people want to come into the country legally and those through the process we all welcome them. isn't that a correct statement? we welcome them. and when someone goes to harvard and their number one in their class or stanford or the wharton school of finance or yale or any of them and they degrade and that we throw them right out and they go back to a country and try to compete and they do it successfully, we want to keep those people. we want to keep people of talent. we want people with great talent so we have a plan in terms of illegal immigration and remember this, when i first announced and this is an incredible two weeks believe me. rush limbaugh said i've never seen anybody receive more incoming, a word i've never heard before. really bad press.
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it was incoming. and he said i've never seen any of the -- anything like it and then he doubled down. he said nobody would have done that because they knew the problem are they knew what was happening. and we have tremendous crime whether it's cake in san francisco or the woman two weeks ago who was killed in california his 66-year-old veteran who was raped and and killed, unbelievable by illegal immigrants. it's not going to happen anymore folks. we are going to have a border. [applause] and we are going to get the gang members out of here fast. you get a lot of gang members that are related to immigrants. you have a lot of these tough dudes. we are going to get them out of here so faster head will spin. your head will spin.
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[applause] so i'm really honored at the crowd and we are going to have some fun now. instead of making a speech which i've been doing over and over i want to take questions. do we like that? let's start with this group right over here. come on. this man, i like this guy. >> a big problem this country is called muslims and we know our current president is one. he's not even american. but anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. >> we are going to be looking at a lot of different things and a lot of people are saying that in a lot of people are saying bad things happening out there. we will be looking at that in plenty of other things. go ahead, yes maam. >> i have to ask you a veteran
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question. welcome first of all to new hampshire. last night was a disgrace. "cnn" did not touch on any of the issues that are going on with veterans health care. >> i asked him about that. there wasn't one question relating to to the veterans come, it's true. >> did anyone even ask? i know the network, is it that they don't like network -- don't like veterans? >> there was not one question relating to veterans. those days believe me are over. yes maam, go ahead. >> hi mr. trump. the economy and job market are big issue. i just finished my master's degree and now during my job search i'm told i am overly or underqualified. i believe the unemployment rate is huge. what can you do to improve the job market for people like me who are qualified educated talented u.s. citizen?
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>> is such a question. i get it all the time. it's an amazing question. one of the things we are doing we will be taking our jobs back from china and japan and all of these other places that have been ripping us for years. i've been talking about this for 10 years, 15 years. we are bringing our jobs back here in bringing our manufacturing back here. i will tell you it may be the question other than the fact maybe the question i get asked the most and that his people, young beautiful great people go to college and in many cases borrow a lot of money to get the college. they are so proud. they do well and they're good students and they work hard. they get out and they can't get a job. with trump another's expression i will be the greatest jobs president that god created, will tell you that. [applause] >> can you hire me please? >> go ahead, go ahead and then
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we will go right around here. a lot of people at hands up. okay, let's go. >> mr. trump, i was wondering if we could get together and work on the initiative plan. it's been a month and they gave you that information. >> i remember that. >> you and i should have a press conference because both governors in massachusetts and new hampshire are protecting the first responders and i would like to work with you on it. >> we will take a look at. we are going to take a look at it. okay, next, back here. go ahead. >> i have a question about the trump all. >> what wal? that's what's going to happen. that is why i'm going to make
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this wall so beautiful because when i'm gone they will probably change the name to the trump wall. i have got to make it youthful. i have to make a big and powerful and beautiful. >> in the united states we don't have a good record. >> weho 19 trillion. i would say we are doing too well. >> how is it that we are going to -- mexico to retain their debt? >> they make a fortune from us. they are taking our business. do you like's? they are cookies. i'm not eating oreos anymore. they are closing their plant in chicago and moving to mexico. ford is billing $82.5 billion plan to mexico. we love mexico but they are doing very well. we need leaders that can deal with them and deal with all the
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other countries. not just the three n. names. we need leaders that are smart and tough and cunning. you know i have carl icon lined up in some of the greatest business leaders in the country lined up tough smart people and they are going to help us and go negotiate and we are going to make great deals and bring jobs backseat and get a job. do you like that? come on over here a question. go ahead, with the hat. >> welcome to new hampshire. >> do you think it's hot enough in this place? last night was pretty hot but this blows it away. >> i applaud the gem on who brought up the muslims in the united states but america has guns pointed at ordinary citizens here. >> don't get nervous. you are on seven television
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networks. don't get nervous. don't choke. >> the bureau of land management and agriculture. they are going into different branches and shutting them down, regulation but they seem to be pointing again to make sure they get their fees. this is our own government. how can we get in and stop those? >> so many things are going to change. these are regulations. that's one. one of the things being in real estate we have army bases and navy bases. so many are for sale and so many have been sold over the period of time and you say how many can we sell? i see it all the time. so many. things are going to change. you had a question over there, go ahead you young and handsome guy. go ahead. >> daniel tae this was a great man.
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he was my friend. he passed away. he was my friend. >> he is one of america's -- and ott i think america has lost that american dream. how can donald trump to bring this back. >> tabis became a real thinker and he was a friend of mine. he passed away a few years ago when he was a very successful guy and a great guy and you are right about it. we will bring the american dream back that i can tell you. we are bringing it back and i understand what you're saying. i get that from so many people is the american dream dead? they are asking the question is the american dream dead and the american dream is in trouble that i can tell you. it's in trouble but we are going to get it back and do some real jobs. how about the man with the beautiful red hat. stand up. what i have. what does that say on that?
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make america great again. that's beautiful, beautiful. [applause] >> mr. trump can you please explain your position on the second amendment? >> on the what? >> the second amendment. >> we need the protection. we had an incident in new york which is very interesting. the two prisoners six months ago seven months ago that escaped from a maximum-security prison, they escaped and they went up and people were really scared. these were killers, tough cookies and a man and a wife and the wife was totally anti-gun. she hated that the husband had guns and a guy was a big second amendment guy. all of a sudden they are waiting in these two tough cookies, tough guys, bad guys are somewhere around their homes. with in a little bit she all of
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a sudden now is totally pro, because she felt -- he was so happy that her husband had a gun and they had to go to the table. and they never had to use it, they never had to use it because remember only the bad guys use it but they were secure. now she is bigger than the husband terms of wanting it so 100% the second amendment. yes sir. >> mr. trump on the veteran of iraq and afghanistan. [applause] >> good, wow. were you hurt or wanted ever? were you ever wanted it? >> an ied blast and a couple of ground incidents. >> will you look great, go ahead >> i've seen a lot of suffern county iraqi and afghan east
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side. what should we be doing if anything for the humanitarian crisis happening in syria right now? ..
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we have problems here. we owe so much money -- we owe japan $1.4 trillion. think of this. they sell car biz the thousands. come off -- i saw a boat two weeks ago in los angeles. thousands of cars all over the place. we owe them money? how do they other that? we have people that aren't very smart. china, we owe them the same amount. $14 trillion. we have to straighten out our own country. you have the gulf states, very rich. saudi arabia, qatar, bahrain, they take nobody. they don't want to have anybody. nobody. you have europe, all these places. they got to help. what i do like is a safe zone. a lot of sand. a lot of sand in syria, right? i like the concept of a safe zone, where you put them there, you build it out, you have security, you create a little bit of an environment, maybe until they can ultimately go back to their homes, which most
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of them really want to do. they're great people. they're caught in this horrible conflict. but the concept of safe zone is something that really makes sense. probably they even like it better. they -- and we help them but we have to help europe. and the gulf states have to contribute. saudi arabia -- in all fairness, it's a little less -- saudi arabia was making so much money, beyond anything and beyond anybody's comprehension. all of these countries have to get together and they have to fund it. we have -- we can do something. but we have to get other people to help us. we can't be the patsy. every time there's a problem, and in the meantime in the meantime, our airports are third world, our bridges are falling down you see the safety record on the bridges? 62% are in danger. our roads are collapsing all over the country. we are a mess.
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so, we want to build our country and we want to help people on a humanitarian basis, but we have to do some things to help ourselves. it's time, maybe, for to help ourselves. now in the back, let's go. then to these people, a lousy seat. looking at the back of my head. but they sigh it's real. >> hello, mr. trump. >> go ahead. >> do you plan to visit with the pope when he comes to philadelphia? >> the pope believes in global warming. you know that, right? in this room it's so hot in here, maybe i'll start to believe it myself. the room is hot. this room was not designed -- the air conditioning was not designed for this many people. i like the pope. a lot of personality. good man. good man. yes, ma'am, good ahead. >> my name is helena sorenson, and i have a house here in half.
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ton. worked very hard all my life. my parents came over during the berlin airlift in march of 1950. when they landed the both had to work in the mills. my father became a carpenter, put us through schools, and here we are working hard, getting social security, but my problem is, the people that are come over here, they're landing on the shower, have no problem going in, they get food stamps, housing, electric, all of this, and it's coming from our social security money. >> i know. >> we're getting nothing. nothing. >> your getting more and more excited. look at that. >> and carly fiorina -- >> i tell people dish. >> -- she put our company in the ground, lucent technology. >> carly fiorina say it again. people might as well hear it. people have to learn. i thought i'd wait a couple of days before i exposed her business failure, but honestly, it's so ridiculous. tell me. >> our stock -- i invested in my
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stock. i worked for the company for 37. >> lucent. >> yes, lucent. >> headed up by who? >> well, carly. >> that's right. before hewlett packard. >> before hewlett packard. i was buying stock to put into my retirement, $87 a share. when i was forced to retire 15, 16 years ago, my stock wasn't worth 25 cents. i lost almost a half million dollars. that's what i planned on retiring, and i got nothing. >> you know, the carly thing is amazing. a lot of people don't get it. lucent was a disaster. you know. >> yes. >> lucent was a company that she ran prior to hewlett packard. when she bought compaq she was heading up hewlett packard for a little while, very short while, and then made the decision to buy compaq. compaq computer, i guess, and people that worked there said that company was such a great company until she got involved and went out and made this
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horrible acquisition, and just has destroyed the company. hewlett packard. yesterday on the front page of "the wall street journal," big story, main story, that hewlett packard are dropping jobs. then everyone says she made a good speech yesterday. i don't know. i don't get it. i don't get it. i don't get it. but at some point, people are going to see and i think it's going to be a very big road block. when you look at trump, trump. i built an unbelievable company. tremendous company. tremendous net worth, which i don't want to talk about other than to say it's the kind of mentality you need in this country. at least for a period of time. [applause] >> at least. and as a businessman, i help democrats, i helped whoever because i want to be -- i did everything. i used all of the laws of the land. i'd buy a company, to it into a
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chapter, a chapper it, bankrupt it, you beat the hell out of the bank. that's -- i was a businessman, i have to do that. and you have many people in my position where they do the same thing, but nobody talks about it. i'll give you a list of names. we're writing up the biggest business leaders in the country have done the same thing and nobody ever talks about it, but i've done great, and that's the kind of thinking you need -- you know what? we'll make it rich again, make it fantastic again. i'll leave and then you know what's get to to maybe? somebody else can blow it but we have to save our country. so, with carly, she did a terrible job at lucent. she did a terrible, terrible, terrible job at hewlett packard. terrible job. stories have been written that are legendary. the head of the yale business school, jeffrey -- you know who he is. right? he wrote a story that was so brutal, and i mean, people have to read this.
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they have to read this. don't see how she can get over the hurdle in addition to she cut thousands and thousands of jobs, and they're still cutting them. bottom line, she made horrible purchase because the compaq purchase was disaster. but a lot of people don't know, before hewlett, you had lucent, and lucent probably was just as bad if not worse relatively. yes? >> hi. mr. trump. i have not a question but i just want you to know about the nightmares i have, isis beheadings, rochesters -- i'm having horrible visions of people i know and everyone being loaded up into box cars, like another holocaust. i just want you to know about that.
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nod [inaudible] >> does anybody have a towel? you know, i lost a lot of weight. the good thing is running for president, believe it or not, every room we have is packed and nobody has enough air conditioning. because of that, and i'm losing a lot of weight so it's not so bad. go ahead. >> a question. when will we meet your first lady? >> that sounds good. [applause] >> wow. that sounds so great. thank you, darling. >> go ahead. go ahead right here. >> my question is, when you're
7:40 pm
talking about deportation of our legal aliened that are taking all the money out of the coffers, why don't you identify how much it costs to keep them versus how much it costs to send them back. >> he's a businessman. he's from new hampshire. what else. so, it's such a good point. i madest last night but people don't want to hear it. to keep we spend really $200 billion a year. okay? $200 billion a year on illegal immigration. i think the number is much higher than that. to get the bad ones out, to do the wall is peanuts -- by the way, peanuts. i then at the story, the great wall of china, 13,000 miles long, against our southern bored are, it's 2,000, of which you really need a thousand because you have a lot of natural barriers. and a lot of other things
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frankly. but you need a thousand. so, they say oh, you can't do it. and yet 2,000 years ago they had no problem. 2,000 years ago. he brings up such a great point. we have a cost of dish believe nate question -- we have numbers from 175 billion a year to 250, 260. the fact is, nobody knows. nobody even knows how many illegals we have here, because we have been hearing for years, 11, 11. never moves. always 11. give me a break. so it might be much more than that. but we're a country of laws. we're a country of borders. eh we have to secure our border and we'll clean it up. going to make our country so strong and so wonderful and so great. okay. okay. and you're right. you're right. there's a huge offsetting cost which, by the way, will help out. okay.
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[inaudible question] >> am any trouble. am i in trouble. am i in trouble. go ahead. yes, sir. [inaudible question] >> thank you. thank you. >> go ahead. thank you. thank you. go ahead. can you hear it? >> my question is this. if you're elect president, one
7:43 pm
of the things that has been happening over the last several decades it our congressmen and our senators voting themselves huge pay raises, and other benefits. if they are elect for one term, they get a lifetime pension, they get medical, they don't have to join obamacare. if you're elected -- >> they don't have to use obamacare. incredible. >> that's right. if you're elected would you introduce a bill in both houses to roll become the excessive benefits and people that don't vote for it or vote it down, will be fired. come election time. [applause] >> so, the first thing i'm going to do is tell you that if i'm elect president i'm accepting no salary. that's not a big deal for me. [applause] >> the next thing is, when these guys go to congress, as for your
7:44 pm
question, when they go to congress, a couple of things happen. first of all, they get benefits that nobody else can even think about and they don't like to talk about it. we'll work on that. we have bigger problems because that's peanuts how the country will be hurt. i will tell you this. we will have a system that is going to be fair to everybody. one of the things i'm doing that really has gotten a lot of praise -- i'm self-funding. i'm not getting tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars. [applause] >> and it's very unnatural for me. in many way is feel foolish because people want to give you lot outside movement loppyists, special interests, donors. i keep turning them down. i bly eve i'm the only, i believe, out of all he people running -- i talk about hedge found -- handle fund guys.
7:45 pm
-- hedge fund guys. middle income, you'll love me. we're going simply five taxes, we're coming out with an amazing explain lowering taxes but the hedge fund guys and others, they hedge fund guys have to pay up. and that's okay. somebody said, that's not very republican. i don't see anybody weeping in here. i don't see anybody weeping. but you're going to be very, very happy when you see what we do with the taxes, when you see what we do with jobs, with economic development. you are going to be very, very happy. go ahead. >> hello. >> everybody has -- >> don't get nervous. >> everybody has awesome questions, very big picture, and i love that. my question is a little closer to home. >> okay. >> i just spent the last two and a half years and $50,000 working
7:46 pm
to keep my daughter safe. so my question to you is, the result could have been better -- under your leadership and authority do you think it's going to trickle down to the state level and our court system to help families like mine not have to endure -- >> what are you doing? >> well, it's over now, but -- it's over now. family court system is broken. >> i see. very much so here, i hear it. the whole court system is broken. >> right. >> not just family court. look at what happened with justice roberts where he approved obamacare twice. okay? you're talking about more than local. the answer is,. >> think that should be a local situation. i give you an example. jeb bush loves common core. meaning -- i do like that being local. i want to see local people teaching you kids. i want people from new hampshire, from iowa, from south
7:47 pm
carolina, i want to see local people taking care of your children's education and working instead of people from washington that, in many cases could not care less. so, think of it. jeb bush -- just to use him as an example because other guys are ahead of him in the polls, by a lot. but jeb bush is totally in favor, and strongly in favor of common core. right? and he is weak on immigration. how can you have them? can't have them. so, i don't think he's going to do too well in new hampshire or iowa or anywhere else. okay. go ahead. >> mr. trump, -- >> go ahead. >> how are you doing? thank you for coming. my question is -- we all know that the goop between the rich and poor is get can bigger and bigger and our american manufacturing is getting sent overseas with horrible trade
7:48 pm
deals how much do you plan to bring back american manufacturing job and would you repeal nafta and how do you fell about the new tpp. >> the new trade deal is -- and currency manipulation is a disaster and that answers that question. that deal is not the deal that should be made. i've not been a fan of and a half attempt you know about nafta better than anybody because your places have been stripped out of new england, and they've gone to mexico, all over the place. i have never been fan of nafta. we are going to bring our jobs back. we're going to have ford and other countries -- companies, instead of going down to mexico, and lots of other places. lots of other places. we'll have them built here. we'll give them the incentive they need to built here go ahead. go ahead. go ahead, darling. >> hi, mr. trump. i'm a volunteer with the league of conservation voters and here to ask you what your plan is to
7:49 pm
reduce pollution driving climate change, and endangers public health? >> that's an interesting question. let me ask you a question. take it easy, fella. how many people -- how many people here believe in global warming? do you believe in global warming? who believe inside global warming? who believes in global warming? [shouting] who believes in global warming. raise your hand. wow. not much. huh? do you have your hand up? a little? no? no? nobody? one person. >> that's -- >> you believe, right? ery.eogo a gwesunniynee inra mpl hñtrfat dp>> wg
7:50 pm
>> do you believe the way to make people more efficient is to threaten to take away our jobs, our military those who support our military. >> you're saying that's what happening? i heard that yesterday. not a good situation. okay. one more question. one more -- make it a good one. make it a good one. go ahead, ma'am, right here. right here. give her the mic. make it a good one. otherwise we'll have to do one more. >> i'd like to know what your plans are on social security?
7:51 pm
>> we'll safe social security. we're going to save it. we're going to save social security. that was your deal. right? we are going to save social security. we are going to make life for the vets better than it's ever been in this country. we are going do build up the military, end, terminate, repeal obamacare and replace it with something really, really great, that works. that works. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. it was great. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. ♪ ♪
7:52 pm
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