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tv   2015 Paolucci Book Award  CSPAN  November 8, 2015 2:37pm-3:01pm EST

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[inaudible question] >> what would you advise the millennial's? i tell people all the time to be yourself. >> be unique. everyone has a testimonial.
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i would want to hear you say. it is so easy to say this person is an atheist we're
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going to have to step outside our comfort zone. [inaudible question] >> we have become without my state. the head at least two people that voted.
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he showed up. that simple. person went on to tell his family he had become a republican. is that i appreciated, but it starts with that showing up being involved. i don't think it's rocket science. that is how you grow. >> would you talk about your own similar experience?
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>> the infamous bush versus gore. i would never try to tell you had about. i was not political. i'm conservative. well, my initial interest
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because of the clinton lewinsky affair. >> i have another question.
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the chair give a report i don't know if you have read the book, but they were good.
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i believe it starts have a lot in common. their spiritual minded. if you walk in there with the mentality of the people come -- become successful. case in., that had very positive mindset, 25 on a minority members. for example, waiting our church says i love you.
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you are republican. i said comeau well, life i ask you a few questions. believe in school choice. pro-choice or pro-life. of course i believe in traditional marriage. congratulations. your more conservative than you think. automatically built a relationship. about interest. she will come back and want to talk about issues that didn't look at it and say you vote democrat. you are down. they are so quick to get people history. in the history is important.
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what are you doing now? how it impacted their community. >> as someone who has accomplished so much weight. >> would you give?
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>> i cannot tell you what your purposes. i believe you will get an idea. don't lose faith.
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>> from the sacred to the profane. >> yes. as far as that the senator paul has done a fine job and going to places republicans generally have not gone. for example, how are university, taking up the proverbial mantle of jack kemp. justice reform. things like that that are vital. that's great.
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he's in a good job in that respect. a national figure within republican circles for it: justice reform and have gained traction for going out and doing that and also for trying to revamp failing schools. when you want to change something and when you want to start a new one start fresh not everyone will be on the same page.
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>> just want to thank everyone for coming. demetrius will be with us and we bit. feel free to check and his book out. i also want to say that this evening is living proof that good things can come out of facebook because that is where i 1st met demetrius. this was brought to us from the foundation to which we are grateful. keep you apprised. i will develop an e-mail relationship, thank you for joining have a good night. have someone pizza. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations]
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the women who helps if the history of the capitol city after the california gold rush. >> women in that era were, in fact, legally second-class citizens. can you imagine traveling 2,000 miles in a small wagon being pulled by a four-legged animal had to be fed and coaxed along, sometimes the oxen died which put them at a disadvantage. there was illness on the trail, children got sick. and so things they suffered along the trail were the stuff that makes the pioneer women allege. in california once they got
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here the women were scarce. they were 8 percent of the entire california population as a result of the relative scarcity they were more valued. because they were more valued than listened more try to understand what they wanted and needed plus the fact that some of these woman with a gold rush surprise themselves in the men to come i suppose, by becoming breadwinners and decision-makers. if the. the lady was married to a gold miner, that is still sure income. meanwhile, the children are hungry. these women would open boarding houses are baked pies and they were successful.
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i would like them to get a sense of sacramento i have tried to presented through the women's point of you, what they experienced what they witnessed. there isthere is that aspect of it and also an appreciation of what these women were like. each of the six women in here that aa different kind of life from a different place with different goals. of course they have the same goals as women today. new line school, hospitals, civilization they came here. these women have ever been written about. some of them are interesting ladies.
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the woman who was with james marshall and gold was discovered, for example, or hurt -- her full story has not been told before. the life of our 4th governor has not been told before. and also lady came by covered wagon. bits and pieces of her story are out there. i chose the six women, some of whom have been mentioned, but we did the research to talk about experiences in sacramento. perhaps the most interesting is lavinia waterhouse. and then day and age it was not socially acceptable. she had young children to support.
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so what she did for a living is, she was a midwife and also water to her practitioner will recall hydrotherapy, very, very popular. but she was very opinionated , very outspoken, not at all over the think is the average kind of woman from that period. shirov letters to the editor expressing her views and was heavily involved in suffrage , the precedent of the sacramento women's association. she came to california in 18462 years before the gold discovery and happen to be hired to be the camp cook
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and launderers. and they were marshall discovered gold she was making a pot of so, frontier soap tallow boiled five. and the concoctions ready, she put a piece pieces because he was not sure. and that was one of the tests. came out bright and shiny pressure. and it did. one of the other ladies and mrs. johnson, married to california governor command she had a very influential, politically influential father who is here, a father who wrote sacramento's 1st city charter. the father and her husband
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got into a clash of wills, you might call it, when the vigilance committee reform begin in 1856. so there was a lot of animosity. and she must have been pulled apart emotionally. she came to california as a bride. her husband's brothers were already here. she came by ship actually, not land. and she landed almost just in time to experience the 1st great fire. in sacramento had a lot of
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disasters. two major fires. several small ones, disastrous ones. all of these things,things, not always women were here for the same thing at the same time. time for the 1st fire obviously live through that her children, built a home, very involved in agriculture , starting agriculture in this area and were also involved in hearts with other people,people, instrumental in starting a library concerning a philharmonic orchestra and
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supporting these endeavors. and then he died when the children, her youngest child was either -- almost in her teens and this happened, but had become very wealthy because he was the legal counsel to the central pacific railroad. so by the time he passed away they both have been very philanthropist. and then she became one of her own right. as we talked about, read a few lines about her in other places. that was one lady i knew i was interested in pursuing. the others i had almost find except the last lady that i wrote about, the family. ..


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