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tv   U.S. Senate Legislative Business  CSPAN  December 3, 2015 10:59pm-11:33pm EST

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they begin with that acknowledgment and the understanding that we live in a very different world than the one i grew up in front of world you grew up in the world we had not long ago. it is great to be back here with you today. the urgency of the topic at hand is increased since the year before. i believe that is true this year more than ever before. the threats facing our country end israel have grown dramatically, and large part because our pres. haspresident has placed his own legacy ahead of our mutual security. of course when we gather here a year from now we will have a new president-elect. you can clap. [applause] depending on who that is, it will have either taken a significant step toward reviving american leadership and in the process of fencing is room over the line of flight even further
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toward weakness and disengagement. ihaving one of the things that has become most obvious that thisis the devastating cost of foreign-policy mille lacs moral clarity. moral clarity means we stand by our principles and commitment, speak up for what is right and speak out against those were wrong. even as that opens us up to criticism from our allies trust us and adversaries respect us. it is common sense that american leadership should look like this. in fact, presidents across fact, presidents across both parties have led with moral clarity from candida reagan until now. now we have a pres. who leaves our allies feeling betrayed and our adversaries feeling emboldened, and there is no better example of that than what is happening now in the middle east. i always point out that in
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the entire region in the entire middle east there is only one pro- american free enterprise democratic nation , the jewish state of israel. america has strong ties. it is everything we wish and on the middle east a look like in the future. free, tolerant, democratic, peaceloving and desirous a better future. today israel stands on the front lines of the civilizational struggle against radical apocalyptic islam, and this term is not an attempt to be provocative. it is an attempt to be accurate, descriptive of the true beliefs of the leaders of both iran and the islamic state, that they are living in and times and mass genocide is there way to honor god. this enemy hates our nations
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the liberal democracy, products of the judeo-christian religion for the exact same reason. the 1st requirement is standing together. we must not separate the threat to jerusalem and tel aviv from the threats of paris or london or new york or washington or even miami. [applause] in fact, i can think of no nation's security is is closely tied to our own more anytime there is daylight between two and emboldens israel's enemies to take action, 1st against the jewish state and then against the rest of the free world. last monthlast month we saw how quickly terror can spread. too many in washington failed to understand this and wonder why we should have trouble ourselves with a small country thousands of miles away. they failthey fail to see
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the connection to our national security and moral character, failed understand the danger of sending a message to the world that america is an unreliable ally and arguably should distance ourselves from abandonment to its multitude of your enemies. i believe that deep down those who wish for this know what it means. it would mean we leave israel's enemies to face alone the terror of rockets falling on their homes, the threat of the iranian nuclear weapons program with president obama has now exacerbated by the death march of the iranian proxy has belong on israel's northern border, and iranian backed jihadists who indiscriminately kill israelis on the streets of jerusalem, tel aviv and even in judea samaria. washington, america would abandon israel and understand the threat of physical violence is not the only threat israel would be
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left to face alone. there is a growing political and diplomatic threat. one international form after another israel is attacked by despotic regimes and free nations throughout europe that should no better given their history. singled out for condemnation relentlessly kemal bullying to which no other nation on earth is subjected. normallynormally the united states stop these attacks and shames the attackers. normally the united states between confidence and clarity about the regimes that hijack international bodies to distract the world from their own wrongdoing. normally. but not under barack obama. president obama command i am afraid hillary clinton have a very different policy. they caught engagement, but what it should be called as abandonment. instead of standing up to those who single out israel, the obama administration takes the path of least resistance growing up its
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hands and says it's not our problem. consider this. just weeks ago palestinian authority president began a speech to a un body. this is his quote. how long will this protracted israeli occupation of our land last? after 67 years how long? as we all no, 67 years ago was 1948, the year of israel's creation, and so creation, and so the man who is supposed to be israel's partner for piece has just said that all of israel's own -- illegitimate and the jewish state is an occupation of someone else's land. this is not unusual rhetoric for palestinian leader, but what matters is that it should have provoked a harsh condemnation from the united states. [applause]
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our current president said nothing. by his silence our government emboldened those who seek israel's destruction and may ourselves a bystander to a poisonous lie. the palestinian terror attack, our administration has refused to do anything more thing: both sides for restraint as if there were no difference between aggression in self-defense. the palestinianthe palestinian attacks are being incited by lies knowingly promoted about jewish threats to the mosque in jerusalem and spread through a vicious campaign of anti-semitism in palestinian media. or consider the european union recent approval of a new trade will they require special labeling of products produced and what the eu now considers israeli-occupied territory. the goal is to encourage
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europeans to boycott goods from israel. the rule applies to no other country in the world, not to russia, nor china. the eu is singling out only israel. let's take a step back and realize what this means. discriminatory laws that apply only to jews are now being written in the european law for the 1st time in more than half a century. i believe we need a pres. who is not afraid to call this out for what it is, anti-semitism. [applause] [applause] today anti-semitism highs by the label of anti- islam.
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we need a president that will call it that, and i will be the president. [applause] i will take a different approach to the united nations. there will be no more complicity in attacks on israel. the united states will leave and defined entities that promote anti-semitism. [applause] i will speak out against anti-semitism here in america. the movement that calls itself the pdf for boycott divestment and sanctions. this coalition thinks it has discovered a clever political way to advocate israel's destruction. in the language of human rights and social justice this movement reeks of hypocrisy. boycott i do not seek to punish cuba and north korea,
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iran, syria, or russia. their campaign is only a bit israel. they make wild, false accusations in the hopes of inciting so much hatred that eventually support will become politically taboo. as pres. i we will repeatedly and openly call on presidents, administrators, religious leaders and professors to seek out with clarity and force on this issue the same way they do against racism. i will make clear calling for the destruction of israel is the same as calling for the death of jews.
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i we will bring moral clarity to the white house and back it was strategic and military strength. america is back and we will never confuse our adversaries for allies our allies were adversaries. [applause] let me be loud and clear about how i will begin. i we will immediately shred this president's disastrous deal with iran. [applause] news reports out of vienna indicate iran will not even be required to come clean about his past nuclear work. this makes a bad deal worse. you need to no that upon taking office i will reimpose the sanctions president obama plans to waive. [applause]
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i will hold iran accountable for american hostages and for its arming and funding of terrorist groups. and for its arming and funding of terrorist groups like hezbollah and hamas and impose crippling new sanctions. if i am president i will speak out against palestinian terror and never confuse the victim for the victimizer. [applause] and this means that as part of rebuilding our alliance i will put the peace process in perspective.
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barack obama and hillary clinton have made the defining feature of the relationship between our two countries. it should not be. [applause] in fact, the so-called partner that this administration claims interested in peace rewards palestinian terrorists with up to $3,500 for every month they spend in an israeli prison which is more than five times the average palestinian makes per month. they get tens of thousands more upon their release karen the entire level of payment is directly tied to the number of israelis they have killed. does this sound like a group interesting piece? some in our own party in the news today have questioned israel's commitment to piece. some in our own party have called for more sacrifice,
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and they don't understand. [applause] they are dead wrong and don't understand the enduring bond. [applause] generation after generation have struggled and sacrificed to find peace with an enemy seeking only worn death. i know and are these sacrifices and those who believe that israel is an impediment peace. let me be crystal clear, there is no moral equivalence between israel and its enemies. [applause] i will say it again. there is no moral equivalent between israel and those who seek to destroy her. understanding that truth is essential to being the next commander-in-chief. this is not a real estatea real estate deal. it is a struggle to safeguard the future of israel command as president
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i will challenge the real impediment to piece. instead of pressuring and reciprocated concessions i work with the prime minister on areas of mutual interest, finally move our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. [applause] i will help ensure that jerusalem remains a jewish state undivided and eternal capitol. [applause] i will revive the commonsense understandings reached in the 2004 bush sharon letter and build on them to help ensure israel. [applause] and i willi will build on them to help ensure israel has defensible borders including through its continued control of the golan heights. [applause]
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and this is only the beginning of what i will do and present. it is far from the beginning of my efforts. links to iran's terrorists.
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to ensure states like florida continue to divest. [applause] i have also led efforts in the senate pressure the palestinian authority to end its partnership with hamas, attempting to defund agencies that attack israel and support legislation to stop the despicable anti- israeli boycotting of products. [applause] and ii have been a staunch supporter of our military assistance to the jewish state, especially iron dome system that has saved countless lives. [applause] these programs have ended up benefiting america by leading to the technological innovations now used by the us military itself.
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in choosing a president we need to look at what candidates do, not just what they say. just a few short years ago many in my own party are trying to derail the postwar consensus about america's role in the world. will never call themselves isolationists, but that is exactly what they are. those who speak about their pro-israel views but carelessly supporter getting ever international affairs budget including assistance to israel or who voted against legislation funding us israel defense programs need to check their priorities. you cannot be pro-israel also attempting to eliminate assistance that israel uses to defend itself. [applause] , and like to leave some time to take questions. let me close with this point. one thing that inspires me about israel is that in the face of so much adversity there is no nation that wants peace more.
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no nation with greater restraint toward enemies. and even as the current administration has turned her back in recent years, no people have stood by our nation on issue after issue more than the people of israel. i encourage you to go back and look at the united nations roll call votes time and again in the interests of america are challenged israel is one of the few countries the votes with the united states over and over and over again. likelike our own country the state of israel is an extraordinary story in the history of the world. i believe our nation's sure moral foundation and the common moral destiny. let us stand with them, as they have stood with us. let our nation service beacons of light and ever darkening world. thank you for having me today. [applause]
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>> thank you. thank you very much. >> we have nine minutes. we have about nine minutes for some questions. these are questions that we have curated over the last week or so from our members and attendees across the country. the troubling thing is that you answered about 85 percent of them in the course of your terrific speech. we are going to try and find some things that we can address that you have not touched on. obviously you laid out a very concrete set of proposals and a vision for your foreign-policy as president. obviously youobviously you need a team to assist you want to become president. can you share with our group some of the folks you would consider potentially to be secretary of state? >> i think it is premature to begin to site-specific individual suffice to say i
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believe in the republican party and across the conservative movement they have a handful of new voices that are very strong on the issues that i care deeply about command it is important. the secretary of state often if you appoint the wrong person becomes captive to the foreign service and bureaucracy. people thatpeople that have been there. think they can wait you out sometimes flat-out ignore your orders were in the implementation undermine the directives. the most important thing you need is a strong leader who becomes the president's representative at the state department, not the state department's representative to the present. [applause] in that context it has to be someone who shares our view that the world is a safer and better place when america is the strongest country in the world. [applause] and the people here me say that, does that mean military engagement? they underestimate the amount of power and
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influence of america has. certainly our capabilities are important, but they are not the only source of power. america is the only nation on earth that can convene collective action. what you'reaction. what you're seeing in the middle east is a sample. our next secretary of state is to be someone who understands. isi s has a monthly publication online. i don't encourage you to subscribe. but it is not some name they pull out of a hat. it's the name of a village a small city in syria. the reason is because according to their interpretation of prophecy, prophecy, they believe that there will be a final apocalyptic showdown between the west and islam in te city. theycity. they believe it is their calling to trigger this apocalyptic showdown and
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when they recruit fighters are recruiting them to be a part of this army that will trigger this final showdown, islam will when in the whole world will be governed under their circles led by the emergence of the 12th imam why is this important? plays an important for the next secretary of state? because when you understand you realize these are not people you can negotiate with them and not people that will go out of business, not individuals that are disgruntled, disgruntled, not people that are upset because american troops were deployed but individuals with an apocalyptic vision of the future who will not stop until they feel they have succeeded in triggering this apocalypse. it is similar to the views held by the ayatollah. when people withwhen people with an apocalyptic vision of the future are growing in capabilities or trying to acquire nuclear weapons, you
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understand why it is that in many cases diplomacy and engagement does not work and has no chance of working. we face a fundamentala fundamental choice. they went all we win. there is no other outcome. [applause] the next secretary of state better be someone who understands this. >> of like to probe aa little bit into how you philosophically approach an issue. obviously it is not the easy decisions that are important. you have been criticized by opponents because you have abdicated the removal of a sod in syria. others have opposed opposed taking out saddam hussein, opposed removing qadhafi. as president, how were you weigh the challenges and the balance between the issues of human rights versus stability? >> the bigger issue is to have foresight.
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a sod is an example. the uprising, we did not start it. the uprising, everyday syrians were not jihadist but largely made up of everyday syrians who rebelled against a minority within the shia minority that they felt have been brutal and discriminatory. they rose up. some of them are syrian army defectors. when that began i repeatedly warned that if we did not identify non- jihadists within the vacuum would be created in the aftermath, aftermath, and that would be filled the way that cancer are always felt, by radical jihadists made up largely of foreign fighters which is exactly what happened. they were either defeated, killed, or exiled. the only group the group were jihadist groups.
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isys took off. the result is that vacuum has been filled by this group and has used syria as an operational space to spread, to grow in libya, growing influence in afghanistan, conducting attacks in lebanon, coming after saudi arabia, israel, and have been clear. as long as bishara al-assad is in power, you will have an iranian puppet who serves not just as a conduit for someone who is actively facilitating anti- israeli anti- american terrorism in that region. the 2nd thing is an irritant. you will have in place someone that creates the conditions for the next to emerge. this is a fundamental and simplistic and dangerous
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misunderstanding the region. as long as they remain in power not only to have a proxy state but ultimately it will serve as an irritant that will allow the next radical sunni islam to rise up and replace. and so you need a president with the foresight to understand what it will turn into if you don't do something about it which is why i repeatedly warned about what is happening with the premature withdrawal of troops comeau what happened in the aftermath of the drawdown and repeatedly warned about what would happen in syria. i think what it shows is insight and foresight into what can happen when america fails to lead. [applause]
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>> we have got one minute left. a me ask you a quick question about the money that the palestinian authority uses the support terrorists. what you -- we give hundreds of millions of dollars. but you condition further usaid specifically on a cessation of funding -- >> yes. absolutely. that is an atrocious fact that most americans are not even aware of. what about the indoctrination of children as young as possible? [applause] when you have a governing authority whose curriculum is largely built on instilling hatred for jews and how glorious it is to kill jews how can you hope for piece? when you have an organization that actively teaches children that killing people is aa
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glorious thing that should be held up as an attribute how can you possibly consider them a partner for piece? i would say absolutely. israel has no partner for piece right now. i wish it were different. in the absence of a partner for piece what we must ensure stability and security and the hopefully have a partner. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a big round of applause. >> watch that. >> thank you. [applause] ♪ >> thank you.
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a great friend, a great leader, and a man with enormous courage to cochair my finance campaign when no one thought i had a chance. thank you for that introduction. thank you for what you do. you are critical wing and element of the republican party. without you we don't win elections. ..
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here since barack obama was president they have been carried out by people who had been radicalized to engage in a warped view of jihad. we do not not have to tolerate that type of speech or action here in america. i'm a great believer in our constitution, particularly the first amendment. there is a rule of law in this country, the first amendment does not allow you to shout fire in a crowded theater. you cannot call on americans to engage in violent jihad against their fellow americans and claim it is protected by the first amendment. it is not. it is shouting fire in a crowded theater, we have got to shut down every effort of islam is to radicalize people here in america. whether it's happening on the a
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mosque, on the internet, community hall meetings. it is not protected speech, it is a crime and we must stop it before there are more attacks here on american soil. [applause]. let me just say, i'm sure sure as you are scrolling through the program for today you saw the different candidates and i saw lindsey graham, senator rubio, you come to pataki and you say pataki? we'll we'll maybe i can take a bathroom break. maybe i can go out the hall and try to finish that deal i'm working on. why is he in this race? yeah, he was was governor of new york, he seems like a nice guy but he has been out of office for a years, we have 1,000,000 candidates, why is he here? let me tell you seriously ym here. there two things i know about 2016. we have to win the race.


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