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tv   Ben Carson Remarks at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum  CSPAN  December 3, 2015 11:32pm-12:02am EST

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whether it's happening on the a mosque, on the internet, community hall meetings. it is not protected speech, it is a crime and we must stop it before there are more attacks here on american soil. [applause]. let me just say, i'm sure sure as you are scrolling through the program for today you saw the different candidates and i saw lindsey graham, senator rubio, you come to pataki and you say pataki? we'll we'll maybe i can take a bathroom break. maybe i can go out the hall and try to finish that deal i'm working on. why is he in this race? yeah, he was was governor of new york, he seems like a nice guy but he has been out of office for a years, we have 1,000,000 candidates, why is he here? let me tell you seriously ym here. there two things i know about 2016. we have to win the race.
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it is that simple, we cannot nominate someone and think the job is over because we love our nominee. we have got to nominate someone who can actually beat hillary clinton and be the next president of the united states. [applause]. you know, i don't think think there's a person in this room who doesn't under stand met romney what a benefit far better president than barack obama. no question about it. but he did not win. he didn't win. so, we have have to win the next race. the second thing is, we have to elect someone who is not just going to talk about all of the things are going to do but actually go out there and get it done. do the job. two of our leading candidates today never held public office. part of the reason is republicans, americans are fed up with politicians. i'm going to do this, i'm going to do that, but nothing seems to change. i'm sure it's hard to change things in washington, we need to elect someone who is not going to just talk about what they're going to do when they have a chance to lead this country,
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they have have got to be able to actually change government and a genetic an important way. so why am i running? well, got elected in new york three times in a state with 3 million more democrats. if that doesn't matter maybe i should not be the race. i got reelected twice with the largest margins for any republican ever in the history of new york state. if that doesn't matter, doesn't matter, maybe i should be in the race. i got a plurality of the dominican and puerto rican boat in new york city and the latino vote is critical for the next race, if that doesn't matter, perhaps i should not be in the race. by the way, i way, i ran as an unabashed conservative. i do not just run on the republican line. i ran on on the republican and conservative party lines. i'm the only person in the history of new york state elected governor, running as a conservative. so those things don't matter, if we nominate someone we love but
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can't win the race, the maybe i should not be in the race. but i am in the race because if i get the nomination, let me me tell you one thing. i will beat hillary clinton in november of 2016. [applause]. second point, getting things done. i did not just hold office for 12 years. i changed and put in place the most sweeping conservative agenda of any state in america. when i took office, we were the most dangerous state in america. when i left, we were the fourth safe is, if that doesn't matter, maybe i maybe i should be in the race. when i took office we are dead last in taxes, had the lowest credit rating in 5 billion in debt, when i left, we had the highest credit rating in the states history. billions of surplus, by the way i cut taxes by $143 billion, more than the other 49 states
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combined. if that doesn't matter, maybe i i should stay in this race. but i think it does matter. most important, our party has always been about replacing dependency with opportunity. their party, big government, great policies to support and help the poor. so many policies to help the poor they end up creating more of them. when i took office in new york, one and 11 of every man, woman, and child in the state of new york was on welfare. when i left office, we had over 1 million fewer people on welfare and the lowest unemployment rate in the history of new york state. if that doesn't matter, if that doesn't matter, maybe i should not be in the race. but i think it does matter. we need to nominate someone who can win. and when they win they when they
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went they can change the direction of washington. why is it so critical we win this race? you know, the democratic party is no longer liberal party. it is a leftist party. leftist party. it is a party that believes washington has the wisdom and certainly the power to dictate how we live our lives. to dictate everything everything from how we get healthcare, to how her kids are educated, to to how we run our business, to how we live our lives. it is not about what the tax rate is going to be in 2016, it is the nature of america. are we going to be in america where group of elites in washington dictate how we live our life? are we going to be americans who choose our own destiny and tell politicians what will you want them to do a post to them telling us what we have to do. that's what this election is about. the character of of america. we have got to win. let me tell you a few things we would do. i will shrink the size of the federal government by 15%. people say how can you do? when i left in new york the
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government had more than 15%% fewer workers than when i took office. we'll get rid of obama care and get rid of those people and help department. we will get rid of, core get rid of people working on that in the education department. we are going to scale back the epa and its ridiculous regulations that are strangling our economy and energy in america. by the way, i'm going to take every irs employee involved in the illegal, unconstitutional, barbaric targeting of republicans and conservative groups, and not just fire them but do my test to put them in jail, which is where they belong. [applause]. we are going to reduce the size of the government by at least 15%. you throw out a corrupt tax code. it is so absurd. absurd. our taxes are so high that american companies constantly
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are looking to move overseas, not because they like it better, but because they cannot afford to compete with our tax structure. a great new york company founded almost two years almost two years ago, pfizer, big drug company, just last week announced a merger with a much smaller company. not not because they wanted to be taken over, but because they are going to move the headquarters to ireland. instead of paying 39 percent, they will pay 12 and a half% taxes. that is absurd. this administration, the democrats view as we have got to keep those companies here. they're not going to build the fence to keep out illegal immigrants but they want to build a virtual wall to force american companies to stay here. it is like the policies that work so well in east germany where they actually had a wall to keep germans from leaving. we don't need a wall to keep american companies from leaving, all we need to do is dramatically lower the tax rates, make it competitive in america, and we will create jobs and opportunity in this country again. by the way, i want to see us make things in america again. one of of the proposals i had in my tax proposal is to cut the rate on manufacturing from today
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the highest in the world to 12%, the lowest in the world. democrats talk about income equality and then they drive all the good jobs offshore. manufacturing are great jobs. we have entrepreneurs, capitalist, capitalist, we have a great work ethic and workforce. we can outcompete anyone in the world if we get our government policies right. let's make things in america again, let's have manufacturing and factories here. i worked in college, christmas and summer vacations in a factory. these are the jobs of the 21st century that can make our middle-class strong again. just get washington out of the way and we are going to build things again. [applause]. so, let's revitalize washington, shook its power, get power back to the people in the individuals in the states and i guarantee, instead of the anemic growth we have seen for the last seven years, the american economy will
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take off like a rocket. two ..1% average under obama, over 7% growth during ronald reagan's term. we can do that again. here in america. as passionate as i am about her domestic policy, like you, i share your overriding concern about foreign policy. i know the most import think government does is provide for the security and safety of its people. it's that simple. if you can't do that, everything else fails. i have seen our government not succeed in providing for the security and safety of our people. to do that we have to do three things. first, we, we have to rebuild our military. it is absurd - mac [applause]. is absurd that in these times when you see in overly aggressive china in the south china sea, when you see russia trying to reconstitute the russian empire, when you see
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iran getting hundreds of builds of economic relief and looking to continue its support for state sponsors terror. when you see radical islam doing its horrible acts across africa and the middle east, it is not a time to reduce the size of the american military to pre-world war ii levels, it is time to reinvest in the american military. to build a, strengthen it, strengthen it, invest in personnel, training, technology. by the way, one of the technologies i would put back on the table and start right away is an anti- missile defense system, the star were system system that ronald reagan fought for. with radical islam out there, we have got to be able to protect ourselves. second thing i would do, stand with our allies. that is something that you would think would be self-evident to the president of united states. yet, it has not been that way area with hillary clinton as secretaries of state, or barack
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obama's president. i sit down with the polls and say remember the missiles you wanted to defend you from a potentially resurgent russia that hillary and obama pulled out, we are going to put them back in so you can defend yourself and defend europe. look at a country like egypt, this a ministration, hillary, hillary and obama embrace the muslim brotherhood that immediately starts taking aggressive action against israel. then, when they lead a counter revolution that creates a stable pro-western egypt, they are ignored and cut off by this administration. that is wrong, he is fighting isis in the sinai, we we should embrace him, support his military efforts, and his efforts to reform islam. stand with our allies. by the by the way i will get to israel. which is naturally the strongest allies as countries had. the third thing is we have to destroy radical islam. it is that simple.
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you heard earl talk about the fact that i was governor on september eleventh. will i tell tell you, i learned a lesson that day, i thought all americans had learned and no one would ever forget. think back, al qaeda was isolated, they were in afghanistan, they do not have territory they control. they did not have mass media, social media capability. they do not have hundreds of millions of dollars, they did not have sophisticated weapons. all they weapons. all they had were box cutters. they do not have thousands of westerners with passports, yet they were able to carry out one of the most barbaric and horrible attacks on american soil ever. look at isis today. they control territory, hundreds of million's of dollars of sophisticated weapons, social media capability that we see in action all of the time, tragically, we cannot think that
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because isis is in the middle east that they are not actively trying to attack us here. they will, we have got to destroy them over there before they have the chance to attack us here. [applause]. let me tell you specifically what i would do. first of all, no ten year war, no nationbuilding, no trillion dollars tried to create to create a democracy where none has ever existed. we know whether training camps, social media sites are. we should work first with the troops on the ground, the kurdish and supply them with a sophisticated weapons, financing, and training that they have not gotten from this administration. [applause]. they have not gotten it from this administration because this ridiculous policy of this administration because everything has to go through baghdad. that is largely controlled by iran and they do not want the kurds to have a
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strong independent fighting force, but we do. we do. we have got to arm supply, support and help them take the fight to isis. [applause]. the same thing with the is 80s, almost 1 million christians who were barbaric massacred when isis attacked them, they are fighting them. they're part of the reason that's in jars been taken back from isis, but they do not have the training, support, weapons, finance and help from americans. if i'm and help from americans. if i'm president, they'll get that. most important though, are that damn bar sunni sheiks. we defeated al qaeda back when president bush was president because the sunni sheiks realize that al qaeda was so radical that even though they shared a sunni faith they did not share a philosophy or radicalism and they bought with us to the story al qaeda. they are now seen that same experience with isis. but baghdad does not want an independent, strong based force whether they're fighting isis or not because they are not controlled by baghdad. let let
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me say this, as president, i do not care if baghdad doesn't want the sunnis on the ground to be able to fight isis and help us destroy their training camps. we will supply, support, train, finance, and help them have safe areas where they can mount to their they can mount their attacks on the ground against isis. [applause]. by the way, that is not enough, we should send in american troops. send an american special operations forces, destroy, destroy their training centers, destroy their planning hubs, destroy their social media capability centers, and then get out. not so that we can stay there for ten years, but so that we can send a clear and convincing message to the world, that when we say we are going are going to destroy and a great isis overtime, overtime is not in the next century. over time is in next year. and isis will be destroyed and graded. [applause]. now, i do not want to sound like a militarist year, but i know
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how important this is. i also know what it is like to have loved ones in harm's way. i have two sons, my older son when he graduated from yale went into the marines. he became a lieutenant [applause]. thank you. he became a lieutenant and served for a year in a bar. my younger son, got out of cornell and went into the tenth mountain division. he just just got back from afghanistan in september [applause]. he got back from us afghanistan in september where he served as a lieutenant. my wife and and i know what it's like when you are lying in bed and the phone rings at two or 3:00 a.m. and all of a sudden you get this feeling in your stomach, all my gosh, i hope it's not the call when your loved one is in harm's way. i do not want one american family to
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have to go through. to have to worry about their loved one being overseas in harm's way's, unless it is absolutely necessary. but it is necessary to destroy isis, destroy their ability to attack us here, over there because if we do not do that, they are going to attack us again here in america. it is that simple. we have to destroy radical islam and we have to take the fight to them overseas using as limited american troops on the ground as possible but if necessary using them along with our allies. there's one other thing that i know is important to you and important to me, that is when i said we we have to stand with our allies. we have no better ally than the state of israel. i have known that [applause]. i have known that for some time. i just want to tell you one story that i actually show to my kids. think back to the first gulf war in 1989. when president george hw bush put w bush put together
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and stored in a coalition to take out saddam hussein's conquering of kuwait. we had many arab nations and that coalition, it was a very important war for the americans in the west wing. when that plate started, what did saddam do? he sent's god missiles, he sent them into kuwait and into saudi arabia, but he sent them into israel. a noncombatant, not part of the coalition. he launches god missiles on tel aviv, on is really civilians, simply because he was trying to provoke them into joining the fray because he knew that would destroy the coalition that president bush had put together. i remember that night, that first night, seen pictures from tel aviv.
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old men and young children wearing gas masks in their homes, and their basements. i don't drop any of you remember that. people did not know if saddam hussein's rockets and scuds that he was firing at chemical weapons or not. i looked at it and i actually went upstairs and woke up my two oldest kids i said look at this, this is less than 45 years years after the end of the holocaust. these are old men and young children wear gas mask to protect themselves. you know why? simply because they are jews. because saddam hussein things by attacking jews he can under my the american coalition. never forget this moment, anti-semitism is a toxic, toxic feeling and whatever you see it raise its ugly head, you must stop it down wherever that happens. [applause]. thank you. but what happened? israel did not going to iraq to defend its civilians. there's
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not 11 person here who doesn't know that the could have taken out the scud missiles and prevented those attacks on it civilians. the israeli leadership said, this is a horrible thing, to see our civilians go through this. but we are america's friend, we are america's ally, we ally, we will let our civilians suffer this attack because that is the strongest way we can support america and its effort. have you ever heard of an ally more committing to helping you succeed than israel was during that time of war. [applause]. since that time, i've had the opportunity over and over again to go to israel. first time i open the trade mission in new york, from new york and israel. i cannot believe there had not been one but there had not. they said go to tel aviv that its commercial capital. we opened a trade mission in jerusalem, the capital of the israeli state.
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we did it for simple reason, it is the capital of israel, it has got to be recognized by the united states as the capital of israel, it is absurd that art hostess ally is the one country whose capital we refuse to put our embassy in. we won't recognize it, move the embassy, jerusalem is the internal undivided capital of israel and the jewish people and it has got to stay that way. [applause]. but there's so much more. i hear senator rubio's comments about plo and i remember speaking in las vegas in the spring. i said then, to other things. when you have an entity like that plo that is paying bonuses to the families of mass murdering suicide terrorists, they should not get one nickel
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of taxpayer funding from the united states, zero money from the plo so long as the support terrace activities. second of all, not only does the plo get funding to terrace emma they are charter. they do not even recognize today israel's right to exist as a state. you cannot have a partner for peace when one of them denies your existence. no more wasting time, no no more wasting time with the secretary of state tramping around trying to get israel to make concessions to an organization that does not even acknowledge israel's right to exist. no more negotiating, plo, you change your charter, you acknowledge the right to exist and then we can sit down and have a talk. finally, just one less thing, i am am running out of time, uranian deal has got to be
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killed. iranians have have already killed by testing long-range missiles and sending -- there will be no iranian deal or nuclear weapons. one less thing. anti-semitism in addition to radical islam is something that is a roman catholic has troubled me enormously. we see it today, not just with radical islamist and jihadist, we see it in communities and on college campuses in america. in the absurd movement called the ds. think about a firm minute, the left, these people advancing this absurd cost think it's okay to trade with iran where women have sexually no rights. it is fine to trade with russia where homosexuality is a crime and they put you in jail. it is fine to trade with cuba if you say something, a little disagreeable to the powers, you go to jail for life.
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but you cannot trade with israel that has a democracy, freedom of speech, freedom to choose its leader, freedom of press, freedom of religion, zero no, those are the ones that we those are the ones that we have to boycott and sanction. that is absurd. b df is not a human rights movement, it is an anti- somatic movement and it must be stopped when ever it raises its ugly head. [applause]. thank you. i have run out of time but i just want to say one more thing, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our party and our country. thank you for standing strong through these last seven years when the world seems to have gotten a more and more dangerous place. this is still america. this is still the greatest innovator, freest country in the
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world. with the right leadership in 2016 we are going to see an end to alzheimer's, cure to cancer, we are going to traveling cars that drive us, we are going to be going to trains faster than planes, your grandchildren are going to be living to 110 years be living to 110 years old, this is still america, all we need to do is get washington right in the next entry will be right. you are fighting that fight, you're with us. thank you, be strong, be strong, give your strength to others, we must must win this race in 2016. they give very much. [applause]. thank you. [applause]. >> thank you governor.
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>> c-span takes on the road to the white house, best access to the candidates at town hall meetings, speeches, rallies, and meet and greets. we are taking greets. we are taking your comments on twitter, facebook, and by phone, and by always every campaign event we cover is available on our website, >> coming up on c-span2, republican presidential candidates at the republican jewish form. next, we'll, we'll hear from ohio governor, john casey, donald trump, ben carson, and mike huckabee. >> on the next "washington journal" will discuss the decision to send special operations forces into iraq and syria. to help the fight against isis. our guest is linda robinson, of the rand corporation. then cq roll call reporter, on the debate in congress over a malpractice. in our american by the number segment, look at trends in crime and violence in schools. we'll talk about thomas snyder, the national center for educational statistics.
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washington journal, live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span, with your phone calls, tweets, facebook comments. >> on friday, look look at the future of international soccer competition and be far the candidate for fifa, will speak at the national club. live at 1:00 p.m. eastern here in c-span2. >> coming up this weekend on c-span, saturday night at nine eastern, the nation makes impulsive discussion on inequality in america and what that means for society. speakers include. speakers include the nation editor, katrina vander hoover, a former white house advisor. >> you have a third leg and the movement, the racial racial justice like. it has no home and has no candidate.
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you're talking about the dreamers on the latino side, the black lies matter movement, you have a racial justice through a wing of the party with no candidate and no voice, not even the pretense of a black candidate. they exploded into public view. >> coming up sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. the republican jewish coalition form. preaching presidential candidates. >> next remarked by the republican presidential candidate speaking at the republican jewish coalition presidential form. next, we'll we'll bring you the speeches from carly fee arena and jim gilmore. this portion of the event from the ronald reagan building is about 15 minutes.
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>> i would like to tell you little about my motivation and i'll try to be a short as i can so i can take your questions. i suppose i could trace my relationships with the members of the jewish community, not just members of the jewish community, they are my friends. back to something that my mother once told me. my mother was a smart woman, her mother could barely speak english, she was married to a man whose father was a coal miner. they understood their share of struggles. my mother told me one time, she said johnny when i was a very young man, she sai


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