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tv   Mike Huckabee Remarks at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum  CSPAN  December 4, 2015 12:01am-12:36am EST

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>> i would like to tell you little about my motivation and i'll try to be a short as i can so i can take your questions. i suppose i could trace my relationships with the members of the jewish community, not just members of the jewish community, they are my friends. back to something that my mother once told me. my mother was a smart woman, her mother could barely speak english, she was married to a man whose father was a coal miner. they understood their share of struggles. my mother told me one time, she said johnny when i was a very young man, she said johnny if
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you want to look for a really good friend, get someone who is jewish. you know why she said that? she said no matter what happens to you, your friend, your jewish friend will stick by your side and fight right with you, and stand by you. i never forgot that for my mother. my mother was right. so deep inside my soul has been a sense of the jewish community and the jewish people. when i think about what the jewish family represents and what the culture represents, it could be the most important set of values and cultures in america. i will tell you why, i have observed throughout my adult
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lifetime that as a jew, you are supposed to live a life greater than yourself. the life is not just about you. it is about the people around you, it is about the community. don't you think that is what our country needs? a a sense, not just our country but in the west, that life is not just about ourselves. life is about something bigger than ourselves. clapmac this is a message that needs to be communicated to get people meaning. my great friend brad talked about my trip to israel with gordon sachs, one of the great jewish leaders. i agreed to go with him to israel soon after i was like to come i about the age of 30 years old. gordon went on and on, on the
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air plane about how great is going to be will get to jerusalem. and i said i agreed to go on this trip with you but can we knock it off already on the travel conversation we're having. then we landed, we got in the car we drove to jerusalem. have you ever seen a more magnificent city? i cannot wait for the day for me to take my young 15-year-old daughters to jerusalem, because it is aids shining city. it represents so much of human history. what a great trip i have. on that trip after we move through large parts of israel, we we're at the king david hotel. i had done it to my room i came down and there's a woman sitting at the table with gordon.
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i said who are you? she said, well my name is abbott tell, and i said well who are you? and she said while i am on my way to washington to meet with president reagan, to plead for the release of my husband, anatoly who who is been locked in a soviet prison. because he -- i looked at her and i said you are going to go to washington, why don't we have a rally right on the steps of the capital and send a double message to the president and to the soviets about your husband. and we did. [applause]. i had never met anatoly in person until i read one of the most remarkable books i have ever read in my lifetime. called fear of evil.
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sharansky, i had never met but i wanted wanted so much to meet him and one torn gordon gave me the opportunity to talk to him in the phone conversation. i had expressed my admiration and as we all know the soviets told sharansky, repents, after all take back away said after all galileo did it. in his book, fear no evil, sharansky writes that if they use galileo against me they will not use sharansky against another prisoner of conscience. i wanted to meet this man. gordon died, there is a funeral service, there were three speakers scheduled. richard allen, allen, the former national security advisor to president reagan. john casey, the governor of
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ohio. and anatoly sharansky. i called one of my friends is that i cannot make this talk, how can i stand on a podium with a guy like sharansky and richard allen, what what i do? he said, be short. [laughter] well, god must ahead mercy because sharansky was delay. i got to meet him, shake his hand, give him a hug, at the burial site of gordon. that is what life is all about and meaning, and purpose. folks, i think i know that you know this, but when we think about 911, when we think about chattanooga and fort hood, when we think about charlie have do, when we think about the slaughter at the jewish
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delicatessen and then we look at paris, there can be no doubt that this is an effort to destroy our very way of life. to destroy civilization, to to destroy or respect for women, and the progress of science and civilization and to destroy the concept that we should live a life greater than ourselves. the president went to paris and said, we were going to fight terrorism by taking on climate change. [laughter] if i were president, i would be at that meeting and i would be talking to all of our allies in nato and i would be seeking out our friends where people who had the same purposes in the middle
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east. i remember when the ambassador of egypt to the united states stood in the rose garden and announced a coalition of people to push saddam hussein out of kuwait. that was a serious matter. it pales in comparison to what we face today. the president of the united states need to leave and he needs to lead a coalition to stop the delay, to stop the politics, put people in the air and on the ground, and for once and for all, go and go and destroy isis, where they exist. [applause]. you come to an event like this, you expect a political politics, this is not politics folks. i have those young daughters and i know i know what is at stake here. since last february i have been arguing for an effort to destroy these people.
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you mark my words, someday we will have boots on the ground. someday we will have a coalition. the longer we wait, the longer we wait, the higher the price we will pay. this is a fight, this is a right about our existence. this is existential. now at the same time, i i know the president has endorsed ministration has said we need to leap from behind. you know what happens when we leave from behind? we have a situation where we did not support the rebels in syria, we see the russians building s400 air defense system that frankly limits the flexibility and the ability and strategic needs, not just just of the united states, but turkey,
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israel, just an article today about the impact on israel with as/400 because there was a void. we have not created no-fly zones, we have not created sanctuaries, we have not armed the kurds to the degree we should so we can work with them to do more effective worker against isis. the only group in the middle east that is only working that way and avoid means that is by forces that are not in our interests. our interests are only in the interest of opportunity, the free world, equality, not repression, not dictatorship. america and the west was founded on principles of respect for life, the belief that we can change the world as mr. kasten refer to that sits on the holocaust memorial. these are serious matters. over in the ukraine, the people there just ask for support from
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the united states to defend themselves. we are absent. the russians bear down on the baltics, on the fence, the swedes, very serious matters. we look at china and their ability to hack and to launch cyber attacks against us and we cannot seem to deal with that. we have to lead, because when america leads, people follow. that does not mean it is easy. that means you need to sit, listen, negotiate, work, and ultimately convince people of work, and ultimately convince people of the need to take collective action. to continue to support the ideals of the west. that is not inconsistent with the moderate arabs.
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you know, they know in jordan and in saudi, and in the gulf states, and they know in egypt, it is just a matter of time until this evil tries to take and is effective in taking them down. we can unite. we can get this done. we have to rebuild our military. we can rebuild our military, but i have to also tell you we need to reform that building over there, that pentagon so we are not spending money on overhead or duplication, or waste and depriving our men and women in the military of the resources they need. aside from all of that, doesn't trouble you then america cannot seem to be able to sell problems? we can't seem to get our spending online. we can't seem to balance a budget. we we can't seem to clean up a tax code. we can't seem to deal with this regulatory that is shutting down the efforts of small business
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people to create jobs and strengthen our families. the world looks at us and they wonder, what has happened to america? this is a republican gathering but our friends in the democratic party are not our enemies. we can disagree with them on a number of issues but we do not need to hate them. i served in congress when it was possible for republicans and democrats to disagree, 80 or 90% of the time, but then we came together at times because we put america first. i was there when we balance the budget. i spent ten years of my life to get that done because i do not think we should put a burden on our children. i knew that by putting ourselves on the path to cutting taxes, balancing budgets, we would have jobs. we all know that jobs is the most important thing for all of us, that's what strengthens our families, gives our children
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opportunity. well, ladies and gentlemen, we need we need to fix it. we need to come together. i became governor of ohio, it was a mess. down 350,000 jobs, credit going down the drain, today we are up almost 400,000. we are running surpluses, we have running surpluses, we have cut taxes. and, as a result of our growth today, we leave no one in the shadows. the mentally ill, the drug the drug addicted, and the working poor all have a place in our society. i don't tell you that record to break, i tell you that record because we need to be in a position to have somebody who has actually demonstrated their ability to achieve significant things. brett had mentioned that i flew
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in here for speech and for the first time i have sat on the house floor since i left congress in 2000. when i left, someone said why did it take you so long to come back here for a session? i said well when you graduate from high school he shouldn't drive around in the parking lot. you know why i came in? met not who is real. can you imagine that a prime minister of one of the greatest allies we have comes into town to make a talk in the president decides not to meet with him? any prime minister that comes to america, if i have been to be president of the united states will have a significant meeting with me if i or president hold them up. [applause]. sometimes we are tougher on our
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family then we are in people we don't know. sometimes we are tougher on our friends then we are on our enemies, that has got to stop, [applause]. that has got to stop. i guess i have just about nine minutes left. i guess i could launch and do a lot of good rhetoric but i want you understand something from me. you tell me where we have a better ally, that has more guts, more courage, more strength, more values than the state of israel. the state of israel is also great because it is underpinned by you. they asked me before i came in here, what about the republican jewish coalition? what is that about? he say something good? you know what it is.
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you are educated, you're smart, you're passionate, your strong, and you believe in things. you believe in things that really matter here in the 21st century. i want you to know something, so do i. i will stand with you as long as i am a public official, and when i am not i will will continue to stand with you anyway i can. because standing with you means standing for the future, it means standing for humanity, it means all the right things about how we exist in the world on the globe and assuring future generations peace and prosperity , and faith. thank you. [applause].
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>> thank you governor. we have about eight minutes, all of the questions that came in for you they really came, there too many questions. i will leave the more wonky question to the end. you could could probably take all eight minutes with that. let me go to one of them a question on peoples mind. it has to has to go back to one of the previous debates. there is an exchange about iran, you had questioned some of your opponents, some of the other candidates who say they were going to rip off the iran deal on day one. there some back and forth in that. can you share with our folks where you? >> will look, first of all it is a ridiculous deal because what happened was they were in search for an agreement regardless of what the agreement was. i do not know why i would be able to telecast at that time, about 18 months ahead of what i might do.
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in regard to that agreement. >> here's the the other thing that i think is really important, i believe that we can act stronger when we can be a collective group. i want the brits, the french, the germans, the belgian's, the spanish, i want, i want them to be part of who we are. because in a group, collectively we are stronger than when we go alone. now, i am prepared to go alone if the iranians violate this agreement which, it looks like maybe, perhaps they already have. or that they probably will, then we withdraw. we slap on sanctions. let me ask you a question. if america slaps on sanctions is it as effective if we slap on sanctions and everyone in the west does? i believe it means more.
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but i would do it unilaterally. i think collectively we are much stronger, i believe at this point, the president of the united states are to be talking to our folks also about if that deal is violated, we are going to move and move quickly. no ifs, ands or buts. the other thing i would tell you, if i had information or intelligence that they were building a nuclear weapon, we would not be in favor of any way shape or form of having that type of weapon. i guess if your inexperience you say i'm going to go below the place up. but when you are an executive and commander-in-chief, your words are clear. someone said if you put a no-fly zone in syria and they fly him what would you do? i? i said if they fly in the first time i might let it fly out, if
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they put a second time i would let them fly out. but i don't have to go and use that type of fiery rhetoric. executives have to be calm, tough, firm, and decisive. if you notice, the leaders of this world who are most effective, that is how they operate. by the way, when you are an executive, used to be a congressman, 18 years, i've been governor now. the difference between his executive in a legislative is not that big of a difference. only of a difference. only the difference between day and night. [laughter] as an executive in a big state, by the way, by the way check no republican had ever been elected president if they did not win ohio, as an executive in a big state, over the course of the years that i've been in, i have dealt with one crisis after another. each time you deal with one, you learn. you get better, you get stronger, you calm people that are around you.
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that is what is so important about being executive. as president of of the united states, every day, every single day, it is another thing that flies that you. you don't learn on the job, you have to have dealt with these things to be the most effective you can be. >> of finally the more wonky question. going back to your past ten years chairman of the budget committee. folks want to know how it is that you're going to cut the debt, deal with entitlement and at the same time -- i can do this really short. >> first of all you have an economic plan, i've done is now twice in ohio and in washington. the formula is simple. you reduce taxes to a point where it will provide economic growth. when people say they will have a 10% flat tax, tax, we have one candidate saying a candidate tax plan would increase by a 11 or 12 chilling dollars. you can grow your way
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out of everything. 20% tax rate, cut capital gains in congress and reduce income taxes and kill taxes on small business in ohio, you reduce taxes. corporate taxes done to 25 percent, do not double tax, bring the money home from europe so people invest in america and they are not investing in europe. give them the ability to write up the investment plan and equipment as those investments are short, that is why our economy is not going. so you get the corporate rate down, you get the personal rates down which are achievable because they are not way out of the ordinary. then then what you do, you restrain spending. you take your medicaid program from five to three, my medicaid went from ten until two and a half and no one got cut off or with loss of benefit. you get your medicare from a growth rate of about 725.
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and still provide services at a lower price. you freeze on nondefense discretionary, you shift programs out of washington like education, medicaid, transportation, job training and at the same time you boost your spending and defense. then he freeze regulations for a year and you begin to put some rhyme and reason in the way we regulate. that would contribute to us about a 3.9% economic growth. with have a balanced budget. we are officially seen in eight years, some people say you can do it for, give me a break. we could do it maybe and seven, maybe in six if we get the economic growth anticipate. i don't make false and phony promises to people. i want you to know that we'll have a plan in the first hundred days to rebuild the military, a plan in the first 100 days to fix the taxes, balance the budget, control spending in a reasonable way that i believe people can sign onto. maybe at the same time we also
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could work to secure our borders, create a guest worker program, people who broke the law to get here, they have not broke the law sends them we can put them on a path of citizen. that could settle this issue once and for all. that would control the border. now, all those things i believe can be presented in the first 100 days. you have three months, four months, for a leader to put an agenda on the table that can unite both wings of the party and perhaps even bring in some of my friends in the democratic party to lift america. we cannot keep fumbling, fighting, and being, and being unable to solve our problems. by the way, some of you may be skeptical about this but if there's once a good thing we need, we need a constitutional amendment to require a federally balanced budget so that people
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in washington have to do their job. [applause]. i guess were out of the time. thank you all so much. [applause]. governor, thank you. [applause]. >> you just like me because my daughter happens to be jewish. right? she has a great husband jerry, husband jerry, tell you what, evocative cannot be happier, she is very proud. the only bad news is i cannot get her saturday, call and call, i can't speak to my daughter anymore and saturday. but that's okay. it's an honor to be with you, i have devoted devoted so much
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time over my life to israel. the the other politicians, they can talk, but believe me they did not do it i've dug, i've received received many awards. i was the grand marshal, of the israeli day parade in a very dangerous parade when people said don't do it, i worked up fifth avenue. i'm stirring up lots of trouble but i said no way am i not going to do it. it was a rough time a rough time as you know, is 2004. it was tremendously successful, maybe the the most successful parade they've ever had. [applause]. i'm in a different position than the other candidates because i'm the one candidate, i don't want your money. i want your support but i don't want her want your money. i'm so funny my campaign. it's been an amazing expense for me because i have very little money invested, i thought i would have would have $30 million in ads, i have none. although i took a small radio commercial the other day in iowa. we have virtually no money invested in ads or advertising. i think u.s. business people will feel pretty good about
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this, and respect it. at first i was embarrassed by it nice and will you know, i think we'll have to spend money just to spend money. but to spend money. but it's not really a good thing to do because i'm in first place by a lot, it is not even close. every single pole. every single state, the numbers just came in three minutes ago in new hampshire, the ppp poll, trumpets 27, the next at 13, 10, nine, eight, five, the rest are out the bore, they have, the rest are out the board, they had to drop out pretty soon. >> cannot. >> ..
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>> >> when i see great friends of mine you are pro israel, they love israel with a passion and they say would be doing?
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they say we don't know. i say he is a disaster really believe me iran deal with our negotiators to go build gas stations in the middle of afghanistan's $43 billion than they used the wrong type of terminal because they don't sell that type of gas. have they think they could have done that for blast? >> vitarelli to develop nuclear weapons they can buy them. why did they have to develop them? they go out in terms of surveillance they have the right to self inspect and then you have the 24 days
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but they were all good with contracts don't start until this happens. and then there would to start the negotiation then they won 19 people for darfur. but racial telesat in the beginning. and the people in this room understand it should be, by the way did you ever see a negotiation take so long? we did not win anything. years ago we have to get the prisoners back. make us look better any deal
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that we strike it will be good. then we say bye-bye. call us when you're ready ben reed doubled up on sanctions i guaranteed day call us to come back to the table the president and john kerry the worst negotiator i have received he did not read the art of the deal he is one of the few and obama definitely did not read that. this is hard to believe you have to say it correct that
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they didn't want to complicate the negotiations said it is so complicated. and i just tell you this before i take office i guarantee those prisoners will be back. they will be back. [applause] our president doesn't want to use the term rand had another event yesterday probably was related i thought maybe not as radical islamic terrorism. and we have a president who refuses to use the term. he refuses to say it.
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there is something going on with him that we don't know about. that out as far as hillary is concerned she would go with what he wants. she should not be allowed to run what she did is criminal with her emails she will have to follow his line begin she is in a thread in their real life is u.s. attorney attorney-general will listen to him. it is very dishonest with our government. general petraeus of life changing sentence. but nothing compared to what she did. 5%.


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