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tv   Republican Jewish Coalition 2016 Candidates Forum  CSPAN  December 4, 2015 12:35am-1:05am EST

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with him that we don't know about. that out as far as hillary is concerned she would go with what he wants. she should not be allowed to run what she did is criminal with her emails she will have to follow his line begin she is in a thread in their real life is u.s. attorney attorney-general will listen to him. it is very dishonest with our government. general petraeus of life changing sentence. but nothing compared to what she did. 5%.
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but then she gets indicted that is the end of it. backing of virtually all of these says. she should not be allowed to run what is is a criminal act. wishes to become president she could have a of problem does that make sense to anybody? and to be involved in corruption she was a horrible secretary of state then then the world blew up around her.
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to between 600 calls and the bells from our ambassador to not have the strength of the energy. is an interesting friends but she responded. [laughter] you get back? [applause] a lot of people don't get that. but she responded to a friend hundreds of requested she does not respond. yesterday i was in manassas virginia with an unbelievable crowd. we had 12,000 people in sarasota 12,000 people the
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convention center held 5,000. i made to use features you can give me a larger convention center so i can do one speech? we set a record. rebate their record of elton john. [laughter] i am no longer competing with politicians but musical talent. for the great musicians said you get though largest crowd of any single person without a guitar. we have had a tremendous response. if you look at what is going on and based on the response in the polls that probably both not support me because trump does not want money. even though he is
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better, and will do more for israel even benjamin netanyahu asked me to do a commercial for his race and he won i was happy about that they said i am the only celebrity. now live a politician i am somewhat embarrassed. [laughter] herbalife i have been a developer, a businessman, i have employed tens of thousands of people from a lifetime. unbelievable statements people say he will never file. three he will never run so deep pass to file his papers and you have to sign your life away. but he did. may be is not as rich as people think 100 pages of financials the biggest ever filed and everybody said he is much bigger and stronger.
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>> and i would have filed anyway but i like to brag about it. [applause] and their rebuilding its in manhattan now. they give america is the and francisco with a great partner added is much bigger. i bring that up because that is the kind of thinking that we need. that is what we need to respect people who don't know the first thing about the word negotiation. they're better than obama and kerry and the foolish people it is embarrassing.
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so we get a trader they give five of the greatest but they wanted for nine years. you know, about the sergeant had deserted six were killed trying to get him back they were looking for him. i general and a colonel with to see those people they said he was a deserter we still made the deal. tweeting give him back. perhaps more than a room that i have ever spoken. [laughter] it's okay. but the fact is that want to renegotiate that deal end drop every cave from bacon
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have him to know where they are there in the battlefield fighting has tried to tell us in we get ted dirty rotten trader. they are stupid people. it is very sad. i will tell you that i am going to with. [laughter] [applause] unless something happens i walk across the street but i have a great secret service. that is nice when you are number one you get secret service. i never saw that coming. i really believe i will when i have a great feeling about it. my life has been about winning.
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to talk about company and deals the other day my daughter she is so great she said i can buy his office building i said how did you talk to me about such trivial things ivanka? [laughter] dealing with trillions never heard about that before. $19 trillion. we signed a budget that is so bad, we know where the democrats are coming from but the republican politicians go to washington and end obamacare. it will be repealed and replaced but they go to washington they will do this and budgets i heard before there would overcome the budget. [laughter]
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and i tell the story and then walked into the capitol building. look at the columns. look at the angels. they have not seen anything like it. then they are mainstream. they want to use all of their courage is what does their courage. 1/2 to use the good words. [laughter] band-aid lettuce down. you will not support even know when the best thing that could happen to israel. you will not support me because i don't want your money? that is crazy. [laughter] i want to give money to know
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the money they have turned down? people want to give me millions i would have made poured jeb bush the guy with low energy it is sad. [laughter] it became so defining like it is on his forehead. it is sad. he made $125 million is totally controlled. that's why you don't want to give me money? that's fine. think about that. i a understand five months ago i was with you. i gave $350,000 to the republican governors association and never got a letter of thank you. i did receive one letter from one governor so why
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would i give more? you don't get a thank-you letter? politicians forget, they're not confident that they're good at getting elected above your support but i don't want your money now let's take some questions. [applause] [cheers and applause] >> he said that is a little different than the others. >>. >> we had as side that they were building right next door to this property. >> year just cost me $10. [laughter] i am building a tremendous hotel. [laughter]
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i will go there right after this you have to watch to beijing contractors are not stealing or ripping you off. to show you how important this is is it important to be any more with the united states to make big reagan and. is going crazy proposal of them tried to copy a but i had a trade mart -- a trademark because was we sent the notice do not use the term can you imagine i got the approval? we are building a hotel down the road.
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>> you made a speech yesterday. about israel. and how he will raise questions talking about the israeli-palestinian issue. and you will have to make some tough sacrifices. does that mean return to the '67 borders? >> i was interviewed yesterday one of the questions was about israel and the palestinians. i used as an example the hardest deal ever in history is that sam? how are you? good man. nice to see you. i know everybody in this
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audience. [laughter] the people have to make sacrifices. at the end of six months or sooner if you walked into her room you can tell within two seconds. perhaps the hardest is three perhaps new tougher because there is so much violence and death after so many years. i say you have to have a commitment and another side has the commitment that with that being said we have a good chance of winning but
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then to give away back cards at all one side or the other for people to know where i stand. a real deal not just last week. but he gave before he started. bennett will be a great thing for both sides of the real deal could be made by a deal maker it would be great if it could be made. >> the president wrote a letter to the prime minister that it wouldn't force israel back to the '67 borders. >> israel has given a lot and people don't know that. the public relations has not been so good but not a lot
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of credit for what they have given. [applause] >> some things were given which were unthinkable but i would like to go in with the clean slate but i do think read from the beginning it has to be said israel has given a lot. i don't know if they want to go that far but they have not been given the credit that they deserve for what they have done. >> can i pick a new dam on jerusalem?
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is that a position of you support? >> i am leaving for israel. i know what you were saying. who is of a wise guy? [laughter] just relax. you will like we very much. believe me and you wonder why you get yourself in trouble. indian radio you take away with the attitude to shove it down would do nicely. don't worry about it. go ahead. >> an outspoken and defender of the prime minister netanyahu. i think he was treated badly the president has been unbelievably reared. -- ruth. [applause] we talk about the deals
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after the fact but the everyone deal is the worst single thing perhaps i'm good at predicting things the worst single thing that has ever happened to israel and the fact obama was willing to make that deal or even the democratic party is impossible to believe. that is one of the great catastrophes. if i get in there i will straighten out. but the one bad thing the one of the 50 billion is gone. that hurts the people in this rebbe was headed $50 billion is gone before you get there. now it is less than a year
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and we go down the line is very exciting. for a person like me it is exciting. >> you have a of a great relationship with the prime minister but which other arab leaders do you know, or can you see yourself working with? >> i haven't been working with the arab leaders to much to be honest. i make commercials at a note that will help. [laughter] i keep a level with them people screaming at me but for the most part the king of jordan seems like a nice man. i don't know. but i took some heat because i get along with liberals or conservatives i get along
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with everybody. i always say i am a businessman. the republicans don't even run people. there is the small percentage of the vote. we have gridlock and i remember years ago but they used to like each other and we will have different views but then they go out to have dinner with their families. you don't see that anymore there is total gridlock there a beating because of better taxes as the company's lead the united states. pfizer.
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thousands of jobs for:but also to not trillion dollars at least that is added the country that companies cannot get back but the taxes are too high nobody would agree to pay that much so they moved the company to the money. >> for three years they cannot get the deal? it is a gridlock. but they cannot get it done because the politicians all top no action. everybody agrees the money
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should pour into the country. because of the incompetent leadership. >> every clinton? >> on a seattle think anyone can say she says she is now less because she is going to be riverside. >> look at what she says right now. whether she is or not she doesn't have the strength or the energy to help israel. i am telling you she does not. [applause] she does an event to those eager for another five days. think about it. she doesn't have the strength through the energy israel leaves more than
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support the new strength and power. because israel has difficulties these people are fighting dirty we used to think that was easy but 15 years ago we have a lot of friends and now they say they are dirty fighters and they are tough they are not does jayvee. we need general george patton. we don't need the guys at a lot my generals on television. isis is tough. i don't know. i don't need that purpose eating general george patton don't like him he was the
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foulmouthed vicious horrible in a brilliant guy it would never make it a bad throw him out years ago but we need him. we need a genius. we have those people and i will find that person we will win. >> rank and order the greatest challenges basic united states and russia, china, radical islam >> radical islamic calendar president who refuses to use the term that i know it is not global warming. [cheers and applause] we have the guy who said right after paris a one-two
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blow of the cities and destroy civilization if he is worried about global warming that people think is a hoax. i have one so many environmental awards a shockingly. [laughter] i want clean crystal water. du notice they changed the name? climate change notice extreme weather. if it is cold is okay if it is hot or windy now they use extreme whether it is the disgrace. to have this man embarrass us we have to get him out so fast. thank you. thank you.
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thank you. thank you. [inaudible conversations] ♪ thank you. >> thank you so much i am delighted to be here. panera was the first time i had the opportunity to go to israel. it is an incredible zero experience to be in the place for so many events occurred.
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but what really impressed me is the people with all kinds of orders refuse to have their lives dictated by terrorism. i think it is a wonderful example here in america. i want to make sure i have all my points in the day than maybe the first time in the body has see me doing that after surveying to terms from the european colony george washington warned the citizens of the united states it is our true policy to steer clear with any portion of the foreign world to be concerned but
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the constant changing of the empire is in europe and with that would mean for the united states now we fast-forward 2015 i will call your attention to a passage by the ambassador, israel's most recent former vassar. end i was taken by the of paragraph that describes why he entitles his book ally. it is a simple and beautiful world -- word and it is positive he may be a partner but never the ally. the hebrew counterpart is even more staggering.
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and then because the circumcision in britain and the special relationship with god. fittingly a special relationship between israel and the estates that it is both physical bnd eternal purpose of any american president or candidate formulating policies would be well served that what makes the relationship so special and he turned away and if we examine history properly it is easy to see the special bond between these two nations existed well before they exist as a country. we should look back to the establishment of 1848. even before the founding fathers gathered it decided to change the course of human historyth


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