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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2015 10:00pm-10:20pm EST

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a small percentage of people are progressing from prescription drug misuse to heroin. however, because of the magnitude that has led to aa significant increase in the number of people using heroin. >> is there any punishment to doctors that abuse these opiates? i thought the example from congressman lynch was astonishing. ..
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do they get money for prescribing the drug? >> let me give you a telling example. in one county in florida because of lax laws and because they didn't have prescription drug monitoring program 50 of the top 100 prescribers were in one county in florida and working with the dea working with the prescription drug monitoring program. we were able to enact laws and reduce these huge pell-mells that we saw that were open for cash business. we are working with the medical boards that have disciplinary action as it relates to physicians who are clearly outside of the range of appropriate prescribing because taking disciplinary action against those physicians and
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other prescribers art clearly outside the bounds of what normal prescribing behavior could be needs to be part of our overall strategy. >> my time is almost up but i just want to ask you i miss -- i guess to mr. morrow about the report on omd coordination efforts for drug abuse prevention reported an overlap of 59 to 76 programs included in the gao review and what is the possible impact and why did you raise it in your report? >> this is a report issued back in 2013. at that time we had overlap in what we meant by that was that there were disparate programs that could potentially be providing grant funding. the good news on that we rate -- made recommendations to look
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across the universe of programs. they have done that. they have identified the means of greater coordination and put mechanisms in place to move backward nation and they have addressed the recommendation and closed and implemented it. >> my time has expired. thank you. >> i think the gentlewoman. just so you will know we are going to do a very very limited second round and by very limited i am going to recognize the gentleman from wisconsin for four minutes. the gentleman from wisconsin is recognizer four minutes. >> let me come back to the rhetorical questions, but what is the expected prison term you get if you have enough heroin with you that you are with some
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sort of a dealer? what is the standard would give up federal prosecutors asked for? >> i don't know what the standard sentences. mandatory minimums in this particular case depending on amount of heroin. >> is there him mandatory minimum if i have enough heroin and i'm not using it for personal use? >> it's trusted editorial discretion and there are mandatory minimums associated with heroin. i don't know what those are though. >> do you know how many people are in federal prison for selling heroin? >> i didn't know that well over half the current population is serving a sentence predominantly based on drug trafficking. >> the reason i say it is there is a big difference between heroin and other drugs.
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her marijuana is illegal but there's nobody dying of marijuana overdose. this is heroin and to hone the thing, much worse than the cocaine thing in much worse than anything and it's not blended with the other things. do you know how many prosecutions for heroin in their possession or selling at? >> i do not know. >> and wanted to give me those things and i think it's important for after all the federal people to familiarize yourself a little bit about what's going on in the criminal federal courts dealing with heroin. i'm asking you these questions my buddy could give me the answers and you don't know the answers. you should know the answers. you have important jobs. i'm glad you can get the answers
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but if i had your job i would know the answers. we will ask more questions later when you have time. one more question though which is entirely a nonrelated thing the kind of follow-up. one of the problems we have their physicians out there who are clearly selling prescriptions for opiates that they shouldn't be selling. another problem to me is we have physicians prescribing what you would traditionally need of someone goes and berber canal instead of getting a prescription for three days or a month. can you tell me why that practice has taken a hold? >> we would completely agree that not only are we overprescribing but in many assists people who need only limited duration of pain medication are getting up to 30
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doses of it. part of what we have been focusing on not only in terms of prescriber training but the health and human services are in the process of developing clear clinical guidelines as it were relates to the prescribing of pain medications for these purposes. not only appropriate prescribing but also not overprescribing the amount of medications given out. >> i don't like to say it's a federal business that so many of these prescriptions through medicare and medicaid would it be appropriate for there to be guidelines on appropriate amount of opiate prescriptions? >> one issue we are looking out for their medicaid programs is not only the implementation of these clinical standards but also continuing to focus on what we call auditing programs to ensure the people who might be going to multiple positions are pharmacies are locked in to one physician and one pharmacy.
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when looking at a wide frighted mechanisms in our medicare and medicaid programs to it but then how many might diminish the scope and the associated costs of prescription drug use. >> i want to say to the chairman mentioned we want you to take away from law enforcement function that i would agree with you in light of the fact we took them 19,000 plus packets of synthetic drugs here in the district of columbia. these synthetic drugs, want to know how you're handling it.
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emergency services were called by the navy times, more than 18 times a day to respond to synthetic drug emergencies. he we have a partisan legislation they change the composition. are you pursuing the drugs in light of the fact that a criminal statute cannot be overly broad or violate the due process and do you have the tools to do your law enforcement work with what is now growing across united states? are in public and members come from texas and pennsylvania. >> thank you congresswoman and led to have the opportunity to talk about that. one of our prime concerns is the
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dramatic increase in the psychoactive substances. both my job and is a resident i've seen the incredible impact it has. we have been working with their counterparts in china because we know the vast majority of precursor chemicals are coming from china. both at the federal and state level we are having to work with congress in terms of any legislation has been introduced that would give federal government additional and quicker scheduling authority. >> you dean need -- is doing new legislation and you do need legislation. >> i believe we have not been able to stay out of these new chemical compositions. >> i have one more question before my time is up. i know the four states in and
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the district of columbia have legalize small amounts of marijuana and have legalize possession to the sale as well. there isn't a legal market because you can't get the sale. how much of your work goes for marijuana in light of the fact that this drug, increasingly you have 20 states that have decriminalized it. are you spending resources on marijuana particularly in light of the fact that in terms of the mandatory minimums, the arrest records are almost entirely black as you know because the white kids are not in law enforcement areas and don't get picked up and invited that racial disparity, which of your funds for law enforcement goes
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towards marijuana being legalize before your very eyes? >> i can sit down with you in terms of our law enforcement efforts. >> can you send the chairman of the committee lacks. >> i was going to address one other issue the chairman would allow. >> to your point the vast majority of the resources that ondcp of the federal government looks at us for enhanced prevention and treatment programs. i think the federal government in the department of justice has issued guidance saying we are not going to be using our limited federal resources to focus on on low-level folks who are using this for largely personal use. folks want to use every opportunity to do for people away from the criminal justice system.
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the implications of decriminalization and legalization mean for the people of the united states. i've been doing public health work for longtime away now aired disproportion impacts. >> i support the studies especially when it comes to children. of course we know the most people -- college. >> mr. kelly wood will give a latitude to make that last comment in the middle close-up. >> thank you mr. chairman. councilman i want to bring your attention for the record, i would certainly invite the director to come down here knowing this is a prevalent issue. i would invite you so you would be able to speak anytime you wish. i also have with me a threat assessment that was done on synthetics in this very area and a number of recommendations which i would like to share with you that was developed by the
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washington -- and their initiatives that they are working very closely with the chief of police who sits on the board to address these very issues. >> thank you mr. kelly and i would like to thank all of you for your testimony and your indulgence. it's very insightful hearing. i want -- director we have a number of items for you to get doc on. it's critical that as we look for reauthorization as we get back into a normal budgeting process and the normal appropriations process some of these is been appropriated without reauthorizing as you know. those days are growing fewer in number and it's more critical that we look at reauthorization but look at meaningful budget numbers. i am extremely troubled based on the testimony today that your request is to cut a program. if it's not working, it all out,
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but that's not what i heard from you and yet we are taking a program, what my local law enforcement officer say works with them. it's a critical tool and we are somehow wanting to give greater flexibility. appears that we are wanting to shift the money into prevention and treatment and ultimately do away with hidta. you're going to meet great persistence in a bipartisan way if that's truly the direction and i don't want to put words in your mouth that you are very eloquent with your words. i just want to say thank you all for your time. i think we can make real good progress here working through, director working with gao to make sure we keep this performance reviews meaningful statistically accurate manner. if there is no further business,
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without objection the subcommittee stands adjourned. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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donald potter author of howard's whirlybird discusses how he used experimental helicopters and other aviation first and then we'll join steven colombo as he shows us that they'd talked about his recovery from a
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polluted by the border to to one is healthy and teeming with sea lions today. >> 80 years ago this is the place you would want to be standing right on this each doing anything because the water was polluted than the air was foul. the seals were gone and the whales were gone. doubters were gone in the abalone was gone from the fishing was that in the sardines were eventually taken as well so all of that was happening 80 years ago and the difference that monterey bay got better.
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>> we have some original documents from the constitutional convention and colton hall on display and this is one of them. this is the registration sheet for all of the delegates and it's a great source of information. this was every delegate where they are from their name, what country how old they are and which district of california they represent so this is quite an amazing feat obviously.


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