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tv   Book Discussion on Adios America  CSPAN  December 21, 2015 9:38pm-10:51pm EST

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>> thank you for coming. sorry for the slight delay in timing there is relocation because of the size of the benny wanted to make sure anyone who went over to the library got over
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here but in the meantime they have to listen to me talk a little bit. soviets will do a quick straw poll. how many for jeb bush? be honest. it is okay. nobody is that brave. what about ted cruz? about one quarter of the audience. donald trump? [cheers and applause] okay then tell more candidates. marco rubio? f their number. scott walker?
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a big crowd. and i the amount of fantasy as an for donald trump. is odd in one sense but not in another he is by no measure a conservative if you look in his record historically to be a pathway to citizenship and has proposed a wealth tax if he has real estate holdings donald trump is not a conservative because they're the reason is one is good
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one is the other. because he has been smacked by the left so we immediately say you may be the greatest person who ever lived. that explains the of love for donald trump and continuing love for sarah palin. she says good things but there is that outside support because she was so unfair of the attack but i think everybody agrees with seven buddies says we are with the sarah because the media and hates her so much it is okay but not spectacular. the real reason is because he catches the moral narrative and the country right now if you watch scott walker i don't know how many actually watch the announcement today. a fair number of people, i watched the announcement it
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was very nice about his record and he broke the union san had a vision and a take on foreign policy. of very good stump speech they did it without notice 45 notice and actually had a linear structure and was the apparent but there was one problem. you can tell when you listen to hillary speech this morning. it is all about her economic plan she dropped one mind about scott walker what about rubio and one about bush. the line was interesting i believe the word she used
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was something like squash the unions stalled the union. then she suggested mean-spirited that was the whole appeal it was 40 minutes long and felucca of the use of skier policy proposals about continuing interest rates all this stuff nobody has cared about like the above their rule but the only thing that was designed to do to illicit a fierce response of the members of the left. this is what the entire left does. they say donald trump pates hispanics and latinos and he wants to hurt you. this is the confederate flag debate nobody cares and before that 100 years.
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news bulletin the south lost the civil war. [laughter] the fact this was of massive issue because what the left is attempting to do the guy shoots black people to save it is evil white people should not shoot black people everybody is unified the black -- the left says he cannot have that if they realized we go along with each other and we don't need the government to put this into submission and we don't go to the left so they have to find a way to divide people so they do that by specifically going out of their way to find causes they can play on other people. this is the attenuated logic
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that is ever said murdered a woman in san francisco and what donald trump did republican should instead of pretending he is not to important is recognize what trump does and he is so incredibly effective in his own way is he says there is a villain to the story we have to face down the villain there are bad guys and good guys by doing that he channels that anchor that everybody feels the we're not all well-meaning people there are people who want what is worse for the country. because he says that he generates ogata said that the the other republicans
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don't have to agree but what they should do is recognize the power of what he is doing and the narrative and pick up on that and use it to their advantage. now rehab ann coulter we will be ready to go. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> are you ready? i would like to bring ben back up. [applause] now let's bring of big orange county welcome to ann
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coulter. [applause] >> this is unusual i have read the book and can talk about it. >> i know people have their questions so we will jump right in. money start with the question my co-host asked the other week. >> i will try to strangle you like i strangled him. >> the title of your book. >> utterly and imaginative. and provocative yes you try to get people to read your book an interesting title
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works better i would say you have to let me come up with the title you are my favorite writer but basic economics? [laughter] >> reason i think people are reacting to the book is because we are in a catch 22 that the left refuses to talk about this topic and tell somebody says inflammatory than they will not stop yelling. >> it is very common. >> i think it is worse than a vast if it was just the american people against the democratic party we would win the bet was americans against the media we could win but it is the american people against the democrats , businesses, repub licans. just to get this topic of the immigration talked about
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, it is nearly impossible and people don't realize how much the media sets the agenda of what you even think about. we could go to a bar right now and ask people what is your position on ferguson or gay marriage or the your position on global warming? they have thought about it isn't i guess people in california have thought about it. [laughter] but it is interesting how much the media determines and to that is why although apparently i am so happy to see donald trump he has changed the agenda. we're talking about immigration they are lying but that is better than not talking about it all.
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>> jindal back trouble for president. >> i totally do. [applause] he has an advanced copy of my bookie obviously read it. [laughter] and he said that in a private meeting friday night he was very generous and said his sister said to have written more books than you have read they told of a crowd about the size that it would really help him. that i am the only officer who researches her own books and there were 120 pages of footnotes so please read the
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book. >> bad is the greatest threat ended is a hard sell that isis and russia or central policy why is immigration the greatest threat? >> i assume you're republicans or conservative democrats and it feels to have wave after wave of lost and to withdraw our troops iraq and that obama comes into give away our victory.
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[applause] none of this had to happen it is the results of the kennedy immigration act otherwise it is very different from the '70s immigrants. and the 20 year about your grandfather. that is what got up obama elected in the first place without the 1965 immigration act romney blood have one a bigger victory dash and reagan did against carter. probably some of you were as surprised as i was at 3:00 in the morning election night. we will say that a lot more. by copy would win that. what happened? how did we get obamacare? al franken was the 51st vote he cheated that is how he won but he would not have
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been within shouting distance except for the 100,000 somalis living in minnesota that was instructed to vote for al franken. we would not have a justice of the soda -- justice taken or justice sotomayor all of these did not have to have been. it is not even now i get the sense because they have gone too far and gay marriage i have to vote republican but there are about to be outvoted by other foreign voters the democrats have prodded and.
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fetishes the political aspect that i assume that this audience cares and warrior should care and this is what my book makes it shorter is 100 pages of footnotes. i cut 200 pages one month before we went to press with a gang rape or child rape your brigade in the peasant cultures. but that is not the only one but these are, behavior such as driving drunk the ways
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that the rich don't experience it oakland to knob hill they probably will not come to park avenue or newport beach. americans bear the cost of taxes, schools overburdened overburdened, school lunch programs, hospitals are going bankrupt. the ordinary americans paid accost it is african-americans and i as i have recently been instructed to stop say african-americans but american blacks. i am not talking about the guy whose father is a canyon. [laughter] american blacks. [applause] they, the socio-economic ladder getting a foothold in b.c. in the black teenage
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unemployment rate we have an obligation to our fellow americans and hispanic americans you were also competing for those low-wage jobs but the rich don't care they want a cheap labor they want you to pay for in the act like they are speaking for the maid. she will play for wages and raise. schaede decided to immigrate to america and not to honduras or pakistan. she wanted to live in america i want to live in america that is the of the peasant cultures to give the democrat'' the with the massive increase of income inequality.
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california which has the least? utah. the most monochromatic state? so liberals pretend in day care about it, and equality in the of working-class but here is an idea stop dumping low-wage workers of the country then it will raise that to the through the law of supply and demand just like the strike end new zealand. >> there is a lot there. [laughter] >> that is right david brooks are the only people that higher david brooks. and using textbooks the notes will be head to drive out of go. to talk about different cultures would be xenophobia. how to counter that?
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>> i suppose if you only talk about those who have no right i am not afraid of them. but they are wrecking the country for those of her already here. that racism question in the weight -- the reason they are sensitive because of the legacy of slavery and jim crow. that is why we have affirmative action set aside. to talk about integration. every teach the democrats not to do. but that is all about american blacks not someone who was never set foot in
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this country. it is kind of shocking as they used to stand at the border to denounce the illegal immigrants. it is chavezes calling them wetbacks. but today you can arrive from the sit-in yesterday. . .
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here and collect welfare in america and have a nice life here. but were not taking them all. at some point liberals are cutting them off too. they will cut them off as soon as every person they no, who went to college or at least one of the better colleges, has made an nanny and they have a pool boy or whatever, once those needs are taken care of, okay bangladesh, you're not coming in. how about we cut it off to help americans already here now. the people who live here now. [applause]. >> so when your book, you talk a lot about the demographics of winning in conservatives of them. you said if romney would've won one if it wasn't for the inundation of people of different nations who were brought in by the 65 act.
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michael will argue that we have to do comprehensive immigration reform, we have to be softer on the border, we should do all of this and find a pathway to citizenship because if we don't do this, the hispanic population of the united states, that's the fastest growing population, what do we do to win elections in 30 years? >> a couple of things, i don't know how we could be any softer on the border. perhaps we could fly them in directly from central america. oh, i'm sorry obama is doing that. we are flying them in so they don't have to go through that arduous journey through mexico, handing them a voters registration card. .2, it is the case right now that 71% 71% of hispanics had voted republican in the 2012 election, romney still would've lost. if 4% more whites would've voted
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for romney, he would've won. the point i make in my book is to california in 1994. the demographics of the entire country are about what they were in california in 1994 when pete wilson won a huge come from behind victory by tying himself with titanium cords to proposition 187 and anti- immigration measure. to go back to how mass immigration of low skilled workers, not popular with black americans, proposition 187 won a majority of blacks, whites, asians, 37% of hispanics, even people who 7% of hispanics, even people who were voting for the democrat were voting for proposition 187. pete wilson got 20% of the black vote that year. across across the country, the average among congressional republicans was only 8%. so there is your path to victory, republicans. then you have a a shot at then because .3, okay, then we are
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just fiddling on the titanic because hispanics don't care about amnesty. they are in. they are already in. of all the issues, we are not going to win the hispanics with this idea that there is some type of hispanic unity. something believed exclusively by white liberals. and the rnc, apparently. [laughter] talk to your maids once in a while. the dominicans hate the puerto ricans, the mexicans hate the blacks. there is no unity here. the reason they have been voting overwhelmingly for the democrats as they are poor and in need of services and the one-party state and they are used to block voting for a particular group. as i say the people's revolutionary party of mexico ruled mexico for 71 years. tell me what the symbol is. i have to go vote and i'll do it. the reason we have the poor
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people voting for democrats is because that's what they do. it's not just poor people. it's not just brown people. look at peers morgan if you want to see how immigrants would vote. any immigrant to america makes america look less free because we are the freest country in the world. it's like any immigrant mixes in with more immigrants and less white. when people move, look at vermont. it used to be republican vermont with a bunch of republicans who moved up there now they have bernie sanders as a senator. a lot of states have flipped when new yorkers have moved. maybe we should build a fence around new york. [laughter] but the point is, you always think and yes there are some
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immigrants who are coming and want to vote like an american. like i say in the book, who don't need 60 years of seeing what the democrats do. they understand right away and they start voting republicans right away. were glad to have you. that's about 20%% of them. most of them are bringing their status politics with them and they're going to get more benefits with the democrats. that's why they're voting for the democrats. not because were mean and have a border. >> one of the things you talked about at length's, and i was pretty fascinated about this was the complete lack of government statistics when it comes to illegal immigrant crime. you think that should be a very easy thing to look up and then in your book, as you detail, it's almost impossible to find any government statistics on the stuff. >> yes. this is one of the advantages of doing my own research with this book wasn't going to be a book about immigration. i have a great idea for a book, which by the way i still think it's a great idea for a book, and i have written a couple
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chapters. my immigration chapter, i go to look up basic obvious facts about how many immigrants are in prison. two weeks of of looking and i made fanatical researcher. the department of justice, the bureau of prisons who has to be pretty good on these things because they have to keep the different gangs up related, so they really need to know. they have reason to know p i look in the new york times to see if anybody has argued about this and everybody is what arguing about wild guesses with the government. they refused to tell us. every time i come across a government report you'll see what i mean. the truth is always the same, lies are lies in their own ways. you would have to start reading the report. i think hallelujah, here it is, a report titled immigrants in prison. then you start reading the report and every year since 1925, hispanics are counted as white. that's one report. one report. another report, the gao,
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congressional investigators had to ask the gao to count and tell us because the department of justice didn't have it. the bureau of prisons didn't have it. the gao has done a couple massive investigations but under close examination they are counting illegal and legal immigrants, which i think we should do in the federal prison but in the much larger state system, they are counting only illegal immigrants, only illegal immigrants from whom the states have requested reimbursement and only those that have committed at least one felony or two misdemeanors. we are not getting anchor babies. we are not getting the children with amnesty by ragan. no, i want to know. i think we have a right to know and i think the last few weeks, thank you donald trump, he's brought it into light. people are thinking, how many are there. incidentally i spend the weekend and a lot of money looking up
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these reports. i don't know if you know, i'm sure you've seen some of this, liberals keep asserting on tv that immigrants show they commit less crime and i don't think that's true but i don't know how they are lying. i want to know but i need the reports. new york city has a lot of immigrants and i don't see a lot of crime here. that's not a study. that's not science. that's retarded. [laughter] geraldo was making that argument argument with me and he's not a stupid man so the facts must not be very good. i tried looking for the studies and sometimes you can getuiy$รง a
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reference of a name of the researcher. i tried to see where are the studies and can i see what they're saying. you will get a professor from such and such university that says i just did a study and it turns out first generation immigrants create less crime. >> there hid behind all these different walls. first i wasted two hours thinking come on, you will make me pay $50 for this crap study, but yes, i have to keep paying $50 to skim down and find out what the lie is which i will tell you all about in my column this week, they are not looking at americans. they are looking at criminal americans. they have different ways of doing it. this one guys being quoted and says my study showed first generation immigrants far less crime than nativeborn americans. then you see what he looked at and he looked at the project tree as he says, so the big
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population were juvenile offenders. how did somebody already been convicted of a crime, which he admits, my bass study began with 45% black, 33% hispanic and 15% white. that's not a cross-section of america. that's a cross-section of our criminal population. the other ones will pick a city at random and look at the nativeborn americans versus immigrants. let's take detroit. [laughter] what? wait, i'm sorry, sorry, do you think i'm not going to point out that the black underclass has a very high crime rate? because i'm going to pointed out. i'm thinking we want immigrants to have, do not just beat the black crime rate, i want them
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beating the norwegian crime rate. why should any, i'm skipping past all these to get to the point. why are any criminals coming in? we have our own criminals. we don't need more. [applause]. because again, the topic discusses any topic of immigration and it's a government policy like any other and should be used to benefit the people here. if you are bringing in one child molester, one drunk driver, someone who needs english lessons, that's not helping the people who are ready here. they talk about the hard-working ones who don't commit crimes in their working so hard and supporting their family and spending half of their 8-dollar per hour salary home and that's fantastic. the very admirable. how does it help america? it doesn't. they are using schools and services in hospitals and
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medical services and housing aid in their sending, immigrants both legal and illegal are sending $20 billion back to mexico each year. that's funding carlos slim who makes money off immigration to the united states. $20 billion and that's a cost of immigration you will never be told about. it's being sucked out of the american economy that will never be used by an american product, hire an american worker, purchase an american house. or tip an american busboy. that is just being sucked out of the american economy. we auto just tax america. that's why they can take those
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low wage jobs who lives in an apartment with five other people. they then by mexican products and it goes into mexico's pocket. can we just write a check to them? for people. >> for people who don't no, can you tell the story about american immigration because you referenced it earlier. obviously for me, as a jew, that means my great-grandparents got here in 1907, i believe, and so the easy thing is to buy into illegal immigration bad, illegal immigration good because my grandparents came legally. why is that no longer the case? why does even legal immigration need to be curtailed. >> your people are great other than the way they vote. have a lot of brains, really
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bring a lot to the country. it used to be as ben and i'm sure his grandparents are a example, pre-1970, immigrants were better than us and we want immigrants way better than us. immigrants pre-1970 were more educated, bought more houses, had more money, and 30% of them went home. just take that fact alone. 30% 30% of them couldn't make it and went home. we looked out across the world and skimmed the cream from the rest of the world. but unfortunately the 1965 act came the site same time as the great society act where america was transformed into a massive welfare state. that is obviously going to change the sort of immigrant you are getting and it did that through a series of complicated rules to bring people from
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cultures as different as ours as possible and as poor as possible because the vote for the rich and vote democrat. nobody goes home. go home and go on welfare. and they are voting 8 - 2 for democrats. so what we do about the h1 b visas? can you explain the problem with that process and why that needs to be curtailed? >> yes, yes, a lot of republicans get stuck on this issue so i won't attack ted cruz for her it because so many people, i keep having, i have to have a shot caller for sean hannity and a few other people because they keep talking about illegal immigration. other than the first chapter of my book where i talk about
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amnesty, the rest of my book doesn't distinguish the immigrants here in fresno and in other places engaging in human smuggling, credit card theft,. they are all illegal immigrants. the smalley's going back to fight with isys, they're all legal. were talking about the legal immigrants in the h1 b visas are the ones they have a soft spot for because we are lied to about all, there is just such a high iq and gigantic brain didn't the only time i mention iq in my book is to quote the ones who want the cheap labor. oh they have such high iqs. it's astonishing. no, they are being used in the
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worst cases to bring in concubines who bought 12-year-old girls from their parents for and brought them in on h1 b visas. one died. this happened, maybe in 2001 or 2002. 2002. i follow the news very closely. when i came across this, i called my friends, many of whom also follow the news closely and said hey did you hear about this case in san francisco? the indian immigrant ringing in 12-year-old girls he had bought from their parents for sex. he then brought in busboys and he had a lot of restaurants in real estate properties. that was not broken by "the san francisco chronicle". the police and media brushed it under the rug. it was broken by a high school
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journalism class. they had not yet attended columbia journalism school and did not know that it was not the thing to do to report facts that are unpleasant about immigrants. so they're bringing in people under the h1 b b visas. so that's one category. even those coming in doing programming work. they're not the stars. they're doing standard programming work. unfortunately, americans could do the same work but they want to be paid. the way the h1 b visa works is it is tied to a a particular employer. if you come into work for mark at zuckerberg and paypal gives you a better offer, you can't leave without risking your visa. you are tied to a particular employer. it's what's known in the law as
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something that was abolished 100 years ago but now this is bringing it back. we keep telling college students that you need to major in a stem field. the stem graduates, americans stem graduates, half of them are not employed in stem fields and their salaries haven't gone up for a decade now, why, because bill gates and mark zuckerberg are bringing in the computer programmers who just type away in their cubbies for 12 hours, collapse, go home and go to sleep. it is just a just a scam for the rich. >> there could be arguments on the free-trade side. if you don't bring immigrants, they just relocate and outsource to call centers. what is the counter to the free-trade argument. i understand you're worried about american wages but they could just leave and relocate in
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hong kong and hire everybody there for cheap wages. >> they could, i don't think they would. we will see. the reason i even knew to look, because i kept reading about these wages was indians becoming the stars of silicon valley. one thing they have a problem with his self-esteem. the reason i even knew to look was because one of my friends runs a company and was thinking of relocating his call centers is probably many of you have discovered, to india. he was the one who told me that india has a very flat bell curve and that's why i looked up, what is the average indian iq. we buy a large meet the smart ones. this is just more low-wage work for the poor. as for the trade issue particularly, i think you might want to get them here and it's
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not worth the trouble of having them over there. to the extent that happens, i don't know. >> that's another issue. summary else can deal with that. i know americans aren't getting the job. i don't have a strong position on free-trade. that's never never been my thing. i think it's become, i'm suspicious because the same people that were so obsessed -- who have been lying to me for 20 years about immigration, who say we need these trade deals like nasa. i never really thought they were making sure mark zuckerberg makes more money. >> with regard to the media, you've referenced it a few times, what are one of the criticisms you've gotten is that it's hard to find statistics because they don't exist. i did some research that happened in the shooting in san
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francisco. i wanted you to talk a little bit about how the media treats these stories when they originally see them because it's amazing. >> oh yes. what's interesting about the san francisco case that we did find out by hook or crook, it was mentioned in the articles about a texas man, it generally was at least mention that he had already been deported four times. in my research, i only found two other cases, or two cases, and now this one, where we found out very early on that the illegal immigrant who killed an american was an illegal immigrant. the headline may still say a texas man. the other one was the porky's director who was driving in pacific palisades with his 22-year-old son and a drunk illegal aliens swerved into his lane and smashed him and killed him and his son. immediately, the immigrant and
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his passenger refined. the new york time was saying the same thing, it was an illegal immigrant. >> why would this, maybe it was because they considered porky's such a horrible movie that it doesn't seem that bad. the other one that happened a year earlier, it was an actress in the west village apartment, adrian shelley and she was murdered by an illegal alien and as soon as he was arrested, we all knew. the only thing that separates those cases from most the case as i write about is that they all happen in places where liberals might be. so i i go back to my point, the rich are perfectly willing to pay the cost of bringing in peasant cultures. that's because they don't pay the cost. they move their mates out to the suburbs and they come in to
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clean the house. then they go back to fill up your schools and hospitals and rape your kids. >> and your book, one of the big issues you take on aside from the media bias is the cyclist business of the gop on this issue. why do you think they are pathologically impossible to take on this issue? >> i used to think it was cowardice and now i think it is peers to pitted he. pierce to pity the [applause]. they could be so many things. the anecdotal examples are to prove the point. chapter seven is where you will see it was written through tears of frustration and rage. you go looking for basic crime facts. i think i do have some pretty good facts that aren't anecdotal. the u.s. marshals most wanted
10:26 pm
list, take a look at that one. new york state prisons, they used to count but prisons really do have to know. they may not publish it, but they do have to know the different ethnic groups because they get into huge gang brawls in the prisons. so i have a list of where people are from from the new york prison. i think that's pretty devastating. the main way i use the anecdotes isn't to prove the point, it's to attack the media. it's just mind-boggling how they hide, i have these sprinkled throughout the books book. i'll give you the mainstream media article in my comments throughout in your completely convinced that some farmboy up in fresno who has weighing raped these little 14-year-old girls and only when you read the court transcripts three years later, oh my gosh, that story was never
10:27 pm
mentioned in the new york times. how much ink has the new york time spent on rape that didn't happen by the duke lacrosse team. how much ink was wasted on ferguson where big mike did not put up his hands and say don't shoot, but actual cases of heinous gang rapes, child rapes and others going on in communities and the media won't tell us about this. the mexican gain rape cases one of the hideous stories i've ever read. i called my friends who follow not only the news and they did not know about this case. it started in the clinton administration and bush administration and it was a gang
10:28 pm
rape of two little girls in texas and the case went on for about a decade. never, never was illegal immigrant, immigrants or mexican mentioned in relation to the main gang rapist and this is one of the largest death penalty cases in texas for about a a half century. it was a pretty big case. there was one article in the new york times but never did our media mention mexican immigrant or illegal immigrant from mexico until they use the fact that they tried to spring him from the death penalty. that was the first time, ten years later. the full description was in a texas case. that's i can describe one of the most brutal gang rate i've ever read about.
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it's to prove that our media is shockingly corrupt in lying to you and you have to demand immigration information and forever going to get it back to stupidity, the fact that trump has struck such accord, do any of them have eyes? don't they want to win? this is apparently a popular topic. i was in ontario last week and they were nice like you. some of you might be cruise supporters. walker announced today. any of you rubio supporters, supporters, will have a little chat about that, i mentioned during the question-and-answer, question and answer, i discussed my fondness of donald trump and they were so happy.
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it was 100% for trump. i can't say i believe he's going to be the nominee and for those of you who follow my work, you know i am constantly saying republicans don't get distracted by someone who has not been in government, he's not gonna be the nominee. i don't know about trump. if they don't pick up on this, it's just wide open. you know my secret, my secret plan and this comes out in the last chapter of my book, the one guy with the twenty-year fantastic record on immigration is mitt romney. i was very disappointed when he criticized donald trump. my new hero. [laughter] >> when romney comes in on the hank hang glider -- >> i'm thinking people will see that debate and they'll think oh
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man, romney was the best we ever had. if it is jeb bush or rubio, i'm not saying this in an angry or threatening way, you would have to vote for rubio or rather for hillary. they are so objective, their sole objective is to open the border and pass amnesty. at least with hillary she wants to socialize any other industries that haven't been socialized she wants to lose wars for us abroad peerage she wants to take your children away and make abortion mandatory. gay marriage mandatory perhaps. there are a lot of items on her agenda where job and rubio single-mindedly focused on opening the border and passing amnesty. if trump is in the nominee, if it's rubio, i hope he does run as a third party candidates like and make it clear what my vote is about.
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>> in 2014 a lot of people voted about this topic. this was the deciding topic and i heard a very prominent member assure an entire room that that topic was not even an issue in the 2014 election. the question is, what should republicans have in what should they do and let's say god for bid hillary clinton wins or someone else on the republican side who doesn't care about this issue, but there are people in congress, what should they do right now? >> well they shouldn't fund the amnesty plant. there's that. but first of all, let's just quickly take the point of what was the 2014 election about? tom cotton eat a popular sitting democrat senator by running against him on obama's executive
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amnesty. in nebraska he took out a field of candidates that were very popular with the wall street journal, businessmen who think that amnesty is a fine idea. of course there was the famous election in virginia where he took out a member of the leadership of congress. i would also throw in scott brown in massachusetts, whom if we were ranking races by level of difficulty, difficulty, the rest of them are doing somersaults compared to this guy who has to do a triple layover and flip off the shallow end of the pool. it was scott brown who did incredibly well by raising the amnesty issue. it is popular with voters but not with people who control the media.
10:34 pm
when the defunding of obama's executive amnesty came up, the democrats did philip filibuster for three weeks. there was just no media attention to it though. now they've betrayed us on trade. my objective in to the trade deal is that it's a backdoor amnesty. it allows the free movement of goods and people so company can say i need so many low-wage workers coming in to take these jobs. republicans have a winning issue here. they just need to talk about it. look, there are a lot of bad republicans, there are no good democrats, there are a fair number of republicans in both the house and senate who are fantastic on amnesty. we need to push them and elevate them and people need to be more like them.
10:35 pm
i also think we should take out one, this is what we voters can do, they should stop being stupid. i think we only need to take out one of these guys, may be john boehner. just one of them. [applause]. again as you know if you follow my work i encourage you to vote for the republican and not the tea party candidate. a lot of these tea party candidates, i'm not even sure i believe half of them but they're not that good, they haven't run for anything before. we need to find a a place where there is a good candidate to channel and a bad republican. we hang one to encourage the others. [laughter] >> so now i'm going to ask you
10:36 pm
to apocalyptic question which is what happens if we can't actually do anything? to feel like on every front, the president of of the united states is doing whatever the hell he wants. i beastly the supreme court does not care about the rule of law. they are doing whatever they want. congress is willing to advocate whatever authority it has peered what do citizens do and how fast will this turn ugly question that. >> that's a good question. i don't thing it will turn any uglier than it is. i just feel like most americans are hunkered down hoping it will go away, but it won't go away. the winning path to follow is pete wilson in 1994. look, it's look, it's americans who have shut down three amnesties in the last decade. it wasn't because some major network or newspaper was
10:37 pm
alerting you to it. the american people somehow, find out that all my gosh, they are doing it again. they are trying to past amnesty and three times they shut down the congressional switchboard. you may have to shut down your newspaper switchboards or your tv switchboards and make it clear that this is what we want to hear about because this is all that matters. even to the democrats, i'm assuming this is a republican audience, but it feels like it's the end of the republican party nationally. we might have a few in idaho and other areas, but the whole country will be california without the beautiful beaches, attractive people. you'll all be the kardashians. it will be awful. even if you are a democrat, this is going to change our country
10:38 pm
in such a fundamental way. we will be like brazil and it will just happen slowly and you wake up one day after election after election. that's funny i thought we are going to win that one. we won't even be as good as mexico because they have the advantage of living next to the most wealthy country in the world and we will be brazil what the wealthy ten or 20% and a very poor, 80 or 90%. it's heartbreaking. it's not only the freest country that's ever existed, but what always set america apart and california particularly with our enormous prosperous middle class. enormous. i always think that's why my theory of why the ugly american image developed in europe because most of the europeans, most the people you meet from
10:39 pm
foreign countries will fly across an ocean to come to america. everybody used to travel to europe. not now, they're all worried about paying rent. holding onto your job and paying for all of those special english translators at the school, paying to support your hospital from going bankrupt. this is just so crushing to the middle class, but it's good for mark zuckerberg. it's good for the rich. it's good for the rich farmers. >> here we are california which is the bottom of the hill as you mention. what are they supposed to do? you get this question a lot because we just, for the first time, past -- we are a minority white state and i believe my kids can now apply for affirmative action for the first time. >> i don't pick it's going work that way. >> it's unfortunate.
10:40 pm
, so aside from using this as a warning from others what should we do?? >> that's a good question. wow. >> this is not an encouraging pause. >> i'm thinking. yeah i think you're just a warning for others. i don't see anything else that can be done. i suppose, obviously, alert the rest of us while there is still time. also, i wonder, my prescription for the country, triple layer fence. i wanted to be difficult to get
10:41 pm
into the united states as it used to be to get out of east germany. i'm so sick of hearing that senses don't work. there like shoelaces. they just don't work. what? what you talking about? of course they do. while they can come untied, you know the human spirit. [laughter] my long term plan which would be fantastic for israel would be to move them to the northern portion of mexico. i have a chapter of why can't we have israel's policy on immigration. that's a country that knows how to defend its borders. that would be good for them and good for us and fantastic for us. they would have us, their biggest, best buddy in the whole world right next to them on one side. we have to get rid of the anchor baby policy. i think we need to repeal, i want it retroactive it. in the news, the el chapo
10:42 pm
leader, he's married to an anchor baby who a couple of years ago flew back to california to give birth to her own to anchor babies, at your expense. so so she gave birth and flew right back to join el chapo who replaced osama bin laden on the fbi's most wanted list, and, how did he escape from prison? well in mexico the cartels do own the prison. forget california. that's your future america. as i describe in my book, the the anchor baby policy was a footnote in a justice prison opinion in 1982. this does not go back to the reconstruction amendments. the 14th amendment was about one thing utterly insulting to black americans. the 14th amendment, why would that pass? so someday they could usher
10:43 pm
cross women who were eight 1/2 months pregnant and drop a baby in ceja, you didn't catch me now i'm an american citizen. no we don't put secret trapdoors in a country. to get an amendment passed you need a mass feeling about a big thing. we had just passed a major amendment. the 14th amendment is absolutely, exclusively about black americans. by the way it's not about gay marriage either. here we are talking about people who have never step foot on american soil who are playing a game of red rover with our border control for the most precious thing in our country. citizenship. that is not how you get american citizenship.
10:44 pm
but in 1982 he slipped it into a footnote. it is outrageous, and fraudulent the judge is not a friend of social conservative. this isn't me speaking. a few years ago, i caught him in the book, he concurred in an immigration opinion for the sole purpose of adding a concurrence that said congress, would you and this anchor baby policy. it's not in the constitution. pass a lot tomorrow and end it. this would save california. , i want it retroactive. [applause]. what if we had a mentally delusional supreme court
10:45 pm
justice, not that hard to imagine, who says you know, all of the world is a citizen of america. are we going to honor that? because that's what happened with the anchor baby policy. >> make sure kennedy takes his drugs this morning. >> yes, so anchor baby policy, the wall, oh yeah the moratorium. we need and immigration moratorium. this isn't just about latin america. it's not just about mexico. i don't want european immigrants coming. i don't want anybody coming. no marriage, no refugees, no ascites. just just shut it down for ten years and you'll see, let's go back to pre-1970 rules and tried
10:46 pm
again. as i say people are better than us rather than people who are worse than us. that won't work because we have all these non- profits. we have hundreds of these migrant right groups and open society institutes. we have hundreds of these. a have a paragraph that goes on for a few page with just a some of them and those are the ones who have become the immigration judges and work at the inf. until they are all out of business and vacationing in cuba and fighting with the tupac, rue in peru, until they are gone, america can't be safe. we need to shut down immigration for a decade. dust off the books and assimilate those already here. then we can start it up again, totally cheap and i could do it all before breakfast. just send me the photos.
10:47 pm
i would be right 99% of the time. i would be better than what were doing now 100% of the time. >> she is our 11 times new york times bestseller. thank you so much. >> thank you. [applause]. [applause]. >> this holiday weekend, book tv brings you three days of nonfiction books and authors. on friday back to back airings of "after words". at 7:00 p.m. eastern, arthur brooks discusses his latest book the conservative heart, how to build a fairer happier america. >> the biggest mistake that we make on this conservative side, that we make a a lot is the one that should be the easiest amounts to get happy. >> at 8:00 p.m. cornell west examines the life of martin luther king junior. >> he understood that for any
10:48 pm
human being who wants to reach a level of integrity, honesty and decency as a long-distance runner, you have to kill something inside yourself. fear. you have to kill something inside yourself, your obsession with position and status and wealth. >> author of the relevance of religion, how faithful people can change politics. >> religion beyond ourselves. for faithful people, the me, the what's in it for me, the me is not central. >> then at ten pm, claire, claire mccaskill talks about her book, "plenty ladylike", a a memoir about her time in state and local government. >> i don't thing we do anyone any favors by trying to dress up politicians as if we are not
10:49 pm
real human beings who have not made major mistakes or have major problems in our life. >> saturday night at seven, the run for new york city mayor 1965. then winston groom discusses his latest book about world war ii. >> one of the first questions i'm usually asked when i do a tv or radio show is why did you choose these three men from the second world war?? the answer is they embodied, what i believed was characteristics of courage, character and patriotism. >> on sunday night at 8:00 p.m., and author looks back at the turning point of history in 1932. the rise of hitler and fdr. then the influence machine book
10:50 pm
is discuss. >> there is a reason i chose the chamber of commerce for a subject of my book. it's because the organization really sums up the story of how we got here to this place. >> this holiday weekend, watch tv on c-span2. >> book tv is on facebook. like us to get publishing news, scheduling updates, behind-the-scenes pictures and videos, author information and to talk directly with authors during our life program. >> next on book tv in prime time, the washington washington bureau chief of urban radio, april ryan, moderating a discussion of race in the media. we will hear from paul butler, author of will get free and the author of can you hear me now. also from joe and


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