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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 23, 2015 11:27am-1:28pm EST

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yeah, thanks for coming. furs in the nation. thank you, thanks for your question. thank you. thank you daniel. >> c-span takes you on the road to the white house. best access to the candidates, and town hall meet, speakers, rally, and meet and greets, we're taking your comments on twitter, facebook, and by phone. and always every campaign event we cover is available on our website, >> this holiday week we've been showing you encore of our q and a program today columnist molly grabapple talks about her palestinian conflict and guantanamo bay detention center as well as videos she's made the
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on immigration detention centers. that starts at 7 p.m. eastern today here on c-span 2. and join us tonight for booktv and prime time our, the supreme court. we'll start at 8 eastern with author melvin and his book desent an the supreme court its role in the court's history in the nation's constitutional dialogue. an hour later it is aaron carmen and shawna and their book "notorious rbg" and then a conversation with linda hirsch man about sisters in how they went to the supreme court and changed the world. and at 11 p.m. supreme court associate justice stephen breyer talks about his bock the court in the world, american law, and the new global realities. three days of featured programming this holiday weekend on c-span. friday evening at 7 eastern,
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congressional republican leaders honoring former vice president dick cheney at the capitol with the unveiling of a marble bust in the emancipation hall. >> when a vice president had critics going off the deep end as they often did, he asked lynn, his wife, does it bug you when people refer to me as a darth vader? and she said no it humanizes you. [laughter] >> saturday night at ul 8:30 eastern in-depth look at policing in minority communities. speakers include former st. louis police officer redd hudson atlantics coats, an washington, d.c. police chief kathy lane rks r. >> most get defensive if they feel you're being offensive so you know being respectful and request if it is not a crisis, if it's not a dangerous situations request versus demands those things change the
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dynamics a little bit. sunday afternoon at 2 race in the criminal justice system with white house senior advisor valerie jared and others at 6:30 portions of this year's washington idea' festival speakers include virginia senator mark warner former vice president al gore and author ann marie slaughter. >> we have to banish the word he's helping at home. helping is not actually taking the burden off you. you are still figuring out what needs to be done, and you are asking him to help. he's not the agent. right he's the assistant. and if we're going to get to where we need to go men need to be lead parents or fully equal coparents. >> for a complete scmg go to united nations city council voted unanimously last thursday to adopt a resolution on combating the financing of terrorist groups.
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u.s. treasury secretary jack lew shared u.n. meeting with finance ministers and other senior officials they spoke following the vote, this is two hours and 20 minutes. >> tell me when i'm ready -- the 7,585th meeting of the city council is called to order. the provisional agenda for this meeting is threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts. without objection, the agenda is adopted. i'd look to warmly welcome the distinguished secretary general, minister and other
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representatives here present at the chamber. your presence today really underscores the importance of the subject that we've gathered here to discuss. in accordance with rule 37 of the counsel's provisional rules of procedure, i invite the representatives of albania australia, austria, belarus belgium, bulgaria, canada, costa rica, croatia, cyprus, czech republic, denmark, jipght, finland, germany, greece, hungary, iceland, iraq, ireland, israel, italy, japan, kazakhstan, latvia, lebanon, luxembourg, morocco, netherlands, nicaragua, norway,
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philippines, poland, portugal, romania, saudi arabia, senegal serbia, sweden, switzerland, syrian and republic, former yugoslavia republic and turkey to participate in this meeting. it is so decided in accordance of the provisional rules of proceed or your i now invited mr. president of the financial action task force to participate in this meeting. it's so decided. security counsel will now begin its consideration of item two on the agenda, and i am pleased to give the floor to the secretary general, excellency mr. ban ki-moon. >> thank you, i'm mr. president
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of excellency mr. ban ki-moon secretary of the united states of ministers, excellences president of the financial action task force atf thank you gentleman. mr. president let me thank you by thank hadding the government of the united states of the leadership in convening this historic meeting of ministers. i salute your decision to focus on encountering the financing of terrorism. as other terrorist groups disseminate hate for propaganda, and murderous attacks, we must join forces to prevent them from deploying resources to the further. we know the challenges that are before us.
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the terrorist take advantage in financial an regulate begins to raise funds. they circumvent to have detection and exploit technology and to refer resources they have links with the criminals. and they abuse to take individuals. they are adjoined and are attaining resources for their hain use acts to the earth we have made progress in identifying limiting efforts of terrorist financing in many cases, developing to prevent flow of fund to terrorists. you must seek resolutions to
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express the communities determination to tackle the financing. more and more states continue to sign and rectify the convention under suppression was financing of trismg. more and more countries have developed legislation to criminalize, challenge financing and build and strengthen regulatory systems to countinger funding to terrorists. for guidance of the financial task force has expended to include the spectrum of efforts to fund terrorism. still, more needs to be done. terrorists diversify funding sources, today multimillion dollar economy in territories under this control.
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terrorists razz raise money for the extortion undetected for ransom, of u human and arms, and racketeering. to sell property shamelessly profiting from the destruction of humanity's common heritage. social media outreach is not just for radicalization and recruiting. but also for fundraising. of the terrorist organization around the world add to the taliban of following suit. they employ elusive tricks to raise and transfer funds covering their tracks and leaving little evidence for government and the private sector to identify tentative
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resources or to follow the funding. mr. president, distinguished members of the counsel, ladies and gentlemen, just as terrorist groups are innovating and diversifying the intelligent community must stay ahead of the curve to combat money landering and financing of terrorism. doing so will not be easy. many states have yet to establish the necessary legal regimes, institutions, and expertise to identify and terrorist financing in assets. implementation of the resolution remains weak in many parts of the world. the private sector and civil society are often left to our side, the circle of consensus and trust becoming a potential
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weak link. in some cases, from missing publication, and has resulted in violations of due process incontinence with communities for effectively to address the problem. today particularly counts as resolution will help intensify our airport, identify ables and advance and more efficient regimes with the regard for human rights. for instance, i would suggest at least five other ayes of focus. first, we should increase international corporation and share information and expertise especially in something illegal transform, and trade of
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artifact. to have resources to strengthen their systems international communities should offer a effective capacity building. second, expend u.n. programming on countering the financing of terrorism which had currently includes the u.n.'s counterterrorism implementation task forces walking group on this subject. that body coordinates activity of entities in this area such as the 2067 -- [inaudible] u.n. counterterrorism center now will focus on programming encountering finest of terrorism. we should walk closely with the private success invest in
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credible and manageable regulatory systems to block terrorist tundz. fourth, i intend to lead as test from the counsel strategic discussions on the u.n. on grfty of the threat including on sources of financing of these groups and report back to you within 45 days or regions. and could by terrorists to tack special measures to ensure that we do not harm migrants or refugees and their communities of origin opinion last year, developing countries have received over 400 billion from migrants living abroad that is more than three timings global
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official developments persistence. sent home by workers u out of lifeline. the average for the family, for example, receive 60% of the income from onboard. the settlement includes to make the faster cheaper and safer while tullly recognizing measures to combat financing of terrorism. let us stop to not undermine the achievement of these sustainable goals. mr. president members of counsel, ministers, ladies and gentlemen, i read resolution and unpresented, i urge kunl to
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implement forts today with a conquered action to ensure that today's meeting shuts down for terrorist groups, presents our text and thank you plpght. i thank secretary general of the remarks and strong support of the resolution and i give the floor to mr. jay ushon. >> thank you president. secretary of ban ki-moon and to your finest ministers thank you very much for this proceeding opportunity to address you and to high lite the importance of countries taking connection to implement the centers to calm finance terrorism and defeat i.c.e. isil.
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isil operates as a state and provides all the of the services a state is expected to provide. therefore, more money than had other terrorist groups. money is is biggest vulnerability it must be ath center of the any successful strategy to defeat isil disrupting significances of isil damages its ability to recruit fighters. isil nodes a financial system to move money and pay for supply. isil misuses territory and money and needs to fiscally move larger quantity of concern and financial intelligence can reveal the structure of terrorist groups the activities of orangal terrorist. so --
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how does atf help and achieve? atf has put in place a global framework of centers to combat the financing of terrorism based on you and security counsel resolution. all must have committed to implement atf centers and are dealing by their peers. we name those to take action. this one is riskers and the investment. so far atf has put 8 jurisdiction through this process and identify the 58 of them. of these 58, 43 have since made the lesser reforms. our aim is to protect the integrity of the financial system. to make assure there are no --
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no safe haven for terrorist financing. in the lastsix months atf has reviewed implementation of measures in 196 jurisdiction. one must all have criminalize terrorist financing and can apply targeted financial sanctions. in the last two months alone half those will be found serious problem have laws to address them. but this is not enough. only 33 jurisdictions have a secured convictions for terrorist financing. and just dictions implement too slowly with delays of two days and one month. all jurisdictions must u now focus on effective
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implementation of the atf centers, and not just past blows and regulations. the value of these measures is clear. when saturday atf convened on operation of experts intelligence units, law enforcement, and security intelligence agencies, they've claimed how financial intelligence from the private secker to has helped track down terrorists behind behind the ret attacks and protected order. we have heard of cases where terrorist financing has undermined terrorist groups ability to prepare. when someday atf members the u.n., imf and others came together from the recent attacks. we have focused on members
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operation, capabilities to counterterrorist financing. our most important conclusion is that there's a need for better more timely information sharing between agencies leading just diction, beating to private sector in the next six weeks we will gather information from atf members on the terrorist financing risk they fashion, passing and challenges of financial intelligence and how they are responding to those challenges. this will help us walk together to overcome and formation sharing. we know for example that the protection laws mean that one of our source of intelligence, often prevented from sharing
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information across borders within their own organization left alone with each other or with the authorities. we also identify and share red indicators of terrorist finances to detect and report suspicious activities. the atf has worked and crews working with the united nations, and we updated our centers to reflect security counsel resolution when reporting terrorists to fighters. we have a strong mandate from the security counsel today we will take full direction to strengthen these measures throughout theç atftt global network,ç and we will continueo have more effective implementation of target sanctions.
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these will sport from the u.n. have put pressure on measures to implement the atf centers effectively. finally, the atf is a task force with a mandate this focus is our walk and can make us responsive and flexible. but it also means we depend on the good will and support of members to implement and assess atf centers and to share as finance ministers. i need strong support to carry on our walk so i will end by thanking security counsel members and all of our members for their help with our essential walk. thank you president. >> thank you mr. shin for your briefing and works that the task force does to bring the world together to fight the --
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this problem and hopefully this meeting and this resolution will help enhappens the effectiveness of our efforts. the counsel is ready to proceed to the vote on the draft resolution before it. members of the counsel have before them the document s20972. the text that a draft resolution submitted by albania, arkansas a min ya, austria, belarus, bell gym, bosnia, bulger ya, canada, chile, costa rica, croatia, cyprus, czech republic, denmark, jipght finland, france, germany, greece, hungary, iceland, iraq, ireland. israel, italy, japan, jordan, kaz uk stand, latvia.
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lithuania, luxembourg, malaysia, morocco netherlands, new zee land. norway, philippines, poland, portugal, gutter, romania, russia federation, saudi arabia, senegal, serbia, spain, sweden, switzerland, syrian arab republic, former macedonia, tunisia, united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland. united states of america, and public of venezuela. i will put the draft resolution to the vote now. will those in favor of the draft resolution contained in document
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s215972 please raise their hand. the rut of the voting surface, the draft resolution received 15 votes in favor. the draft resolution has been adopted unanimously as resolution 2253 of 2015. i'd now like to make a statement in my capacity as secretary of the treasury of the united states. good afternoon, we come together to consequential time in a historic setting, never before have finance ministers convened by a national security meeting. this unprecedented session underscores combating finance of terrorism, international communities dedication to
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destroying isil, and critical role of finance ministries in broader international financial community in this fight. i want to thank the excellency secretary of general bank moon for his leadership, and the u.n.'s commitment through its important effort. presidents shin of the financial action task force for traveling all of this way, and for all doing to counter terror threats and to organize this session and complete the u.n. counsel resolution adopted today with that will help us protect the national financial system for abuse and exploitation by terrorists. i'd like to thank each of you for coming here to signal our collective resolve and so many of you i thank you for being here to this meeting i want to reaffirm commitment of the united states to cut isil off from economic resources and
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international financial system and to work with the international community to use the measures in today's resolution and tools we've honed over o the past 14 years to make the world safer from isil and other deadly terrorist groups. after the september 11th attack, the united states in and international had partners vowed to counterterrorism with every tool at our disposal early on we recognize the terror networks depriving them of funds we need to recruit, train, travel, equip, attack, and murder. since that time, we've greatly strengthened transparency of the financial system and developed tools to track and disrupt terror funding streams. the impact is real. regulators and financial institutions luke are far more sophisticated to threats terror financing made it harder for
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terror groups like hezbollah to move fund. our financial system is more transparent and resilient as a result. we've uncovered and cut yawft channel after channel had support to al qaeda, leading branches hungry for funding less capable of plotting and carrying out attacks. we have improved ability to deploy tools in effective and sophisticated ways against other elicit threats most notably in our multilateral effort to bring iran to the negotiating table over o the nuclear program. but we've a little seen the terror threat evolve in dangerous way. different tack tucks like loan wolf attacks or shootings examples we've seen on american soil, and new group emerged emeh inno elevative messaging, recruiting and financing strategies. isil is the most dangerous manifestation of this new threat.
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i.c.e. o ill terrorized people with attacks in paris and elsewhere killed and wounded people for many nations and religions. our governments in coordination with the u.n. and other multilateral organizations have been encountering ice ill for some time but we know there's more we need to together to degd and destroy this brutal force of terror. since 2014, the united states has been working to destroy isil by president obama made clear again last week drawing upon every aspect of american power. a critical part of the u.s. goal of strategy is use of countertools to stop by isolating its financially and comukly. as many of you know, isil is a challenging financial target. unlike other terror groups isil derivers a small share of its funding from donors abroad. instead isil generatings wealth from economic afnght and
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resources within territory under its control. and isil's financing evolved since ceasing opportunity and losing bank to leveraging more renewable e revenue stream. so far isil reaped 12eu789ed 500 million from black market oil and millions more from people that brutalizes and extorts. at the same time, i.c.e. el has financial vulnerabilities, and u.s. approach has evolved to attack these vulnerables, new methods are now targets. renewable streams of flk to fighters for local population. in order to sustain its oil infrastructure, and military efforts, isil needs access to the international financial system. those dependencies present opportunities for attack. to cut off isil resources and
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punting streams oil o and united states military has been working with coalition partners to attack icel refinery, oil and tanker truckings over the past month nearly 400 of isil tanker trucks have been destroyed. while these attacks are having a real and growing impact, united states and international community must also work with countries bordering iraq and syria to enhance border security to help stop it lis sit cross board ire flows. to sever isil from international financial system, the united states is working with its partners to actively target isil's key financial facilitate sanctioning financeiers to deny access to the iraqi financial system. and in clap race with law enforcement and foreign partners u.s. officials who have worked with financial institutions as they refine their ability to
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detect activity associated with isil supporters. while we're making progress to financially isolate isil if we were to succeed we must intensify efforts on our own and together at an international level. today, we adopted a new u.n. security resolution that builds on previous measures and strengthens our existing tools. that commands focus of u.n. city council 1267 al qaeda sanctions to specifically emphasize isil making association growngdz for targeted sanction. ..
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a as we have all learned with our work to counter al-qaeda, isil and other groups to date have successfully, the successful use of these counterterror financial tools requires robust domestic implementation. deep collaboration with private partners and intense multilateral coordination and information sharing. the importance of this coordination was example five this year when we add treasure work with the french and european counterparts in real-time to provide over 1300 leads immediately following the
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horrific terrorist attacks in january and november. this type of coordination is ongoing and essential. we must combine it with a relentless desire to adapt and change power tools as these groups adapt to us. and nations of the world standing together acting together represents a more powerful force that our individual actions alone. we must also work through other multilateral organizations. last week we held a meeting on investigating and prosecuting terrorist financiers antiquated target, targeted financial sanctions and the countup is of financfinance groups which the d states leads along with italy and saudi arabia is focused among other things expand information sharing in combating the financing of iso- affiliates. even as we continue this important work we must also remain steadfast in our commitments to both protect the stability of the international financial system and expand financial inclusion to the
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benefit of global growth are broadly shared. these two objectives protecting the financial system for all this activity will increasing access to financial services are complementary, not conflicted as we know the financial exclusion undermines the integrity of the entire financial sector and inclusion great stakeholders around the world admitted to positive change. in conclusion, our joint work on counterterror financing over the past 14 years has taught us we can meet the long-term, evolving care challenge, but we must keep adapting and we must stay focused to do so. this enhanced sanctions regime and robust implementation of it another counterterror financing ministers will help us meet the terror threat, whether the isil or others like al-qaeda, al-shabaab, boko haram, hezbollah and al-nusra, or new individuals and groups. i want to again thank so many of you for traveling to participate in this historic session and for
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your support of this important resolution and this broader long-term effort. thank you very much. i will now resume my function as president of the council, and i would like to give the floor to other members of the security council. and at this moment i would give the floor to his excellency, minister of finance of jordan. and. >> translator: first and foremost, allow me to thank the minister for deciding of his very important meeting -- presiding. my country of course appreciates the efforts of the united states which is led to the convening of this meeting which is a very first in the history of the security council. we also are gratified by the adoption of my consensus of
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resolution 2253 at a time in moment where great many terrorist attacks have been carried out throughout the world killing innocent people, exacerbating american crises and which, of course, disregards all precepts of morality and humanity. i would like to thank the cosponsors to with the russian federation and the vest is america for their efforts. i would also like to thank secretary-general, mr. ban ki-moon, for his statement and briefing. i don't like to thank mr. chen for his statement. of course, we fully back the efforts of the fata as well as its cooperation, close cooperation with allstate -- fatf. within the fight against terrorism. this resolution is a watershed point as result of its major orientations.
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this resolution updates the sanctions regime regarding al-qaeda. it will now be known as sanctions regime against al-qaeda and isil. it expands the criteria for inscription on the sanctions list to ensure that it incorporates the activities which demonstrate a link between individuals and entities linked to daesh, to ensure that these criteria are not limited solely to links to al-qaeda. this is the point which we stressed during negotiations because it is in keeping with today's reality shows the international community is committed to facing up to the international threat posed by daesh. president, jordan has always stressed the importance of the fight against the financing of terrorism and the cutting off of the sources. this is one of the pillars, one of the prerequisites when it comes to any efforts aimed at combating terrorism. it behooves me to state here that a fight against the financing of terrorism including
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the financing of daesh cannot rest based on the short of a single country or a single independent institution. know, the multiple source of this financing mean that we need to strengthen cooperation financial institutions and strengthen corporations between institutions at regional and international levels. indeed, these organizations live from illicit trafficking of oil, of natural resources, the trafficking of antiquity, a stealing of hostages for ransom without even referring to the taxes imposed upon the population and the exploitation and a single part of citizen. the lack of international cooperation and cooperation at regional levels has all contributed to these terrorist organizations success. when it comes to the fight
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against the financing of terrorism, my country would like to strictly -- the following. we have to bolster the contention on the fight against the financing of terrorism picador needs to add it to this country which focuses specifically the financing of terrorism, and which strengthens additional cooperation between states your these countries must also let up to their commitments and must ensure that their citizens and residents do not financially back terrorist organizations. all sanctions committees must include in the sanctions list any individuals guilty of such action. we also have to ensure that the individuals included on the national or u.n. sanctions list
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have no access to the financial system in keeping with all the relevant resolutions. the donor countries as well as their partners and relevant agencies must provide assistance to states to strengthen the capacities and capabilities in terms of the fight against terrorism, including strengthening their public and private banking sectors. those individuals guilty of such crimes must all be brought to justice or extradited to cope with the states. president, i would like to share with you a number of the measures to which we've undertaken in jordan to this end. now, today in a letter, parliamentarian's have taken note of expansion of terrorist groups in the region. with strengthened our legislation and taken into account this new reality. we have criminalized any acts
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involving the financing of terrorism or the loony of support to terrorist organizations, in the individual financing, preparing or committing an attack will be brought to justice pursuant to the updated law on the suppression of the financing of terrorism of 94, as well as the law on money laundering on 2010. national authorities have also undertaken measures, radical measures, at all crossing points and border points to prevent the entry of oil shipments from daesh or in fact the entry of any goods or antiquities. these two forms of trafficking are the main sources of financing of terrorist organizations in both syria and iraq. we also stress, or should i say we have also raised the level of
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awareness and alertness in the financial sector. we've taken measures to ensure that the public and private banking sector prevent daesh as well as any other terrorist organization from accessing the national financial system. the new law on the exchange of currencies is currently being studied, and to ensure that it is in keeping with the provisions of our constitution. following the adoption of resolution 2199 by the council, we've undertaken a number of measures and steps aimed at combating the trafficking in equities. this is part of the efforts which we've undertaken to combat the financing of terrorism. aware of the fact that the trafficking in antiquities is the second most important source of financing for terrorist organizations presently.
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the heinous, atrocious crimes committed by terrorist organizations including daesh clearly demonstrate that terrorists want to prevent us from living in peace side by side, and the war against terrorism, is fighting terrorism comes to the global fight which we have to undertake. the fight against daesh and some of organizations requires a comprehensive global method based on three axes, the military, security and, of course, the ideological axes. i would like to hear states, the importance of the weakening daesh including at the financial level. and this will require international efforts as well as serious collective efforts at all levels. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much, minister, for that statement.
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and we all understand that jordan bears a special burden did with so many refugees escaping from isil. i'd like to give the floor to his excellency, mr. michel sapin, minister of finance and public accounts of friends. [speaking french] >> translator: president, thank you so much. just a quick word to thank you for having undertaken this initiative, convened the meeting which allows ministers to participate. secretary-general, ladies and gentlemen, a month ago friends struck by terrorist attacks of an unprecedented scale. our national territory. i would like to thank the whole world who, at the time, extended kind words, gestures of solidarity which touched us. friends of course not the only country to be struck. no country can avoid this. no continent is spared, and with
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every passing month the list of this barbaric attacks gets inexorably longer. lebanon, turkey, tunisia, egypt, and most recently the united states. throughout the world since june 2014, thousands of men and women have lost their lives as a result of terrorist acts carried out by daesh, or groups which is sort of allegiance to it. so everyone knows is here, all of us are concerned. faced with such indiscriminate barbarity it is each and everyone's a duty to act. such times each and every one of us must set aside their national specificities to pool our efforts to progress our common endeavor. this comment endeavor, well, if you're at the security counsel of the united nations that it must find its expression because it is here and the history of all the major crises were written. added a we are faced with the crisis on just such a scale.
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this message was one which i shared. last week in brussels with my european colleagues, at the heart of this other collective endeavor, this comment endeavor that is of european union at the terrorist threat is a threat to the whole world. but it's also more specifically a threat to the european project given its impact and consequences. so europeans must collectively, if they decide to do so, be ready to face it. tomorrow our colleagues from the foreign ministries will meet here. filmy tier two seek a solution to the syrian crisis. it's the same level of motivation which confuses us. the same decide which guides us. they yearning or a recognition rather than a common security our common responsibility. it's up to our colleagues to do with certain aspects but it is
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up to us to cut off the financing of terrorism and suffocate the terrorists who feed on this. because the original aspect and power of this terrorist group stems from the fact that it has gathered a huge amount of spoils of war based on diversified forces. smuggling, extortion, trafficking, so we import gathered here today, most of us are ministers of finance to our role is to understand these financial flows, to cut them off. everything must be done to choke off, financially choke off terrorism. the resolution which we just adopted brings a number of concrete responses. it recognizes daesh as the entity combat identify the means of financing, specific needs of financing the terrorist entities. the trafficking in oil come
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antiquities, artwork, ransom, extortion, trafficking in human beings, this resolution provides us with the legalese to stop them from asset freezes, of the assets of individuals who are linked to financing such throughout the world. now that this is been adopted we have to implement it as rapidly as possible. it will have no impact unless it leads to new listings by city council by the united nations that there is a list of individuals and entities subject to sanctions to the link of al-qaeda. now we are targeting al-qaeda and daesh. so this list must grow. france attach a special importance of effective rapid and effective implementation of this resolution. over and beyond daesh the other lesson to be drawn from the recent attacks is that terrorists find new ways to finance themselves, including
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through small amounts. our responsibility is that none of them should go unnoticed. and for me to our three challenges facing the messages defined us. we must to bolster the effectiveness of our financial intelligence. we must acquire the necessary capabilities to track suspect financial flows. the there is a need to better integrate our financial intelligence units with our intelligence investigation services. there's also a need to improve the exchange permission kind of financial information intelligence units. this crucial information would be better shared anymore complete a more rapid weight. sometimes all that is needed is a few hours of work to avoid an attack. that is a second challenge. that of anonymity. those who wish to transfer funds can resort to opt out of
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traditional methods, cash, gold, precious metals. these forms of payment need to be better controlled but today he wants to transfer funds discreetly can also do so using another very modern message that the method. electronic and virtual currency. both of these constitute new risks and i speak from recent every painful experience. the attacks on november 13 in paris were to a larger sense financed through prepaid cards which enabled anonymous transfers between those in france. we must tackle these gaps. it is urban not about prohibiting forms of payment, but we have to give away with their anonymity. finally, because of financing of terrorism it is multifaceted and shape shifting but it is also mobilizing itself. private players must be just as
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vigilant. we have since january called for more vigilance is to be shown by financial establishments. to rate their award is a terrorist groups linked to daesh. we've compiled a specific guide, a manual for associations. and i've been to financiers and bankers to point out to them the risks of financing daesh. as result of a trafficking of artwork and antiquities, and i'm gratified that the concept of call to vigilance has been included in the resolution. this program, a great deal of effort lies before us and want to see this opportunity to thank the fatf which is at the very heart of the counter financing of terrorism mechanism. it possesses a clear vision of its member shortcomings in terms
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of the criminalization of the financing of terrorism or in terms of asset freezes. at the g20 summit, following the attacks of november 13, the government and trusted anchor clear mandate to us. the time for procrastination is over. there is a need to exert pressure on these countries to ensure that their are effective and like to thank the president of the fatf to this week in paris held a special meeting on the financing of terrorism. in february, chairing the next financial g20 on the chinese presidency, i hope that we will be able to take new, effective and powerful measures. and an effective fatf is a guarantee of a limitation of the united nations decisions similarly. it is important that the work of the fatf should notion of the
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reflection taking place in this building. today is an opportunity to do away with such compartmentalization. and find i would like to pay tribute to jack lew, who has taken the initiative of organized this very first meeting of ministers of finance at the second council. i hope this will serve as a fruitful presence for joint action is a key to effectiveness. >> i think his excellency, minister sapin for statements and extend condolences from recent attacks in paris. i give the floor to his excellency mr. rodrigo valdes pulido, minister of finance of july. -- chile. >> translator: thank you, mr. president. although i would also want to thank the secretary-general of
12:23 pm
the president of the financial action task force, the fatf, for that statement. i would also like to thank the united states and the russian federation for having promoted and put together this resolution. chile welcomes the convening of this meeting and would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our unwavering determination to participate fully in collective efforts to combat terrorism. we would like to once again reiterate our condemnation of all ask, methods and practices of terrorism and the funding of its operations in all its forms and manifestations, regardless of the motivation wherever they occur, and on whom ever they are committed. the self-styled islamic state remains a destabilizing factor in the iraqi and syrian conflict. it's spread to its presence in other countries and regions is equally alarming. faced with this, we must work
12:24 pm
together implementing multilateral strategy to put an end to its activities. regarding the specific topic that brings us here this afternoon, we believe there needs the additional efforts made to the financing of these groups and thus ensure a full and effective implementation of the relevant security council resolutions. it is also essential to ensure the application of the standards included in the recommendations emanating from the financial action task force, or fatf. putting an end to the funding of the self-proclaimed islamic state will be no easy task census and as part of income comes from activities within the territory under its control come in which falls outside the financial system and cannot be detected by saying. therefore, we must focus our efforts on its interactions in the outside world such as the
12:25 pm
sale of oil, the payment of ransom, or the smuggling of objects of cultural and historical value into asia in order to achieve this goal it is a parent important the draft resolution we will adopt today in which extensive metadata office -- should allow for the further details of evolution of financing terrorist. we believe this forum to government the sanctions award impose against al-qaeda and associated groups. we must impose -- either by themselves or and perhaps our focus needs to increasingly ramped up by a third party. we must be alert to new challenges that crop up on a daily basis such as the fight against the financing of foreign terrorist fighters. we reaffirm the protection of human rights is an essential element in the fight against
12:26 pm
terrorism. all efforts and measures undertaken by states must always comply with their obligations under international law, human rights, and the rule of law. finally it is worth reiterating that as achilles mentioned during its tenure as president of the security council in january this year, it is vital we strengthen the link between inclusive development and international peace and security. because we remain convinced as multiple examples of destabilization around the world prove. in many cases, not all cases in many it is the lack of increasing the feldman that excess which is conflict. it is crucial to address the issue to lack of development opportunities without using, that it is destiny to be taken to stop the financing of terrorist groups worldwide. thank you very much. >> i think his excellency, minister rodrigo valdes pulido for his statement that i know
12:27 pm
give the floor to his excellency mr. george osborne, cancer of the exchequer of the united kingdom. >> thank you very much. they begin as others have done by congratulating you, jack, for suggesting this meeting where the finance ministers of the sturdy council came together for the first time in history of the united nations. and let me congratulate the secretary-general and head of the financial action task force for the leadership to vigilance on this issue. and let me start by offering my condolences and the condolences of the british people, those who lost their lives in paris as a result of those dreadful attacks. but also of course those who lost their lives in ankara, in beirut, in california come and, indeed, the russian holidaymakers traveling home who lost their lives. of course, these acts of violence were designed to
12:28 pm
intimidate and divide us, but they failed. i think it's very striking, if you look at this table, this security council room, this is often what the divisions of the world have been made evident. yet today the unity of the world is on display. i'm far from divide us, actually the terrorists in daesh and isil are actually uniting us, and we're determined to take the fight to them, to deprive them of the financing, and to defeat them. now, of course all of us around this table have been grappling with a threat for terrorism poses, in the last year alone in the united kingdom, our security forces have prevented seven different plots to attack citizens in the united kingdom. but i would say this a time when people question whether we can defeat these terrorists. we are defeating these terrorists and they are making
12:29 pm
progress. in the last year the coalition against daesh isil has liberated over 40 -- we are stemming the flow of foreign fighters to their ranks, exploiting the form abilities into financial network, and we are successfully targeting their oil supply. address the british i minister david cameron said here at the united nations in september, we are leading the effort to tackle the propaganda. we know that those who seek to commit acts of terror will not stop and so neither should our resolve to defeat them. when our values, freedom and democracy are threatened, efforts are made to undermine the international peace and the security that this council protects, we must all unite to condemn this action to prevent further tragedy. since the council first adopted resolution 1267 back in 1999, the threat from terrorism has
12:30 pm
evolved. in daesh we face a new type of threat, oppressing those into territory that they physically control, inspiring foreign terrorist fighters to join their cause in places like syria and iraq, and now, of course, potentially in libya, have radicalizing individuals inspired to commit atrocities at home. it's a new breed of terrorism, a new challenge to us as governments and international community, and a call for any response. today i think we are making significant further steps to strengthen that response but i very much welcome the adoption of a very comprehensive resolution today, and thank the secretary-general and his team at the u.n. for the work on this agenda. i just wanted to briefly set out the areas that uk judges to be key to strengthening the global ethics to combat terrorist financing, combat the financing of daesh and make full use of this resolution. first, i want is to ensure we're using the existing tools we have
12:31 pm
to combat the threat of terrorist financing to the full effect. in september this year the united kingdom put forward a list of names of british nationals who have traveled to syria and recommend them for listing under u.n. sanctions. today i would urge other member states to do the same, proposed designation of those individuals who pose a real threat to the assets to be frozen around the world and we can cut off the resources they need before they can commit the plan acts of terror. domestically we must ensure we're using our counterterrorist financing regime's the full affect. i agree with what the secretary-general was saying earlier. we need to make sure all members and should have a regime in place that criminalize the financing of terrorist for any purpose at that implement the u.n. sanctions regime fully and probably. i thought this is what the president of fatf raised and was six and an important one, the
12:32 pm
gap between the sanctioned an ounce and a source of sanction to implement it is crucial in a world where you can move money in a matter of seconds. in the united kingdom we are taking a long look at how regime and i can confirm today that we will legislate domestically to ensure that we can implement u.n. sanctions without any delay. we are currently, like all members of the european union, rely on an eu process that takes too long, and we want to work with our partners in the european union to streamline that process and to make it more rapid, and to make sure that we at a european level are able to implement u.n. designations immediately. second, i want to make sure that we responded to the evolving nature of the terrorist threats with new measures. we've already heard today about the valley of the syrian oilfield to daesh, that this alone is providing them with billions of dollars every day
12:33 pm
come estimate $1.5 billion each day. we know that military action which united kingdom to our air force is proud to be taken with our allies is having success in limiting this resource, this oil money. but let us as finance ministers also take action. we should make clear as we do with this resolution today that the u.n. sanctions regime can and will be used to target not just the terrorists but the traders, the middleman, the people who facilitate the illegal trade in oil which provide daesh with one of its principal source of revenue. and we should apply the same focus on the illegal trade in cultural artifacts which about a finance manager of jordan spoke very powerfully about. we are seeing literally the history of some of these countries being stolen from them, and there is much more we can do, frankly, to shine a light on this opec trade in cultural artifacts.
12:34 pm
right of course as we limit one arm of daesh financial network we know they will tend to strengthen another. we must breed respond to the evolving financial needs such as financing through kidnap for ransom or organized crime. i'm delighted the resolution makes that clear as well. i also want to look at new ways of gathering and sharing information internationally between our law enforcement agencies and in the domestically between law enforcement agencies and the private sector, including our banking system. this was a point that has been raised by a number of speakers, and i think it's a very important one and we are taking steps in the uk as the home of one of the world's largest entity the world's largest financial center. we are taking steps to make sure that we have that partnership with the financial sector working together to tackle illicit financial flows. the third and final point i want to make is this. with a picture this group continues to work together to consider how we implement the
12:35 pm
recommendations on how we do more to tackle terrorist financing a coast as the threat is evolving, so must our response to match it. i welcome the special meeting of the financial action task force last weekend, specifically focus on our collective response to terrorist financing and to protect a i was pleased as a commitment from the group to update the report on daesh financing working with the counter isil finance group and others. i think it would be sensible for finance ministers to perhaps meet again and the security council in the months ahead at some point to review the evolving situation in to consider proposals for further measures. let's be clear, passing a resolution is one thing, implementing is another. we all committed to report to the united nations on the progress we make on that and i think that's something that we should, therefore, put into action.
12:36 pm
so that's were i see the priorities for action. ensuring we're making the most of the existing tools we've got come implementing new measures to respond to the particular threat that daesh poses to us, continuing to work together to develop our response further and reporting back here at the united nations until we fully destroy this evil. thank you. >> thank you. i think his excellency, chancellor osborne for that statement, and would just agree wholeheartedly that the unity that we have here today has to be reflected in the unity we have taken in implementing and executing against those. i would like to give the floor to his excellency, mr., minister of economic affairs of this thing. [speaking spanish] >> translator: allow me, president, to begin by thanking you for this initiative would just opened the door for us, the ministers for finance, to major
12:37 pm
in the security council setting on a historic day. i would also like to thank the contributions of the secretary-general and the president of the financial action task force. a welcome presentation i would like to take we congratulate the russian federation and the united states for having said this resolution. including daesh in the sanctions regime and the mechanisms before the united nations is in light of what has been undertaken by this group and also by with recommendations of the task force that allows to take this, allow us to update the intelligence that we have available at united nations level as well as a member state level. those represented today
12:38 pm
justifies their inclusion in the sanctions regime as well as ensuring we make those sanctions as effective as possible. we very much welcome the new mechanisms and action contained within this game, and its mandate of the 1217 committee. we are committed to the united nations and we are particularly in favor of initiatives rolled out to the level of this body to tackle terrorism and to tackle financing there is a particular. often we fall into the temptation of giving terrorism and issue that only is of interest to those countries who suffer terrorist attacks for standard unfortunately that means we can together with of the world and globalized economy that is also interconnected. and, therefore, it's the risk of the financial system of one country can be used to finance terrorism and terrorist acts in a third country. this is a threat faced by all financial systems of every country around the world.
12:39 pm
terrorists often engineer the lack of control for certain aspects of financial system. for this reason i believe one of the first task of which we need to redouble our efforts is to in raising global awareness about the risk we all face. all countries are facing the risk. all could be used to harness to divert funding to the editors and for that all countries must act in a robust in the subway by creating effective oversight mechanisms to the financial systems. the global nature and magnitude of the threat means it's necessary to have a coordinated response that would eliminate any vacuum or gap or any lac laf cohesion to think of the hardest by the terrorist and use for the purposes. for this reason we must improve the channels of communication and exchange of information both bilateral and multilateral level and eradicate any existing obstacle to such exchange of information. for this coordination to be
12:40 pm
effective, there is the necessary first step that we have the ability to put together national structures that are able to handle information of intelligence that is indispensable and relevant if we are to prevent and disrupt this terrorist financing. as part of -- access to information is a cornerstone of there are. it is therefore important to intensify efforts and ramp up efforts in this sharing of information and ensure we have more up-to-date information about the real holders of assets integrate the legal tools allow us to do so but we need of a broad, long-term vision that is not just a financing of terrorism but also addresses of the financial aspects of issues such as violent extremism and radicalization which is the lifeblood of these terrorist organizations. they issued needs to finance its abduction and kidnappings activities and, therefore, it's about we are are in a positione able to investigate the financial flow at an early stage
12:41 pm
equity financing that payment and ransom to allow abductions to occur in the first place. they are involved in criminal activities and in activities such as illicit trade in all. we need to be in a position to counter this with mechanisms that will allow us to ensure that they cannot be using existing financial estimates and tools for their own end. finally, i want to highlight the point the new instrument adopted today includes elements that will serve to strengthen one of the core elements better overall fight against terrorism, respect for human rights, in other words. we welcome the fact the new resolution adopted has included a specific mention of the importance of the role of the office in the 1216 committee calling upon the secretary jewell to take necessary measures to continue to ensure the independence of its effectiveness and efficiency of its work. we hope on the basis of the to progress a resolution 2253 can make progress towards the full institutionalization of the
12:42 pm
aforementioned office which plays a crucial role in the work of the committee. >> i thank you very much, his excellency for that statement. and i would like to now give the floor to his excellency, mr. armando manuel, minister of finance of angola. >> translator: mr. president, your excellency, ban ki-moon, secretary-general of the united nations, their colleagues, excellencies, we fully support the u.s. presidency under -- and the cosponsors initiative to remote this meeting between ministers of finance of the u.n. security council. as we believe it will contribute towards a new development of new and effective measures to
12:43 pm
achieve our common objectives in the fight against terrorism and money laundering. the fight against terrorism is not a new concept. for a while now, many countries have been battling against the terrorism which has taken lives of many of innocent men, women and children across the globe. as a member of the united nations and various other international and regional organizations, angola has been and still is marginally concerned about the terrorism. and just like the u.n. we will fight against it for it is not a
12:44 pm
matter that is wholly concerned a single country or organization, but is, in fact, affects all entities of the world. and the recent decades, the advances of information and technology have facilitated financial flows and communication between billions of people. amongst which are those who -- misuse of social media and other communication tools. angola's action against the tourism -- terrorism became effective in 1999, when a bill was passed for the prevention and fight against terrorism of the parliamentary resolution 2599 which adopts the african union causation.
12:45 pm
in addition, a number of other legal measures were put in place. i do point out the resolution 3810 which approved the u.n. convention for the suppression of financing terrorist. the antiterrorism and the money laundry bill approved by 1210, the later reinforced by 3411. the low 112 which allows angola to immediately apply resolutions of u.n. sanctions committee in order to prevent terrorism are benefiting from any form of financing. under those regulations we created a financial intelligence you know, and national designation, the which are in charge of the centralizing and
12:46 pm
processing all information concerning money laundering and financing terrorism. apart from implementing the various laws against the terrorism, money laundering and illicit financial flows, as
12:47 pm
the funds circulate internally.
12:48 pm
which instead of being channeled towards investing in developing countries is used as a danger to disseminate ideologies, and political objectives which go against human rights under democratic rule of law, affecting mainly developing countries who are recently recovering from their effects of the cold war. we must extend the fight beyond institutions, countries, and the organizations. all cities feel socially responsible and the individual involvement and fighting against this phenomena. in this contest, it is worth strengthening the developing countries to approve the restructuring of national financial systems as per the poker plan and the dodd-frank
12:49 pm
act ntg 20 meetings which was already approved. -- the poker plan. to protect financial and financial institutions and against the risks of exaggerated self regulation which led to the previous races of the 28-29. moreover, it is necessary to provide the mechanisms by which all citizens have access to knowledge and information of the u.n. sanctions, this, and for the more citizens must be aware of sanctions to be applied such as saving and capital, goods and assets of those lists. such mechanisms have already begun to be implemented in angola, based on information provided by financial intelligence unit it.
12:50 pm
we think it is also important that all countries develop and speed up legal cooperation mechanisms. and the knowledge sharing regarding matters such as region and destination of the funds, as well as the implementation of a restrictive measures required by other foreign states. thank you. >> i think his excellency, minister armando manuel for his statement and to give the floor to his excellency, mr. ahmad husni hanadzlah, second minister of finance of malaysia. >> translator: mr. jacob lew, vice president of the security council, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. i join the council members in thank you, mr. president, for convening this meeting which
12:51 pm
malaysia fully supports. i wish to acknowledge the presence of my counterparts around the table, seeking a collective resolve, combat the scourge of terrorism, radical financing threats. [inaudible] mr. ban ki-moon and mr. chen on the issue at hand. mr. president, i wish to echo and to enforce the sentiment by earlier speakers for the need for additional measures to further isolate the terrorist entity that is isil from the international financial system. we view -- ultimately cut off their sources of funding. malaysia only condemns the multiple terrorist attacks
12:52 pm
including the most recent in paris, beirut and the sinai. malaysia rejects the ideology of daesh. we fully reject their part -- islam is peace, compassion, moderation, justice and tolerant to all culture and relative. too many innocent people have been -- and international comity pizza step up and do more. the need for all countries to stand united and firm against terrorism. we believe the u.n. and other multilateral framework provides the best platform for a coordinated nation. it is on this basis that malaysia fully supports the present initiative by both russian federation and the united states, and we will calm in adoption of the resolution
12:53 pm
which we have cosponsored. mr. president, malaysia -- comprehensive coverage of the new resolution to further focus the u.s. long-standing to establish al-qaeda sanctions regime on evolving terrorist threats. this new resolution covers all aspects of member states, regardless of establishing the necessary legal framework for criminalizing are terrorizing financing and to operationalize the financial sanctions to the listing and delisting process. on the domestic front, malaysia has adopted a comprehensive framework that criminalizes terrorism financing and money laundering. section 130 of the penal code. up to 30 years of imprisonment.
12:54 pm
terrorism financing -- under anti-money laundering and process of unlawful activities in 2001. in june 2015 malaysia, there is a size, among others, this highlights malaysia's commitment to the f. be a standard. we are strong, legal and military framework for committing terrorism financing. malaysia's legal framework for targeted financial sanction against terrorism provides strong tools to identify terrorist networks come and take steps to freeze their assets. the regime against terrorism is administered robustly and is well implemented -- malaysia is adopting the proposal contained in new resolution. our conference of the national
12:55 pm
anti-money laundering and combating financing of terrorism plan includes measures such as engaging with -- on anti-terrorizing financial issues. malaysia's financial regulators and compliance of issues concern that use and share information on issues relating to the implementation of anti-money-laundering and counting the financing of terrorism with our regional, international counterparts. we constantly work to identify key daesh threats concluding the modus operandi of a terrorist financing, enhance investigation techniques as well as conduct specialized training in relation to investigations in new areas. mr. president, the threat of a national terrorism has increased with the tears opacity to manipulate -- innovations of the
12:56 pm
time. it is imperative that member states resolve to undertake further multilateral and high priced measures to combat terrorist financing. our experts will have to continuously work together to address the defining an urgent challenges arising from these threats. the international comedy needs to be regional. concerted efforts are needed. renew our commitment to carry out these measures to counter this challenge. in conclusion, mr. president, malaysia joins other council members in encouraging all of member states to take appropriate measures to counter radicalization and violent terrorism in all forms and many
12:57 pm
-- that lead to terrorism financing, recruitment and mobilization of individual integers groups. i thank you, mr. president. >> i think his excellency, minister, for the state and give the floor to his excellency, vice minister of foreign affairs for lithuania. >> thank you. mr. president, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, my delegation would like to commence the presidency for studentstudent the negotiationst led to the adoption of resolution 2253, and for organizing this timely debate. we hope that this format makes participation of higher officials in charge of this subject matter will become a tradition for this council which strives for practical impact. i would also like to thank the secretary-general and the president of the financial
12:58 pm
action task force for their insightful briefing. the resolution adopted at a clue identifies countering financial of terrorism as one of the priorities in the fight against terrorism. the terrorism financing and these connections with organized crime presents widespread and very complex phenomena. we should protect the integrity and stability of the international financial system or cut off the resources available to terrorist. for those engaged in terrorism financing to profit from such activities and ultimately to hold into account. a significant part of funds raised to finance terrorism is subject to money-laundering. and thus we acknowledge an important drove of the banks and other reporting industries in
12:59 pm
identification and tracking of terrorist financing activities. in that regard we have developed steps taken by this council, including its resolution 20 win95, 2199, and the latest major al-qaeda sanctions regime review today. we also welcome the work and the recommendations by the financial action task force which enable member states to effectively counter the financing of terrorism. including i daesh, al-qaeda, and associated individuals. mr. president, as a member of the european union, lithuania supports and actively participates in the eu's engagement in regional and global partners on the issue of countering terrorism financing. such as the united states counsel of your gcc and the
1:00 pm
united nations. the eu has taken a number of important steps in this regard including securing effective implementation of anti-money-laundering, counting financing of terrorism mechanisms, advancing the establishment of financial intelligence units, and much more. at the same time we spare no effort in stepping up interpreter does by lithuania. back in 2013, lithuania revise its legislation to bring to measure against the financing and support of terrorism, to full conformity with its international obligations as well as with the recommendations of -- [inaudible] ..
1:01 pm
1:02 pm
significance and admirable efforts that have been made either countries neighboring the conflict zone. but we also recognize that individual states may lack capacity to address those adequately and, therefore, we support a call to our committee and the united nations to help build the capacities of states in need. thank you for your kind attention.
1:03 pm
>> i think his excellency, vice minister, for his statement a note to the floor to the representative of the new zealand. >> thank you, mr. president. and let me congratulate secretary lew for convening this meeting today on so many financial ministers acknowledged the presence of some of your colleagues in the room today. sadly -- that's a finance wasn't able to join you but he doesn't give his support for the work done today. mr. president, isil or daesh is one of the greatest threats we have known. over the past year we've watched in horror as isil and al-qaeda have conducted attacks against innocent civilians around the world. it has been a ripple effect of fear and intolerance that has gone further. security council's message in today's resolution is simple. united nations membership, the whole membership must be more actively to disrupt isil,
1:04 pm
al-qaeda and associated terrorist groups. i consider this -- we are pleased that this resolution takes a more comprehensive approach to the issue of countering isil. we believe that it is essential when the council considers this threat it looks at the whole threat posed by these groups and most consider it beyond the narrow were present of the sanctions regime which is sometimes been the only focus, particularly of the committee that i chair. that is why we regard the resolution, the new resolution today which calls for a comprehensive report by jessica to generals report as particularly import. it should ensur ensure that the council does have that totality of understanding when it takes
1:05 pm
decisions detecting isil. fundamental we need to did not isil al-qaeda and affiliates for resources operate. the oxygen that fuels the fire. the targeting of terrorist financing has ever been more important. as i previously reported as chair of the 1267 sanctions committee, isil generates revenue integrally and has diverse funding sources. the nontraditional sources of terrorist financing with a fund-raising through social media organized trade in oil and antiquities self-funded fire to disrupt to disrupt. this includes coordination with the private sector and solid financial intelligence. we need to attack all the financial flows all of the time. member states are obligated to prevent and criminal a terrorist financing. the financial action task force provide essential expertise in
1:06 pm
what is now a global standard. it is worrying, therefore, as the president of the f. atf has remind us that there are gaps in the legal effectiveness of some member states, regimes. they are not talk about the numbers of laws enacted for prosecutions taken but how effective our overall systems are to prevent, detect and stop terrorist financing. now challenges to operationalize the sanctions regime and obligations we have put on paper. this requires political will and prioritization and a greater practical fight on implementation, compliance and follow-up. mr. president this is significant but unrealized potential on the sanctions list. we have the missions but we need to wider union -- -- mother existing list is willing to isil, al-qaeda and their leaders there is a need to update the list reflect the
1:07 pm
threat tested and resolution 2249. we have to be better at targeting those who facilitate funding and support within our grasp. the way to funding supremes and supporsupport extremes will gaza jericho to isil controls. then list needs to be an operational inspect, not a policy statement as result of today's resolution the list now has more teeth first aid squad preeminent engaged. the listing as a possible consequence of member states that provide up-to-date information is now a reality. as chair new zealander is committed to engage with a wider u.n. membership. this is the its own sake and to enable greater understanding, support and implementation. this is an important point because this regime will not work if member states do not cooperate with it. at esther i would have to say frankly that are aspects of the
1:08 pm
way the regime operates that have concerned me. rules and practices can't in my view, compromise the very regime we're seeking to implement. while contentions can be a strength to require unanimity before any action can be taken on important matters such as the investigation of noncompliance is a major weakness. it politicizes the regime and arguably goes beyond the tardis provision on decision-making. and argue the council needs to take a good look at this. mr. president, as chair we want to be practical about sanctions, extensions request such as the basic expenses and travel bans and encourage members to utilize them and work with them. we are pleased that today's resolution provides exclusively for the -- asset freeze provisions that will allow the regime to be applied practically and will strengthen rather than weaken the regime.
1:09 pm
mr. president, the ombudsman office is essential to the effectiveness and support of the regime. it is a real success story. it is vital to demonstrate due process requirements are being fulfilled. new zealand has chair like this has put significant effort into managing the transition to our new buds person. however, as the first ombudsperson reported, there still shortfalls in the office arrangements. we hope this sector will act on the expression of today's resolution to ensure the necessary arrangements to carry out the ombudsman's mandate in an effective and independent manner. we ask the council need also to ensure that the monitoring team for the sake of the council are properly resourced to carry out attacks that have been assigned to them. we should never about the threat
1:10 pm
posed by isil and al-qaeda to become normalized. by the repetition of you in -- the atrocities committed by isil, al-qaeda and associated groups are very real and heard it all. and sanctions regime is a living testament which we must recollect that. today's resolution is just that come an education at a strengthening of the regime. thank you. >> i think the representative of new zealand for his statement, and i call on the next speaker, i would like to give the floor to the representative of nigeria. >> mr. president, wha would you think the delegation of the united states for convening this seminal meeting, to address a very quick mention of terrorism. being the first political full meeting held as finance minister, it underscored the readiness of this council to
1:11 pm
adopt a holistic approach to examining terrorist financing. we acknowledacknowled ge the presence of participating finance ministers and welcome them to the security council. i want to thank secretary-general for sherry perspective on the subject. the president of the financial action task force has provide significant insight in to countering the financing of terrorism and we are indebted to them. mr. president, the threat of terrorism is expanding and intensifying, but discourage is effective a good number of states across the whole world. terrorist groups have developed insatiable appetites for territory. they are increasingly killing 20 territory and, indeed, set him up as minister of structures to support them.
1:12 pm
they continue to gain access to funding streams which they are using to support their destabilizing activities. nowhere is this more profound that in the case of isis. the isis phenomenon shows a new type of terrorism motivation. that group is suspending its operations through funding of the silly generated within the territory it occupies. this is primarily from looting banks, exploiting oil fields, kidnapping-for-ransom, and robbing economic assets. this funding streams are crucial to the activities of isis. cutting them off is, therefore, of critical importance and should be a top priority for the international community. this also applies to
1:13 pm
al-qaeda, al-nusra front, al-shabaab, boko haram and other terrorist groups. criminalizing the financing of individual terrorists and terrorist organizations, implementation of sanctions regime, and multilateral action is some of the more important weapons in the arsenals of the international community in the war against financing of terrorism. the international cooperation must be strengthened to achieve the goal of stifling the funding of isis and other terrorist groups. a comprehensive approach within the scope of rule of law and due process, respecting all principles of the u.n. charter and international human rights and humanitarian law is essential. this calls for urgent action at international, national and regional levels. at international level the security council has provide effective leadership in helping
1:14 pm
to financing terrorism through instrument such as the al-qaeda sanctions regime and security council resolution 2199. the al-qaeda sanctions regime requires member states to freeze the assets of isis, al-qaeda, and for the listed entities and individuals. security council resolution 2199 specifically targets the oil trade, the trade in cultural property, kidnapping-for-ransom, and other sources of funding exploited by terrorist groups. all this is demonstrated the commitment of this council to advance to countering terrorist financing agenda. at the regional level, specifically in west africa, the intergovernmental action group against money laundering, otherwise known as -- this is an
1:15 pm
institution, which is played a key role in the efforts of member states to comply with international anti-money laundering and counterterrorist finances. in addition to engaging with government, iagamli would put financial institutions operating in states to strengthen the capacity to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. in responds to the threat of terrorism, there's a variety of measures. last, to combat terrorist financing have been enacted and relevant institutional frameworks have been established. they have enhanced cooperation among the national agencies and with international partners are they have also strengthened the investigative and material capacity. at the national level nigerian
1:16 pm
has enacted legislation to combat terrorist financing. and 2013 the anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism act in banks and other financial institutions regulation was adopted. the objective of the law is to provide compliance guidelines for financing institutions consistent with international best practices on the relatively purview of the central bank of nigeria. the revelation of our central bank to diligently enforced airmail cft measures as well as ensure compliance by all financial institutions in the country. in addition to certain of these unix and all financial institutions and banks the revelation requires financial institutions to support, to report all suspicious transactions to the nigerian
1:17 pm
financial intelligence unit. the revelation is consistent with the recommendations of the financial action task force concerning security council resolution 2170, and 2178. mr. president, it is not sufficient to establish laws of regulation to destroy the terrorist financing. we must ensure that they are working sensitively. we must also use these laws in the whole of government approach that implements the u.n. sanctions regime, identifies terrorist finance risks, and develops effective ways to detect, disrupt, deter and to persecute terrorist financing. we must devise mechanisms identified, monitor, and to take action against unregulated money transfer services and strengthen the transparency of financial flows. the ability to detect, analyze,
1:18 pm
and share information about financial flows is essential to financial investigations. national financial intelligence units and other competent national authorities must be empowered to effectively discharge of these mandates. this may require capacity building intervention on the part of the counterterrorism committee and other relevant entities. these entities may also help to identify gaps in member states competencies, which diminish the capacity to detect and disrupt terrorist financing, and make appropriate recommendations on how to bridge those gaps. mr. president, it is essential that the international community develop a harmonized and decisive response to cut off the sources of financing that sustains isis and other terrorist groups. this is a critical first step in
1:19 pm
degrading and defeating them. to achieve this, information sharing, cooperation and coherence must be enhanced at all levels. in this regard, we believe that resolution 2253 just adopted this afternoon is a vital step forward, and a practical point of departure toward our common purpose. i think you. >> i think the representative of nigeria for her statement, note the horrible violence and death of thousands in nigeria perpetrated by boko haram, and yet it is another reminder of how important the work that we're doing here today is. i now give the floor to the representative of venezuela. >> translator: thank you very much, president. we would like to thank you,
1:20 pm
mr. jacob lew, secretary of the treasury of the united states for being with us. we would also like to thank you, delegation, for having convened this open meeting on the issue that is of extreme importance. to wit, the threat posed by terrorism and its financing to international peace and security. we would also like to particularly thank the ministers and senior officials of the united nations who have been present at the discussion this afternoon, and we pay tribute to the presence of the secretary-general, mr. ban ki-moon, the president of the financial action task force, or fatf, mr. shin from for the present and the presentations. mr. president of our country like to point of unity and comment asset that paved the way for the unanimous adoption of this resolution. particularly, given that it contained key elements for addressing this issue that is global in scope and also serves
1:21 pm
to update existing instruments and mechanisms of his body against the backdrop of the caucus uncommitted with the recent activities interest groups such as isis. we would like to underscore that when the necessary political will exists, the security council is able to effectively fulfill its mandate. we hope that this spirit will prevail and enable us to grapple with and resolve key issues that for many years now have been awaiting the full attention of his very council. president, venezuela would like to reiterate its categorical condemnation of terrorist acts in all their forms and manifestations, irrespective of the underpinning motive and other where ever and by whomever they are committed. bearing in mind at all times for such terrorist acts constitute flagrant violations of international law at the very right to life. on the basis of this attitude our country would like to express its deep concern fo at e breakneck pace at which the terrorist phenomenon has spread, and the never before seen military and logistic capacity
1:22 pm
that terrorists have to support their activities in the middle east, africa and europe. the huge military capacity of terrorist groups has been directly linked to the destabilization of countries such as iraq, libya and transit. destabilization caused by military intervention, foreign meddling and by war. a spade must be called a state. the rapid rise is the fruit into really of the financial and military support led to armed and violent nonstate actors which were previously used or exploited as tools for destabilization of governments and nations and who later became terrorist groups that joined the ranks of isis, thus growing the threat in an accelerated way. as far as our country is concerned high cost in human life has been paid by the peoples of iraq, libya and syria and others as result of the barbaric acts of violence of these terrorist groups is
1:23 pm
unacceptable. it is high time for the security council to act. of course, always been different of respect for international law. but pakistan about the financing for and support for gaza. our country supports resolution 2199 of 2015 and resolution 2253 of 2015, the resolution we just adopted. we hope that all states will work toward strict implementation of these resolution without exception no double standards. president, the most recent terrorist attacks, particularly those committed by isis, demonstrate that vulnerability in the face of this heinous scourge and the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters is a worldwide issue today. it is for this reason that the role o of his body, to see to be counted will be decided in the fight to confront this extraordinary threat which today put the risk that a future on-demand as altered by the same token would like to underscore
1:24 pm
the point that the effective combat against terrorism including the fight against the financing of same will entail joint and robust efforts by the international committee as a whole. it is essential that states in a frank and honest way to shoulder responsibility of combating this plague through ensuring full compliance with the provisions contained within international experts and within the resolution of this security council as well as those of the general a simile, resolutions which prohibit the count of weapons, the financing, training and providing a safe havens to terrorists groups. effectively tackling the phenomenon of terrorism, the financing thereof, it means we cannot allow for any dichotomies. for this reason we cannot talk in terms of good terrorists and bad terrorists. terrorism is a single phenomenon. there are no shades of gray. and terrorism as a whole must be prevented from fought against and eliminated without beating around the bush but it's for this reason that the
1:25 pm
international response to the parents of the scourge requires assessment of the conditions that favor its spread throughout the world. without of course this assessment of those conditions justify the carrying out of terrorist activities in anyway but we must carry out such an assessment with a view to strategy to counterterrorism a narrative in order to prevent radicalization. president, since the 11th of september, 2001 much ground has been one. with the changes in societies and care is good for themselves we have also seen a fine chain and adoption of the message that terrorists use in their criminal activities to generate activation o of the resource. that this group is isis thrives to a large extent thanks to the money that is blessedly generated in the occupied territories, principally through the exploitation of oil, the looting of banking institutions, the smuggling of cultural heritage and antiquities, and
1:26 pm
the abductions for the purpose of extortion of individuals. against this backdrop financing activities as well as the opportune exchange of operational information will be key steps to be taken to disrupt and dismantle the infrastructure, the finances of these organizations. bearing in mind at all times putting an end to the organizations will contribute to limiting and hopefully get anything their criminal activities. it is very important that we have a full understanding of how these terrorist organizations handle the resources that are to be able to effectively combat the center to conclude, president and we believe the international community must continue working towards drafting, applying and strengthening strategies that will counter and neutralize the village of these terrorist groups. given this, we believe the adoption of a future international convention against terrorism would complement the addition of a broad array of
1:27 pm
international legal instruments by facilitating a single definition that would allow us to strengthen and build consensus on this particular issue. thank you very much, president's. i think the representative of venezuela for state and add to the floor to the representative of chad. >> translator: thank you very much, president. imi termer like to thank the american presidency for having organized this special meeting of ministers of finance at the security council on bringing us together this afternoon to address the issue of the financing of terrorism and how to counter that. i would also like to thank the secretary-general of the united nations, mr. ban ki-moon, and the president of the financial action task force for their briefings. ..


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