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tv   Book Discussion on Son of Virginia  CSPAN  December 24, 2015 10:15pm-10:27pm EST

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bicycle mechanics he never went to college and never had wealth, gentlemen if ever there were. and when they got to europe and suddenly became famous and were associated with royalty they never felt the least inferior because they have been raised to behave as gentlemen. and why should they feel inferior? certainly they were as well read as anyone of the time, maybe better. >> anytime your in washington we would love to
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have you come over for an hour and take calls. >> you want to be careful. >> well, my life has changed considerably, the people of virginia decided that they would changing perceptions of virginia in the nation by electing me governor of the commonwealth of virginia. >> what was historic? >> a person of color had never been elected there were some felt that it might not happen. one of the things i like to stress is people say we are surprised that it would be virginia. why would you be surprised?
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virginia was where the nation was founded i shouldn't they tend to produce? they are still going to be in the forefront. >> where were you born? >> richmond, virginia. the family has only one home during the entire time. mymy father built the house had it built himself. to me that is a reclamation of the family that many people thought was nonexistent. i see was taking place. it is very important to have
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a family and the community to be a part of bringing up children. the community in terms of government, and what i am trying to show is that they mean nothing. i believe. and ifand if she would not tell me what was wrong. one of the problems i see today that unfortunately communities are being left. it was a the us conference of mayors. he spoke of the need to have our cities become the metropolitan engines for metropolitan growth.
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that never happened. concentrate on building america from within to show how great we can be as a nation. >> in john quincy adams fashion you went from being governor to the state of virginia to mayor of richmond. what was the difference and why did you do that? >> my grandson asked his mother, my daughter, granddad, senator to limited government. did not have. i thought it was time to put together a referendum. we tasted from the strong
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form of government. that did not want to run. look, you ask us to do these overwhelmingly. >> being in elected office. >> no, i don't. the wilder school of government and public affairs, me with elected officials all the time. i don't miss it, but i do think that the people are expecting more from their elected officials. they want them to be truly representative. how is believed the words, government of the people, for the people, by the people. that to me epitomize what we don't have today coming
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government of, my command for the people. the people. there are too many other entities that are involved that don't really represent the interest of the people. and i think you'll see that evidence in both bodies. >> 1989, now large an issue, campaign issue was race? >> to me i never had the 1st person in virginia to refuse to talk to me, refused to shake my hand. never offered the slightest install, no sanity, never denied entrance and anyplace , never took a 60a 60 day trip and went around every city in every county virginia by the country, not the interstate.
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to the extent that you judge people by the way they look the way they might talk with the way they my dress, the commonality of interest is far greater than that. ii never considered race to be a badge or barrier. to that extent it's one of the reasons i can say i am proud to say that i am a son >> what you thinkwill you think about what happened to one of your predecessors? >> i specified on his behalf. i really felt the wrong person was being convicted and sentenced. i don't need to tell you that person was. by the same token i think that the laws by which he was convicted is a federal law.
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did he commit any state crime? i don't see any, but the law is the law. as you know, going to feel good. i want to weigh in. we don't have to receive any benefit. all you have to do is do any little thing that someone else is done that could be considered. it is questionable. i testified. >> finally, therefinally, there has been a push around the country term move a lot of college campuses, cities, renaming somebody was governor of virginia comeau what are your thoughts? >> the 1st chapter of our book is carry me back.
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the 1st time that i determined did not know. the real objection. they can't be separated anymore. >> can't get past it. so i think so i don't think the government should be a part. i have become better emblem removed of the insignias of
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the air national guard and it took me altogether five or ten minutes to do it because i did not have to ask anybody. and there never has been any objective to it. i have no problem with them. but for the state of the government to promote that is wrong in my judgment. >> one more question, should virginiaquestion, should virginia governors belong to run for more than one term? >> i thought so, most governors think so. the virginia governor constitutionally is a very strong governor with at least 4,000 appointments. to extrapolate they are saying to give this guy this much power for years is too much. some of those authorities
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are given to the agent. it takes you some time to learn the job. sixteen years in the senate, four years as lieutenant governor. it took me some time to get my sea legs. >> a life in america's political arena, former governor virginia. [applause]


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