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tv   Hearing on Defense Health Care Reform  CSPAN  February 29, 2016 10:10am-12:05pm EST

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thank you. i have to tell you this is incredible. i could listen to that music all day long. all day long. i want to thank you. what over look over there. look at this. by the way there are 3,000 people that have to get him. should we start without them? that's amazing. this is the biggest crowd of the political season by far. we have 30,000 people. [cheering] amazing. 30,000 people. i want to thank everybody. we have a lot of folks in the
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area really thriving. it's doing well and we are going to keep that space program going. [cheering] we will be doing a lot of cutting but when it comes to that i have to tell you we will keep it going. i want to thank the benghazi guys come in you mac them, so incredible, guts, courage, they know what happened, amazing. i want to thank them very much for being here today. that is amazing. you know, i was saying that i have a little surprise. i have a little surprise for you today. and over the years i developed a love of friendships. some people are good and some are okay and some are lousy and some are great.
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i was so honored because i have a man that is respected by everybody here, and as somebody that i have a lot of respect for, she is the expert as far as i am concerned on borders and so many different things but when i think of myself now and i think of us, we want strong borders. [cheering] we have a case where as you saw the former president at fox if i were to use that word it would've been a big would have been a big story that he used and the story was that he is very angry and the reason he's angry is because he said we will not pay for that wall and these
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people are dishonest and it's terrible. but i said that the wall just above 10 feet higher. we love it. [cheering] he's angry. use all that. it wasn't really about the wall. it was how dare you tell us what to do. they think they are our bosses. does it work that way folks? it's not going to work that way anymore. so, i just want to tell you we are going to build that wall. it's going to work. we will have a strong border, people will come into the country that they are going to come in legally. when i talk about immigration and illegal immigration at all
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the problems with crime and everything else, i think of a great man and i want to just introduce him to you for a second, you know who i'm talking about. we've kept it a surprise. senator jeff sessions. [cheering] what a crowd this is. i told donald trump this isn't a campaign, this is a movement. look at what's happened. [cheering] the american people are not happy with their government. they say you just need to let let people calm down a little bit and they will forget it and
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let it go. did we forget it? no, we should not. there is an opportunity this year, tuesday, and we have the opportunity -- we have an opportunity to stay. it may be the last opportunity we have for the people's voice to be heard. you have asked for 30 years and politicians have promised for 30 years to fix illegal immigration. have they done it? donald trump will do it. [cheering] [cheering]
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the american people have known for years these trade agreements haven't been working for them. we now have a vote on the transpacific partnership, obama trade, and it will create a commission that undermines our sovereignty and it should not pass. donald trump will see it does not pass. [cheering] the political groups and lobbyists, he's committed to leading this country in an effective way. nobody is perfect.
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we can't have everything, can we, that i can tell you i think at this time at this time in american history, we need to make america great again. [cheering] thank you all. i am pleased to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. [cheering] ip leave that a movement is afoot and must not stay away.
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it has the american people's voices heard for change. the bosses are you people in washington, public servants, they serve you. donald trump, great to have you in one of the greatest cities in the world. [cheering] we have more per capita than any place in the country. we have the best corporate leadership all over the world investing here and hiring people here. it's what we need for all of america. i'm proud to have you with us. god bless. [cheering] >> that is so great.
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you know, he's an incredible guy [cheering] thank you. get him out of here will you? [cheering] thank you.
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never fails. but again i say it now the cameras follow that and know how many people. look over here. take a look. unbelievable. 32,000 people. this is amazing. and by the way, look over there we can't get them in. why can't they come in, let them in. thousands of people over there, let them in if you can. that's the first time senator sessions has ever n. borst a person running for president. [cheering] that is a big deal so we've had some interesting times and to gather "time" magazine a couple of weeks ago did a cover story but this is a movement we are
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going to take our country back and run smart. there's never been a time that we have made so many decisions that have been so wrong whether it is the iran deal. we are going to make our country so great. we are going to do things so smart and we are going to be so confident, you are going to be so proud of your president, believe me. you're not proud now, but you're going to be proud of your president. [cheering] so, over the last couple of weeks nasty things are said. marco rubio is the lightweight. we were up 20 points in florida,
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they hate him in florida, can't be elected, i call him little marco, he's a nice guy but i got the endorsement of chris christie, good guy, smart, wonderful guy so enthusiastic that i watched when he was running i watched something i don't see often. i watched a man melts in front of me. he started grilling the lightweight marco rubio and he was standing right here next to me during the debate. he mentioned the phrase ones and he mentioned it a second time and i said that's strange that i noticed she was sweating. i'd never seen anything like it.
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i said what's going on and i said to myself i hope he's okay. [cheering] [cheering] folks, look, we have to love everybody.
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all lives matter, remember that. so, without these interruptions, you know when you have 35,000 people if you have a few protesters i guess guess that's what it has to happen, right? this i say there's something happening with him and he's melting and he says the phrase a third time and forth time and fifth time. then i get ready and i think he's going to faint. we don't need a painter to negotiate with china and 210, we don't need a painter to knock the hell out of isis. we don't need a guy sweating and
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scared, so that's it. now he wants to act like a big man. i built an incredible business, i filed papers with the federal elections that are so unbelievable and the leave and beneath me if they were not unbelievable i wouldn't be here right now and these guys couldn't believe how great a company i built and i've got to listen to this guy that took money to build a driveway and when they caught him he said let me reimburse i used the wrong credit card and took it out of the republican party. when you look at what he's done, he takes the house, buys its $178,000 or so, sells it to a lobbyist for $380,000 a lobbyist starts dealing with them in the state of florida. you tell me that's what we are going to have as our senator and as our president?
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there's no way. you can't do it. you know, we have a problem. these guys, i'm self funding. i don't care, we will make the right decision. but these guys are all taken care of when you get right down to it whether it is the drug industry where we don't bid competitively, we have pharmaceutical companies and an industry they take care of these people. [cheering] tell me this is the trump rally.
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it's like part of the deal. i remember okay they said he's not going to make it. bernie sanders is speaking and peace to young women came up and took over the microphone. remember that come and he walked away. and i said to myself wow. but remember they came up. the microphone will be taken over from me. i guarantee that. because they are not taking it over from me, they are taking it over from you and i can't let that happen. he looked so weak and pathetic and anyway it's not going to happen you saw what happened yesterday. in all fairness hillary shouldn't be allowed to run because she broke the law. [cheering] she's probably protected by the democrats that she should not be allowed to run.
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you look at the general general petraeus and so many people that have gotten into such hot water over that and you know what i'm talking about. and with her did you ever see so many content thousand 40,000, how do you do so many e-mails, does anybody do that? so let's see what happens. i think we will have to run against her which is good. the other guys are not going to beat her. they are not going to win. and i guarantee one thing we will be talking about those e-mails every moment of every day and we will shame them into doing the right thing. at the polls have come out where i'm leaving. recently they've come out, usa
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today and others, fox recently came out with a poll. i haven't even started yet. [cheering] she's not right now part of the equation to be honest with you. and if you look, take a look at the people, governor walker, nice guy, jeff bush, very nice person. lindsey graham, this poor guy, he was so vicious and his idea, he thinks he's a military expert she says i'm a military expert. we've been listening to him for years. where are we both know where? i know what to do and you know what to do, but i told you was the right way to do it. if we listen to some of these guys on the military, we are going to be over there for
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another 20 years. we can't do it. we have spent $2 trillion in iraq. we have absolutely nothing. we have lost thousands and thousands of great military people. we have wounded warriors who i love all over the place. and you know what we have, nothing. we don't even call them anymore and you know who's taken over iraq in and the second largest oil supplies we have the second largest reserves in the world and people don't even know that. for years they fight and stop and rest up and they fight for years and saddam hussein, they don't like it, everyone complains them and it was the other way. so now what happens? iran is taken over three of us are now they've got $150 billion.
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they should have never gotten that money. they should have released the prisoners for years ago. i kept saying are they going to walk now because they kept getting up every single point. obama is calling the head of the supreme leader. i will never call him, i promise, the supreme leader. but let's say three and a half or four years ago this deal was going on forever come it's a horrible deal so you walk in and say great negotiators, they already archived video. but you walk in the essay very nicely coming and i tell the
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story and one of the reporters from "the new york times" my father was a good guy he told me how to negotiate a little bit. by the way, he said my father gave him $200 million. my sister called me up and said no, are you kidding? i started off with a million dollars and built a company that is worth $10 million. i heard about the 200 million. i said 200 million come he actually copied a story from "the new york times" and i have to tell you "the new york times" is one of the most dishonest media groups i've seen in my life. here's the good news. is going to be out of business and nobody will buy it as a vanity project that "the new york times" is so dishonest.
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if the story is inaccurate, and i said to the president and they gave me a little heat as they don't want this, they have to report accurately and if they don't report accurately, all of us should have the right to sue them. this is nothing to do with freedom of the press but when they don't report accurately, we should have the right to sue them and get them to report accurately because right now, we have libel losses and i will tell you it's going to make it tougher because they will be tougher on me now. they are so dishonest, these reporters, they are the worst. they are i think i tell you what, here i am running against people, i don't with politicians all my life and watch, you're not going to see this crowd that they are not going to show the crowd, you will leave here and
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say we had 32,000 people, 35 standing out there. they will say donald trump made a speech in front of an okay crowd, but here's the story and a bright and accurately, we have to have the right to hold them to what they write it if it is inaccurate we have the right to get damages and right now he gets nothing. i'm running against a very dishonest people. little marco rubio, a total featherweight. when you build a great business and a tremendous network we have a country club we will have the
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tournament in miami with hundreds of acres and so many jobs all over but the bank of america building a big chunk in san francisco one of the great buildings of the world, 1290 among the largest floor plates in the country, big beautiful city on the west side of manhattan on the hudson river from 72nd street all the way down. and i say i'm a cat man and it's such an insulting thing. you don't call somebody of achievement when you've done nothing. this guy is dishonest, he bought the house and sold it to a lobbyist can ask him about his driveway coming you just don't do that stuff, folks. besides that, he sweats too much and i don't want him negotiating for us. [cheering] with that being said, we have ted cruz. i have to be honest these people and dealing with are the worst
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people. ted cruz will get up and say things. i'm totally against obamacare. anybody that has followed me from the time the thing was implemented which never should have been around frankly by the republicans, but he lied 28 different times can keep your doctor and plan and all this stuff and he got just enough democrats to get it done and i will tell you when ted cruz says donald trump likes obamacare and he knows it is a lie, when he says other things and i won't even go into it because it's disgusting, these people are really bad. i've dealt with politicians all my life. some are very good many of them are really dishonest. i don't think they are as bad as the press. i think the press is probably worse. but we are going to straighten out our country and come up with solutions. and you can ask the folks that came out who were just killed
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was being replaced. the biggest proponents of that are little marco rubio herriot we are going to start making great deals for our country. we are in trouble. we have $19 trillion in debt coming up to $21 trillion. we have people that don't have a clue about getting a jet that was just past that is a passed but is a total disaster, useful beyond this that just passed. we are going to start having wonderful budgets. we are going to make this country so strong again and build up the military. our military is so depleted from mismanagement and misuse and
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going all over not knowing what to do. and bite listening to guys like lindsey graham drop bombs here and on isis the day are fighting each other and maybe we shouldn't do that. how can you do this in the back, that's why we are there so long to do one thing at a time. we take out isis, number one. [cheering] and i got a lot of heat. putin was nice to me. he said donald chump was a genius. and donald trump will be the great leader of the party. i don't know if he meant it, he sees crowds by why this, why not. so they come up and they say we want mr. trump to disavow a statement. he calls you a genius is anybody going to disavow? what's wrong with having russia
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work with us, what's wrong with having russia job bombs all over isis what's wrong with that? we have so many wrong things. when this started, june 16 i came down and the pundits said he's never going to run that's when you sign your life away. running for president takes guts. it's not easy. and my wife told me -- you love her, that's beautiful. she's great. she is great and it's not easy for her either. when we came down the escalator and i said let's go take a deep breath and i made a speech and
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talked about illegal immigration and all hell broke out and he wouldn't even be talking about immigration and illegal immigration which is a bigger problem than anyone knew. no one knew how great it was i knew because i have friends that live in california and texas and over the place and also that have become addicted to drugs that flow through the border. we wants new hampshire. i was treated so well in new hampshire not only did i win but there are great people out there and you go up to new hampshire and see the people and the biggest thing they tell me about it is they have a tremendous heroine problem and it doesn't seem right. it's like a beautiful place and it doesn't seem right. it's pouring through the southern border. if i say we are going to get
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this stuff ended we say we are going to have strong borders these politicians, the other day i heard two of them. i never heard it before. my wife said to me i've never heard that before, and honestly i haven't marco rubio said we are going to build a wall. the first time ever because i thought we couldn't build it according to these guys and i heard the same thing from ted cruz. sheriff joe who's terrific by the way, he's endorsed me and let me tell you, joe from arizona knows about borders, do we agree?
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so i gave this speech and people were sort of very critical. rush limbaugh said i've never seen anybody take more from the press. it was brutal for a couple of weeks. then people started to realize i'm right. and between the crime and the drugs into the economic development that lost, and by the way we will have people coming in, we know that, that we have to strengthen the borders, so why talk about borders and trade and then it morphed into something much different as you have the attack in paris and in los angeles and many other attacks and all of a sudden people started looking to me for protection and safety because trust me i will be so good and tough and so strong we are going to protect our country militarily and of the borders we are going to protect the country. so i went from trade is a big thing because you cannot lose
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$500 billion a year with china which is what we lost last year, $500 billion with china and then i hear these very not smart people come i'm trying to be nice, but they say donald trump is not a free trade or. we have to do something to get something out of it. i am a free trader. when we lose $500 billion a year i guess i'm not a free trader because it's not going to work that way. i know china very well. they pay me tens of millions of dollars for apartments. the largest bank in the world is a tenet of mine in one of my buildings. i know more about china because the bank of america building in san francisco because of china and i got it in a very hostile fashion. and by the way, mexico i didn't like that leader or his language if you want to know the truth i didn't like his attitude because
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he thought we're supposed to we were supposed to give him everything but those days are gone. mexico is great and the people are great. i have thousands of hispanics working for me and that have worked for me over the years. they are great. the problem we have is the leaders of mexico and china and japan, all of the leaders all over the world are smarter, tougher, more cunning than our leaders are stupid people, folks we have 19 trillion we can't afford it anymore. we are going to change that so fast. for the first part, i talked about borders and a trade and i love talking about trade and i say it all the time. i will be the greatest job producing president of god ever created. [applause] i talked about trade and just so
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you know it's not free trade with china. they send stuff in, we send stuff over there they can't get into china and if they do come they pay in massive tariff. be we need is a one-sided deal and our people don't want to talk about it but we are going to start talking about it because we aren't going to lose that money and we will remain a country. we have rebuilt china. that is the greatest theft in the world with china has sent to the united states. the big bank renewed their lease. they loved the building. i was a little supplies. the way that i talk about china to talk about it with respect. i wish our leaders were doing to them what they are doing to us i would be so happy with the leaders and i wouldn't be doing this. we are going to strengthen the trade. i know you've seen the story
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about a week ago kerry or air conditioners, now i'm going to a different brand, but i buy a lot of stuff and i tell you it's all moving to mexico now, pfizer is moving to ireland. it's a big pharmaceutical company. we have to stop it. florida is building a plant to mexico just in case. now they are doubling down. for now is going to double up and do more. the reason is nobody tells them there will be repercussions if you do this. so, i went to the school of finance, you went to good schools and colleges were no schools. everyone knows if you take care year and there were 1400 people
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out of a job if you take care year and say we are moving to mexico, they worked for years, they are going to move right into mexico, what good does that do if they sell many of them to the united states, so we lose the real estate taxes and all sorts of taxes and then not only that but care year is going to sell air conditioners so they will be competing with companies that we have like others that sell air conditioners that ideally make them in the united states. there are too many because i could say the same for south korea. i buy thousands of television set a year. you have to go to south korea unless you want to go to sony but we won't say that. but if you go ill g. & son, if
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i'm president i do the following everyone says when but i don't want to do that because they will see that i'm egotistical. you've got to go out and vote. [cheering] you have to vote on a movement. i wish you could have gotten a better location. i wish the cameras would focus on that area it's so unbelievable. i wish the area where we have 4,000 people standing but they won't let him. that's so sad. why is there a fire hazard when you're standing outside?
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in all fairness i work very hard and my best friends have become fire marshals we need the help of the fire marshals but it's on the inside of the building's. how can you have a problem when we are outside this building, let them in mr. fire marshal, whoever you are not then come in. [cheering] when you are anything like this
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is ridiculous, so here's what we do. if one of these other guys heard about it like marco rubio or chris, number one they don't care, number two the lobbyist will see that and say you can't do that. here's this and so nothing is going to happen. but me, i've turned down so much money and i feel so foolish. i tell people my whole life is about money accumulation. i tell people that's what i do. now i tell people i have a friend who's a great guy who wants to give me $10 million another wants to give me 5 million. someone to give me 20.
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i would have the greatest fund ever assembled by mankind. and i keep saying no and he comes over and says i don't want it and i sort of feel foolish. i don't even know if people appreciate it. i don't know. i have a man that is a member of the club -- i'd like you to. i love everybody here. [cheering] every poll says donald trump has the most loyal people. i shouldn't say this but they say i can do anything and they still love me.
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he's a tremendously rich guy and says i would like to give you as much money as possible for the campaign. it started at 5%, 7% and they would say he's reached. if he is tease people back there anytime i any time i see him i say turn off the set. i'm telling you that i go to 12% and then i go to 20% and then 24, 25.
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today they have made 44% nationally. and don't forget that's what five people and even more than i probably because they have a couple others before that. but that's with other people. so now they don't see that say that anymore but then i listened to them say you know what they are going to do, they are going to gang up on you. they say he's unbeatable can't beat him in that debate. did you see them shaking hands and waving to each other and standing i'm standing in the middle and by the way every single online poll said i won that debate.
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can i be honest we just want to make the country great. we want security, good healthcare, we health care, we want to get rid of common core come a strengthen the second amendment. there are certain things we want to have a good life, a wonderful family, he great job. we want to take care of ourselves into this whole thing with the viciousness and stupidity and we want to do it right. so karl rove said he has 40. i had had just to just one nevada and was a big victory. we have had just one shortly before that. that was supposed to be the stronghold.
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i'm leaving with evangelicals everywhere because they want competent people. they are tired of listening to these all talk no action politicians that can't do it anymore. he's been one of the endorsers that has been so great. he said two things i love first of all everybody goes through and those he's highly respected. they said he most reminds me of my father which was a great compliment because i knew of him a little bit but he was terrific
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he read the bible, knew the bible and he had ronald reagan who wasn't quite as good but felt he was going to be better and he took a lot of heat because he went in and forced ronald reagan instead of jimmy carter and ronald reagan turned out to be a great president. i think it is a great story and i want to tell you he's been amazing. he's been on the phone and giving interviews. thank you. he's had a great impact on the success that we've had. so, what we are going to do is turn things around. what we are going to do is the following.
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it's not presidential. i will call carrier and by the way, we have the greatest business minds in the world. we use political hacks often times they get there because the cabinets we have political acts negotiating in the world and these trade deals i know the underrated ones, the overrated ones, the ones you've never heard of, they endorsed a great business leaders and i have others endorsing me all the time. i hate to say i'm becoming mainstream all these people are now endorsing me. but let me tell you when i get jeff sessions, that means a lot to me especially since he's never done it before.
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so i would say luck i know it's not presidential. they would say donald trump would call it what does the president -- i will do it quietly, they say the the president of the united states and i say listen mr. so and so here's the story come i know it's going to be beautiful and i love the fact that that he will put a lot of mexicans to work i think that's a wonderful thing but you hurt a lot of people in the united states closing plans it's costing a lot of money and i know you've also those air conditioners in the united states, so here's the deal, if you want to make air conditioners in mexico every single time you saw an air conditioner you will pay a 35% tax. [cheering] and by the way i would say the same thing to forward and every
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company that wants to leave our country. i am a free trader and we are losing our country and the business. it cuts the hell out and they devalue the currency. china is the all-time master with what to do to currency. with what they do to us and by the way, transpacific partnershipcommits a horrible deal for the country and one of the things i love is that jeb sessions -- jeff sessions as opposed is opposed to it. this is more money lost so i hope they don't approve it i
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don't know if they are or not it's another disaster in another deal if every single deal we do is bad because the changes and every single deal we do is going to be phenomenal for us and bring back jobs so here's the story. 35% tax i hope you and joy your stay in your new building in mexico, i hope it works out well ..
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a lot times you think the people that run it are so and they are not, but they do it because they get a sense to paid a fortune in campaign contributions and probably other things honestly that we don't know about. probably other things. i do want to be accusing anybody. i would never want to accuse anybody of that of course. they probably do things you don't want to know about, although i liked to know about it. you can pay 35% good backup the people -- i don't want their money. i say now, you have to go. within 24 hours i will get a
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call from either one of their representatives or the head guy, probably the head guy. it was a mr. president, we've decided to stay in the united states. cannot happen. now let me just tell you something. that is not 80% sure are 90%. that is 100%. we are talking about 100%. it's not like maybe we can get lucky. we will make such incredible deals. we protect the world. we spent our money on military than other countries put together. we spent more than any country has ever spent time six. one of the reasons as we are protecting everybody else. it not for us. we protect germany. we protect japan. if i can attack, they don't have to do anything. they can watch it and say that's exciting to watch. if they get attacked, we have to go protect them and end up in
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world war iii. what kind of deals are these? japan. we protect japan. we protect south korea. i like south korea. but we don't have the money to do it anymore. it is isis. take them down. i have not done so faster and make your head spin. what do you think general macarthur material? what would general george patton do? how long do you think isis would've been around around? with general george patton was a rough, tough guy. his people loved him. they do anything for them. we don't have that today. today we have generals who go on television and they can not isis is very tough. believe me, i'm we have the
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right people, the right minds, the great military. by the way, it is seriously depleted. when he last come again then he goes on television. the most depleted of any time he's ever seen or heard a good start might be like the beginning. honestly he is a good man. why should we tell the enemy now? that is what we are doing. by the way, it's the cheapest thing we can do. nobody will mess with us. look at all of these countries. south or he is making a fortune. japan with the cars, millions of cards they send them practically nothing. these deals are no good if
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they're going to come up and they're going to pay for protection and we want to be very nice. we will have a better relationship than we do now. we don't even have a good relationship. china is not in a military fortress in the south china sea. they did not go through the environmental impact process. do we agree? i don't think they are worried about the snails and the fish in the state. they start around two hours later. with us to do that it would take 45 years of environmental impact studies. this country. obama is always talking about the carbon footprint. he has the news conference. he talks about the carbon footprint and then he takes air force one an old 747 with engines that spewing any flies to hawaii and he plays golf and is there for three weeks. this guy plays more golf than the people on the pga tour until he knew.
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-- i'm telling you. we are going to get our jobs back. we are going to take care of our military. we will do such an incredible job. our veterans are treated so badly. the illegal immigrants in many cases, and i'm serious about this, are treated better than veteran and we're not going to let that happen any more. we are not letting that happen. so we are going to make unbelievable changes and become a rich nation. recently a woman came up to make him a very nice woman from a beautiful woman. she said mr. trump i don't like what do you say. i love you as president, but please don't say we are going to become a rich nation again. it doesn't sound good good i said i sound so great.
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we can become great if we are losing $500 billion a year to china and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars to every other country. we don't make a deals anymore. i don't want your money. other guys come out. please send money to such and such an address. i don't need any money. i want you to do one thing. on tuesday -- this is our movement. this is our moment. you believe it? i love you. can you hear me over there? i love you. i love you people. man is that a lot of people. i love you people. don't kid yourself, folks. i have to say. everyone needs to have the best
11:08 am
location. they do. you know why? tomorrow morning they will become famous. they are all to be famous. so load. here is the story. no money. i don't want money. i choose day you have to get out a boat and we have it when big. i love alabama. i do love your football team. how good are they? [cheers and applause] i'll tell you what. i don't know, maybe he's endorsing somebody else. he's done a of a job. i love the team. so professional. are you ready? we've got to get out and vote on
11:09 am
tuesday. we will learn so vague. we obeyed in every singles date and almost in texas. i have a feeling we will win texas also. [cheers and applause] and we want to keep this movement is one of the big writer said in the history of comedy united states and i don't even understand it did there has never been anything like this that has ever happened. they have never seen anything like it. it is so amazing. they call it a phenomenon. you are a phenomenon. we are all a phenomenon. you are a phenomenon. here is the story. and one of them said to me congratulations. i sat on what? it's never been done before. highly respected liberal, but that's okay. he said it's never been done before. i said what have i done? the louisiana sometime you have changed politics.
11:10 am
don't forget, i spend less money than some of these guys. one of them spend $158 million he was close to last place. and i spent peanuts and i was first place. wouldn't it be nice for our country could do that? wouldn't it be great? we will do that. in education is so important because it's about the american dream. i always say the american dream is dead, which it is. the american dream is dead, but we are going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. but -- but -- to get a piece of the american jam, education is so important. all of you kids out there just go and do some and you like and listen to your parents. education is so important. in the world's top 30 countries we are last. and yet we are first and money spent. so we spend more money per pupil
11:11 am
by so much more than number two. you wouldn't even believe it. number two doesn't even exist. we spend much more money than anybody else per pupil and yet we are last. you have sweden, norway, denmark, china and we are number 30. you have countries on the list that you've never even heard of it we are number 30. we spent the most and we are the worst. we are going to change it around, folks. that goes for purchasing. we are going to start competitive bidding. we don't competitively bid. we are losing billions and billions and billions of dollars. we don't bid properly. how often is getting a plane they don't want because that company has more political muscle than the company that makes the plans that everybody wants, which is cheaper, better. i see it all the time. it's terrible.
11:12 am
those days are over because nobody's taking care of the folks. so here is what i want. you are going to go on to say hope to live. first of all i love you. i love you people. thank you. [chanting] >> thank you in on tuesday you've got to go well. you have to go. ideally we want to have a rebound in. i have so many friends from this area. it's an amazing area. it is an amazing state. diverse, incredible people. you've got a go well, you've got to win by a lot. but movement is going. i promise you this. you are going to remember this gorgeous comment you the full
11:13 am
evening. everything is perfect. a little windy. i could've left the hat off. it's a little bit windy. i figure why should my hair blow all over the place? amendment jeff sessions but anon i actually felt better. but here is the story. we will start winning again. we are going to win with the military. we are going to do it fast, fast, fast. we are going to win with health care. we are going to win with education and get rid of common core. we are going to win at the borders. and we will keep winning and we are going to make america great again, greater than ever before. and i love you all. tuesday, go out and vote. i love you all. thank you, thank you, thank you. love you.
11:14 am
[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:15 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:16 am
♪ ♪ >> we are taking light live to the white house than obama is about to award the medal of honor to edward byers for is action helping rescue american citizens from the television and not in a cnn 2012. this is live coverage on espn2.
11:17 am
-- c-span2. this ♪ ♪ >> let us pray. heavenly father, be with us today as we gather to see senior chief edward byers receive our highest military honor from the hands of the president. we offer you our thanks for the integrity, generosity of spirit and valor that mark's senior chief byers' service to our country. we offer you our thanks for dr. joseph and we thank you were bringing them both safely to the embrace of those who love them. at the same time, our hearts go
11:18 am
out to petty officer and his family and friends. they are grateful america always remember and honor his service and sacrifice. amen. >> please be seated. >> good morning, everyone. and welcome to the white house. they eat those, decreed with every navy seals said this. do do not advertise them in my work. only seek recognition for my actions. which is another way of saying that standing here today in front of the entire nation is not senior chief edward byers' idea of a good time. [laughter] like so many operators defined
11:19 am
by a deep sense of humility and doesn't seek the spotlight. in fact it shoves it. he's a consulate, quiet professional. i imagine a lot of other places he would rather be than run of all of these cameras. back in coronado for another week, holding his breath under dark frigid water, spending months being cold, wet and sandy. i'm sure there are other things he would rather be doing. but the medal of honor is the nation's highest military decoration and today's ceremony is truly unique, a rare opportunity for the american people to get a glimpse of a special breed of warrior that selloff is serves in the shadows. we are a nation of 300 million americans. of these, less than 1% wear the
11:20 am
uniform of our armed forces. of these, just a small fraction served in our special operations forces. among those who train to become a see how, only a select few emerge and earn the right to wear that golden trait. consider this. the entire history of the navy seals, just five have been awarded the medal of honor. their names have become legendary. doris, kerry, horton, murphy, months or i'm now the sixth, byers. the members of the medal of honor society who are with us, we are especially honored by the presence of tommy norris and mike thorton. [applause]
11:21 am
now, given the nature of the service, there is a lot that we cannot face today. many of the operational details of his mission remained classified. many of his teammates cannot be mentioned and this is as it should be. their success demands secrecy and that secrecy saves lives. there are, however many distinguished guests that we can accomplish, including members of congress and leaders across our military including the navy. in fact, this may be the largest gathering of special ops in the history of the white house. among them we have special operations meant, general joe will tell and vice admiral sean. from jurist special operations command commander admiral tim
11:22 am
sieminski and for naval special warfare command, rear admiral brien mostly a master should or a good america special operators, and this is a little bit of a family reunion and it's wonderful to have them all here. most of all, we welcome as a wonderful family is like and, like so many military spouses cap their families back home while at husband deployed. this particular daughter, hannah who is a competitive figure skater and looks the part. and likes to jump out of planes with a parachute and when it's not skydiving, he is driving his 1976 jell-o had hardly. when he is not writing, his stay in shape with hannah who was apparently his workout partner. it is good when your trainer is a navy seal.
11:23 am
[laughter] we welcome as mum peggy landers didn't have one question when ed told her about the ceremony. do you think i can come? [laughter] so sweet. yes, mom, you are allowed to calm when your son get the medal of honor. as brothers and sisters are here as are about 50 countries from all across the country and dozens of friends, many who served alongside them. some love traveled from around the world to be here today. that is the brotherhood of the depth of loyalty, service and mission. looking back, it seems ed byers was destined to serve. his father served in the navy during world war ii and now rest in arlington. as a boy growing up in grand rapids, ohio, and would be in
11:24 am
the words in his camouflage and i suspect the other kids did not have a chance. a boy scout who loved adventure, as a movie about the navy seals who fell in love with the idea of deploying air and land. i believe that man will not merely endure, william fogg once said because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. even if you never perform the actions for which he is being recognized here today, and buyers would be long remembered for his can passion and sacrifice and endurance. 11 overseas deployments, and nine combat tours, recipient of the purple heart twice, bronze star with valor five times. about three years ago, our nation called on that spirit once again. in afghanistan, an
11:25 am
american.chair, husband and father of four children was working to bring health care to the afghan people was driving down a rural road. the gunmen surrounded his car and taken hostage. they tied his hands and marched them into the mountain. the days went by in a remote valley in a small single room building surrounded by polly mann, he lost all hope. i was certain he thought he was about to die. his captors told him the americans are not coming for you. well, they were wrong. whenever americans are taken hostage in the world, we moved to bring them home safe. we send some thunder and lightning, special operator forces, folks like ed byers are carefully selected for their character, integrity and judgment. they are highly trained with
11:26 am
scales by years of experience. they willingly volunteered for admissions of extraordinary risk like this one. in this case, there is reason to believe the taliban commander was on his way to take custody of the american hostage and move them into packets and so time is of the essence from a remote forward operating base, they launched. once on the ground they moved under the cover of darkness on that cold december night. through the mountains, down the trails for hours. they found the target and moved in quickly and quietly. when they were less than 100 feet from the building, a guard came out and the bullets started to fly. our seals rushed to the doorway which was covered by a layer of blankets. and started ripping them down, exposing them to enemy fire. the teammate, lead a solitary pushed in and was paid. fully aware of the danger, and
11:27 am
moved in next. and i make art and his rifle right out in. transfixed by her. someone move across the floor, perhaps the hostage, perhaps another guard lunging for a weapon. the struggle was hand-to-hand. they adjusted his night vision goggles. he came into focus and he was on top of that. the american hostage later described the scene, the dark room suddenly filled with men. no beams of light shot in every direction. voices called out his name. he answered i am right here. here in english, and left across the room and threw himself on the hostage using his own body to shield him from the bullet. another enemy fighter. and with his body, he kept chilled in the hostage. but this bare hand, he penned a
11:28 am
fighter to the law and held him until his teammates took action. it was over almost as soon as it began and in just minutes by going after those guys who saved the life of several teammates than the hostage. you are safe he told the doctor. viewer with american forces. the hostage came home to be reunited with his wife and his children. that success came at the price. the first field through the door and a sprained neck was grievously wounded. he stayed with neck helping perform cpr the entire flight 40 minutes long. today we salute chief petty officer nicholas had back in monroeville, pennsylvania, they remembered him as the driven kid good football player, wrestler
11:29 am
who always wanted to be a seal. for his valor in this mission, he was awarded the navy cross and is among the 70 members of tables special warfare communities, 55 of them sealed and made the ultimate sacrifice in 9/11. all those who admired him remind us of the immense sacrifices goat families have made and our obligation to stand with them always. so today, we don't simply honor a single individual. we also pay tribute to a community across our entire military. special operators and aviators, engineers, to nations, analysts, countless enablers and their devoted families. these hard years since 9/11, our nation has called on the community like never before. small in number, they have warned extraordinarily heavy
11:30 am
load. but they continue to volunteer mission after mission, year after year. few americans ever see at. i am truly privileged and humbled that as commander-in-chief i do get to see at. may order of sending you in harms way. i see the difference you make every day, the partners who trained in their relationships to forage. the other hostages who have brought home. the terrorists that you take out. i have waited like many of you in those minutes that seemed like hours between success and failure for words -- i agreed with you and i've stood with you to welcome our fallen heroes on their final journey home. our special operations forces are a strategic national asset. they teach us that humans are
11:31 am
more important than hardware. today is a reminder that our nation has to keep investing in a secure place will affect. which means applying our special operators preserving forests and family, making sure these incredible americans stay strong in body, mind and spirit. i will end where i started with the cod does. and the times of war or in urgency, there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our nation's call. a common and uncommon desire to succeed forged by it or city, he stands alongside america's finest special operations forces to serve his country, the american people and protect their way of life. senior chief, edward byers junior is such a man. chief petty officer nicholas jay
11:32 am
was batman. every navy seals special operator who serves with his chosen profession is batman. the american people may not always see them. we may not always hear of their success, that they are there in the thick of the fight in the dark of the night, achieving their mission. we thank god they are there. we sleep more peacefully in our beds tonight because pitchers like to stand ready to answer our nation's call and protect our way of life now and forever. as we prepare the reading of the citation, i ask you to join me in expressing america's profound to did navy seal ed byers and all of our quiet professionals. [applause]
11:33 am
[applause] [inaudible conversations] >> the president of the united states minima the congress takes pleasure in presenting the medal of honor to cheat special warfare operator, edward c. byers junior coming i do think maybe word intrepidity out the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as a hostage rescue team member and afghanistan in support of operation enduring read them on
11:34 am
eighth and ninth of december, 2012. the target building enemy sentry detected them and darted inside to alert his helicopters. the century quickly reemerged in the lead assaults or attempted to nature lies. chief buyers sprinted to the door. as the primary preachers stood in the door way politics is to enemy fire while gripping a thick layers of heavy blankets fastened to the inside dealing to clear path for the rescue force. the first assaults or push his way to the blanket and was mortally wounded by small arms fire from within. chief byers completely aware of the imminent threat grossly rushed in to the brim and engaged in enemy guard, aiming an ak-47 at him. he then tackled another adult male who had darted towards the corner of the room. during the ensuing hand-to-hand struggle, chief byers confirmed the man was not the hostage and engaged in.
11:35 am
as the other team members called out to the hostage, chief byers heard a voice respond in english and race towards it. he jumped atop the american hostage and shielded him from the high volume of fire within the small room. while covering the hostage, chief byers immobilize another guard with his bare hand and restrained the guard until a teammate could eliminate him. his bold and decisive actions under fire saved the lives of the hostage and several teammates. by his undaunted courage, intrepid fighting spirit and unwavering devotion to duty and the faith in your search death, chief petty officer byers reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions for the united states naval service.
11:36 am
[applause] [applause] >> let us pray. the inside, as we conclude this moving of the beautiful
11:37 am
ceremony, and we offer your prayers for the country we serve. your blessed america with riches and strained. may we use them to make this world of yours more just and humane. you have blessed america also with the tradition of harry with them like that is senior chief byers, his brother in arms. they all this treasure that history and may inspire all of us to serve him bravely, generously and faithfully. amen. >> well, that concludes ceremony. we actually throw a pretty good party here. i have been told the hors d'oeuvres are pretty good. we welcome all of you to join us in the reception as ed and i have to take a few more pictures before he joined you, but we are so grateful to him.
11:38 am
we are grateful to his wonderful family, mom, i am glad you could come. [laughter] we are grateful to our other medal of honor recipients who are here and all the special forces who are here. we are extraordinarily grateful to you. this is obvious he an award for individual heroism, but i'm glad we were able to make a broader point. we are so grateful for your service to our nation. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. god bless america. [applause] . [inaudible conversations] ♪
11:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> edward tran to awarded the
11:40 am
medal of honor.
11:41 am
♪ >> on saturday, hilly clinton spoke to hundreds on her victory in the south carolina primary. mr. clinton told supporters in columbia -- she will complete -- not taking anyone for granted. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you very, very much. ladies and gentlemen, for the last several weeks, the people at half lineup have had an
11:42 am
opportunity to cheat or and compete. tonight, the democratic voters of south carolina have reached a significant verdict. [cheers and applause] thank you. [chanting] she will be here in a moment. i want to thank each and every one of you for all the work that you would do to make this evening possible. we tonight have started hillary clinton on her way to the white
11:43 am
house. [cheers and applause] the people of south carolina have said you work hard if you build a resume, and if you remain true to your own principles, if you remain loyal to the administration, to god, to this economy. [cheers and applause] and if you lay out a plan as to how you will build the record and take us to where we had to be it, you will have rewarded. [cheers and applause]
11:44 am
tonight, she will reward each and every one of us in this great nation. [cheers and applause] let me present to you now the next president of these united states, hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]
11:45 am
[cheers and applause] ♪ >> thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you so much, south carolina. [chanting] thank you. thank you so much from one end of the state to another. i am so greatly appreciative because today you sent the message in america when we stand
11:46 am
together -- when we stand together there is no barrier to big to break. we have now gone through four early states and i want to congratulate senator sanders on running a great race and tomorrow, this campaign goes national. [cheers and applause] we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we are not taking anyone for granted. i want to thank all the local leaders, legislators, mayors, pastors, organizers, volunteers
11:47 am
who have worked their heart out for this campaign. i think all of our great south carolina friend going back so many years. i especially want to thank two of your farmer great democratic senators, riley and jim hodges. [cheers and applause] and i especially want to thank your chance he and the mayor statesman in congress, jim clyburn. [cheers and applause] [chanting] i am so looking forward to working with the congressman to make the changes and continue the progress that we can build on the record and accomplishments of president obama. [cheers and applause]
11:48 am
into the almost 850,000 people who have contributed what they could, most give him less than $100, i thank each and everyone of you. now every day since iowa, more and more of you have stepped up. today, grassroots donors are powering this campaign. [cheers and applause] into the millions of people watching across our country, please join us by making a donation to hillary and here is why. because together, we can break down all the barriers holding our families and our country back. we can build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so every single american can have
11:49 am
that chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. and then and only then can america live up to its full potential. [cheers and applause] this campaign in this victory tonight is for the parents and teachers in rural south carolina. [cheers and applause] they showed me classrooms and communities on the click it. we are going to work together to give our children the education they need and deserve here in south carolina and across america. this campaign and our big areas for the entrepreneurs who tells me more dreams die in the parking lots of eggs than
11:50 am
anywhere else and that is especially true for women and for people of color. we are going to work together to give people, particularly young people -- [cheers and applause] to start that small business you've been dreaming of. this campaign in r. during his four the reverend, a presiding altar in the ame church who looked about the violence violence and division in our country and asked me the other night how -- how are we ever going to strengthen the bond of families and community again. we are going to start by working together with more love and kindness in our hearts and more respect for each other.
11:51 am
despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never not been great. [cheers and applause] but we do need to make america whole again. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. [cheers and applause] we need to show by everything we do that we are in this together. today, too many people at the top, too many corporations, this basic truth about what makes america great. prescription drug companies that increase the price of drugs for no reason than greed and then double and triple bills of folks
11:52 am
overnight. corporations that you show shift their headquarters overseas for no other reason than to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. companies like johnson controls and wisconsin though we taxpayers up to say but the autodesk june 2008. let there be no doubt in any boardroom across this country that you teach your employees to exploit your customers are rip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. [cheers and applause] if you turn your back on america, you will pay a price. but if you do the right thing, if you invest in your workers
11:53 am
and in your country's future, we will stand with you. together we have to break down all the barriers. not just saw them. it is important to wall street never threaten main street again. milbank should be made to fail in the executive too powerful to jail. but america isn't a single issue country, my friend. we need more than a plan for the bags. the middle class needs a raise. [cheers and applause] and we need more good jobs, jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced, jobs that provide dignity and a path to a brighter future and we can create those good jobs. so let's make new investments in
11:54 am
manufacturing and scientific research, in clean energy. enough clean energy to power every home in america. [cheers and applause] and don't let anybody tell you we can't make things in america. i know we can't and i know we will. let's break down the barriers that keep you up on the sideline of our economy, especially women. [cheers and applause] don't you think we have waited long enouyou think we have waitd long enough for quality child care and paid family leave? do you think it is time for equal pay for equal work? [cheers and applause] and let's break down the barriers and stop our children
11:55 am
from getting the best possible start in life. we need to support great teachers in grade schools in every zip code. [cheers and applause] let's break down the barriers, holding back our young people, especially the student debt that makes it hard to imagine other living the life that they want. [cheers and applause] and we are going to give special support to our historically black colleges and university that play a final roll. now breaking down all the barriers, we also have to face the reality of systemic racism that more than half a century after rosa parks scott and dr. king marched and john lewis led still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in america and who can left behind.
11:56 am
we have to invest in communities of color, reform our broken criminal justice and immigration system. [cheers and applause] we have to guarantee opportunity, dignity and justice for every american. tonight, i want to pay tribute to five extraordinary women who crisscrossed the state with me and for me. five mothers brought together by tragedy, the mother of trayvon martin shot and killed. mother jordan davis shot and killed by someone who thought he was playing his music too loud in his car. maria hamilton, mother dog tray, shot and killed by police in milwaukee. when carr, mother of eric garner choked to death after being stopped for salé loose cigarette on the street. and geneva visio, mother of
11:57 am
senator blanche who died in police custody in texas. they all lost children, which is almost unimaginable. yet, they have not been broken or embittered. instead, they have channeled their sorrow into a strategy and their mourning into a movement and narrowminded and assess them in deep and powerful in the american spirit. we all know the story of flint michigan, how a city shelter or poisoned by toxic water because their governor wanted to save a little money. but there is another five historic san flint. a story of a community that has been knocked down but refuse to be knocked out.
11:58 am
it is hundreds of union farmers coming from across the country and helping install new water fixtures. it is students raising funds for water delivery and showing up in flint to distribute supplies. it is the united auto workers and general motors donated millions of dollars. the communities that have been left behind. for every problem we face anywhere, someone somewhere is working to solve this. people who built by which others to have their backs. we all have to do our part and not our best we all rise together. imagine what we can all built together when each and every american has the chance to live up to his or her potential.
11:59 am
imagine a child were no chad grows up in the shadow of discrimination or render the specter of deportation. imagine if tomorrow we are prepared as finding a job and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement. imagine tomorrow where hard work is honored, families are supported and communities are strong, when we trust and respect each other despite all that divides us. so please, join us for this campaign for our country's future. go to hillary or text join to 2746 right now. you know, i'm one of my first trips to south carolina during this campaign i stopped by a bakery here in columbia. i was saying hello to everybody. i went over to say hello to a man reading a book in the corner. it turned out he was a minister and the book was a bible.
12:00 pm
he was studying first karen didn't start team, which happens to be one of my favorite passages. love never fails that tells us that love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. [cheers and applause] these are words to live i not only for ourselves, but also for our country. i know sometimes seems a little odd for someone running for president these days and this time to say we need more love and kindness in america. ..
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