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tv   House Speaker Paul Ryan Weekly Briefing  CSPAN  March 3, 2016 7:29pm-7:43pm EST

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join the discussion. >> the annual conservative political action conference. speeches by republican presidential candidates. >> house speaker paul ryan spoke about the agenda and addressed questions about donald trump and the gop presidential nominating process.
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>> yesterday the foreign affairs committee past two very important resolutions. in a resolution which condemns the gross human rights violation, these are difficult subjects. but that is why we need to take the steps. children are being enslaved. not ready to say they are committing crimes against humanity. we are ready to say this.
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we need to recognize atrocities and continue to pray. second, the obama administration is preparing fiduciary rules that raise cost and limit options was get her millions. we have already passed a bill in the house to lay the rule. we will be ready to do what we can to protect the savings of hard-working americans, and when we do i hope we will be joined by the dozens of democrats. this afternoon i will be attending seatback. this beautiful idea, one of
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the planks of the policy agenda we are working on now. this is going to be our contribution to the campaign. a bold agenda that unites conservatives. i will brief our presidential candidates. the goal is to have an election late 1980. with that, i am happy to answer questions. >> questions with governor romney? expectation he could get along well. >> one of our party leaders who cares deeply about the
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future of the republican party in the country. i don't know the content. i have not seen the content. we are), but i am not sure what he will say. we are in the primary process. the nomination is not been sewn up. these happen in a competitive republican primary. what can i do about it? i can control is having an agenda, the involved in making sure house republicans unified off of the country a bold and specific path forward which is what i'm focused on and worried about. i will walk them through what it is we're doing, we want to work with whoever the nominee is. >> it appears -- what do you
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say? [inaudible question] >> you know we don't have a say in this. the president has every right to put a nominee up. and there is a precedents involved, especially halfway through the presidential election. it makes sense in the middle of a very contested election and i think we should let the people decide. the whole thing is up for grabs. the supreme court, congress, the white house. let's give the people the choice.
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>> one of your relatives, at the time he wrote a letter saying you unequivocally supporter. >> i spoke at her hearing. >> she is family, but my point is the same, we should not be acting on a nominee. my position is the same as always. the senate's right. >> you know you want to keep that dry, but you are seeing more and more come are you worried in any way that they may judge you? >> i do not worry about that because i see my role as a unique one. here is what i can control, if i see episodes where
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conservatism is being disfigured, ideas and comments that mislead the people as to who we are i will speak out on those. i will do that when i see conservatism being disfigured. so i am andi am and what we believe and what conservatism is as we understand it. number two, what can i do? well, help lead the house republicans to form an agenda. the way we see our roll through our agenda project is to add a heel and rudder and give direction so that we can take the american people a real choice. this is -- i wish we could have done better in 2012. give the country a clear and compelling choice so that they can decide which rubio as a nation.
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people are stuck in poverty. the economy is flat and stale and people are not getting raises are good opportunities. obama care is a bust.a bust. it will make of the country and need patient centered health care. we don't have a foreign policy to keep us safe. that actually writing our laws. the founding principle of the country is a choices. >> what confidence that you have that he will embrace the agenda? >> we will see when we have a nominee. >> three different policies.
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training, action, entitlement reform. anti- free trade. does not want to do anything on entitlement reform. >> we are going to speak up for who we are and what we believe. >> curious whether you have a timeline of louisville for you to the budget committee. we had a very good conversation. it reminds me. we are still on track and on schedule.
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so we still aretarget month ahead of where we otherwise would be. i wanted to start the conversation early because we're losing in july. we are still on track for that. ultimately this will be a decision made by our team. the kind of speakership i am going to have will not be a top-down type. a bottom-up, make decisions jointly. i fundamentally believe we need to pass a budget and have a full functioning appropriations process and laid out to the members on why i think that. tom price has been the last month listening to members of congress working with the members of committee to put a plan forward on how to get not only a good budget vision but active appropriations process.
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>> i will leave it up to the budget committee to decide. >> they don't support the planet was laid out. >> willing to put up bills on the floor, you commit you will put a budget resolution on the floor. >> i will let the team members decide how we proceed. >> if you don't get along, what does a comment like that suggests? >> i watched it live. >> sometimes real. i don't think anything of it. i don't really no him. we will obviously get to no each other. cost is bridges only get to it. i'm a good-natured guy. >> i thought on the faa
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funding. faa reauthorization. a phony and a fraud. that's a good friend. use your bully pulpit more. against donald trump. >> what i can control is what we do here is house republicans. i am the chairman of the convention. republican primaries will play itself out.
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a vision, and agenda. thank you very much. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi. talked about the taxes abortion law case currently under consideration by the supreme court. this is about 15 minutes.


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