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tv   Mitt Romney Remarks on 2016 Republican Field  CSPAN  March 4, 2016 12:25am-12:35am EST

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>> >> what he works for it in politics and is doing what he can to throw obstacles between tromping in the nomination. >> what he has done is revealed what little power is left in the republican party. >> exactly it you think how the nomination process used to work there is not even the primary system but then
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it is the primary system they would leverage the candidates as a power source. people didn't know with a work but the republican party controlled the media and the primary process engaged people the space to run if they thought they were real candidate. donald trump had weighed more media before he decided he would run through the republican party than anyone could have imagined. he is not beholden to them and that regard. so what it has is a nomination and process and some primaries that donald trump's can win he doesn't need their money or media attention or their approval. it is tough to hold him accountable so based on how would you think the republican party bush look-alike with president
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trump? >> that's a great question. rinaldi republican party is trying to figure that out. to see what happens if it is a nominee they think that he will rail against the establishment but is posturing donald trump doesn't actually want to run entire network of nominations but what are their standards? to all but made very clear statements that he disagrees like the iraq war ended is tough how they deal with the president.
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>> in writing the news cycle but do you think it cuts both ways? he represents the establishment and donald trump is about anti-establishment candidacy. for months in one state had jeb bush to be their guide he was a moderate he was from the bush family and the legacy but it turns out he was a bad candidate and not the campaigning but he was used as a punching bag for months even at 3% donald trump would beat on him because he was the establishment. jeb bush dropped out. nell mitt romney steps into the role for god and though he will gain new people.
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building there was a of a lot of damage to think i'm probably is frustrated that a party that he led so he is doing whatever he can to stop trump and mitt romney steps in it doesn't look like he figured it out either. >> host: covering politics from the "washington post". his work is available on-line. thanks for your time.
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>> if first sentence of the book is american conservatism is disappointment and betrayal.
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mandatory funding. topics at the senate energy and natural resource hearing topics that the national resources committee includes energy investment in the nation's power grid. it is two hours 15 minutes.


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