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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  March 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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his job is to do one thing and my job is to do another. the problem is that they drove a wedge between them in a way that wasn't necessary because many black ministers have pastor of many political figures in this country without having the wage driven between them but this takes forever forever this high and barack obama and jeremiah wright met at a fork that divided them forever unfortunately. as said one less troubled was
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the presidential. they are like they are really close together. obama got away with it because he read his quest for the presidency as divinely ordained so he usurped the prophetic prerogative and then it was passed upon him looking for the end result of political power was disempowered at the very moment when he should have been riding writing gunshots with the statistic barack obama and and the faroe figure now assumed prophetic power. it was a brilliant move but also was unfortunate because barack obama wouldn't be who he is without jeremiah wright being
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who he is. >> host: barack obama and the politics of race very familiar to another title. thank you so much for being controversial and always sparking conversation. that's who you are. what is the take away from this book in the few remaining moments we have left? >> guest: people can see my love for this man. i see his remarkable imprint upon this culture that i also have an obligation to lovingly criticize him and engage him in a conversation. it doesn't mean that i'm right because i would be criticized myself. that is the give and take of what it means to engage in conversation. i am a teacher and a professor. that is my job as an ultimate speaker i want people to see that i gave him a fair shake and i try tried to understand what
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he was working against and what his goals and objectives are the things that he did that were great and that were not so great and in aggregate impact this book is a measure of one of the most extraordinary figures that has ever darkened the halls of american power. >> host: author michael eric dyson the black presidency barack obama and the politics of race in america. when i tune into it on the weekend usually it is authors sharing new releases. >> booktv weekend they bring you author after author that's like
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the work of fascinating people. >> i love booktv and i am a c-span then. >> host: the editor and publisher of black and out with a new book how democrats gave city's abortion profiteering and racial division. he lost to get into in-depth title of the book that i want to begin with this quote from your book that reads racism still exists in modern america and it hurts real people but with those like al sharpton and others they are quick to label every voter id law and the shooting of black teens and it diminishes the attention of true racism should receive. what is true racism and why are some of the issues that you bring up in that example dot racism? >> guest: i devoted a chapter to true racism that is in the appendix and it is my family's
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personal story of being discriminated against when i was a little girl and it applied a country club and we were told that they didn't want my parents to be members because they were black, and that case actually went all the way up to the u.s. court of appeals at the time in 1980, 81 when it went to the court, the u.s. justice department filed an amicus brief because it said that 13 years after the civil rights act passed this isn't what america was about. so that to me is true racism and discrimination and i would say that when someone is denied access to something that is true discrimination when people are called the n-word l. tried by supremacists that is discrimination. i write about this you have this
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industry where people like al sharpton and cornell west are getting rich out of calling everything racism and jumping into racial division incidents in the united states profiting on it. jesse jackson is another one. that toomey isn't being a champion for ending discrimination, that is for making money. >> host: you say that something the democratic party is profiting off of her votes and money. >> host: >> guest: writenow displaying out of the democratic side. they are the democratic frontrunners and the only ones for the democratic nomination in the presidential election and they are pandering to black lives matter. we saw when bernie sanders was out in the event he didn't get get what black people felt was appropriate service and he was tickled off the stage. i am a black person and i find
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that offensive. to get the so-called black endorsements it is fast and furious to meeting with all sharpton. why aren't they getting the endorsement of so-called white america and white spokespeople? i find it offensive. they should be talking about their agenda. we know that hillary clinton in 1994 supported her husband's crime bill which locked up and incarcerated more black men than any president in history. he created a disparagement between the sentencing of crack and crack cocaine and cocaine that led to the mass incarceration. i would argue that neither candidate has done anything in the decades of service.
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they are voting in their own interest when they do that. overwhelmingly you have over 90% of black americans the last two election cycles voting for the first black black president of the united states of america in 2008 and 2012 and i talk about this in the luck how they gave the crime of profiteering and racial division and the reason i wrote the book is to expose to america.
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we should be talking about abstinence. we should be talking about if a woman comes into an abortion clinic. none of that is happening in planned parenthood is getting 40% of government money to fund the $1.3 billion i think i talked about in the book that they may 2013 to 2014 and with black americans, too, but i also talked about talk about is often times you see democrats picking one constituent against another. they actually cannibalize constituents because there is no party that can be all things to all people. that is the failure of the identity politics. so you have bernie sanders and hillary clinton and talking about immigration which is actually the enemy of black employment in this country. so i could probably go on and on but i will let you.
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>> host: because we want to bring in the callers the phones are open. democrats, 202-737-0001, republicans, 202-737-0002, and independent, (727)848-0002. line for democrats, you are a first. >> host: >> guest: go ahead. >> you've got to stick by your phone. we will go to josh from kissimmee florida. you are on the washington journal. >> caller: good morning. i would like to ask your guest how she feels about the narrative that all republicans are racist in the fact that my daughter and i went to orlando last weekend and the crowd to see donald trump was racially mixed into there wasn't anybody saying racial epitaph. how can we get around to the narrative? >> guest: that's why i wrote
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this and i also started my wallet conservative black chick to break through the stereotype that somehow because black people were born with a certain skin color, we are relegated to the democratic box and if you go back in history way before 1964 when the democratic party started owning the black vote .-full-stop and there'll because lyndon b. johnson was signed the civil rights act into law and he marshaled it through a. it's people speaking out and saying you just told me you are at the trump rally. we didn't have people calling out incendiary names and i do not believe that donald trump is a racist. i would have liked him to
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repudiate much stronger when he came out against the support. he has since done that saying he doesn't want that kind of support. he can't control who votes for him but he needs to talk in the vein of ronald reagan and say. >> host: are you voting for donald trump this cycle? >> guest: i haven't endorsed a candidate or decided who i'm going to support in the dc primary yet. it is to inclusion and that's why we are in the state we are and the party will be born even if trump doesn't prevail being the nominee or elected.
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>> host: on this issue of the white supremacist and the comment about that you know some criticism for the establishment of. in the whitespace. >> guest: i remember when mitt romney became the nominee and i was in newt gingrich supporter in dc i tried at every turn to volunteer for the campaign and never got responses area i was on television supporting him, supporting his wife and he ran one of the whitest campaigns in recent memory. while barack obama was using i don't believe in barack obama's policies the perception becomes reality.
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i have the african-american coalition to the asian coalition and that was reflected in the votes have mitt romney won with 60% of the white vote that was more than any other president in 1988 and we see that the path forward is it just the white vote. our nominee today in 2016 will have to peel off the minority independence so i thought that it was disingenuous and really a front to get up there and start blasting donald trump when he lost the election in 2012 as many people say he should have won. >> host: we have a line from
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waldorf maryland. go ahead. >> caller: hello, good morning, c-span and good morning to your guest. i have a feeling they probably won't agree on many things but after hearing her, i think i might change my opinion. the first is i do. [inaudible] i think that is the definition that you probably should be speaking to.
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i agree with some aspects in the democratic party that should not have a lock on the black vote. it's not very informed for the voters to simply vote your party. so i suppose i would identify the democrats because i only voted democratically in every election however as i get older and become more informed and become i suppose more active in the political process i have changed my understanding.
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>> guest: if i had more time, i don't want to dominate the time i have talking of the different types of racism. let's talk about covert and racism. >> guest: . there is covert racism in the hiring practices now with fortune 500 companies. if all white people are racists like al sharpton wants to label people. you have a huge racial division in the country because people like al sharpton if he was
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really interested in making and come together he wouldn't jump into any scenario. he creates tension that doesn't produce anything but fiction and violence and back to what else he said i also wrote the book on job because i want to convince them they don't have to go to vote democrat i'm saying as she pointed out they have no political influence. i had in our next to my name. does that mean i'm always going to vote republican? though. every cycle, the politicians have to earn my vote.
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right now you have two candidates on the democratic side promising that the black lives matter and it's the same service we heard the last four years, the last eight years before that and i would argue since over half a century. you have the wealth that has gone down and everything has gone down the toilet when you look at black lives. >> host: you write the campaign has become nothing more than an excuse to get conversational police. link back to
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area we have a call from tennessee on the line for independence. good morning. it's more economic and just by your personal history you are in a high socioeconomic group and that's why the democrats feel that it's a working-class situation and that is just my comment. thank you. >> guest: when it comes to black americans, the number one thing that is causing most of the crime that my race is experiencing and continue to vote for the same parties to continue to get the same result, 72% of all black babies were born out of wedlock that means there were more that are born into homes without a mom and
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dad. whether you look at the brookings institute or heritage, which are polar opposites, one is on the right and one is on the left. all the data shows when a child is born into that situation, the chances of falling into poverty, not graduating from high school and falling into crime is exponential like 70%. so come if democrats are really interested, and i talk about this in the book and solving this problem they would look at how to be stopped, and it's not just one generation cometh many generations when daniel patrick moynihan who was a democratic senator and he worked for president johnson. the case of a national action is a formal term. i am concerned here. we have 23% of black babies
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being born into homes without fathers and i'm seeing a rising increase of black women depending on welfare. fast-forward to today and the problem has only gotten more cute and president obama's solution was my brother's keepers program. is a federal program that actually was good to teach black men how to be men. we need to be teaching abstinence programs in personal responsibility so it's about sergio economics. coming yes, it's about more than that. we have more black americans that are not taking responsibility for their lives, so their plight is never going to change and they keep voting for a party that continues to keep them in the state of victimization.
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>> host: we have a call in maryland. good morning. >> caller: what a great job of presenting the issues. i get called every name in the book. and i tell people. on the social economics it is more heightened on the per capita basis that everything that you say i completely agree with. the issue that i have is how do we teach, i do volunteer and i teach young men, how do we teach the younger generation and not to fall into the trap of the democrats with the holy grail that seems every one because i
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do it twice a week. to achieve everything into the 100% of the person but i could be a. hopefully one day i will run into you. >> host: >> guest: the caller raises important issues. i talk about the negatives, but there are solutions. i think that the solution is talking more about what the speaker is doing which is the speaker is bringing forward policies on how to present poverty through work and
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responsibility and empowerment and a lot of this goes back to when he worked for jack kemp and we talked about how he had these ideas of enterprise zones and if the businesses want to go to places like baltimore where he would have torn down buildings and there's no opportunity for those that are trying to break the cycle jack kemp said we will give tax credits to businesses to set up their shop in baltimore and 20 on the predominantly black cities where there is no economic opportunity. but it's also about the enduring and talking to young people and explaining that when you have a job you are able to buy things and when you finish high school and get a high school education, were able to to empower yourself to get the job and then maybe go to college and i don't think it should be college is for everybody getting into debt. we need to get back into vocational training and it's also telling young people what
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happens when you have a baby when you are not ready for a baby and you have a baby out of wedlock and talking abstinence. in the book i talk about the best friends foundation which elaine bennett started and also this is a program that was teaching young girls to graduate from high school and not engage in premarital sex until they finish high school and focus on going to college and not doing drugs and alcohol. with the curriculum program talking about 14 public schools and including the district of columbia so she started the best men's program about ten years ago and current president, barack obama when he got elected in 2009, he defunded all federal government money for abstinence training programs and i will just leave the caller with this other example. my mom is a tutor through her church and she goes in and tutors elementary kids in the schools of the church adopts and
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she told me a couple of years ago she was tutoring a young grade schooler and this black child didn't know what the husband was. the term was for him to her. it was valentine's holiday coming up and my mother explained she was going to send a valentine cards to her kids and give unto her husband into the little girls had what is a husband to my mom explained to it to her and she responded back to my mother has been become a boyfriend, they are all the same and this is the narrative we need to break. they are not overseen and if anything, black people, the black race needs husbands, the need for authors. >> host: leesburg virginia on the line for democrats. good morning. >> caller: good morning. i need to show you something not being disrespect all but you are talking out of two sides of your mouth. this is one of the problems that i see is for one thing come african-american people don't
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look at all white people as racists. it's the way you act now because of your skin color but look at human how you treat others. you cannot admit that racism still exists whether it is however you want to put it and then turn around and not understand or emphasize that people like al sharpton to bring that to attention because the truth of the matter is a lot of white people, and i have a lot of white friends, they do not see racism because they never experienced it that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. so if you bring to the attention of the national media i do want to jump on this issue quick about unwed mothers. you're right they are in the community that do not have fathers but the same in the south side of kentucky so let's not try to sugarcoat this. planned parenthood chose every community across america including inner cities so we
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start to have discussions like this. you need to put it out there and make the next book not about what the democrats are doing for the african-american community, ask what the republicans are doing for the communities and for all the minorities because if we want to use this as a platform than do vendor with 100%, don't sugarcoat it. >> guest: i think she has a little chip on her shoulder and she doesn't like the fact that i'm producing facts. black americans represent 13% of the population, 72% of babies are born out of wedlock. black men are killed out of wedlock out of much higher than any other race and according to the justice department, caring, blacks are six times as likely to commit homicide and seven times as likely to be homicide
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victims. the number one cause of death of young black men ages 15 to 34 is homicide. 93% of those deaths are due to homicide. so we have a pathology that is disproportionate to white americans and when you look at welfare per capita, more black women are living in public housing because they are having babies out of wedlock and in the book, caring for not my facts at the washington post, there was an article in 2010 and many people seized on this it was 2010 or 2011, the district of columbia wanted to reduce the period that women could be on welfare assistance. so, the post article referenced about four or five black women. they didn't just have one baby out of wedlock. they had to come in, three, four and i think one woman even had
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five a different name and at the time, the mayor, the black mayor of dc said he felt that this was a problem. this was a black mayor talking about a black problem and you know what one of the young women said when she was told she was going to lose some of her assistance and who is going to pay for my pampers and you talk about what republicans are doing, republicans like paul ryan want to end the cycle and when they want to reform welfare they are blasting education, republicans lee on school choice programs which barack obama defines every chance that he got and every budget he submitted to the congress school choice, charter schools, vouchers have been under assault by democrats in favor of the teachers union. these help minorities. blacks and hispanics. >> host: the line for republicans richard is waiting. you are on. >> host: >> guest: >> host: are you there?
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we will go to virginia beach on the line for independence. also thank you for taking my call. my first one i kept hearing this list like they shouldn't vote democrat. she mentioned something about president obama's program and why we should not. but my problem with that is you're not expecting any reasons why we should vote. i haven't heard one thing. but the second point is this. even though -- even though they haven't done everything correctly by the african-american community, are you saying that i should
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actually because of that go into the booth in november and vote for a party whose front-runner has not only been endorsed by the leader but also the current leader of the kkk in the left and right separatist and during the debate in your own republican candidate is telling jokes. so do you really think that because of the party that i as an african-american male could vote for the clown show you have on the republican party? >> guest: i think that it's sad that you're voting for the clown show called it the democrats and in all of your diatribe to me about the
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democratic party committee never told me once why you are voting for them, but you laughed about why should she made the republican? you should give them hiv because the democrats have kept a poor number and more criminalized and i can -- everything i've said is true. we have had over a half a century of affirmative action programs, and we are still not graduating at the rate of white americans with with all of this affirmative action and scholarships that are thrown. we are not graduating at college or high school at the same rate of whites. when you talk about wealth, in the 2013, the average black family commanded and commanded in this commanded and this is having to commanded in this as having voted over a half a century for democrats including twice for the first black president in the united states, black americans have about $19,000 in wealth compared to $130,000 for the average white family. crime, i've already been through that. and you also i think that it's
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interesting, you laugh at the notion of voting for republicans, when if you look at the republican agenda of personal responsibility and empowerment, education is the great equalizer. you cannot -- there is no denying, and i talked about this when i talked about the charter school movement and the voucher program. democrats want to protect the teachers union. so, the teachers union is something that they will always stand by. any chance they get, they try to destroy the charter school movement and barack obama sued by the department of health in louisiana school choice program under governor bobby jindal because you know i can eric holder said he couldn't have the black kids leaving the schools because it would make the failing schools schools wouldn't have enough diversity. they would be to white. what kind of nonsense is that and i would argue i've talked
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about the comments with respect to the white supremacist and david supporting him. i do not leave donald trump is a racist. he needs to come out strong and hard if he talks about earning the black vote which he said he can do and he can beat hillary. he can't talk out of both sides of his mouth. a donald chump is the only candidate even when you compare him to hillary and bernie sanders on the democrat side, donald trump and immigration plan actually talks about how he believes the black unemployment. besides the thing that matters to hillary and clinton in a black dialect i told you how in 1994 when she supported the crime bill, she called young black men who work or medals super predators here's my thing. if you're happy with your return on investment, you keep laughing all the way to the ballot box.
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>> host: waiting in florida you are on. >> caller: i admire your use of much of the gentlemen that called, he was right on everything. you are doing so good. i do admire you. you are telling the truth on lots of things. i am a 73-year-old lady and i have been through a lot of things. i've never been a racist. i've never been. all white people are not racist, and i so much appreciate you getting that point across like you have. thank you so much for taking my call. >> host: >> guest: she brings up a good place now we are in a polarized
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environment and again going back to house sharpton and some of these so-called black spokespeople. i didn't know that they have to have people speak on our behalf. but al sharpton's have really painted a picture under the first black president. i'm not saying that there's people in the country that sustained the fact that we have a black president come ashore. are they racist? absolutely. and i've never said anything about that and i come down that when people use to send around pictures of gorillas and monkeys and comparing them to the president and president and the first lady. that is a poor and. you will always have the kind of racism like that. now, if you are a white person and criticize this black president, even if you start to open your mouth you're a racist, you just don't like him because he's a black president, and that is fundamentally not true.
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many people feel as though our president barack obama has taken the country in the wrong direction. and somehow i can say it because i'm black so i give him the license to criticize. but all the other presidents before were roundly criticized by people of all races and they were telling white people it's off-limits to criticize a black president. i appreciate the call and i would like it for all of us regardless to feel as though we can weigh in on the issues and i find it really offensive but usually when a program is having a discussion on race i find that i am called in there might be a white person but primarily they are made up with people of color and you will never get each group discussion that way.
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>> host: about five minutes left and lots of calls trade scott is on the line for independence. silver spring's. >> caller: i and a friend from years back. i'm calling because these are complicated subject matters but i wanted to -- i hear a lot of the number record towards crystal towards crystal and i've known her for a long time. we use to actually argue on issues of a caucasian male and she would defend defend and i would argue there's been a lot of progress. i'm not sure what political affiliation she was at that time, but it was heartfelt. she was trying to figure out the truth. so when i hear a lot of them the nuns were afterwards her i think that it's a competitive circumstance that i want people to know that i run and we had a
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discussion about justice thomas and she said it's not enough, we need more. so she is trying to find a way to make the world a better place and all of us. we've had discussions. they may be heated, but they were never nasty, she respected my opinion. so i think they don't know her, she is really trying to find the truth and i think people can have these discussions respectfully that it would be a better place for everybody. so that's what i have to say. >> guest: he was naked point. i thought about this ever since i was in high school because i've had personal experiences. i grew up in a home where my parents grew up during segregation and have to sit in the back of the bus and go to separate speeches kennedy couldn't go and eat in the same places.
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and white people growing up in virginia my father was one of the first people to be admitted into the medical college to the medical college of virginia dental school and he helped students with their homework and they would get a higher grade than my father so i know what racism is. i don't take it lightly. none of us are going to understand each other if we don't give permission to disagree. everybody should be welcome at the table of discussion. >> host: on the line for democrats, good morning. >> guest: >> caller: good morning. i agree with some of the things that she's saying but not everything. i definitely agree that illegal immigration is deadly. los angeles was the first city in america to declare themselves a sanctuary city and uc los angeles today. but i have to say when black
10:43 pm
people vote democratic rights because certain things that were done politically before you and i came along that made them gravitate towards a democratic party. why do they go through the democratic democratic party? my grandfather was a republican. but once the civil rights act was passed, a lot of the dixiecrat went to the republican party. that's why you find so many in the republican party today. now, to be honest with you, i think that politically speaking in the black people or between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the republicans and democrats we don't have that much of a chance. when you are voting at least i feel i'm voting for the lesser of two evils. people used to say one of them is bad and the other one is worse so there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. i'm leaning more towards bernie sanders this round because i don't want some of the things donald trump said.
10:44 pm
he's colorful, but i wasn't covered up and vote for the guy because the things that he said he's arrogant but i guess you have to be to be as rich as he is. the other thing is no one has said anything about hillary clinton when she told a lie about going to coast about and be king exposed and when it was in the media that she had told that nobody talks about that. >> guest: she also shows a lack of personal responsibility for the secretary and the private server and pray that e-mail to avoid public scrutiny. so there is a lot but that i think hopefully a republican nominee will tackle. but you bring up an important point, and i've been critical of the republican party for not going out and trying to earn
10:45 pm
that vote. the republican party needs to make its case and it's the same time, black america can't sit back and expect that a political party is going to do the work for them. black americans have to do their own work and i think it's sad you just told me that you're going to vote for a party that you feel is less bad that's not as worse as the other party, and i think that is where we fail. it's a two-way street like the chicken and the egg. black americans need to hold both parties accountable and there is no way to do that if they keep voting single-handedly for democrats. we have to start diversifying the vote and at the same time, i don't know what kind of trip the republican party is on that it's not the white house for the republican party. mitt romney tried and that there isn't much left in the electorate. that's where they will be forced to start asking for different folks.
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>> host: the publisher and the author of how democrats gave us cry and in the abortion profiteering appreciate your time this morning on washington journal. >> when i tune in on the weekends usually they are chairing 100 releases. >> watching the nonfiction authors is the best television for serious readers. >> they can have a longer conversation and delve into their the subject's. >> booktv weekends. they bring you author after author that's not like the work of fascinating people. >> i love booktv and i'm a c-span fan. >> the newest book is power to the people. is it possible to reform the program politically?
10:47 pm
>> guest: as it is described in the book. they are positive pro- growth. the book describes how to inform every major title program social security, medicare, welfare, obamacare, medicare and medicaid. it explains how to reform them all the stone experience in the regular white house. i just got a school as cato. i contributed to what became the roadmap and this is the extension of all of this ideas. some of these reforms seniors get higher benefits, not lower. poor people get higher incomes on 64 bit are able to get health care. that's because the reforms are not based on cutting benefits. you can't get anywhere cutting benefits for poor people. these reforms are all based on
10:48 pm
fundamental structural reform changing the way the programs operate so they contribute to the economy. they make the dependents and beneficiaries able to become self-sufficient and self financing. so, a lot of the government spending and tax programs are shifted off of the federal budget altogether into the private capital markets and into the private label markets. so, we spend a trillion dollars a year in taxes to pay the bottom not to work and that is very productive. you've read about under obama a lot of these things have been expanded. when you pay people not to work you are detracting from the
10:49 pm
economy. one of the reforms involves empowering the workers to choose the social security benefits rather than the the attacks as a distribution taxes and distribution which is all social security is. you get far higher benefits from the life kind of savings within the lifetime of no savings in this message is all social security is. there is no investment anywhere said people participate in the program through the benefit of that accumulating return. when they ask albert einstein was the most powerful force in the universe, he says compound in earnest. and this was more powerful than the atomic bomb and so this is why you will have middle income couples able to retire as millionaires to pay to the
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lifetime of savings investment to get that compound interest over their entire career and retirement because all that money continues to work even after you have retired so now you have someone working on your side and that is why these reforms can be popular and populist and they would all be pro- growth because the capital and all those people not working today go to work for the economy so it is a prescription for the renewed economic prosperity. >> what about the risk factor, sometimes people are not as willing to the rescue with their money. >> guest: it's still backed co it's still backed up by safety net because when i sat down with paul ryan when he wrote the legislation reform in 2004 and 2005 that became the foundation
10:51 pm
and that provided the federal guarantee that you wouldn't get less than is promised in social security. so, you can gain but not lose. 100% of the workers would choose the account because there's obviously a better deal than social security. he wrote in his score of the bill still posted on the social security administration website that can still be found. we are hoping to generate to provide for that to give power over our own money and that's what this does. it's called power of the people because it gives you the choice and control of your own money just like as it is better discussed in the book the power
10:52 pm
of your own health care and things in the reform about reforming welfare in the book it gives you an ability to become self-sufficient and produce your own supports within its power of the people. >> host: does your approach and your view reduce america's debt? >> guest: is the passport to the national debt because that is the part of it. that's the advantage is the advantages in the reform, this is the kicker. after generations, federal spending in the gdp is less than half of what it would have been otherwise. if they were in a smaller government and they want to reduce the spending, this book explains how to do it. it's the only way to reform entitlement. it's right in this book. it's actually not involved with the points you get the idea of how it applies, these are all ideas that are proven to work in the real world.
10:53 pm
all in america and elsewhere around the world. >> host: what is the heartland institute? >> guest: promote exactly what the theme of the book is, power of the people, economic prosperity and growth for everybody. so, it focuses on the most foldable society -- vulnerable society for those that are living on retirement and we want all this prosperity, this is the map for spreading that prosperity for all the most vulnerable societies. that's why the subtitle is the new road to freedom or the poor seniors and those in need of the best health healthcare because that is exactly what it is the road to freedom and prosperity.
10:54 pm
>> host: the so-called obamacare isn't that a free approach to health-care? >> guest: the government is controlling everything and takes away the power for the people and gives power to the bureaucrats. the government tells you what insurance you must buy and they tell you what must be covered in your insurance. they tell them what they must sell to you. they tell the employer wants to buy for you. you can tell the doctors and hospitals what they can give you and that will be even more in the future. so, this is not a free market system. it is misleading for people who are gullible and easily misled. that's the approach is opposite to him and his buddies in washington because they think they are smarter than everybody
10:55 pm
and they discovered the rationale for the aristocracy. you guys just do what we tell you. >> host: the george w. bush administration attempted a social security reform that it was shut down pretty quickly. >> guest: he backed off. he never proposed a plan. he won and he even carried florida. when they ran for president president they used the formula as i described it and it worked spectacularly. and then once they got elected they picked people in washington to try to implement it and they said are you not we can't do this we can shift power to the people.
10:56 pm
so that is the battle going on today, power of the people or property to bureaucrats. this is a world class struggle going on. >> host: entitlement reform is the topic of power to the people of the road to freedom and prosperity for the poor seniors and those most in need of the world's best healthcare. this is book tv on c-span2. >> it is my pleasure to welcome you tonight for the buck. randy is a distinguished professor. the popular culture clearly combined in this new book it's really the first book as an
10:57 pm
in-depth portrait of the complex budget indigos deep and uses the resources. we are really glad randy is joining us tonight. [inaudible] on the fridays at noon in the politics our. there's the washingtonian of the year ended the washingtonian magazine and then lifted among the influential people. this is one of our many partners we are so pleased to partner
10:58 pm
today. so many of the values bringing communities together. in the community in here tonight at the bookstore. thank you again so much for coming, everybody. these join me in welcoming everybody. [applause] thank you so much. tonight would be a good night for a dark and stormy. before we get started i would like to thank everyone here. the team is working here and tonight we are here to talk
10:59 pm
about blood brothers. he will get the conversation going and then after we talked for a little while. thank you very much. happy to be here. and i am happy to be here with you. first, what got you started? on looking at this wax you've written about them before but as far as i can see this is the first time that you have looked at this mix of politics in a relationship. >> i have looked at the relationships before. i did a book earlier so i looked at the relationship. i started with the idea that i wanted to write a book about muhammad ali and this book is
11:00 pm
cowritten with shawnee smith so i want to give him full credit for writing the book because quite frankly, mohammad ali was my champion. if you like boxing and follow boxing, people live through the 1930s and 40s, joe louis was the champion. ..


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