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tv   Book Discussion on Tough as They Come  CSPAN  March 30, 2016 10:09pm-10:56pm EDT

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would be most popular. very impressive. they have visiting days. i recommend it. >> somewhat related to earlier questions my marines often say the navy provide them a right to various locations. he is not able to talk too much. could you say more? >> the idea of the last 25 years is that the navy is less frequently going to be called upon to fight a conventional falls gail global naval war.
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the u.s. navy sought to iranian warships in the persian gulf. more often we need to respond the brush fires. they carried amphibious ships and escorted frigates and destroyers intact can be sent to a particular place to quell fire or support american national interest. they get us there. we get it done. some of that comes from this rivalry. most of that is with a wry smile on their face.
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filled with mutual respect. the navy just drives the bus. they know that is not true. they're doingtrue. there doing it to try to get into a bar fight. they know what those guys do and can do and greatly admire and respect them for it. a lot of this terminology and rivalry his brothers in the family teasing one another. >> during your talk you address the capabilities of the navy which are awesome despite the relatively historically small number of ships. if you were addressing somebody to my group of legislators looking to cut the budget and want to construct an argument to say that either the navy is right size or perhaps needs
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to grow a little bit, how would you make that argument and how might it be effective by the fact that we have not fought major sea battles in decades, and the attention nowadays seems to be on asymmetric warfare. >> the views expressed of this podium do not reflect those of the department of the navy, the united states government, or the naval academy. i would probably put off to an indefinite future of the next two nuclear powered
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aircraft carriers. and for the money committed i would build 20 or 30 more. not that i don't think carriers are crucial. they can make a political statement. but it limits the number of places and times that you can do that. you can react to five crises around the world. there may be six someday. that way we have the capability of the flexibility to respond, but
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there is absolutely a personal opinion. and with that i will stop. thank you very much. [applause] >> we do have the u.s. navy a concise history available for signing. [inaudible conversations] >> thursday book tv in prime time continues. a panel on race in america. democracy in black. racial division followed by
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a form of authors. 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. >> c-span washington journal live every day.
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>> over the next supreme court justice we look at what today's leaders have said in the past concerning the nominating and confirmation process of individuals to the supreme court. >> in my view confirmation hearings the matter how long, fruitful, thorough can
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alone provide a sufficient basis for determining if a nominee merits a seat on our supreme court. >> a thoughtful senator should realize this is not likely to outweigh the damage done. ideological opposition is likely to help generate similar opposition from the opposite end. >> some of the programs featured this week on c-span. >> the us has been involved in a war in afghanistan for more than 12 years now. our next author was one of those soldiers who sacrificed a limb and nearly his life. staff sergeant lost
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he is one of only five soldiers to survive a quadruple amputation. through willpower and endurance he has done more than service but live with the l-uppercase-letter. never give up, never quit. swims, dances withswims, dances with his wife, drives mountain bikes and his daughter to school every day except for those when he is inspiring folks like us. he has a better introduction for himself. i am blessed and honored to welcome him. [applause] i am proud and honored to welcome travis mills.
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>> thank you so much. that was a great introduction. i tell people when they come out and see me and someone introduces be i say what do you call a guy without arms or legs in the ocean? bob. travis mills. nice meeting you guys. let me start off with my thank you to the savannah book festival. thanks for having me. my father in law and brother drove down so we are happy. the hosts are the most phenomenal people.
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if you don't know them you need to. a couple things about me everybody needs to know. one, i am awesome. two, i am humble. in that order. you get the idea there? i have pretty cool tricks. yup. and i wrote a book so i'm an author, too. what? [applause] >> i know you are not supposed to read from your book so luckily i didn't bring one up on stage. i was told not to do that. they said don't do that. this book, "tough as they come," documents what happened to me, my family and what why did to get through it. but random house took a chance on me. random house publishing, crown, penguin, took a chance on me telling my story and i was able to tell it in a positive way.
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i am not a pity story. i live life to the fullest and i am thankful for being alive. i have been able to do some pretty cool things with this being on the top of the list. being here is awesome. i want to express my gratitude for everybody that serves. the first thing you will read is thank you for your service if you served. i didn't serve anymore or harder than anybody else. i just had a case of the mondays. rough day at work. bomb. oh, no, monday. the next thing it says is i don't think my problems are worse than anybody elses. we have thinks to deal with. visu visually i like different. if i catch you starring i know what you are going to do. but it is a train wreck so you wait for me to look away. oh, no, he caught me. everybody thinks i am a great
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person which most days i am. i am not above anyone else. the worst thing i did with this injury is a little seven year old was looking at me drinking a subway cup, she looks and keeps starring, i didn't want to be starred out and her mom looked in. and i leaned in and said you know who did this to me? the boogie man under our bed or the monster in the closet. it gets worse. i said and they are coming for you next. granted i don't know if i would do that again. well, no, if i didn't do it in the first place i still would. it is a great story. but no, "tough as they come" documents everything. let me tell you a little about myself. i am from michigan. go blue. anyone from ohio? it is impressive it takes ohio
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with two people. someone says oh you think of ohio. michigan is an eight letter world and i can tell it for you. 18 years old i went to play a little bit of college football. i had a girlfriend who vinced me i should move home and thought it was a great idea. i met her boyfriend collin randomly. i wasn't supposed to. he was a secret. it got awkward after that. so i joined the military in 2006 and i was in basic training in fort benning, georgia. i wanted to come back as it was the only time i was here. i hated coleslaw. all they wanted me to do was eat it and i could not say no. sorry, it takes me back there. i went to fort brags in north carolina and served three
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deployments. my first deployment i met a girl here on my space, i know crazy, and we decided -- she was 18 and i was 20 -- that we were going to mexico first time we ever met. i have a little girl -- i would kill that man. but luckily my brother-in-law, who was my a medic overseas, chased me with a knife and wanted to kill me. how do you get a medic who wants to kill you when he is a medic? we got married shortly after and i only took four showers that year -- by choice. all right. you guys are with me. we are still doing this. a lot of fighting, came back, bought a house, had a baby -- well my wife had the baby. i was part of the process but we will not get into that. nobody? okay. whatever. i will keep going.
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i just talk. my wife gets really annoyed at me by it. but on my third deployment you guys can probably guess i was wrestling sharks and -- not at all what happened actually. stepped on a bomb. became a triple amputee right away. two days later they cut my left hand off and on april 14th, 2012 i woke up for the first time in germany who my brother-in-law who is in the room and explains what happened. and my mom and dad's favorite day of the year this day because their middle child was born. me. let me tell you about the process. first kid was born, whoops, let's try it again. that is my older sister. not that great. next kid, me, perfection. right? no, it was. and then they were like let's have another one. third kid -- whoops.
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let's drag these two along until 17 and the middle is our favorite. they will not admit that but it is definitely true in my eyes. but, no, i hit a bomb, had to recover. on april 17th i went to walter reed, on april 18th, i told her to take everything we had and go. i had a four month old at the time. i said i will support you anyway i can. i will pay for everything you need but i cannot -- i don't know what to do about this and she said that is not how this works. she wanted that close parking. yeah, no. she is like you are going to try to deprive me of close parking? i am part of the vip team. little blue tag! front row wherever i go. i love it. you know, i said you saw me on
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facebook you might have saw i stepped on a bomb for $10. i came out ahead. if you didn't see that you will come across it maybe. no, i am thankful for the opportunities i have. my recovery was 19 months long. the first thing for my first wok out was i got in an argument with my doctors and said i wanted to work out and they said i couldn't. there is a wheelchair next to my bed. a powered one. i was trying to make a statement. i went over to my occupational therapy and after four hours of calling him every half hour, he let me lay on the table and stretch out and i fell asleep for 20 minutes. best regimen every. i keep it to this day. check it out. and i do karaoke.
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i can step up here and ramble and tell jokes. first time i met george bush i was so nervoused i pulled a forest gump. i was like i am so nervous i could pee right now. as i am leaving to go to the library walks ms. bush. and she said you are coming in. had you are you? i love your work, barbara. and she said the name is laura. no, i didn't mess that up really. maybe i did? i don't know. but i really am very appreciative of the exposure i
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get. i tell people it is all about perspective with me. people wonder how i have such a good attitude and keep smiling and i have had a lot of friends not make it back home. if you are in the service, you know what i am talking about. seven months after i was hit my buddy got hit in a hum vee and all five people died. he had a three year old and a wife. he will never hold his wife's hand again, take his daughter to school, or see his mother for the holidays. i think it would be selfish if i didn't keep going forward. i have the ability to take my daughter to school, go to the gym, take my wife on dates. nobody wants to hang out with me because i lost my arms and legs -- that is a joke. the book is near-time best seller. khloe kardashian is beating me in my bracket right now.
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and i am all about winning. we can do it all together. remember when you buy "tough as they come" we are beating khloe kardashian. so let's only talk for 20 minutes. if you have questions nothing offends me. i am setting the precedents. ask whatever you want. no? okay. .. politically based.tically it has an underlining tone of faith but i didn't push it. it is about overcoming what happened to me. surgery, nine doctors, seven nurses and two nurses are seven hours pumped air into my lungs.
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i met 6-9 doctors and thanked them for their service and what they did for me and my family. i don't considered myself wounded. i have scars, awesome scars. ladies, i am married. gentlemen, i am married. i am sorry. i have had really need experiences. i am a >> >> does anybody have a love plants overseas? gumi bears end piquant -- peppered beef jerky and pitted denims. now i am in charge of i will never pay myself we bring
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i am so grateful break now. we we raise about $900,000 this year and we're doing some great thing so please check us out but now i guess i will take questions if you don't it will hurt my feelings. [laughter] a if you wonder why i addressed this way but think about a few take the legs off there not pants. [laughter] that is a long sleeve right here. [laughter] that is a but to not. -- but in up does he want to know how the scene works? i need a volunteer.
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rollout would apply as 40 now.ommander in you and i have met before and of course, we share a commander in chief. knu tell everybody board about beating president bush? g ed also your foundation is doing great work there are a lot of foundations but what do you think is the best way to streamline to reach the most amount of food warriors who need our help because they feel some of our falling to the? >> president bush's very
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thankful for our serviceifices sanders stands the sacrifices being made it is phenomenal but i said i have to go he said you don't have to go. i said i'd do. [laughter] i'm so sorry. he said that's fine. [laughter] but he really helps with raw. but my website and i and the issue is believer in in december 5.walk and i just walked up 5k. this was just five months after my explosion i would fall right down. in front of 20,000 people.g to
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and then they pick dieppe and try to get me standing but is due in late heinrich maneuver. my legs still locked out of less so they pushes them off -- the now. getting awkwa and then he offered to buy me dinner i said i am very. [laughter] but you have the connection he felt something special percolation not have said that. [laughter] >> the veterans administration in has been. to make 300 and adjustments they are waterproof sabines i walked into a driving the
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road which i learned is complete the legal in maryland. that is true. i just got my license in maine. by air france with all the cops. no big deal. [laughter]30th in the cannot on any medication you will find out about the experimental drugs now works out really well so i quit all the education six months allergen they definitely support the. so i have nothing great to say but keep paying your taxes. sir. [laughter] >> and then how quickly did
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you get the net effect? >> it happened around 5:00 in the afternoon within 10 minutes was a helicopter. mine netiquette - - magnetic my right arm was disintegrated my right leg was gone. left arm was never found in the left leg was hanging on by vessels my right hand was there but may figures we're gone and the rest was blowna now. i hit it with the left side of my face and i rolled overe a, and they said i need you over here i just had a bomb. when the neck came running up said get away. there is no way i will make this. not going outcrying. into let me do my job. he tried to fix the of them within 10 minutes that i was
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rushed into surgery i was telling the doctors say could get up and was trying b to set up. i never thought i receive my daughter again per car she was six months old. afghanis after the surgery i was shipped to germany and then i was outpatient with i handed to poland that was taking steps around walter reed. [applause] >> i understand could you
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get set up tonight? >> we have to get to miami but i would love that. away. i love to watch scary movies.with i can run away my legs a usually off. t >> i appreciate that. will i be scared? he what can scare you? i love the red.. you look lovely. but i am very.
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thank you. [laughter]aking. use a you don't get paid from their foundations of how you support yourself? >> i retired military so i do have that and alsock. speaking so to make sure it s can take care of my family that the foundation is all about getting blood dash giving back. but the board members will never be paid. i appreciate that. know, yo another buckeye. [laughter] the worst. >> your coach at university of michigan is say but i.
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they had -- a buckeye. [laughter] >> upon a serious note thinks everything you have done.ill sign up i appreciate that. i love my job i would still sign up for the army. stuff like and in the government takes care of my medical needs and my family we're living in a great nation. l
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>> i am impressed with your foundation especiallyy reading the recent "new york times" piece about wounded warriors and how little money is going to the warriors. can do but my big question is the you have another book?fe >> not at the moment talking about ptsd guys in the a army's maybe fitness by travis. [laughter] with barbeque then figure out how we can make this work into our diet. [laughter] never works out except cheese cake and a barbecue. we will have the movie you can play me in the movie. [laughter]
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the stand in the vera and flax. love chess. india. i know. [laughter] nobody claimed was the smartest.ying to but let me know if you want to play chess. couple just kidding them trying to hustle you out of money. >> i have a couple questions. because i didn't introduce you the way that you wanted. sts as you travel for speaking engagements in different states where the best ways you see communities helpings local veterans'?
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>> veterans centers where they have job fares to understand what they have done overseas and the military to plug them intoar society. or those that know the balance. grass i had great custodial duties i could cut grass like nobody's business with scissors. [laughter] management skills i was in charge of 700 lives and how so howit. if i made a mistake their life was on the line. got and then to understand how to plug them in. >> can i ask another? funds for >> every buddy thinks might catch what he has?ere ot
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[laughter]n the foundation is raising funds for the national retreat.-- are there other foundation projects going on? >> raising over five years. build a and then to take the families out. situation. but i did it every day. concepts so that has been helpful to achieve if we had to approve of concepts this was the direction we wanted to go in we had seven families come up to me the last few years to be such a great support
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with the people that get to benefit from it. and then to give them the tools.n this i'm out there encouraging with people so the wise talk amongst themselves. like, they talk about nothing in general. [laughter] i say it is 11:00 but but i think stock. a but that is right. good style. but i really am eay
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i just tell jokes to keep everybody entertained. [laughter]audi >> i spoke last night to just share with the audienceeree have you sold the book came in your reaction? we had five meetings scheduled with some big names and then went to rittenhouse that i walked into the room there were seven. of wood shake their hand he said don't do your slapstick humor and i did. m he said don't talk too long and i was there for an hour then i left as he was telling me what i did wrong
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we got an offer and said take all offers of the table. i said what did i did wrong he said everything you get away with that. [laughter] so that works everywhere barack word for pope in the neck said that with the sales force and nobody liked me. i cried but whenever we will have your book. it took about 89 months with edits and revisions i used to be right-handed but it was tough and process i had to narrated that was the worst three days of my life.
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because a talk to fast for: because i am looking forward to future projects. i >> i am originally from michigan.ears wolverines.ething, >> i heard the speech data rehab hospital several years ago when i was there.iving you were with the governor'sfe s wife and just skydiving and the option to skydive to the guy would definitely get out
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of it. so the next big event i will challenge her.on but they cannot take arms and legs of supply and not worried. they are going. and she is a great supportere of the advisory board.i'm and then i go into the service entrance.e your they are not as nice as they usually are.ld boss i like your boots. he >> is the artery to detonate a bomb john used to wear a
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vest. >> to appear.dies and gentle >> i remember you could die get chlorines. >> come up i willor demonstrate. [applause] >> how this works. down make a fist like this now read the engine bond of motorcycle now make the noise. [laughter]ro i need you right now.oward so i have my arm up to right here so this muscle it flexes and opens the fast
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rise. your he picked at a faster rotates to the left now make a fist now another so now makes the noise. [laughter] it hit the brakes hard. crash. [laughter] musc don't just crash. cell to twitch those muscles. hang so this technology is horrible walter reed has three guys so they have a voice activated control so
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you click the button and then it is engaged. how cool is that? somebody says close then it spills over you. to be fair i said close at my mom and dad's house at the birthday party there is a big remodel i said open the window. [laughter] beige carpet and daycare now but how bad did they feel? european works fine. [laughter]ritones --
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>> open it usually works. grow [laughter] open really loud. [laughter] open. ladies and gentleman this is the on of switch this is not a voice activated but they give for playing. [laughter] " i have to be honest and did the same thing to pay inpe manning. [laughter]
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is a couple other people m thanks for playing. ptsd is a huge problem if they're coming back in what is your take on that? >> we cannot called the invisible wound but they do a lot of counseling asking about feelings with your wife into kids ended does it affect you anymore. it because i don't dwell on theated past edison is more studies are done in people know more about it but i am fortunate and to with any flashbacks or


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