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tv   US Senate  CSPAN  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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us. vote tsa i will take 60 votes for about and under parliamentary rules. and then to say i will modify the amendment and with the export license that is the second sentence of this simple amendment we will reserve up for discussion by other committees so all the amendment says is accused monday from this fiscal year to buy heavy water from iran except department of energy that has billions of dollars from other years to do that.
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so the senator from arkansas is within his rights id to do three or four differento have ways it to come up with one more reason and to help adopt the 18th man read. vote >> any senators in the i chamber wishing to vote or change their vote? aff >> 3/5 of the senators to the chosen not voting in the affirmative the motion does not agree to.
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>> apply to reconsider the vote. >> madam president. >> out of order in theay chamber.ri >> with the definition to prevent the passage of the y energy and water appropriations bill and so what is it not yet pending on the bill. but said new way to blow up the a purge patients process our democratic process of the majority no matter what the issue. with a creative way but i
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have heard over andover again with support of both sides of the oil -- of the aisle. >> the senator from arkansas. is extraordinarily risible offering them modify the amendment and some otherht context we have been working on this 24 hours it should not be this hard to pass an energy water appropriations bill who. i just move to reconsider by a vote and we need to consider to talk about thiss because it is a ridiculoused place. ridiculous. and those to come and act responsibly we will not give
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up on this bill. we will finish the bill and go ta couple more appropriate shuns bills and a collective responsibility have to work our way past this snag and figure out the way forward. i yield the floor. >> the senator from illinois. and and i cannot think more than senator feinstein it to even consider issues to be done in a professional and courteous way.ll for with the most appropriations bills and brought forward by
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senator mcconnell for good h reason to set a template or a model to finish that appropriations process now with the senate appropriations committee it is very important consignment and do the work the way it is supposed to bes done. slow with the budget agreement there were countless opportunities to slow down the process to make it more difficult to demand the votes and the delays to be positive and constructive ine wn response with the republicans were in the minority we don't want to gong
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back to that era. there are things that are guiding us in this process one of them was balance for spending overall and each one of those bills has a number that can be explained and rationalized with those issues of poison pills.n they are so controversial that if included in the bill becomes for the president to sign it. we thought if we will exercise our opportunity with the appropriations process those three things we have to apply for senator alexander and senator feinstein. it did it have any
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controversial items with exactly the same outcome and we were this close to the finish line when yesterday the senator from arkansas offered an amendment around noon in the whole conversation and change. related to the department of energy but the amendment ofr controversy because related to the president's agreement with iran to start the development of nuclear weapons every republican opposed the agreement on the democratic side highly controversial and continues to be on line of t presidential trail.t to to invite a debate and controversy was the senator
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is right to do this? yes. but my experience to say in advance of after all the work we put into this bill please don't offer that amendment that is the basis for going forward with a bipartisan basis to bring the bill to a conclusion we just had a procedure wrote to the overwhelming majority of democrats if senators are allowed to offer amendments on the floor that our relevant to the bill and are controversial then we invite them up and tell the very last moment. there has to be a better way
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we have to prove to america because can be done in theirhi best interest. that is part of the restraint we ask the members who are trying to help us be constructive for the honorable people but the underlying bill is very important scylla's finish this in a bipartisan fashion a and we can do that. i hope we all work together to achieve that bill as quickly as possible. of >> a new love love
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obstruction into 17 other things and where would stop this is very simple to either prevail on senator, not to offer didn't fit but even as the old days that the chairman would say don't off your amendmentn't o plain and simple we can have offered that amendment but
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offered by the other side and the way to fix it is to prevail from the senator from arkansas that is certainly his right but don't use that using the appropriations process or tell him if he offers thenu bill that republicans go against at as well then that is how it used to work.o the number of times a was a junior member, as some of them were controversial i would go to the ranking member toussaint want to offer this amendment the chair would consult with the a decide that we thece majority and minority cannot support this amendment.ifugal
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that is the way the process used to work. i don't begrudge any individual. is much harder for both sides of the aisle to do that but let's not turn that around. with the obstruction and the failure to deal with that comes from the other side. prese one more point before my friend from tennessee comes forward. the president said he would veto. the idea that it would go forward to spend all this time then have the president veto doesn't accomplish the goals that i know my good friend wants to pursue. the onus is ominous to do that first. i yield the floor.
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>> the senator from tennessee. >> i appreciate the comments. of senator schumer and i suspect a big part of the problem is timing with the administration that decided to do this over though weakened.uestion. senator cotton would say he would as quickly as he could in this is an issue no doubt about that. present and we have to have a balance.n to take important issues said the appropriate way ofe the senate and with just
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this bill jessica get them through a and keep the bill going. but i would say to my democratic friends i hope we complex our minds together to allow senator cotton to make his point to achievec this important objective timing. that is acceptable and doesn't have the problems associated that came up on us all of a sudden.i would c there are several reasons for that we don't need to go into. the senat i would like for senator feinstein to set a good example for the rest of the senate. it is so little different.--
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i don't think we should stop the work if he threatens a veto we would be here half a day a week. and i think it is fine for the president to veto a bill.sion a to consider that and if we take something out. the so just because the president says he will veto i don't think the senate should stop the work. >> of course, every time the president says vito we shouldn't stop but i make my point we would be a lot better if we could avoid the situation and to be passed to be added into law
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>> the executive chef here, you have 2600 people coming for dinner. lead is that like? >> organized chaos at its finest. it really is. it is an honor first and foremost, but of lot of fun and an opportunity to really prepare unusual foods for a large amount of people. >> host: what do you mean the? >> we cannot go over this year's menu but once we were notified the decision was
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made then the work begins for the following year. >> at what point of the year? >> roughly three months prior to the function. it depends on the schedules but we worked it out. >> host: chef andre 27,000 square feet of kitchen the largest in washington. does it get crowded on the night of the correspondents dinner? >> guest: it is very crowded. we have a lot of celebrities who come through the back of the house but at the same time we have so many cooks and people working that evening from all the team members and management roughly 400 people that are here to assessed on that evening. >> host: does that include servers.
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>> guest: yes. >> host: how many are on the floor? >> guest: 200 on the floor then we have those that oversee the tables. >> host: another 200 back here? >> guest: about that. is organized chaos. >> host: where are you? >> guest: running around we were talking about how many steps that i do the white house correspondents' dinner is separated of 34,000 steps that day. whether in the pastry shop in that preparations working on orders to make sure we are ready and working
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backwards for that many people so there is a lot that goes into it. >> host: there is a lot of high-profile people that come in a regular basis. where do you source your food? is that a secret? is the secret service involved? >> guest: we have a primary food sources. as soon as the tasting is over i sit down and the ordering takes place. it took place three months ago we wanted to make sure that it will come from california or colorado or
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idaho. vegetables florida and california is the majority. >> host: what about the secret service? said they keeping an eye on everything? >> guest: they do. everything with secret service they take our the but at the same time we take bears meeting they know the employees who should be here or cannot. as far as working together together, as far as overseeing the production production, they will walk around and inspect and check on product but when it comes time to serving dinner the president's dinner is coming
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now. >> host: he is eating the same food? >> guest: there randomly selected. >> host: how far away are we from the ballroom? >> guest: about 40 yards. >> host: are the servers taking the food from this kitchen area to bring it out into the ballroom? >> guest: yes. the kitchen backs up to the ballroom is only 10 yards away but the entrance makes it convenient but also efficient. >> host: to work here with your as your employees do they have to be have background checks? >> guest: i honestly cannot answer that question. however i do know that
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everybody that walks to the kitchen once we turnover two secret service, everybody is checked once going through the secret service. >> host: what about food allergies? >> guest: in my 11 years this is my 12th dinner, we have had a lot of special request. and it is challenging that night because we try to take care of so many people then somebody says aioli eat something that is a dark shade. right now agreed is now working. then somebody else says they need their fruit period.
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forays a special vegan diet there is probably about 150 special request that evening. it bet -- and does present a challenge. >> host: what if you are one of the guest here in space dade grilled cheese and bowl of onion soup? >> they could get that. we have the restaurant kitchen andrew service. we will have six cooks up there and three others up there and a staff of 15. so room service or on the part -- or of the carter those who like to watch could order whenever they want. >> host: that is done in a separate kitchen? >> guest: yes.
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it is up one floor right off the lobby. >> host: in the years you have been doing this dinner, has indeed been gone wrong the you can tell us about? >> guest: we have had a lot go wrong. part of my job and my assistance job is to look into the future of the possibilities are there for something to go wrong? so we take the menu and think back words so what happens if this needs replaced or this is by now hotbox. we backtracked to minimize those. we have something of a sudden and seven quit -- the
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of the and got tired. and vice way to put it. so they put the soup and fruit in the oven then you have to use resources in all the kitchens to produce the food. so the pastry of vince we took some upstairs so we try to minimize the exposure. >> having attended this dinner it is very crowded in the ballroom and it is a tight space what is it like to get through? >> we get the advice of being patient. i don't see what goes on because i am so busy back here. we will keep working whether
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the restaurant or other orders so from the kitchen sampling we're not closing down if we're year by 5:00 in the morning because the anxiety is setting and. and everything up to that point of a long day that the same time it is a lot of fun. that they will see roughly 5200 employees a lot of people see the white house correspondents' dinner all those who have been here all day because the restaurant
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will serve 3,000 people that day so if you take all of that there is a lot more that goes into a. if we figure out how to expedite service. >>. >> host: george steady bush san barack obama had you had a chance to meet either one? >> no. unfortunately i hope one day i get that picture with one idea would be nice. but i don't get to meet them. i have seen mrs. obama wants in the kitchen odd way to other events. >> host: what is your biggest worry? >> guest: failure.
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any saying that i didn't think of something that could go wrong it is said high-profile group so the concerns from last week or from two weeks ago and i don't stress over that. and to walk through the process every day we do that today i go 20 or 30 times in my head.
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and then to say does this stretch your wings as the chef? and with the first five years it was mechanical and as the chef i did not push myself to be more creative. but this year i see people will be pleased ben day have in the past with the creativity that we have put forth. i am also learning as a shaft i have been doing this 40 years. not a lot of people can say that a dead you push yourself and then to say we
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will try something different and to try to be a little different but data you're doing your job. >>. >> this is the last one for a deal bomb is. >> from our perspective i am a military brat. so for me i was raised with respect eating the tradition of democratic or republican and it is an honor to be here.
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>> but your client is not necessarily the white house but the correspondents association. >> schaede monte to refer to the president but i guess i get excited that he is here but that is the white house correspondents' dinner is the vice people on the committee you want to do the best for the organization my job is to make their job a little bit easier. what can i do or how can i do it to make a decision zero little bit easier. >> april 30, 2016 with the start planning? >> the day after.
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so we discuss what went well we didn't have some of these stations and a certain area for him or not staff the neck of people of the kitchen so we go over everything bed day after then the day after that we start planning for the 17 dinner. >> host: the executive chef for the zero presidents correspondents' dinner.
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>> therefore taking under investigation not to have the legitimate law-enforcement but to evaluate according to the standards of the constitution from our land. >> hit chair of the democratic -- democrat from idaho looking at the caa in fbi and nsa and air as marking the 40th anniversary of the final report. we will apportions of those televised hearings. talking about the illegal stored biological weapons.
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>> this was part of a of collaboration with the united states army and developed for possible use. in 1860's but family at that time than the of primary duty is to his family through the old dominion.
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>> because of the ability of foreign policy and the chief of the armed forces is to think responsibly of what one can achieve to define the policies to understand geopolitics.
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>> ladies then the gentleman plays will come the next presidential of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> god bless the great state [cheers and applause] elections are about choices. republican party made a choice today. is an america i believe it wants to leave behind abortive -- optimistic for a campaign for the problems they're facing. [cheers and applause] and the american people deserve a real choice in november a choice and not the echo. a meaningful distinction as
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the american people are given a choice swith big government liberals. and with the corruption and of washington and we as a republican party will have failed. i will tell you one of the most solemn of choices is a choice to select the vice-presidential candidate. [applause] this is the choice to tell the american people and more
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importantly this is an individual matter what might happen and irresponsible can defer president with the pros and cons to pray about it. ha with those same characteristics to look for in the president. [applause] if they know enough to do
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the job how, do they understand why jobs are leaving america or why manufacturing jobs are overseas were white carrier has left. [applause] and they understand the threats that face us in the world that endangered your children and mine to do they have the experience and knowledge to do the job? second.
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today have the judge reviewed wisdom cruz responsibility of every person to ever hold that office? to the think through those decisions in a rational and impulsive way? today popoff the handle? where do they think through carefully? do they assemble thigh team that are smarter than that of? [applause] if you see a leader who
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surround themselves with people who are nine former scared and never ever stand up to that leader the rather than someone not at all secured. [applause] then we'll look to are they on this? with those principles that comes from their debt are now today in the abandoned tomorrow. and based on whatever that media tells them whenever is trending on twitter.
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or do they have a foundation? [applause] how do they treat others especially those everybody knows how to kiss up everybody has to be nice to their boss. how did they treat ted the average man and woman or the average citizen? after a great deal of thought and consideration i
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have come to the conclusion if i am nominated to be president of the mistakes i will run with the ticket with my vice-presidential nominee carly fiorina. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
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in. [chanting] the very first thing carly fiorina known throughout the country simply by the name of carly. [applause] is an extraordinary leader. she started working as a secretary to end climbed the corporate ladder to become the ceo of the largest technology company in the world.
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[cheers and applause] in the first female it history of a fortune 20 company. [applause] a graduate of stanford and m.i.t. her brilliant and cable the yet she experienced a hard world. to be a woman professional in the business world. i say that as a sign designate whether started in the computer industry in the '50s over and over again she
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provides lessons. but in addition to be of extraordinary intelligence is also the chairman of the foundation and conservative principles. [applause] she has studied the threats facing our national security of the cia and external advisory and if you look to the criteria that i laid out starting with knowledge she has spent a lifetime how to produce jobs and expand jobs
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and she knows firsthand that it is then more and more government but less and less. by opponent in this race, donald trump, liked hillary clinton and bernie sanders thinking that it is the answer to everything but she knows firsthand that it is the business world writing with the 20th largest corporations in america where jobs come from. and respects the constitution.
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[applause] is the candidate's views of kilobytes to be talked about one day then ignored the rest thinking religious liberty should be cast aside if the candidate's views the second amendment and they can be president. [applause] she respects the constitution and the bill of rights to understand the threats facing america. and as the vice-presidential nominee by telling you as someone you could be
6:50 pm
comfortable at that reason should arise to be commander in chief to keep the country going. [cheers and applause] speaking speaking to a tank speaking speaking to take we need a president who is neutral with israel. [applause] rita president who will rip this to shreds. and seven weeks ago today
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that carly fiorina endorsed as. when she initially endorsed us before that announcement we sat down to talking a great linkedin one of the things the struck me said i have a condition. i sat back you said what is it? she said i don't do anything halfway if i endorse a way to campaign and work to do everything that i can. [applause] that is the kind of condition that you like to hear. per conditioned my endorsement is not a rubber stamp it is a full commitment and said our country can fight this and we have to do this and since
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that time i have seen her day in and day out on the campaign trail going stop to stop to stop she is serious she doesn't get overly excited or rattled. [applause] and we all saw that. is one of the earliest debates carli confronted donald trump. [cheers and applause] a man with the characteristic understatement said look at that face.
6:53 pm
and everyone of us remember that grace with which she responded. had responded she knew exactly what she was saying as every woman do what he was saying. one of the great principles they feed off of the year and people who cower in the quarter and they don't know what to do with a strong powerful woman who stands up to say i am not afraid. the third characteristic is
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character. at the end of the day it is all about character. if the president is a no good scandal -- skeletal -- skeletal but is abusive and debris they will not and could not be a good president. [applause] and for anyone who doubts that but a good president must knowledge struggle and be able to understand those of a struggling if you have
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always lived a life of privilege and told you are the chosen that has real impact on the job as she started as the secretary with the business role that wasn't always welcoming to struggle in the workplace including being diagnosed with breast cancer and surviving. [applause] as a son who was by the mother's side when she passed away i know firsthand how devastating that key in
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the and i know with this trade then fortitude she cave ready to conquer the world. shoes had the loss of her stepfather there is no paid nothing to that paid of apparent is a child and moving through those personal struggles everyone has based but we were facing the abyss of a you find who you are all your character.
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translator: tb that is why she is not intimidated. [applause] kashi has faced challenges a lot worse than someone bullying and yelling at her face. [applause] let me tell you on a personal level to spend time with her on the campaign trail we have marveled at this crazy wild dirty and our girls have come to a door carli. [applause]
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of the campaign trail but there are 815 who wrote regularly test her. [laughter] is she may become the first vice president in history to have the heart a and smiley face infestation of emoticons. [laughter] and with the five year-old or eight year old who is texting you know, the value. someday ask why now? it is tradition of the vice-presidential nominee to be announced at the convention it is unusual to make the announcement as early as we're doing. but we would all the
6:59 pm
knowledge this race, if anything is unusual. [applause] where we are now is the mainstream media executive nabbed washington lobbyist all try to tell the american people let me tell you where we are right now. nobody is getting 1,237 delegate. [applause] i'm not getting them and either is donald trump. [cheers and applause] the hoosier state will have the powerful voice.
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[cheers and applause] so why make this announcement now? if we are to win the general election we must unite. and carly is a vice presidential nominee who is superbly skilled a and a gifted will bring us together so we steerage united as one but second i make this announcement today to give the voters in
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nebraska and south dakota washington state and california and across the country that you will go what you will get. [applause] . . [cheering and applause] >> the final reason for making the decision now is to give the american people a clear choice. elections are about choices. across this country millions of americans are struggling with an economy that is not working, with the obama clinton economy that is stagnant, are seeing the
7:02 pm
bill of rights under assault , religious liberty and the 2nd amendment violated by the federal government. [booing] hanging in the balance, a president who abandons our friends and allies whether it is great britain or israel. [booing] a pres. who is unwilling to stand up and confront radical islamic terrorism and defeat isis. [booing] [applause] some in the media will say, wouldn't it be easier just to throw up your hands and say surrender? donald trump has won some of the race. [booing] we should step back and let him win them all. [cheering] >> never! >> if we nominate a candidate who is a big government, new york liberal
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, who is a washington insider -- [booing] -- who agrees with hillary clinton and barack obama on issue after issue after issue -- [booing] -- and his lobbyist campaign manager has told us he is only playing a part, this is only a role, he is lying to us -- [booing] -- then we, as a republican party, will have failed profoundly for this country because the men and women of indiana know if we give people a clear choice between freedom and tyranny, between prosperity in poverty, between vulnerability and weakness and peace through strength that the american people will choose the constitution and god and freedom and security over and over again. [cheering and applause]
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[cheering and applause] [chanting] [chanting] the difference between carli and me on the one side and donald trump and hillary clinton on the other side could not be starker. if you want someone that will stand and fight for the working men and women of this country, fight for the men and women with calluses on your hands, fight for the single moms, fight for the young people, fight for those who are struggling and want to achieve the american dream and do not go with the washington insiders who sold us down the river. [cheering] [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause]
7:05 pm
this ticket is about the future. it is about our children. it is about our grandchildren. the stakes of this election, we are not simply wagering on a sporting contest. we are involved in a fight that everyone of us is privileged to be here to be fighting the greatest -- to be fighting to save the greatest country in the history of the world to make sure the next generation has every bit as much freedom and opportunity as each of us. [cheering and applause] and with that, ithat, i am pleased to introduce to you -- [cheering] -- an extraordinary leader, my friend, and the next vice president of the united states, carli fiorina!
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[cheering and applause]
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donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin.
7:09 pm
well, we know that. but you know, hillary clinton, like so many politicians, she has made her millions selling access and influence from inside the system. donald trump has made his millions buying people like hillary clinton. they are not going to challenge the system that has sold us all down the river. they are not going to challenge the elite, the crony capitalists, the washington insiders, the lobbyists. their campaign is filled with them. no, they are not going to challenge the system. they are the system. [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] [chanting]
7:10 pm
you know, ted mentioned that it has been seven weeks since i endorsed him. i voted for him before i ever had a conversation with him about endorsing him, and of course that is what you will have to do on tuesday, vote for him. we have been traveling. around the country. i have come to know ted and heidi and caroline and catherine. i know two girls that i just adore. [laughter] i'm so happy i can see them more. because we travel on the bus all day, we get to play, we get to play.
7:11 pm
i won't bore you with anymore, but they have four versus, caroline and catherine. love you, girls. [applause] here is what i have come to know about this man who must be the next president of the united states. [cheering and applause] he is a fighter, too. he has been in lots of fights. he has fought for religious liberty, our right to bear arms. [cheering and applause] he has fought over and over in front of the supreme court so many times, and he has won all of those fights. [cheering and applause] still, there are people who say, he has made some enemies. listen, as someone who has challenged the status quo all of my life, that is how you get from secretary to ceo, you challenge this status quo.
7:12 pm
it is how you solve problems. the only way you solve problems is, you actually have to challenge the status quo, and i will tell you something about challenging the system and the status quo. you do more than ruffle feathers. you do more than rock the vote. you make enemies. so i am reassured and i am proud of some of the enemies that ted cruz has made. [cheering and applause] it means he is going to fight. and this is our fight. let me tell you something else about this man. those two girls that i adore , caroline and catherine, let me tell you how much they adore their dad. i have watched ted and heidi, they are partners, a couple that rely on one another, just as my husband, frank, and i rely on each
7:13 pm
other through good times and bad. ted is a lot of fun. he is brilliant, a constitutional attorney. in fact, he mentioned watching a basketball game. we were on the bus watching the final four, the very last game, villanova and north carolina. here we are, you remember that game? you are a basketball state, right? anyway, it is 4.38 seconds to go in the game, and without knowing what the exciting finish would be, here is ted cruz putting money on the game. he is a heck of a lot of fun, but more than that, he actually is what he says he is. [cheering and applause] he is who he says he is. [cheering and applause]
7:14 pm
you know, ted mentioned that 2nd debate, and one of the things that i got asked in that debate was -- and i have been asked almost every day, well, we will you support donald trump if he is te nominee? and i said them what i have said every week, he does not represent me, and he does not represent my party. [cheering and applause] but here is something else i said, you know, there is an old saying, tough times build character. that is not true. tough times reveal character. character is revealed over time and under pressure. character is revealed in the pattern of someone's life, not in what they choose to say behind the podium, and i can tell you that the
7:15 pm
character of ted cruz has been revealed over time and under pressure and in the pattern of his life. [cheering and applause] he is a principled fighter. he is a man of character and conviction, and he understands the importance of the constitution to the future of this nation. [cheering and applause] i have to take a moment and explain why the constitution even matters because there are some people that say, it is a dusty relic written so long ago. to tell you why it matters i need to go back and tell you a little about myself. when i was a little girl of eight years old, i was in sunday school one morning. my mother was the sunday school teacher. she said, what you are is god's gift to you.
7:16 pm
what you make of yourself is your gift to god. [cheering and applause] i have traveled and lived and worked all over the world for decades. i have seen people and every possible corner of the globe and in every conceivable circumstance, and i can tell you that, indeed, each of us , all of us are gifted by god. [cheering and applause] each of us. each of us and all of us. we have the capacity and desire to live lives of dignity and purpose and meaning, and we know and it has always been true that work done well brings us dignity, and family brings us purpose. faith gives meaning to our lives. [cheering and applause]
7:17 pm
and that is true. all over the world. and when people do not have the opportunity to work, they lose dignity. once families are afraid purpose becomes uncertain. when people become disconnected from faith, they lose meaning in their lives. if everyone has the desire and capacity to live a life of dignity and purpose and meaning, we must ask ourselves now, why is it that more things have been more possible for more people for more places here than anywhere else on earth because knowing the answer to that question is what we will save the future of this nation. [cheering and applause] i am keenly aware, keenly aware that it is only in
7:18 pm
this nation a young woman can start out the way i did, typing,i did, typing, filing, answering the phones for a nine person real estate firm and one day go on and become the chief executive of what would turn in to the largest technology company in the world, run for the president of the united states, and run now for the vice president of the united states. [cheering and applause] that is only possible in this great nation. [cheering and applause] and the reason it is possible, the reason it is possible here and only here is because our founders knew what my mother taught me, that everyone is gifted by god, all of us are equal in the eyes of god, everyone has potential. and so they said, we are going to found a nation on a radical, visionary idea that here, in this nation, everyone has the right to
7:19 pm
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. [cheering and applause] that was there way of saying , everyone has the right to find and use their god-given gifts to fill their potential, and they said that grace comes from god and cannot be taken away. [cheering and applause] and so this became a nation where groups who worshiped flourished and innovation flourish and more things became more possible for more people from more places. the constitution rightly enshrines liberty and gives us the chance to fulfill our potential, but our founders knew something else, that it has always been true throughout history -- and i used to study history -- this also is true, power
7:20 pm
concentrated his power abused. [applause] and so the constitution is rightly understood not just for the document that enshrines our rights and liberties but a document that prevents a concentration and abuse of power. we have grown way too far from the constitution. [cheering and applause] the reality is, for the last decade republicans and democrats alike, too much power and money aa concentrated in the hands of too few. >> yes! [cheering] >> we must restore liberty where it belongs, in the hands of the citizens of this nation, small businesses, communities and states. that is why having a constitutional conservative in the white house matters because the president must
7:21 pm
restore our constitutional values. [cheering and applause] our entrenched political system, our system of crony capitalism works ifyou are a big company but not if you are a small company. it works if your wealthy and powerful or well-connected, like donald trump or hillary clinton, as a poor, as a poor e, but it does not work for the rest of us. ours was intended to be a citizen government, and now we must restore, and a president ted cruz will restore. power belongs in the hands of citizens and communities and the states of this great nation. [cheering and applause]
7:22 pm
what is the state now? -- what is at stake now is the future of our nation. will this be a nation where every american, regardless of the circumstances, has the opportunity that comes from their god-given gift? will we be one nation, indivisible, under god, with liberty and justice for all or not? our country is being taken away from us by the elite, crony capitalists, special interests that have captured both parties. they are taking away not only will we treasure about this nation, but what has made the nation great, a place of possibility for so many. my fellow americans, people of indiana, it is time. they must take our country back. [cheering and applause]
7:23 pm
>> this is the fight of our time. i believe ted cruz is the man to lead that fight, and i am prepared to stand by his side and give this everything i have to restore the core of our party, to defeat donald trump, to defeat hillary clinton, and to take our country back. [cheering and applause] and so my fellow citizens, you must stand with us. you must fight with us. we must restore the
7:24 pm
potential of this nation. we must restore what has made this nation great 1st so many people regardless of the circumstances. the possibility of this nation, the opportunity of this nation, the rights and liberties of this nation can extend to every american. ladies and gentlemen, this is the fight of our times. ted cruz is the man to lead that fight. i will stand by his side. i want you to stand with us as we fight. please welcome back the next president of the united states, ted cruz submission. [cheering and applause] ♪ [cheering and applause] ♪ [cheering and applause]
7:25 pm
[cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] ♪ [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] ♪ [cheering and applause] ♪ [cheering and applause] ♪ [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] >> katie glick is following the ted cruz campaign, national political reporter for politico. thank you for being with us. >> why this announcement and
7:26 pm
white today by the ted cruz campaign? >> the announcement to tap carli fiorina as the running mate for ted cruz comes after two weeks of a lot of bad headlines for ted cruz. he is trying to get back into the game and regain momentum after six straight losses in new york and then a series of mid-atlantic states on tuesday. now he is looking ahead to indiana and trying to create some momentum to close out the race, and he certainly still hopes to make it to a contested convention in cleveland and certainly tapping a running mate now puts him back in the conversation, and he is hopeful that carli fiorina will help him move the dial in indiana next week and looking ahead to california. >> mathematically he has been eliminated on any chance of winning a nomination on a 1st ballot. does the announcement today and indianapolis with carli fiorina as his running mate
7:27 pm
in any way change the dynamics? >> he certainly hope so. it has been a bad couple of weeks, but he and his team are hopeful that he can eke out a win in indiana. given the way indiana awards delegates, it is possible he can pick up some in different pockets of the state, but he is looking for a win. trying to regain that momentum. certainly carli fiorina, a former candidate herself is well known, especially among the conservative grassroots and they are hoping that tapping her in jackson does of excitement into his campaign and is enough to keep him in the conversation to get across the finish line indiana and stay viable to make it to a contested convention. >> carli fiorina now lives in virginia but ran for the senate six years ago using the senator barbara boxer who is retiring this year.
7:28 pm
carli fiorina did when at the republican primary in california. if he makes it that far, is this also about those california delegates? >> with a number of his supporters who are hopeful that carli fiorina can be quite helpful to him in california. she knows the state, is unknown quantity with the conservative grassroots. my understanding is, she is expected to be quite visible on his behalf in the state. and ted cruz will be banking a lot on california. he has long been organized there. his team has said that he could do well there, given the way there were delegates on a congressional basis. there is the hope that he could rack up that number so that he could go in from a stronger position into a contested convention. the bigger question is whether able even go to a contested convention or if trump will when the nomination outright.
7:29 pm
>> why do you think carli fiorina said yes to the invitation by ted cruz to be his running mate? >> well, you know, carli fiorina come after her own campaign ended she came out in support of him and is very much remained in the spotlight on the behalf of ted cruz. certainly she has been active for him on the campaign trail. you know, being highly active as a surrogate introducing him all over the place, campaigning on her own in various states since she got behind him last month. so this is an opportunity for her to continue, to tap that message and to continue to do so in the national spotlight. >> the announcement today already shot down by donald trump command others are calling it a hail mary pass. what are you hearing from political observers, and how
7:30 pm
do you think this will play out? >> certainly, some observers watching this did see this as a move by a candidate who is really trying to make sure he has every option to stay viable and push a contested convention. certainly there was acknowledgment earlier that this is not a typical move. you do not often see a candidate naming a running mate, really, this early in the process, but a lot of folks have noted that he is under a lot of pressure to have a strong performance in indiana and then if that happens, to do the same in california. the stakes are really high for him. ..
7:31 pm
>> >> but certainly the last contested convention was in '76 and he is familiar with that history as well. >> from "politico".com then national political reporter thanks for being with us. >> great to be with you. think so much. >> madam president we proudly give 72 of our delegates to the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] ♪
7:32 pm
7:33 pm
venus and then
7:34 pm
not. >> we will make a brief statement and then we will take some questions. were then two months since the president requested emergency funding to combat the zika virus for public officials and disease experts telesis needed we
7:35 pm
are here to tell you the republicans failed to act the american people said this year to solve problems in this is a big problem it doesn't matter if zika virus is a nomination for ruth the opioid addiction or restructuring to have of budget or our appropriation bills since they cannot do their job. even when we try to work with them on a bipartisan basis for what they get to know they're unwilling and unable to break to the constant gridlock we need action before it spreads further this is a serious serious problem we have the opportunity to do something we need to do something and
7:36 pm
should know before recess it is time for republicans to do their job. >> thank you very much for your leadership and your courage to fight for our country and beyond the issue of public health is the compact that we have with the public sector to be there in project plan dash predict and present to keep the country held a. to make a full request it be for real left for the easter break we call upon the republicans in the house of representatives the date for
7:37 pm
flint and zika and opiates and just focusing on zika right now and what we doubt even those two are confirmed in their own country are headed to another week of recess and on the probation committee and over and over again to be rejected as funding. and that the house appropriations committee and the very same day the cdc confirmed that it has irreversible birth defect data coated the second time to block emergency funding and as they have done in
7:38 pm
committee. don't recess in that country. do your jobs are standing in the way of emergency action do your job of the president's request for the emergency zika finding and with that i am pleased with the ranking member. excuse me she used to be there was a day. a fellow graduate first of all, the mosquitos are coming.
7:39 pm
they're already here. to keep them out but they won't pay for. [laughter] this is not a fantasy from the world health organization coming from the cdc and from the states that are already affected and infected and we need to act with mosquito control and to have the resources to deal with that from our own country and p.r. from central and latin america board with horrific and already documented severe birth defects if you are for children or the ability to
7:40 pm
deal with this issue. they say they care about the budget process to have a budget agreement. and to make sure that we respond according to what we know will happen. and then day work although way up the coastline. to know that the mosquito season is over. what does that mean? those with horrific birth defects and those that could paralyze them that we are
7:41 pm
pondering and parsing that this is an emergency. it is. the parliamentary definition of urgency. and it has to be foreseen and temporary. we need to act with mosquito control we need to find zika and turned do it now or risk being stung by the mosquitos >> more than two months ago the administration was requesting emergency funding with the robust response ford -- zika but they say we want to be helpful but we
7:42 pm
cannot get any answers how the money will be spent but again this straight right now. that is absolute nonsense i have then there. i sat in the briefing i have read the budget dissertation in the administration has given the request but to move the goal post to mount a response that is needed. all the promises to provide the vaccines or that diagnostics and mosquito control that is needed right now. not with the majority finally gets around to a. not with mosquitos season or after it is completely out of control.
7:43 pm
this is why i introduce to have a stand-alone bill in the house to provide the president's fault 1.9% billion dollar request to make it clear this is an emergency. i sincerely hope the majority to start living up to the responsibility. >> there is a lot we still need to learn about zika virus that we know for sure we cannot wait. i heard from family after family who you are wondering how zika virus could affect them and what congress is doing about it. democrats have urged republicans to work with us
7:44 pm
on the emergency supplemental funding package to put the much needed resources into preventing and treating this frightening virus. i was glad that after months of pressure that public health experts that they are willing to work with us to get something done a was encouraged but that has been nearly one week since we had those conversations and it is clear that those republicans interested in working with us has been beaten back by the extreme right wing who don't want to do anything at all. to recognize zika is an
7:45 pm
emergency not to give 1 penny more and unfortunately as a result of their delay their already behind that eighth ball as mosquito comes. to send a very clear message to republicans today we need action now. families cannot afford to wait. for those who are looking to congress i hope they joined us of the cantilever. >> afternoon. there almost 900 confirmed cases in the united states of zika virus and 81 are pregnant women. the virus is a large scale crisis in p.r. with 576 confirmed cases on the island alone.
7:46 pm
florida and the gulf coast states are next. temperatures are already reaching levels where mosquitos spawned a year less than 100 days out from the olympics in brazil. we should have acted long ago. eric to let people in this country become infected and suffer. did we have to act now and i'd want to have to wait to develop the vaccine. there are companies interested budget there will be federal support but they don't how that with emergency funding with a more accurate diagnostics.
7:47 pm
according to the cdc director it causes microsoft believe never before in history has there been a situation where a mosquito bite can results in a devastated malformation. no ambiguity. because his brain damage. and to revise women not to get pregnant. arguing avoiding conception is the only way to avoid the birth of the deformed baby. is that the message we want to send? we cannot afford to wait another day. of 1.$9 billion in this nation has been forced to redirect five-to-10 million dollars to the immediate
7:48 pm
crisis. we are robbing peter to pay paul. let me be clear these funds are directed away from other critical unthreading risks and repurchased only as a last resort the "washington post" reported those that are robbed of emergency preparedness grants $44 million in total. to have to resources to address zika virus itself. more than 9 percent of the funding and los angeles county 1.$6 million. new york city it is mindboggling we would even consider this course of action. in the middle of a global health crisis we cannot appropriate emergency fund to save lives and urge my colleagues on both sides of
7:49 pm
the aisle not to put american women in this predicament whether or not they should get pregnant or if they already are wondering if their baby is okay. we will ask ourselves why did the delay? why did we wait? three to stop the crisis before it gets worse but we have to act now it is the moral thing to do. >> ac/dc has said this hysteria but those are all the more petrified but they
7:50 pm
don't know for example, that in tyree gestation period of nine months where the infection causes the fetus to be formed. in with them that look natural that they see manifestations turn up years later, blindness as well as the horrendous pitchers of the deform ted. been there was the time so much as a young person but i tell you i don't want to be bitten by this type of
7:51 pm
mosquito. because that is the one that kills the virus. and with those manifestations of but will happen with contact with other human beings. in the bill with their pregnant female. my state of florida just yesterday its index case of infection. 94 that we know of five of those are pregnant women that go to the southeast of miami you find an estimate of bbs many as 20 percent of the population and as we know of 40 percent women
7:52 pm
that we know of to think about those consequences not only a tragedy to think of the cost to have to bear the brunt and a consultation with of leadership a couple days ago and then we need to get on with it. [applause] >> mr. leader. it shouldn't be that difficult for congress to do its job. we have done it many times before that we understood we had to make an investment to stop a catastrophe.
7:53 pm
that we have not dealt with that whole situation of immigration reform or p.r. but congress needs to be stuck in neutral but that difficulty is that people are being infected the house and senate republican and democrat must answer the question looms child should get zika became she will not fund that? whose family will be left out if you don't do this the right way? the administration has made it clear. it is time for congress to do its job. as what the american people
7:54 pm
understand. and the effects of the zika virus slushes get to work to stop playing with the lives of american families. >> director questions to leader policy. >> [inaudible] >> republicans are the majority in the senate and in the house it is the responsibility to bring the bill for word. 21.9 billion it to buy senator murray was heavily involved. this is just talk.
7:55 pm
and with their responsibility come forward it is imperative and with those budget cuts. why not? >> here is where we are. , as is not an emergency. this is an under tradition and precedent and common-sense is emerging but at the very same time they're asking for an emergency like zika also flint and the offset for
7:56 pm
opioids it just isn't enough this is though land easily a situation so this is why they said to have an emergency supplemental go into seriously undermined the investment. it is hard to say to trying to be euphemistic that we will not fully fund zika of the president's request to take on the other many that we may need from ebola. and the threat that ebola poses for the need to address us and it goes away
7:57 pm
you want to do it in any emergency but don't say we know better with the public health threat as senator murkowski said it will pay for it that is carried by a mosquito that does terrible damage to pregnant women and inspected bombs and babies to come and it must be addressed no wonder they have that frustration when we cannot even honor our responsibilities as a threat to the public health of our country.
7:58 pm
>> fakes everybody -- they keep everybody
7:59 pm
. . because of his insight and because of the willingness to consider what we could do, we have a limited missile defense capability in this country and my judgment and the judgment of many protect my children and all
8:00 pm
of yours. perhaps from a north korean launch at some point that they want to at least put asunder threat and mr. chairman some of the discussions about price, let me just say a robust yet limited constellation would cost about $26 billion over 20 years or $1.3 billion per year. according to hudson studies as well as iba study there for i.d. boys we can get the cost down even further if we get serious in investing. this also should be noted that this is a plan for research and testbed not to actually build the system at this time and it's always wise for us to consider looking ahead. finally before i give a clearer picture of this mr. chairman i don't think there's anything in this amendment that directly conflicts with admiral syring's perspective. we don't know what we can and can't do and this is a means of


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