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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  June 4, 2016 10:20am-10:31am EDT

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60 minutes correspondent leslie stall looks at the changing role of grandparents. also this weekend, late author and journalist hunter thompson remembers his father. former state department official on your email you will report on the growing influence of china and india. booktv visits las vegas to talk with local authors and tour the city's literary sites. that is a view of the authors on booktv this weekend. booktv, 48 hours of nonfiction books and authors, television for serious readers. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump talked about books he is reading this summer. and klein, former editor of new york times magazine taking a look at democratic presidential
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candidate hillary clinton. all quiet on the western front was first published in 1929. the book is an account of a german soldier serving during world war i, it was described as one of the greatest books of all time. he is reading a biography of former president richard nixon and that is look at what donald trump is reading this summer. >> a division of -- >> www. norton, the oldest independent in america. of the 90 what books do you publish? >> guest: serious nonfiction and literary fiction. books that can change the culture. >> host: we are here to talk about some of the books coming out this fall. let's start with a serious one called rat f. >> guest: rat f is by david daily and it tells the story of how the country has been
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redistrict it since 2010 to ship all these congressional districts over to the republican base. both of the architects have spoken with the author and traveled these districts and you will see district to go 30 miles like michigan, and pontiac, michigan, shows how these districts were created. it was used as early as the 1920s. >> host: we are being polite in our use of the word but the whole word is on the front of the book. >> the whole word is not. there are two *plaps -- times's. it is a long-standing word to promote political espionage and sabotage. it is by david daily. >> host: another book that did come out and was finalist for the pulitzer.
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>> marching home is out in paperback, first book by a brilliant young historian and it details what happened to all the veterans when they came to the north, how they were forgotten. the research is 1-of-a-kind and was so unusual to get a finalist, we are proud of the photo. >> host: who is wendy warren? >> guest: there are a lot of young exciting historians in america. wendy warren has rewritten the 1600s in america, she shows how slavery was indelibly linked to the founding of america. 70% of the ships coursing out of new england harbor all were in the west indies, she shows how many of the founding fathers like winthrop invested heavily in slave shipping and shipping
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in general. his son was in barbados in 1920, 1626. >> host: he was there? >> guest: checking out the land, checking what prospects there are. came over four years later, wendy warren has written a major work. >> shirley jackson. who was shirley jackson? >> guest: shirley jackson, there is a huge renaissance, one of the architects of fiction of horror, quality fiction in the country, ruth franklin, the author of this biography says she is the heir apparent to hawthorn and trades this woman's life through her novels in a 50s and predates them and a stunning biography. >> host: why have we not heard
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of her? >> guest: we have heard of her through the lottery, one of the most famous short stories to appear in the new yorker in 1948. she was forgotten. america's fiction revival and she is all over the place. >> host: there is a novel coming out by alan moore. >> guest: one of the hottest novels in the world including in america, coming out in september. alan moore is famed as a graphic novelist, but this is the text novel worked on for 20 years, lives like a hermit in northampton, england. he has written the story of life and the story of one family over 10, 12 centuries. and crowds of people in new york or everyone, could be one of the monster works of fiction this
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year. >> host: it is 1200 pages. >> guest: jerusalem is named after a poem by william blake and is the story of family and mysteries and the universe and i think it is a work of fiction that will last for 100 years. v for victory has a huge fan base. watchmen. you will see an explosion of interest in his work. >> host: is it about the city of jerusalem? >> guest: it is about the underclasses of northampton, england, taken jerusalem written by william blake about the poor people of england in the 1600s and he transposed this to north hampton. the characters remind you of the characters, it is a very ambitious, exciting book and i think it will explode. >> host: a couple more books we want to share with you that are
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coming up. >> a lot of people in your audience know of him. he has written a three or fourth century history of lighthouses starting with the boston lighthouse. even until today what happened to the lighthouse? he told the story of america through the lighthouses, what they did in the war, who the lighthouse keepers were. technology, old-fashioned, it is a riveting book which is i think for anyone traveling there, hundreds of lighthouses like michigan, you wouldn't know where they are in america. it tells the story through a most unusual source and who doesn't like a lighthouse? jenin giovanni is one of the most renowned war correspondents in the world, she is everywhere where there is great danger going on. this book is just out the morning they came for us, it is all about what happened in
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sierra. the pros is vivid. it is a remarkable story of one courageous war correspondent's efforts to portray a country which is under siege and has been ruined. >> host: robert weil we don't cover many novels on booktv but we have covered winston grooms. >> his first major novel since forest gump, it is based on years of research. anyone who loves trains will leavitt. the history of the early 20th century and he takes you about the east coast who come down south to protect the property against poncho via. for anyone who really loves american history, wants to see the intersection of history and fiction and vivid historical characters.
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>> host: those are some of the books coming out. >> booktv tapes hundreds of other programs all year long, here is a look at the events we are covering this week, tuesday we are at powerhouse arena in brooklyn, brooke hauser, helen girly brown, had on the sexual revolution in the women's movement. across the brooklyn bridge for an event on the overseas press club in manhattan where npr's and garrels talks about the rise of letter boone and the changes she has seen in russia in 20 years covering the country, back in brooklyn on wednesday, for journalist monique morris's are put on our school policies have a negative impact on black female students. on thursday we are reporter square books in cambridge, massachusetts with nathaniel hamilton looking at the strained relationship between franklin roosevelt and british prime
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minister winston churchill in 1943 as world leaders debated military strategy. saturday and sunday live from the printers relit fast in chicago with father talks from seymour hersh, amy goodman, sebastian younger and more. that is a look at the author programs booktv is covering this week. many of these eventss are open to the public and you can look for them to air in the near future on booktv on c-span2. >> there is no flash photography permitted during the event today. following the lecture we will have book signing in the lobby. >> don't forget author events are offered and broadcasts, including the lineup of leading voices, business leaders who visited the library this spring. it


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