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  Senate Minority Leader Reid on Majority Leader Mc Connells Support of Trump  CSPAN  June 6, 2016 10:05pm-10:15pm EDT

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without doing his job on zika so he could stump for tmp.ha and the last ten days it'sng become clear that senator mcconnell will go to in the length to support donald trump. considering the republican leader's refusal to not comment on trump's attack on judge curiel, a man born in indiana in the united states. donald trump opined a federal jump should be disqualified from preside ago on his case because of his mexican heritage and saib he would feel the same way if the judge were muslim. how did he respond? he refused to say donald trump attacks on the ethnicity would be racist.. the failure of donald trump inre the first place. senator mcconnell and all congressional leaders have never
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taken a stand against trump's foul rhetoric. that's because the hate emanating from trump's mouth reflects the republican party's agenda. here in the united states, senate for the last seven and a half years. the agent that senatorea mcconnell himself promoted. for years senator mcconnell and other leaders graced the darkest elements in their party. made antiwoman, anti-lated teen no and anti-muslim and anti-obama policies the norm. trump is the logical conclusion that we have -- been saying and doing for the past years. by refusing to denounce trump's attack on a federal judge, itnn shows senator mcconnell is a poster boy for republican spinelessness, and allowed donald trump to be the republican nominee for president of the united states. i've made this argument for months. i'm not the only one making it anymore. now even some republicans are joining me.
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the conservative blog "red state" rallied against senator mcconnell's re -- the conservative blog "red state" said this, and i quote: senator mcconnell fell back to the last coward's refuge. we have to support trump because he won the primary. close quote.ho republicans willing to say that senator mcconnell won't -- what he is saying today and tweeted, and i quote that from senator -- public service or announcement: saying someone can't do a specific job because of his or her race is a literal definition of racism. close quote. newt gingrich, former republican speaker of the house called trump's comments inexcusable. there are others. but for his port senator mcconnell's doubling down on trump. d
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the republican leaderes waging a nonstop campaign to persuade republicans to have doubts about supporting trump to drop their complaints in fall in line. went so far as to suggest that donald trump is comparable to president dwight eisenhower. to general dwight eisenhower. donald trump is a failed business man who bilked men millions of americans out authorize their money. nobody one reads his tax returns. trump doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as president highsen hour who led the allied forces in world war donald schools. comparing eisenhower to trump, give us a break. donald trump is the converse of all which leaders like eisenhower, lincoln, roosevelt,c and reagan stood. they stood for equality, fairness, and decency. trump and mcconnell obviously
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do not. donald trump stands for hatred and stands for division. mcconnell reassured as president, donald trump, quote, would be fine, what he said. that's a quote. republican leader also extolled trump's intelligence, even claimed the republican party is, quote, at an all-time high, close quote.lm with trump at the helm. that's how the republican leader spent last week. he wasn't fights for resources to stop the spread of zika. he was leading the cheers has he stumped for trump. senator mcconnell was doing zero for the resident flint, michigan, spending -- the opiode addiction is terrible. the republican liter was too busy being a trumpet for trump,
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and now that his he has firmly entrench evidence himself in trump's corner it can't wonder how far senator mcconnell's support extended. for example, were donald trump's comments about judge curiel racist? as the senator from nebraska said, senator mcconnell wouldn't answer that question yesterday. he had numerous opportunities to do it. given another opportunity today. and there oar questions that republican leader needs to answer. does he believe a federal judge be disqualified because of his american heritage? does we believe these attacks are acceptable from a man that wanted to be profit our great country, that judges should face a religious test? some mcconnell said we know that donald trump will make the right kind of supreme court appointment, close quote. for donald trump's latest attack on the judiciary, does he truly believe that trump is the right man to pick nominees for the nation's highest court?
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the republican leader defended trumps tempment saying, quote, would we -- would be fine as president. i ask the senator from kentucky is it fine that donald trump called women pigs and dogs? is it fine when trump called immigrants rapists and murderers? is it fine that his party's presidential candidate urges violence at rallies? these north rhetorical questions. republican leader has so fully embraced donald trump we're all unclear as to whether trump's platform ends and the senate republicans begin. do republicans really think a man who believes in the religion and ethnic test for judges -- he must explain why this is acceptable. the nation has a right to n.o.w. republican support of donald trump extended. that starts with republican leader. because now there doesn't appeal
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to be any daylight between donald trump and senator mcconnell. i yield the floor. >> our live coverage the presidential race continues tuesday night with primaries in six states: california, montana, new jersey, new mexico, and north and south dakota. >> a more different vision for our country than the one between our side of democrats for progress, for prosperity, for fairness, and opportunity, than the presumptive nominee on the republican side. >> we're going to win on education, no more common core. bring it down. bring it. we want it local. we're going to win with healthcare. we are going to win at the border. we're going to win at trade. >> we have got redefine what politics means in america.
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we need people from coast to coast, standing up, fighting back, and demanding a government that represents all of us, not just the one percent. >> join us live at 9:00 p.m. eastern for election results, candidates speeches, and your reaction, and we'll look ahead at the fall battleground states, take you on the road to the white house on c-span. c-span radio, and >> next, conversation on academic freedom on university campuses. we'll hear from an attorney who is the editor of a blog on federal appellate litigation. emory university law school in atlanta hosted this event. [applause] >> thank you, kurtis.
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i'm professor here, and i'm here to introduce howard bashman, howard bashman is a nationally known appellate lawyer who is based in philadelphia, and mainly practices before the third circuit. in 2003, american lawyer media named howard bashman one of pennsylvania's top 40 lawyers under age 40 on the strength of his appellate litigation practice. now, the senior judge aldicet has a book called, winning on appeal, where there are many judges and handful of appellate lawyers who give their advice about how to write the best possible appellate grieve and win your case, and howard bashman is one of the few appellate lawyers who war honored to participate in that book. howard bashman went to college of columbia but more important