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Paul Ryan
  House Speaker Paul Ryan Briefs Reporters on Meeting with Donald Trump  CSPAN  June 23, 2016 8:03pm-8:19pm EDT

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blending civil-rights nonviolent resistance with modern social media to amplify their cause, they used their cell phones to get their message out, the article continues. as the sitting continue this afternoon, speaker the house paul ryan spoke to reporters at a press conference. he called the called the protest a publicity stunt and said it is not very good for democracy. from capitol hill, this is about 20 minutes. [inaudible] >> one of the things that make her country strong is our institutions. no matter how bad things get in this country we have a basic structure that ensures a functioning democracy. we can disagree a policy, but we
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do so within the bounds of order and respect for the system. otherwise it all falls apart. i'm not going to dwell on the decorum of the house here today, other than to say, we, we are not going to allow stunts like this to stop us from carrying out the people's business. why do i call the system? well, because it is one. let's just be honest here, here are some facts yesterday the house appropriations committee considered its bill for homeland security spending. at the committee democrats offered in committee and amendment offering the gun measure they say they want, that amendment failed on a bipartisan
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basis. so just yesterday the democrats offered this gun measure they claim they want and it failed on a bipartisan basis in committee. there was a vote, it was in the committee, to regular order and the vote failed. that is a fact i did not want to talk about. here's another one, if, if democrats want to vote for a bill on the floor, there is a way to get one. it just takesrkt is a we-known process. they are not doing that. they're not trying to actually get this done through regular order, instead they are staging protests. they're trying to get on tv. they're sending out fundraising solicitations like this one, house democrats on the house floor your contribution will go to the d triple c,ucks but if you want, you can send us 50, 100, 250 dollars, 500 dollars, $1000 because look at what $500,
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$1000 because look at what were doing on house floor, send us money. if this is not a political stunt than why the strength raise money money off of it. off of a tragedy. what they are called for failed and a committee in the house. the reason i call this it a stunt stunt is because they know this is not going anywhere. it already failed in the senate they may not like this fact. but this bill couldn't even get 50 votes in the united states senate, let alone 60. why is that? why is it that this bill failed on a bipartisan basis in committee and it failed on a bipartisan basis in the senate? because in this country we do not take away people's constitutional rights without to process. this is not just republicans saying this. it is groups like the aclu for
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sameness. or more to the point, our focus focus needs to be on confronting radical extremism. terrorism is the issue. let me say that again, terrorism is the issue and defeating terrorism is our focus here in the house. so let me be really clear. we are not not going to take away the constitutional rights of a law-abiding law-abiding americans. we're not quite allow publicity stunts to stop us from doing our job. that is that is why the house powered had last night to provide important resources in the fight against the zika virus. one of our must do items on our list this week was that we had to respond to the zika virus. we know this is something we have to get on top of. in the face of this distraction, we passed a responsible bill bill that provides the level of funding that was in the senate bill that received a big bipartisan vote with a mix that we in the house was very important. this was a good compromise.
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it meets an urgent need. i urge the senate to take it up passing. now, democrats can talk all they want, i'm really not sure what their plan or endgame is here but the bottom line is that despite these distractions, we did did our job. we did the people's business. we'll continue to do so. one more point to bring up, i want to say word about the supreme court really that we just got that halts the presidency executive amnesty. this is a win for the constitution, it is when for congress, and it's a win in our fight to restore the separation of powers. presidents don't rate laws, congress rights laws. this is a case of the house waiting on because it is fundamental to our system of checks and balances. congress, not. congress, not the present rights are lost. today the supreme court validated that fundamental possible. >> there's a two-part question, what were your personal feelings
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when you're being screamed at an yelled shane, not even any year in, tech also you have a lot of experience, are you are you worried this type of precedent for this you been on the other foot of this could happen now with any minority party. >> i do worry about president. i have an obligation as a speaker of the house to protect this institution. where the oldest democracy in the world. we are the ballast of the world of free people. so when we see a democracy to send in this way, it is not a good sign. it is not a good presence. yes i do worry. i've been around, i've done the iowa state fair, the stope iowa state fair, the stoke box, i've done wisconsin recall. so that i'm used to. but but on the house floor, no. on the house floor where we have rules, where where we have order, where we have a system
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where democracy is supposed to work its way out in a deliberate and respectful way, now. i did not expect that because i think what we did was we watched a publicity stunt, fundraising stunt to descendent institution that many of us carry a great deal about. >> you pledge when you came in to run a more open, last night the bill passed about. [inaudible] the rule also on amendment for appropriation bill how it's structured now and on this gunboat your negative bring this forward for an amendment. >> and are ready in committee. but are you essentially undermining your own --
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>> not in the lease. they open for an open and functioning process what we learned as democrats were not interested in advancing the process, they're interested in stopping the process. our. our members want congress to function. our members want us to do the people's business and to do our jobs. when the when the democrats are trying to stop congress from doing anything, that is not an open process, that's a no process, that's a -- to the point of last night, do you think we're going to have a civilized bit about the zika virus? do you think they're interested in coming to the mic and debating zika? of course not, they're screaming and shouting over each other. so we were going to get our job done in our job this week was to make sure that we are getting on the authorities, the cdc, giving the vaccination, getting ourselves repair for the zika virus. were going into summer, people will be grilling on fourth of july mosquitoes will be by the people. we want to make sure we have the proper response and that is why we did our job to pass this bill.
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>> when it just to hold the vote like a senate did earlier this week it would've taken what 15 minutes? >> we have a process for this. this is a bill that is not even supported by bipartisan majority. this amendment was brought up in the preparations committee in a field there. that's point number one, point number two, if you want to bring a bill that you can't get through committee, you can committee, you can do a discharge petition with 218 signatures. they're not bothering with this they're looking for publicity's dunce. oh by the way, that's not about making law because a senate array defeated. so they know it's not going to law, this is about a publicity this is about a publicity stunt and now a fund-raising scheme. >> but they're looking at her compromise. >> let me go back on that. what did i say yesterday or the day before in our press conference quest mark we want to see what the senate produces, were looking at this issue, what did i save the we can? we know that there is an issue with respect to terrorist watchlist the people attempt to buy guns, were looking at that, or doing it deliberately. were not. were not doing publicity stunts on the floor.
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when looking at this issue so we get it right because by the way remember the fbi told us, you get this wrong and you're going to script terrorist investigation. if you overreacted to this one what you're going to screw up our ability to go after terrorists. we want to get it right while protecting people's constitutionally guaranteed rights and not violated the due process rights. >> if it does continue do you plan to take any further actions against democrats. >> we are reviewing everything. were reviewing everything right now as to what happened and how to make sure we can bring order to the chaos. this is the people's house. this is congress, the house of representatives. oldest democracy the world. and they are descending into chaos. i don't think this would be a very proud think this would be a very proud moment for democracy or for the people who stayed the stones. >> on appropriations, i can be of the finish the process certainly before july and you're gonna have to come back in september, how long do you want to go for? >> i don't want to get into how long a cr gets to because i want to get it i want to move as much
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appropriation product through the house floors possible. do not want to start talking about sears because that means were shortchanging the process. >> why not shut off the lights republicans have pointed out that that's essentially what nancy pelosi did in 2008 in order to end the debate. >> were following the roles that have always been in place. as you know, when your recess is the call of the chair that's one process, when you adjourn that's another process. so we are are simply following the rules as they have always been written and the rules as they were in 2008 as well. mr. speaker, your homeland security. >> mcfarlane with nbc, your homeland security committee has ordered an investigation into what is happening the headquarters. it's investigating whether an employee was plotting to attack senior officials there. has your office been redone that?
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>> were familiar with reports. we want more information but who were waiting for their investigation. >> my staff briefed me. >> this is the one -- you been extremely clear when you thought process about supporting the nominee, you do not want hillary clinton presidency and how important it is rias a party leader. you're. your been clear about that. i've been wondering though, if there is an something larger, you just mention that you're the head of this institution, with everything this country has been through, civil rights, racial discrimination, fairplay, voting rights all these things, you these things, you have a nominee as you know when you have had to review him for xenophobia, phobia, tacking the judge based on ethnicity. have you ever thought about
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whether someone in your position, regardless of party needs to reject this, just someone in your position needs to reject it for the health of the country are not not party or election, is there anything here? >> let makes let's make it really clear. yes i'm the head of the legislative branch and speaker of the house. i'm. i'm also a high-ranking republican official. if i lead a schism in our party than i am guaranteeing that a liberal progressive becomes president continues these policies which i think are extremely detrimental to the country. i think losing the supreme court for a generation is detrimental. i've said all along, we want to see the campaign approved. want to see the campaign approving tone, approach, never respect. i heard he gave a good speech given akamai been too busy, i just read it, but when i see and hear things that i do not agree with it, that i think are
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contrary to her principles as conservatives and americans, i will speak out on those things. i'm going to be really clear, you know that. but at the same time the last thing i want to do is help hillary clinton become president of the become president of the united states. i think that would be bad for the country. >> mr. speaker right now the people in great britain are voting to whether to stay or leave the european union and are about to finish voting. >> i'm going to do what the president did not do and not weigh in on this. and and send a signal to our great friends in allies in britain that we stand with them regardless of what decision they make. >> anywhere of the consequences economically in the united states. >> no i'm not here full of them. i will not weigh in on it and they are an indispensable ally of ours regardless of what the outcome is. we stand with them regardless thank you.
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>> around 1:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon, democrats in the house under their 25 hours sitting calling for action on gun violence. representative john lewis and other house democrats spoke spoke to reporters and supporters outside the capital. here's a look. >> what to say to the folks on the other side that called the system? >> over someone to say this is a publicity stunt it is unfortunate. it remind me of another. doing this sit in during the freedom ride there is seven governors, george wallace of alabama,