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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 5, 2016 7:26pm-7:46pm EDT

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they need to carry the fight to us because part of their claim, they claimed to have a divine mandate, they claim all of those that joined them are divine messengers. >> we're taking you live to raleigh, north carolina to raleigh, north carolina for a donald trump campaign event. donald trump is taking the stage at his campaign event in raleigh, north carolina. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you very much. thank you you very much. wow, look at that. i love you. i love you north carolina, i love you. unbelievable. you know, it is an incredible thing, the system is rigged but we are still happy to be together, right? totally rigged. what a system, what a group out
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there. you watch what's going on will be talking about it, but before i do, a great friend of mine, somebody respected by everybody, senator bob corker. come on up bob. [applause]. >> i was not going to say anything. i just came to visit. [laughter] but i have to tell you something, the rallies that i have back home are not quite like this. it's pretty cool. it's unbelievable, isn't it? [applause]. i had a remarkable day today. pretty remarkable day. it says a lot about a person to
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meet their family, spent time with their kids if you will, he veronica and eric and their son-in-law. and to be around people that have worked in the trump organization for 25 and 30 years to see the respect for the person they have with a work with, the father and father-in-law that they have, to see how he treats the people around him, so many times in this campaign people become caricatures of what the media makes them and all too often after a race is over people realize never really knew the person. somebody once told me it is not you know in life, it is how you know them. i had the incredible which today
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to spend time with this man, to spend time with his family, and to spend time with those who know him so well. i figured out the reason that you love him so much -- [applause]. [applause]. i am taking up his time, let let me just say this, the reason you love him so much is because he loves you. he loves you and he will -- and the republican nominee for president, donald trump! [applause].
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great guy, great guy, great person. so i have to tell you a few things. numbers just check came out just now, number one between very well in the polls, that's important, okay. [applause]. very, very well. but you know, the numbers just came out that during the primary system during the primaries. . . what you witness today and over the last week, from bill clinton going to the plane, just happen to be there, just happen to be
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there. i wonder how long he waited, but for bill clinton to go to the plane and then to have what happened today where essentially i thought everybody thought, based on what was being said, she was was guilty. she was guilty. and it turned out, were not going to press charges. it's just really amazing. but i'll tell you, i'll tell you that we have a rigged system folks. i used to say it during the primaries, we were all together. i won north carolina big-league, because of you. [applause] not only did the republican party go way up from what was four years ago, but donald trump, in in the history of the primary system, republican party, with 17 people running, a
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lot of people don't understand i got almost 14 million more votes than anyone else in the republican party, more than ronald reagan, more than the bushes, more than richard nixon, more than dwight d eisenhower, we have the highest vote count in the history of the republican party. that was such a big thing for me. we 137 states, i just got stronger and stronger and i think were stronger now than ever before. we are fighting a very dishonest media. do we have a protester? okay, get them out please.
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[inaudible] we love our protesters, don't we the only time i get the cameras to turn. the only time we get those cameras to turn. the the size of this place. this is really great. get him out. get him out all right, thank you thank you. that's all right, take it easy. you no, if i could. >> guest: these people for a little while, what do we want only think of it? we went good education and we want us strong military and we want strong borders and we do want the wall and we want to keep our jobs in north carolina. [applause]
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we want to keep our jobs in north carolina look at what's going on folks. were going to build a wall, don't worry. who's going to pay for the wall? you better believe it. they're going to pay. they'll be happy to pay. if the right person asked them, they'll be happy to pay. if the wrong person asked them, like cricket hillary, they're not going to pay, but she's never going to ask. she's never going to ask and i'll tell you why. when it comes to trade, and i just got a list of companies and they've gone down to mexico and it's a disgrace what's happening it is a disgrace what's happening and were going to stop it and it's not to happen anymore any longer.
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were losing our jobs were in the stop the going on. we will stop it so fast your heads will spin. remember that. your heads will spin. we'll talk a little bit about trade later. the trade is so easy. the trade of all of them, were to knock the hell out of isis. we have, by the way, we have a president who's out campaigning for cricket hillary clinton and he should be home working on isis where the threat is getting worse and worse. he should be working on trade, he should be working on the borders. people are blowing into our country from lots of places, but from syria, no more. they're not coming. we don't know who they are, we
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don't know if you where they come from, they have no documentation, they have no paperwork and who knows, but you know what, we can't take any more chances folks. if you look at cricket hillary, she wants to increase the immigrants coming in from syria. again, they could be isis. this could be the all-time great trojan horse. you know the story of the trojan horse. this could be the all-time great. look at what, one person has done in orlando. just take a look. one person. look at the horror that that person has wreaked on our country. the gay community, the lgbt community nobody can even fathom
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it's one bad apple. we have many people coming in and you know what, it just takes a small percentage but there's something going on and guess what, we have a leader that doesn't even want to discuss the name of the problem and the problem is radical islamic terrorism and it's a problem. [applause] we've got hillary clinton who is weak, who is ineffective, shall never be able to do the job, her judgment is horrible, look at her judgment on e-mail. who would do it. look at her judgment.
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her judgment is horrible. her judgment is horrible. now who said that about hillary bernie sanders said her judgment is bad. she's got bad judgment. now let me tell you, whether it's isis, whether it's trade, whether it's borders whether it's jobs, it's going to be four more years of the same thing. the last thing we need is another clinton or an obama clinton in the white house. we have a mass in this country. we owed $19 trillion, soon to be 21 trillion. the debt has doubled under obama. it has doubled. wait until you see. we are sitting on a mass and it has to be taken care of. the way gets taken care of, at least that aspect of it is jobs.
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were going to bring jobs back to north carolina. were going to bring jobs back to our country. it's going to be america first, not all these other countries that don't give a damn about us. it's going to be america first. america america america first. we've got a person in the white house that's having a lot of fun. i watched him today. it's like a carnival act. moving around, here's the whole thing, great, i'm saying this is a president. we need a president who is going
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to bring us back. we need a president that's not going to be divisive. we need a president that's going to take care the african-american community. remember that. obama is all talk and no action. we need a president that's going to create jobs for hispanics who don't have a job. we need a president who will turn our country around an obama cannot do it and hillary clinton will be even worse, believe believe me. she will be even worse. i mean i brought up something last night. i heard they are flying down on air force one. air force one is a very old boeing 747. it sucks up a lot of gas. a lot of fuel. boy the fuel bill.
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you turn on that engine it's a lot of money. i said let me ask you a question, why is she campaigning with the plane of the united states? why is she campaigning and why is he allowed to come down, get on on that very, very expensive plane, he talks about the carbon footprint, okay. he wants to solve the carbon footprint but he gets on an old boeing 747 that is spewing stuff into the air. he gets her on the plane. [inaudible]
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>> as you can see we are having some technical problems with this event. we will try to fix it and resume our live coverage soon. we will move on an earlier this afternoon james comey said he will not recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton regarding her handling of private e-mail on a personal e-mail server. he announced the completion of the investigation and said secretary clinton and her colleagues were extremely careless in their handling of classified information. here's more now. >> good morning. i'm here to give you an update on the fbi investigation of secretary clinton's use of personal e-mail system during her time as secretary of state.
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after a tremendous amount of work over the last year, the fbi is completing its investigation and referring the matter to the department of justice for a prosecutive decision. what i want to do today is three things. i want to tell you what we did, i want to tell you what we found and i want to tell you what we are recommending to the department of justice. this is going to be an unusual statement in a couple of ways. first i will include more detail about our process than i ordinarily would because i think the american people to preserve those details in a case of intense public interest. second, i have not coordinated the statement or reviewed it in any way with the department of justice or any other part of the government. they do not know what i am about to say. i want to start by thanking the fbi employees who did remarkable work in this case. once you have a better sense of how much we have done, you will understand why i am so grateful and so proud of their work. first, what we have done.
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this investigation began as a referral from the intelligence community. >> it looks like we can fix the technical difficulty to the live campaign in raleigh north carolina so we take you back to donald trump - we have to defend our country. we have to build up our military again. it's really depleted, it's in bad shape and were going to build it up. we will take care of our vets like you wouldn't believe because our vets are being mistreated horribly. we have a plan that has received universal, i'm the only one, i made a speech, i won't even mention where. i made a speech and i said let's raise some money for the vets. we ended up raising $5.6 million for vets. i gave a million in the press
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comes down, well he should given here or he should have given this, we raised $5.6 million for the vets. i am so proud of it. i love the vets. i have received more accolades, were sending groups that never had money, 100,000, 200,000, and in 200,000, and in one case 1.1 million. in another case 250, 75000, 50000, all of these groups, thirtysomething thirtysomething groups. it was so beautiful to see. i, you, all of us, we have received accolades. i say all of us because this is a movement. this is not like a normal situation. look at this room. because room. look at the size of this room. there are thousands of people, and i got wet raining getting
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off the plane. i want to tell you, it was actually beautiful. now you know it's my hair because any hair that could withstand that wind, the pilot, it is my hair. the pilot said sir, i'd wait about ten or 20 minutes before you get out of the plane.