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tv   Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Hears Oral Argument in U.S. v. Mohamed...  CSPAN  July 8, 2016 12:02am-1:10am EDT

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the reason we can't solve the problems appears because they won't let issues come to the floor. so we can debate them, talk about them, and, and find some common ground upon which to resolve them. the reason we can't solve this race question is because we won't talk about it. we pretend it doesn't exist. we know it does. i had two grandchildren one of whom is 21 years old and a college student. he's in his fourth year i don't know what classification is, i talked to him a lot last week i talked to him about how to conduct himself if you are stopped for a traffic violation, if he he is questioned by the
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police officer. the kind of discussion i ought not to have with my grandson. i should not have to say to my grandson, you have to deny your manhood if you want to ensure that come home alive. that's what some of these discussions are about. black lives do matter. we here in congress must mature enough, grow up enough to have the kind of adult discussions about the issues that plague us as a country. in a way that will allow us to find common ground that is necessary to resolve it. >> thank you very much.
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as chairman of the 45 member congressional congressional black caucus i want to use my time this afternoon simply extending thank you to all the members who participated in this press conference this afternoon. in particular thanks senator richman, keith ellison, andre carson, jeffries, -- these gentlemen have worked tirelessly to address this issue and bring it to the attention not only to the leadership in congress but to the attention of the nation. so as chairman of the congressional black caucus i simply want to give validity to what has been said today to let you know that these remarks reflect the sentiments and views of the entire congressional black caucus. we are not stopping. this is the beginning of a movement. i had. i said that on the floor during the sit in last week. this is the beginning of a movement that will not stop.
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we will have more announcements as the weekend goes on. we'll have another press conference tomorrow that will address other issues that may be of interest to you in the media and suffice it to say the congressional black cough this fully supports everything that you have heard today, we are demanding action from the republican leadership, no longer are we going to sit back and allow the republican leadership to ignore this crisis that we have in america. thank you for covering this event this afternoon. i think my colleagues for your passion and activism, more to come. thank you. >> thank you very much dk and the members of the black caucus and those who have together today to talk about gun violence. i do not know how many of you heard mr. al green on the floor today where he talked about he has been holding in and suffering for 68 years because he has watched the loss of black
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men in particular in his city, in his community, in his neighborhood, his mother always taught him be kind to the police, if you get stopped do whatever they tell you, make sure your hands are showing, on, and on, and on. and on. but that is what black mothers and fathers tell their children and their black boys in particular. don't make any funny moves, make sure that you do nothing that the police can credibly say that you cause them to shoot you. so ladies and gentlemen, i don't know what has been said here today, i do not know what has been said in other places, but in the last 48 hours i'm sure it's already been said, philando
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castile of falcon heights, minnesota and alton sterling lost their lives in a matter that has become too familiar first. philando castile was stopped because of a busted taillight. you should not lose your life because you are stopper broken taillight. we watch what has happened on television and through our computers, et cetera, it is absolutely heartbreaking. i went to bed last night listening to a woman screen god please don't let him be dead. god please do not let him have killed my boyfriend. god, he did everything they told him to do. they told him to get his license, he, he went to get his license and he also said i
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am a security guard registered, i have a weapon that is registered. and the minute he said it going after his license he was shot four times. this woman was screaming at her four-year-old child was was saying mommy, i'm here, i'm with you mommy. it was such that i cannot really sleep the rest of the night. it was just the day before in baton rouge where we saw alton sterling pinned down to the ground, could not have been dangerous to anybody. they had him pinned down and they shot and killed him. well, this story of black men and yes some black women being killed over and over again by people who are paid to protect their service has got to stop. i've been fighting this for years, when i came to this congress i came with a reputation out of los angeles fighting against the police
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chief that we ran out of office. i started with the killing of -- love who was shot down on her porch with her two daughters watching because she could not afford to pay $29 gas bill. they called the police and killed her because she refused to let them turn the gas off. this is not a new issue for me. i organize and re-confronted, we went to the police commission, we went on and did everything that we could do to run gates out. when he saw that chokehold of eric gardner in new york it started in los angeles with delegates. whether it was a chokehold or the battering rams or other taxes that were used there killing black men, we had it all in los angeles. this battle never stop. we got a consent decree and we have worked on these issues but they keep flaring up over and over again. i am here today because my message is really to
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the police chiefs. and the city council members and the boards of supervisors. the police chiefs have the responsibility for training and development and the puck has got to stop somewhere. to the members of city councils who control these budgets, you have the power to influence your office to stop these killings. and to get people out of these police positions who continually have records that show they are dangerous. so after sending this message the best way that i possibly can to the police chiefs into the city council let let me say to the police around this country, don't kill another black man, don't kill another black woman track stop for a traffic light on our. you have to to stop this
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and we cannot be silent any matter more. black lives matter, these young people out there by themselves, we have to get out of this congress and go with them to these police commissions and do what is necessary to deal with this issue. we are fighting gun violence, yes. we hear about the massacres, yes. whether it is newtown, whether it it is columbine or any of these, we hear about them, we, we get the moments of silence on the floor. but for all of these young men and black men in particular have been killed constantly, day in and day out, again nobody has a moment of silence for them, all week leave our grieving mothers for the most parts. grieving mothers, wondering why their sons have been killed. so with that i was deemed and others to take on the police. we're threatened on the floor
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about conduct and leadership said related to the gun violence issues that we are on they was gonna take us to the ethics committee. i said i said come get me, i've been there before. and i will go back again. to those people who say that we are anti-policing, call whatever you want, sick and tired of this. we have got to move in a way that demands action. enough said, thank you all very much. >> thank you very much. i want to thank the leaders particularly -- for calling us together. we have had all a lot about the problem let me just add that there have been five police killings in virginia on a per capital basis, the the most in the nation, but there are solutions one of which is to first gather the facts. we passed a year and half ago
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the death in custody reporting act which requires the department of justice to gather evidence of all deaths in the custody of police and law-enforcement including the process of arrest together all of the data so we know it were talking about and we can legislate from the fact. it also requires by december of this year a report analyzing the data so that we know exactly what needs to be done. of of course we know that's going to include training of police officers particularly in de-escalation and implicit violence. it it will have to include the recommendations for body cameras but basically to prevent incidences before they occur so they don't have to get into the criminal justice system which will require more independent investigations and prosecutions. also as the representative said we have to make democracy work. the localities and city councils
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have to use a democratic process to make sure we are selecting the right police officers and their policing in the correct way. the police training a body cameras will cost money. that is is why the safe justice stack includes funding for police training and body cameras and that bill has significant bipartisan support. we also have to invest in our youth so they are not getting into problems to begin with. in the last 30 years we have seen the investments and presences about three times more than the investments in the elementary and secondary education. the ratio of higher education to prisons has flipped. we're we're spending more prisons than higher education. that's a result of simpleminded policies like mandatory minimums that build up the prisons to the point where we have only 5% of the population by 25% of the prisoners and so many people in jail. recent studies have shown that incarceration rate has been
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counterproductive. anything over 500 per 100,000 is counterproductive. you just mess it up too many families. we have too many people with felony records who can't find jobs and they're using the department of justice budget that could be put to better use and it's not doing anything for crimes. we had 700 and some per hundred thousand already. the black black community is over 2000, some states were thousand, or 400,000. that money needs to be put into prevention and early intervention and education efforts that can be found in the youth promise act that we are considering now as part of the juvenile justice reauthorization. there are things that we can do and we are not here just to complain. we have the legislative agenda to accomplish things and solve the problem is lack went to solve itself. we. we have to pass these bills. thank you. >> and i'll introduce the ranking member of the crime sets
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commission. >> thank you for your leadership particularly on the education and labor, let me also acknowledge frederick richman, mr. jeffries, mr. payne, for all of you mr. carson and think it's our chairman and as i feel overwhelmed today let me give a chronological journey of our day and say to you that this morning in our meeting two men cried. as their relay and their passion and feeling about the last 48 hours. as you have heard passion for many of the members i want to just offer to say that i stand here as many of the women members have come to join in the name or in the sense of the mother of the oldest son of the
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individual sterling in louisiana. who could not comprehend the sun that he had lost his father. then to a person who was in the car with mr. castille, to stand here and her name mr. castille had a girlfriend and a 4-year-old girl in the car. so i believe what we have offered today i will reinforce. the judiciary committee will be getting a letter will be asking for full hearings on this. in houston three people were killed on july 4 on the basis of dealing with gun violence. we have been addressing gun violence this week in a bipartisan multicultural way.
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we have fought bipartisan support. it is imperative that we are able to say to america that the gun violence that comes under the color of law cannot continue. we cannot have michael scott, walter brown, philando castile, and alton sterling and many others and lost in our district. we have introduced law-enforcement and integrity act which deals with the question of training for police officers. we need the national police leadership to recognize this is not an indictment of all the police officers that many of us call 911. it is a recognition that there is a fracture in the training of 21st century police as opposed to 18th century 19th century. i'll just simply say that i had the occasion as i often do to shake the hands of my police officers, to tell them thank you and to talk with them.
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they said congresswoman we are not trained to maim, or stop, we are trained to kill. and in urban settings that is not a tolerable approach. so the law-enforcement integrity act deals with that. i want to join with frederick and the array of african-american male members of congress for a meeting with the eternal general for a meeting with the speaker for meeting with the chairman of the judiciary committee in the house and in the senate calling upon hearings, the voice of the black lives matter was never silence, we are always listening but now we have to carry to a point as we have been working deliberately, getting bills, now the leadership has to address this question. i for one will join with you on the number of bills that you intend to introduce, cosponsor them as well as push for the law-enforcement integrity act which has been introduced for myself and the ranking member
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and to emphasize that the national organization of law enforcement executives, black law-enforcement law-enforcement executives have been front and center in supporting this kind of retraining of our law-enforcement, de-escalation. i cry for those two dead men in the last 48 hours who did not deserve die. i mourn for those long list that we have called from tamir and trey von martin who died, you cannot tilt randomly without justice and prosecution. only hiding on the color of law. there are too many good cops that allow this disastrous pattern to continue. thank you for your leadership. >> i will let congressman from
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georgia lead off the answers to the question. >> this is actually directed toward you louisiana district attorney hiller moore said the officer may have acted within their right calling the shooting potentially estate authorize killing. you have any comments on that? >> what we're trying to do in baton rouge right now and with governors help with the u.s. attorney there with the da and with the chief of state places to make sure that we get all the facts out and then draw conclusions. i will just tell you that what is very uncomfortable is the adage of who are you going to believe, me or your line i. and that videos very clear, it's it's very disturbing but there is still three or four videos to
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be produced, what is the surveillance for the store. one would be whatever the two body camera show and the other would be the-cam but i have not seen the district attorney's comments and i think it only highlights the fact that you have to have an independent investigation into police misconduct and the da supported bringing in the department of justice to lead this investigation. >> can you speak to the political reality -- hank is a senior member of the judiciary they came today to lend my voice to those who cry out in anguish about the death of trance seven
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and tran6, two young men who lost their lives over a span of 48 hours, it has not stopped yet it has been going on forever. the loss of life by african-americans at the hand of law enforcement. yes, we have a difficult issue is congresspeople, blacks in the united states of america in congress, we have a difficulty all 46 of us in bringing this issue to the mind of the republicans who controlled both the house and the senate. we have been relentless and focusing on this issue even as the greater body of democrats
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focus on the issue of mass killings we have been focusing on the every day homicides that go on in african-american communities that do not grow a moment of silence, no one really cares because they don't live in communities like we do. we understand, we know, we feel we feel the pain, we see the anguish of the relatives of friends left behind, we see the victims were left wounded badly in the street, and wheelchairs. we love our people, we love our communities, we fight for our communities, we will continue to do that and however long it takes before we are successful at gaining hearings on this particular issue, the homicide of african-americans at the
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hands of law-enforcement in america is a historical problem. we will not stop until we are successful at having hearings and passing legislation to address this problem. >> the doj did not say anything about -- will make you think that doj is the answer to the problem of interactions of civilians and police. also i know you have an oversight hearing coming up with loretta lynch, you going to ask her about -- not being implemented in sections being ignored. 2014 and what faith do you have in the doj?
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>> i expect that will we will raise a right of issues with attorney general lynch next tuesday when she comes before several of us on the judiciary committee. in terms of my faith and confidence in the department of justice, i think it is a part of the solution, not the entire solution. as congress and richman indicated we cannot rely on local district attorneys to aggressively and comprehensively prosecute police departments that they rely upon to make their day-to-day criminal cases. as we have seen in the eric garner case in a variety of others across the country, that will not work. we do have a shot as it relates, attorney general lynch who started her career as a senior prosecutor in the eastern district of new york putting away justin -- who is an officer who brutally sodomized -- and
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infamous gays in brooklyn, new new york in the 1990s. she understands the sexes excessive force and police brutality when she sees it and the department of justice will be prepared to follow the facts. >> let me thank you all for coming out. i think you did a fairly clear job of laying out what we'll be asking for the things we demands and to bobby and sheila talked about legislation and offered solution. we will continue to push forward and introduce legislation. thank you all. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] >> coming up on c-span two, libertarian presidential nominee, gary johnson on his party's agenda. after that, the hearing on the process for releasing wonton among detainees. after that, the ninth circuit court oral argument in u.s. versus mohammed, a case challenging the nsa surveillance program. >> sunday, another chance to see fbi director james come in his testimony on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. see it at 10:35 a.m. eastern on c-span.
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>> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact too. coming up on friday morning, one of donald trump's initial congressional supporters, republican congressman tom reed has a meeting with congressional republicans to unify the party. . . . >>
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the. >> >> this year's election has ben described s that the voters will hold their noses as they make the choice both nominees have disapproval ratings above 50% if there ever was a moment for the third party to break through now is the time.
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today's guest libertarian ticket will have something to say about that. we're pleased to welcome former new mexico governor johnson and his running mate former governor of massachusetts. double served as republicans now want to leave the country is libertarians. this in the second time johnson has said the libertarian -- secretary of party. the most ever for libertarian candidates in shows a four way race johnson take 7 percent of the road in johnson will have to do even better than that to get 15 percent in five national polls a requirement of the commission on presidential debates in a recent
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appearance before the u.s. conference of mayors he called himself a fiscal conservative and social liberal. has been mexico's governor he boasted 14 times of balancing the budget. his running mate is massachusetts and chief executive 91 through 97 he was reelected with 71 percent at his speech they turn of phrase the resonates of libertarians want government out of your wallet and out of her bedroom. what they're attempting to do this year is just as daunting please give a warm
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welcome to governors johnson and wells. [applause] >> this is about the most crazy election that any of us have ever seen. and the you know, how crazy it is? i might be the next president of the united states. [laughter] the i am gary johnson the former governor of new mexico. two terms elected as a republican in a state two / one democrats. glading this is very significant. with me is former to term governor of massachusetts, republican, e lected twice in a state that i think approaches four / one democrats. elected the second time end of largest history of politics running for
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governor. year on the ballot on all 50 states and that is something no other third party can lay claim to. [applause] we are a classical liberal we also think the military interventions with the unintended consequence to make the world less safe, not more safe and most of your classical liberal most of america falls in the category to be classical liberal. most americans don't fall in
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this category and right now that has to do with the republican nominee for president they're not socially tolerant at all. there opening to gays or lesbians or ethnic minorities and the things that hit the governors saying with immigration is incendiary the fact that he will deport 11 million undocumented workers and wants to build a fence across the border, but they are murderers and rapists, when in fact, they are law abiding citizens and hard-working and just looking to approve their lives as we're all looking to improve our lives. been democrats unafraid don't fit in the category of being classical liberal. everything about the democratic party is free.
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free everything government will provide you with everything it is that you need and i think we all recognize that nothing is free. somebody pays for that so at the end of the day government grows with democrats and taxes go up. when taxes go up, that is money at of our pockets that we could be spending on our own lives but shouldn't we have that many to make choices in our lives as opposed to government determining what is best? i have announced would we be satisfied getting 15 percent of the vote in the general election? absolutely not. we would not be doing this if there weren't the opportunity to actually win. but the only opportunity that we have to win is to be in the presidential debates.
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so we have to be at 15% in the polls and we think that is very doable the consensus number right now you can argue is 10% that is up from half of that just six or seven weeks ago we think we will make the case over the summer we think we will get to the 15% in be in the presidential debates and we think anything can happen at that point. i am speaking to the fact we have the two most polarizing figures in america today. with mickey mouse were the third name in any of these polls he would be at 30 because he is a known commodity but he is not on the ballot in all 50 states and we are. we began campaigning one
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month ago we served together as governors of our respective states. we were good friends then and we're good friends now. beyond my wildest dreams dreams, the bill is my running mate tea was a role model for me prior to becoming governor and i have always held him on a pedestal the fact that he is my running mate i think adds incredible credibility to the russian. we plan on running as a team and governing as a team we will not have a separate staff that divide the president in the vice president in this case, this is a two-for-one is what i like to say. [laughter] in our administration appointments are not based
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on politics with you are a democrat or republican everyone can apply independent as governor of new mexico i prided myself on the appointments that i made in actually interviewed for every single appointment that i did make in that discipline and we have running for president of the united states for go hire the best people republicans democrats were unaffiliated. the johnson woes presidency noblesse no threats that is where you'll see in the campaign there is plenty of that to go around without us having to that. no self-serving sanctimonious lectures will come out of our administration.
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[applause] our standard to govern is the health safety wellness of american citizens and the goal to make that happen is to have a robust economy i did cut spending in new mexico and when i say cut the historical growth rate of government spending in new mexico like cut in half in my eight years something that had not been seen before but i cut taxes 14 times bill cut them 21 times count on us to support legislation to simplify and lower taxes. count on us to provide proposals on how to make that happen. government can provide a level playing field for everyone.
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crony capitalism is alive and well and it has everything to do with government getting involved in everyday affairs. count on us to reduce that role becomes to everyday affairs than to support legislation that makes things more fair like a level playing field in 2012 rick perry was beating his chest of a fact he created more jobs in texas than anyone else running for president. they did an analysis and actually was gary johnson. [laughter] and asked to respond, which i did as governor, governor does not create jobs the private sector does but government can provide a level playing field and i think i greatly contributed to that as governor of new mexico.
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we both understand what washington doesn't that money comes from taxpayers, not from the government government doesn't create jobs. burden in regulatory burden will give business confidence to move forward and that is something we will provide. we are not guessing two former governors running for president of the united states. we were asked a the question coming from the editorial board meeting c were just supposed to take this on faith? no. don't take on faith google gary johnson and governor weld this is for real and will make a difference. give us a chance. give us a chance and we will
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make a difference for i will close with johnson's seven principles of good government one is become reality driven to find out what is what an baster decisions and actions on that. number two o les be honest and tell the truth it is extremely difficult to do damage for someone willing to tell the truth regardless of the consequences. number three always do what is right and fair learn to ignore your critics and do what you know, to be right determine your goal, develop a plan to reach the goal and act. don't procrastinate. make sure everybody you want to know what is doing knows your doing, communicate doing, communicate, don't hesitate to deliver bad news there is always time to fix things when you tell the
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truth you'll admit mistakes how often do they compound themselves because people refuse to make knowledge them? do whatever it takes to get your job done if you don't have a job that you love getting a job that you love now today it will never be easier because it is never better than waking up to enjoy what you we're doing with her life. thank you very much now i will turn over to bill. [applause] >> thinks governor and good afternoon everybody. as kerry has said informer to a term governor of massachusetts and i am running for vice president of united states as the nominee of the libertarian party. before being governor worked in this town as a staffer
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for the u.s. house and u.s. senate and as an appointee in the u.s. justice department under president reagan that was in the days before a partisan gridlock gripped the capital and people listen to to each other and things got done. not today. the two power monopoly of the republican and democratic parties has now run the course of all monopolies to become arrogant and calcified like a electric utility with a guaranteed rate of return gerrymandering has resulted in extreme partisan ship all bull sides of the eye of the two major parties only seem to agree on one thing comer perpetuating their own duopoly. but it is sick and not producing results it has lost all creativity no one is listening to anyone. a storm is brewing and it
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seems possible the republican party maybe even crack. that is not necessarily a bad thing it has happened twice before in times of political ferment. in 1912 former president roosevelt founded the bull moose party in nearly won the presidency easily defeating taft but losing to democrat wilson. in the mid 1850's, the southern faction of the whig party split off to become the know nothing party. [laughter] the was driven by anti-immigrant fervor violent rallies and conspiracy theories. sound familiar? [laughter] the node nothing's disappeared in three years but the other half of the
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party we branded as the republican party went on to re-elect abraham lincoln in 1860. in the number of ways gary johnson reminds me of abraham lincoln. for starters and sheer physical strength and endurance. wiccans prowess as of rail-splitter's was legendary and not everybody knows he is an athlete he is a contest in for "iron man" triathlon world championships in his climb the highest nonpeak on each of the world's seven continents climbing mount everest with a broken leg. when you ask him how, he says i just put 1 foot in front of the other the reminds me of abraham lincoln that asked how long can a man's legs be? he says a long enough to reach the ground.
12:48 am
he has his own homespun wisdom as well as is obvious honesty. on a scary i hope that sticks. [laughter] if he becomes our president i can share of -- assure you there is no deception, no flimflam or appeals to the base of our nature it just isn't in him anymore than it was lincoln as justice jackson famously wrote, great nations like great men must keep their word, i wish i did not feel it necessary to say this but i do, period i believe it is important for the united states of america to keep its word it is important that our president not aggregate our treaty obligations or plainly
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violated our agreement with our trading partners as one of the major party candidates has proposed. a priceless asset of the united states which i see all over the world has our society and economy mr. trump seems to prefer bullying and bankruptcy it tomorrow instead of taking the art of the deal every reading for the 400th time , pick up the constitution to read it for the first time. [applause] this is the cato institute i carry in my pocket 20 years.
12:50 am
we are inclined toward the presumptions of restraint which u.s. boots on the ground that can have unseeing cost with the unintended consequences. it is a responsibility the most powerful military of the world with a naval supremacy. the only candidates on the ballot that believe given free international trade with goods and services guided by the rule of law.
12:51 am
[applause] in terms of people's personal lives, we are tolerant, inclusive, 100 mil lion smoke dope don't tell us they're all criminals leave that to the states. [applause] similarly don't tell us it is the cream -- a crime not a public-health emergency which is. [applause] don't tell us the 18 year-old can lead an army of platoon into battle but cannot drink a beer. [applause] >> in conclusion we have talked about the nuts and bolts of our position as candidates never bite to end by addressing something bigger and have more urgent something the most important reason they should give us
12:52 am
serious consideration. it seems as a nation in the american people have a great big elephant in the room and not the confused and stumbling elephant or the overworked don't keep the both major parties republicans then the democrats are struggling and having trouble connecting with the usual enthusiasm and support of the american public because the tectonics' plates of our democracy are shifting we are adapting as all must to the push and pull of our e evolving citizen body and the innovations of our times. there is no need for transition and change to be scary or contentious or violent as said unfortunately seems to be at
12:53 am
several points during the major party primaries with their upcoming convention the tone of this season seems to echo of warfare as people's square off to take game at each other the teeth are on edge their hearts are filled with anxiety and fear and rage. this is not how we should do things in america. john adams once said of there ever was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide gary johnson and i refuse to stand by and watches our beloved democracy turned on itself we're running because we believe we can embrace change and keep america safe and sane and we propose to work together as a close team with open hearts and minds and optimism in called and intelligence to make sure every voice is heard
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every man woman and child gets their fair share of the bounty and opportunity and liberty that is the glory of life in these united states. we believe we really can do this we hope you give us the chance. [applause] >> as a reminder to our audience the general audience is invited suppliers to make your is not necessarily the journalists. governor i thank you said the term was flimflam but clinton and trump both have serious trust concerns how can you reassure the public they can trust johnson and
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weld to make important decisions for the nation? >> that is the scrutiny that is taking place right now and it is right fall rising to the level of 10 percent is what is happening and google our names. we're there. >> i would just say if you are governor of a state specially geographically small lake in mexico or massachusetts there is nowhere to hide your closer to the people more than the president is in real growth to a term governor's and if we were not trustworthy would have known that and we wouldn't be too term governor's. [applause] >> do take more votes away
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from clinton or trump? >> in the polls where they have done the analysis of to this point we are taking more votes away from hillary better margin that is not even discernible i think it will be equally from both and this is a two-party dinosaur we think we will be the comet in this equation. [laughter] [applause] >> you talk about two google you i assume that is not part of your campaign even when voters seem unsatisfied with the biggest obstacles you find to break through to the libertarians? >> right now is just the appearing in the polls. right now we are an afterthought it is clinton and trump and that is all
12:57 am
that is reported as an afterthought occasionally you have kerry johnson added as the afterthought at the very onset they would poll johnson trump clinton, i think that would result in the 15 percent that we need to be in the presidential debates with the added scrutiny that would go along with that. that is what we really need at this point is more scrutiny. >> you say a three-way pulled what other people to be included we're suing the presidential debate commission that is the political arm we're sitting on the basis that if you were of the ballot in enough states to mathematically be elected in you should be included in the presidential debate although we pay for this lawsuit 100 percent we
12:58 am
include the green party also from the standpoint of fairness it is maya understanding they will be on the dollar in 37 out of 50 states and can for her 270 electoral votes we will be the only third party on all 50 states ballots. >> i will add i am not concerned or worried if you are at sevener 8009 10% pulling in 6919 in a number of states he pulls ahead of clinton with the independents in a couple of polls which is interesting but in my mind when donald trump started last year he wasn't even 1 percent he was the times we have spent at this for one month at a
12:59 am
consensus of 10% to we have begun to fight. i don't think the numbers will take care of themselves that we will take care of the numbers. [applause] >> governor johnson you garnered more% of the vote in 2012. what you believe you can do this year to get above that in this cycle? >> people said to me in 2012 it is too bad you never caught on but in 2012 i started to run as a republican in the issue was in the debates for the republican party they would issue criteria to say you had to be a 2% in certain polls. when you are not in the poll and that means you have to be aa% the point is in 2012
1:00 am
whenever my name appeared in a poll i was equal to or ahead of those on stage. this year my name is included in the polls in 2012 and money to tell you this i was not included in one national poll running for president. not one. now the trajectory in the level of 2012 was the trajectory lined with election day that was 1.3 million votes i was disappointed but i was told not to discount 1.3 million votes that was significant but the trend has continued this is the trendline since 2012 but now it is that 10 percent it is noticed. trendlines don't go from this to this at some point they will do this but it is the phenomenon and the difference in 2012 that we
1:01 am
have finally broken through a level that gets us noticed. >> so following that do you worry about being perceived as a spoiler to a major party candidates like ross perot or ralph nader? >> dial will lose no sleep of that is a label given to me and i will reiterate this is the party that needs crashing. [laughter] [applause] >> governor weld you were a former doj official to believe loretta lynn's overstepped her bounds? >> i don't know she had much choice about it. [laughter] i have not ben as troubled about bull e-mail affair as
1:02 am
others have i thought the conclusion that no reasonable prosecutor would indict that case was the correct conclusion. >> do your you have private e-mail servers? >> yes. [laughter] >> well i have you for a second you have been on good terms with the secretary clinton since you were young staffers in 74 president clinton nominated you so why are you challenging her as a third-party candidate rather than have her move towards libertarian views? >> we represent the views of the majority of the people of the united states. we are fiscally responsible and are open and inclusive and tolerant on social issues the democratic party to be honest is not there they're not the party of
1:03 am
fiscal restraint so i think we consider this a great pleasure and an honor to stand before the american people but it is also a duty and i feel that way because of the absence of substance in the unappealing tone of the statements made by their presumptive republican nominee mr. traub per car was a federal prosecutor and head of the criminal division of the department of justice and spend a lot of time in the courtroom and i look forward to the opportunity to try to help bisect the statements by mr. trump's the people can better understand the basis or lack of basis. [laughter] >> governor johnson had to determine self-defense from
1:04 am
an international perspective? >> make no mistake if we are attacked that we reject the notion that libertarians are isolationist we your non interventionist the fact that we intervene in the interventions have unintended consequence make things less safe we want to rule the world with free trade. >> what would you do with isis? it wasn't intentional against syria and libya we back the moderate opposition of both of those countries and the opposition is
1:05 am
aligned with isis and al qaeda was this intentional? is what happened and i supported afghanistan from the beginning we were attacked and we attacked back but we accomplished defeating al qaeda after very short amount of time we show got and now we should get out of afghanistan immediately and not saying that is not going to have consequences but it is one that we could deal with in read want to put those that have been allied with the united states in harm's way but if we pull out there will be a genocide that takes place we can take care of that. but if we pull out of afghanistan and 20 years from now the consequences the same as if we pull out immediately. will we really stay in
1:06 am
afghanistan forever? >> just before the united states went into afghanistan high-level cia delegation was sent to moscow to make sure the russians were read coming in to a country militarily that was so close to them the administration was a little worried about the reaction not wanting to set off a huge international incidents they laughed and laughed said go-ahead you have all the fun you want the russians have had the example of the british empire before them now we have a british and the russians. >> talk about one of the biggest trouble to have is getting attention in this age of donald trump how do you break through to get the attention from the media?
1:07 am
>> make no mistake there is really only two candidates but we are getting attention unprecedented attention we released a campaign video on thursday of last week and we are in over of excess of 5 million of views that is a huge appetite and we are the main course. [laughter] >> as the elections are heated how you want to take the gloves off iran to campaigns for governor of new mexico i did not mention my opponent in print or
1:08 am
radio or television people are hungry to vote for someone of the lesser of two evils and that is something he said/she said it should be about a debate of with the of their candidates are saying. ran for reelection in new mexico, i was the incumbent we did a poll right after the nomination running for reelection i was up by 10 points with conventional wisdom my controlled the debate process how many times jedi debate my opponent? little or none i chose 20 times i think government is about transparency i think
1:09 am
running for office is about debate and discussion and the issues and not what we currently have going on. >> in 1996 iran an unsuccessful race challenging senator john kerry of massachusetts we're both at the height of our power 75% of popularity nobody would say that was not a hard fought fair and equal fight we agreed very early to eight televised debates go back and watch if you want to see they were vigorous and hard-fought but also civil so that sets a standard that we agreed personally to limit campaign spending of $8 million in the race we easily could have raised 25 for 50 million but we thought it


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