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tv   Book Discussion on The Field of Fight  CSPAN  August 4, 2016 3:02am-4:03am EDT

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good afternoon. welcome to the heritage foundation in dougla and the dod sarah allison auditorium. of course we welcome those that join us on our website on all of these occasions and what remained of her guests here in the audience if you would be so kind to check cell phones and other devices but they are muted were turned off it's always appreciated for those watching online you are welcome to send questions or comments by simply e-mailing speaker at and we will publish it on the home page following today's presentations. as we are all aware of course we are in the middle of what might be called an interesting political year as a nonprofit organization of course we would prefer to focus on policy and not necessarily politics. but we know some things will occur that go beyond that. but again, just as the disclaimer, the heritage foundation as a 501(c)
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organization doesn't pose or support any particular candidate for office. our program today is hosted by the assignment center for principles and politics and it organizes seminars and with the goal of teaching those that shape opinion about the foundations of liberty. the center focuses on the principles of american tradition and the fundamentals of economic freedom and the basics of conservative thought and policy. leading the discussion today is the direct terror of the assignment center for principles and politics. please welcome him. [applause] since 9/11, we faced 89 plots against the homeland, even within us which were successful. why?
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part of it is because we were in the habit of underestimating our enemies and this comes out in some ways. for example each time a terrorist attack occurs the administration are quick to call them tragedies. these are without the occasions. this points to a problem with our own psychology. that means fate as an unavoidable fate. the belief that we suffer tragedy because of fate disarms us spiritually. it says we shouldn't take action because the mysterious forces ultimately dictate our circumstances. another favorite term is that they evolve as is isis has evolved. our enemies as it turns out are guided by those called evolution. in other words, their actions are not attributed to the mood
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is and design. misunderstanding our enemies and the necessity of the war culminates in the words of the attorney general how should we fight terrorism? with compassion, unity and love. this is the form of public education taken by many in the press and this administration over the years. the excellent book the field of flight is also engaged in public education with it shows how formidable our enemies are and conscience ambitions in plan. it shows how the many advantages over the long haul will post a stronger. it acknowledges all of the enemies we face and accepting the fact that we are indeed at war. over 3 33 years of 33 years of s toured the highest positions in military most recently the director of the defense
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intelligence agency and prior to that he served for five years in iraq and afghanistan as the director of intelligence for the special operations command accredited in the intelligence e support obligations. he also served as the senior intelligence adviser to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. astonishingly, he is the recipient of the bronze stars. doctor michael dean is a historian and renowned scholar oa renowned scholarof terrorisms the author of 35 books and is the freedom scholar in the defense democracies and prior to that served in a variety of roles as a consultant in the national security council, state department, defense department and was a special adviser t to secretary of state. i will now turn to the authors and begin with you. each will speak for about ten minutes or so and then turnover for questions. >> when you are getting ready to
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write a book find somebody that wrote a 35 o 35 of them and parr with them. i am honored to be here, and it is an honor to be up here with not only the co-author of this great book and unbelievable message that it has the piece also a great friend, and i see some of the others in the audience today. we must demonstrate a dissolved determination to ensure the survival of the country. is at risk today, i don't know. is it at risk the next years it gets closer than it does sitting here today. it's by the middle of this entry or by thcentury or by the end oe century. all you have to do is study of history or our own history.
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in the book we talk about solutions and alliances and all the things we are facing and it's captured very well i believe in very simple language that's very practical. so i think the book speaks for itself, and i hope you take the opportunity to get a copy of it and read it and talk about it because it is a very powerful and almost urgent message. now, back to where we are and what we are doing today, it is probably as i've gone back and looked over the last year how important this particular election is, this isn't one the american voter can sit out. set out. so, we are in a historic era in our country going through some
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big shifts and i think people need to understand where our country is at. when we talk about warfare, that was my adult life studying it. one of the things we are all trained on for the individuals that have written about warfare over the history of warfare, it's really, really important. one of the tenets in the military thinking in the business world you have to know your competitor and enemy. that has been ingrained in me and i will tell you lots of us that have served in this country it doesn't make a difference if you are in intelligence officer or not. know your competitor. it's the same concept.
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you cannot figure out a way to defeat them, period. it's that simple. so, we have in this book described that notion, this idea, this ideology, this barbaric, savvy ideology that we call radical islam and the second part of the book is describing a strategy to win because we can never think that our enemies are 10 feet tall. i think during the era of communism for that better part of four years, we both look at these as our enemie enemies thae working people. no enemies ten people. the nazis, had not that long ago had he won, we would be playing
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at the altar something up for the united states of america. thank god we did what we did and we called out in the last century fascism, imperialism and communism. today we are not necessarily allowed to do that. we have a difficulty because we are a nation built on walls and i'd like to think built on a set of freedoms. one of those freedoms is the freedom of religion. , we have to be very conscience of the determined enemy. this is a very determined enemy that is masking itself behind this ideology. and my personal belief of the ideology is this is a personal ideology based on islam.
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based on political ideology and it masks itself particularly in our country behind this religion. so very strong views and i'm going to stop here and turned it over. the beauty of running a book is growing up in a family of nine in my little house sitting around a picnic table that was our dining room table arguing about politics with my mother and defeating these kind of issues. so this past year and even before that, as we were debating this issue and prior to deciding to write about them arguing about if we have different views about different things. he said you ought to write this down and say it, call it out. so we decided to do that. the fascinating sort of timing is everything is interesting.
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when weaver with the publisher at saint martin's macmillan we picked yesterday the 12th of july, a year ago not knowing all this other stuff that's going on in the media today we picked the 12th because we wanted this message to get out in front of whoever was going to be the next president prior to the conventions, because i want people personally come and they know that michael believes this as well, we want people to read the message that's in this book. superpowerful, it's practical and it tells a story about what we are facing as a nation. most americans can't figure out what they are going to do for saturday night. we lack the strategic thinking in this country. our national security system at staff and the decision-making process around the highest officfor the highest officein t.
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thank you for having us here today. i appreciate the time and turn it over to my good friend. >> you can't imagine what a high price it is to be compared. but for me the most fun part of the book was the section which i always thought of because general flynn was one of nine siblings and a one bathroom house, and they all have to be out the same time in the morning and if you want to know how the military discipline develops, that's where it starts. she is a woman who was on her way through college, got
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pregnant, dropped out of the university, raised nine children, went back to the university, got a degree, an amazing woman. that's where it comes from. our daughter actually worked for general flynn at a certain point in iraq and afghanistan. in the middle of the book i called her up one day and said does he ever sleep. she said you are only now beginning to understand what it's like. he's an extremelhe is an extremd hard thinking man, and i hope the book captures that. of the various thing is a that it addresses some of the main concept i hope you will go away with today are number one, we
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are in a global war, and our enemies are those radical muslims, which everybody knows that by now that hardly anybody talks about inaccurately, and radical secular a secularist itn alliance. it's not just one or the other. vladimir putin is not a muslim. they are in cahoots and they share a common objective in our destruction and domination so that the alliance that we face runs from pyongyang through baghdad and so forth. it's a huge alliance and it's very daunting.
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people said that this day may be crazy but they are not stupid. they are preparing for this war against us since 1979. it's very hard to discuss seriously the war with iran waged against us because we are all wrapped up in the antique phenomenon. that's one thing. if we are going to win the war we have to go after the doctrines they preach and we have to approach them into a certain point we take off after the muslim culture. let's face it. everybody knows above all this is a failed civilization. my favorite fact in the modern world as translations of books
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into arabic and therefore the access to the arabic speakers have to the literature of the world in the science cultures and so forth. there were more books translated into spanish last year that have been translated into arabic in the last thousands of years. one year in spanish more than a thousand years, a millennium of arabic. they want to have fun talking about a failed state and a civilization that's where you
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start in this bottomless pit of anecdotes and horror stories and support a. they know that it's a failure. that is paradoxically by so many of them are following things like al qaeda and isis and so forth. the reason why we failed is because we are not doing it right, and we have to go back to the basic doctrines and live the way mohammed lived and follow the model's lead down and then we will win. and in fact in the early days of al qaeda following you would hear bin laden saying all the time the win because they bless our efforts. we have divine support. we are doing it right.
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and few people will follow us and do it right. my question is, and we need to be asking this openly every single time that we have challenged them on the battlefield, we have one. we beat them in iraq and afghanistan. they should have stood up and said what's that all about? what's going on here and then you have to go for the doctrine for what they believe and recruit what's going on. that is a big part of communism in central core of the movements
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in the global alliance that we face and the same applies to the secular tyrants. nobody in the world wants to be the new north korea. it's not a global hero or inspiration. he may be feared or admired but nobody wants that many people outside of russia. most know that they would be better off if they were free to live the way they chose to, so it's a world made for america and the various steps of how we should do it and so forth. it's been a great privilege and i hope people have questions for us. [applause]
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i will take the first question and return to the audience. can you be specific for the exact weaknesses and how do they exploit them is that the influence of public opinion and the press come is it over investments and certain technologies that they come back more cheaply, what have they identified that they are pursuing? >> vr challenged these days we have forgotten how to win the war and wrote an article on it about three months ago. america forgot how to win its war. there is a weakness in our own
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ability to go in and use from a pure military perspective truly crush our enemies. over the last two years we have been creeping up adding more and more to the battlefield of iraq and today if you count the numbers we are a port of about 6,000 people so what is it that's happening that we can't understand that it actually takes a different path to win the. you don't go to war to protect
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pizza hut or burger king. you can see this for anybody in vietnam. when we talk about this, when my father served in world war ii, both world war ii and korea, he was a corporal in world war ii, he wasn't told to go to europe for four months or six months and then come back and there will be big bases there to serve and don't worry about it you are not going home until we've won. we won. we told this to the leadership and i can tell you as a colonel in the early parts when we told this to the leadership if you told us to go and fight these guys and you're not coming home until you one, we would have had
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a totally different strategy because believe me none of us want to stay in those godforsaken places. why would you give up the beauty we have in this country but when people are screaming for freedom and attacking our way of life, but our strategic thinking about how we go to war and fight the war has changed fundamentally that is a big weakness that we know. twice they were beating us on the battlefield. 2006 and 2009 afghanistan. and i'm sitting here today telling you they have a strategic initiative, they have a global strategic initiative and i don't care if they lose falluja. look at what they have been able
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to do globally. there's a global footprint. we have to recognize that. the strategy that they have assumed is a global strategy that we've taken on as a very narrow tactical strategy. we have to be much more strategic. and they understand the weakness of the system and be fully exploited. >> the short answer is as asked general flynn says, we lack the will to win and they are not afraid of us. they think they can do anything they want to and we will not unleash the devastating response. >> we have all the watches and they have all the time.
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>> is resolved and willingness and determination. >> that's what it is, big decision making. when you go back and look at the founding fathers and all the experiments, thank god for abraham lincoln. one vote could have split the country in half, but the determination and willingness and resolve the her precise. the american public will be tired if they lose. this would be totally different. it would be unlikely that we would have one. the willingness, the determination and resolve is
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super important and any endeav endeavor. >> given the previous statements supporting the cooperation what do you think the obama administration is for the targets inside of syria? >> in terms of how we deal with russia, and i've told them this company needed to get iran out ooff the proxy war that they are in so that we can settle the situation down. we missed an opportunity to the weakest diplomacy but it would have been tougher to have made that demand. there has to be -- and i like this word there has to be
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reciprocity in the way we deal with others around the world. we need to settle the situation in the middle east. we talk about this idea of a 21st century alliance and some of the leaders in the muslim world so russia has to understand and a notice to. it's the one closest to this led and it's really close to them and all of the other republics. so this alliance between russia and iran we have to understand
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why. we dealt with russia on the nuclear deal. and i asked why. we have to be tough and demanding and precise. and we have to acknowledge that there are times in our own history where we have to pick and choose certain things that we are going to do with others around the world. but it comes from acknowledging our own selfish self-interest as americans can and that's important because guess what, russia has the national security strategy. you can find elements of the online. it doesn't have anything to do with us other than the anti-u. anti-u.s..
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look at the partnership china and russia just crafted and signed. it's fascinating military and economic. nobody's even talking about that because of all of the other problems that we are facing right here, right now in our own country and of course the national election where there will be a big decision. so to my answer it's very important that we understand what is it that's in the best interest of our country. >> gentle man in the front. >> i am the chairman of secure chain. i'm taken by your comment about when the general in the second
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world war my father thought he goes off in the second world war on the russian front. i am an immigrant here. when my father saw what happened to his country, he said we are going to america and we will w win. i'm taken by your comment about vietnam. the policy of gradualism does not when. and it seems to me for some time, we have tried to apply power gradually, and we only looked at it in a military sense instead of the psychological, political and financial economic
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sense. we are challenged and we must win if the country is going to be what it is. what are your thoughts as an application of policy? >> there's lots of different ways to win. you have to have the will to win so there may be circumstances. it's the unwillingness of a lot of people to look at what the superpower status entails and what kind of a world we want to live in a. we want to live in a world that seems to me in which people don't want to mess with us because if they mess with us, they are going to be destroyed.
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that's what superpower means. it's not like attacking your neighbor next door. you mess with the united states, you're not going to survive. right now nobody has the conviction. that conviction. nobody believes that. they think they have time and we are not going to invade them. it will go away and so forth and that is a very dangerous world and it's part of a huge problem that we face nationally which is ignorance of history and of military, the number of universities in the country that teach serious history aside from some pockets in the south that do civil war out of nostalgia or patriotism or whatever you can count on one hand. they don't exist. nobody knows. and americans, one of my
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favorite church alliances america goes to war to learn geography because without the war we don't know anything about geography. so, we have a huge educational failure and that plays into it. but what we want our potential enemies to know with certainty they come after us. they will not survive. the national security council had the role of the policy failures making it
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congressionally affirmed if they get too big can you talk about the role and what it should play in combating isis and other policies? the secretary of state and defense and the staff that surrounds the national security council to take good care and counsel and mentor and help grow is so young and inexperienced. it sits around from the decision-making body. it lacks the agility if they
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want to get into the president, vice president of the secretary of defense and certainly to the present. we end up piece mailing ourselves and so i think that there is some good work that was recently done by the atlantic council and i think that it's really good work and so true it's too big. for the teaching and advising the president needs to make decisions. our interagency process, i don't know how many times i'm sick of that word or the phrase the interagency process.
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it does end -- doesn't work. god help us. until people go act and do what you need to do. i will provide whatever it is that you're going to do because we cannot operate in a world that is operating in the speed of light today with the national security staff structure as the most powerful country on the planet. one of the things i'm going to put a shout out to the organization to institute a little politics.
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so it teaches statecraft. i got the international relations degree. what did you study. it used to be statecraft because it's a great question and this is more than just about a military thing. how do you understand that and apply that? do you understand that and i think that is a real important part of what we need to do because we must reform the national security structure around the executive branch of
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government. >> gentle man with the glasses. thank you for coming today and thank you to heritage for this. you mentioned earlier we wiped out all of the ism, communism, fascism. samuel huntington wrote about that and the clas in the clash f civilizations and said the next four would be based on culture and i think that's what you're seeing now. you both talked about winning. so what does it mean to you, what do we look at in the islamic culture do we have to modify it so that it's more in line with the world norms or do we put them at rest for a while.
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>> we should not be afraid or we shouldn't fear that the country was built on. instead of the judeo-christian principles. there is a sense of fear in the country because okay there are cultures around the world this isn't a racist issue. i could care less if someone is purple polka dot. it's internationally acceptable standards of behavior. and what i want is a standard of behavior that is internationally accepted. to follow the rules internationally the acceptance
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to treat women the way that we see some treated to treat children, boys and girls the way they are treated. so are their societies and cultures that have a highe acceptance of the actions and attitudes? absolutely. i believe ours does. so this is something where we talk about this in the book and it's fascinating. i am a fan of what he did, which is to take on his religion. and i will paraphrase that he says should we expect 1.2 billion muslims to kill the other 7 million on the planet, he's asking his culture and his
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world. no, we can't have that. it calls for a revolution or a reformation. for someone fighting he has a fight going on in his country every night against an organization called the muslim brotherhood. you look at their charter and what they say about us. it is unacceptable. >> the other gentlemen in the glasses. >> i have a question and this is a more poignant way to ask the question which was to do with what does winning mean because
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in your talk you made a point to mention both a. winning would involve having neither such group in charge in the middle east and so with that in mind, what is winning in terms of the best realistic outcome in the middle east for the women's rights in afghanistan or is it minimizing the likelihood and the potential of the homeland attack in the united states, different objectives. so, in light of this and the expertise in iran when we solve a secular dictator and islamist extremist and so-called moderates the situation in syria is not our friend so what can we
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learn from this overriding question of the realistic outcome in these countries? >> i'd love to answer it but you'll have to tell me what this caller is a. i will take freedom for women in afghanistan. i want freedom across-the-board. the answer is there is no short answer to tha the question becae the circumstances very. if i were you i would be very careful about alleging that
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syria thought as great a friend of ours at least we don't think about them this way. there are a lot of american leaders we are on our way right now to an embrace and then what would we say, you've already tried this and it didn't work out. and he's a monster. look what he's done to his own people. hundreds of thousands killed by him. and yet we are about to an embrace and. i suppose in that regard i am still a reconstructed american revolutionaries which is i want freedom, i want to free societies and i think given access to the facts and information the world is working in that direction.
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people are in the middl middle o a generation ago only knew what their neighborhood had to say on any given subject and now we are online and they have access to all kinds of information they never knew about in the local neighborhood they are trying to shut down because they know how dangerous it is to them. that includes women who want to go to the university go to the university. if iran were a free country it would be the highest female educational level anywhere in a perfect world. it probably is already. there were more in the universities then there are men because it is in keeping with their doctrines that they are inferior.
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it is a field of civilization. we need to give them that push, and we need to address the citizens of the countries and say you don't have to take this. we will help you get rid of this. where we will help you become free. the constitution in afghanistan isn't half bad. every year, stanford law school sends the young attorneys to be over to afghanistan to walk the lawyers through the content of the constitution of afghanistan to explain to them what their options are. that's what we want, and i have no doubt that what they are going to choose if they behave in the way the general flynn is
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advocating with the will to win and the confidence in our own values and so forth. the reason why it is so unpopular right now is there's different kinds of anti-americanism. one of the most lethal is because they think america isn't up to it. because we are not there. those are the people that have big signs saying where are you. we are not there. we have to be there. >> let me talk about this business of the field system. another area that we need to be seen as and i think in some cases taking the action of the local leadership perspective is how did you change and economic system thaan economicsystem thae element i and how do you talk
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about education? there's a reason a lot of muslims send children to schools in london and paris, new york, boston, washington, d.c.. when they go back, what is it that they are doing, are they looking to see something different? the answer to that question is yes they are. i've talked to many of these people that are in a position that they see themust change and they are trying. so it's not just we are going to drop a bunch of bombs we've already proven that doesn't wo work. there has to be other elements of power that goes back to your question of this idea helping people understand that new
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economic systems can be created. we are in the middle of one right now that's this revolution going on globally. how can others take advantage of the? there's other ways we must be imaginative. but at the end of the day it's about freedom. and i'm a big advocate of how people treat women because i think that that is a big deal. it's a big deal. in some cases it is more than half the population. so, we are not tapping into the potential of this segment of population and i think we do a good job of that. a great job. but the rest of the world doesn't do that or parts of the world doesn't do that and it
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actually impacts the health of the society. they don't tap into the intellectual capital that they have to be able to thrive. that's what's going to have to happen as we go forward because as michael highlighted we are connected to people that had no voice in the past with our voiceless in the past, they now have a voice and basically the information technologies that exist that's going to improve. so that improvement in the society to be able to communicate is, believe me, these countries try to shut down facebook and twitter and if you have an antenna on the roof in the past, all these kind of things.
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so, that will change. there's going to be a market for the voices of the world that have been voiceless in the past and we need to listen to what they are saying so we need to be prepared to help them in different ways. >> we have time for one more question. thank you for speaking today. i'm the radicalization team lead and visiting fellow at the american leadership and policy foundation. you identify it as a cancer and others have identified this and have been very aggressive in their avenues, programs and policies. where do you see the united states moving forward and combating this effectively whether it is through education, think tanks, experts know where
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do you see the united states making more strides in combating this cancer and what you both be so kind as to sign my book? the answer to what do we advocate and how do we challenge radical islam, yes to all those things. but it has to begin with leadership and it has to begin. i was lucky enough to serve in the administration when we were fighting communism. what happened? everybody's forgotten. when they went to an international meeting and there were some communist leaders there, they would show up at a list of political prisoners and he would denounce their system
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and say release these people, stop this form of behavior and so forth. our leaders have to stand up and we are being attacked by radical islam and its crazy and wrong and it's failed. our leaders have to say all the time. we have the administration's where you couldn't say radical islam or use the phrase to talk about it. you see that and they know that and conclude that we are afraid of them. therefore they are winning and so it goes on. >> would you like to add something? >> we have to be very realistic.
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you have to understand the enemy that you are facing and be able to clearly define that enemy because until you do, you can't lay out all of the elements of what it is that you're facing a. i've been called an extremist. the leadership of how the most senior leader and those in the national security council structure how they deal with the relationships of the world and what demand we put on them. if i was to use it with any country i would use it with
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china. if we hold them against their will in the country we are going to go deal with that country and give them something, why? until i say give me that back. we have the tough diplomacy and smart diplomacy so it is something that we are going to have to deal with as we go forward in what has already been described by many people as one ois oneof the most complex timer history so with that i want to say thanks to heritage. this is great. i hope you've all got something out of it. thank you for being here, and i might be half of my friend i want to say thanks and buy the book.
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it's a great message. ..
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