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tv   Book Discussion on Tea Party Women  CSPAN  August 14, 2016 2:00pm-2:46pm EDT

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and we will sign books outside. spee5
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[inaudible conversations]
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>> thanks for coming out this evening. if you could take the time to silence yourself on you don't have to turn that off sign up for the e-mail newsletter. like to 90 bent to talk about the new book "tea party women" to explore up uncool of women and that greater significance of women's involvement to
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understand our female political leadership of the america ken wright died thinkpad is so fascinating. pdf she also chairs the political science department and an expert on gender and religion and of american politics and brcs of glad to have per here today. [applause] >> banks kramer books for having me here i see familiar faces i am happy to see supporters. those that were critical to finishing the project.
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but talk about these findings about pdf t11 when they first came onto the scene i was struck by their role as women were playing like amy graver co-founders be largest teen party group that the merged called tea party patriots. i was struck by the new conservative women's organizations that evert has a social ebs site that was formed and i was reading a lot of stories at the grass-roots level. then of course, when the tea party first emerged the
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largest supporters politically were figures for women like michelle bachmann from minnesota. and also linked with the two-party. including the christian right with those right wing movements it is front and center but there are exceptions and that package is best known and one of those that i interviewed for this book and was the
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two-party before us two-party. and still today. but generally speaking although conservative women have ben front and center why are so many women? then i wanted to know bob you probably ephod low america and politics and the gender gap. by 1980 women are more likely to go out and i wanted to determine would we see a shift towards politics becoming more right leading? bed is the two biggest questions.
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but focus on three major points and why women enjoy a the two-party also pay attention into the of rhetoric and one of the fascinating things as they argue that conservative policies and by day had be merged as leaders but they had not earlier but also with direct contrast and the rise of women as leaders mean for the gender gap. but some like to talk about the message that i use me to
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address the questions in 2013 i had a sabbatical going to keep party evens, rallies, and she introduced me to be talked about the message of these political actors. but i interviewed 29 activists of why but from a quantitative perspective when there is a wonderful organization it is a non-profit nonpartisan research organization.
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so they have wonderful data so i use that question and throughout the book. we in terms of politics but so the first point why is it that women feel compelled to be part of the tea party? and one reason they became active they didn't like it government bailing out wall street so their vision is far more of limited in scope
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and grounded in a more interpretation of the constitution. as the election cycle. they felt that bennie starting with george w. bush so to have a case in point there is a millennial from seattle to start the campaign. to be credited to hold the barry first the party february 2009. and she would pretense --
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the american recovery associates gained national attention and michele, has been through a long time she spends solidarity with her protesters but told me her reason to get involved initially was because of the financial crisis and the campaign and zero bombing trying to increase the size to say i personally saw with the candidate will bob dole was saying about he was a radical i cannot understand why everybody thought he was of moderate what are you thinking? we so soon after with a tea party patriots including a
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team party activists from pennsylvania to be hired by t party patriots that she got involved because my husband and i were annoyed from the bailout's and then struggling like other americans. and that happened right after and i said that is what i want to do so if you will recall he is a reporter from cnbc on the floor of the chicago mercantile exchange protesting deal bomb administration for the homeowners that were delinquent for so on the floor he called for chicago citizens to have their own to party basically that the above the decision promoted
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bad behavior among consumers arguing policy should reward people that carried l. water instead of drinking bell water. bobby -- and a lot of people mentioned that instance to be vital where they became involved. but not just brought economic concern. but for a lot of women it was the gender many talk about how they became part of the nt party. at the time of the interview because a national grassroots quarter it is a
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libertarian organization and said for me personally i think that my son i want him to be independent and not win a world where the government says i can solve your problems. whenever it is they want to that to be. not unless it is absolutely necessary. but began pdf b-2's see that women as mothers were arguing about conservative economic policies that were germane to within and mothers. so i will talk about what i identified.
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some of this in is the idea of mothers should be involved that the federal government does the same thing. and then that the party patriot says we are balancing the checkbook to buy the groceries oruse coupons. with our own checkbook we don't want to pay close attention. because women do this anyway. another theme is the framework to pressure political leaders essentially to ensure their
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children and grandchildren in sherlock higher standard of living. but at the susan b. anthony breakfast this is pretty publicized in the first time it was introduced to the political left. so warning political leaders but they are getting involved in day are coming out by now that they want about in the campaign to save the don't like is fundamental transformation. >> indented is related with the idea because a large
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government thereby foster families those that were active in the two-party so we interviewed the d.c. director at the time i can't see how government policies can be detrimental families have to shrink. to have mothers and fathers together to raise their own children and marriage is a solution to poverty. that provides the most opportunity that is a dead issue that we cite. we already believe in everybody has a quality to keep everybody's safe to give economic freedom.
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however that is not the only gendered free more -- free more. someone insofar to insist bills policies of welfare spending bill to require family leave of regulations all those things in their mind are anti-feminist they believe the liberal women's groups are the trade of the women's movement to be equally capable as men. >> i interviewed with the group checks on the right. and as they may report and
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this is how they keep them down. to keep them dependent on the programs and but those groups advocate for we say we are the real feminist but feminism is when you are accountable to yourself and take care of yourself. even extending be argument to guns. and of course, at tragic and horrible shooting and reading the tea party when in website i saw emphasis on gun rights to protect the second amendment.
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and with these statements why they thought that was important to bear arms. before psalm of these they make the argument to take away that right is paternalistic. one of those that i profiled took issue with vice president joe biden to spearhead efforts and that failed. of those women activists. that they were just as effective i am getting sick of joe biden telling me i cannot handle a certain caliber or have this many
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rounds in my magazine. >> that course is too loud for you i am tired of it. but where it is the outcry? stopped talking to me like that i can make decisions for myself. there is with the minister rhetoric by had not encountered before. but those that have emerged as leaders from the two-party and also today. thefirst thing that distinguishes them of from earlier generations but they simply bring more resources. higher levels of education, work experience experience, managerial experience but political
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scientist found be slow then the more likely you are to participate. that is one way t party leaders are different and social media has been critical part of that traditional movement for party politics it is time consuming and labor intensive and for the barriers to entry. did tea party is a lot more appealing such a case endpoint i interviewed katrina pearson you have
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probably seen her on lot bad is the first for a into politics but she felt that said decentralized nature holds a lot greater appeal bennett was crucial as well that women cannot be overlooked that the male leaders to take those tedious and be attributed to define yourself you don't have to go through that good old boys club any longer. those that were highly critical points to negative treatment of sarah palin and those running for higher office. and others complain it is
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too bureaucratic you don't have to cut through these different players compared to the republican and party. so nowadays are too much to compromise. but we have all these women that are very outspoken what does this mean? that they hold greater appeal black's so i move from examining uh two-party leaders and activists caloric those that sympathize with the tea party but not at active. relying on data from 2012
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survey at that point i found 9 percent of american women won to be part of the two-party in our part of the minority. they identified as republicans so 72 percent so clearly bear argot population they are overwhelmingly white despite their reservations about the g.o.p. and 3 percent are democrats but in terms of economics i would describe comfortably eve middle-class. slightly more
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college-educated. and to be socially conservative. to find a two-thirds of a tea party women identify as born-again christians say you are not surprised they are conservatives and 30% described themselves as very conservative and they hold the most negative attitudes by far of bra, and then those that our happy with the republican party.
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it has lots of analysis wobble on all sorts of issues on gun-control and minimum-wage and paid leave but that upshot webber is that they are more conservative be. but they are similar to republican and women the look very different. but there is one question. so we often ask this question and i called the american dream to what are their opportunities for success? contest 38% agree that they have opportunities when you go to those republican women who don't identify themselves among them
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75 percent said that they believe every child has the chance to become successful and that shows your parole view. because of structural barriers to get vouchers for daycare. but this is that they believe people can do that on their own. but moreover they believe government is part of the problem so that shows the mindset. so at this time i'd really don't see many are receptive
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to what the two-party is selling all the they have the clear rationale but also it is surprising even with those tea party beaters and activist baby philosophically are opposed to raising the minimum wage to establish a government mandated policy. government regulation but with the idea and the framework but that 50 percent the tv party women supporting the minimum-wage i would say
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maybe we should but 70 percent of tea party women favor mandating paid basic leave. in date down despite the fact to take issue with the government despite socialism to support entitlement programs is that their view
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of the tea party has soured we recently. since 201011 percent of americans but of their value survey is that 6 percent fewer americans feel sympathy and did is not hard to see by. most feel they are very obstructionist looking at their allies in congress to fund a bomb care basically willing not to raise the debt ceiling and political science studies show when men are turned off by that rhetoric so that helps to explain why they are less likely to find at appealing.
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but then the initial focus of the movement was of economic populism and they were trying to promote conservative policies but as of us at the party progress that moniker is attached to more controversial issues such as immigration reform. supposed cultural concerns are more getting more women to support t party policy so i will stop and answer questions about the book. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] the surprisingly donald trump is just as polarizing sought is the road the book before donald trump was a candidate bed they are flocking to him. as the national spokesperson in the appeal for these women he is anti-establishment and to chase things up but the republican party could not do. into bring immigration reform to the forefront and
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it wasn't as big gavin issue but i have found going back lots of anti-immigration and language and for those women that baseline appeal to make america great again that there is on sympathy for some tea party women. however bet they are not trustworthy to rail against trombone to say he does not hold a conservative interpretation of the constitution as passionately conservative and to support a bigger government. they do not uniformly
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support donald trump but again there is a split of the two-party activists to favor ted cruz. with those authentic champions and days are mad of the up party's nominee. >> the tea party has ben successful looking how far to the right with the economic reissues of at
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rationale of the deficit that is republican party orthodoxy. that is why ebs has become of popular but it has been successful they don't talk about that as much but they are but with the conservative activist
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started the two-party caucus so they at every branded as the love liberty, as maybe a divergence that is right wing activism. [inaudible conversations] but. >> talked about the divide of the tea party elite of page family and medical leave coming to the programs geared to children. my hunchback would be there
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would be a divide bobby bay are pretty popular with the general public so definitely you can see a divide their not with the question and of women as leaders in uh tee party no be all systematic over vero part of it is very
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fluid to pop up all the time but of uh tee party patriots no longer with the organization by about the six sports bettors were women. this is just a party patriots straightforward. my sense talking to people there were a lot of women leaders but those that had dash experiences to be involved but the irony is
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you're rejecting policies that have allowed you to rise at the same time many of the tea parties find a hard to walk. >>
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>> that is a good question i cannot speak to gender dynamics. but bear in mind back at the primary reason but to grow their brand they face a feminist rhetoric to be juxtaposed and contrast been with the liberal groups who talk about why it is important talking about the right wing within a one to protect my children and some of them argued there are physically less strong.
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and dissent that day were primarily but it is what gender identity means. >> great help for a third-party of politics. >> even if they formed a third party at all think there is enough support to be successful. what happens with the libertarian party they will not win but i asa dubious.
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of the tea party activists have a relationship with they don't think the direction and is conservative enough. bay will not become democrats. to read brand the g.o.p. be able not be forming that third-party. >> i would argue that the state level but you are more successful be to let the state legislatures bills is close to what they were arguing for. at the state level they were more successful.
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>> with women becoming more conservative? >> it could have been. i am just interested to see what did will look like after this election. >> they are doing more for me. >> this is a question of libertarians.
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so that led not jive. so there definitely are libertarians in fact, belote that i interviewed for the issue of gender identity politics alike to go down that road unbacked but their policies are better but i know there was us study in


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