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tv   After Words  CSPAN  August 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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it. i think that connection with the environment and nuclear power could be an animating force for young people. >> thank you. >> every weekend, booktv brings you 48 hours of non-fiction authors and books on c-span2. keep watching for more television for serious readers. next, on booktv's after wards, ann coulter makes the case on why donald trump should be the next president. she is in talk with tucker carlson. ...
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>> officer. >> how do you write to your books?
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>> normally i take one year off i did as some in back-to-back years but that was an emergency vet as we've finished the book i said i would not write another book by elise say that but then that is everything have to say and about what i was 11 years old and then i thought that is everything want to say to say i have to look this up but then i have the basis for the book investor to read and read and read.
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and eyedrops some ideas for the book that is how i wrote audios america as a was a boy into rightabout that i did had so much more than that was what was happening with the immigration so for a while it to some time of that started writing that i am completely cut off from the world people that know me every time i write a book is i have become one of friendly recently i am sorry have i offended you? she is writing a book cannot expect her. >> add to have a couple loved talking pleasures one of them that you know but i will not tell. just to chat.
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that is all it is. live guess there are about three. >> what makes a good chitchat partner price verify can of the conversation to what i am writing about with all of them that is difficult to do by half to this and about the 20 minute appliance repairmen. [laughter] before i get to whenever trump said that day but a lot of this it is talking ideas out and that is fun and that's gets me going that is a lot harder allotted kicking and screaming. >> delight that process which is it to solitary? >> i love it.
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i do like giving speeches and radio but i never used to remember which i like more want and when i was writing it was the baird demonic i think it was i was so happy every single day and loved the research i don't have to wake up to an alarm clock by sleep until i wake up by do whenever i want all day and i get bored easily soleil only me write what i'd be about this revolution has been hidden from us this whole time. [laughter] so it was fun. nobody is telling me must write about the french revolution i just find funds stuff and i love the of research part of it how the
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government is about immigration is unusual in a few ways the most of that was through watching tromps. >> cal long does that take? >> we're pretty sure trump would be the nominee by, jr.. this started to talk about it. wasn't until the of mexican rapist speech that he won my heart forever. but even alive with talk with my agent if you have the idea i cannot seriously force myself to start
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writing that. >> so this is a fast turnaround. >> and then i turned in one month ago that does seem like a long time. >> batted the lot of work. >> what is the book about greg. >> i am terrible to describe my books and i trust no one. [laughter] that is a good place to start i do trust him on his basic philosophy to put america first on trade and
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immigration, war. he has made a lot of little mistakes he backtracks but when the entire media and i need the entire media rose up after the mexican rapist speech it took me two weeks tomb believed he would not back down. everyone's a while you said the point for probably six months however many points i had but then it was after the moslem day and. i said okay. >> now he appears to be a little bit. >> not really. i never thought deportation would be inhumane he is almost responding to the media caricature not have
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that drip drip when allowing the media to go crazy. then that i says can do its job will have a major cutback on immigration and white doesn't he just say with the immigrants every david jensen we have never got any other president probably not mommy's we're miles ahead of editing i imagine what would happen in my lifetime. but the point is nobody has a right to be in this country illegally. >> maybe they will want to
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keep you that is in this country's best you are from connecticut your anti-trust so what is it that sets people on edge the way he does. >> washington is the worst. high node to people who wert not anti-h. romp but i eight suppose their drinking water
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and grain alcohol. but in two of the main cities new york and asa angeles baby of my 30 friends all but one were 100 percent for trompe. i love the uneducated, writers lawyers doctors, lots of doctors. there instantly. donald trump. and in washington is exactly the reverse. and another fancy locales located ampulla beach i do
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know some of them but that is more jeb bush banned marco reveal because they're walking around shell sought both bosch shellshocked to say we were for jeb bush so now food bones for a trompe? of the richest guy ever to run for president? >> i think it is less rich that does happen to be true but i think washington verses palm beach manhattan tells us a lot. lot of the rich people he find out which ones are patriots or that are focused on america that we are finding out right now.
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they are perfectly patriotic and lovely people. but they have been snowed by campaigns that jeb is our only shy give me $1 million. but donald trump calls back occur in and they say why my wasting money? >> host: why does the press hate him so very much? >> you have a candidate will lose says and i think there are a lot of reasons to be concerned about donald trump won but he says against a rate system traditionally the press is a populist institution but that but yet
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they have come out against donald trump in a way. >> part of that is what you were just describing not only immigration bill low-wage penetration with the gardners and the maids they live out in the suburbs it is other people schools that cannot have pageant's anymore because they sent all the money on of a second language class is. >> enforcing the middle-class to subsidize. but the other part which is probably the dries them the most crazy is on the verge
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of total hegemony. to put that into overdrive and all, left clinton in the dust. >> applying in from central america. rehab read various articles so the long term plan with uh kennedy democrats over time 90% from the third world and in 50 years to have the unbeatable majority. we're on the verge its of the cusp of winning.
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>> it sounds like you make the argument if you can narrow down with his opposition is about immigration. >> love the point of the no wars did the middle east. >> even looking at immigration is that with this is really about? don't tell us that. >> guest: whenever they say that that is the number one issue. jobs. terrorism. cultural changes. in americans rnase people
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but did they say is immigration then they will say something mean about immigrants. we like immigrants. but that was all the things he'd done that mexican rapist speech oh my gosh that was making fun of multiculturalism. it was hilarious. i love hispanics. laugh laugh. >> is seems that you appreciate the performance art of the element. he is very funny. he is very politically incorrect speech making a bed following this closely so which of his statements are ironic or sarcastic
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designed for the shock value to amuse him? >> allotted people did not wear their medals. >> i do write about that in the book at 1.. i think that was like about he was angry and lashing and deserve to be. these poor people from arizona have been overwhelmed with illegal immigration cattle slaughtered people raped they have then overwhelmed by begging the federal government to do something
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it will lead to win anything. they have the famous papers please law that like we have been living in that not see states since then. that was attacked by all of the of bush people that is constitutional and our greatest so if they are in the process of arresting someone they expect them to be an illegal alien. o my gosh. that was repealed by the supreme court. do you know, what happened with that? lindsey graham constitutional scholar but after all of that he goes to
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do his first event in arizona to many people are coming there have to read to the stadium and the day after it happened trump goes to the your cursor he can call them crazy. john mccain went to the new yorker to tell them they're concerned about illegal immigration to call them crazy that is when donald trump was angry about and then when he was interviewed then he raises with donald trump to call senator john mccain a war hero.
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to say he has this e pluribus awesome to call people crazy. he said i know crazy they do not know crazy. so as he explains as he is interrupted to say he is a war hero. that is a war hero that is when traub said know he is not he was not captured. it was a flash of anger. it is in the book but when trump attacks he attacks the powerful of the wrong suffering americans killed were played out in the media all the time he was played out by those that were called crazy xx is powerful but what about the family?
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been met fair point it is the democrats putting an end to the shield so this is a serious issue not to say they are muslim family. there some doubt to claim to the american people that the constitution requires us to put more muslim immigrants into the country if you send out some one we are not allowed to respond to this is what the of left always does. they have these policy proposals but the husband died. i have an idea have somebody else make the argument. sent tim kane don't send a the a green muslim to throw
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our constitution act them that this requires us to lead knitting muslim immigrants? we have admitted more muslim immigrants after 9/11 dead before. >> host: you knew that what happened. >> it is more than the entire british isles. from san bernadine no. this is an important public policy americans have a right to discuss in democrats will send out their argument. >> exocet to what extent do they have an influence over policy? >> we will find out in november. this is it still met with that level of knowledge to was coming in and what numbers? >> this lot more prominent now to be a public debate.
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>> no. i cite his very first interview in the mexican rapist speech first question would you going to do about isis? with the muslim brotherhood brotherhood, not one question on immigration. that illegal immigration is not being dealt with in this country. here he is said alabama. >> host: see you have come to the decision and are you concerned that his instincts and impulses have to be on the level n don peered ticket the scale might windup discredit the batf as you care so much about? >> guest: i was worried about that of first.
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but no. you take the of rough with the snoozed with the boisterous personality that attacks a lot of people and people large riding of first driver six hours a lot of them were not going so some of the mat least in part but because he was entertaining but then you hear them into star laughing it is funnier if he thinks you're listening to a comedian. but wait. i agree. he makes a valid point spirit that is happening on the big scale but so the
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victors write the history losers right the unread memoirs so 20 years later people say here's the story of what actually happened so what is that message when you run immigration is a painful subject inherently. never do that again. >> guest: i don't think so i don't think it will matter because if trump this is the country is finished but the country is finished it isn't 11 million it is the least 30 ebs 50 years 60. >> rating get that number chrysler make it is my last book they have been saying 11 million for more than a
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decade now. we have elected and one more illegal alien and they say that is based on the census that asks people and many people are knocking the city struggled across the desert and they stole their id to get here they may not be filling the government surveys actively so there are tons of analyst with that said this is insane all the groups come to the same 11 million because they use the same census report so the bear stearns analyst looked at a lot of things but to of the biggest were putting money back to mexico it went to the illegal alien hotspots that shows there are certain towns in new jersey and other places with
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housing permits. of another's good the immense study to determine 20 million and this was a decade ago then these two famous investigative reporters they spent one year investigating illegal immigration also. the wrap the border and interviewing people and they estimated 30 billion if you start with the 20 million and only one-third of the 3 million coming in for the next 10 years we're already at 30 million. >> we are hovering above a less than 10%?
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that does not seem strange is in the midwest securely say it will not recover because of legalization. >> added it they will quadruple the number of refugees. then the media thinks that is great but then they think we will make more money. no. but asked local loss angeles politics. when all you do is lose. with those who need jobs because it will be over. and if hillary is elected is this democracy. >> so what does the country become appoint?
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>> brazil. california. this set the decade ago in the financial times a famous quotation he said white he blocked immigration what happens in a multi-cultural society, people don't split and vote by political party but it is the hispanic democrats to become very rationalized. there has not been as magnificent of bay country and ride to retake the men in such numbers?
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the mechanism about cheap labor and the votes for the democrats. and may be the central conclusion is to broaden the appeal on the part of the republican establishment. >> they are idiots the faster their throne of the better. of these moron consultants. >> just does he said with the 65 immigration act. >> why would you try to
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increase your appeal? >> i think tromping is increasing the appeal to the of hispanics and african-americans and. to be just like the democrats but not as much. so i will have affirmative-action. it isn't just because you are not in american with foreigners or of foreign diplomats. african americans are losing out. that we have affirmative action set aside. >> isn't that our strength? >> [laughter] bps that is with the general said right after ford to
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would it said the real tragedy if we gave up our diversity. >> this is how the march was so successful cement can to reject that to maintain the status. >> ideas think 12 is doing that but he says i will break the jobs back. but and i have never seen that so clearly. but with this ethnic identity politics.
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and then to speak u.s.-chinese people. they are americans. bring the job backs. batus the unifier they want cheap labor coming in. just making fun that is interesting. >> so what did think the african-american voters love me? america do think the african-american voters do love them civic maybe you are repeating something that i don't but they say the 1% it is possible that 2 percent the are pretending to be african-american that seems pretty low.
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>> laugh laugh it the same low i will limit. but i just think the black turnout will be down. so admittedly it is not all that much but i think he dash have an appeal. but they keep a tacky and trump to call him recess to take jobs from the native born. but if they hold the novio and then ideologically by this man donald trump. but i did not believe six months ago there were failing me.
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[laughter] >> so why has said donald trollope's:? but there are very few people are around them with the framework without political movement. famously goldwater. also what they represented mr. beck and that is your next question but that this kind of pointless to talk about. when you have paul ryan come out against of primary to
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say don't worry we will push this through. but when you have hillary been protested and god bless those free have never seen hecklers but one neighbor interviewed after words to satiate does not help but working-class to talk about the trans-pacific partnership. that is the reason. is to make bad this way and sincere people civic then we have leathery pretending. but these politicians are acknowledging what they're lying to the voters about. >> bid point.
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but you would think a massive change box apolitical party to its foundation with a wave of bad magazine pieces. where are the others explaining what this means? me btu read into donald trump the idea is one that is not what he means? >> and by the way would is happening this week in the middle of the debate he carry out with the h. one be visa then he issued another statement to say maybe that is not a big deal. but on the core issue he knew what he thought like waking up from a dead sleep and he knew what he thought.
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>> that is true but there are other disadvantages. reagan was in the world of ideas for a long time. but you could wake up tromping in the middle of the dead sleepy is on the side of the working class he always has been for the working class he has always been against these trade deals. he figured out how immigration was hurting. when he is absolutely solid you could dog class of him he say they should not be dying for another war in the middle east right now.
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but with the weapons of mass destruction because they are sitting on all this oil. from the first one world trade center and the families of the suicide bombers. not stockpiles but to represent of the united
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states and led by a crazy leader. it is always one or in the other. or they have they same leader with insane people. , and then to establish a democracy. but then procter llama polls this out. we'll be after the victory into defeat. that is the failure including donald trump or liquor matthews. -- chris matthews. that is water under the bridge.
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but now to the end of time. why would you do that again and again? open and now is asking my friends at dinner with all of us wonder to what my friends in the beginning they said they are ungrateful swine. >> perhaps they a have a point. [laughter] >> host: signor position that is open for debate? >> going forward looking at the crazed warmongers.
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but the allies are those people they just are constantly at war. but nobody cares about their opinion. >> host: if donald trump wins what happens? this is my read that the people don't just oppose him on the issues or the temperament but that he is a threat to the country . he will be the bad person. aho and people feel that way . cell will those people or could they ever acceptable as a legitimate president? >> guest: >> and to be a takeover 2017 and think they believe that greg. >> they know they are losing their power.
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improve your education. but we don't need the political consultants in the more we don't need the pollsters so go back to school. said that there is a plan to further your education. >> but you have to adapt. it is a changing economy. . .
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in the 80's. we are down to 11 million on a much larger population. we don't make anything anymore. think of all the jobs the world are going to create. we are building infrastructure. who does nothing but renegotiate strayed deals and build a wall and let ice do its job and pretty severe damper on more muslim immigration here. he will be the greatest president since george washington, if he does nothing else, nothing else and getting rid of obamacare. >> do you think he's interested in running the country? >> yes. >> t not simply about winning? >> no.
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>> you think he wants the government? >> i think he's a genuine patriot. he locks around and saw so many things going wrong that he can fix. in that opening speech he said something to the effect, if we don't stop this now it's going to be too late, unsalvageable. just to get america for americans and then we can fight about everything else. i don't know if you noticed i dedicated to book to democrats -- >> i did. >> this is the first time in his time he will vote republican and we went to a party when we went to la about a month ago down in
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-- >> sounds like your politics have changed. i know you don't like to admit but everything is changing in america at a pretty high speed. what if you re-examine. >> you probably said no, you always knew. i thought they really did care about the working class and the middle class and not just the donors and business round table. boy, has trump thrushed them -- flushed them out. unintentionally did with the country. number two, when i was a kid i guess i was in law school, that was after regan was president, a lot of us as kids were for
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reagan. a lot of young white people, young-right wingers came to washington and all the young blood in washington and seemed like it was going to be a great thing. it used to be that the permanent bureaucracy, think thanks in the cities were liberal or democrats and republicans would come with thousand of people working in the executive branch and everybody else in the city working against them. it's great that you have all the right wingers, ca, -- cato and washington times. i think that has turned out to be a curse. >> why? >> because i think they -- they have -- it has become an end in itself the organization, the party, the territorial republican party.
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>> is that really fair? the net result is much more conservative than it was -- no, wait. maybe you do have a point. [laughter] >> so you think because they have a structural ib cent i have to keep things exactly the same -- >> it's a fair point. >> so reagan brought thousands of young people to washington. if trump wins, is it conceivable he will do that. >> at least they will all go home. >> a lot of old people will leave. >> hopefully. >> this is your addition plus subtraction. when trump said the other day, it's okay because i'm rich and have other hobbies, did it occur to you that maybe offensive for people who are sincerely concerned about a hillary
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presidency who watched mo-down 11 other contenders, no,i don't really need the job. >> no, i don't think so. the press has been saying and it shows you the power of propaganda and the power over the press. just a month ago a friend of a friend said completely seriously, do you really think he wants to be president. yes, oh, my gosh, he's given up. he works harder than any human i have ever seen. maybe it'll be fun for a few weeks but, yeah, he wants to be president.
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and i'm not worried about the details. he has steven miller. >> what about miller, policy adviser, has this affected your friendships? >> i think i've only lost one friend. >> what happened? >> he happened to be a friend that all of our other friends hated so it was kind of a relief. >> it was? >> it ended a problem that we had. >> what happened to the friendship? >> after cruz withdrew he sent me an e-mail asking me not to e-mail him again. >> because he was so for cruz and you weren't? >> he was a hysterical antitrumper. >> why? >> i don't know. i do not know. i think he's a party man, which is weird he's not a consultant, pollster, blah, blah, sometimes people can get their heels in. another unfortunate thing that
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has happened, i was a big fan on romney, the best of immigration until trump came along and he was an elegant person and i think the best candidate we've run since regan until trump but as people lost to romney in that primary in 2012, none of dem endorsed romney. >> he was disposed. >> even herman cain. it's romney. most lovely, sweet, elegant person. if they're going to be mad at him, imagine how they feel about trump.
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i think most of the bitterness is directed towards trump. cruz is a different thing. every place he's ever gone he's been disliked, kindergarten, senate, every place he goes. we keep reading and we know why. >> why not explain what he thinks to the politics and put fears of supporters at rest, why not just -- isn't a speech a perfect and always has been a way for candidates to tell you what they really think? >> he's given some immigration speech. >> the immigration speech. here is what i would do if elected. >> he has an immigration policy paper. he's talked a lot about it. the issue is he had one scheduled and now it's been driven about softening. i mean, it's just -- how many
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transgenders are there in america? let's estimate and say 500. there's more transgenders in america than there are americans worried about the comfort and feeling of security of people who have entered our country illegally. why are we spending time discussing this? >> good question. >> why not buick making cars in china now, buick, why not h1v workers. these are taken white-collar jobs, they're taking your kid's jobs. why not time on that? >> trump continues the conversation and responds to every question posed to him and turns the conversation back to himself. if you're a hillary clinton and you don't want to run a campaign on what you believe or who you're taking money from, you
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want to run a campaign that's referendum on donald trump's character and so if you're donald trump, why would you continue to keep that conversation alive? >> what do you mean? >> why wouldn't you turn the issue -- exactly right. or about what he believes, if i'm elected, this is what this is way it will be. >> that's exactly right. you know what percentage of clothe that is we buy in america are made in america? 3%. >> i believe it. he wants to change it so that your ties will be made here. >> you follow the stuff as close as anybody and you're clearly, you have emotional skin in the game and if you watch trump go off meanl, do you call him, do
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you call people on his campaign. >> no, i tweet. >> do you think he listens? >> i'm not saying necessarily to me, but, yes, i think he totally listens to criticism and i have seen it over and over again where he will make a mistake and switch course and sometimes a full-pledged clarification. he's going in the direction we want him to go in. one of the things i make fun of the media for is they kept attacking him for no policy specifics. >> right. >> one thing i learned from my longest editor was i like to make a examples and have 20 examples, three, move on. i'm going to cut the other 17 examples out. i usually don't.
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[laughter] >> and another major policy speech given by donald trump and he had a 20-page policy paper saying x, y, z and nobody in the med i could get ahold of an internet modem. it gets to the point where it's like they're saying jfk, i want to go to the moon. media, what's your policy? do you have any policy specific? the direction is what we want. he's saying he's going to go in that direction, exactly, it's the same thing with the muslim ban. i understood the first time he said we have to ban or suspend temporary muslim immigration till we can figure out what's going on. i must have said that immediately and i take it the additional 17 steps that many in the med i -- media mean.
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we will make exceptions. i understood that. you have to explain the things in such details to liberals and when he comes out what we will do with ban them from muslim terrorism-producing countries, yeah, that's what kind of what i figured he meant. there were a few things that i thought he might not like, but i think he'll understand that -- >> what do you think he won't like? >> the great orange hope. and i do have to point out that he's course in tasteless. i think he will understand. he is smart and understand. some of it is written obviously for trump fans to give them backup but also written for the never trumpers because mostly what i hear including my attack
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on murray, did you get to that yet, because i really been appalled a lot of intellectuals on our side that they are the one with gold fix chuirs. i don't like the trophy wifes either. can we get beyond that, we need to build a wall. it was great. >> thank you. >> good to see you.
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>> next a look at fielgt for 15 wage movement with service employees vice president david ralph. >> hello, everybody. welcome, i'm so, so happy to see you. good evening. >> good evening. >> thank you. >> good evening. >> hopefully everyone has enjoyed wine and food and this is a lovely room this evening. so it's not every day that we get these kinds of moments to pause, to step back and reflect on our gains and actually celebrate because we need to and we should celebrate amazing victories for working people that have been snowballing across the country as part of fight for fifteen. several years ago, 9.25 was considered ambitious and only in places like san francisco.


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