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tv   Book Discussion on Wake Up America  CSPAN  August 29, 2016 9:26pm-10:09pm EDT

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i think that's life. if you think about what brought you to this point in your life you can probably trace accidents and bursts. he thought maybe i will try th that. >> i know you write about this a little bit, feminism and star wars. i've heard there's a lot of strong feminist moments i've heard both sides of the claim so
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i'm curious your take on that and then to tie into that you've studied a the movies probably me in-depth than i have. i know who he is and if i told you there would be a drone. they would kill me so i can't tell you. in terms of feminism, there is a view that has foundations that there is something about the trilogy that there is only one female figure that the tough guys are the guys and they wield light sabers the longer the better.
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and return of the jedi she's kind of me kissing became famous, so that is the thesis of retro grade. i don't like that. so what i like and believe is that princess leia is undergoing a heroes journey equivalent and in some ways more dignified and luke. she is the strongest of the characters and has the most clarity and vision. she is the leader that knows how to shoot and it's kind of in a deep sense of retro grade where she's kind of naked. notice that she kills with her own hand the captor with the chain.
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that's pretty good. [applause] a three-hour look at one author's work with questions on the phone, e-mail and social of the first sunday of every month. "after words" is a conversation between the author of the newly released nonfiction book and the interviewer who is a public policymaker or legislator familiar with the topic and a opposing viewpoint. opposing viewpoint. every saturday at 10 p.m.. and we will take you across the country visiting book festivals, events and parties where offers
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talk about the latest books. the only national network devoted exclusively to nonfiction books. television for serious readers. and now eric bolling of fox news talks about his book "wake up america denying virtues that made the nation great and why we need them more than ever." he spoke at the book review bookstore in huntington new york
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we are ready to get started. again thank you all for coming and for your patience. if you haven't purchased a copy of the book they are still available at the front counter. after the author is done speaking there will be time for the q-and-a. as you may have noticed that there is a camera crew so you may be on camera. during the question and answer session if you wouldn't mind waiting until somebody gives you a microphone, he will call on you and then get you a microphone. tonight i have the pleasure of introducing the personality eric bolling, cohost on the show the five as well as his weekend program cashing in.
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he appears on other programs including a substitute host for bill o'reilly on the o'reilly factor. here to speak about the new book please join me in welcoming eric bolling. [applause] >> how is everyone doing tonight [applause] >> you came out on the friday of a holiday weekend. a little history of the book about nine years ago i came over from cnbc and i had a conservative viewpoint and a lot of people started enjoying the conservatism that i was bringing and asked me and said can we
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write this down and do something with those and compile them into a book. this is probably the time. look what's going on in the political climate. at there with the people running on the republican side. the rock obama stepping aside so they would be running on the democratic side. so maybe this is about the right time. i realize president obama had been aggressive in bringing them to the left that someone had to step up and do something to make sure that we stop this and come back to the right to center. i believed in my heart of hearts the conservative viewpoint is what brought us to this place
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with the success and power and economic might. we need to stay on track. he said famously i want to fundamentally transform america which is amazing to me. i got to what i felt would be the basis of the court agenda. it's easy to write because of president obama. there's so many things to write about. the last seven or eight or ten years you are taught if you hold
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down, don't worry. if you lose your job don't worry we will provide more and more insurance. if you can't afford obamacare people getting health care. if you can't afford your apartment we will help with food stamps, record number. 50% increase under president obama alone. who do you want to dedicate the book to, i'd already written out my acknowledgments, adrian is number one and then i went through family and my life, roger ailes in the area. i'm going to dedicate the book to president obama.
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thank you so much. biggert the most influential people in my life to talk about republicanism. bill o'reilly had to be first. sean hannity hosted the show tonight after the big special on tonight about the clinton scandals. i sent the book to donald trump and if you watch that guy sent a book to him and i was thrilled to put it on the back of the book. a lot of people think he may not be conservative. she actually talked about the
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vice presidency nomination. what a great success story he is. one of my most influential conservative inputs, so those are the people that wrote quotes for me. i'm reading this and to start and end with something i want something impactful to start with. a couple friends of mine got together and came up with this idea watching an episode of the walking dead. i said why don't we start with an apocalyptic beginning so we start with hillary clinton raising her hand. al gore is over there the secretary of energysecretary ofn is over there, secretary of education, and bernie sanders
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the socialist. i paint this doom and gloom. it is ridiculous and then i look back seven or eight years and realize where we are then. it's a roadmap of bringing the success and conservatism. you will not get the supreme court bac to back or the federal judges back or obamacare back.
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they were great, fantastic. a quick story, we took an amtrak train to philadelphia with a group like yours. we are exactly on time here and realized people are passionate about bringing the country back. conservatism is an unheard voice in the decades. it's time and i'm thrilled you came out to celebrate the book with me. so, let's open up some questions >> the first thing i would like to ask about what is your
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opinion regarding the far right and how they are not getting behind the agenda that you address in the first half a dozen pages in the book. >> you are spot on and saying it's hillary clinton. saying i can't get behind a donald trump i would disagree with you calling them before right. i get in trouble on tv sometimes when i call people ryan a rhino
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because they say he's a republican. we need to get them onboard otherwise it will be post 45. >> everyone has to ask a question. >> that was taped. she said i'm airing this friday. >> i loved george bush but he was wrong when he said certain things about a certain religion and didn't veto any bills. if trump gets elected, republicans cannot stand up against obama when it's so right to stand against him. either will be fine but the problem is getting good
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republicans who will stand up for the principles and when they say something, do something. i am a ted cruise fan and i hope that trump beats hillary. >> my vote doesn't count. >> i don't buy that. >> my vote is going to tell republicans -- >> that is the mentality that's scaring me. i still think if you believe -- i cast my vote for the delegat delegates. if hillary clinton is indicted after the delegates are elected, they will have to make a
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decision do they want to vote for hillary clinton. >> you really want another democrat. >> who do you want to be the president? >> ted cruise. i would won't trump over hillary. >> so at least get a popular vote to the one you want to be president. >> mitt romney got destroyed. almost all of them put in the red column right now. all you need now if you have the
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win you have to have florida and ohio and then pennsylvania or michigan that's right now tied 42-41. michigan is doing very well. ohio is tied also. he went to rhode island. go to florida, ohio, pennsylvania for the next five months. that's the path to win the. >> one of the things that distressed me is the last presidential election when mitt romney was debating the third
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debate where they didn't attack the obama administration and their incompetence about benghazi. >> if you remember what happened, candy crowley sided with barack obama and they were both wrong. mitt romney didn't have it in his back pocket to stand up and say you are wrong this is what happened. those are red flags to a lot of people. if you're not ready and don't know the basics barack obama went to a fundraiser and if you don't know what was going on you don't deserve to be president. >> he didn't deserve to be because i labeled him after that as a loser. now it aggravates me that he's compounding them, not supporting the party because the alternative is unbelievably bad. so, where are the bush's and
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romney's cookies are people that should be supporting the party because it is more than a selection. >> of course. i outlined the supreme court and federal judges. it might be different for decades. someone told me if donald trump wins within 100 days he will have to move out 5,000 people. by the end of the first year 35,000 people will have to be replaced. you understand now these peoplee have been career politicians they would rather lose, keep their careers, jobs, money intact. if they truly care abou cared ae country and conservative virtues
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they would support a trump and speak at the convention. i have someone who used to work for the bush administration and like i said, the infrastructure of money and power and influence won't go away if hillary clinton wins, it will stay intact. so they would rather of the country suffered for our kids, e a little upbringing than lose to influence. there are gazillions of dollars that goes through and politicians pockets.
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why do you think a congressman can spend six years in congress and now they make 174,000. probably somewhere around if you are there 50 years you may be average $75. you can leave congress with $10 million net worth. they are giving it from influence peddling and no one knows about it. it should be term limits. >> my husband and i watch all the time. >> nice to meet you. where are you from? >> huntington, right here. we are tuned in as much as we can to fox news.
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time is otime is of the essencet we can do to keep the train from going off the track. we love this country as we all do and we see that it's being diluted by craziness and open borders and a love of unrest. voting for mr. trump from the get-go we were on board what can we do to prevent hillary clinton from becoming president i have just one suggestion if there are creative people out there that could actually show this country and fighin five or ten years ifs in a sea closed doors all over the place. i have a heart for people but they are taking over our beautiful town filled with
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people on the sidewalks hoping to get a job for the day. like i said i'm a christian person and i love human lives but there has to be common sense and donald trump speaks our language with border security. [applause] you outlined the introduction. if someone can paint a picture that's what the introduction of the book talks about, what life would look like under hillary clinton. you will be called upon by local republican parties, whomever. they will seek a new volunteer. sure. are you on social media, twitter, facebook >> [inaudible]
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you can come here and talk, 50 people here just heard your view and maybe you will spark someone else that has an account to say i don't like this. twitter and facebook, barack obama was elected based on that he found out early and it was a powerful thing. people make fun of donald trump for tweeting a lot. more people heard barack donald trump tweeting. so to understand what this family expressed recipients with you. i was wondering which one you like better and why.
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>> see how it works. he's a professor of cashing in show which is where the brand was born we were together and towards the end of the show it felt like we needed to close it out and give it a nice punch. you know what the ideas are going to be for the show. we only have 30 minutes which ends up being 22 minutes of actual show time and rather than on top i wanted to send off so
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we started wake up america and the political culture grew. the social media aspect explod exploded. people adored the brand and it made sense for me to write the book wake up america. he's still working on vacation this week. >> if the republican party is considered conservative, and i'm not a member of the party, i must be thus far right conservative does the gentleman referred to. i think the problem is getting
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the republican party over to the conservative movement. so many of them have been talking against donald trump. so the party establishment. >> the office called fox a hundred times. i've been told by producers every time you say that you take off half the audience. are you sure you want to say that? if you watch the interviews of donald trump he was very thoughtful and calm. he had to step up and i want
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people to know to earn 50, 60, 70 million votes by beating the thoughtful person he was in the 80s and not calling someone a liar or something. it's not becoming even now. >> for a huge portion of the population. >> they also are a huge portion of the population. we talked about pushing back against the culture and one of them is being told what he can say and when he can say it and i thought about saying screw it, say what you feel. don't be embarrassed about what you said. now, there are spaces on the campus so you don't call someone
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he or she. it's insane what's going on. i'm afraid if he doesn't come back the way we left him but two or three days ago with elizabeth warren on tv there was a clip canady was playing. adrian will attest to this. he was just picking it up. when i hear this about the college campuses, i'm afraid that he comes back a different person.
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i had them on regularly years ago, great guy. he's fantastic. they would have made an unbelievable ticket. >> i know there is a huge ted cruz fan base. if i win you get justice scalia. now you have the most conservative i've ever known as the ninth supreme court justice and you probably get a lot of votes from the people. i should be advising donald trump. let's go back.
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>> i was just wondering to mean that seemed likmethat seems likk on immigration. some of the countries in europe and poland, hungary are pushing back and said enough is enough. >> it's a brilliant boat, 100%. i also think there's some money involved. the second biggest provider after germany. they are a net contributor by tens of billions of dollars. so at some point i'm picking up
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the bar tab and i do think they talked about this and talked about this until they have enough votes to actually do it and i think the immigration idea and the means and is a view of things around your country as resignation because, to say it again donald trump came down the escalator with melania and said i'm going to build a wall on the southern border and make everyone pay for it. he's going to do it. ..
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>> >> i spend 80 percent of my time in your city is 80 percent liberal i have a sign up. >> i should not tell you what to do.
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>> digest have a comment to be supportive and breaking away from that and i'll listen to the of comments all of them and nothing that they say but i listen to their arguments but nothing really make sense to me. it is all about them. and even mark was here years ago and now he just drives me crazy. [laughter] that is just my eighth
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comment. >> he just france. and not even worth listening to any more. >> i agree. i hear you. >> it may take awhile but we are all coming from the same place. bill kristol is horrible. horrible. i hope i am never hosting o'reilly. one thereof. they are ruining it. it is more despicable than politicians. i think they're doing more damage than the politicians.
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>> so what can people like me do to ignite the conservative republican movement? that we should be appeasing all muslims, what can we do to a least give the sense? >> guy and of fearful that senator chastens four years then come back indoctrinated ns adjusted to someone else with the social media campaign some say you cannot
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meet on campus and then leave and the faculty lounge. [laughter] we also watch fox dinner -- fox news over dinner and watch regularly.
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and in a matter his use -- views there is so much frustration with the political correctness these kid are afraid to express conservative viewpoints for the fear of a horrendous grades. that is despicable. because of the establishment it does not help to lead us down the conservative path. >> the book came out a couple weeks ago about one week after it came out they
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decided valedictorians are no longer breaks up double that is insane. because what about number two through 500? politics is liberal banks to deal bob the administration it has always been leaning liberal. >> it is scary how fast. it is a freight train moving left. for to put the sign on the lawn. i am now suggesting again an argument which your professor. that is a death wish. but just tell now down in the classroom to understand where he comes from. >> with those educated baby
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boomers those that have been indoctrinated support hillary. and i have a friend that runs judicial watch because on and on their are so many clinton in scandals and what was it. i think it is wrong you can
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fight it but who knows? bernie sanders got 40 percent and they'd voted for bernie sanders in the primaries? that is horrible. 25 percent of them of the 40% that is 10% of all democrat votes will never vote for hillary. that try to reach unto his name millennial says they can.


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