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tv   Book Discussion on Wake Up America  CSPAN  August 30, 2016 1:55am-2:40am EDT

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bookstore in huntington new york spee5 here ready to yesterday did. thanks for coming yen yoururea patience if you've not purchased a copy there are some at the front counter. there is a camera crew to macy may be on camera wait until some begin should microphone then we will get you a microphone if you raise your hand at the
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pleasure to introduce fox news channel personality eric bolling. a co-host on the five asen well as his own program cashing in. here to speak about his new book please join me to voteg. on eric bolling. [applause] >> how is everyone doing tonight? you guys are die-hards friday on a holiday weekend i appreciate that. with a little history of the book when i came over from cnbc had a conservative viewpoint or a version that was bringing said they would ask about some of the shows
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like wake up america they said we like that can you write this down or do something with it? or put that into a book? the but looking at the political climate and morocco bomb usus steps aside for the democratic side but in the middle of it the president was so aggressively bring in p the country to the left that somebody had to step up to do something to bring usth back to center and in my deep down heart of hearts
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that uh conservative viewpoint is what brought us to this point with 40 years of success and power and economic might. we need to stay on track. he said the one to fundamentally transform america and we reelected and anyway. sa started to write the book and flowed. it was amazing. i started with the core principles of conservatism. i got through the basis of the agenda. then i realized it was though easy to write off was because of president all bombing there were so many things how many times you
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can fall down to pick yourself back up you are taught if you fall down don't worry the government will take care of you if you lose your job to worry we will have the unemployment insurance if you cannot afford health care we will give it to he cannot afford your apartment or food record number of his stance a 50% increase in the president alone so they kept writing themselves at the end is it to you want to dedicate the book to?lready w five knowledge my wife she is number one that went through family that influential in my life roger ailes, marc fisher who grew up somebody -- somewhere around here in the area i
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will dedicate this book to the president because he is the reason it was so easy to write laugh laugh i think that is why it is doing so well. [applause] . . say he's a
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republican. we need to get them onboard otherwise it will be post 45. >> everyone has to ask a question. >> that was ted. she said i'm airing this friday. >> i loved george bush but he was wrong when he said certain things about a certain religion and didn't veto any bls. if trump gets elected, republicans cannot stand up against obama when it's so right to standgainst him.
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either will be fine but the problem is getting good republicans who willtand up for the principles and when they say something, do something. i am a ted cruise fan ani hope that trump beats hillary. >> my vote doesn't count. >> i don't buy that. >> my vote is going to tell republans -- >> that is the mentality tt's scaring me. i still think if u believe -- i st my vote for the delegates
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delegates. if hlary clinton iindicted after the delegates are elected, they will have to make a decision do they want to vote for hillarynton. >> you really want another democrat. >> who do you want to be the esen ed cise. i would won't trump over hillary. >> so at least get a popular vote to the one you want to be president. >> mitt romney got destroyed. almost all of them put in the
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red column right now. all you need now if you have the win you ve to have florida and io and then pennsylvania or an that's right now tied 42-41. michigan is doing very well. ohio is tied ao. he went to rhode island. go to florida, ohio, pennsylvania for the next five months. that's the path to win the. >> o of the things that distressed me is the last
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presidential election when mitt romney was debating the trd debate where they didn't attack the obama administration and their incompetence about benghazi. >> if you remember what happened, candy crowley sided with barack obama and they were both wrong. mitt romney didn't have it in his back pocket to stand up and y you are wrong this is what happened. those are red flags to a lot of people. if you're not ready and don't kn the basics barack obama nt to a fundraiser and if you don't know what was going on you don't deserve to be president. >> he didn't deserve to be because i labeled him after that as a loser. now it aggravates me that he's
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compounding them, not supporting the party because the alteative is unbelievably bad. so, where are the bush's and romney's cookies are people that should be supporting the party because it is more than a selection. >> of course. i outlined the supreme court and federal judges. it might be different for decades. someontolde if donaldrump wins within 100 days he will have to move out 35,000 people will have to be replaced. you understa now these people te have been career politicians they would rather lose, keep
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their careers, jobs, money intact abou ced about the country and conservative virtues they would support a trump and speak at the convention. i have seoho usetoorksh adminisd like i sai the infrastructure of money and power and influence won't go away if hillary clinton wi, it will stay intact. soy would rather of the country suffered for our kids, e a little upbringing than lose to influenc there arzillions of dollars
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that goes through and do you tnk aongres can spend six years in congress d th 174,000. probably somewhere around if you are there 50 yearsou may be average $75. you can leave congress with $10 million n wth. they are giving it from know about it should be term limits. >> my husbd and i watch l the time. >> nice to meet you.
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where are you from? >> huntington, right her we are tuned in as much as we can to fox news. time is otime is of the essencet we cano to keeain fr gog off the track. we love this country as we all do and we see that it's being diluted by craziness and open borders and a love of uest. voting for mr. trump from the t-go wwere on board wh can we drent hillary clinton preside just one suggestion if there are creative people out there that could actually show this country and fighin five or ten years ifs
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in sea cd doors all over thela i have a heart for people but they are ting er o beautil toille with pele on the dewas ng to get a job for the day. like i said i'm a christian person and i love human lives but there has to be common sense and donald trump speaks our lauage with borde security. [applause] yotlined the introduct. if someone can paint a picture that's what the introduction of the book talks about, what life would look like under hillary clinton. parties, whomever.on by local they will seek new volunteer sure are you on social media, twitter, facebook
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>> [audible] you can come here and talk, 50 people here just heard your view and maybe you will spark someone else that has an account to say i don't like this. twitter and facebook, barack obama was elected sed on that he found out early and it was a powerful thing. people make fun of donald trump for tweeting a lot. more peopl heard barack donald trump tweeting. so to understand what this family expressed recipients with you.
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i s woing whh e you li betr and w. >> see how it works. he's a professor of cashing in show which is where the brand was born we were together and towards the end of the show it fe le ded we nee close it out anve it a nice pch yoknhathe ideas gotor the . wey have 30 m en up being 22 minutes of
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acal show timend ratr th on top i wd to s off so we started wake up america and the political culture grew. thsocial mediaec exploded exploded. people adored the brand and it made sense for me to write the book wake up america. he'still worki onacation thisee. >>f the republican party is considered conservative, and i'm not a member of the party, i
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must be thus far right conservative does the gentleman referred to. i think the problem is getting the republican party over to the conservative movement. so many of them have been talking against donald trump. so the party establishment. >> the office called fox a hundred times. i've beetold by prucs every time you say that you take off ha the audience. are yosure you want to say that? if you watch the interviews of donald trump he was very thoughtful and calm.
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le t know tearn 50,0, i want illionesbeing the oughul pso was t 80s and not calling someone a liar or something. it's not becoming even now. >> for a huge portion of the pulation. >> ty alsare a huge poron of the population. we talkeabt pushing back against the culture and one of them is being told what he can say anene can say iit and thought about saying screw it, say what you feel.
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don't be embarrassed about what yosaid. now, there are spaces on the campus so you don't cl someon he or she. it's insane what's going on. i'm af if he doesn'tome back the way left him but two or three days ago with elizabeth warren on tv there was a clip canady was png. adan wattest t this. he was just picking it up. when i hear this about the college campuses, i'm afraid that he comes back a different
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rson. i had them on regularly years ago, great guy. he's fanstic. they would have made an unbelievable ticket. >>notheris a huge ted cruz fan base. if i win you get justice scalia. now you have the most conservative i've ever known as the ninth supreme court justice and you probably get a lot of
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votes from the people. i should be vising donald les go back. >> was just wondering to mean that seemed likmethat seems likk on immigration. some of the countries in europe and poland, hungary are pushing backnd said enough is enough. it's a brillnt boa 100%. i also think there's some money involved. the secondigst provider they are a nettrib conor by
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tens of billionsf dollar so at some point i'm picking up the bar tab and i do think they talked about this and talked about this until they have enough votes to actually dot and i think the immigration idea and the means and is a vw of things around your country as resignation because, to say it again donald trump came down the escalator with melania and said i'm going to build a wall on the southern border and make everyone pay for it. he's going to do it. ..
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>> >> i spe 80 percent of my time in your city is 80 percent liberal i have a sign up. >> i should not tell you
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what to do. >> digest have a comment to uppobe sive and bing away fm th and i'll listen to the of comments all of them and nothing that they say but i listen to their arguments but nothing really make sense to me. it is all about them. and even mark was here years ago and now he just drives
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me crazy. [laughter] that is just my eighth comment. >> hjust fnce. and not even worth listening to any more. >> i agree. i hear you. >> it ke awhile arall comim thsame pl bill kristol is horrible. horrible. i hope i am never hosting o're. one thereof. it is re despicable than poli.
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i thk they're doinmore damage than thpoliticians. >> so what cple ke to ignite conservative republican movement? that we should be appeasing all muslims, what can we do st give e ? senar chastens fr th combaocinat
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ns adjusted to someone else with the social media campaign some say u cannot meet on campus and then leave and the faculty lounge. [laughter] we also watch fox dinner -- fox news over dinner and
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watch regularly. views the is so muchuse -- frustration with the political correctness these kiare afraid to express conservative vieois for the fear of a horrendous ades. that is despicable. because of the establishment it does not help to lead us down the conservative path. >> the book came out a
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couple weeks ago about one week after it came out they decided valedictorians are no longer breaks up double ats insane. because what aut number twthroh 500? politics is liberal banks to dealobhe administratn it has always been leaning liberal. >> it is scary how fast. it is a freight train moving left. for to put the sign on the lawn. i am now suggesting again an argument which your professor. that is a death wish. but just tell now down in the classroom to uerstand where he comes from.
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>> with theducated baby doctris tse tt ve been llary. and i have a friend that runs judicial watchause n their are so many clinton in scandals and what was it.
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i thk its wrong you can fight it but who knows? bernie sanders got 40 percent and they'd voted for bernie sanders in the primaries? that is horrible.cef em of the 40% that is 10% of all democrat votes wilnever vote for hillary.
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that try to reach unto his name millennial says they the other dotted and also try to change the millennial frame of mind as well. >> as my mother was moving on she literally pulled me over to say never quit. i will never forget that. if this doesn't work try another. always be passionate. with the first part of my for rking all- uht. cotry and to tell us what
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went on. to know what that path would be. there is a lot of money for when then run businesses. for the below identifying as a female. then you can have small-business money. i am kidding. kind of the. [laughter] spin now sri want to get everybody spinel guy will go in a different direction. what about holding pro-choice police -- believe the quick. >> i don't tell people what to do but but i go to church
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every single day omy life. igo during the week and we go six days a week. for my future and success but i don't tell you what to do. that may kko se people t we are in the camp do what you want to do with your body. that is fairly libertarian. libertarian i thought was interesting concept for a while i think you would bring in the young people that is cut and dry. i like a lite bibut i like tho core values.
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>> i andge huge fox news an and there could be legal reason that i never hear analabt presint of all the being impeached cement that ship has sale the is biding his time. >> what about fox news or the five? >> give him a hand. [applause] are we good?
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>> dianehen def the school of communicions. this is part of the ongog media that matters sious for this special event and also wl come to c-span. i and year to inoduce a nationally known investigative jostnali and a best-selling author and founder of nonprofit organizations for the school


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