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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 30, 2016 6:32pm-7:01pm EDT

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kurds from being able to link up to those of which they currently hold and if they do that to stand along the border it could worker preparing is good reason to be skeptical but then the air renown of the battlefield widens end of a chaos adds another layer of mayhem. >> so what are the u.s. policy options? we definitely still being of turkey as a country that we need that isn't necessarily lining up with our interest or objectives that we need
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them more than they need us and at the same time having this democratic crisis at home what should the u.s. priorities me without long list of issues? may be given your background with what you are thinking about? >> first talk about policy options because the lifetime executive branch policy so regarding syria i think we basically have to find a way to manage this relationship because turkey does remain important as of member of nato nor would we want to. turkey is strategically located and it is in our interest to the extent possible however they have
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become a very problematic ally and i think we have notorious but to manage that as we have and a rock bottom need they also have a rock bottom need and whenever the consolation will be there would want to be associated with the data rather than for russia or another eurasian group will over half of turkey's trade is still with the west i think it will be leaning strongly to the west but increasingly it will express sovereignty within the context i don't think it is a magic formula except other than to pick a
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fight urging turkey to withdraw as soon as possible the longer-term reducing we have to reckon with the possibility, i am not a betting on and i hope it is not the case but we have to reckon with the possibility perhaps the unpredictable turkey will move out of the western orbit and look carefully at alternatives. for our many years i am going on but throughout the cold war the strategic value is to have the longest border with the soviet union but since the cold war and think the importance wuss sucked up by a late richard holbrooke as the assistant secretary for european affairs in 1994 and said turkey's that the center
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very feet issue of importance to denied the state's -- to the united states. i think we have to prepare us secondary planned to look for other areas that we can work on the eurasian problem. >> any suggestion of what that may be? >> eastern europe certainly has possibilities there are issues of the 1997 treaty with russia. i am not a legal expert but this seems to me the way i read it there is a possibility for a base in bulgaria and romania because the situation has changed but the authorities are the russian experts need to look at that but in addition we
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know that the iraqi kurds would love to have the u.s. presence and would be delighted although it is very tricky particular with the baghdad focus policy. >> so with the strategic implications can you talk about of value of the democracy and what we're doing or can do to stop the losses there greg. >> gaveled begin by saying the cruel irony of all the conspiracy theories is that more than anything in turkey or democratization or isis with the united states has counted on is maintaining a semblance of stability in turkey itself with the coup attempt this is the first time it seems like there is
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a possibility to be really disruptive with violence which is furthered by the resurgence of the war against the pkk. that is something that will preoccupy u.s. policy makers more and more. now with that said there may be a tendency to look at that separate from a question of democracy. there is real reasons to think the coup itself would be disruptive that could be the biggest threat to turkey stability and democracy but inevitably there is that possibility that turkish response in itself is a threat to democracy and that is the thread that turkey is facing and then the united states they have to help
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them face but unfortunately so far the united states of being messaging has been inconsistent three days after they raised the issue because i knew had a democracy requirement that it was not the ideal to bring it up because then after there was a point it was unlikely to be helpful a month and a half later the vice president went to turkey after showing support this could best been the opportunity to raise concerns but he did nothing of the extent of the purge part or thames to prosecute the kurdish political figures, so the question of how to support after this difficult time is difficult
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but so far the approach has been muddled enough that hasn't been helping. >> so with that i will turn it to the audience questions state your name and affiliation please make that question. >> can somebody explain this map? >> very quickly the yellow area is are currently held by the syrian kurds. >> by the way i said light green but i was colorblind. >> the place is in black are held vice this greed is the assortment of syrian rebel groups and read is held by the syrian regime the pink ones. yes. >> i will quickly add what i
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was trying to illustrate is the greatest turkish concern that these too will link up either as turkey immediately feared through capture then to spread across this line of the syrian border or to the south. n1 thing we have to watch is whether the turkish military does move southwest to block more clearly any path syntax of the important thing to note is one of the reasons of the turkish mathilde military is because the forces had moved to the east of the euphrates with our support the u.s. asked them to do this which is a move
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of the two yellow areas together and you have seen they didn't just pop capturing now they are moving south and will be fighting not only isis but the allies fighting each other rather than their real enemies and syria. >> honestly it don't think we have your command but i will share my thoughts about syria and the agenda of the organization that pkk is designated as a terrorist organization said there is no war there is a fight as
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they go against these organizations but then there is sakai that in vienna in the fight with terrorism so as we continue the fight against terrorism but with that terrorist organization to have any partners so with any terrorist presence to the national security imported the organization is another and alonso mention
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that it is natural to have some measure and i would assure you of that all those remedies are available and are taken so a large part of that is something else when we expect turkey to act like that. >> 84 those comments and i thank you are right. >> wait for the microphone. >> there are so many
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terrorists in turkey i would like to highlight one subject the liberation that he took so many sacrifices we have united states volunteers and they are dead right now waiting for them to come back so we have a lot of losses it has americans the with turkey it is like magic everything disappears and then they go away and the chemical weapons and has been mentioned used by the turkish government and civilians have been killed. >> i think it is important to highlight a couple of things the pkk with a terrorist organization although it is widely considered there are links between the two.
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>> at all have anything else to add. >> i will jump in that what you said yes the white p. g. is not on the u.s. terrorist list but i can understand why they see that as a fix as those that they are associated. >> it is a syrian and kurdish political party that has origen's whiff of pkk with erdogan id is understandable that turkey would see that as part of the pkk but it hasn't at least not until this recent skirmish of a couple of days ago when turkey entered the area and has spent very
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effective fighting force against isis for the united states in a very important partner to control and get rid of physis so when his then turkey's interest to avoid conflict with of why cpg. but as for the takeover if it helps to create the circumstances of the expulsion of a racist from syria, it is a great thing so to this point, there is every reason for turkey to feel it is a success but what is sorry some to see those forces that they don't know what happened because the kurdish forces went north and but as some point we do expect the ypg will
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move to the east of the euphrates and if they avoid a conflict as the turkish defence ministry said is the intent, if turkey stays with that long this border, then i think that is a plus but however that battlefield between turkey and the kurds simply spreads from turkey and iraq to syria with a turkish intervention will be seen as a serious dash four this area or the u.s. interest and ultimately for turkey itself. >> also to point at out with strategy that its goal that the road was to be opened by the n.y.p.d. actually it goes through that territory
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this syrian kurds have said it isn't the role from of the take that city but having the kurds take that city would cause syrian tension but the strategy is relying on the n.y.p.d. to open the road so any fallout between the u.s. and the ypg because of the kurdish forces would seriously in danger and the ultimate goal of the u.s. mission. >> and the turkish president has said in this sinks and satin not catch your name, i think that is correct that turkey said uh goal is not only to go after isis' but
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the heather's so if they pursue that goal aggressively that will be a problem on many levels. >> any other questions? >> polling from last to comments i am wondering what our turkeys objective as inside the assyria achieved? is it when the of why cpg is back across the euphrates is it farther than that crisis eradicated? how did they know with the objectives are achieved it is the required to stage even longer than with the assad regime is hiding rebels? and hypothetically consolidated power to
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establish itself as the interim force? even assad you entertain the idea i am just curious to throw those out to. >> very briefly with the first question answers itself the bejeweled goal for the u.s. support incursion as for the purpose of expelling crisis which has been accomplished. i think i deal from everyone's point of view is the turkish free syrian army allies capable comments should be holding the city and the turkish military should withdraw purporting that would remove a real and potential friction point between turkey and the kurds
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and the town is just right across the border so turkey could run things from there if the free syrian army was capable but regarding the potential cooperation our collaboration, i don't see that perce but as you probably know there was fighting between the syrian governments and the y pg that is a little bit off the map to face-off with them
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but that would be the only area. >> >> there was these allegations of those allegations and now the thing because we had some news with the crisis at actually now the tethers are like the rebel groups that they will disappear or will
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they use the same road for europe as well? >> >> this is not an amnesty question but it seems when the turkish army that they are the unified together force. would is the status of the turkish army at this point greg. >> t want to take those two questions? >> i will take your question . i don't know.
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but to answer your question and rover 40% and to either be arrested or removed that is a shocking amount of turnover for any military but with one key objective of the incursion is to send the message as perhaps time will tell that the turkish military is still a major power in the region. for long time from our friends and sources for a long time erdogan was
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interested in to moving into syria it does seem possible the resistance better no longer bear part of the military among the syrian border or commander of special forces. >> final thoughts? >> the rhetoric has been ratcheted up to a certain level where turkey supports basis theaters side says the pkk is the moral equivalent of physis but neither helps pursuing to bring the united states and turkey to gather
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with that ultimate goal is the of political solution and to empower the of why cpg and the way but has also made it more difficult of the turkish side is interested in a settlement either. >> thanks for coming today. blast major set of developments follow us from the center for american progress we hope to see you soon. [applause] speefive.
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>> . . >> where john mccain seeks the public and nomination for six
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term in the u.s. senate. his remarks and phone calls, calls, reactions and tweets. that is tonight on c-span. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up on wednesday morning, michael ithaca, he discusses the story detailing the fbi's investigation about the foreign hackers penetrating to databases in recent weeks. caitlin owns, healthcare reporter will talk about the controversy over the use recent hike in the cost of epipen. will discuss the magazine, september story are we any saver
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which looks at 1,000,000,000,000 dollars sent to protect the u.s. has made an impact. watch "washington journal" beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday morning. join the discussion. >> tomorrow c-span's road to the white house coverage continues with live remarks from donald trump. outlining his immigration plants. he speaks to voters and supporters in phoenix. that is live. that is live at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> this week on q&a, will discuss the book -- about the dynasty that ruled russia for 300 years. >> the book is called, the roman office. 1613-1


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