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tv   Book Discussion on The Field of Fight  CSPAN  September 4, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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highlights the first lady from 1960 until today. rosa brooks looks at the change in how america fights were on book tv "after words" starting at nine eastern at ten, neil bascom chronicles what kept hitler from building and atomic bomb. we wrap up at 1115 with instant university university professor eddie loud and he discusses the mcafee and black. we begin with michael flynn. >> good afternoon, welcome to the heritage foundation and are douglas and sarah allison auditorium. we welcome those who join us online and remind our guests here in the audience that you could check cell phones and
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other mobile devices to make sure they are muted or turned off as a courtesy. for those watching online, you are welcome to send questions or comments at any time. e-mail speaker at we will post the program on the heritage homepage telling today's presentation. as we are all aware, we are in the middle of what might be called an interesting political year. as a nonprofit organization, yardage would prefer to focus on policy and not necessarily politics. we know some things will go beyond that. just as the disclaimer, the heritage is a 5o1c nonprofit organization and we do not support or oppose any particular candidate for political office. we are hosted by the beacon for principles in politics and they sponsor lectures and seminars
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and publications with the goal of teaching those who shape opinion about the foundations of liberty. the center focuses on the principles of america political tradition, the fundamentals of economic freedom and the basics of conservative thought and public policy. leading our discussion today is arthur, assistant director beacon center for politics. please welcome him. [applause] >> think since 911 we have faced 89 terrorist plots on the homeland 11 were successful. why. part of it is because we are constantly underestimating our enemies and this comes out in subtle ways. each time a terrorist attack occurs, the press and administration quickly call them tragedies. this formulation points to a
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problem with our own ecology. this means fate, unavoidable fate. belief that we suffer tragedies because of fate disarms us richly. it says we should not take action because mysterious forces ultimately dictate our circumstances. another favorite term attributed to our enemies is that they evolve, as in isis has evolved. the error here is similar. our enemies to as they turn out are guided by evolution. house we fight terrorism? well with compassion, unity and love said loretta. this is the form of public education taken in the press and this administration over the
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years. general flynn and the book the field the fight is also in education but it strikes the opposite tome. it shows how fermentable our enemies are. it also shows how american annuity is superior. it shows how many advantages over the long haul will prove stronger but it begins and acknowledging the enemies we face in accepting the fact that we are indeed at war. over 33 years general flynn has toured the highest positions in military intelligence. recently he was the director of the defense intelligence agency and prior to that he served in iraq and afghanistan. he was credited with completely changing revolutionizing. he also served as senior intelligence adviser to the
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chairman of the joint chief of staff. astonishingly he is also the recipient of four bronze stars. michael is a historian and a renowned collar of terrorism, islam, rock, he's the author of 35 books. he is currently the freedom scholar in the foundation defense democracy and he served a variety of roles as consultant in the national security council and the state department, defense put department and special advisor to the secretary of state and i will now turn to the authors and we will begin with you general flynn. each will speak for about ten minutes and that will turn it over to questions. >> thank you. when you are getting ready to write a book, find somebody who wrote 35 of them and partner up with him. i am really honored to be here and it's an honor to be here with michael was not only the co-author of this great book,
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and the unbelievable message that it has for our country, but he is also a great friend. i see some other friends out the audience here today. he, as a nation, must demonstrate willingness, resolve and determination to ensure the survivor of our country. is that at risk today? i don't know. is it at risk over the next four years, it gets closer to being a high-risk than it does sitting here today. is it at risk survive by the middle of this next century or by the end of the century? absolutely. absolutely. all you have to do is study world history or study our own history in this experiment that we are part of called the united states of america. we talk about solutions and alliances it captured very well,
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i believe in simple language that is very practical. i think the book speaks for itself and i hope you take the opportunity to go out and read a copy of it and talk about it because it is a very powerful and almost urgent message. back to where we are and what we are doing today, this is not one the american voter can sit out. we are in a historic era in our country and our country is going through some big shifts. i think people need to understand where our country is at. when we talk about warfare, when i talk about warfare, my adult life was studying it.
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individuals who have written about warfare one. [inaudible] in the business world you have to know your competitor or your enemy. know your competitor competitor and your enemy, that has been ingrained in me. i will tell you, you, lots of us that have served this country, it doesn't make a difference if you're an intelligence officer or not, you must know your enemy as i set up here today and i dabble in the business world, know your competitor. it's the same concept but know your enemy. if you don't know your enemy then you cannot figure out a way to defeat them. it's that simple we have, in this book, described that notion , the idea of clearly
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defining this ideology that is very cancerous, barbaric, cancerous, cunning, savvy and dangerous. it's describing a strategy to win in this book. we can never think that our enemies are 10 feet tall. i think they are in the era of con unionism post-world war ii, for 4040 years we would look at these enemies as though they were 10 feet tall. no enemy is 10 feet tall. all enemies are people. the nazis we beat. had hitler one, every five years ago, not that long ago, had he won, we would all be praying at the altar of nazi -ism. thanks god for the united states of america. thank god we did what we did when we called out these beliefs
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last century, nazi -ism, fascism, communism, imperialism. today we are not allowed to necessarily do this. we have this difficulty because we are a nation built on laws and i like to think the rule of law is the biggest strategic advantage we have but were also a nation built on freedoms and one of the freedoms is the freedom of religion we had to be very conscious of a very determined enemy. this is a very determined enemy that is masking itself behind this ideology. i have very strong views but i'm in a stop here and turn it over to michael i can remember
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arguing about politics with my mother and debating these kind of issues. this past year, and even before that, and prior to deciding to write this book, arguing about about it and he's arguing we have different views about different things. you want to put that down. call it out. the fascinating timing is everything, it's interesting when we were in new york with the publishers, we picked yesterday the 12th of july, a year ago, not knowing all the other stuff that's going on the media today, we picked the
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12th because we wanted to get out in front of whoever was going to be the next president because i want people, personally, i know michael believes this as well, we want people to read this message that's in this book. it's super powerful and practical. it tells the story about what we are facing as a nation. most americans can't figure out what they are going to do for saturday night. we lack strategic thinking in this country. we lack it. our national security system and staff and decision-making process around the highest office in the land is broken. everybody knows that. those of us that have dabbled in it, we know it today and i'll stop there and say again to heritage, thank you very much for having us here today. i appreciate the the opportunity and the time and i'll turn it over to my good friend. >> thank you general.
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you can imagine what high price this is compared to mama flynn. for me the most fun part of the book was a section that i always thought of as growing up when because general flynn grew up in the house and he was one of nine siblings in a one bathroom house they all had to be out of the door at the same time in the morning and if you want to know how a military discipline develops, that's where it starts she is a woman who was on her way to college, got pregnant, dropped out of the university, raised nine children, went back to the university, got her law degree. she's an amazing woman.
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that's where it comes from. our daughter actually worked for general clinton at a certain point in iraq and afghanistan. in the middle of the book i called her up and i said does he ever sleep? she said you are only now beginning to understand what it's like. he's an extremely dynamic hard thinking, clear thinking man i hope the book captures that. the two main concepts are number one, we are in a global war and our enemies are both radical muslims, which everybody knows that by now but hardly anybody talks about it accurately, and
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radical secularists. it's in an alliance. it's not just one or the other. vladimir putin is not a muslim. the dictator of north korea is not a muslim, but they are in cahoots and they work together and they share common objectives which is our instruction and domination. that's where we are at. the alliance that we face runs from many areas. it's a huge alliance. it's very daunting. somebody once said about people like this, they may may be crazy but the not stupid. they are preparing for this war
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and iran has been waging war against us since 1979 and they are still at it. it's very hard to discuss seriously war that iran has waged against us because we are all wrapped up in this phenomenon. that's one thing. number two, if we are going to win this war, we have to go after the doctrines that they preach and expose them as false and hollow and losing. at certain point we take off after muslim culture and say look, let's face it, everybody knows, above all themselves, everybody knows this is a failed civilization. my favorite factoid in the
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modern world is translations of books into arabic and therefore the access that arabic speakers have to the literature of the world and philosophy, science, culture, and so forth. the factoid is this, i found it so incredible every time i say it. there were more books translated into spanish last year that have been translated into arabic in the last 1000 years. one year into spanish, more than 1000 years, a millennium of arabic. they don't know. if you read the popular press of the middle east, you will find all these incredible things about why things happen what you have to do and so forth. anybody who wants to propaganda
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and have fun talking about a failed state or a failed civilization, that's where you start. it's a bottomless pit of anecdotes and horror stories and so forth. people in that part of the world as i said, they may be crazy and they're not stupid and they know it. they they know it's a failure. that is paradox plea one reason why so many of them are following things like al qaeda and isis and so forth, because these people come to them and say the reason why we failed is because were not doing it right and we have to go back to basic doctrines and live the way mohammed lived in follow the models that mohammed laid down
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and then we went. in fact in the early days of al qaeda following 911 and so forth, you would hear bin laden saying all the time, we win because allah has blessed our efforts. we have divine support. we are doing them right. a few people will follow us and do it right and we will win two. the question is, we need to ask them this openly, every single time we have challenged them on the battlefield, we have one, without exception. we beat them in iraq, we beat them in afghanistan and then we ran away. every time we beat them, our leaders should have stood up and say what was that all about. here you told us you have the divine blessing.
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what happened but mark did you decide to support us in iraq and afghanistan? what's going on here. you have to go right for the heart of the doctrine, what they believe, what they preach, how they group and what's going on. that's a big part of their central core of the movements and the global alliance that we face. the same alliance applies to the secular alliance. nobody in the world believes in north korea. vladimir putin is not a global hero or inspiration. he may be feared and admired in some quarters but nobody wants that many people outside russia i want to live the way the russians live most know they would be that are off if they
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were free to live the way they chose it's a world made for america. this book lays out the various steps that we have to take, how to do it, who should do it and so forth. it's been a great privilege and a great pleasure to work with general flynn and i hope you enjoy the book and i hope you all have questions for us. thank you. [applause] >> if i may, i'll take the first question and then will turn to the audience. as for both authors, can you be specific, what exact weaknesses did they see in us? how do they exploit them? is the weakness the influence of public opinion and in explication of the press? is it over invested in technologies that they can buy more cheaply, what is the exact weakness but they have identified that they are pursuing? >> i would say, we are
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challenged these days, and i've actually written about this, we have forgotten how to win or. there is a weakness in our own ability to go in and from appear military perspective to go in and truly crush our enemies it's kind of what we are doing right now. two years ago we had soldiers in iraq. over the past two years we have been creeping up and adding more and more people to the battlefield of a wrap. today we are probably upwards of about 6000 people in iraq. what is it that's happening that we can't understand that it actually takes a different path to win? our weakness is understanding
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that when you go to war, you go to war to win. you don't go to protect pizza hut or burger king or some other nonsense i've seen on a batter field. this goes way back. you can even see this for anybody who served in vietnam who might be in this room. we have got to decide that when we go to war, when my father served in world war ii and korea , he was a corporal in world war ii, he wasn't pulled go to europe for four months or six months and come back and they'll be plenty of races for you to serve on and don't worry about it. my father was told you're going to go to war and you're not coming home until we've won. we told the store leadership. i'm sitting here today and i can
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tell you is a kernel in the early parts of this war, we told the store leadership. look, if you told us to go and fight these guys and you're not coming home until you one, we would've had a totally different strategy because believe me, none of of us wants to stay in those godforsaken places. when people are screaming for freedom and attacking our way of life, our strategic thinking about how we go to war has changed fundamentally in that the big weakness that they know. they said yes. twice they were beating us on
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the battlefield, 2006 in iraq and 2009 in afghanistan. i'm sitting here today telling you they have the strategic initiative in the global initiative, i don't care if they lose falluja or rocca. look at what they have been able to do globally as a global footprint. we have to recognize that. the strategy they have assumed is a global strategy and the strategy that we have assumed and taken on is a very narrow tactical strategy. they are not afraid of us. they think we do not have the will. >> they have all the time and we have all the watches. >> it's not that.
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if you go back to all the experience that we've had, thank god for abraham lincoln. thank god for abraham lincoln. one vote could've split us in half. i use those words is there precisely what we mean. i will tell you, i was asses the other day. the american public is tired and they will be tired if they lose because they will be slaves. like i said about hitler. if hitler one, this world would be totally different. we would be challenged to have a form like this. it would be unlikely that we would have one. the willingness, the termination and the resolve to win is super important. particularly in warfare. >> thank you. the gentleman right here.
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let's wait for the microphone. >> given some previous statements you've made in the past, what do you think of the obama administration to deal with valve mirror? >> in terms of how we deal with russia, i've told russia this, they need to get iran out of the four proxy wars that they are in right now so we can settle this situation. we lost that opportunity. we missed an opportunity to essentially weave diplomacy we could've been a lot tougher to have made that demand. there has to be, and i like this
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word, there has to be reciprocity the way we deal with others around the world. they want something for us, we want something back. one of the things we talk about in this book, we talk about the idea of the 21st century alliance and some of the leaders in the muslim world. back to your question about russia, russia have to understand and they know this. they have a big problem with this element as we describe in this book as we do. it's actually sort of closest to the sled. they are on the sled and it's
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really close. pakistan, chechnya and other republics and problems that they are having their. this funny alliance between russia and iran, we have to understand why. when people say why should we deal with russia? we just dealt with russia on an iranian nuclear deal. i asked why on that. what i tell you is we have to be tough, we have to be demanding, we have to be very precise and we have to acknowledge there are times in our own
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history, and certainly going forward where we have to pick and choose certain things that we are going to do with others around the world >>
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>> does a gradual publication of power. is seen as to leave for some time we have tried to apply power gradually and really looked at it in the military sense instead of the psychological ideological political and financial economic sense for cahuilla challenged the the country will be what is we need an application of policy.
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>> there are many ways to win but you have to have those will to win so there may be circumstances but what drives me crazy is the unwillingness of lot of people to look at that entails. the world that people don't mess with us because they will be destroyed. that is what superpower means. is a mike attacking yorker neighbor next door right now nobody in the world has the conviction or believes that. they think they have tied or
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we will not invade damn or it will go away. that is a very dangerous world and what we face nationally. for those that teach serious military history at of nostalgia that you can count on one hand they don't exist. and americans and also to learn geography. [laughter] so we have a huge educational failure in that
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plays into it but with the potential enemies to know. >> and you learn about the national security council had a role in the policy failures to encounter isis on capitol hill and talk about potentially reforming in that can you talk about that with the russian security policy. >> the national security staff that surrounds the national security council
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that i love the of young people to take good care and counsel to help grow with the national security staff so it is flat to beg so with that size of an organization that sets around with the decision making it is so big it lacks and agility everything they want to get enough of president or vice president we end up and then restart peace feeling ourselves with some really good work that recently had gone by.
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of to be to yawn and experienced. with a strategic to thinking and to make decisions. i am sick and that word. of the interagency process. it doesn't work. but on the battlefield and i
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will provide the top cover to use at the speed of light to be the most powerful country on the planet just as described and that is a real problem to do. to be a part of of world politics. that deeply teaches the statecraft. what did you study? did you really deeply study
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statecraft? that is more like a military thing. this is about all elements of power. so do you understand all of that? bad is part of what we need to do. to go with that executive branch of government.
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>> du said there would be fascism or communism. and general huntington and wrote about that to say the next war would be one based on culture. and you both talk about winning and what does that mean to you? do we have to modify that or do we put the matter rest for awhile and waiting for them to resurrect themselves quite. >> and to offer his thoughts we should not be afraid or fear of what our country was built on. instead of judeo-christian principles.
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there are some cultures around the world it isn't a racist issue about international except double standards of behavior to find a standard of baby a year that what this international acceptance of behavior to treat boys and girls the way they are treated? far their societies storer cultures the have a higher except in some of behavior?
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i believe ours does absolutely. so we talk about him in this book i am a fan of what he did to take on his religion essentially the says one pulley 2 billion muslims to kill the other 7 billion on the planet. it was beyond that question. and i think it was so intellectually courageous for a guy who was fighting a knife fight in his country the organization called the
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muslim brotherhood. that is unacceptable. >> if this other gentlemen. [laughter] i am a heidegger scholar maybe this is a more pointed way to dress the previous question that has to do with what does winning mean? because in your talking reappoint to mention both radical islam next and secular word dictators that winning would be having neither such group in and so
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with at an mind i would ask what is winning in terms of the best realistic of the match one dash policed? with that potential of the homeland attack in the united states in light of this and the expertise of that cellular dictator islamic extremist with that analogous situation but they're not our friend so what lessons can relearn from that? of the best realistic outcome? >>
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>> beside will take freedom for women. i want freedom across the board. because those circumstances vary so much. and would be careful about alleging that syria is not as great as the shot was. but then lycee you already tried this and it didn't
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work out. and he is a monster what he did to his own people. hundreds of thousands of syrians killed and yet we are about to embrace him. about what work. so in that regard of the american revolutionary i want freedom and free society and given the access that the world is working in that direction those generation ago only new with their neighborhood had to say but now they're on line with access to all types of information they never knew before but now they're trying to shut that down so think how dangerous that is
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we want a free world. that includes those women that want to good university then they go to university if you live in a free country it would probably be the highest female educational level anywhere of the world there are more women than ben and it drives them crazy because they think that women are inferior it is a failed civilization we need to give them that pushed to say we will help you get rid of this we will help you become free the constitution of afghanistan care every year
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stanford law school stance cents the handful of young attorneys over to red afghanistan to walk the ong judges and lawyers through the contents of the constitution of afghanistan to explain to them what their options are. that is what we want we want that kind of world in which the people have access and i have no doubt which way they will choose if we behave in a way that the general is advocating with the confidence of our own values and so forth in the reason we're so unpopular right now of the anti-americanism because they think america is not up to a.
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and they say where are you? we have to be there. there are lots of different ways. >> just talked about a failed system another area that we need to be seen as had you change that economic system and how defuse talk about education? the muslims that sent to london or new york or washington d.c..
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what are they doing? yes they are there in a position that they must change. isn't that we drop a bunch of bob's we know that doesn't work but there has to be other elements of power but the idea that economic systems can be created. we here in the middle of one right now. of the information i 80 going on globally so there are other ways to be imaginative but at the end
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of the day it is about freedom. pie in the big advocate of how people treat with then because i think that is a big deal. in some cases is more then hot half the population. so we do a pretty good job of that. but the rest of the world sunday that. that impacts the health of society. because of the intellectual capital that they have to thrive in the way they could thrive.
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what we are connected people that had no voice in the past they now have a voice with the information technology so that type of improvement in society to communicate they tried to shut down face but court twitter or a satellite on your roofer was taken off all of these things. all of that will change and there would be a market for those voices of the world. and we need to be prepared to help them differently.
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>> thank you for speaking today. on the radicalization team lead of the american and policy foundation. to the debt is long as the cancer it has been identified to be aggressive with their programs and policies reduce the united states going forward to combat effectively? education or think tanks to make more strides and also would jeebies so kind to sign my book? >> that is one of the nicest things that can happen to any author.
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and what do we advocate or challenge radical islam? yes public statements but it has to begin with leadership i was lucky enough to serve in the reagan did ministration larry refight gain local communist every time the secretary of state went to international meeting he would show up with a list of political prisoners denounce their system with that form of behavior to say we are attacked by representative radical islam and it has failed the secretary of state our leaders have to
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say at all the time instead consecutive administration's regan said before you could not use the phrase but they see that and they know that they conclude we are afraid of them said they conclude their winning. >> the only thing i would add we have to be very realistic and like we said in the beginning you have to understand the enemy to clearly define that enemy because you cannot lay out all of those elements i have
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been called an extremist so this is very precise than it gets back to the leadership of those seven national security council structure how they deal with the relationships around the world remember use of word reciprocity within a country of reducing it with china that is something we must consider with people round the world of americans are held against their will and me will go give the country something? why?
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then they say maybe it will think about dealing with you otherwise three will take the following actions so that is something we have to deal with as they go for word for what has already been described as one of the most complex times in history so with that banks to heritage in down behalf of my great friend thank you buy the book it is a great message. >> the books are for sale and the authors will be happy to sign them.
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[inaudible conversations]
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>> it sounds like if you're narrowing down of his opposition to immigration. [inaudible] yes. >> i love his policy but
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emigration is the great unifier. >> he just wrote a book and immigration do you think there is evidence that is what this is really about? the exit polls don't tell us that. >> right. whenever they say that i do look at their number one issue i see things like jobs terrorism. cultural change their all synonyms for immigration. i think that have the sense with the media telling them if they say immigration than they think they are saying anything mean about immigrants. i love hispanics. of all the things he has
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done other than the mexican rapist speech oh my gosh that was so fun. that was hilarious. i love hispanics. [laughter] [inaudible conversations]veryon good evening thanks for coming out on a friday night ina bookseller and supervisors here at politics and prose welcome


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