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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Melbourne Florida  CSPAN  September 27, 2016 8:05pm-8:20pm EDT

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wealthy donors and the large corporations they are all part to of this same corrupt political establishment they go home they attend the same conferences. and they have the same friends antic connections and when hillary slender issue by calling you deplorable and irredeemable. [booing] where she doesn't understand or the greatest people on earth and that is not deplorable. [cheers and applause] the greatest people on earth you're smart and sharpie want to make america a great
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egad. -- integrated data. you want to strong-willed -- military had to care for veterans m. protector second amendment. look and what are we doing? government will start to work for you again. look at my projects in new york and around the of world and those properties that have lifted up the skyline to revitalize communities we built a great company. other c. problems i see potential. that is what i do it but i want to do for our country. i want to go to the failing schools and to a block potential for all people.
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so much. and the politicians will not do it. all they will do and hillary in particular, you'll never see them again. think upstate york and the allies that she made to the people of new york state unit is a disaster right now and that is many years ago. together we can accomplish anything we want to put that means you need to show up and vote november 8. [applause] knock on doors. pick-up your phone and call your friends. campaign on the street. you know, what is going on with this country. bad things. spread the of love to the people of our country. lift up your voice pounded the pavement and tell your
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friends. get-out-the-vote. check out our website. forty-one days until the election. can you imagine started june 16 coming down the escalator tromped our now is 41 days. we had 17 people governors, senators and one by one by 11 they said he has never done this before. they compared my experience to their experience they had over 200 years i had three months but that is the way it goes. that is the waco. [applause] -- the way it goes. [applause] we have 41 days to make our country great again and represent the world. i will tell you our country
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is laugh that. remember that. we have 41 days to make possible every tree you have ever dreamed for your country. was magnificent chance in my opinion, one last chance it will never happen we have done for this movement, and many pundits like bill reilly have said it is the single greatest phenomenon they have seen their political lives. they have never seen anything like it. we don't want to blow it november 8. we have one magnificent chance for every forgotten man, will then end child. the arrogance of washington d.c. will have the righteous verdict with the american
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donor. we will do that. was this november we will show the whole world that america is that - - back bigger and fatter and strong berger than ever before. see the plane? see that played? it was built in america. [cheers and applause] now that same company will start building these planes in china. [booing] i don't like that i see a lot of bad things happening there. here is starting what will happen jiri 2017. i will lower your taxes by a lot. [cheers and applause] and hillary will raise your
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taxes by a lot check out her website i will eliminate every unnecessary and costly regulation. we will repeals a and replace obama care. [applause] we will on the show american energy. [applause] we will end illegal and very dangerous immigration. [applause] we will keep radical islamic terrorist the hell out of our country. [cheers and applause] we will save your second amendment, the nra endorses' be. [applause] we are going to support the men and women of law enforcement.
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[applause] and we will appoint justices to the supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. [cheers and applause] we will rebuild our roads roads, bridges, tunnels, hig hways, airports, schools, ho spitals. we will rebuild our country country, and we will put a lot of people to work. [cheers and applause] american cars that can travel the roads and american plays that will fly the skies in the ships to patrol our seas. to send is that -- skyscraper's into the clouds with the american steel. hands will rebuild these states and american energy harvested from our own
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sources willpower our nation and that means our coal miners one. [applause] american workers will be hired to do the job. we will put american steel into the spine of this country. i will fight for every neglected part of this nation and i will fight to bring us together as americans. [cheers and applause] with our incredible people imagine what we could accomplish if we started working together as one people, under what god saluted one american flag. [cheers and applause]
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t6. [chanting] [chanting] it's time to break with the bitter failures of the new end inclusive them prosperous american future. we have such potential. to every parent to dreams for their children and every child who dreams for their future, i say these words to you, i am with you and i will fight for you and i will win for you, our country will start to win again. [cheers and applause]
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once more we will anti-aids government by ian for the people. [applause] we will make america wealthy again to make america strong again. to make america safe again. and we will make america great again. god bless thank you. [cheers and applause] unbilled. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> donald trott of wrapping up a rally the next presidential debate comes up next tuesday in virginia we will have complete coverage of course, here on our networks at 7:30 p.m. eastern time october 4th. today we had an early look double-a-2 expect next week. >> won debate down tranthree to go the next one in
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virginia on the campus of next tuesday between senator tim kane and indian had governor mike pence the vice-presidential abilities. was joining us is the political editor at mood for the richmond dispatch. thanks for being with us. first of all why longwood quick. >> the commission has a long history of these schools that are not the largest we had one in 1992 the university of richmond small schools and misery that it is an interesting place because of the surrounding community has a civil-rights story so that's why