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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Prescott Valley Arizona  CSPAN  October 5, 2016 12:34am-2:07am EDT

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think of this, 200 admirals and admirals and generals are endorsing this because they're sick and tired of us being the weak and stupid country. where you are led by people don't have a clue. gear led by a man they can't use the term radical islamic terrorism. that's sad. companies like caria, general electric, motorola, mattel, feared chrysler chrysler and others are moving their jobs to mexico and other countries. as you're standing here now many of the companies are negotiating to leave the united states. not going to happen. now ford has announced two weeks ago that it is moving all of the small car transportation production to mexico. think of it. that's on top of the massive $2 billion -- and he saw two
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years ago and i think that's why i'm going to win ohio and michigan because two years ago -- [applause] [inaudible] >> okay, get amount. oh doctor? is is there doctrine the house please? get a medic please. thank you. a dr. please? thank you.
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thank you very much. thank you very much. [inaudible] is he okay? he looks like a a tough guy to me. okay, thank you. thank you. thank you very much. good. good. great guy. you know, some of these people have been waiting here ten hours. and it is hot. the other day they set on television, donald trump was making making his speech and it looked like he was sweating.
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it was 109 degrees in the room. what am i going to do? it is hot in this room too. thank you very much. thank you very much. we love you man. thank you. [applause] that is why i think we going to win the state of michigan, and ohio because i have been talking about the car business in the car production capacity moving to mexico. i've been talking about it for six years. look at what is happening. mexico is like the eighth wonder of the world in terms of the factories they are building. you know the story, have a friend friend to a bills plants and he tells me what's going on in mexico and what about the united states and he goes, not so much. we are going to change. we want mexico to do great, i met great, i met with the president of mexico, great guy. we want them to do great but it's gotta be a two-way highway.
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we're going to bring back our car production, we are going to win michigan, we are going to win ohio. we. we are way up in ohio by the way. will we are up in arizona from what i hear. we are going to renegotiate nafta and if we do not get the deal we want, we will withdraw immediately from nafta and start all over again. we will create a much better trade deal. [applause] nafta is under a different tax system. they are under a vat system. the deal is effective and it's been that way for many years. when we sell into mexico we get charged a big fat tax. when they sell into us they get no tax. it's a defective deal.
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that's why you don't see deals coming the opposite direction. spread defective. why didn't hillary clinton and others in office renegotiate that deal right away? we're also going to stand up to foreign currency manipulation which is the single greatest threat that we have on our trade. there's nobody that does it better than china. they are grandmasters. we are going to apply tariffs and taxes to countries that sheet. very simple. job relief from other countries and come back into the united states. believe me. [applause] factories will come rushing home, our schools and communities will be revitalized. our citizens will get new jobs
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at higher pay and have brand-new hope for their lives. [applause] i want to think governor jen. where is governor jan? thank you. that is a good group with sheriff joe, and jeb, and everybody. and joe, thank you. she has been a great supporter right from the beginning and i want to thank her. really. to be a rich nation we must also be a secure nation. security begins at the border, right joe? [applause] a nation that doesn't control its borders is not a nation at all.
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a country that doesn't protect its people just isn't a country. our government that doesn't put its own, and remember this, when a government a government does not put its own citizens first, this is a government on where they and fit to lead its people. totally. look at the crime, look of the drugs, look at how our youth is being poisoned and not only our youth but look at the youth is being poisoned by the drugs that flow in from our border. we will stop that so faster heads will spin. here's some heartbreaking examples of how our government has failed our citizens. countless americans who have died in recent years would be
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alive today if not for the open border policies of hillary clinton and barack obama. she wants totally open, enjoy yourselves. pick up your healthcare better than our veterans in many cases. this includes incredible american lives like 21-year-old sarah roots whose parents i've gotten to to know and they are incredible people. the man who killed her arrived at the border, enter federal custody and then was released into a united states community under the policies of barack obama, hillary clinton, and this administration. he was released again after the crime and now he is that large and nobody has any come any clue
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where he is. sarah had graduated from college just a day before with a four-point oh grade average. she was number one in her class. and she died, a day after graduation. killed by a vicious animal that should never, ever have been on. also among the victims of the obama, clinton policy was grant, 21-year-old convenience store clerk from mesa, arizona. he was murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member, and by the way, day one gang members, druglords, druglords, tear out. they are out. they are gone. [applause] they are going back to the country they came from.
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which hillary clinton refused to do. she refused to pressure those countries to take these bad ones back. because when we brought him back this up we don't want them, we don't want them. she refused to take them. she refused refused to press and so we take them back. those countries will take these people back so fast you will not even believe it. but he was killed by an illegal immigrant gang member previously convicted of burglary and other things, who also had been released from federal custody. another victim is kate. gun down in a sanctuary city. san francisco. by an illegal immigrant deported
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five previous times. sanctuary cities will be defunded quickly. quickly. [applause] then there is the case of 90-year-old earl earl landor who was brutally beaten, savagely attacked and left to bleed to death at his home. the perpetrators were illegal immigrants with criminal records who did not meet the obama administration's priorities for removal. even though everybody said get amount and get them out fast. in california, a 64-year-old air force veteran, marilyn was sexually assaulted and beaten to death with a hammer violently. the killer had been arrested on
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multiple locations but for whatever reason and nobody knows why was never deported. also in california, my good friend jim meal, a great guy, many of you know him. lost his amazing son at the age of 17. a great football player, wonderful student, point to get scholarships to colleges. he was walking home to see his father. he was viciously shot and killed by an illegal immigrant with three gun charges as well as battery of a police officer. he was not departed from our country and nobody knows what is happening with him. a 2011 report from the government accountability office found that illegal immigrants and other noncitizens in our persian prisons and jails together had around 25000 homicide arrests to their name. homicide arrest. there are more than 2 million
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criminal aliens in this country right now. when i am president we are getting them out and getting them out fast. [applause] [inaudible] don't know. >> we are going to build the wall. believe me. okay, are you ready, who is going to pay for the wall? who? >> mexico. >> they are. they do not know it yet, but they are. and you have to understand, they
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are great people, the mexican people are incredible people. their leaders are much smarter than ours. between ours. between the border in trade, tremendous advantages taken out the united states. joe knows that, everybody everybody knows that. we don't do anything about it. because we are led by people who don't know, honestly they're incompetent and don't know what they are doing. now we have a massive trade deficit with mexico. when you look at the trade deficit and when i say they're going to pay for the wall you'll understand it because the wall is peanuts compared to the trade deficit. when you have that kind of trade deficit you want something built is going to be paid for in one form of or another by mexico. you can count on it 100%. on top of that, illegal immigration concert country than $113 billion per year.
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the money we will spend on illegal immigration over the next ten years we could provide 1 million at risk, and this is something very important, at risk students with a voucher, with an education, we can help rebuild our inner cities. we can do so much with that money. so much. at the same time, our country is being infiltrated right now by terrorist. we're taking thousands and thousands of people in our country. we have no idea who they are, where they come from, just yesterday and immigrant from bangladesh was charged in another plot having to do with isis. hundreds of immigrants from high risk regions have been
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implicated in terrorism inside the united states since 9/11. the terrorist replanted the bonds in new york and new jersey and carried out the mall stabbings in minnesota were foreign nationals admitted into our country as was the mall shooter in washington. look at the cases like the boston bombers of the san bernadino shooters. remember where they gave a baby, they gave a shower for the baby. the same people that gave that beautiful shower for the baby, for their baby were shot and killed. they were here on a fiancée visa from saudi arabia. whoever heard of a fiancée visa. she probably radicalized him. why the atlanta shooter, the son of a taliban supporter from afghanistan.
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i'm going to keep the terrorist the hell out of our country. [applause] hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees. hillary's for open borders, come on in folks, just take whatever you want. i am not running to be president of the world. i am running to be president's of the united states of america clinic for the first time in american history, we have the endorsement as i said of the ice offices, the border border
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patrol people, sheriff joe, so many. jan, so so many people have endorsed us. especially over the last short period of time. they see what's happening and what is going on. they see a movement, by the way the press is being driven crazy. they are being driven crazy. they have never seen anything like this. they are not happy. they have never received anything like what is happening right now in our country. it is a great thing that is happening. they have never seen anything like it. don't we love it? we're going to build a wall, we will enforce our laws and we are going to keep our people safe. the chaos, the violence in the crime will come to an and beginning in january 2017.
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[applause] we're going to end the government corruption. hillary clinton put her e-mails on an illegal server, open to foreign hackers. then she policed and destroyed 33000 e-mails after the subpoena. she lied to congress under oath and her staffers took the fifth amendment and got immunity deals. it is worse than watergate. matters worse than watergate. the investigation of hillary clinton was rigged. it is a sham. it's one of the saddest things i've ever seen take place in our country. now she is running for president of the united states. [boo's]
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>> we have become a banana republic and today we learned that the fbi made a deal and it was a side deal that people did not know about with clinton's top aides, that it was okay for them to destroy their laptops. this was just reported. hillary clinton is a ringleader of a criminal enterprise that has corrupted our government at the highest levels of the american people have one chance to stop what is going on. send your ballots in now i get out and close. [applause] get out and vote. you have to vote. to let them seek this away from us, them into discrete movement but you know what, if we ever
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lose it was a big, fat, waste of time energy and at least in my case money. we are also also going to fix our inner cities. 45%% of african-american youth live in poverty. 58%% of african-american youth don't have jobs. more than 3000 people have been shot in the city of chicago since the beginning of january. 3000 people have been shot, obama's hometown. homicides are homicides are up nearly 50% in washington, d.c. and more than 60% in baltimore and other cities are a disaster. the democrats like clinton have run the inner cities for 50, 60, 70, 70 and even more than 100 years. they have produced more
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joblessness, failing schools and rising crimes. they have failed and abused are african-american and latino community. to those african-americans african-americans and latinos suffering in our country i say very simply, what the hell do you have to lose? vote for donald trump. i am going to fix this. [applause] i am going to fix this. it can't get much worse, and i said what he have to lose? i am going to fix it. to everyone in the country i can almost say the same thing. look at our massive debt. look at our depleted military, greatest people on earth, look at art badly our vets have been treated. look at what they want to do with our second amendment. look at so many things, look at our borders that are in some cases nonexistent. i could say the same thing.
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what the hell do you have to lose? you look at $400 million in cash being paid. you look at the 1,700,000,000 because 7 billion because when they said 400 they made a mistake. you look at the people that were going to be deported, 800 people hundred people to be deported for very serious reasons but they made a mistake. instead of deporting these people they made them, proudly, united states citizens. like the $400 million in cash, can you imagine what that looks like? like they were wrong with that they were wrong with 800 people. now. now they're saying it was 1700 people that were going to be deported and are now united states citizens. so i really do come i say to
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you, what the hell do you have to lose? [applause] we will have safe communities for everyone, school choice for your children, we are going to and, court and bring education reform. [applause] we're going to make great trade deals that bring jobs into our country and not out of our country. they're going to come into our country. everyone will be included in the new american dream. here are the amazing things that we're going to do for country starting in 2017. we're going to have the biggest job creating tax-cut sense ronald reagan and in some ways even bigger.
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[applause] hillary clinton is going to raise your taxes very substantially. we're going to eliminate every unnecessary regulation which is choking our companies and she wants to increase regulations. stop the jobs from leaving our country and going to other countries. if they want to do it it's fine. but there will be retribution. there will be consequences to be paid. [applause] it is not going to be easy or cheap for them to send their product into our country after all the people are let go. we are going to repeal and replace job scaling obama care. we're going to make childcare affordable. we are going to save our second amendment which is under siege. [applause] . . . .
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[cheering] we are going to rebuild america. we are going to revitalize america and unite america. imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people saluting one american flag.
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[applause] [cheering] you are going to look back at this rally for the rest of your life. you are going to remember this day. we are going to make history. this is a movement like nobody has seen before. history will be made. you are going to look at this event and more importantly november 8 when you cast your vote and say it is the single
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greatest vote that few have ever cast and it's the most important vote. [cheering] you are going to be proud of your country again and hopefully absorb president again. [cheering] a vote for me is a vote for change, and a vote for me is really and truly a vote for you. that's what it is. you are voting to believe in your self. a vote for common sense government solutions to problems. it's a vote for jobs. it's a vote for a government for the people. we are going to make america great again we are going to make
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america strong again. we love you. god bless you. god bless you. thank you, everybody. [cheering] music back to ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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your reaction to the first and only vice presidential debate. join the conversation and be sure to watch the washington journal at seven eastern wednesday morning and join the discussion. spirit durinspirit during the fn stop hillary clinton spoke at a this is 40 minutes.
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[cheering] it is so great to be back in the home stretch of this election. thank you all so much for being here. thank you, mayor and governor tom wolfe. thank you senator bob casey. all of the other elected officials and all of the people of harrisburg into the larger area who want to see us win in november. we have to get everybody you
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know register to vote. registration in pennsylvania and october 11 if you are not registered yet or you know somebody that's not, i hope you will talk with them and if you see those sign i will you can actually go to that website and put your name and address and make sure you are registered because we want everybody off the sidelines in this election making sure that you are standing up for the kind of future that we want to have. i am closing the campaign in the same way i started my career, fighting for kids and families, standing up. standing up for fairness and opportunity, for justice, a
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quality, taking on all of those kitchen table issues that keep people up at night. i want to go through and bring people together to make sure that every family has the tools they need to get ahead and stay ahead. that is the basic bargain of america and i want to be sure that we do everything we can in this campaign to draw the contrast between me and my opponents. [cheering] i don't think you could have different people asking for your vote. two more different visions and sets of values and experiences. and we have to make sure that everybody understands what's at
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stake. yesterday in ohio i laid out an aggressive agenda for taking on the kind of corporate fraud and abuse that we've seen in wells fargo and other corporations. i am tired of it. aren't you? we are going to rewrite the rules and create more fairness and by creating more fairness, we are going to give people more of a chance, better jobs with rising incomes. it's those companies willing to take the high road, companies that invest in their employees into play by the rules, companies that help create good jobs right here in pennsylvania.
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[cheering] but for the others, we are going to hold them accountable, and that's a big difference in this election. when we found out about how wells fargo was bullying employees to take advantage of customers to put them into a counts a lot of customers didn't even know about in order to extract fees that would go to their bottom line so they could end up with bigger bonuses, when we found out about that, luckily we have a new watchdog agency in washington, the consumer financial protection bureau and you know who is responsible for that? senator elizabeth warren. and this new agency has actually recovered more than i think
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$11 billion for consumers who have been cheated and defrauded. so they were on the job and they've gone after wells fargo so some of those thousands of customers we hope will actually get their money back and will be made whole. this is one of the agencies donald trump wants to eliminate. the other thing we learned from wells fargo is that we still have to crack down on the big banks. we put some good strong regulations on the bank after the great recession and i think we could do some more. and not just whose banks you
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know that wha that's what i cale shadow banking. they are under the radar screen that can do a lot of damage. so, i'm going to be even tougher on the wall street banks and other institutions. and what does donald trump want to do, he wants to eliminate the rules that we already have. to get rid of the protection bureau and the rules on wall street. we are not going to let it happen again no matter what donald trump says. and you know one of the biggest contributors to happen is the housing crisis.
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donald trump rooted for a housing collapse. actually, back in 2006 and 2007 he said i hope the housing market collapses because i will make a lot of money that way. who says that, who wants that to happen? someone so out of touch living in his big town wher power he ha what's happening. [cheering] and i'm tired of american companies shifting jobs overseas so we are going to make them give back any tax breaks they've ever gotten. if they want to move jobs out of america, they are going to have to pay an extra tax if they think that's what they want to do. [cheering]
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but again, donald trump sees it differently. he actually outsourced jobs to 12 different countries. so when i heard him say that the first time he couldn't find anybody in america to make clothes or furniture. we are going to start a website and put all the companies we know of here in pennsylvania and ohio and michigan and colorado and virginia and across the country who can make everything donald trump sells. if you want to make america great again don't you think you should have jobs that make americans lives better? [cheering] but this is the pattern with
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donald trump. if you look at his record which is the main claim to be president of the united states he said he wants to do for america what he did for busine business. let's compare. this is a man who we now know paid no taxes. that's what we suspected that until some of his tax returns were made public, we couldn't prove it and he claimed that he lost a billion dollars in the casino business.
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the gentle men on here is yelling at the house always wins. who loses money running a casino besides donald trump? it's what he did and how he did it is especially concerning because he's not only take and bake seen numerous time in his businesses that he had stiffed employees. he has refused to pay small smal businesses that have a contract with him. and i've missed some of these people and take it personally. my dad born in scranton, my grandfather was a factory worker
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and my dad started a small business when he got out of the navy after world war ii and he worked really hard and printed drapery fabric. he had a small plant that was a long room, no natural light and he would take the fabric and roll it out on the table and then take a silkscreen and start at one end of the table and put it down and go across and lifted up and go all the way down one tables and cross over the second table. when he finished he would load the fabric up in his car and tickets to thtake it to the cusd ordered it. he worked hard and i helped him
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out time to time and made a good middle-class life for my family. and i tell you what, i am just so grateful he never got a contract from donald trump because i don't know what he would have done. [applause] he'd lost a billion dollars in the ruined people's lives and businesses. i want to contrast his business history with the history of your governor, tom wolfe, and i tell you what, his family started a business, the wolf organization. they worked hard then he and his cousincousins took it over and eventually, the sold-out.
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then the heart of the family was on the verge of bankruptcy. he didn't have any continuing responsibility. but he cared about the people that worked there. he cared about their families and their futures. so he went back to make sure that company didn't go into bankruptcy and were going to be heard. so there were different experiences in business. people will work hard like my dad and people that are part of a great family business and still feel an obligation to the employees who made it successf
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successful. but those are the kind of businesses we want in america and we want to lift them up and give them the opportunity to be as successful as possible. but we are not going to let companies that outsource jobs, companies that take bankruptcy, companies that restrict their employees of their rights and pensions to go to a low-wage economy. we are not going to stand by and watch that happen. [cheering] and that the super wealthy and corporations in the tax system, we are going to raise taxes on the wealthy and close loopholes for corporations to make investments in growing our
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economy. [cheering] when it came out that he lost a billion dollars, some of his supporters sai said that shows t a genius he is. i thought to myself i guess it does take some sort of genius to win the debate could lose a billion dollars. i'm not sure that's what i would call it. we need to call it what it is. he took on risks that devastated his businesses from his employees, the people who were contractors all while continuing to live like a billionaire. think what could happen if a keyword entrusted with becoming president of the united states
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and commander in chief. the loser would be the entire country and then yesterday, we learned here in pennsylvania and ohio and other states there have been because china was dumping steel and aluminum into the market below the cost of production. i took that on when i was in the senate standing up for the producers. i'm sick of people taking advantage of our businesses. we are going to throw the book at china or anyone else that does that. but yesterday a story came out suggesting, and i've listened,
1:24 am
he's traveled across pennsylvania. a place i spent a lot of time because we went to scranton and my dad and brother went to penn state and we love coming to this state. so i've listened to him as he bashed china. while we found out yesterday that he has been buying cheap aluminum and steel dog here in pennsylvania or supporting our workers but supporting the chinese. these stories keep coming out and each one makes the same point. they add up demonstrating donald
1:25 am
trump is the poster boy for so much of what is wrong in the economy. the unfair rules tha role that s those votes at the top key anybody the risky behavior that crashed the economy and brought us the great recession, the quick culture that is still rules too many corporate board rooms and the debt that seems always to be stacked for those at the top of. and if you saw the debate last sunday -- [cheering]
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[cheering] you saw when i suggested one of the reasons he didn't want to reveal his tax returns is because he may not have paid any taxes. when i pointed that out, he basically said that made him smart. think about it this way, that makes the rest of us dumb. we've done our duty. you can look at 40 years of returns from my husband and me and everybody else who's been a candidate. only donald trump has refused to
1:27 am
release his. if i'm fortunate to be president he will pass a law that you will have to release your tax return. [applause] but there was something else an answer that bothered me. he thinks it's smart to give zero to the military, zero to the facts, zero to health and education. can you imagine quite he's called [inaudible] for the men and women that serve our country. just yesterday she said some
1:28 am
troubling things about post traumatic stress showing his insensitivity and ignorance about a condition that affects a world of brave and strong men and women have served america it's a little difficulty in comindifficult evencoming up wio everything he says because every day it's something else that shows without a doubt he is not qualified to be commander in chief of the country. i do know people that are thinking about voting for him,
1:29 am
no matter what the person you know cares about, you can go directly to the internet and show your friend that he is on the other side or what he said is not accurate or that he is stirring up so much vitriol setting up americans against each other. there are three challenges for the next president we have to get the economy working for everybody and not just those at the top. i have plans to do that and i'm
1:30 am
confident we will make that happen with new jobs and rising incomes and we will make it fair because we have to make sure the rewards reach everybody and not just the privileged few and everybody feels they are getting ahead and stay ahead. part of that is a lot of the other issues i've been talking about. we put out a book called stronger together and laid out what we wanted it to make college affordable and raise the minimum wage and guarantee equal pay for women's work. we also said we want more companies to share their profits with their employees who helped make them profitable in the first place.
1:31 am
some of you know who mark cuban is. he endorsed me last summer and i was grateful because he is a real billionaire and he said he's always shared profits and when he sold his first company he shared the profits of the sale to help make 300 millionaires from executives to secretaries to security people, that's what i want to see in america and the kind of leadership we need to be promoting because we are all stronger together and i also am committed to keeping america safe. there's nothing more important than to go after that defeat terrorism an and lead the world
1:32 am
with strength and steadiness. i know how to do that and i will do that and i have laid out the plan for what it will take to do that. all donald trump will say is that he has a secret plan to defeat isis and secret is he has no plan. he has made it even harder right away that he has insulted everybody, insulted our allies, insulted majority muslim countries we need to be partnering with to defeat isis, saying we should pull out of nato and even going so far to say he didn't care if other countries got nuclear weapons. that is beyond comprehension. we have worked so hard ever since the dawn of the atomic age to make sure we didn't permit
1:33 am
for countries. we kept it to a minimum in the arms control agreements i helped negotiate one. we did everything we could to keep chaka and keep nuclear materials out of the hands of bad guys including terrorists. [applause] and then of course we have to do more to bring the country together after this. we can't permit the kind of hateful rhetoric that we have seen too much of. i think our diversity is one of our strongest assets in america. [applause] and i will do everything i can to bring people together. that's what i get is the first lady and secretary of state, try
1:34 am
to find common ground. that's what i did to create the children's health insurance program that takes care of 8 million kids. it's how i worked with a republican mayor and governor and president after 9/11 to rebuild new york and i worked every republican i served with in the senate and i look forward to working again with senator bob casey. [applause] [cheering] i am confident and optimistic about america and when i hear donald trump talk about america i don't recognize the country he's talking about. it's so dark and the dire i'm thinking to myself d that we hae
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challenges, yes. but w we blew up our sleeves and this holds the challenges and keep going forward. i can't do this without you i need your help getting everybody to register by october 11 and go to i will to make sure you are registered. pennsylvania doesn't have early voting so make sure everybody you know turns out and votes november 8 or if they will be out of town vote absentee but please tell everyone what the stakes are. for the first time ever here in pennsylvania, you can fully register to vote online.
1:36 am
it couldn't be any simpler and with 35 days to go we need your help. every call you make every door you knock on, every friend you register can make a difference. you can go to hillary and sign up to volunteer. back to the friends of yours thinking what trump says sounds good don't give up on them, i want to be their president, too. just remember friends don't let friends vote for trump. [cheering] let's go out and win
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pennsylvania and have a victory november 8. thank you all and god bless you. ♪ ♪
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presidential historians of the wives of 45 iconic american women. the executive producer here at c-span but is this? >> it grew out of the series first ladies and what we've done is taken every program where we had the greatest historians on the presidency and put them into a narrative forms of each first lady has a chapter which you learn about the biography that includes the time as first lady. >> abigail adams you go to the historical society and they have thousands of letters where she is lobbying him to remember and then on issues of slavery
1:50 am
washington burns all the letters and there's only two that exist so you go from one extreme to the other end of the further along you see the adaptation of technology and the role of first lady begins to merge. if they want to be behind the scenes i don't think you can do that anymore. >> for a first lady is running for president. >> for anybody that wants to know how she approaches campaigning and politics. you know right away she is the most well-known women in the world, david marinus and biographer. it's when things are getting sort of rough and shows how
1:51 am
hilleary reacted. it shows a very savvy first lady and politician. >> what did you learn during the series? >> the ones where i knew nothing about them whatsoever. there is lemonade lucy for prohibiting alcohol in the white house. she's in some ways ahead of her time and pushing cost. there is a silence calvin coolidge and then a rock shower debate costar and you learn about lady byrd johnson and all first ladies go back as a role model because she's one of the first to take on causes but then there is a littlthere's a littlk on the cost and ladybird takes on the caus causes that is environmental and so i learned
1:52 am
they do play a role in the public stage. >> what's the involvement of richard norton smith? >> he's a guest on the martha washington program in the betty ford program and he makes a good point that comes out when you read this book. some probably had as much if not more influence. she is ahead of the curve as the first lady but then you think about the causes after the time in the white house and in a way, there was an effect on a lot of people's lives. >> here is the book first lady on the lives of the 45 iconic american women available now at your favorite bookseller and
1:53 am
online. now the debate on the 2016 presidential election former speaker newt gingrich and commentator laura ingram debate jennifer granholm and the clinton administrator robert wright. this is 90 minutes. >> they operate better. >> [inaudible] systematically rebuilt the trust of the world in the willingness to work through the security council and others. >> you must not talk to any of our allies. whatever we want to call the system com, it is a disaster fol
1:54 am
ordinary. >> it can be described. >> science and religion are not compatible. >> my conclusion is no. >> you can keep screaming that and it doesn't change the point. >> we want opportunities. >> it is appalling to me. >> it is that kind of restraint. i guess what i'm telling you is they are a closet canadian.
1:55 am
♪ ♪ this is the heart of downtown toronto. >> the outline carved into the waters of lake ontario and here we are. it's in it exterior design and we know it well reflectivenight. transparent finite. tonight before 3,000 people, the latest in the debates and the
1:56 am
clash of ideas over the presidential election. good evening. it is once again my pleasure to be the moderator i want to start by welcoming the television audience in the continental u.s. and here in canada coast to coast. on the websites that offer digital and print partners and of course on our own website. and hello to all of you.
1:57 am
[applause] our ability year in and year out to bring some of the best and brightest minds and sharpestst k thinkers to weigh in on the global challenges and issues of problems facing the world wouldn't be possible without the generosity and foresight ande commitment so please join me in a warm appreciation. >> let's get them out here center stage and at the debate underway we have a controversial motion that's designed to fire
1:58 am
up our participants and onlinen television audience. that resolution is can donald trump make america great again. please welcome the former speaker of the house of representatives and advisor to the trump campaign newt gingrich. [applause] sp best selling author renowned radio broadcaster with 5 million daily listeners coast-to-coast in the united states and is a force of nature in the american conservative movement. ladies and gentlemen, laura ingram.
1:59 am
[applause] on one great team deserves another and we have not disappointed you tonight. donald trump can make america great again as the former u.s. labor secretary, the claimed filmmaker, author, one of the most formidable of his time robert reisch. [applause] a two-time governor in the state of michigan and the cochair of hillary clinton's white house
2:00 am
transition team please join me in a warm canadian welcome to jennifer granholm. [applause] .. predebate checklist before we go to our opening statements. first we have a hashtag going tonight. those in the hollow those watching on line hashtag munk debate. let us know what you think. join the debate in china conversation take part in our rolling poll also as the munk and of course our countdown clock. for those of you who are regulars at the debate this is how we keep our debaters on their toes and our debates on time. we have a clock that will appear as the debaters opening and closing remarks count down to zero. join me in a round of applause
2:01 am
and that will let them know that it's time to move on. we like to do that here. we like to keep our proceedings moving quickly. let's finally preview how this audience of 3000 people here at roy thompson hall voted on tonight's resolution coming into the debate. in toronto, canada i'm curious here. be it resolved donald trump can make america great again. do you agree or disagree? let's see those numbers up on the screen. okay. [applause] 14%. 14% agree and 86% disagree. now, hey look you can change her mind. you will hear a lot in the next hour and a half. depending on what you hear are
2:02 am
you likely to change her vote over the next hour and a half. assessing those numbers now, please. okay, look at that. 46% of you could change your minds. 54% are decided. let's just see how the decided you are. we will begin with their opening statements now and by colin speaker gingrich. your six minutes begins now. >> first of all thank you all for coming out. i want to thank peter munk for creating a remarkable institution today was here a few years ago was secretary reich to debate economics and it was a great experience. it was one of the great debates in the entire north american cities so that delighted to have a chance to talk to you. you might about laura and i would be put on edge by an 86-14 vote but if you operate as a conservative and a washington news media that would be reasonably good.
2:03 am
so it does not particularly affect us. they also want to give a distinction. i would not have even come. the question had been resolved, the canadian should relax and not worry about the donald trump presidency. i think trump represents very real change. i think you will aggressively put america's interests first and i think frankly that has to raise issues because that's a very different frame of reference than the way we have negotiated over the last couple of generations and it sets up a lot of questions which aren't answered and can't be answered until we lived through it. what i would suggest to you is in the long run a very dynamic america that regains a reagan level of economic growth, four, five, 6% a year. in america that is generating jobs, generating rapidly advancing income and america in which overhauls its
2:04 am
infrastructure in america which reforms the civil service which is in fact a better neighbor, a better customer, a better market to sell into that better support for national security than an america which continues to decay. i think part of what you don't feel in canada is the degree to which the american central government system is decaying. for example we learned last week that the veterans administration , one third of the cause of suicide lights go to call waiting so you can leave a message. just think about that. you are veteran and you are depressed. you are literally thinking about suicide. it's 2:00 in the morning. you call a number you were told will help you in one out of three times you get a tape recording. this is a government level of incompetence that is beyond breathtaking and you see it again and again in our system. the liquor of the structure we
2:05 am
are now $19 trillion in debt and in large part due to the the infrastructure does not work. it has to be a profound overhaul to compete in the world market. the director of national intelligence reported, staff reporter earlier this year that the chinese last year stole $360 billion in intellectual property in the united states. we have an 800 billion-dollar. deficit. you can't sustain it and you also can talk about free trade when your largest trading partner or your second-largest trading partner is feeling a third of a trillion dollars a year in intellectual properties. and so the requirements that we think finally the whole issue of the war in the middle east. it has been 37 years since the ayatollah khamenei illegally seized the american embassy beginning iran's campaign against the united states.
2:06 am
it has been 15 years since 9/11 when islamic supremacists killed 3000 people in the united states. we are not winning. we have spent trillions of dollars, lost thousands of young men and women, had tens of thousands of severe ones and no serious person can argue that we are winning. when trump says we need to rethink this i would argue that he is not a lib and he is not a harbor -- harvard trained lawyer but as a crude rough-and-tumble businessman that has a habit of actually building things and making them work and projects he has the entrepreneurial drive and i think he has the courage and i think he has the originality that will enable us